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    25.10.2021 - 1 minute ago

    just dudes being bros

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    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “But my soul knows otherwise” Against his six eyes, against everything that Suguru did, Satoru knew his beloved friend wouldn't ever hurt him.

    #satoru gojo#suguru geto #jujutsu kaisen spoiler #satosugu #having too many satosugu feelings #never was in suguru's plan to get rid of satoru #and satoru knew it
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  • lulubaii
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    How were those first hours or days until the authorship of the massacre of the village was confirmed? A whole butchered village and Suguru missing. How did the news reach Satoru? Satoru trusted in Suguru’s strength, he probably told himself that Suguru was okay, that he would show up eventually. At the bottom of his heart the anguish that the reason couldn’t wash away completely. Yaga told Satoru personally the news and the anguish shocked him for a moment “couldn’t be possible”. From all the escenarios he pictured these was something he never had imagined. The person he knew won’t ever do something like that. He has to ask himself, heard from his mouth. it’s was all true. The person standing in front of him was Suguru, but wasn’t the Suguru he knew. His friend was dead. A shadow of what was Suguru walks down the sunlight to inevitable death. How often Satoru asked himself about the precisely moment of Suguru’s death? Wonder if he could do something to save him. Satoru spent ten years mourning his friend, until one day he was ready to let him go...

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    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Oh look, someone actually managed to survive after he left Jujutsu High. Interesting...

    #dash commentary #ic. Suguru Geto  *   /  THE ENLIGHTENED ONE #sorceriii
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    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    [ID: Two jjk manga panels of Geto and Shoko next to each other. Both of them are teens. End ID]

    they are besties i am right

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  • newmoonvoid
    25.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    TW. Yandere TW. Forced marriage TW. Dark content

    Had a random dream that just gave me Yandere vibes

    Keep in mind this may not be accurate- I don’t have strong memory of dreams and I don’t do dreams often and these rlly unrealistic ones don’t always occur

    Your having in a monistary that is far from the cities and the monistary itself has about 6 houses/ it’s just a large ass land with lots of buildings

    Your in this monistary because of a Tết and you meet a few random people

    However these this one individual that seems off

    Their nice..well like you don’t rlly know because y’all don’t take but like you assume their nice bc that’s just how you (I’m) are but walking alway you always felt their presence behind your back almost like as they been watching you

    Searching around the Monistary because your ass got lost and now your separated from your parents and friends you find secrets cabons and secret rooms and like while your looking around you see these photos of this person again.. but looking at these you turn around and the person is right behind you- close enough where you could feel their breath down on your neck

    But like the way their staring at you isn’t even like in a scary way it’s like a ☺️ way and their just chuckling… and then they leave and your like ok??

    But the more you turn back and read these writings in these rooms the more…weird and bad it gets??? Like this person legit is a tyrant not of a country but more of a district in your area like human who secretly has this monastery under their control like this monastery is their mini place..

    Apparently the monastery is open to the public as only the monastery no one actually knows that there is this tyrant who runs your distract apparently and all the secrets are in the deeper parts of the monastery your in

    But you go hahaha this has to be a joke in a Im in a denial way because now your scared and you wanna leave but your here because your family is here for the Tết well at least you found your family somehow but now the weird shit happens

    Apparently everyone going to gather to the main house to celebrate with food and prayers right and look who’s there it’s that person

    Their approaching you… and your like worried because 1. Tyrant and 2. You don’t wanna die and so you greet them like chào ehh anh? (Hello??) and you embarrassed yourself because they don’t speak the language and so you just say hey and their like chucking at you and they ask how are you enjoying yourself

    Your like eh it’s good like I’m pretty good and their like great come with me and your like wha do I have to and their like dead with no tone in their voice say yes- so you go out of fear great and now your following them

    While following someone approach you and this other person is like I know your playing along with them but we can get ride if them if you help me and your like wha- and their like I know this seems crazy but trust me on this

    Well..you feel confident lol or doesn’t make sense but now you in this different area..it’s a large penthouse and very nice and pretty and as you make way to the main room the person is there and their staring at you and they wave you to come to them

    Because this is my dream and y’all are basically me.. I didn’t come because my dumbass was too busy looking after walls and then you stare at them like really confused and then your shoved to them- you fell on your Áo dài lolol to the floor and the person immediately picks you up and checks you and are like Cinderella! Oh my Cinderella my little princess are you ok? Nothing not hurt right?

    Your trying to get up but the person has you on their lap now because they were sitting apparently and you say nothing but you did see the other person walk into this room without them looking. The person your on their lap is telling you how it’s great to feel so close to you- the wedding would be amazing and they’ll be the best lover for you

    Your confused because your 18 (I am lol) and your like hahaha wait wait waaaiitt I’m not ready and I haven’t gone to college, get a job I’m still living with my family I can’t cook- and the person is just giggling and their like that’s nothing their worried about- they know all that and they have it all planed out- you’ll be going to college if that’s your choice still but close to them and your not allow near most areas unless their with you- you’ll be staying in the shared bedroom they have for you two and be entertained problem solved

    Your like how do you know that?? And their like I talk to your parents and your friends and heard a lot- I saw you when you walk in my monastery and couldn’t help myself I convinced your family to let me marry you in return I give you a comfortable life and take good care of you- your a cute little clumsy bunny baby aren’t ya- clumsy cute bunny I have and your like wow this is scary and I don’t want a wedding in your head

    So you ask the dumb question what if I don’t want this marriage and their response was you don’t have a choice if you leave you deal with the consequence of your friends and family and lose the nice privileges they generously have given you with a very cold look like as if they were going to kill you

    You said yes you’ll marry them because now your scared of what they can do and suddenly their in a good mood and their like a kiss for your new husband my dear? You kinda did but it’s like a sniff Kiss but because you were scared you gave a second one again

    Them being very happy and walking you to the bedroom and suddenly The dream stop Lolol

    So for context Tết is like a Vietnamese new year and  Áo dài is a traditional Vietnamese dress right and a sniff kiss is like some Vietnamese family where you sniff your loved ones on the cheek as like soft kisses in them

    I also write this in a third POV when it was a normal first POV for me and ngl the person was some random dude but felt like Yandere enough thing Lolol

    I think character that fit this is: Izana, Mikey, Ran, Rin, Wakasa, Hanma, Geto, Gojo?, Nanami? Maybe

    #tw.yandere #tw.dark content #yandere tokyo revengers #yandere tokyo revenger #mikey sano#izana kurokawa#wakasa imaushi#ran haitani#rindou haitani#shuuji hanma#yandere jjk #yandere jujutsu kaisen #gojo satoru#jjk getou#nanami kento#geto suguru
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  • itadoriyuujii
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I think my favorite thing about suguru geto is his sharp looks. And that he's a evil.

    #suguru geto #this is a joke
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  • mysugardaddyissatan
    24.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I love him. I live for him. I appreciate him. I cry for him.

    Nooo if the Jujutsu Kaisen universe doesn't want Geto Suguru then by all means, let me have him.

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  • stephanythedramaqueen
    24.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The fact that 90% of the Jujutsu Kaisen content is either smut or thirst traps means that this fandom understood their mf assignment 🥴🙏🏾

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  • vydeseny
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    so i decided to write my first satosugu fic and naturally decided to make it a priest/demon au oneshot ❤️

    please give it a read here!

    #satosugu#jujutsu kaisen#satoru gojo#suguru geto#stsg#my fics #please read this is the most self indulgent thing ever but!!
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  • rccket-writes
    24.10.2021 - 8 hours ago


    CHAPTER 5: demolition threat

    Interrupted on your way home, both you and Gojō have to grapple with the choice of your third.
    #shameless self plug #ch 5 took me literally HOURS to write okay #i deserve it #jjk x reader #gojo satoru x reader #geto suguru x reader #jujutsu kaisen x reader
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  • sapphosdisaster
    24.10.2021 - 10 hours ago


    call me crazy but shoko.

    so shes basically neutral in the whole politics of jujutsu society thing right. she avoids confrontation and conflict (running away when gojo and geto start talking ab protecting the weak) and all that. but shes also on gojos side and working to free him. but shes also neutral

    and also idk if im just saying nonsense???? but when she interacts with other people its like a reflection of them. when shes with utahime she reflects her enthusiasm with joy. when shes with gojo she reflects his whatever he is with whatever he is like i cant explain it but they share the same like,,, playful carelessness???? and when shes with geto she reflects his thought and is more chill than when shes with gojo. when shes with yaga she reflects his solemnity. like shes not as careless(??) as she was with gojo and geto. and when shes with nanami she reflects his kindness and comforts itadori by saying he the transfigured humans could hardly be called alive.

    third. she knows basically all the tea with what happened 11 years ago. she was there with gojo and geto and she knew what was going on. im assuming she knew about what happened with riko and subsequently toji because that was a big thing that happened. she also aided in honing gojos infinity after his big power up with toji. she was there when geto defected, knew that gojo didnt kill him, was there during the night of a hundred whatever and she was there when geto died. she knew about itadori's revival, was there in shibuya when shit was going down, and knows about im assuming most of the people who died or got injured. she explained what cursed technique removal meant in the culling game. all this to say: basically she knows all that happened and was pretty much there for it.

    fourth: there was some emphasis put on shoko being the only one who can use reverse cursed technique on herself and others (barring yuuta cause he was away (but i also think there was a chance it wouldnt work???) and probably sukuna). it was when gojo was explaining how he didnt die to toji and when yaga was speaking to shoko about how valuable she is, saying "using reverse cursed technique to heal others... that's something not even satoru can do"

    fifth: shes also clearly suffering from the trauma that comes with being a jujutsu sorcerer. she picked up addictions (smokes, drinks), shes tired all the time, and not only that but she also had to deal with getos and haibaras death and the bodies of all the people after them. shes also a child who grew up too fast. after yaga and nanami die and gojo is sealed she is all alone because everybodys gone now

    and she still takes a background role to the story

    now see what im thinking: because of her neutrality, because of her reflection of the characters around her, because she knows everything that happened, because shes shown to be affected by what happened, and because shes one of the only ones who can use reverse cursed technique and do it reliably i cant help but feel like shes going to be a key part of the story. like IT FEELS IMPORTANT

    because how fucked up would it be if after alls said and done shes the only one left? and the world keeps spinning and the way jujutsu society works keeps going?

    and even if this is not the case its the way that theres a person whos also had to deal with some major shit being ignored with also a really important and useful technique?? perfect formula for a very important thing ™️

    or maybe im just spitting nonsense because i love shoko so much. BUT MAYBE-

    #shoko ieiri #im no good at analysis #because im no good at words #and formulating my thoughts #but i hope someone understands #THIS IS HARD #gojo satoru#geto suguru#yaga masamichi#nanami kento #jujutsu kaisen manga spoilers #jujutsu kaisen#jjk spoilers#jjk#aricouldyounot #i should stop talking #what a long ass post
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  • cerealkillleerr
    24.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    see you later - nanami kento x reader

    helloo !! i usually write all my fics on instagram;; (u can find them ALL on @osamusonigirishop on ig) and i have no idea how tumblr formatting works 🥲 so sorry if the spacing is wack ?? anyway here's one i wrote today ! (it's also on my ig). i'll post more on here when i figure out how ?? but hope u enjoy it !



    nanami never wanted to date, he never wanted to have a partner, at least not while he was a jujutsu sorcerer. however, being a jujutsu sorcerer meant taking sacrifices. he was 'blessed' with the ability to see curses, meaning he had to play the role to keep humanity safe from the curses' reign. nanami couldnt live the peaceful life in malaysia that he always wanted, where he could just lay on the coast side and hear the crashing of waves and the whisper of the wind by his ears.

    nanami quit his office job, after being called back by gojo satoru to continue his work as a jujutsu sorcerer instead. at the office, everyday was a constant repetition of the previous, nothing new. it was routine to nanami kento, and he couldnt say he hated it, but duty calls and he had to live with the burden that he could see the monsters roaming around every corner of the street. nanami trudged to the jujutsu tech campus, mentally preparing himself to see his energetic and powerful senior. his eyes set on the ground as his footsteps paced at a consistent speed towards the familiar school doors.

    "ouch... im so sorry" nanami found himself colliding into another person, who just so happened to be entering the same campus. he looked up and met his eyes with yours. a small flush was present on your face as you felt bad to bumping into the business man looking guy. nanami stood still, taking in your features before him. though clumsy, you looked simple and yet strong willed and kind. definitely falling into the categories that made up his type. nanami shook his thoughts off, it didnt matter anyway, he had no intention of getting into a relationship.

    nanami's sole principle was that he didnt want to have a partner because he never wanted her to worry for him. he didnt want her to find that one day he wouldnt be coming back to her. being a jujutsu sorcerer was too risky and nanami didnt want to risk his partner's feelings, he didnt want anyone's heart to break over him. that was just how it was.

    you simply bowed and proceeded into the campus, assuming that nanami was just making way for you. the male snapped out of his daydream and walked in as well, coincidentally following behind you as you both headed for the lobby, where you would both meet gojo satoru.

    "y/n ! nanami!" the loud white haired male shouted as he saw the two of you. you two now knew each other's names. "the number of curse attacks have increased so we'll need more hands on deck." gojo explained and you nodded, while you heard a sigh from nanami. you two were already more than clear of protocol and all you had to do now was just wait for any orders and missions. but of course, you had to be ready at all times, hence you had to quit your jobs. being a jujutsu sorcerer was a commitment.

    as you and nanami proceeded to the cafeteria to grab a bite, you two introduced yourselves briefly. short and sweet, which was somehow the way nanami liked it. you were both first grade sorcerers and of the same age, you had more in common than you thought. you two moved your separate ways and enjoyed your lunch on your own as nanami did too himself.

    soon you were both called for missions, you heard nanami's was with one of the students, itadori yuuji, who was apparently sukuna's vessel while you were called for a task in the east of tokyo instead. you both left the campus at the same time, nodding as nanami entered a car with gojo, while you headed east for the bus station. you were more than capable on your own. you hopped on your ride and stared out the window, thinking about what your life would have been like if you werent a jujutsu sorcerer. as a jujutsu sorcerer, you could die any minute, any second at work. it was the worst job ever, and the most unpredictable one ever. ten fold more sporadic than your previous company's stocks and market share.

    you got off your stop and made your way to the scene. you had to fight a first grade sorcerer... perfect. your qualifications matched your task and you guessed that it was more than to be grateful for. you gave it your hand and knocked it out quickly, collecting some evidence as it had apparently being wreaking havoc in the apartments nearby. your job was done and you made a few last checks to see if everything was clear. you are planted a cursed writing nearby to repel any curses hopefully.

    after all that you headed back to the campus to report back. you could only ponder what 'fun' job nanami had gotten. he was chill, someone who was probably of extremely low maintenance and hated work, yet he'd do it properly. you liked that quality. by the time you reached back campus, it was already 6pm. you had been out at work for 3 hours and now you could chill on campus. nanami hadnt reached back yet and you imagined him taking on a special grade of some sort. you wondered what his cursed type was or how he fought, it intrigued you slightly.

    you lay on the lobby couch, waiting for gojo to arrive so you could report to him. you snagged your notes and some evidence under your armpit as you lay down on your side, staring at the cold floor before turning back to look at the setting sun.

    an hour passed and you had just slightly dozed off. you heard the sliding door of a van slam shut and your eyelids fluttered open. nanami and the student had returned. nanami's shirt was slightly torn, and a wound gaped in his forearm. his expression however was completely still, only a small concerned irk was visible at the crease of his eyebrows. he headed for shoko's lab, probably to get treated and you decided to get up and follow him.

    "hey" you called out and he turned around to look at you as you ran after him to his side. "tough one?" you asked and nanami hummed with a tone of frustration. "a special grade got away" you raised an eyebrow. it must have been unexpected, but at the same time completely logical in the jujutsu world. he must have fought it out for really long. nanami began to explain to you what had happened. his tone was calm but it seemed like he needed to let out his irrational experience to someone, and so you listened. your experience was nowhere like his and so you didnt mention it.

    after which you learnt about mahito from nanami, and everything he was capable of and could do. it was a really tough nut to crack. but hearing about this curse and discussing it somehow forged a bond between you and nanami. the two of you had just coincidentally met, that was all.


    weeks passed by and nanami constantly had to go on missions to track and find mahito, as well as other special grades. your paths were connected, but yet always separated. you too had to fight more and more special grades on your missions, all having the same goal to kidnap itadori yuuji and revive sukuna. mahito and them were probably working together, but you were never put on the same mission as nanami. however that didnt stop you and nanami from talking about it at the end of the day.

    you and nanami got closer and closer each day. you two would invite each other to have dinner in the cafeteria everyday and the two of you would discuss your thoughts with each other, be it about work or your retirement plans.

    "ohh malaysia is a beautiful country ive heard... it sounds like you've got it all set" you commented on his idea and nanami nodded. "what about you?" he asked and you shrugged. you hadnt really thought much about it, all you could let out was that. "i've always wanted kids, maybe one in the future hopefully if all the curses are gone... and i can move somewhere else and enjoy life with them." you talked and nanami listened attentively. "i'll probably adopt though, i dont think this jujutsu sorcerer life is any good for me to find a husband" you chuckled and nanami agreed.

    he told you how he never wanted to date anyone because of the risks and he told you about his late friend haibara and how he lost him. he didnt want his partner to ever worry about him. you agreed as well. and the conversation ended with a sigh. it was getting late and the two of you headed back to your rooms to rest for the night.


    half a year had passed and you and nanami spent more time with each other. even outside of work, the two of you would casually head to a bakery and enjoy some tasty pastries. nanami was just a close coworker to you, and vice versa. you talked alot about everything and you two were more than comfortable around each other. the two of you understood each other, and it was just wholesome.


    a bunch of jujutsu socerers were called to shibuya, apparently there was a large scale attack there and nanami was one of them sent, along with itadori and his batchmates as well as gojo satoru and shoko. you were with kiyotaka who were incharge of surveillance around the area and also finding the site of their hideout. you knew mahito would be there for sure so you wished nanami good luck. nanami flashed you a soft smile as he waved back at you, like any other day. and the two of you nodded, silently agreeing to have dinner together again. just like any other day.

    you and kiyotaka set off and that was all that really happened. you two went on your own and nanami did on his.

    you and kiyotaka found the hideout quickly, after all there were many speculations previously already. but however it was empty and no curses were present. you took your time to examine the site and your sources traced to the fact that they were all at shibuya... where the others were sent. you took down notes and you and kiyotaka raced to shibuya to report your findings. that meant that the attack at shibuya was extremely large, and somehow you felt that there was not enough manpower. gojo satoru would handle it... right?

    by the time you reached shibuya and spotted the veil, it had already been 7hours since nanami and the rest had left. you raced into the building where it was all happening. blood was splattered all over the walls and you couldnt tell if they were curse's or human's. you spotted a few disfigured humans, the same ones that nanami described from his previous missions. mahito's.

    you huffed. knowing nanami had struggled to conquer mahito before. you ran along the corridors, looking for anyone who might need assistance. you found yourself on level 4, at a doorway crowded with cursed humans. you heard the slashing of a small sword. the sound of nanami's sword. you tried to push through, using your cursed energy to blast at the curses before you. but the wall of curses before you was too strong and you couldnt break your way through.

    nanami slashed his sword relentlessly, he didnt want to kill the humans but he had to. he watched as they all collapsed whilst keeping his eye on mahito, who could make his move anytime too. the crowd of curses fell slowly and they all got eliminated. the ones near the doorway seemed disinterested in him and so he kept his guard but stayed away from it. suddenly a tap of a palm found its way onto his chest. he inhaled deeply, mahito had his palm on his chest and it seemed like that was it for him.

    he looked up to the ceiling. there was nothing he could do, he could evade mahito. he was bleeding all over and exhausted.

    STOP 🛑🛑

    open up your spotify/applemusic/etc rn and listen to this song as you continue to read. i promise the song will make it 10 times better.

    see you later(ten years)

    jenna raine

    0:45 --------⚪️------------------------------- 3:08


    nanami heard the loud footstep coming from the stairs opposite and he watched as itadori's figure came into view.

    you had knocked down one bunch of the curses and tried to push your way past them but they wouldnt budge. from a small gap between them, you saw nanami standing in the middle of the room with a hoard of collapsed creatures, his body bashed up and bleeding. your eyes widened in shock and only fear was present within you now. no. not nanami.

    nanami looked up at the ceiling once more, seeming to be recounting something and pondering what he should do. 'y/n... i didnt even say goodbye to her... we were going to have dinner tonight' nanami thought as he chuckled small, realising he was thinking of you even in his last moments. he had never admitted it, but it was more than obvious now... the feelings he had for you. but there was nothing he could do about it. a film of tears formed infront of his eyes, blurring his vision slightly.

    nanami was never one to get emotional, but yet he found his heart beating faster than light. he wasnt that afraid to die, he knew it came with being a jujutsu sorcerer. it was just that he didnt get to say goodbye or anything. this was why he never wanted to date anyone.

    "itadori" he spoke. he huffed. "tell y/n i love her, and i'll see her soon" your eyes widened and tears rushed our of your eyes. you wanted to shout his name and let him know you were there, and how you loved him too, but you were stunned silent.

    "you've got this from here" nanami smiled as he told itadori. itadori's eyebrows raised and responded with a obedient "yes!" and before anyone else could do anything, mahito had blasted nanami to shreds right before your eyes. mahito's wicked smile haunted you as you fell to your knees, sobbing uncontrollably. you didnt even bother for the transfigured humans before you. nanami's upper body was exploded into pieces and his spine was left protruding from his lower body. that was that remained. you couldnt see his face ever again, even at his funeral, you wouldnt be able to look into the open casket and see him lying peacefully.

    you balled your eyes out as you scrammed to a corner to process your feelings. "i love you too kento... what the fuck" you swore. why did god have to choose this path for you, for nanami. why couldnt you meet by chance somewhere else and go to malaysia together, have a child together... god knows what. you hicked as your nose got blocked and red, a headache springing to you. it hurt so bad, it seemed like you'd never be able to fall in love with anyone else. if only you could turn back the time, or maybe he'd revive. you knew you'd wait regardless, wait forever for what might never even happen. it broke you... to the core and spine.

    but you couldnt cry, you had no time to wallow. you had to get back to fighting, give it your all because nanami did. nanami wouldnt want you to cry over him. he said so himself. you wiped your tears aggressively, almost scratching yourself in the process.

    "cause time wasnt in our favour..

    this isnt goodbye, this is simply see you later"

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  • dejwrites
    24.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    ↠ characters: geto suguru, mentioned in story: gojo satoru, toji fushiguro, choso

    ↠ warning: cam work, sex work, infidelity mentioned, drug usage (weed),

    ↠ pairings: geto suguru x black!female reader, a hint of toji fushiguro x black!female reader

    ↠ timeline: cam boy!au, college!au

    ↠ chapter summary: [y/n] closes a chapter in her love life, just to open another one. in celebration of being back at #1, geto visits [y/n].

    ↠ a/n: artwork used for banner is not mine. credit to the rightful owner. chapter 10 is finally here after the longest wait. hope you guys enjoy it. i'm really happy you guys still reading cam competition. it just makes me happy that people are enjoying it on all the platforms i have it on.

    check out the character edits for cam competition here. also check out the character aesthetic here. also click here to join taglist.

    ↠ tags: @cocobutterbaby + @resonancesoul + @luvingmyships + @tojibreedingme + @suhweetdreams s + @seyawrld + @warmchick + @whatdidhesayyyy + @gojos-hoe + @thathoneybee3​

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    HEELS TAPPING AGAINST THE FRESHLY WAXED FLOOR as you would tap your perfectly manicured fingers on the desk. The pretty receptionist seemed to be growing annoyed at your taping as she put the phone down to look at you. She cleared her throat before speaking, “May I help you?” She asked.

    “I’m here to see Mr. Fushiguro.'' You firmly said.

    The receptionist popped her gum aggressively as she flashed you a fake smile. “He isn’t in yet, would you like to leave a message?” She asked you. Her brown eyes looking you up and down.

    “I’ll wait.” You interjected before walking over to one of the chairs that was sitting in the lobby. You crossed your legs over one another, your skirt lifting a bit gaining attention from business men walking by you. Your eyes were on your phone and you were texting Carson who was at the airport returning back to the States. You were going to miss your best friend even though Choso seemed to swindle his way into you guys’ friendship. While you were texting, you felt a presence in front of you and when you looked you saw Toji looking down at you.

    “Great, you’re here. We need to talk.” You said as you looked at him standing up and walking by his side as he motioned for you to follow him.

    As you walked by his side, there was only silence between you two as he opened the door to his office. You walked in taking in your surroundings. His office was huge, bigger than the room you slept in at night. Your fingertips dragging alongside the huge black desk that was in the office space. You walked towards the large window that had a wonderful view. You never actually stepped into Toji’s world. Nights after you two had sex, he’ll mention work here and there. His expensive gifts showed how thick the job made his wallet. Months ago, that would have you smiling from ear to ear like a kid in a candy store. But today, you no longer looked at him like that. Your mind telling yourself it’s because of the marriage and the kids, but your heart was also pushing that you liked Geto. The nights of wonderful sex with Toji always sat heavy in your heart because how could you not pick up the signs. Ghosting, always sending a company car to pick you up, and the list goes on. How could you be so stupid?

    “We need to talk.” You said out loud before your eyes were forced to look at him.

    If this was the you a couple months ago would compliment how good he looked right now. But when you looked at Toji, you felt regret pooling in the pit of your stomach. The thought of his wife finding out always lingered in your mind. Your morals may have gone out the window when you signed up to be a cam worker, but breaking a happy home was something you couldn’t stand by. It went against your morals.

    “You can’t love me Toji.” Your voice cracked even letting those words tumble out of your mouth.


    “No, listen to me. You can’t utter those words to me while wearing a wedding ring.” You said as you stepped forward towards him. “Go be happy with your family, with your son.” Your eyes looked at the picture of his family that was on the desk.

    “I can leave her.”

    “No, you won’t because you would have done it before even engaging with me the way we were,” You said as you looked at him. “I don’t fit into this lifestyle, Toji, that’s why. I’m a cam girl.”

    “[Y/N], please.” Toji pleaded.

    “I’m not done yet.” You snapped before you looked at him. “You love the idea of me Toji, I’m every man’s fantasy, and the fact that you had BVYGRL007 is what stroked your ego. You won’t leave your wife for me, you couldn’t even sit through a dinner with me.” You explained and you could see that you were breaking his heart as each word stumbled out your mouth.

    “So, this is me saying we’re done Toji. I no longer want to be associated with you,” Your hands went up to undo the diamond necklace he brought you and you would place it on his desk before walking towards the door.

    “It’s because of him, isn’t it? That same fuckin cam boy you told not to worry about” You heard Toji questioning, which caused you to turn around to look at him.

    You thought about it for a second to think about it. Your eyes stared at Toji as a faint smile appeared on your face.

    “Yes.” You bluntly admitted before leaving Toji’s office, nearly bumping into Choso who was about to enter it.

    “Sorry.” You said as you walked by him ignoring the look he gave you. Which he started to follow you.

    “Don’t tell me you broke his heart?” Choso asked.

    “You were the one to say put closure on it,” You reminded him.

    “Not when he has a fucking board meeting that could increase not only his salary but my pay as an intern,” Choso whined as he looked down at you.

    “My fault,” You responded giving him an innocent smile. “I’m sorry, he’ll be okay. He’ll find a replacement.”

    Choso would run his fingers through his hair before he would look at you. “I did more research on Jules, but I’ll hit you up when I’m done here.” He says. “Time to be his fucking therapist because his heart is broken.” Choso sighed as he turned around to walk towards Toji’s office.

    You walked out of the building and as you walked out of the building, you held the door open for a beautiful woman. Her hair was done perfectly in these perfect loose curls that flowed down her back. She was ushering for two little children in the building. “Let’s go surprise your father Megumi.” She chirped with so much glee in her voice.

    “Thank you,” She says to you with a smile, her eyes looking you up and down. “Love your shoes.” She complimented it, causing you to force a smile.

    “Thank you,” You responded.

    That was her. That was Toji’s wife and his children. As you watch them walk into the building and not bother to let the front desk know, you realize that you’ve made the best decision. You officially wiped your hands of Toji Fushiguro. For good.

    WHEN YOU MADE IT BACK HOME, you were beyond stressed. With Toji not being in your life anymore, university work, your subscribers demanding content or they were going to unsubscribe due to you getting your account back, and then with your poor ranking of nineteen on CAMPOP. Despite the wonderful blowjob stream with Geto, it seems like he was the one that got boosted up in the rankings and not you. It didn’t really bother you, but it did feel heavy on your heart. Especially given that you had the number one ranking for weeks.

    You plopped down on your couch trying to think of stream ideas. You could masturbate for your subscribers, but that would just be boring. Your eyes stared at the ceiling trying to think, but a knock on the door interrupted your thoughts. You pushed yourself off your couch going to get the door. When you opened it, Geto stood at the doorway with a huge smile.

    “What has you so happy at this hour?” You questioned. Your perfectly arched eyebrows raised at him as he was giving you a grin.

    “I’m back at the top, got a wonderful grade on my film project, and I live a couple of doors down from such a beautiful woman.” He says, causing you to chuckle.

    You stepped aside so he could walk in. You always seem to get a whiff of his cologne every time he is near you. Your nostrils grew accustomed to his scent which you wouldn't mind smelling every day. As he plopped down on your couch, his legs spread a bit as he let out a happy sigh. “So I have come to celebrate.” He huffed.

    “At least one of us is having a good day.” You sat down next to him tugging your knees to your chest.

    Geto stared at you with so much worry in his eyes. His hands grabbing your wrist tugging you closer to him. You leaned in his touch and his toned tattooed arms wrapped around your shoulders. “Want to talk about it?” He questioned.

    “Where do I even start, my account is back but I’m at nineteen on CAMPOP rankings. I think you stole all the shine in the last stream,” You playfully slapped his arm causing him to let out a laugh.

    “You haven’t had your account for a while, you have to gain their attention back. If you want, we can do a stream on your page next,” Geto suggested as his fingertips traced alongside your arm.

    “That would be a good idea,” You said. You then looked at him, “I talked to Toji.” You soon blurted out.

    You could feel Geto’s whole demeanor changed as you were leaning against him. You pulled yourself out of his grasp and climbed onto his lap so that you could say what you had to say. “I told him that we can’t see each other anymore and I have moved on,” You admitted.

    “How’d he take it? [Y/N], he admitted to loving you. That’s one strong ass word,” Geto said as his hands were on your thighs.

    “Obviously badly, he said he would leave his wife. But I shut that down quickly.” You explained.


    “Good?” You questioned. You looked at Geto noticing that he was staring directly at you. Tattooed fingers tracing small shapes on your thighs.

    “Yes, I was afraid that you would go back to him and then you’ll not want to do the collabs anymore. ‘Cause frankly, I can’t compete with what he can give you. He can give you jewelry, expensive shoes, and trips with just a snap of his fin-“

    Your lips interrupted Geto’s rambling, his grip on your thighs tightening as you brought him closer to deepen the kiss. When you forced yourself to pull away, you gave him a smile. “I don’t want you to have to compete for me Geto. I only see you.”

    “Is this you admitting that you like me?” Geto asked. His head tilted to the side like a clueless puppy asking for more cuddles with its owner.

    “Do I have to spell it out for you SUGURUSUGA?” You asked. You mimic his head tilt also.

    You watched a smile creep on his face as his arms wrapped around your waist to bring you closer to his body. Your arms wrapped around his neck as you were hugging him. You felt at peace as this newest chapter with him was beginning to start.

    “You don’t have to spell it out, just get my name tattooed on you so I know it’s real,” Geto said as he was hugging you which you quickly pulled away.

    “You first!” You said as you climbed out of his lap to go to the kitchen.

    Geto stood up also, “We need to celebrate, so I’ll be right back.” He said as he was walking towards the door.

    “Please don’t bring no strong ass alcohol in here.” You whined. “I have class tomorrow morning,” You soon add.

    “I won’t. Just relax and calm down.” He said as he left your apartment.

    You were curious about what he was going to get. You opened your fridge grabbing a bottle of water making your way back to the couch and flipped the television on. You settled on some random JDrama tv show, sinking into your seat to make yourself more comfortable. You could hear your apartment door open and close before Geto once again on your couch.

    When you glanced open, Ghetto had a rolled blunt in between his lips. He was shoving his large hands in his pants searching for his lighter. “Do you smoke?” He questioned.

    You would look at him with such a clueless look. It wasn’t the fact that you haven’t smoked weed before, it’s just seeing Geto smoke caused your palms to become sweaty. He looked attractive as he lit the rolled substance that was in between his lips. He placed the lighter on your coffee table and leaned back blowing the intoxicating smell in the air. You pushed yourself off the couch to go light candles because you really didn’t need any other tenants knocking on the door about the smell. Even though you were sure that you lived on a floor filled with college students who most likely did drugs to surpass the stressful lifestyle of college.

    “You never answered my question.” Geto pointed out once you placed a vanilla-scented candle in the middle of the coffee table.

    “Occasionally with Carson when we lived together,” You answered. “Haven’t done it since moving here though.”

    Geto would only nod as he would pass you the blunt. He had some sly smirk on his face as if the weed he inhaled caused him to calm down. His body was relaxed on your coach and his head fell back as he was staring at the ceiling. You brought the rolled substance to your lips, your clear lip gloss staining the rolling paper Geto used to roll. You took a long puff from the blunt, your lungs ached due to the huge puff you took. You let out a cough which Geto’s head snapped so quickly to look at you.

    “Are you okay?” Geto questioned as he took the blunt from your fingers. “You can’t just take a huge puff like that [Y/N].” He said as he would lean over to rub at your back.

    The tattooed male would take another hit from the blunt before passing it back to you. “Here.” He said as his dark-colored eyes stared at you as you took the blunt once again. His tongue glided across his lower lip as he watched you take a hit from the intoxicating drug. It was quite attractive to him.

    “Sorry, I got lip gloss on it.” You would say as you passed it back to Geto. The scent of marijuana lingered on your lips as you looked at Geto who was staring at you in the most intense manner causing you to shift yourself in your seat.

    “I’ve been in between your legs before, you really think I care about some freaking lip gloss.” Geto bluntly told you.

    He made a good point. Minutes have passed and both of you had managed to finish the blunt. Eyes staining the color red and eyelids practically drooping as if the two of you were fighting your sleep. “We should go get snacks.” Geto huffed as he stared down at you. Your head was placed on his lap as you were on your phone trying to text Choso. You were oddly stuck on trying to text the word update.

    “We can do that.” You said as you would place your phone on the table and slide on your Chanel slides. As you highly stared at the shoes, your mind forced you to remember that the shoes were a gift from Toji. You let out a sigh before helping Geto off the couch.

    “Mr. Sukuki is going to be so excited to see us,” Geto said, his words were coming out as a whisper and you wanted to question why was he whispering. However, you had to remember that the two of you were high as ever at the moment.

    As you two made your way down to the lobby of your apartment building, the two of you noticed people were watching the large television that was sitting in the nicely decorated lobby. The two of you ignored the harsh murmurs as you made your way next door to Mr. Sukuki’s store. He’ll give you a sly wave before his eyes go back to the television near the counter. He was watching the same thing people in the lobby were watching.

    “Want me to make you some ramen?” Geto asked as he looked at you, his large arms wrapped around your shoulder.

    “I think you’re too high to do that task, but if you want.” You let out a giggle before wiggling out of his grasp to go pick out some drinks for you. Eventually picking up the same brand of drink he suggested when you two first met.

    You would walk around the store picking up random snacks for you two to eat. Your tastebuds craved practically everything, you were sure it was because of the weed you consumed minutes ago. You walked towards Geto who was at the counter already with the ramen he made. His eyes were staring at the television that Mr. Sukaki was watching.

    “Mr. Sukaki could you turn it up please?” Geto asked and the older man behind the counter did what he asked before he started ringing up the two of you stuff.

    You noticed how Geto froze up. His lips trembled as he was listening to what was on the tv. His fist clenched so tightly his tattooed knuckles were turning pale.

    “The parents of the girl has stated due to this heart-shaped locket that this body that has been found tonight is confirmed to be 18-year old Ayaki Takahashi.” The news reporter stated as she had fear glossing her eyes.

    “Geto, are you okay?” You questioned, you would hand Mr. Sukaki your card due to Geto’s dull-colored eyes not leaving the television.

    He didn’t even answer your question. He ignored it as he broke the gaze he had on the small television.

    “I have to call Jules, Sorry [Y/N].” was the only thing that left his lips as he left the store in a hurry.

    You stood there with the snacks you had just brought and the high from the weed you smoked was completely gone. The sharp turn of emotions from Geto caused you to sober up with a quickness. You thanked Mr. Sukaki as you were grabbing your bag and taking the hot bowl of ramen that was meant for you and Geto to share. You walked outside sitting at one of the small tables outside the store, you pulled your phone out. When you heard Choso’s voice on the other end, you didn’t even let him greet you.

    “Choso, who the hell is Ayaki Takahashi?” You asked.

    Who was she? And why did her body being found caused Geto to turn as pale as a ghost? Then on top of that, he wanted to talk to Jules. To your knowledge, he hated the woman’s guts.

    You had to find out.

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