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    OC Summer Challenge 2021 ✤ Day 23: Watching The Sunrise  

    Nikki Rogers ✤ American Pie

    Nikki knew that being the first person formally invited to Wakanda was a huge deal, and she was more honoured than she could ever put into words.  But truth be told, that honour was nothing compared to the knowledge that it was Bucky who had wanted to see her, to actually meet her.  She hadn’t realized until that moment just how scared she was that he wouldn’t want to know her.

    Forever Tag List: @themildestofwriters @gottaenjoythelittlethingzz  @perhapspearl @seaweedhufflepuffocs @the-october-reviewer @foxesandmagic @perfectlystiles @tessasocs @anotherunreadblog @peacheydelanhoes @darkwolf76 @randomfandomingwrites @ocfairygodmother @itsjustgracy @witchofinterest @neutralomens @ultraocfury @guardiansofheroes @malice1329 @ochub @zoeliemyers @butcherofblackwater @eddysocs @ocappreciationtag @fiercefray @stareyedplanet @farfallasunicas @jewelswrites-ish @amixedwitch  @raith-way @stilynskii @stanshollaand @decennia @marveloc-hq — want to be added? shoot me an ask!

    Nikki Tag: @megdonnellys @fantasiame

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    Summer Nights (2)

    A/N: Is that... is that...? The unbridled enthusiasm I’m hearing? Or are you trying to reach me with torches and pitchforks for being so untrustworthy? Assuming the first option. 

    Anyway -- Yes, as I promised, this is the second part of the Summer Nights which you would hopefully enjoy. Waiting for your feedback. It’s the INDEX if you need a refresher. 

    ALSO, I give a lot of credit to @drawlfoy and @bored-and-bothered who helped me with editing this chapter and steamed off my emotional breakdown related to my writing (lmao). I love you so much gals and a big THANK U once more!!!

    Word Count: 2.7k 

    Warnings: coarse language; alcohol; Narcissa turning into a shitty-mother (lol)

    Tags: @war-sword @paradigmax @winnsmills @idkatee @bforbroadway @okaydraco

    The next thing Draco knew was waking up with a massive hangover in the snuggly, way-too-comfortable bed by the high-pitched squeal of his mother.

    "You darling, made a lot of trouble for yourself yesterday," Narcissa admonished her son with a glacial look on her face. Entering Draco's hotel apartment, she walked over to the window and opened the drapes, which annoyingly dazzled Draco, with one swift movement. He groaned, yet not daring to complain due to his mother's livid mood, to say at least.

    "You have no idea of what happened yesterday, do you?"

    "Yyy-" was the only sound he could make. God, where to the fuck was he? He hadn't got so plastered for a long time.

    "Of course you don't," Narcissa shook her head and laughed nervously, although she made it plainly obvious there was nothing humorous in the situation. "You blacked out so hard in that sleazy bar there is no way you can recall anything from yesterday. Look at you -- you are squinting at me as if I was the sun!"

    Draco nervously ran the finders through his disheveled hair. He was definitely not in the state to engender the conflict. "I left you the note at the reception," he informed her, trying to get slickly out of the unenviable conversation. "Told the receptionist to hand it over."

    On the contrary to this mother's accusatory ascertainment, he actually had some glimpses of the previous night (or should he say an all-night rave?). There were for sure drinks -- a lot of drinks; a variety of kinds he didn't recognize from the magical world but still guzzled them delightfully. The second recollection was dancing --which he didn't intend, but with some luck of his-- got invited by some hot-looking chicks from across the table. And yes, he definitely remembers the swaying and the rhythmical moving of the hips along with some cheesy muggle vibes mixed with the smell of booze and dopes. Maybe he even hooked up with one of the girls? The last thing he recollects before passing out, almost like through a haze, was seeing Narcissa's furious face screaming something incoherent at him. Overall, that's his all night wrapped in one.

    "Do you think the mere note 'I will be fine' was going to calm down my shattered nerves? Draco Lucius Malfoy, I swear to our dear ancestors, I did not raise you to act so irresponsibly." She waved the finger at him warningly. "We originate from a family with an abundant heritage line of successful forefathers who put effort to build up the reputation of the respectful breed. Do you think Lucius would approve of such unrestrained behavior? I've been already hearing of letting you be too careless. Is tha-"

    "Mother, could we please omit those lectures at once?" Draco snapped angrily, try as might to suppress it. "I've heard those too many times. All I'm trying to have is a peaceful life that lacks the snooping-around of media and the family in it."

    "And all I'm trying to have is an integrated, happy family, which would be able to give support and love." Draco opened his mouth to cut her in, but she shushed him with the wave, clearly suggesting 'Don't even get me started' meaning. "I've been- been striving to get a job, going through the infelicitous job interviews and looking for a solution to help our household through the post-war crisis. Have you shown any interest in that? Any?"

    "But mo-"

    "The last thing I want to have on my mind is dealing with your ignorant, boyish transitional stages, and let me tell you -- you do not make it any easier for me," she said without taking a breath. She exhaled slowly and continued, this time forcing a softer tone. "I ask you one thing for this summer. Let it be an enjoyable time without unnecessary conflicts. We have come to the beautiful country as France is. Let's make a good thing out of it."

    Draco, who was already widely awake by the buzz of adrenaline, looked at her with a serious expression. Scanning her face made him suddenly realize how hard must it have been for her to bear everything, and seeing the bags of tiredness under her beautiful, hazel eyes stopped him from retorting. "Mother, no matter what happens, I'll always support you. Remember that."

    Narcissa smiled. "Oh. I know, honey, I know." This time she lowered her voice by two octaves, slowly sitting at the edge of the bed. "It's just... people have been gossiping behind our backs lately, partly throwing the blame at us. All I'm trying to do is protect us from away those tormentors. But your binge drinking is not making the deadlock any better, and it drives me mad." She chortled a little bit and patted Draco's palm. "Therefore, until rumors don't get muted down, all we can do is raise our chins high." Narcissa ended, her voice sounding encouragingly yet plaintively.

    The last thing Draco liked is seeing his mother on the verge of emotional exhaustion, like in this moment. He felt the instant surge of sympathy, so he quickly found himself locking Narcissa in the supportive embrace. She responded to the gesture by wrapping her arms around her son's neck and stroking his cheek delicately with the back of her hand, like in the old times. Both of them yearningly wished to come back to those years of frivolity.

    "Promise I'll try to be better," Draco said with certainty. Seeing as Narcissa's eyes light up in gratefulness and the smiley dimples form on her features, he assured himself it was the right thing to say at that mother-son moment.

    "How could I be so lucky to have such a wise boy," she muttered proudly, kissing Draco at the top of his head. "But perhaps I should not restrain yourself too much during the holiday. I give you the partial alibi per se. Just keep it under the temperance."

    Smiling, Narcissa got up, straightening up her impeccable posture as in the habit of the high-status woman. For the first time in that day, Draco noticed how elegantly she was dressed up: wearing the black, partly lacy dress stopping at the level of her knees; the shiny-white pearl jewelry perfectly matching her entire outfit; dark yet not defiant high-heels; and the hair fixed up in the tight bun. In Draco's opinion, she looked too festive even for herself.

    "Mother, are you heading somewhere?" he asked curiously.

    "Well..." she started, blushing. "I'm going to see my old friend in the coffee shop. I haven't been here for ages, so it's one of the chances to meet up with them. Hopefully, you are going to take care of yourself for a few days."    

    "Days?" he asked, shocked.

    "You didn't expect me to travel from town to town, did you?" she laughed lightly. "Bordeaux is quite a route to overcome. So I might be settling there for a few nights. Do you mind the idea, darling?"

    Was he positive about the information? Did he mind? Partly yes. He didn't imagine the prospect of wandering around the alleys of France on his own, especially on the first day of being there. But from the other side, seeing the painting joy on his mother's face as she told him about the planned get-together made him feel less skeptical. Plus, getting rid of the extreme supervision for a few days wouldn't be such a disaster as well. As he calculated now, the ratio about the idea was 90% pro and 10% against.

    "Of course not," he said simply, smiling at his mother.

    "I knew you would understand." The crease of uncertainty on her forehead disappeared, and she let out a sigh of relief. "Meanwhile... I have already booked you the brunch downstairs but seeing as you are not in the wholesome state, I might order a delive-"

    "Don't..." Draco opposed, rising from the bed and throwing the nearest shirt he could find over his head. "I'll come down. Some fresh air may be a cure for a hangover. Oh, and speaking of hangovers -- do you happen to have an anti-hangover potion?"

    Narcissa let out a quiet chuckle and clapped her hands, seemingly satisfied with herself. Her tranquil gaze landed at the cupboard. "As a matter of self-preservation, yes, I do. Try searching inside the bedside cabinet."

    He thanked her and then they talked with each other a little bit longer until Narcissa took the pocket watch out of her handy purse, noted the time ("Merlin's Beard, I am so tardy! I'm going to stand alone on the platform if I stay here any more minute!), and --a little startled with her inadvertency -- hurriedly declared she should get going ("I really should get going Draco!"). Pecking her son twice in the cheeks as a farewell, she rushed towards the door and, for the last time, turned around to blow a brief motherly goodbye kiss. She left in such a hurry that the only sign indicating her presence in the room a few seconds ago was her typically strong, exclusive perfume.  

    Draco gathered his clothes, and after half an hour of very difficult preparations while dealing with the consequences of yesterday's actions -- because the potion finally hits after two to three hours -- he found himself in front of the hotel's restaurant. As he walked in, he had to admit the room enchanted him with its lovely atmosphere, which brought back the memories of his first Hogwart's magical feast as an eleven-year-old boy.

    With the large windows allowing plenty of light in, the entire space was in the classical style. The whole floor was clad with marble tiles in the white-like color; the walls were purely white and, apparently, someone must have put a lot of effort not to let a single dust spot appear in there; the ceiling was created in the concept of the sky resemblance making an impression of the real clouds hovering over heads. Three enormous chandeliers made a very good fit with carved wooden tables and similarly-looking chairs.

    "Sir, would you like to make an order?" The decently looking waitress walked over to his table, with a white apron around her waist and green, deep eyes staring at him. "I'm Laura, by the way. I'll be serving you today."

    He nodded, not really paying much attention to her primitive attempts of having a chit-chat. Cursorily glancing at the menu, he decided on having a french bagel with melted cheese and a coffee which was a specialty of the house as was written in the recommendations. The waitress scribbled something sloppily in her notes, smiled briefly, and then strode away.

    The restaurant was almost fully emptied, and the only things heard in the background were a heated discussion of the couple beside the table and a composition of french, old songs prepared specifically for the guests.

    Draco let out a small sigh of boredom, thinking yet again about the scenery of today. The only ideas that crossed his mind were either lounging in his stuffy hotel room or finding another hang-out spot to drown his sorrows.

    After the War, he had found out it was pretty easier not to give in to any of the memories, blurring them out with the support of Scotch as a coping mechanism. Pansy and Daphne, his childhood friends, had tried to talk him out of it, kindly offering some tenderness and a chance for a conversation. But he had eventually stopped caring about any of that bullshit anymore.

    That's why perhaps he'd just--

    "Hi!" said a cheerful voice behind him, making him jump slightly at his seat with surprise. At first, he thought it was a mistake; that he must have been deemed as someone else considering he didn't know anyone around, so was in the opposite way. Turning around, however, made him realize it wasn't entirely the truth. "Do you remember me?"

    "Hello." Of course, he remembered her. It was the receptionist from the previous day, whose name he didn't bother to memorize. Although he planned on avoiding potential candidates for a talk today, he said truthfully, "Yes, I do. You work here, right?"

    "Yeah," she confirmed, smiling. "Can I join?"

    For a moment, his sluggish brain did not process what she was asking about, and that made him frown. The girl probably comprehended what it was about because she explained, reading his confused expression. "...the table".

    "Oh," he said, feeling more than embarrassed for his dumb reaction. "Yeah, help yourself."

    "Thanks," she mumbled, pulling out the chair to make some room for herself. "Tough night, huh?"

    The inquiry made him suddenly realize she must have witnessed the whole scene yesterday -- him asking her for a favor, Narcissa drilling her out for any clues about his disappearance, his arrogant attitude, and scurrility as he spoke to her. For sure, if she were smart enough, she would deduce what the situation was about.

    He couldn't help it, but a wave of shame pierced through his body, and his stomach rolled slightly.

    "A little," he answered minimizing a dimension of the spree, almost like a lie, and then he shook his head. "Listen, sorry about yesterday. I might have been...rude."

    A small smile of courtesy formed on her lips. "I presumed you were a little off. Happens..." she said tentatively, gripping both of her hands together. "Oh, and about yesterday -- you lost this at the lobby." She took his wand out, and Draco's stomach made a second roll, the heartbeat hastening like a speed of light. He quickly tried to bring his face to the natural expression, but the girl had noticed that, and curiosity filled her eyes. "I thought I should give that back. In case it was valuable or something."

    Fucking great... How was he supposed to elucidate that?

    His throat felt so dry he couldn't let out a word of excuse. The moment was so mortifying to him he just reached for the familiar wand and nodded politely in gratefulness.

    "Mhm..." Draco hummed, barely audible and momentarily deflated. "It's just... Something I've been training with..."

    What the fuck is that supposed to mean, dolt?!

    "Oh," the girl unconsciously flipped her hair off the shoulders, probably trying to make sense of the information. Furrowing her brows, she put her hand under the chin. "Are you a magician?"

    "Kind of..." he agreed, not happy about the reputation he had just created for himself, but at the same time satisfied he didn't have to make up more explanations.

    Luckily for Draco, the uncomfortable pause was rescued by the arrival of the food -- thank Merlin -- and even though he hadn't been hungry at all, now he felt an unexpected appetite to eat up the awkwardness. The girl probably caught a hint it was about time to end an encounter because she grunted.

    "Listen," the girl started, clearing her throat yet again. "I better get going. But..."

    The next thing Draco knew was that she was reaching to her pocket again, this time taking out something similar to a quill, only without ink. He assumed it must some kind of muggle invention, only a mechanical-like version. The girl uncorked it and suggestively drew out her hand, clearly signifying he should bring his hand closer as well. He obediently did.

    "France is a big city," she said, glancing at him and sounding serious. "If you ever needed someone to show you around, let me know."

    Without any preamble, her soft, delicate fingers grasped his forearm (he made sure to give her the right one), and with a few scrawls on his skin, she looked at him merrily, blushing slightly, and then left a table.

    He stared after her for a while, looking at her curls bouncing behind her back as she walked away at a slow, monotonic pace. After a few seconds, she disappeared out of his sight, letting him finally peek at the note she had left:

    'Call me, Y/N,' and a nine-digit number attached.


    A/N: I know this part might have contained too little Draco x Reader momento, but I promise it’ll get better as a plot develops. Also -- is it only my impression, or is Narcissa as changeable as the weather in Germany lol. 

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    Summer’s Best New Scents Are Refreshing—And Perfect for Reemergence

    Summer’s Best New Scents Are Refreshing—And Perfect for Reemergence

    Liis Bo Less is more, especially when it comes to additives. Newly launched brand Liis focuses on fragrance without preservatives, sulfates, and dyes. Clean beauty enthusiasts are sure to embrace its ethos, but everyone can appreciate the brand’s elegantly minimalist packaging and transportive scents. Bo, one of the line’s standouts, is a creamy mix of tobacco leaves, pine, incense, and cedar.…

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    The Municipal Band closes its summer concert series tonight with a tribute to Spanish pop rock

    Cáceres Municipal Music Band. FRANCIS VILLEGAS The programming of the Cultural Summer in Cáceres brings… - Read more here https://mindlifetv.com/musicians/the-municipal-band-closes-its-summer-concert-series-tonight-with-a-tribute-to-spanish-pop-rock/

    Hastags - #Band, #Closes, #Concert, #Municipal, #Pop, #Rock, #Series, #Spanish, #Summer, #Tonight, #Tribute

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    Kisumi || “Free!” boys as werewolves! 💖💖

    ♡ Website | Store ♡

    Sousuke | Makoto | Haruka | Hiyori

    #free! #free! Iwatobi swim club #free! eternal summer #free! dive to the future #Kisumi shigino#werewolf#werewolves#anime#fanart#prismacolor markers#traditional art#straysketches#my art #I missed working on this series so much.....
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    22 Wardrobe Essentials to Shop at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

    22 Wardrobe Essentials to Shop at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

    Photographed by Campbell Addy, Vogue, September 2018 The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021 (which kicks off to the public on July 28, but is available now to Nordstrom cardholders) is stocked with plenty of fashion-forward wares, but we really have our eye on closet staples that will help to get us through summer and welcome fall. After all, at the backbone of every great closet is a reliable…

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    The Neighbour [2.5]


    Warnings: mild sexting, tried to write rougher sex but it’s more sloppy lol, Remington doesn’t like being teased ;). This photo fuelled some inspiration

    Remington’s knee shook subtly under the weight of his bag, anxiously looking out the window as the smaller California communities whizzed by. It was though Sebastian was driving slower on purpose, and he was growing irritated with Remington’s constant asking ‘can’t you go faster’ as an eerily reminiscent ‘are we there yet’?

    “We’re still another hour out,” Sebastian huffed, slowly losing patience with his brother. 

    “You could go a little faster,” Remington muttered.

    “I’m not disobeying the speed limit because you’re horny,” Sebastian snapped back. Chris, Michael, and Emerson cracked up in the backseat, meanwhile. 

    Remington crossed his arms like he was a child throwing a tantrum, “How can I be horny when I’m stuck in a car with all of you?” he chided. 

    It wasn’t a total fib; he was a little excited after the picture Eva had sent him last night. 

    Remington scrolled through the text conversation for maybe the sixth or seventh time that morning, his knee still shaking incessantly. 

    Hey sweetheart, whatcha’ doing?

    Oh nothin’ much, thought I’d try something new

    Oh yeah? Like what??

    And minutes later she had sent the photo

    She was sat on the duvet in a stroppy black matching set, sitting on her knees with her bum turned to the camera, her face cropped just below her nose. But Remington would recognize that flower tattoo anywhere. He was surprised when he’d received it, knowing how shy Eva was, but he knew all too well sometimes her bashfulness was more just for show.

    It didn’t help that he easily recognized she was sitting on his own bed to take that photo.

    Oh baby, why? Why would you do that to me?? 🥵

    Because I can 😘

    And she sent another one quickly after, this time taken from an ant’s eye view. The angle of the shot transcended up the length of her body, giving him a full shot of her panties, and teasing the shape of her breasts in her little plunge bra. Remington would twitch in his shorts each time he saw that photo.

    Oh my God Eva...

    You’re missing a comma after God, Remington 😘

    Fuck the grammar lesson

    How about a shot like that without the accoutrements?? Pleeeaaase?

    Hmm... Nope


    You can’t just send me photos like that and then cut me off 😫

    What’re you gonna’ do about it, rockstar??

    You better hope I’m in a good mood tomorrow darling. 

    And I want you in that set when I come home.

    You missed another comma after tomorrow, baby 

    So, you’re gonna penalize me for missing commas but won’t appreciate my perfect use and spelling of ‘accoutrements’?

    You just used the spellcheck.

    Remington wasn’t all that aware that Emerson was trying to peak over his shoulder, snooping as little brothers typically do. 

    “Whatcha’ looking at?” he asked.

    “Nothing,” Remington quickly closed the message.

    “Didn’t look like nothing,” Emerson smirked. 

    “Well it’s none of your business,” Remington snapped back.

    Sebastian simpered, “Leave him alone, Emerson. He doesn’t try to snoop on your nudes,” 

    “Wow!” Chris gasped, “You send your girlfriend nudes?”

    “No, I don’t have the ass for it,” Emerson replied, sitting back in his chair.

    “Remington sends his girlfriend nudes?” Michael asked.

    “I wouldn’t put it past him,” Sebastian said. Remington simply rolled his eyes, ignoring everyone else’s raucous laughter.

    An incessant beeping noise suddenly silences them all, however, and Sebastian peered at the dash over the wheel.

    “Oh fuck, I need gas,” he muttered.

    "Is there even a gas station around here?” Chris asked, looking out the window. 

    Remington quickly typed on his phone, smiling to himself when he Google result popped up, “There’s a gas station half a mile from here,” he said.

    Sebastian didn’t question it, “Perfect,”

    To make a long story short, the gas station was a little more than just a half mile away.


    Eva tapped her fingers against the hot surface of her laptop, her eyes skimming word-for-word the letter she’d spent the last two hours scribing. She would check her phone now and again, anxiously awaiting Remington’s updates. Pluto was unbothered by her nerves, his slinky body pushed right up against the cool surface of the balcony sliding door as he slept soundly. 

    A sharp buzzing noise had Eva suddenly jumping out of her seat, and poor Pluto shot up from the midst of his nap and stood at attention. But it was only Eva’s doorbell, and she quickly recovered from her shock to answer it. Her phone still didn’t show a text.

    “Who is it?” she inquired into the speaker.

    “Just your friendly neighbourhood psychopath,” her heart raced at the familiar voice, a smile gracing her lips.

    “Come on up!” and she buzzed him into the complex, leaving her door unlocked. She rushed to organize her papers and mess on the desk, quickly checking her reflection in the dark of the laptop and fixing her hair. 

    The door had hardly swung open before Eva raced into Remington’s arms and he held her tightly against him. His lips were on hers in an instant, hands grasping at her hips as he kicked the door shut. He was sun kissed and smelled of warm sand and the breeze, his quickly fading blue hair more of a turquoise that glinted with magnificence as it fell over his forehead.

    “You didn’t text me,” Eva gasped as his hands flew to her dress buttons.

    His smirked mirrored that of the devil himself, “I like surprises,” he replied in a hushed whisper, “And I’m a little impatient,”

    “I hadn’t noticed,” Eva grinned, the wicked glint in her eye matching the haze of lust in his own. 

    “Wonder who’s fault that is,” he mumbled, flicking his tongue over the skin of her neck. 

    Before she could get out a word, Remington slipped his hands under Eva’s legs and hoisted her up, her legs coming to wrap around his abdomen. He carried her to the bedroom, his lips never leaving an inch of her skin untouched for more than a second. He sat on the edge of the bed, pulling back momentarily despite her chasing his lips. He kept one hand pressed against her back, the other traveled down to flick at the buttons of her orange sundress. 

    “You didn’t do what I asked?” he accused playfully, rolling his hips as best he could so she could feel him straining beneath her. 

    “I beg your pardon?” 

    “I told you I wanted you in something a little less covered up,” he gasped momentarily as she raked her nails over his scalp. 

    Eva's infectious giggle filled his ears as she slid off his lap, coming to stand before him and fiddling with her dress buttons, “Well, if you wanted me in just my underwear... you needed to be specific,” and she popped one button.

    Remington leaned over, watching her intently, “What else did you do last night?” he asked, licking his lips as her deft fingers played with another button.

    She shrugged nonchalantly, “A couple things,” she sighed.

    “Care to be specific?” he asked.

    “... Not really,” she teased, her smile getting wider.

    “Why not?”

    Another button popped, and Eva’s heart was hammering despite her collected facade, “Because I like this dress, and if I told you... you’d rip it off me,” her voice was so low, so sultry and sweet, Remington swore he was about to tear a hole in his shorts. 

    And with one last button popped, the dress fell to the floor, fully revealing the slick back decorative set that adorned her so perfectly. She could hear Remington swallow deeply.

    “Fuck...” he mumbled faintly, “Pictures just don’t do you justice, baby,”

    As soon as their fingers touched he had her back in his lap, his palm hot on her ass before he slapped it. Eva laughed gently, biting and tugging at his bottom lip.

    His hand slid up her back, unclasping the strappy band with great ease and tossing it down, and his mouth was on her breast, sucking and biting before flipping her onto her back. He pinned her wrists above her head was hot on hers, tongue rolling over hers. She moaned softly and thrusted her hips against his.

    “You made me very upset last night, Eva,” Remington breathed heavily, pulling on her lower lip with his teeth, “You act all sweet and innocent but you’re just a little tease,”

    “I’m sorry, Rem,” she pouted.

    “Are you?” he quirked an eyebrow sharply, “I don’t think you are. But I’m gonna’ make you in a minute,” he placed hot, wet kisses over her breasts and then down to her stomach.

    Eva sighed, head rolling back as he licked over the soft fabric. Without thinking, her legs spread wider to accommodate his broad frame. He buried his face into her core. The sudden attention made her squeal and grip at Remington’s hair, holding him close to her to keep the pleasure constant. Quick flicks turn into lazy glides as he ate her out. It was too much and not enough, and she knew Remington was doing this on purpose. Eva was soaking through the silk. There was no way he couldn’t taste her.

    “Mm,” he flattened his tongue over her pussy before pulling away, “how you feeling, baby?”

    Eva whined when Remington brought his thumb up to rub over her clit, silk caressing her and making her pant, “Fine,” she sighed, “doin’ fine,”

    Remington chuckled against you. Instead of responding, he went back in and licked at her even faster. Eva was shaking when he reached up and cupped her breast. He tweaked her nipple, pulling it away from her body. She gasped at the pain, arching into his touch. At her reaction, Remington decided to move both hands up and give her nipples equal treatment. A throaty groan filled the room, and Eva’s eyes squeezed shut in pleasure. Remington used his leverage to pull her entire body down toward his mouth, effectively making her ride his face yet on her back. His noises were almost too much. He was getting off on getting her off judging by the way he pressed his mouth into her. His moans and little hums of pleasure were muffled between her legs; her own uninhibited groans drowned Remington’s out with ease.

    Her body rocked, jolting and shivering when he flicked his tongue against her covered clit, nipples aching when he squeezed them. Opening her eyes, Eva found him glancing up at her, studying her face as he ate her out over her panties. She knew you could cum from this, but she wanted Remington inside. Her pussy throbbed when she imagine him filling her up.

    “Felt that,” he pulled away for a moment and tossed her a cocky grin, “You’re desperate, aren’t you?”

    Eva tugged on his hair in retaliation, smiling smugly when he moaned, “No more desperate than you, sweetheart,”

    “Probably right,” he admitted with a shrug, “Surprised there’s not a puddle on the bed from how much I’m leaking,”

    She shivered at his honesty.

    “Rem…” her voice is content, but shaking, “You know I love that pretty mouth, but I need you inside me before I explode,”

    He pulled away, crawling over her hot body to meet in a searing kiss. Eva could taste herself on his tongue when he slid it against hers, arms wrapping around her and tugging her against his chest. His skin is warm underneath her fingertips; pulling his shirt and shorts off with the agony of watching clock hands tick. Remington wound her thigh around his hip with tight fingers gripping behind her knee. The position slotted her against his thigh. Eva groaned and rolled against him, clit tingling from the pressure. His cock twitched in interest against her leg. Knowing that she was affecting him this much made her head spin, and she’d barely even touched him. Remington sucked on her bottom lip as she ground down, his own body encouraging her movements with his own hips circling. The fire inside of her flashed with every rotation of the waist. They were both flushed and eager, panting against each other’s mouths, rocking a staccato rhythm in an attempt to bring themselves closer to the edge but also prolong the pleasure. Neither of them made a move to change positions or go faster.

    “Silk feels so good,” he mumbled against your lips, “rubbing just right on my cock. Driving me crazy.”

    Humming, Eva nibbled his plump bottom lip and stretched her arms to wrap around his neck. It was hard to tell where she was touching because she could feel him everywhere. His body heat, his scent, the friction as her nipples rubbed against his chest. It was almost enough. So close to her peak, she whined when Remington squeezed her ass and started guiding her movements against his thigh.

    “No more teasing,” he took his cock in his hand, stroking it slowly while watching her.

    She nodded, eyes skimming his tall frame, noting the distinct way his jaw ticks when he glanced down at her pussy. Letting her legs fall open, Eva reached out to him. Remington laced one hand with hers, gentle fingers slid her panties to the side, and he exhaled a shaky breath when he felt how soaked they were. He stroked her fully, spreading her wetness across her center and circling her clit a few times. He chuckled at her gasping breaths.

    “Thought you said no more teasing…” she murmured. Remington smirked and she sigh, “This feels an awful lot like teasing.”

    “Is this teasing?” There’s a playful lilt to his voice when he brought his cock up and down through her, getting it wet.

    “Ye-” he cut her off by pushing into her, and Eva’s mouth dropped open in a silent moan, “Fuck!”

    Remington started slowly. His full length disappeared inside of her, stretching her, before he pulled back. It was torturous and definitely teasing, but Eva’s brain couldn’t form words to complain. Finally having him buried in her heat sent her body into overdrive. She was tingling from head to toe. The sheets are growing hot and damp beneath her, rubbing deliciously against her back.

    “Remington” Eva whispered when his hands are wandered her torso, “Please fuck me,”

    “I am fucking you,” Remington smiled, “Is this not enough, my love?”

    Her head rolled to the side when she groaned. The need had been building all day, but the stimulation only brings her so close, “More. Please,”

    He leaned down, tweaking her nipples while kissing up the column of her throat, “But I love seeing you desperate just like I’ve been desperate all day. Been thinkin’ about being inside your sweet pussy since the second I woke up. That only got worse seeing you in those pictures. Knew I had to rip this set off of you myself,”

    “You’re talking to too much,”

    His chest shook as he laughed, but he finally went faster. When he leaned back, his hands gripped the backs of her thighs, fingers splayed and dug into your skin, “I’ll give you faster, baby. Can’t guarantee how long I’ll last though. Pussy feels too good,”

    Mentally, Eva was screaming when he slammed her hips up into his. His tight grip on your thighs gave her nowhere to go. Her body jolted with each snap of his hips against hers, tits bouncing with every thrust. Her panties, pulled to the side, were bound to be ruined at any moment. Eva couldn’t remember the last time she was this wet, this eager. The pleasure soared through her, pussy contracting and squeezing his cock. The little grunts and sighs Remington gave her only fuelled her further. She wanted to cum, but she also want to see how quickly she could have him falling over the edge.

    “Come on, baby,” Eva coaxed breathlessly as her own fingers found her nipples, “Cum for me.”

    “Ladies first,” he grunted between clenched teeth.

    A squeal ripped from her when his thumb rubbed your clit with intent. It was just enough pressure in exactly the right spot that her legs start shaking. Sweat slicked her body and made the bed sheets cling to her skin, but the softness is unlike anything she’d experienced in the heat of an orgasm. Remington’s thrusts pressed against her g-spot with a relentless quickness that built the more she clenched down on him.

    “So close,” she gasped.

    Remington sighed, tossing his sweat-damp curls from his eyes, “Same. Cum with me, gorgeous,”

    Eva nodded, chest heaving as pleasure rolled through her. She pinched desperately at her nipples in an attempt to finally push herself over the edge. The knot uncoiled when Remington closed his eyes and let out a string of curses. Fuzzy waves of warmth, ripples of intense satisfaction tingled from her scalp to her feet. She felt heavy, drifting in and out of bliss as Remington’s cock throbbed inside of her. Eyes closed, she savoured it, her hands falling to the side.

    Remington chuckled, tired and clearly spent from his exertion, “That good? Can’t even hold your hands up?”

    She managed to flip off in his general direction, a wry smile pulling up the corner of her lips, as she willed herself to come back into her body,  “‘m boneless…” She still felt miles away, floaty, “I missed you so much,”

    He lazily draped himself across her, nose nuzzling into her neck. Remington’s spent cock softened inside of her, and the pounding of his heartbeat slowed as he trailed tickling fingers over her thighs and stomach.

    ““I missed you too,”


    It was a little later on in the afternoon, a cool shower and some food under the belt as Remington sat sprawled out on Eva’s couch, reading through her latest work. Though, it wasn’t a poem he was reading, it was her -- quite petty -- response to her neighbour’s complaint letter. And needless to say, Eva wasn’t holding back. 

    She emerged from her kitchenette, wearing nothing but his t-shirt and her hair tied in a little ponytail. As she approached, Remington took the initiative to read her letter aloud, clearing his throat as though addressing a crowd.

    “Dear Candace,

    Thank you for your letter. I sincerely apologize for my radical and inconsiderate behaviour that has upset you so,” he read dramatically, flourishing his hand in the air. Eva simpered and rolled her eyes.

    “I agree with you, these walls are very THIN and I can understand that you have a problem with noise. I however have a problem with your vacuuming your floors at ten o’clock at night despite the fact that you are home all damn day. How do I know this? Because I can hear you gabbing on the phone with -- I assume -- your sister all day long while you both bitch about your other sister with the autistic son. The official term is autistic, by the way; not retarded, as you’ve so lovingly referred to him,” he huffed, mocking aggression.

    Eva came to sit on the opposing side of the couch, her chin resting in her hand as she listened on. Remington meanwhile was getting way too into his performance. 

    “I appreciate your concern during these tough times. As I am new to the neighbourhood I have come to make friends with the ‘super spreaders’ across the street -- who do well to sanitize, wear their masks, and social distance while you bitch to your sister about how wearing a mask for just a few seconds made you feel as though you were suffocating. I’m sure the doctor who spent one full hour operating on my appendix would laugh in your face. THIN WALLS! 

    As for my cat, I do apologize for his behaviour. Although, if you want him to stop clawing at your laundry, perhaps hang them on the other side of your balcony as not to garner his attention, or use the dryer downstairs that we ALL have to pay for as per our strata agreement. I will make sure to keep my doors well locked while out to make sure he doesn’t leave you any more gifts. 

    I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and I hope it finds you well. Now you must excuse me, it’s time to feed my cat and he’s having chicken tonight. Give my regards to your bird.

    Have a good day!


    PS: no police officer will arrest a cat, dog, or any pet as animal paw cuffs have not been invented yet. Besides, they have bigger issues to deal with than a rogue cat -- such as: systematically targeting minorities with police brutality.”

    He threw the letter down in a haste and clapped with great enthusiasm, meanwhile Eva took a small bow. 

    “My girlfriend is petty as fuck and I love it!” he declared.

    Eva giggled bashfully, “Was the PS part a bit too much?” 

    “No! Honey, rub it in her face! Nobody comes for my boy like that,” he replied, “Right Pluto?”

    Pluto was still sleeping against the door, snoring away. Eva shook her head.

    “He missed you lots, I swear,” she said. 

    Remington waved him off, coming to crawl on top of his girl, “Ah, it’s alright. I missed his owner much more,” 

    He kissed her softly, a 180 contrast in his demeanour previous. They melted into each other like sand dunes fall into the rippling ocean, touching each other with a neediness that was more intimate than arousal. Remington still had the lingering scent of the beach, intermingled with sex and his spicy body wash from his shower minutes before. Eva was content to stay there for the rest of the day, no plans to leave and no plans to be without her boyfriend for more than a few minutes. 

    Remington sat back on the couch, pulling Eva to sit in his lap, his hands resting comfortably on her backside. She couldn’t help but rub up against him, smiling as she felt him grow beneath the smooth material of his shorts. His lips parted from hers momentarily, latching onto the smooth expanse of her neck. He inhaled deeply her sweet and familiar body lotion, soft lips ghosting over every pore as he held her tightly to him. 

    It was in this moment that Remington knew that he was utterly and truly fucked. however.

    “So,” Eva breathed out, her azure eyes having slipped shut at the soft sensation, “What did you write in Malibu?” 

    Remington smirked to himself, pulling away regretfully from her skin and locking his gaze with hers -- almost in a challenge.

    “Tsk, tsk, Eva. We’ve talked about this,” he spoke with a feign of diplomacy, though his little simper gave way to his bratty behaviour.

    Eva pouted, “But I share all my work with you, though,” she teased, “You don’t want to show me even one little line?”

    “Hmm... no,” Remington replied willfully, giggling to himself as Eva mocked disappointment, “Good things will come all in good time, beautiful,” 

    Eva huffed dramatically, on the low getting off on that mischievous glint in his eye. She kissed his forehead before standing up and doing a quick stretch.

    “Well, Mr. All-In-Good-Time,” she chuckled, “What would you like for dinner, tonight?”

    “My girlfriend, obviously,” Remington smirked with pride. The young writer rolled her eyes.

    “Well that’s a shame, I was kind of in the mood for sushi tonight,” she said, “And maybe after, we could piss off my neighbour a little bit more?”

    Remington nodded slowly, his stomach suddenly grumbling at the notion of food and another round of sex, “I think you can talk me into that,”

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    When we were leaving the hospital, you didn't even scold me. I knew there was a catch there!

    — Aşk Mantık İntikam, Episode 5

    #aşk mantık intikam #ask mantik intikam #eszan #esra x ozan #ozan x esra #esra erten#ozan korfalı#burcu özberk#ilhan şen#burcu ozberk#ilhan sen#amiedit#turkishedit#turkish series#turkish dizi #aşk mantık i̇ntikam #funniest duo of the summer #this whole argument was just esra imitating ozan every 2 mins lmao
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    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Jenna Coleman picture of the day, in a photoshoot for the 2016 summer TCA interviews, ahead of the release of Victoria series 1.

    #jenna coleman #jenna louise coleman #Victoria #Victoria series 1 #photoshoot#summer tca
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    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    TV Series - Deaf with the Dead - Representation

    As with all of my projects, I like to include some representation and inclusivity in some form or another, due to the lack of representation of minorities and repressed communities in media.

    The main one is that Alyne is deaf. Personally, I cannot find any mainstream media which includes a major disabled character, especially one with hearing difficulties. Deaf people watching TV and media may find it difficult to relate to characters who are abled-hearing, and seeing themselves reflected in a character in an animated show may be empowering for them.

    ‘Nana’ would be half Spanish, providing representation for mixed-race people. The ghost who previously lived in the house would be Muslim, providing representation for those who follow the Islamic faith and are often portrayed badly in media. The ghost who was previously a medium would be a bisexual woman with a wife, providing representation for people who are LGBT.

    There are very few TV series, and animations, that include minorities as every main character, and I would like to go against the ‘norm’ and include lots of representation in this show.

    #tv series #deaf with the dead #summer project 2021
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  • erwilson-uclan
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    TV Series - Deaf with the Dead - Ghost Development

    In my initial idea, Alyne would be accompanied and first approached by three ghosts, who would feature in each episode. The first ghost would be her grandmother, ‘Nana’, as Alyne has had previous experiences with her in her life. It also gives her someone that she knows, which provides familiarity and simple/pre-made attachments in order to get the viewers hooked.

    The second ghost would be the previous owner of the house Alyne currently resides in. This will allow for a ghost who knows the environment and location that a lot of the episodes would take place in, and also provide a plot point if he was hiding something in the house, or if a hidden secret needed to be shown.

    The third and final main ghost would be a medium who has passed away, and tasked themselves with helping Alyne settle into her new role. She would be able to guide Alyne and provide support and assistance when it comes to communicating with ghosts and helping clients.

    Each ghost is connected to Alyne in some way, and while they help her to do her job, she helps them to find peace and communicate with their living loved ones. At the end of the series, each ghost would finally pass on, their jobs being complete.

    #tv series #deaf with the dead #summer project 2021
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    #fiction stories#sharks#ocean terror#vocal writer #vocal summer challenge series #vocal deep dive challenge #vocalwriting#megalodon#us navy
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    #asks#anonymous #breathtaking tho?? #though if i were to take a guess i think ur talking about my painting series which!!! #thank u#again #my goal with those specifcally was to make u feel all those nostalgic childhood summers they never had ;u; #i do have more planned but it just depends on my schedule when i can get to it
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