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  • The sun glows
    it radiates warmth
    spreading light

    yet I feel cold

    I glance up at the sun
    as I wrap my jacket tighter around me
    I hear the laughter of children enjoying the summer

    yet I feel cold

    the wind moves through my hair
    blowing it around me
    like the waves of a toiling ocean

    yet I feel cold

    I blink
    blacking out the sun for a mere moment
    and I know you’re to blame
    for why it may be warm

    yet I feel cold

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  • Gladys Bourdon, La Cinquième image #11, détail, juillet et août 2019.

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    Song of the Year: Lana Del Rey- Ultraviolence: Listen to this song, look up their lyrics, look up its meaning, and take it how it resonates. Some of you may be glorifying a toxic relationship this 2020. Some of you may actually be the main contributer to the toxicity. The other person may be putting up with it or even enjoying it, but know that this cannot last. People get tired eventually. Of you wish to keep this relationship, you may want to change your ways. If it is more of the other person, know that you will have enough eventually. Nothing and no one is worth sacrificing your mental health. The longer you stay, the more damage their will be to heal.

    1 The World- For the period in and around January, you got the World card. You started the year off feeling powerful, Aquarius, and you’re deriving this power from others. In the material world, that is exactly what power comes from. This is showing in at least two different forms of people. The first group is the group that is admiring you- the want your heart or they want to get you into bed. The second group are the haters, filled with jealousy.

    2 Queen of Swords- Some of you are allowing this power to get into your head. Yes, Aquarius, you should definitely appreciate and admire yourself for how excellent you are, but don’t use this to justify hurting anyone else. You may be using materials or something else to fill a hole inside of you caused by heartbreak. Aquarius, confront what is causing this pain head on. You must solve the source. Not doing so is affecting your energy in a not so positive way.

    3 Page of Wands- In or around the period of March, you may have a more humbling experience. If you have been hurting someone without meaning to, you will be able to see this more clearly and want to fix it. For some of you who are parents, especially to a fire archetype child, you will realize something that will bring you closer to your child and make you a better parent or caregiver. Communication will seem clearer during this time.

    4 Death- In or around April, there may be a Scorpio archetype person who comes into your life, whether they are new or just become more relevant this month depends on each unique situation. This person is going to be a facilitator of change for you. For some of you, this could be a Scorpio archetype leaving your life which makes you realize all of the ways you could have treated them better in order to keep them in your life.

    5 8 of Swords- With these realizations that come to you in the first third of the year, there will likely be a lot of pain. You may realize how blind you have been to your own ways. Remember, these readings can resonate visa versa too, so this could be about another person in your life, especially a romantic partner who has not treated you very well. You may have difficulty knowing what to do with the realizations that come to you.

    6 The World- The World card reappears for the period of time in and around the month of June, so you may be able to come back into your power around the middle of the year. This time it will be a new type of power. It will be true power from within and not from the reassurance of others. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying attention and reassurance, but know that you are excellent with or without it.

    7 Herald of Wands- This is this deck’s version of the Page, so in a way, this is the second reoccurence of this card in the reading. I see somewhat of a cycle repeating, so if some of you Aquarians came back into the wrong form of power, the period of time in and around July will remind you again to humble yourself and find what your true power really is. If you’re an Aquarius with fire placements, especially Sagittarius, try to connect more with those parts of you.

    8 The Wheel of Fortune- August time will bring a significant and sudden change in some aspect of your life. For those of you who have worked hard on self-improvement and becoming a better person for the first seven months of the year, you will see your luck turn around and your good actions pay off this month. Whatever it is that you are wanting to attract into your life, the universe has been ready to give to you, as soon as you’re ready to receive it.

    9 Page of Wands- This is the first time that one card has appeared three times in a reading, so this energy is particularly strong for you this year. This could represent a person in your life who has a need to teach you a lesson on a spiritual level. I’m seeing that, as mentioned earlier, this is your child for those of you who have children in your care or custody, especially if the child is a fire archetype, particularly Sagittarius.

    10 The Sun- For the period of time in and around October, you will be able to fully appreciate all of the good that has come into your life. If you are a parent, have some fun with your children this month! Perhaps take a vacation or quick trip, maybe to somewhere warm, with them. See the world the way that your child does or children do. I’m getting a lot of energy surrounding a parent connecting with their child this month. This could represent you connecting with one of your parents too if this is resonating that way.

    11 Ace of Swords- November will bring you more into your element. Your Aquarius talents will come out and you’ll connect more deeply with your authentic self. You’ll have a lot of “aha” moments around this period, and you may get clarity on certain past situations that have seemed unclear throughout this year. An idea may come to you about how to self-improve, or you may realize something about a person who just wanted the best for you.

    12 Knight of Cups- After this year of self-improvement, you will have more love in your heart to spread around to others. For some of you, this may mean winning back an ex by becoming the person they always believed you could be. For others of you, an ex will come back in December having changed into a better person, wanting you back. Some of you may have cleaned up your act enough to win custody of your kids.

    13 Hestia- Throughout this year, the energy of Hestia will be with you and guiding you. She is described as the Goddess of Sanctuary. She affirms that, “no matter where I am, I am home. The most sacred sanctuary is found within me.” Work on building yourself into a safe environment for your own growth as well as the growth of those closest to you. For those of you interested, she advises you to meditate on the question, “am I a safe place to be?”

    14 Lu- The keyword of this card is movement. If you have been ruminating on the past, it’s time to start looking forward. You can’t move forward properly if you’re not facing the right direction. Even if you are waiting for someone from the past to return, they won’t return to you in the past, they will return in the future, so look forward. This card enriches your peace and happiness, which is what you are set to be moving towards. A happy and peaceful person brings the same thing into the lives of others. Its season is winter, so this winter may hold the most important highlights of this year for you. Its direction is northeast, so consider traveling somewhere northeast of you this year.

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  • “Milky Way over Yellowstone ” Is the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day of today, January 29, 2020

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  • The sun touched me, but it was never the same.

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  • heyyos! i need more witchy blogs to follow! im a cosmic witch but i love tarot, astrology, essential oils, crystals, and p much anything inbetween! idc what kinda witch you are tho, i love learning about everythinggg!

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  • I enjoyed the sun of this winter day. And the ability to walk to different places. And eat good food.

    This is a great suburb

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  • Leo

    “Do me a favour; fall in love with me.”

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  • Love like the color yellow loves the sun.

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  • When you’re told not to be too extra 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ #photooftheday #picoftheday #me #repost #girl #friends #love #fun #happy #fashion #style #fitness #smile #photo #sun #sunset #life #lifestyle #cool #beauty #instagood #instagram #bestoftheday #instapic #instadaily #igers #pretty #motivation #luxury #instalike

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