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    20.01.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    hi guys! im starting up a new blog for txt and enhypen! this is mainly a sub idol blog but i don't really mind if you guys send other stuff! so with that being said pls send asks 🧎🏾‍♀️🧎🏾‍♀️

    #txt soobin smut #txt yeonjun smut #sub! txt smut #sub txt smut #txt smut #txt kai smut #huening kai smut #kang taehyun smut #sub kai smut #choi beomgyu smut #choi soobin smut #choi yeonjun smut #sub! enhypen smut #enhypen sunghoon smut #sub enhypen smut #enha smut#enhypen smut #sub enha smut #sub jay smut #enha jake smut #enhypen jake smut #enha jay smut #enhypen jay smut #sub! enha smut #sub heeseung smut #enha heeseung smut #enhypen heeseung smut #sub yeonjun smut #sub beomgyu smut #txt beomgyu smut
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    lee heeseung

    none yet

    park jongseong

    none yet

    sim jaeyun

    none yet

    park sunghoon

    none yet
    #enhypen smut#enha smut #sub enhypen smut #sub! enhypen smut #sub enha smut #sub! enha smut #enhypen heeseung smut #enha heeseung smut #enhypen jay smut #enha jay smut #enhypen jake smut #enha jake smut #enhypen sunghoon smut #enha sunghoon smut #sub heeseung smut #sub jay smut #sub jake smut #sub sunghoon smut
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    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #enhypen hard hours #sunghoon smut
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  • enhasubs
    20.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    2. I wear heels bigger than your d*ck…


    “PARK SUNGHOON! OPEN THE DOOR RIGHT NOW!” you yelled, pounding furiously on the door of enhypens dorm while sunghoon hid in jake and jays bedroom.

    “y/n! long time no see!” jungwon opened the door to greet you to get a raised eyebrow in response from you. “he’s in jake and jays room, probably hiding specifically in jake hyungs bed.”

    You smiled at jungwon as a thank you for exposing sunghoons hiding place. “sunghoon! its just me, y/n! your really good friend who just wants to talk!” you called out as you walked down the hall before stopping in front of the door that led into jake and jays bedroom.

    “i’m coming in! don’t be naked!” you warned before opening the door.

    “don’t come in y/n my huge dick is out!” sunghoon yelled to try and stop you from coming in and killing him.

    “sunghoon, i wear heels bigger than your dick,” you rolled your eyes as you entered the room. jake and jay sat on jays bed unbothered because this was a regular occurrence. sunghoon being an idiot and you coming over to yell at him in person. it was never serious though, it was always a joke and you’d end up hanging out together afterwards.

    “why is there a lump in jakes bed?” you asked sarcastically as you began walking over to it.

    “i don’t see a lump,” jake chimed in, smirking because he knew what you were gonna do.

    “so nobody minds if i sit here?” the two boys shook their heads before you jumped onto the bed, earning a groan from sunghoon.

    “how can you be so small, yet so heavy?” sunghoon said from under the blanket.

    “you watch your mouth before i do it again,” you warned him.

    “okay mom,” he responded sarcastically, rolling his eyes as he took the blanket off and repositioned you on top of him so it was more comfortable.

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    synopsis: you became an idol after going on i-land 2 and debuted in a group called “cozmo”. your group gained a lot of popularity and success quickly like enhypen did so the company decided it would make them even more money if the two groups became close and started working on projects together.

    (taglist): @enhacolor @artgukk @wntrsgf

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  • jeontaeil
    19.01.2022 - 22 hours ago
    #enhypen hard hours #sunghoon smut#jake smut
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  • jeontaeil
    19.01.2022 - 22 hours ago
    #enhypen hard hours #sunghoon smut #i'd been thinking about this all day #i was just waiting to get home so i could type it up lol
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  • inluvwchanshands
    19.01.2022 - 23 hours ago


    you were so needy lately. you needed sunghoon so bad . but he’s been busy , and if you weren’t the perfect girlfriend ever you would’ve been brought up your little problem too him, and it wasn’t like this was a new fresh relationship and your communication skills are just developing, it’s just sunghoon was almost always the one to initiate sex and or doing something when he’s horny , and it just so happens to be that you were horny or in need at that moment too, but now. now he’s busy with work and you don’t know what to do . you finally came to the conclusion of you needed to talk too him, except for, you guys didn’t have any time to be alone , both of your schedules were packed and when they weren’t you both were exhausted and making up loss time for sleep. so you figured the only way you’d be able to bring this issue up too him was doing it soon.

    you and sunghoon were on your way to a business dinner you being his plus one when you brought up your situation. “hoonie..?” “yes darling?” sunghoon replied as his hand rested on your thigh the other one on the steering wheel. “i’ve been needing too tell you something , it’s been bothering me lately and i don’t think i can keep dealing with it myself “ you spoke out as you sighed finally getting that off your shoulders . “what is it my love ?” the man questioned as he quickly looked at you then back at the road. “ i’ve been super ..” you paused you didn’t know how to word it , but you didn’t need too. sunghoons hand caressed your thigh softly as he spoke “ it’s all right take your time “ as he did this you let out a soft whimper , you needed him so bad . “sunghoon, i need you so bad.” you whispered . it was then when you felt the car immediately pulling in an abandoned alley . “well why didn’t you say anything ?.” sunghoon asked as he parked the car unbuckling his seat belt . “you’ve been so busy lately “ you said playing with his collar “i just didn’t wanna intrude or distract “ he sighed and un buckled his pants . causing waterfalls immediately. “ your not a distraction nor intruding , being in a relationship should be 50 50, it’s all ok. you just need dick with no complications.”

    as soon as those words came out his mouth his lips were on yours. hands touching every where , finally reaching we’re you needed him the most. “fuck sunghoon , no for play i’ve waited too long .. just fuck me.” “your wish is my command.” sunghoon said as he reached over too pull the lever of your seat making you lay all the way back. he didn’t waste any time in slipping off your dress and the rest of his cloths . “ we don’t have a condom..” sunghoon spoke halting his movements. you were beyond annoyed you just wanted him too give you a good dick down and he was stalling . “sunghoon.” you spoke “fuck me raw.” you said as you looked the man right in the eyes . “oh fuck..” he whispered amazed at how much you needed him . finally he slipped his long girth into your tight hole not giving you any time to adjust . “holy fucking shit .” the man moaned out of breathe as he moved in and out of your hole “ohh..oh shit.” you moaned out . it felt too good you felt like you were about too explode, he was fucking you so good and you loved every moment of it, you loved how you could feel every twitch, every vein in the man’s cock, all you could think about or say was sunghoon. “please , please oh fuck right there oh my god!” you screamed , you were sure you scared all the little creatures away by now. “fuck i’m gonna come” the man groaned as he buried his head into the crook of your shoulder . “come with me .” you whispered in his ear as you kissed the side of his neck. he was done for he couldn’t hold on any longer , the man reached down slowly stroking your clit as he sped up the pace , not caring about anything but your releases. “yes sunghoon right there !” you screamed once again . “fuck say it again.” he moaned out . this was the most verbal the man has ever been during sex , it was so clear you both needed this . “mmmm sunghoon i’m coming..” you whined . “shit shit shit.” the boy groaned out loudly , head thrown back . as he stilled inside your hole filling you up.

    “ we’re not going too that fucking dinner tonight .”

    I SUCK AT SMUT OMG… guys this was rlly rushed :((. but sunghoon been on my mind hella recently so have this 🤞🏾😆!

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    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago
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    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #miasks ! anons #enhypen hard hours #jay smut#jake smut#heeseung smut#sunghoon
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  • jaylaxies
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    PAIRING : dom!sunghoon x afab!reader x dom!hyunjin
    GENRE : smut, oral (m and f receiving), threesome, degradation, double penetration, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex (use condoms y'all), usage of nicknames, cursing, fwb relationship, kinda(?) possessive hyunjin and sunghoon.
    WC : 2k words
    WARNING : 18+ content, minors dni.
    A/N : hihi! i wanted to write a hyunjin sunghoon threesome fic from a long time so here it is! i hope y'all enjoy it. all likes, comments, reblogs and feedback is highly appreciated :3 iloveyou all <3

    “was that y/n who just left?” sunghoon asked, eyes big and curious yet trying to act nonchalant about it.

    hyunjin looked up at him, water droplets racing down his chiseled torso with only a towel wrapped around his slender waist. he had just come out of the shower.

    “oh, yeah. you know her?” he asked, looking at him with a raised brow.

    sunghoon did. a little too well in some areas. he wasn't sure what business you had with hyunjin but he was sure to find it out one way or the other.

    “i do. what was she here for?”

    hyunjin finally got dressed in his sweats, looking up at him, “how? she's usually shy and reserved.” he pointed out as if he knew her the best, completely ignoring his question.

    sunghoon scoffed, “that's exactly why i'm confused—what was she doing here with you?” his interrogated. this time, possessiveness on display.

    “why do you care? are you like dating her or something?” hyunjin laughed but was curious nevertheless.

    “we're fucking.” he deadpanned and hyunjin froze.

    “what?” his voice came out high pitched. “but we've been fucking too.” he told him, muttering curses under his breath.

    “who knew the quiet kid was this freaky.” sunghoon bit his lip, smirking but also feeling unsettled, he wanted all of you to himself.

    “but why would she fuck you when she's got me to do so?” he wondered. “maybe cause i fuck her better than you, hoon.” now it was his turn to smirk, mentally recalling how you moaned his name not even an hour back.

    “are you guys exclusive?” sunghoon asked, ignoring his stupid remark, his fist clenched.

    “not really but i'd like to have her to myself.” he stated, eyes serious.

    “no one asked.” sunghoon shut him up and hyunjin glared at him.

    they collectively sighed, trying not to get mad at each other, plopping down on the couch. the two players were being played all this time, innocently at that.

    hyunjin broke the silence after a few minutes. “when are you meeting her again?”

    “probably tomorrow, why?” he asked, harsher than intended. but hyunjin ignored that.

    “i've got an idea.” he grinned evilly.

    you were simply scrolling down your instagram feed as the apartment bell rang, indicating that sunghoon, your fuck for the day, was here.

    you opened the door to see him leaning against the doorside, looking attractive as ever. his hair parted to the side, making him look even more charming than he usually does.

    “sunghoon, hi—” you gasped as he picked you up wordlessly, attaching his soft lips to your neck, kissing it messily. your arms going around his neck as a reflex, resting your hand on his nape to guide him better. your eyes shut down as your head tilted back on its own accord to give him more access.

    he kissed the exact same spot which made you weak in knees. in this one month of your friends with benefits setting, sunghoon had memorised you wholly—all spots which made you crazy, each touch which sent a shiver down your spine and even the pace at which you enjoyed sex the most.

    he didn't feel the need to fuck other girls, not when you were available for him as he wished and vice versa. the fact that everyone else knew you just as the quiet student made it even better for him, he wanted this side of you to him. it made you insatiable to him, until he realised that hyunjin has been having his own rendezvous with you.

    just the mere thought of it made him burn with jealousy. he carried you all the way to your bedroom, throwing you on the bed and climbing up, hunger evident in his sharp eyes.

    “sunghoon, are you okay?” you were concerned as he was hastier than usual, his movements still sharp as he went on to suck on your neck, harsh enough to leave a mark. again, something which he had never done before.

    your breathing sped up, lips parted to let out sounds that would make your neighbours complain later on. he ignored your question, his hands massaging your breasts through the flimsy material of your tank top. you finally moaned his name, making him smirk and glide his hand down inside your shorts.

    he scoffed, “no panties? such a whore for me.”

    the insult adding on to your arousal. “

    “you don't need these either.” he announced, getting up and taking your shorts off in a swift motion.

    “fuck, hmm.” you hummed, feeling his cold hands spread your legs, the air hitting your dripping core making you close them on impulse but his strong hands prevented you from doing so, veins now on display with tight hole he had on your thighs.

    “be a good girl and spread your legs” he ordered.

    you knew better than to disobey him, so you did what he asked for. he switched his positions, sitting as so your back was pressed against his well built torso. he had removed his t-shirt, making you feel his warmth.

    you were a puddle in his hold, his one arm wrapped around your waist while the other rubbed your clit harshly. you whimpered, the stimulation already too high for you.

    “that's my slut.” he whispered, biting your ear gently.

    your eyes shut down, head leaning on his shoulder with your arched back. his hands never stopped.

    “now this is a sight to see.” you snapped open your eyes seeing hyunjin standing in your bedroom, he walked closer, throwing his shirt away and getting on the bed with a smirk.

    “hyunjin, ah—” you screamed as sunghoon pinched your hardened nipple. “what's your colour, slut?” he asked.

    “fuck. g—green.” you managed to let out as hyunjin got between your legs.

    “hoon got you this wet? now let's make you cum, princess.” he wasted no time in licking your wetness and sucking on your pussy, the pace almost agonising, just like he always does it.

    that's the difference between sunghoon and hyunjin. the first one being impatient, wanted to consume you as a whole in a go while hyunjin loves to take his sweet time with you. the similarity? they won't let you close your eyes but, instead would stare at you while doing each activity with a gaze so intense it could make you cum right then.

    sunghoon put you in a chokehold to prevent you moving around, “you like it, little fuckdoll?” he growled near your ear, his voice deeper than the usual.

    you tried to answer but only got a choked moan in reply, making hyunjin smirk against your folds. his tongue worked wonders as your gazed down at him with half lidded eyes. he maintained the contact, lapping your pussy like a starved man. 

    his fingers dug into your thighs as he sped up his pace, the pleasure doubled up as sunghoon continued to mutter filthy words in your ear. every touch, every movement eliciting a moan from your mouth.

    you grab a fistful of his hair, pulling him closer to where you needed him the most, the tip of his nose brushing your swollen clit sending a wave of shiver down your spine. you felt dizzy, almost reaching your orgasm.

    “oh my—faster.” you cried out making sunghoon slap your tits. “heard the whore, hyunjin?” he smirked and that's when hyunjin went harsher on you while sunghoon left wet kisses on your neck. it finally hit you—walls clenching, legs shaking and a loud moan resonating the room. you came all over hyunjin's mouth.

    “so needy.” he scoffed, looking at your flushed face. his two fingers collected your mess, bringing it closer to your mouth and you immediately sucked on them. “that's a good girl.” he praised while sunghoon got up and fully undressed himself.

    hyunjin doing the same as you kept your eyes fixated on them. two men, perfect in all ways, stood in your bedroom—ready to fuck you.

    your breathing was uneven, hyunjin came up and discarded your flimsy tank top as well. “on your fours.” he ordered.

    “colour?” sunghoon asked, getting at the back, rubbing his cock on your wet folds. your ass up, looking perfect to be filled up his hand marks. hyunjin on the other side, came closer to your mouth, his hardened dick touched your lips as they waited for your reply.

    “green.” you confirmed, still not knowing how they both knew each other or when they even made plan to do this. your mind stopped working as sunghoon pushed himself inside you, his cock filling you up. hyunjin mentally captured your expression, how blissful you looked while taking hoon in.

    “put your mouth to good use, hmm?” you nodded and hyunjin yanked your head up, tugging on your locks to handle the pace by himself. you gagged around his length.

    sunghoon decided to move, rutting his hips on yours, slapping your ass, painting it a pretty shade of red as the sound resonated your bedroom. you cried, being in a threesome was on your bucket list but the reality was tons better than your imagination.

    “y/n. fuck—you're such a perfect whore.” hyunjin moaned, seeing tears running down your eyes, face innocent yet begging for more.

    you clenched around sunghoon, yet another orgasm building up as he hit your g-spot with all his power. his thrusts well angled, making you moan around hyunjin, sending a pleasurable shiver down his cock.

    sunghoon rubbed your clit, the other hand occasionally slapping your already red ass. just when you were about to cum, they both pulled out looking at you with a smirk.

    hyunjin caressed your cheek, seeing how you stared at them with an expression of betrayal for not letting you cum.

    “you can take us both in together, right?” hyunjin stated rather than asking.

    “of course she can, she's our fuckdoll anyways.” sunghoon added and you nodded, head clouded with the need to get a release. they both nodded as a signal.

    sunghoon got under you. capturing your lips in a messy kiss as he lined up his cock on your folds. hyunjin got at the back, kneading your ass as he lined up as well. he slapped your ass once and both of them entered your hole, together. 

    you moaned into his mouth, tears freely flowing out of your eyes by now, the stretch being too much for you. so they started of slow, the tightness of your pussy, the feeling of hyunjin's dick over sunghoon's, everything felt overwhelmingly right.

    they both picked up pace as you got comfortable in that position. both wanting you fuck you harder than the other and you freely moaned their names, not sure what came out of your mouth anymore.

    you clenched around them as they got off to each others dicks sliding in together, the movement being pleasurable.

    “gonna fuck you so good.” hyunjin groaned, pushing himself fully into you. all three of you close.

    “so fucking pretty when you're stuffed with our cocks.” sunghoon added on, “pretty little fuckdoll will let us fill her with cum, right?”

    “y—yes, please fill me up!” you cried, already cumming on their dicks and the sight was heavenly to see, they snapped too.

    they cursed, filling you up with their cum and pulling out later. you collapsed on sunghoon's chest, breathing hard and eyes closed, coming down from your state of euphoria.

    “you alright, baby?” sunghoon asked. you weakly nodded. hyunjin came and laid down next to you, both the boys holding you close as you relaxed in their embrace.

    “how do you two know each other—no what are you doing here together?” you asked once you gained enough air to speak.

    they smirked, “sunghoon saw you leave the apartment that day and asked about you.”

    “so you fuck me?”

    “i didn't see you complaining a few minutes back.” sunghoon laughed. “i remember you mentioning about your wish to have a threesome someday, wish granted, my lady.”

    you huffed, a blush spreading your cheeks. they both softly massaged your body.

    “i'm glad it's just us you have been fucking.” hyunjin said.

    “uh—” you said and their eyes widened.

    “who else?” they asked in sync, almost possessive.

    “lee jeno.”

    PERMANENT TAGLIST : @en-cityzen @softforqiankun @ye0njunzp1xie @eunoia-kth @lix-freckle3 @woniebae @baekhyunstruly @heenotes @sungniverse @heeyunkist @starryjake @wntrsgf @heelariously @liliansun @hoonstrology @abdiitcryy @w3bqrl @9900z @so-jays @cha-raena @faethefairy @seo-thicc-bin @lilacboba @fallinforgyu @irockgyu @jayegalaxy @violevantae @ivyvesisi @neonheeseung @sunshine-skz @nicksszzz @candidupped @02zjs @enhydiaries @woniecf @ultenha @kyleeanne @keixeds @j5aker @donghoonie-3

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    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    c⭑zmo masterlist

    genre: smau, humor, crack, angst, lil bit suggestive/smut at times
    pairing: enhypen hyung line x fem reader / idol! enhypen x idol! reader
    featuring: enhypen and the readers girl group called “cozmo”
    warnings: dark humor, some suggestiveness and smut (but not much because this story involves the maknae line sometimes), the hyungs desperately pining after y/n
    synopsis: you became an idol after going on i-land 2 and debuted in a group called “cozmo”. your group gained a lot of popularity and success quickly like enhypen did so the company decided it would make them even more money if the two groups became close and started working on projects together.

    18+ (minors dni)

    note: in this story the reader is the same age as sunoo (03)

    - teaser

    cozmos members:

    - yunseo

    - erin

    - daeun

    - yoojoo


    sucking is the only thing she’s good at

    i wear heels bigger than your d*ck

    i think sunghoons boner traumatized her

    ramen night

    the forbidden c word

    mom and dad

    wine night

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    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Enhasubs Masterlist

    (hyung line only!) nsfw: 18+ (minors dni)


    - good girl




    - good girl




    - cozmo en- hyung line x reader

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    #enhypen hard hours #sunghoon smut
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  • enhydiaries
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    The Adventures Of Housekeeping teaser!


    Pairing:Employer!Dilf!Heeseung x Employe!Fem Reader


    Warnings: Oral(m and f receiving),Pet Names,Age Gap,Swearing

    Word Count:


    Working in the Lee Residence was hard, especially if your Employer Mr Lee Heeseung was hot af.But his wife was the type to boss you around even if you were on your break,you still remember the time you came upstairs to put Mr and Mrs Lee’s clothes in their room but instead you heard moaning and low grunts coming from the room and the other time you were babysitting the kids in their room and you heard the slow rocking of the bed against the wall, you told the kids to go to bed meanwhile you were in your room masturbating to Mr and Mrs Lee having sex (mind that you live there and have a room next to Heeseungs)


    Mr Lee has been coming from work earlier now to spend time with the kids.While his unemployed wife goes shopping,i'm here with my boss/crush of 7 years in his bedroom while hes watching tv and I'm in the rooms to clean. I could feel Mr Lee's eyes looking down on my body as clean the dust on the drawers with the duster thingy(sorry idk what its called) you could see Mr Lee in the corner of your eye looking down your skirt and you purposely bent down abit more so that your ass was right in view for him, you glanced at Mr Lee from the corner of your eye and saw him biting his lip.Suddenly you heard the door open and saw Mrs Lee enter the room and had said “ hee~ baby lets have some fun “ as she said that you glanced at her and she still was too busy to even notice you, out of nowhere she shouted to you “ yah get out or before you break anything”

    taglist: @jaylaxies @heeyunkist @[email protected]


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    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    my robotic love; Jake Pt.2

    ╰► ❝Situation: Seeking to understand how it was possible for the android to develop feelings for you, your family and Jake's creators allow them to start a love relationship. Even so, be sure of one thing: not everything will be as easy as it seems.❞

    When you found out about your parents' plans to create a prototype that could make tasks easier for humans, you literally didn't care, you didn't see it good or bad, what you never imagined was that you would end up completely in love with that boy, or android , if we speak in exact terms.

    But now, after months of being by his side, here they were, on their way to the Advanced Technology Center where Jake would be checked out.

    You had never clung to something as much as his arm at that time, you didn't want to let go, you weren't going to let go.

    You looked at him, he was sitting quietly next to you, looking forward with curiosity, where your parents were. Your father was the one driving, while your mother looked out the window with concern written on her face.

    You let out a tired sigh, causing the boy next to you to turn to you. When your eyes met his you smiled, intertwining your fingers with his. Jake smiled back at you, looking at their joined hands.

    Yeah, you definitely weren't going to let it go that easy.

    Once in the building where they had literally created the boy who stole your heart, they dedicated themselves to following your parents through the corridors. It was surprising to see the number of people waiting for them inside, all looking at you suspiciously. By now they probably thought it was you who was to blame for his prized prototype being "damaged".

    "We need to check it out, please step aside, miss" asked a tall guy in a white coat. Automatically you became defensive, gripping Jake's hand tighter.

    "No," you replied, frowning. The deal was that I would let him come if they promised not to separate us.

    And the latter was true. Your parents had accepted your proposal because they knew that otherwise you would never let them touch the boy, never let them search him if you weren't there to make sure they didn't do anything wrong.

    "You have to stay here, you can't go in," another girl spoke with a sharply friendly voice, approaching you.

    You turned to your parents, asking them for help with your eyes, to which they looked away. Your mother reciting aloud:

    -Call security, please. I need you to get her out of here.

    You recoiled disappointed, your heart aching, but you knew this would happen, something inside you told you so. It was obvious that your parents would never give in to your terms so easily. They would never let you get away with it.

    But neither do you.

    "Jake" you called quickly as soon as you saw the security approaching you, to which the latter nodded, putting you behind him without letting go of your hand. Instantly the guards stopped, looking at them doubtfully.

    "I don't want to hurt anyone, really, but I won't let them touch her," the android spoke calmly. Let's do this in a peaceful way, please, he begged.

    For a few seconds nobody said anything, the whole room was filled with silence, and you even thought that they were considering their words, because if we see it from a different perspective the beautiful boy in front of you was very, very strong, you were sure that he could easily stop the security men if he tried.

    But that didn't matter to them.

    "Get her out," your father ordered.

    Jake frowned, watching the guys approach the two with threatening steps. In a few seconds you felt how he was put on the defensive.

    And so...

    -High! Stop! I don't want them to touch it! A male voice yelled loudly, while footsteps could be heard in the distance.

    You quickly turned towards the sound. He was an older man with brown hair, wearing a white coat with the company logo on it, as he walked towards you with quick steps, stopping slowly to look at you with a fascination that made you feel a little uncomfortable.

    "I couldn't believe it when they told me but…" he spoke, pausing, approaching a few more inches cautiously. Here they are-, the tone of voice with which she said it made you frown. She felt as if they were something impossible, or maybe they were. My dear android experienced new emotions… -His eyes drifted to you, to which Jake quickly covered you with his body in a sign of protection. A smile settled on the man's wrinkled face. For a human.

    "I need my daughter to get out of here, Mr. Lee, now," your mother intervened, drawing the guy's attention.

    "Do you really think Jake will let them get close to his daughter?" she asked incredulously, raising an eyebrow. See how she holds her hand! Notice how he hides her behind him! her -she shouted pointing at them, causing everyone to turn to see them-. He's protecting her from her because she loves her,” he added, his eyes narrowing with interest.

    "That's impossible," denied your father.

    -Seriously? the man asked again. See for yourself -unable to help it you looked at your father, noticing the rudeness with which he watched them-. And for obvious reasons something tells me that his daughter loves him too, doesn't it, miss? -he questioned looking at you, to which you held his gaze, attending with security-. Perfect, in that case, this way please.

    You looked at Jake, the two of you silently conversing about whether or not it was a good idea to do this, nodding at the end, tightening your grip on his hands.

    "I won't let them touch you," he whispered with a smile, to which you smiled back.

    Believe me, neither do I, that's for sure.

    Keeping calm, you began to walk, following Mr. Lee in front of you while the others positioned themselves behind.

    Have you ever had the feeling that you are a little mouse surrounded by cats? That feeling that makes you feel small and insecure. Well, that's exactly how you felt at that moment, so you were grateful to have Jake by your side, otherwise you probably wouldn't have had the courage to do what you were doing.

    "If it's not too much trouble, I need to check your system, Jake," the older man commented, looking at the aforementioned, to which you tilted your head in fear -. You don't have to separate if that's what worries you -he continued when he saw their faces-. Miss __ can stay by your side if you need - they quickly assisted.

    Without letting go of your hands, you let Jake sit near the huge screens, while the other engineers placed small cables on his neck and left hand. Instantly the screens turned on, starting to record a bunch of computer codes that were impossible for you to understand.

    Without lying, it felt strange to see all this, it was the first time you witnessed something like this, because you had never been fully involved in your parents' project before, until now.

    "In order to review the latest records created by your program, I must turn you off for a couple of minutes," he explained, approaching you. You looked at him suspiciously, but you knew he was right.

    "Okay," Jake replied, nodding calmly.

    You didn't say anything, but a feeling of nervousness and fear washed over you. If they turned the boy off, other people might take the opportunity to get away from him, and that scared you, no, even worse, terrified you. What if they did something bad to him...?

    "Come here," Jake spoke with a small smile, gently pulling you towards him.

    A little confused you let him sit you on his lap, watching as he passed his arms around your waist to end up placing his hands on your belly, at the same time that he rested his chin on your shoulder, looking at you with an adoration that melted you.

    -I don't want you to be separated from me, even if I'm turned off.

    You smile tenderly, nodding slowly. She had read your mind in that case. Feeling safe you caressed his hands with your fingers, while Jake pressed his head to yours affectionately, disheveled.

    If only they hadn't both been so immersed in their adorable bubble, because maybe then they would have been able to notice the older man who watched them silently, with curiosity and fascination dancing in his eyes.

    -Ready? -he questioned this once he approached you. They both nodded, the android pressing closer to him.

    And then you only heard some small buttons making a strange sound, lighting a light in striking red in the middle of the giant machine full of cables, and shortly after you noticed how Jake's eyes closed slowly, remaining motionless.

    Now if he was off. It was obvious.

    For a few minutes you just watched the other engineers go around the room, typing things on their tablets with nimble fingers, moving documents on the touch screens, discussing important issues with each other as you watched the recording videos memory made. of Jake day by day.

    You absentmindedly watched the small video sequences, noticing how you were in most of the shots: the day he arrived at your house, when they ran through the garden, the meetings with the investors, their walks through the shopping centers...

    And then the screens went gray, the word error highlighted in large letters. Automatically you became alarmed, holding your breath.

    "We have a problem," one of the workers spoke, frowning. Mr. Lee and your parents quickly approached him.

    -What happen? your mother asked.

    -There is a missing video fragment -she began to explain, looking closely at the tablet in her hands-, it's as if it was blocked, or deleted. There is no record or recording of the twenty-fifth day of March from two seven to two nineteen. It is as if those twelve minutes had vanished.

    Without being able to help it, you gasped in surprise, while your cheeks turned pink with embarrassment. It had to be a joke, seriously. Not that date, not that moment.

    All the people present turned towards you when they heard you, looking at you curiously.

    -You know what happened, don't you miss ___? the older man questioned, walking in your direction as he narrowed his eyes at you. You know what happened at that time, right? -You didn't say anything, you just stared at him, completely ignoring his words, to which he smiled amused-. Turn Jake on, please,” he called out to his team, walking away.

    Hearing the same buttons as before, and seeing the light from the machine turn bright green, you felt the boy move behind you, opening his eyes.

    You wanted to smile at him but the situation at that moment did not lend itself to that. You knew what they would ask him, just as you knew that if he didn't answer things would get worse. Sighing, you turned to Mr. Lee.

    -That day we were in my room playing video games, and without realizing it we got closer, causing us to give each other a short kiss -the way the older man raised an eyebrow with interest, plus the cold look of your parents made you feel a bit shy -. It was an accident, but I asked Jake not to say anything, I made him promise me that it would be a secret between the two of us.

    "And then he obeyed you..." Mr. Lee whispered, with a small smile. Which is surprising since if I remember correctly I never gave you the ability to delete your own recordings, Jake, but you did. The question here is, how?

    You glanced over your shoulder, noticing the boy behind you. He looked at you, fixing his eyes on yours, and as illogical as it sounds, you understood the question he was asking you in silence, without words, to which you nodded with a small smile.

    "I…" Jake began, frowning slightly. I don't know, just not that I wanted you guys to know, I didn't want to break my promise to ___, so I just did. I distorted that moment until I got an error every time I searched for it. That was it.

    "I understand," replied Mr. Lee. It seems that every glitch or new feature autocreated by your system is always due to Miss ___, always has something to do with her - you're aware that this was a problem, but you couldn't help but be slightly happy inside -. Like the hologram that your video system produced to see her, the audio of her voice that you used to play to listen to her, and the habit of going to her room even when she wasn't even in the house... -swallowing hard you saw the man The older man was staring at Jake, ready to launch his last question. Because? Why did you do this if at no time was an order or function established for you to do it? Even though you knew it was wrong, even though we all knew this was impossible.

    I would be lying if I didn't tell you that even you were waiting for his answer, because deep down you were asking yourself the same thing: why did he do that for you? Why did he start behaving like this? What's more, because if he wanted he fell in love with you? He was perfect, no doubt, but you... Well, you were a far from perfect human. Like everyone.

    But for Jake it wasn't like that.

    "Because I love her, and she missed her," he answered.

    You almost died at his words, at the same time that your heart beat excitedly.

    Mr. Lee smirked, looking at his team.

    "Now you can remove the cables," he ordered, walking away with your parents, who gave you one last look before leaving.

    And while you stood up to let the engineers disconnect Jake, the three adults stood in a corner of the room trying not to be heard by anyone, specifically you.

    "This is a serious mistake and he knows it," your mother began to claim, her voice full of anger. I don't want that thing anywhere near my daughter.

    -Why not? the older man asked quietly. You and I created Jake, we all know that he is incapable of hurting anyone, much less Miss ___.

    "You can't assure me of that," contradicted your furious father.

    "Oh, of course I do," he answered with a smile. See them both -reluctantly they heeded him, the three of them fixing their eyes on you and the android-. Notice how Jake looks at her daughter, the smile she gives him every time her eyes meet. They love each other, as impossible as that sounds, it is.

    And it was true. As soon as Jake no longer had any cables on him he approached you, taking your hand and later caressing your cheek with the other, earning a huge smile from you.

    "This could be a great advance for humanity, an android that feels emotions," he blurted out, proud and fascinated. The best thing is to let them be together and see how this goes. We'll be doing some tests in a few days so make sure you bring both of you. Investors will definitely want to see this.

    I wonder if that last one was a good idea.

    Just a couple of hours later and once they arrived at your house, you ordered the employees to clean the room on the second floor, the one that had a larger bed, to later take the most essential things from your room and take them there.

    Then you went to what was Jake's room to ask him to take some of her clothes and bring them up to the new room as well.

    Why did you do this? Easy, you didn't trust your parents now. You could tell from miles away that they didn't agree with your decisions, but they still didn't say anything. They were aware that a lot of money was at stake if they did not do what Mr. Lee ordered.

    And it wasn't until dinnertime that they told you about the new plans for both of them: appointments and appointments to the company to investigate in depth Jake's new functions and his recent relationship. All you did was nod to go up to his new room with the android in your hand.

    You lay back on the bed, sighing tiredly as you closed your eyes, feeling the place next to you sink under Jake's weight.

    -Can I ask you something? -he questioned, to which you nodded even without seeing it-. I've been going over everything that happened today, the way Mr. Lee and your parents talked about us, they used the word "relationship," and according to my research human relationships are physical or emotional bonds that are generated between two or more people.” You smiled, thinking how hilariously clever all of this had sounded. I know there are several types of relationship: friendly, family, professional, and love, but I'm not one hundred percent sure what ours is, so... -he paused a little, choosing his words-. Could you explain that to me? Please...?

    You slowly straightened up, feeling your poor heart melt with tenderness. Jake was too cute for you. Giving him a smile, you nodded, intertwining your fingers with his while you looked at him with affection.

    "Just like you said there are many types of relationships," you began, getting Jake's attention. The family is when there is a blood bond that unites them, an example would be my parents and me. The friendship is rather something internal, a feeling of sympathy and trust. The professional one is usually between co-workers, people who have the same career as you - you lowered your head, trying to hide the slight blush that was forming on your cheeks at the last explanation -. Love is mostly bilateral, only between two people, and is generated when one of them decides to confess their feelings to the other person, hoping to be reciprocated.

    What if they both feel the same? he asked, tilting his head.

    -They become a couple, boyfriends in other words.

    -if not?

    -They end their friendship to give themselves some time, or they remain friends in spite of everything, it depends on each one.

    "I don't want to end our friendship, I like being your friend," he replied quickly, shaking his head. Fear was palpable in his voice and visible in his eyes. Unable to help it, you let out a small laugh, touched.

    Biting your lower lip in a vague attempt to hide your smile, you got down on your knees on the bed, getting dangerously close to the android to take him by the shoulders, throwing a leg over his hips, sitting gently on his lap.

    Containing the nerves inside you, you met his eyes, wrapping your arms around his neck as Jake grabbed you around the waist, all under his gleaming gaze.

    How could he be so beautiful? He looked so damn real in front of you, you could even feel his body heat under your body, but you knew it was just a function of his system to look even more human, to feel more human.

    Bending his head you caressed the nape of his neck, running your fingers through his hair. Jake had become the living image of all your desires and sins together, because what had come between you in theory was impossible, but there you were, both dying to kiss the other.

    And then you blurted out that sentence that would very likely have made the boy's heart race if he had one:

    -Then we have a problem, because I thought you were my boyfriend.

    The way Jake's gaze seemed to change to a more intense one made your skin crawl, flinching when you heard his voice.

    -I am your boyfriend? W-Do you want me to be your boyfriend? he asked, mysteriously stumbling over his own words.

    For a moment his system stopped, it was as if it had frozen for a few seconds, recovering shortly after. Say what you want but you were without a doubt a virus in their software. You were getting deep into his robotic being, hurting him in a way he never expected in his short life, but he loved it.

    -Yes, I'll come back and say, I thought you were already but if you want to continue being my friend... -you whispered, faking a disappointed face.

    -No! he interrupted you, taking your waist more firmly. You instantly smiled. If I want, definitely if I want.

    Without being able to contain yourself anymore, you placed a small kiss on his lips, disconcerting him, a moment that you took advantage of to separate yourself from Jake and throw yourself on the bed, hiding between the Saturdays of shame.

    -Hey! he claimed once he was fully aware of what you did, lying down next to you while he tried to uncover you. I think that for you humans it's rude to steal a kiss from someone without his authorization, so I'll forgive you if you give me another -the laugh that came out of your lips was enough to make him smile. I loved seeing you happy.

    Too bad there were people willing to use their happiness and their relationship to get something called money.

    From the first appointment to the company to start the supposed tests, you knew that nothing good would come of it. They were literally playing with his feelings, with Jake's new emotions and reactions.

    Engineers and investors wanted to see how far he could go for you, how much your love could do within his software.

    During the first test they decided to make Jake jealous by bringing another boy into the room. It was horrible for him to experience that new feeling when he saw how that young man put an arm around your shoulders or took your hand. He felt as if an electric shock was spreading through his chest, bothering him. The worst thing is that they had ordered him not to move from his place.

    Order that was surprisingly broken when that boy tried to kiss you.

    You see, from the little that was explained to you, once Jake has an order in place, his entire system is forced to focus on nothing more than that, whether he wants to or not. Everything is based on obeying with discipline and submission to his masters.

    But they failed, because his system was now focused on you.

    And they just seemed to like that more because they always used to put you as the "drive/motivator" for Jake to break his boundaries, create new features, and evolve.

    You hated doing this, you hated how they played with you, but you made an effort to endure it, you didn't want more problems, nor did you want your boyfriend to get hurt. So you just did what they asked you to do, without claiming anything.

    Although that did not mean that you did not have several cards up your sleeve. Of course. The only good thing about all this is that you had full access to the entire project, you could see firsthand every advance of the boy, and study it.

    Never in your life have you tried so hard to understand something, but you were doing it. Now you had a voice and a vote in the meetings, a very important one, because at the end of the day you were the one who knew Jake the most, you were the person he "obeyed", so to speak.

    The situation seemed to be as controlled as possible...

    Until the engineers decided to make an exact replica of the love of your life.

    A copy of Jake.

    Female version.

    -Please welcome the KL800 Prototype -Mr. Lee introduced with a huge smile, pointing to the aforementioned as the room was filled with applause.

    You swallowed hard as soon as you saw her. You knew that investors wanted to create a new android, but you never expected that it would end up being a girl.

    A beautiful girl.

    Consider yourself toxic or whatever you want, but your self-esteem and security bought tickets to infinity and beyond instantly. You hated being so weak in these aspects, you hated not having confidence in yourself.

    -Miss ___ - Mr. Lee called you, to which you approached him slowly, pretending to be as if nothing had happened -, please allow me to introduce our new prototype -you agreed, tightening your lips in a smile -. This is Jamie,” she pointed out, to which she gave you the kindest look you've ever seen. Jamie, this is Miss ___, the one in charge of helping us with the tests and managing the whole project about Jake, your other partner, by the way, where is she...? I ask in general, searching for your boyfriend with his eyes until he found him chatting with the investors a few meters from you. Jake! she yelled, catching her attention. You watched as your boy apologized to the men in suits and then began to approach.

    The smile he gave you when he came to your side made you feel better in a few seconds, calming you down inside.

    "Jake, I want to introduce you to Jamie, your new partner," Mr. Lee said, pulling Jake closer to the aforementioned. You made a small face at this -. She is just like you, so I hope you get along very well.

    Needless to say, the rest of the day was pretty awkward for you, as the new center of attention was Jamie and Jake. Everyone was talking about how much they looked alike, how cool it was to have this level of technology, as well as the profits it would bring.

    The worst was when the night fell on you and you found out that Jamie was going to live in your house, with you and your boyfriend, since you were the "expert" in managing androids, apart from the fact that the engineers wanted Jamie to live more with his now partner.

    You tried to pretend that everything was fine, you convinced yourself that she didn't have to be a bother, you could get along with her, since from what you had seen she was very kind and cute with everyone.

    Jamie wasn't a problem, she didn't have to be.

    What you didn't know is that that night, with the moon shining among the stars, you let an android into your house, your life and your relationship who brought with her an order in her software.

    And she was willing to follow it to the letter. She will cost what it will cost, what will happen will happen.

    Hiii! How are you?, I'm sorry it took me so long to post this, I recently got sick and was very distracted. :[


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    𝐍𝐎 𝐍𝐔𝐓 𝐍𝐎𝐕𝐄𝐌𝐁𝐄𝐑 05. gorilla grip pussy

    SUMMARY ▸ four men suppressing their carnal instincts for thirty days doesn’t sound plausible, but it’s no nut november, so victory is crucial. yet, there’s only one obstacle keeping lee heeseung, park jongseong, sim jaeyun, and park sunghoon from their prize: you. game on, boys.

    AUTHOR’S NOTE ▸ WOOO WE’RE DONE 🥳 THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THIS SERIES AND HOPE YALL LOOK FORWARD TO MY FUTURE WORKS :’)) i’m so grateful for all the support y’all have shown during these past few months ♡ also if you guys could fill out this form i would appreciate very much 🥰 it’s just for me to get an idea to improve for future smaus

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    TAG LIST ▸ @msxflower​ @baekhyunstruly​ ​@mykalon​ @heelariously​ @hobistigma​ @jjun4thitboy​ @liliansun​ @emobeomgyu​ @w3bqrl​ @yeonjunsleftboob​ @undeadbots​ @sheepgardenenha​ @domojoo​ @meijiamikas​ @rikisnuggie​ @jongsaengseong​ @pixyseeun​ @woniebae​ @rielleluvs​ @softforqiankun​ ​@3ggieyolk​ ​@ryu-naa​ @from-xero​ @baekhyuns-lipchain​ @misfitsjy​ @outrobegins​ @mishtidoie​ @primorange​ @blank-velvet​ @kyleeanne​ @wonkiluvr​ @yourlocalhotgf​ @unipanda1006​ @rikisnotforsale​ @flameykeese​ @yougeans​ @mybabywearschanel​ @s2elf-z​ @httpheeseung​ @hvunvely​ @mildlystupid​ @violevantae​ @pr3ttyf4ce​ @person-standing​ @youreverydayzebra​ @rikibae​ @gu8ki​ @minatagramm​ @niikipuff​ @rinyx​

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    draw those chalk suns again

    pairing: artist!reader / childhood friend!sunghoon
    genre: angsty & smuty fluff, a little bit cottage core
    warnings: dom!reader, sub!sunghoon, smoking (cigarettes), selfharm, friends-to- lovers, cheating, lotsa crying, slight mention of suicide, toxic relationship, bathroom masturbation, unprotected sex (use condoms plz) —> creampies, mention of public sex (sex in a car), also the reader is a little bit savage and says inappropriate stuff sometimes
    word count: 12.6k
    a/n: i've never tried writing angst before so just let it be /ᐠ。‸。ᐟ\ also it's the longest fanfic here so i hope you'll enjoy it!

    the design is inspired by @fallinforgyu (yep im not creative when it comes to designing headers im sorry)

    tags: @donghoonie-3

    masterlist here


    bin: «sorry, i'll text you later.»
    me: «yeah, sure.»

    of course, he won't text back.

    and he won't call back.

    and he won't even show up for the opening of your exhibition, which you've been preparing for so long. he won't come, and it's not your fault. and obviously not his one.

    when did you two become so distant?

    you don't even remember the last time you held Soobin in your arms, the last time you buried your nose in his soft hair, the last time you gave him a morning kiss..

    those moments flew by and crashed into the rocks. you can't save them now. they're gone.

    it's harsh.

    it's very harsh to realize that the once beautiful garden of your love has become forever burnt in withering ashes. what fire took away all your dreams and forced them to fade away?

    you don't know.

    does he know? unlikely.

    it's just that at some point your heart started to cover with a crust of a burning ice of his silence, ignoring and ... disappearing?

    yes, you have already begun to forget the features of your once-beloved face, of his face, and it's begun to dissipate like a morning mist over a quiet field, as if it never existed, and the only thing that somehow reminds you of its existence is the dew. the purest kind of tears that you shed every day, morning and evening.

    they fall from your lashes and race down your cheeks, flowing like little streams at the beginning of spring.

    you're in pain.

    you wish you could drown yourself in them, but they only blur the fine outline of your pencil sketches.

    indeed, the drawing book is soaking wet. it's your fault, crybaby.

    with trembling fingers, you scroll through the pages, occasionally exhaling nicotine smoke from your lungs, but the river of pain only increases its flow, and you begin to drown in it, making soft, not at all like you moans.

    your throat is already aching from the endless howling, but how can you stop grieving for a love that died so suddenly before it could bear its first fetals? it's horrible.

    another loud sob, and you swallow back the lump that has built up in your throat. did you feel better? no.

    page by page, and on each of them there is a smiling Soobin’s face. his eyes are like crescent moons, dimples in his cheeks are so fine and deep, a straight row of white teeth..

    he's perfect, but right now, when you look at his perfection, you don't see anything. just a cold emptiness. only the pain echoes from your head to your heart, shattering it into millions of small pieces that you'll probably never put back together. is it worth collecting them?

    page by page..

    «hmm, his face's still here..» a sudden remark goes through your hysterical mind when your eyes don't find Soobin’s face, but someone else’s familiar one?

    straight, like out of a drawing textbook itself, nose; lovely moles and lips that looked like the petals of a newly opened rose..


    even if you tried very hard, you wouldn't be able to remember how long you'd known him, but you knew for sure that you were close when you were playful, carefree kids.

    memories of these fleeting moments of joy take you, as like through a portal, to the days of your childhood. little you draw funny suns with chalk on copper barrels, and your friend Sunghoon just watches you, holding the lizard he just caught with his baby fingers. he pouts, his cheeks are puffed out, and his eyes are fixed on your hand as it circles so easily.

    you're a real sorceress, no doubt.


    «Sunghoon, hand me the white chalk,» little you commands efficiently, but the boy doesn't even move as he looks at your drawings.


    «i wanna draw clouds.»


    «i have to, there are always clouds,» you chuckle, reaching out for the other chalk, but Sunghoon quickly releases the lizard and grabs your hand, and shakes his head, frowning. you look at him with a look of displeasure and surprise. a silly boy.

    «you don't need clouds because there are lots of suns,» Sunghoon stares at you, his cheeks puffing out even more as he presses his lips together. why doesn't he like clouds?

    «but there must be clouds..» you whisper softly, and he shakes his head again.

    «no clouds, just the suns. i won't let a single cloud ruin your suns.»


    damn, you smiled for the first time in so long. it turns out that it's so nice to be distracted from the life you've chosen for yourself. what a coincidence.

    «i won't let a single cloud ruin your suns.»

    should you..?

    you flip through a few more pages, and then a few more until they're all full of Sunghoon's face. here he is 12, and this is your first attempt to draw a portrait.

    oh, and here he is already 15, and he doesn't look so good with straight bangs!

    15, 16, 17..

    wow, the album is over. you squeeze the soft cover between your fingers in frustration and bite your lower lip, tossing your drawings aside.

    are you angry with yourself? yes, you are.

    as soon as you moved from your parents' house to the big city and he went off to study god knows where, you became estranged. Sunghoon and you have become significantly distant, unfortunately. of course, at first you texted each other almost every minute and the galleries of your phones were filled with your photos, but now..

    now everything's different, and you can't bring it back. your friendship, his promise and your best portraits are left behind, the destroyed bridge can not be restored. it's harsh.

    your heart starts to spasm again, and tears one more time fall from your eyes, eyes that were once happy. what has become of you, little girl who draws suns with chalk?


    an hour, two, and you get up from your chair, despite the weight on your shoulders. your feet wander reluctantly up and down the spacious apartment, but why does it feel so cramped, so stuffy?

    maybe it's just the heat of july.

    involuntarily looking out of the window, you see clouds of smoke, handfuls of people and a boundless sky covered with clouds of different colors and shades. a thunderstorm is coming but you can't hear the thunder or the screams of people. you're too wrapped up in your own thoughts, too disillusioned with your life and yourself.

    you need to call your mom.

    your fingers automatically reach into your back pocket, pull out your phone, and as you do a couple of swipes, a beeping sound fills your empty head. from the other end you can hear a calm and gentle «hello, daughter!»


    oh, you've gone from being a beautiful daughter to a dead fool.

    you mumble a friendly «hi, mom» and then your conversation becomes easier, you definetely calm down when she starts telling you about the harvest of potatoes, onions and carrots, how beautiful the lilacs are blooming in your garden, how all the neighbors are doing and what's new with them..

    «remember, when you were a kid, you were besties with Park Sunghoon, his family still lives at the very end of the suburb. he recently came home for a couple of days, and i saw him out of the corner of my eye. oh, he grew up into a fine man! he's so handsome now, _____, you should see him, I bet he still remembers you!»


    your heart skips a beat so fast that you don't have time to breathe, and your eyes just widen in mute surprise. is Sunghoon there now?

    «i see, mom, well, he's always been fine, so..»

    «no, _____, he's not just fine, he's like a prince from a fairy tale! oh, if only the devil wouldn't let you get into an affair with this office worm Soobin..»


    «what?! listen, pack up your pencils and come home, you've been away for too long,» mom adds plaintively, and you'd certainly be happy to say no and that you with your Soobin go on a cruise or something like that, but alas, lying to your mother is not good, and you quickly agree.

    and, of course, you're collecting your things quickly as well.

    your underwear, another set of clothes, pencils, paper, phone, charger, lighter, cigarettes, that's it, your bag is ready. but are you ready?


    as soon as you pull on your sneakers and unbend, your eyes fall on the mirror and you see your haggard, faded reflection. dark circles under your eyes, fluffy hair, fingers smeared with pencil..

    will he like..?


    no, no sunghoon, you're going to see your family, that's all. you have a job, a man, you are well off, you have recently opened your own exhibition, you are happy.. or not?

    you try to convince yourself that during the two hours you spend getting back home. the taxi driver, a sweet 30-year-old girl with red and curly hair, is carefully driving an old, almost rotten, car, but that's the last thing you care about. looking through a small window, you see the way skyscrapers turn into trees and shrubs that seem untouched by humanity, and you feel at home for the first time in months. for real.

    stopping right in front of your home, the girl turns around, and you give her the money, so she just smiles cheerfully, putting it in the pocket of a denim vest worn over an orange dress. she gives you her card, you give her a small portrait of her, and her powdered cheeks turn pink.

    «thank you, call me when you decide to come back,» she babbles, and you smile, nodding. the car door slams shut and you press your lips together.

    go back?

    you don't want to go back.

    not now.

    and not later.


    the freshness of the forest, the warm embrace of your mom and the kind laughter of your dad are too good to leave again.

    not now.

    while you're settling into your old room, which hasn't changed since you left, your parents don't stop talking to you about the neighbors, and you're happy to listen and not get caught up in their chatter, as long as they keep talking. it's so nice to be back here, and it feels like the first time you've met the girl you once were. what would you like to tell her? how can you help her?

    nah, to hell with her, let her go through all the difficulties herself and become as confident as present you are, and then she will get out of it herself. yes, that's right.

    your tired body sinks down on the soft bed, and you almost dissolve into the comfort of your home, like sugar at the bottom of a tea mug, but your mother doesn't let you fall asleep, suddenly deciding that you just need to walk around the neighborhood and get some fresh air, city exhaust is so harmful for your young lungs.

    with a quiet «yeah, sure» you take all the necessary things, namely the phone and cigarettes with a lighter, and go outside, followed by a kind look from your parents at your back.

    a soft, fine rain falls from the sky and you lift your head up, enjoying the cold massage of caring drops. your chest still aches, but it doesn't matter. you look around with sleepy eyes and push your hair back up as you head down the hill, hands in your pockets.

    your white shirt, half unbuttoned so that everyone can see the black top underneath, flutters in the light wind and gets wet from the rain, and soon begins to stick uncomfortably to your body, making you shiver. well, at least loose jeans do not let the cold pass, otherwise it would not be so fun and easy to be treated for cystitis..

    you really want to smoke.

    you're almost take out a cigarette, but suddenly a familiar woman calls you out and carries you away in a boring conversation that you would love to leave, but your mother taught you to be polite, so you continue to have simple convos with all the familiar aunties, so you don't even notice how your eye catches the house of someone you would not want to see, but who you totally missed.

    Sunghoon's house.

    you think the birds in the nearby bushes are singing his name, but do you care? you just bite your lips, clutching a pack of cigarettes and your phone in your pockets, and walk past it without looking at its fence, its roof, or its mailbox. to hell with it.

    to hell with him.

    your walk ends in a thunderclap. the birds instantly die down, the wind picks up, but you're in no hurry to come back home. your heavy thoughts carry you further along the road, past abandoned, dilapidated barns and cottages.

    a sad picture.

    loud weather.

    quiet rage.

    the raindrops are getting heavier, and a streak of lightning crosses the sky. nicely.

    you quickly look around and, not finding a better option, decide to turn off in the direction of the barn familiar from childhood, where you with Sunghoon were so fond of playing hide and seek.

    it hadn't changed, it was still damp and cozy, but did Sunghoon change? he did, there's no doubt.

    damn, this guy is not going to leave your thoughts, and you accept this as you walk along the hay that has long since begun to decompose. the old boards creak loudly under the soles of your already damp sneakers, but you just ignore it.

    you really want to smoke..

    after wandering through the islands of your memory, you decide to stop in the opening of a large gate through which horse carts once passed, and lean one shoulder on the jamb, not thinking that the old paint tends to fall off and deftly stain light clothes. it's raining outside. you should have stayed in the house, but at least you can smoke here.

    your fingers quickly take out a cigarette and squeeze its thin base before being pressed with your saliva-covered lips. you've been smoking for a long time and you don't need to be taught, which means you can just as quickly pull out a lighter and light the very tip in one movement.

    you take a puff on your cigarette and slowly release the smoke.

    are you feeling better?

    no, but at least it looks beautifully.

    you take a couple more puffs, idly watching the landscape of your native fields and streets, and then you notice something new: a white car.

    it catches your attention, and you narrow your eyes slightly as you watch its slow move. behind the wheel there is a dark-haired guy in a whiteshirt like yours, and next to him, in the passenger seat, there is a blonde girl. the long-haired blonde girl you've never seen in your life.

    another second, the guy parks the car and turns to his companion, you see his profile and there is no doubt: Park Sunghoon.

    Park Sunghoon and his girl.

    what a sweet picture.

    you bite down on the cigarette filter a little and puff on it harder, not taking your eyes off them. one minute he was pushing both seats down, the next he was leaning over her, her arms wrapped around his neck..

    of course, fucking in a car in the middle of a field is almost a literary trope. you lazily look up at the sky and sigh, letting out the last puff of smoke. the cigarette falls into a puddle and dies on contact with its surface.

    just as your naive hopes of turning your life around for the better die, just like in these dramas.

    shattered desires.

    although, can you call it a desire? you just came home. you can also just go back to your concrete cage.

    that's the end of the story.

    you turn on your heel, graciously leaving. Sunghoon and his girlfriend get the privacy they deserve, and you go back the same way home like a dog beaten up in the yard: slow, sullen, and seemingly too calm to fuss about its injuries.

    just twenty minutes of quiet walking and you can see the lilac garden and your mother again. she doesn't ask you anything, literally reading your expression like a simple pamphlet, and suggests you take a shower. you agree, because the raindrops are a little sticky. and it would be worth drying your clothes.

    you don't feel any heat or cold, just kick off your shoes and quickly slip into the second-floor bath, your favorite, with a glass shower stall, which you just climb into and turn on the hot water pressure, standing there, enjoying the close solitude. your tired hands, clutching a tiny washcloth, slide over the cold skin, and for a second you imagine, what if Sunghoon touched you? would his touch have been just as warm, or would he have been rougher?

    your thoughts get a little muddled, and you shake your head, pushing them away from you. you don't care about him. and his life is none of your business. let him fuck with his girlfriend and be soul mates with her. and you..

    and you...

    your eyes fill with self-pity once again, and you let two small tears fall to the tiled floor of the shower, but only two. no more, no less. you're not 15 to suffer because someone is living their own life, right?

    another 5 minutes and you crawl out of the stall, quickly dry off with an old towel and wrap yourself in your dad's old robe. so cozy, it still smells like his cologne.


    the next three days are the same: you get up early, go to bed late, and draw a lot. the days of your present become the days of your childhood, so serene and gone forever.

    sheets of paper are filled with sketches of flowers, people and trees, so frivolously and freely you draw that you yourself might be ashamed of it, but alas, you do what you want, you live as you want.

    of course, periodically you check your phone, hoping to see a message from Soobin, asking where you are and if you're okay or not, but he's silent. and your heart is silent, too. does it beat?

    you are sitting on the windowsill, the window is wide open, and the wind easily gets into even the most secret corners of your room. your hair is pulled up in a messy bun, your white shirt is still on top of your naked body, and your dark underwear doesn't escape the sly breeze, and you just smile as you enjoy the summer silence.

    in your hands rest sheets of paper, drawn and scribbled. you look at the drawings with a satisfied look and straighten your shirt, lowering it a little lower so that it shows your cleavage.

    vulgar? maybe, but you're home and you can go naked if you wanna.

    who's going to look at you here in the middle of nowhere?

    «hey, _____, why aren't you visiting me since you've already arrived? or have you forgotten how to say hello?» a painfully familiar voice shakes the air around you, and you take a deep breath before turning and lowering your head to the sound source. right from the ground on you, the same sunny, filled with youthful warmth, look eyes of the same Park Sunghoon, who you left by fate a few years ago.

    he's wearing the same white shirt, and you can't help but feel the kinship you've been trying to hide from all these days. your friend, Park Sunghoon, it's under your windows again.

    you can't help but smile, «and you still haven't learned not to copy my style?»

    his grin widens, and you can hear him laughing as he shoves his hands into the pockets of his old, already battered pants. his shoulders lift up a little, and you can see the line of his slender collarbone. indeed, it would be such a pleasure to draw him again. he is as handsome as hell.

    «when did you get here?» his question makes you laugh too, turning your eyes away to the sky.

    «about four days ago. and you?»

    «about a week.»

    «that's great.»

    he pauses, not taking his eyes off you, and you know it's not your friend's eyes anymore. it's the look of a once-familiar man. a strange look. you watch him for a moment, grinning like a fool.

    an idiot. you are an idiot.

    «i missed you.»

    such simple words cause a storm of different emotions in you, and you do not know how to respond to it. on the other hand, it would be so nice to leave reality for a little while and feel special, but alas, reality is too hard to forget about it.

    «and i missed you,» you say, pouting the way he usually does. and he notices it, copying you. you smile as you take out a cigarette and pinch it between dry lips. Sunghoon frowns.

    «do you smoke?»


    «for how long?»

    it's a stupid question, but who cares? your heart speeds up involuntarily, and you nod, smiling guiltily at him.

    «two years.»

    «quit it,» he replies dryly. what is it, care? it's amazing to feel someone's care again. it's strange though.

    «i don't want to.»

    «why do you always need clouds around you?» it looks like he hasn't forgotten his verse. he hasn't forgotten that conversation or anything else. did he remember all this, too?

    you raise your eyebrows a little and then blow out a puff of smoke. out of the corner of your eye, you can see him fidgeting around, so you smile as you look down at him again.

    «i don't have any suns left, Sunghoon,» you smile guiltily again and shrug, tucking a lock of hair behind your ear, «but i'm glad you have one.»

    that blonde girl.

    he watches you climb out of the window for a few more seconds, then waves back when you close the window and shake your hand awkwardly against the glass, barely holding back the tears.

    you'd secretly like Sunghoon to give up anything for you, hug you and comfort you, take you somewhere far away and hide you from all the worldly things, like in stupid love shows, but life doesn't turn out the way you want it to. you should leave as early as possible.

    tears roll down your cheeks once again.


    after another 2 days, you run into Sunghoon outside, and now that both of you are standing on the ground, you can see how much he has grown up and what a huge difference in height you have now. his broad, strong shoulders, his tall frame, probably strong hips.. you get lost for a moment, looking him up and down, while his girlfriend squeezes the sleeve of his shirt a little irritably. you smile inwardly, noticing it.

    «we should go now, it was nice meeting you, _____," she says softly, pulling Sunghoon away to the side, and you nod, smiling at her just thinking that he was looking at you with the same appraising gaze that you were looking at him.


    3 more days later, you finally get a message from soobin, and honestly, you're happy to get it:

    there's been a lot of coldness between us lately, and i don't want to suffer in this relationship any more, just like you do. they have outlived. sorry about that, i'm really sorry. i'll pick up my stuff in a few days, but you've sort ofleft, so i'll be gone by the time you arrive. thank you for all your kisses and for all the happy times we spent together. i'm really sorry. and i'm sad about it as much as you are.
    i wish you happiness,

    reading these words, you can't help but think that your heart can't forget Soobin and throw him out as a bad sketch. the way he breaks up with you breaks your heart, and you squeeze the phone in your hand until it hurts, taking another puff. tears mix with nicotine, and the pain in your  heart - with their own fragments. painfully.

    pushing the strands of hair back and leaning your buttocks on the old well, you bite your lips and turn off the phone, putting it in your front pocket so you don't have to think about anything else. not Soobin, nor about your miserable fate.

    what a fool you are.

    the tears flow down in an unruly stream, and you can't stop them. the lonely field before your eyes, as lonely as you are, is blooming, and you are truly envious of it. will you ever blossom?

    the cigarette smolders slowly in your hand, burning your fingertips, and you don't notice how you turn the filter over in your hands and press it hard against your wrist. the pain instantly snaps you back to reality, but you don't move the cigarette away from your skin, watching the scar forminv. that's how selfharm starts, right?

    «what the hell are you doing?!» a familiar voice calls out to you from the side. you're not in a hurry to turn around, because to see Sunghoon is like dying right now. don't, please, let him go.

    his broad figure coming towards you is comparable to a huge tsunami wave that pounces on the ground like a hungry beast on its prey and devours it completely. and so Sunghoon looms over you, glaring at the results of your little «mischief» before snatching the cigarette out of your hand and smashing it out completely on the rocky base of the well. he's angry.

    «why are you hurting yourself?» the tears fall even harder from your eyes, but you don't let yourself look at him, no. so broken, destroyed, pathetic you can't afford to look at such happy, successful, achieved at least something in life sunghoon. no, no, no, he has nothing else to do with you. you just need to forget about each other.


    the way he says every letter of your name breaks you even more. you recall moments from your childhood: your walks; how you spent hours playing the console in your home; your night trips to the field.. all this seems like a dream or an unfulfilled desire left for later, but not the reality that you have lived for more than 10 years. these memories are so blurry, can you draw them again?

    finally, you gather your courage and look up at him, your eyes wet and puffed from crying too many times. he looks into your eyes with a familiar, warm gaze and pouts again, cupping your cheeks with his big palms.

    you don't resist, inhaling the scent of his cologne and something fresh, and just tilt your head a little so you can nuzzle your nose into his wrist, close your eyes, and let a few more tears fall down to his sneakers. he doesn't say anything.

    «i'm sorry you see me..» the lump in your throat prevents you from speaking properly, you try to swallow it, but it stays in place, so you say the end of the sentence on the exhale, barely audible, «like this..»

    if only you could hear his heart breaking just from apologizing to him. what are you apologizing for? why are you crying? a lot of questions flash through his mind, but a loud clap of thunder interrupts his thoughts and all the questions that follow.

    not expecting to hear something so loud, you flinch hard and abruptly lift your head from sunghoon's hands, to look at the sky. it's almost black because of the clouds. like the day you saw Sunghoon and.. damn.

    your tears mix with the massive raindrops falling on your faces. thunderstorms do not take long to arrive, and in just a few moments, ordinary rain becomes a downpour. your clothes quickly get wet, and you quickly get up from your seat, looking at how your shirt sticks to you. sunghoon's one almost blends into his skin, leaving no room for imagination. you can't help but notice how beautiful his muscles have become. you should draw him again.

    «you're going to get sick, we need to get home soon,» you say shortly, biting your lip in time to the thunder, «my house is closer, let's go to my place, we need to dry you out.»

    he listens to your commands in silence and only nods when you take him by the hand, as in childhood, and lead him along, at a fast pace for you and usual for him. at such moments, you feel that nothing has changed, sunghoon is still so obedient. this is good for you, you don't need to convince or persuade him again.

    with every step you take, the rain gets harder and harder, and you start to feel like you're walking down the street naked. the shirt is plastered to your every muscle, and you're wearing nothing but it. as good as that Sunghoon walks behind you.

    damn, his fingers are so warm.

    it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter when you turn the key in the lock and open the door wide, nodding your head in its direction. sunghoon understands you without further ado and goes inside first. you join in and listen, but the house is completely silent. no one's home. you are alone.

    in the past, the thought like that would have stirred you up, but now you look up meekly and Sunghoon looks at you the same way. for a second, you think he's looking down at your chest, which is visible so clearly right now, but you're just imagining it.

    he lazily takes off his soaked sneakers and saunters over to the familiar bathroom. you follow him, crossing your arms over your breasts to cover yourself.

    «take a shower or bask in the water, you can hang your things up here and let them dry,» you say quietly, pointing to the radiator, and he just nods, not turning to look at you. with a quick flick of his hand, he opens the faucet and starts adjusting the pressure, as if you're the one who came to visit him, not him.

    «i'll go look for some clothes for you..» you're just about to leave for the second floor when all of a sudden sunghoon turns to you, starting to undo the top buttons of his shirt.

    «is he here too?»

    you stare into his eyes in disbelief, and you can almost feel how heavy his gaze is right now.


    «your boyfriend. is he here too?» on the word "boyfriend" sunghoon squirms unconsciously, and you bite your lip at the memory of him. Soobin. your nose is sobbing treacherously, but you just shake your head, forcing out a short «no». he visibly relaxes.

    «your dad should have some kind of robe, i think it'll do,» the guest suggests, and you nod.

    «okay, i'll get it.»

    what a stupid dialogue it is. you feel a little guilty about being soft, but now is not the time to let your guard down. your feet carry you to your parents' bedroom, where you quickly find the robe you were talking about to sunghoon and that you've been using all these days. it looks like it's going to be a little too big for him, but that's not a problem, is it?

    you smile for the first time this day, clutching the soft cloth in your hands. you look at the dark brown patterns and, without even looking, find the bathroom you left your guest in.

    «Sunghoon, i found it..» your exclamation is not meant to be finished, alas. when you step into the dim bathroom, the first thing you see is a nearly naked childhood friend. your eyes quickly, without hesitation, run along his muscles, along his arms, chest, stomach, go around the waist down to the hem of his underwear. does he have a boner?

    the distinctive bump is clearly visible under the wet cloth, and you'd be glad to look at it a little longer, but you still lower your head down and hand him the robe, which he takes with some care.

    «_____, go warm up too, you're all wet.»

    his voice sounds kind of funny, and you look up at him again. you're not embarrassed, but your heart beats a little faster when you see his smile. and it looks like you can't help but smile back.

    «yes, when you're done, go upstairs..»

    «to your room, yes, i remember,» he nods, smiling even wider at you, and you nod back, moving out of the bathroom and closing the door behind you. as you go upstairs, your thoughts are floating somewhere in another universe, but not here, not in our mortal world.

    for the first time in a long time, you feel a sickly-sweet tingling sensation in your stomach and chest, and it's not because of crying at all. it's something different, something you haven't experienced in what feels like forever or more.

    this.. attraction?

    you can't get your own thoughts out of your head as you scurry back to your room to get an old bathrobe, they're still there, but you need to get rid of them somehow.

    but how?

    you don't find an answer as you close the door of your favorite bathroom on the second floor. reflection in the mirror is not happy: your hair is soaking wet and clung to your head, you look tired and your eyes a a little puffy from crying. yeah, you're like a dream, for sure.

    this is annoying.

    everything is annoying.

    your fingers start nervously fiddling with the unfortunate buttons in an attempt to unbutton your shirt, and it takes you a while, but you still win this mini-battle. the wet cloth falls to the cold floor with a characteristic squelch, and you look in the mirror again.

    your nipples harden.

    you can't believe what you're seeing, and you don't let your eyes go down, clutching your aroused buds between your fingers. a pleasant sensation passes through the stomach, and for the first time in a long time, a pleasant, lingering spasm is felt in the perineum. your eyelids close of their own accord, and you squeeze your fingers together again, trying to feel it again. another wave passes through your tense muscles, and you feel something leaking out of you, something warm and sticky.

    with convulsive, trembling hands, you unbutton your jeans and kick them to the floor, tossing them aside. your fingers don't dare take off your underwear for a while, but you have to check, so you just close your eyes, pick up the edge of the underwear with your fingers, and pull it down. yes, the feeling didn't deceive you.

    when you open your eyes, a huge slick spot appears in front of you absolutely and without any doubt, adorning the thin fabric. you still don't believe it and lean down a little to take in the awkwardness of the situation, but you're even more embarrassed when you see your already red, aroused clit glisten with accumulated smudge that threatens to fall to the floor in a sticky drop. damn.

    after a moment's thought, you quickly throw off your underwear and socks and quickly climb into the stall, leaning against the cold wall and not daring to turn on the water. on the one hand, it is necessary to quickly remove these shameful traces of attraction to someone else's boyfriend, but on the other.. your palm quickly turns on the faucet and you adjust the temperature on a whim before sitting down on the still cold floor of the stall and spreading your legs.

    it's been a long time since you spreaden them.

    just that one movement gets your mind in the right place, and you don't hesitate to put your hand down to where you need it most right now. your fingers slide gently between your layers, and you exhale noisily, not knowing when you got so wet.

    you start circling your clit with your fingers and brushing it here and there, your body tightens in a pleasant spasm. your entrance squeezes the void, and you look down in frustration at your other hand, or rather, at the fingers, middle and ring ones.

    they won't be enough, you know that, but there are no other options, so you quickly bring them to your mouth and cover them with plenty of saliva before lowering them down and slowly entering them inside of your pulsating pussy. let it be a small stretch, but it does its job, and you start to slowly move them in and out, trying to somehow rid yourself of at least this burden.

    what if Sunghoon..

    at any other time, you would have dismissed the idea right away, but now that your pussy is squeezing your slender fingers so tightly inside that you can barely move them, his help doesn't seem like such a crazy idea. just the thought of his long fingers pressing down on all your sensitive points, of his cock stretching you perfectly, of his lips covering your breasts with a million sweet kisses and hickeys, drives you crazy, and you pick up the pace.

    your fingers slide better and faster, and you smile to yourself as you press down on your clit as hard as you need to. a few more manipulations and you come right on your hand, but does that stop you? no.

    the desire seems endless, so you continue to rub the already sensitive clitoris with your palm, without taking your fingers out of yourself. just a little more, just a little more, and you come for the second time, and your body goes limp.

    you throw your head back and bring your legs together, slightly shaking from the recent stimulation. it feels so good.

    leaning against the wall, you get up and lower your hand down again, circling your clit with one finger. it throbs pleasantly and responds to every slightest touch. too bad you left all your dildos at home.

    with a frustrated sigh, you finally start washing up. shower gel, a washcloth and hot water relax you a little, washing away all the remnants of pleasure from your body. soon you're done. in the mirror, you reflect even if a little more calm, but still you. how embarrassing.

    you frown a little, realizing that you're so fucked up, but it doesn't matter. sunghoon will never know about this, and you will try to push this memory far away, never thinking about it again. masturbate while thinking about sex with Sunghoon, «it's a taboo, _____, accept it.»

    a few more preparations and you're ready to get dressed. underwear and bathrobe. not the best combination, but it will be awkward if only Sunghoon will be almost naked. it's worth supporting a friend.

    in fact, maybe somewhere deep down, you hope that your most delusional and tender scenario will come true, but it will be as it will be. you pull the robe tighter around you to hide your still aroused nipples. damn.

    as soon as the bathroom door opens, you immediately feel a chill pass through your body and your nipples tighten even more. the fabric that wraps them tightly begins to act differently, exciting them with just a harmless rub.

    you bite your lips, feeling your underwear get wet once again. awkward. you're like a schoolgirl.

    the sound of the downpour doesn't stop, and you decide to go to the window, brushing your wet hair back so it doesn't fall over your face. there's a bit of fresh air and ozone coming out from under the window frame, and you smile to yourself as you rest on the windowsill.

    the storm has played out in earnest and formed an unbreakable wall of water that seems to separate your home from all the others, turning it into your own world, in which there is no one but you and sunghoon. You wish this rain would last forever..

    you sigh sadly, but before you can think any further, a large, warm hand wraps around your shoulders and rests on one of them, stroking the fabric of your robe with its thumb. Sunghoon. Park Sunghoon.

    «don't stand near the window right after your bath, you'll get sick,» he mutters softly, easily turning you around and guiding you toward your room, along the hallway. you don't resist, just cross your arms over your chest, trying to mentally calm your sensitive chest.

    «do you want some tea?» you ask, looking up at Sunghoon, and he shrugs, licking his lips.

    «actually, i've warmed up enough, i'm even hot.»

    you nod and tilt your head down, frowning slightly. thoughts like «can you warm me up too?» or «hmm, i'm cold, cac we have a naked cuddle?» flash through your head, but you quickly dismiss them when you're done. sunghoon puts you down to walk around the room he hasn't been in for so long. his eyes are so bright when he sees all the old posters, figurines, stones and other nonsense that you collected as children.

    it's hard to see anything in the dark, so you turn on the light. it's a little dim, just like when you were a kid, but you've always liked the dimness, so you don't mind. your hand slowly closes the door, like you used to do before, but for some reason now all these gestures seem somehow too adult, somehow wrong.

    you sigh as he walks around, looking around, and go to the window to draw the curtains. you have to spread your arms in different directions to reach the edges of the curtains, and this causes the robe to open up a little. panic spreads through your body, and you freeze for a split second before pulling the curtains together as quickly as possible. your hands are reaching for the edges of the robe in a hurry, but some of them do it before you do. you can feel with your whole body how much you're excited. Sunghoon is warm as his fingers expertly and quickly tie the belt of your robe. your heart seems to skip a beat again when sunghoon rests his nose against your ear, rubbing the tip of it just a little, not letting you out of his embrace.

    «_____, it's been so long since i've been here, nothing has changed at all.»

    you can't help but smile at his comment, realizing that you're not the only one who feels pleasantly nostalgic about being in this place again, after all this time.

    «yes, it's exactly the same as before.»

    Sunghoon awkwardly pulls you closer and you panic. the knot in your stomach slowly gets tighter and tighter, the fabric of your underwear sticks uncomfortably to the wet folds, and your chest fills with a pleasant thrill. it seems like you're finally just accepting the fact that Sunghoon isn't your friend anymore, and he never will be. you no longer see him as a neighbor's boy, you see an adult, a man you need so much. and this is painful, because the reality is completely different, and someone else has taken your place in it.

    your place.. was it ever yours?

    «just like that, down to the last detail,» he repeats after you. his lips, moving as he speaks, quickly brush against your cartilage, and you get goosebumps from head to toe, relaxing and tensing at the sametime. does he feel how crazy you are?

    «Sunghoon, listen..» you try to start, but he cuts you off, not allowing you to formulate what makes your chest ache so unpleasantly.

    «_____, wait..» he stops you to wrap both arms around your waist and pull you even closer, so that at the slightest swaying of your hips, you can feel it..

    «Sunghoon, you..»

    «i'm sorry, _____, but this is really unbearable. i know you're probably disgusted by this, but i can't help it,» he murmurs in your ear, squinting slightly as his hips rock into yours once more and you can feel his robe-covered erection rubbing against your thigh. he's excited. you're excited.

    is it possible to..?

    «are you talking about your boner? it's okay, it's a natural reaction,» your words comfort him a little, and so when he slowly turns you around to face him, you don't see any blind passion or crazed excitement in his eyes, just something familiar and warm.

    «tell me, did you know about my feelings?»

    «your feelings?»

    «yeah, did you know about them?»

    taken aback, you shake your head slightly, tilting it to the side as he speaks. sunghoon lightly squeezes the fabric of your clothes between his fingers, creating a risky situation where that flimsy robe might open up.

    «no, i didn't know. i still don't know.»

    his eyes, which are glued to you, are slightly blurred, and he bats his fluffy lashes, licking his lips as your hands rest on his forearms, gently massaging them with your fingers, «Sunghoon, is there something you want to tell me?»

    he swallows loudly, looking down before mumbling, «you know, these past few years have been full of different things, i graduated from university, got a job, got back on my feet, but..»


    «but i never stopped remembering the time when we were kids, and when i could see you every day, in this very room.»

    hell, that sounds like a confession. what should you do? be silent or speak? smile or make a serious face?

    «did you miss our childhood?» your tone sounds gentler than you'd like, but you're too focused on it to think about anything else. your hands squeeze him a little tighter as he continues.

    «i missed not only our childhood, i missed my adolescence and youth, because that's when i realized..»

    «realized what?»

    he is deliberately slow, not knowing how to start, but you can already predict the answer, and you don't even need to think again. your hands slide down his arms to his chest, and for the first time, you feel someone's heart beating as hard as if you were holding it in your hand.

    your eyes meet again, and as much as you want to look away, you can't. sunghoon can't do it either. his fingers tighten around the fabric of your robe, and you begin to feel your body slowly being exposed.

    «_____, i've been in love with you for so long. of course, at first i thought that all those sweaty palms and perpetual boners just looking at you were just a youthful thing, but just a week ago, when i saw you drawing on the window, i felt so happy and sad at the same time. you were so beautiful, so grown up, so close and distant at the same time, that i didn't have the slightest doubt that it was all serious from the very beginning.»

    Sunghoon says his confession in one breath, and you just stare at him blankly, not understanding how it happened. he.. does he love you? you mean, does he really love you, like those stupid boys in the books?

    you get lost in the storm of your own feelings. it would seem that your dream has come true, and your most desired plot has come true, but why don't you believe it? why can't you be happy about it?

    «do you love me?»

    a nod from the guy across from you doesn't calm you down, and you close your eyes to take a deep breath. sunghoon thinks you're angry, so he rushes to continue his explanation, afraid to leave out something important.

    «when i found out that you started dating that jerk, my heart broke and i was determined to forget you, but when i saw you back then, i....»

    «Sunghoon, you already have a beloved one.»

    your words cut through his heart like a knife, and it starts to bleed, to bleed out all the love that he has so carefully kept all this time.

    «why are you thinking about her now?»

    his question seems so silly that you just tilt your head up to the ceiling and inhale again before looking into his eyes, raising both palms to cup his face and gently stroke his cheekbones with your thumbs, «because you're hurting her right now.»

    your answer makes him frown, and he puts his hands on top of yours to push you away from his face, but your grip is too strong and his is too passive, so after the first failed attempt, he gives up, waiting to see what you'll say next.

    «Sunghoon, you're such a wonderful guy, and i'd be lying if i said i don't care about you at all. well, just half an hour ago, i was touching myself in the tub, thinking about you,» the details make his cheeks and ears turn red, and he licks his lips, biting them right after, «but i also know it's wrong to mock her like that. i'm sorry, i don't remember her name, and i don't care.»

    an awkward silence falls between you. sunghoon tries to put every word you say into his head, «you've always been so considerate of everyone, i like that about you, but..» he tilts his head to the side and reaches for your face. your hands should have stopped him, but you just let him get closer and stop a few inches from his face, «it's so infuriating right now.»

    your tongue moves nervously across your upper palate, making a clicking sound, «i don't want to be the cause of someone's tears.»

    «_____, i fuck her with my eyes closed, imagining you in her place. do you think she doesn't know that? you were the cause of her tears from the very beginning. and it's only my fault that i was so foolishly hoping to replace you with someone else, i'm ashamed and i'll apologize to her later, but now,» you can feel his slow breath on your lips, «i want to make love to the girl i've been dreaming about for so many years. will you let me cross this border, _____?»

    you've never been good at making decisions, and now that you have to do one of the most important things in your life, your mind is failing you. you don't know what to feel or what's right, you don't know what you should do, but you're sure of what you'd like to do. morality and immorality dance together, but what exactly do you prefer? fall or rise?

    you can't help but smile as you look up at him again. Sunghoon looks so fine, so you're being absolutely sure, say «yes» in the affirmative.

    his eyebrows twitch a little, and his gaze falls on your lips, so desirable and close. he gets lost, not knowing how to do it, and so he looks into your eyes again, looking for the answer, «can i really?»

    you nod. he repeats after you, but still doesn't find the confidence to do what he's about to do, so you grab the collar of his robe and pull him to you, letting him get into a deep, tender kiss. even though you haven't been to france, you are very familiar with french kissing, unlike sunghoon. he awkwardly follows your tongue, twisting around it and trying to catch the moment to suck it slowly, but you're much faster. the tip of your tongue quickly passes over the top row of his teeth and, stopping there, curls around his tongue.

    his whole body feels like it's on fire. you can tell by the way his hands are hot as he takes off your robe and then slides it down your stomach, not knowing where to put it. if you hadn't seen that scene in the car, you might have said he was definitely a virgin.

    when his hands finally make up their minds to touch your breasts, you mumble a little through the kiss, but you don't ruin it in any way. instead, you gently take his hands in yours and show him how to do it. he learns quickly, and it's not long before you feel yourself getting wet again.

    «yeah, that's right, baby, go ahead,» you encourage. his face flushes even deeper when you let out a soft moan as his big palms graze your sensitive bump so well.

    «suck them,» Sunghoon looks up at you, slightly surprised, and his fingers tighten a little on the flesh of your breasts, making you bite your lip in impatience. has he forgotten how to do everything?

    the affectionate nickname seems to have some sort of effect on him, and he freezes, not knowing how to react. did you scare him?" you raise an eyebrow, not sure if you've said the wrong thing. why does he hesitate?

    «i've never done anything like this...» he replies sheepishly, as if mesmerizing your breasts with his bewildered gaze. should he lick them, or bite, or suck them? what is the algorithm?

    «but you're not a virgin, have you never touched your girlfriend's titties?.»


    «..okay, ex-girlfriend's titties this way?»

    not knowing how to answer this question, he lowers his head and simply shakes it from side to side. his cheeks are puffing up again and,wow, this is the moment when you just have to take matters into your own hands.

    «okay, then i'll teach you what i like, and you'll just be an obedient boy and do whatever i say, okay?»

    your words echo through his head, leaving behind so many questions and so few answers. will you teach him?"

    «an obedient boy?» Sunghoon is so quiet and restless, you'll have a long night ahead of you, you're sure of that. your next affirmative nod doesn't calm him down, and he almost bites his lip until it bleeds when you start to run your fingers slowly, gently down his cheeks and neck, leaving little trails of goosebumps on his skin.

    «my dear sunghoon's a little confused, right?»

    Sunghoon doesn't know how to react. the blush is slowly spreading to his neck and shoulders, and he's breathing a little harder than usual. over the past few years, few people had called him dear, much less tried to baby him. all these new petnames like «baby» or «my boy» seem so foreign, but so.. desirable? Sunghoon can't explain why his cock twitches so pleasantly every time you call him your baby.

    this is all some kind of trick, no doubt. 

    «are you happy, honey?»

    here we go again. sunghoon feels a translucent droplet form on his tip and slowly trickle down the shaft. he's in a kind of sweet anticipation that makes his head feel hazy, and he just nods, looking at you from under his barely-closed eyes. it may be difficult to do this, but he admits to himself how much he likes your every word and every movement.

    a soft, hoarse «yes» wraps around your wounded, tortured heart like a balm, and you seem to be slowly recovering. Sunghoon is like a kind doctor, and you are his prodigal patient who took several years to find her way home.

    «we need to lie down,» your fingers massage the base of his neck and tangle with the short hair at the nape of his neck. just that one touch makes Sunghoon shiver pleasantly as he nods, turning you both towards the bed. you walk backwards, never taking your eyes off him, and you smile, mentally thanking yourself that you didn't go back that day after all.

    Sunghoon seems to feel the same way, leaning in for another kiss as his hands gently lower you to the bed, and he hovers over you as if you were his prey.

    silly boy.

    your playful smile through the kiss encourages him, and he tries to deepen it himself, albeit clumsily. warm hands on his shoulders relax his tense muscles, and he finds the strength to never let go of you again, not for a minute, not for a second, and never again.

    «it's not fair that you still have your underwear on,» he mumbles, and you grin, giving one last chaste kiss to his lips.

    «undress me then,» your wish is his command. he quickly settles down next to your knees and then, looking at you, slowly slides his hands up your calves to them, trying to impress you with his tenderness. his touch feels deliberate, and so you just relax, giving him as much willpower as he needs.

    and he's happy about it. he is glad that his hands can rest so freely on your knees and spread your legs wide. he's happy to see the big, sticky stain on your underwear, knowing he's the reason of it. he's happy to see a few glistening threads running from your folds to your underwear as he undresses you. and, of course, he is happy when he notices how slowly, but quickly, more and more wetness flows out of you.

    «you're so wet, _____,» he says in amazement as a small, clear drop leaves the confines of your core and drips down your skin onto the sheets. at the very thought of what this drop could be delicious, Sunghoon's head gets more cloudy.

    «yes, and it's all because of you, Hoonie,» you agree, spreading your legs even wider so that he can enjoy the results of his work to his heart's content. naturally, you've never done this before, and you're feeling a little self-conscious, but sunghoon won't know about this. let him think it's no big deal for you.

    before you can get an answer, he's already leaning closer to your crotch, intending to eat you out completely, but you bring your legs together just in time so that his nose is directly on your knees. Sunghoon frowns in displeasure.

    «____ , what is it? spread them now,» Sunghoon tries to be bossy, but you both know perfectly well that you've always been the leader between the two of you, which means you're in charge. when you sit up, you just shake your head and smile.

    «have you forgotten that you have to be obedient?»

    «but i am a ma..» he mumbles, but your hand covers his lips just in time before he can utter such an absurdity.

    «your dick doesn't decide who's in charge, Sunghoon,» he narrows his eyes a little, licking his lips so that he can run his tongue over your fingers, «get this crap out of your head and let's learn how to please me.»

    he has no choice but to nod, and you take your hand away. his saliva is still warm between your fingers, and you defiantly lick it off, making your little brat blush.

    «now take off your robe and lie down on the pillows, baby.»

    the amount of embarrassment Sunghoon experienced is indescribable. he has never expected you to be like this. he felt like he was going to hover over you, you were going to spread your legs, and you were going to do exactly the same thing as.. the realization hits him hard when he finally leans back against the pillows and watches you push his robe aside and get up to lock the door.

    your hips, swaying slightly from side to side, look very different from what the so called «yours» looked like. you have a different waist, different breasts,different shoulders, everything is different, and therefore sex should also be different.

    he bites his lip a little, wondering what will happen next.

    his eyes follow yours you quickly turn the latch and turn to face him, smiling the same way you used to when you were a kid. except that you used to close the door to make some harmless craft or bird feeder, and now you're both naked and ready, as a religious Sunghoon's aunt would say, give yourself up to all your sins. how embarrassing.

    the closer you get to him, the more tense he gets.

    «you have a very nice cock, Sunghoon, i can't wait to get on it,» you mumble sweetly, sliding your fingertip from the base to the tip, tracing a circle around it. his cock twitches as if in response, and Sunghoon sighs through his teeth, averting his eyes.

    «but first, let's learn the basics,» you draw even closer, and then again, your chest slowly sways with each movement sunghoon really finds it hard not to stare at you like you're an exhibit in a lab. damn, damn, damn.

    Sunghoon circles your hips out of the corner of his eye, noticing the enticing glint of your inner thighs, and soon feels it all over himself as you sit on his stomach and put both hands on his ribs, still smiling.

    he doesn't look away from you.

    «so, baby, look, i like it when you raise your palms like this,» you cover his hands with yours, slightly crossing your fingers, and begin to lift them up, under the chest, without lifting them from the skin. Sunghoon exhales loudly and bites his lips a little when he feels your breasts cover the back of his hands. it feels so good.

    «they're so soft,» he says modestly, and you nod, moving your hands to his sides, «now you need to lift my chest up a little and then cover it with your hands. your hands are big, they should fit.»

    and you're right. Sunghoon repeats your command exactly in practice, and your loud exhalation echoes through the room. his hands seem to be perfect for this kind of touch, grazing your nipples so well. he's a fast learner.

    «good boy, Sunghoon,» you don't skimp on your praise, so he's happy to repeat the movement he just learned. your back arches slightly to meet his, and he grins again, knowing he's doing the right thing.

    «now leave one hand in the same position, and let go of the other and squeeze with your fingers so that the nipple remains uncovered.»

    your explanation seems a bit confusing, and sunghoon does everything at random, but right again. you can't help but stroke his skin with your fingers as a reward.

    «yes, great. now i'm going to lean in to you like this,» you take your hands away from him and move them to the head of the bed. your back bends more, and in order to lean as close as possible, you spread your legs even wider. Sunghoon can feel your wetness leaving stains on his stomach, and you almost moan when your clit accidentally rubs against his skin. biting your lips hard won't let you flatter him like that.

    «and you'll suck it.»

    Sunghoon lifts his head up to you, and you smile, leaning down to kiss his forehead. he smiles contentedly, and you kiss his lips, quickly, but gently enough to make him smile.sunghoon softened up, massaging your chest more actively with both hands.

    «like a baby?"

    «yeah, like a baby.»

    «it only needs to be sucked?» now it's Sunghoons turn to make you blush.

    «you can do whatever you want, but only gently, they're sensitive.»

    Sunghoon needs to stare at his target for a few more seconds before he pulls you even closer and finally starts sucking on you. your body goes limp almost immediately as his hot tongue and saliva wash over you like a wave. a small moan escapes your lips.

    «damn, baby, go on,» you whisper, gripping the wooden crossbar until your knuckles ache, until Sunghoon slowly, very gently caresses you. his lips are soft on the sensitive bud, and the even row of teeth barely touches it, but it's enough to make you wet even more. Sunghoon feels like a sticky puddle has already formed on his stomach, and it only inspires him to squeeze the fingers of his other hand, feeling your thighs tighten and shake.

    «do you like it? am i doing well?» your lover asks you quietly, confidently, between words, kissing his path to your second breast, not forgetting the movements that you taught him.

    «y-yes, go on,» you barely whimper when he wraps his lips around the still-uncaressed bump again and immediately presses it down with his teeth harder than he did with the previous one. finally, you moan out loud, and that deep, clear sound, mixed with the patter of rain, carries you through dimensions. Sunghoon is somewhere far away. he doesn't know or remember who he is or where he is, he's only interested in you.

    «damn, baby..» you squint hard when he bites you again, and this time you think you're going crazy. the knot in your stomach is tied so tightly that you're about to explode, so you'll have to stop, even if reluctantly.

    one of your hands is slowly placed on his hair, and you smooth it down, signaling. sunghoon immediately reacts, opening his mouth slightly to release your nipple from his mouth. a thin thread of saliva forms between it and his lips, which soon thinns out and falls on your stomach, pleasantly cooling your skin.

    your fingers gently brush through his strands.

    «that was wonderful, baby, thank you,» as a reward, you lean in and give him another kiss, which quickly turns into a fiery and passionate battle between two tongues. sunghoon wraps both of his arms around your waist and lowers your hips down along your stomach, drawing out a series of exhausted moans that sound like whimpers. the clitoris pulsates pleasantly at the slightest touch of everything, and Sunghoon is happy to give you so much pleasure with just one hug.

    «Hoonie, you're a fast learner,» your hand gently strokes his cheek, and you inhale his scent greedily, trying to catch your breath as he takes in the small lights in your eyes, licking his lips to taste your saliva again.

    «i want you to feel good,» he whispers, hugging you like a child hugging a new toy for christmas.

    you stroke his head again and again, kissing the top of his head and then his forehead, completely forgetting how much you're aroused. you need to do everything slowly.

    «do you have any condoms with you?»

    the question makes him tense up a little, and you can feel his muscles clench spasmodically. he shakes his head, giving out a small «fuck». wow, your little one can swear, how cute.

    «don't worry,» your voice takes his mind off the worry, but he's still tense, «we can do this raw.»

    his eyes widen a little. what? will he be able to feel your warmth on his skin, without any barriers? Sunghoon almost breaks into a satisfied smile, but his heart skips a beat when he realizes that this will definitely put your health in danger.

    «but is that okay?»

    you frown a little. he's right, he's absolutely right, but you can't do it without him today, and you're right about that. damn.


    «we can just help each other and finish,» Sunghoon suggested, pouting in his favorite way. his genuine concern for you and your beautiful body is touching, but you just stroke his cheek and shake your head, smiling.

    «honey, if i don't cum on your cock tonight, i'm going to die. and i don't intend to do it just once, so get ready to fill me up with your cum as many times as you can.»

    Sunghoon's lips unconsciously makes a funny face when he leans over to give your collarbone a peck.

    «_ _ _ _ , use me, i'll do whatever you want, i promise, i'll give you everything, every last drop of my cum.»

    you nod contentedly.


    you think if it hadn't been for a terrible rainstorm outside, the whole neighborhood would know how good you are feeling this day. it's already been at least an hour since Sunghoon came inside you for the first time, and to say it was magical is an understatement.

    his cum is thick and white, so pleasantly enveloping your walls every time his cock slides inside again, his hands squeeze your hips so hard when you once again lift up to abruptly fall on him, again and again touching almost all the sensitive spots inside of you.

    your cheeks are slightly itchy from the salty paths left by happy tears, but you are unlikely to stop now.

    «_____, i'm gonna cum..» Sunghoon grits quietly through his teeth as his hands once again lift you up to bring you down sharply while you rest your hands on his shoulders, trying to move in time.

    «fuck, no, not now..» you whine, squeezing his shoulders harder, and he pulls his hands away from you so you can lift your hips on your own and release his throbbing cock from you. as soon as he comes out, a few large drops of the previous load immediately fall down on him, and you break into a satisfied, relaxed smile, feeling something coming out of your needy pussy profusely.

    «how much longer can you last?» sunghoon shrugs, putting both of his hands behind his head so you can take full control of him. such an obedient boy.

    «once or twice, no more,» his answer seems to please you, but it also seems to upset you. of course, there's no denying that the two previous times he filled you up were magical, but you wouldn't mind spending the whole night like this, feeling him fill you up over and over again. oh, what a pity you can't keep his cum inside you forever.

    «okay, baby, then let's do this,» your fingers lightly massage the muscles of his collarbone as you gather your thoughts, «now i'll do it all by myself and you'll fill me up like this, and then we'll switch places, and i'll let you fill me up the way you want.»

    Sunghoon nods approvingly.

    «and then when we rest, you do it again, i want to feel your cum all the time,» he thinks you're crazy, and you are. such a long period of abstinence, a beloved boy nearby and an atmospheric room turn you into a sex-hungry monster, and you can't resist it. you want sunghoo here and now, and until everything down there hurts right away.

    Sunghoon gently strokes your hips, which are trembling with impatience and fatigue, «_____, you're already so red in there, doesn't it hurt?»

    you don't think twice. you feel a constant throb, humidity and, unfortunately, emptiness. you want more. you want sunghoon.

    «it's okay, love,» you exhale, sliding your hand down to his cock. the hand finds the tip unmistakably, so you gently, carefully pass the tip with your thumb right along the delicate bridle, Sunghoon immediately responds with a guttural groan.

    «please, _____..»

    you're almost on the edge yourself, so at the first sound that falls from his lips, you put his tip to the leaking with his cum entrance and, without thinking twice, lower your hips down. the entire length of him is instantly inside you, and your walls immediately squeeze so hard that the guy underneath you can barely restrain himself from cumming right away, just seconds later. you mumble contentedly, barely moving to feel each of his wreaths again.

    «damn, Hoonie, i love you,» you whisper for the first time tonight, looking down at him. your eyes widen slightly as he raises his eyebrows and looks back at you, not saying a word as tears form at the corners of his beautiful brown eyes. you rush to lean in to kiss them away, but his cock turns so nicely inside of you that you almost moan in his face.

    he's so close, your sweet hoonie, whom you've already lost and only found today. he's right here under you, crying like a little baby, and you just brush his tears away with your thumbs, smiling.

    «silly, why are you crying?» his eyes narrow a little as he smiles at your question, and more tears rush to fall on the pillowcases of your pillows. he's so cute. your lips slowly cover his face with small butterfly kisses.

    «i'm sorry, i'm just happy that it's mutual.»

    his voice may be shaky, but it sounds so happy that you kiss him again and again, over and over, until he wraps his arms around your neck, not wanting to let you go even a millimeter. another hot kiss inflames you, and you instinctively begin to lift your lower body up and down, in a moderate but steady rhythm. he moans loudly against your lips, pressing even closer to you as if you're his last chance, but it's actually the opposite.

    this is the sweet guy who saved you after months of self-tormenting and crying, the guy who caused you to change everything, now in your hands, and he will never leave them again. with each new thrust, the pace increases. let this be your last round, you two couldn't care less.

    «i'm cuming soon,» he catches your whisper with his lips as you pull away from him to brush the unruly strands of hair out of your face.

    «m-me too..»

    «let's do it together.»

    Sunghoon gives a small nod, and after just a few more thrusts, you clench once again and feel the warmth filling you from the inside out. soft, viscous and so desirable liquid rolls down the walls, envelops them like a blanket. you drop your whole body against his chest, and he immediately hugs you, closing his eyes.

    you can't find the strength to move, you don't want to feel empty again, and so you just lie there, eyes closed, in each other's arms. with your sensitive walls, you can feel his cock slowly going limp, and even Sunghoon almost turns into a puddle with each new breath. you've exhausted him, obviously.

    the sound of rain has a positive effect on you, calming you down after such a passionate coitus. propping your head in your hands, you study his relaxed face, counting moles and freckles, smiling like a fool.

    «Hoonie,» your boy hums weakly, listening carefully to whatever you're about to say, «i wish we'd done this sooner.»

    he frowns a little, opening his eyes lazily, and now you're looking at each other, just like you did when you were kids: he pouts a little, and you smile, tilting your head to the side.


    «when we were teenagers.»

    «my god, _____, what are you thinking about?» Sunghoon waves you off with a big smile on his face, «this is gross.»

    «gross? we haven't changed much. you just got bigger,» you laugh, lifting yourself up on your hands to pull his cock out of you and sit on his stomach, feeling a nice warmth. his cum is leaking out of you again, forming a puddle, but it doesn't matter, nothing else matters.

    «it's leaking out,» he says, and you nod sadly, looking at the small white puddle right in front of your pussy.

    «yes, i'm so sorry, but it's okay, you can fill me up every day.»

    «do you like creampies?»

    “i love your creampies,» the obvious emphasis on the word «your» makes him smile contentedly, «uhh, i wish you were my first, it would be so cool to see your white, sticky, precious cum leaking out of my tight virgin pussy..»

    «shut up, for god's sake!» your boy bursts out laughing, and you parrot him.

    the thunderclaps subside.

    the downpour almostly stops.

    the sun appears no cloud can ruin it now.



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