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  • wishfulstargazer
    15.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Flufftober Day 15 Save Your Scissors (formerly I Am A Rock) (silly traditions)

    fandom: Julie and the Phantoms

    relationship: Julie Molina & Alex Mercer & Luke Patterson & Reggie Peters

    words: 356

    rating: teen

    summary:  When opinions clash about a new composition, the band settles it in an unusual way.



    “I think Julie should take that line up high,” Reggie objected as the band was playing their new song.

    Julie and Luke exchanged glances. “We wrote that line for Luke,” Julie said. “I have plenty of high notes to wail on in this piece.”

    “But it’s just better going up, look,” and Reggie slid into the piano seat, then played the existing notes, then changed it up and played his proposed descant over the top. Julie nodded thoughtfully. It was rare for Reggie to attempt to overrule her and Luke on a project, but when he felt strongly about it, he was pretty much always right--at least about the music. His lyrics tended to be a little questionable.

    Luke, however, was resistant. “Let’s settle it old school Sunset Curve style.”

    Reggie nodded. “Rock, Paper, Scissors it is!”

    Julie looked from one to the other in disbelief. “Um, guys, this is our careers. Our music . You want to decide it by throwing rock/paper/scissors? You might as well flip a coin or something.”

    Surprisingly, it was Alex who intervened. “Don’t worry, Julie, it will be fine.” She raised her eyebrows at him. He smiled. “I’ve been dealing with these two a long time. Trust me.”

    Reggie threw scissors. Luke threw paper. “I win!” Reggie crowed proudly. “Let’s get rehearsing on your new solo, Jules!”

    The song was quite a bit better. Later that day, Julie tackled Alex.

    "Okay, so, generally you’re the last person to be all relaxed about stuff like that,” she asked. “What gives?”

    Alex smiled conspiratorily. “Ask yourself this: would Luke EVER let his pride get in the way of what’s best for the music?”

    Julie shook her head without even having to think. “Not in a million years.”

    “Exactly. So here’s the secret. Reggie always throws scissors.”

    “But then Luke can win at any time-- oh! ” Julie got it. “ Ohhhh-- ”

    Alex nodded. “They’ve been doing it since around 1993. This way Luke can give in--without giving in.”

    Julie shook her head. “Your friends are lunatics.”

    Alex nodded again. “Yep, but I like having ‘em around.”

    “So do I,” she admitted.

    #flufftober2021#jatp fic #fluff without plot #sunset curve#found family #julie and the phantoms
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  • skywalekersart
    15.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    90SJATP | Part III: You Get What You Give / I Got The Music (1/6) Part I: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 Part II: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

    Fridays are for comebacks and unrequested additions to preexisting mythologies. (As I imagined, I won't be able to draw all five intended parts of this AU, what with real life happening and interests changing. But I wanted to at least complete this 6-part section of the story, which has been so important to me for many reasons. If you're still keeping up with this, I hope you'll like it as much as I do.💓)

    90SJATP: tumblr tag | instagram tag | instagram guide | spotify playlist
    taglist:  @hey-there-juliet @grimhildelove @boggie-brainrot @thedeathdeelers @gaylebcovington @chickwiththepurpleguitar @lady-ofmagic-andstars @we-are-all-flynn @you-are-constance @not-the-droids-ur-looking-4​ @peregrer​ @corporeal-terrestrial​ @floating-in-the-blue​ @booknerd3108 @juliesghosties @justxfolio​ @teenagepeanutbird​ @thesunsetcurvephantom @duuude38​ @andwhenwepart​ @mouse-fantoms​ @emeraldrain55​ @moony221b​ @gluedonheadphones0325​ @transdaniellarusso @singwhaticantsay​ @inejghafa-kazbrekker-jesperfahey @juliespiano​ @thegirlfulloffandoms​ @quicktypesomethingclever​ @blueskiesandstarrynights​ @enby-chaos-fox​ @lovebecomeshim​ @sunrise-curve-dd​ @phanhowell​ @as-supernova (let me know if you want to be added!)

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  • kybee1497
    15.10.2021 - 19 hours ago


    Trapped in this God Forsaken Snow Globe SMAU - Part 6

    In which things are finally happening for our snowbound gays! Plans are made! Conversations are had! But what is Julie doing and what will happen next?


    Taglist (ask to be added or removed):

    @a-tomb-with-a-view @on-irratia @michelangelindraws @angelofarts @itsthebooks @curvesomesunsets @till-our-stars-collided @smol-evil-gremlin @wr0temyway0ut @williexmercer @sunrise-curve-dd @juliaandthephantoms @chickwiththepurpleguitar @wadewaits @a-literal-supernova @sapphossidechick @reginald-peters-my-beloved @quicktypesomethingclever @fairylightsandrainydays @valiantlyweepingdreamer @homeinabookshelf @blackandblue13 @j-i-l-l-i-a-n @caliibee @miss-atrophy @k-padfoot39 @allhailthesanders @boggie-brainrot @lyxchen @deelizcious @you-are-constance @theonionsmademedoit @readyrogueone @moony221b @jatp-wolfstar-idk @dont-bury-the-gays @jaskiers-sweetkiss @gluedonheadphones0325 @enby-chaos-fox @cathair-inmy-quesadilla

    #jatp #julie and the phantoms #jatp smau #trapped in this godforsaken snow globe #snow globe smau #willex#sunset curve#boggie#carrie wilson#alex mercer#willie jatp#bobby wilson#bobby shaw#luke patterson#reggie peters#smau#jatp fic#jatpfs #julie and the himbos
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  • latinposeidon
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I mentioned this in my last tags, but pre-fallout triple threat absolutely reminded Trevor of the boys. Carrie, the self-confident but very insecure lead singer who struggles with emotions to the degree that it impacts her relationships. Flynn, the energetic sweetheart who wants to help and support her friends whose parents are implied to have a less than amazing relationship. And Julie, the anxious one who doesn’t sing as much as people want her to and who seems like the sensible one until you actually think about her actions.

    Part of him probably saw the kids as a new version of the guys, managing to stick together even after they died. But then they fall apart. Sunset Curve’s pseudo second shot at fame is over and once again there’s nothing he can do about it.

    #am I interpreting things about flynn’s parents’ relationship off a couple of lines in whatever happens? yep. what did you really expect lmao #literally in their pov she gets slightly upset about how much ray loves rose and my brain went 👀 #and yes in this allegory: if sunset curve had fallen apart reggie would stick with alex #which uhhh is rather fitting for something I’m writing ahskdhdksh #julie and the phantoms #jatp#trevor wilson#carrie wilson#flynn taylor#julie molina #(petscop vibes for carrie gaidhddj)
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  • alexthedrummerboy
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Before We Were Us - JATP Zine

    pairing: platonic jatp, found family
    summary: “What was your guys’ favourite thing to do with Trev-... Bobby?”
    The question is innocent enough, but it still manages to make Alex pause as he sifts through Julie’s extensive nail polish collection.
    Julie and Alex reminisce about past friendships and bond about current connections. authors note:  here's my fic that i wrote for @jatpzine that recently came out! my prompt was 'the band, found family' and i had an awesome time writing this! unfortunately the store is now closed but if you bought a copy, thank you from the deepest DEEPEST well in my heart and i sincerely hope you enjoyed it <3

    “What was your guys’ favourite thing to do with Trev-... Bobby?”

    The question is innocent enough, but it still manages to make Alex pause as he sifts through Julie’s extensive nail polish collection. He pauses, his fingers curling around a sparkly bottle of Conga-line Crimson.

    “We…” Alex shakes the bottle absentmindedly, looking over at where Reggie is lying unconscious on Julie’s bed, his left hand hanging precariously over the edge. “We did a lot of things together.”

    “Like what?” Julie asks, voice quiet as she smooths a layer of base coat over Luke’s index finger. As she does, he lets out a soft snore but doesn’t stir. He’d conked out almost immediately after their movie marathon, leaving Alex and Julie the only two left awake.

    Alex sighs, unscrewing the lid from the bottle and staring down at it with a little too much concentration. “We used to busk at the beach a lot,” he says eventually, smiling at the memory of sandy socks and four part harmonies. He tries to imagine Bobby, the way he is now, going to the beach with a worn-down acoustic guitar, playing for whoever is willing to listen. He frowns when the image refuses to appear.

    read the rest on ao3!

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  • joolzrichie
    13.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    The guys singing all the songs with Julie’s name in it because they know it annoys her!

    Some are okay like “hey Julie” by Fountains of Wayne and “Waterloo sunset” by The Kinks…

    They’re not keen on “oh Julie” by Shakin’ Steven, but that seems to bug her so they do that one more often….

    Then they discover “me Julie” by Shaggy and Ali G, and realise that the song drives her nuts, and from then on will only refer to her as “me Julie”……

    This bares no resemblance to my life in anyway whatsoever…..

    Ha! This happens on nearly a daily basis, especially “me Julie”

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  • thediariesofsomewimpykids
    12.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    reggie 09/07/92

    (tap on the imagine for better quality)

    #reggie peters#jatp#sunset curve #sunset curve story #sunset curve sm #boggy#lalex #reggie x luke #bobby x reggie #luke patterson#alex mercer#bobby wilson#regina peters#reggie diary#jatp story #sunset curve fanfiction #fanfiction#fan story#jatp fanfic#jatp au #julie and the phantoms
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  • allhailthesanders
    12.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Bobby: Reg is at a family reunion so while he’s gone I’m gonna cut the sleeves off of all my shirts

    Luke: As much as I like where you’re thinking it wouldn’t suit you

    Alex: Ew why?

    Bobby: I mean he’s pretty much 85% of my impulse control so

    #julie and the phantoms #sunset curve#bobby wilson#luke patterson#alex mercer#reggie peters #impulse!bobby is back babyyyyyyy
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  • the-entitties
    11.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    happy spoopy season.

    imagine the molinas and the ghosts putting together a haunted house together.

    “no it’s not cheating. we’re just taking advantage of our resources.” “glad our deaths can be helpful to you.”

    “no moaning, they can’t hear you. just move things like normal ghosts.”

    “guys, the scooby doo theme song isn’t scary, pick a better song to set the mood.”

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  • reggiesaswiftie
    10.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Headcannon that Alex used to chew on his drumsticks when he was anxious or stressed until the boys helped him develop better coping mechanisms

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  • psyduckappears
    10.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    When You're Fast Asleep

    A dream is a wish your heart makes When you're fast asleep In dreams you will lose your heartaches Whatever you wish for, you keep
    When Reggie is sixteen years old, one of his biggest dreams comes true. The big bad truth about dreams, though, the fact that everyone must face at one point or another is this: they never turn out quite as smoothly as you imagined.
    Reggie's parents get a divorce, and that is exactly what he's been wishing for for so long; he has a hard time coming towards. him, though, with a little brother to look after and court hearings to attend and two parents fighting over which of them has to keep him and who gets to have the car.

    read my new fic on ao3

    #reggie peters#jatp fic#my fics#jatp#sunset curve #so much angst #but a happy ending
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  • skywalekersart
    10.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    — For I never saw true beauty 'til this night. My piece for the @jatpzine, the first @julieandthephantoms fanzine! I got to draw a small piece of our beloved characters in a 90s Movie AU, and I couldn't help but choose the iconic Romeo+Juliet by Baz Luhrmann. Featuring: THE CAPULETS: ✨ @booboostewart.art's Willie as Abra ✨ @thejadahmarie's Flynn as Tybalt ✨ @sacha_carlson's Nick as Paris ✨ @themadisonreyes's Julie as (you know it) Juliet THE MONTAGUES: ✨ @charles_gillespie's Luke as Romeo ✨ @owenjoyner's Alex as Balthasar ✨ @taylorkare's Bobby as Benvolio ✨ @jeremyshada's Reggie as Sampson Proud and honored to have been included in this project alongside so many talented creators! 💜

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  • not-afraidofhurtinganymore
    10.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Estou escrevendo uma fanfic!!

    Depois de anos resolvi voltar a me arriscar e comecei uma história em que o Alex e o Luke namoraram nos anos 90, antes dos acontecimentos da série e deles conheceram o Willie e a Julie

    #fanfic#sunset curve#Jatp #julie and the phantoms #Sunset Curve fanfic #Jatp fanfic#Lalex#Lalex fanfic #Estou escrevendo uma fanfic #Lory escreve
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  • mikhailogallavich
    10.10.2021 - 5 days ago


    Send help

    #bobby shaw#jatp #julie and the himbos #Julie and the phantoms #Julie and the mandem #bobby wilson#sunset curve
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  • sunsetjulie
    09.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    No thoughts, just Willie gifting Alex a pair of pink Heelys (that he stole from the mall) so they can skate together.

    #stealing things and giving them to you is how they show affection #julie and the phantoms #jatp#willie jatp#willex#alex mercer#luke patterson#reggie peters#julie molina#sunset curve#madison reyes#charlie gillespie#jeremy shada #owen patrick joyner
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  • quicktypesomethingclever
    08.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    someone offered me a hotdog today and i was tempted to say "do you want me to die?" but then i realised they don't know what sunset curve is

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  • anxiousacesexplorethelitverse
    08.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    in the bleak midwinter, angry boys have grown (standing hard as iron against parents made of stone)

    Thinking back on it, Luke’s not entirely sure if he always sort of knew how bad his life at home is, or if it just snuck up on him. It’s been so long since he realised that the way things are at home isn’t normal that the circumstances of how he noticed are unclear and the edges a little blurry. Luke only really got it, when his three new best friends started giving him concerned looks every time he talked about Mom, and when they, with the horrible parents that even at his young age he knew were awful, said that his own parents weren’t good either.

    day 6: Hurt/Comfort for @jatp-foundfamily-week

    fic link is here :))

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  • thediariesofsomewimpykids
    08.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    alex Monday, August the 31st 1992

    (tap on the imagine for better quality)

    #alex mercer#jatp#sunset curve #sunset curve story #sunset curve sm #boggy#lalex #reggie x luke #bobby x reggie #luke patterson#bobby wilson#reggie peters#regina peters#alex diary#jatp story #sunset curve fanfiction #fanfiction#fan story#jatp fanfic#jatp au #julie and the phantoms
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  • reggiebabe
    08.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    top 5 songs from my jatp playlists

    luke patterson

    1. songs i can’t listen to by neon trees

    2. cupid’s choke hold by gym class heroes

    3. san francisco by 5SOS

    4. talk by coldplay

    5. hot rod by dayglow

    reggie peters

    1. pierre by ryn weaver

    2. boys will be bugs by cavetown

    3. why do you feel so down by declan mckenna

    4. 2/14 by the band camino

    5. 1980s horror film by wallows

    alex mercer

    1. favorite t-shirt by jake scott

    2. boys wear pink by todrick hall

    3. i kissed a boy by jupither

    4. the story by conan gray

    5. suburbia by troye sivan

    sunset curve

    1. basement noise by all time low

    2. runaway kids by harbour

    3. does he know? by one direction

    4. more by 5SOS

    5. see through by the band camino

    #full playlists are pinned! #julie and the phantoms #luke patterson#reggie peters#alex mercer#sunset curve
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  • im-swimming
    08.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Random headcannons again

    I have post ideas but they’ve been disappearing right as I go to make them lately, so I beg of you if you have any prompts or just something for me to talk about , draw etc please shoot me a ask.(if you want of corse) so for now take the usual headcannon dump while they’re still floating around my mind

    Alex is the fast walker ™️. Particularly in school hallways , if not with a friend or prompted to talk he is the head down lightning speed , weaving though the crowd kind of walking. This is one of the times uou can find a irritated Alex, like when he’s super anxious it’s unbelievably easy to set him off. He’ll snap at you but apologize a few minutes later. Just don’t stand in the middle of the walkway man-

    He’s also the distracted :0 “shiny” kind of walker, very easily distracted is that a new movie poster? Your gonna see it. He’s - he likes to explore? He likes to see everything new

    The boys are actually dialing down their 90s slang around Julie , when she’s not around it’s terrifying, it’s turned up to the max

    Luke once stated that he wished Alex could try chocolate , it’s so good. They could just- give him his inhaler or something so it wouldn’t kill him. Alex promptly explained that it’s not how it works or even the right medicine They were 10. (This is based around something that happened to me. I have a dairy allergy and they’re just like “use your inhaler” I’m sorry I’m not dying over a Reese’s cup. - but I’m convinced the guys would say something stupid like this so I’m using it)

    Julie’s sandwich snobby, the only kind she really likes is a Pb&J(she took them in school lunches since pre-K) and grilled ham and cheese.

    Luke garnered the nickname “Tippy toes” or “footloose” in school,

    Bobby’s most common phrase is “I will turn this car around” he is a father prematurely. 3 dumbass kids in his moms minivan. Seriously when Carrie was a kid there’s a damn good reason he doesn’t drive anymore, pay someone or the helicopter.

    Luke’s family didn’t like to get rid of things that weren’t broken, they also didn’t go out for the latest thing each year. A lot of the things around the Patterson house are pretty old or outdated, like the record player from like 1972 , their stereo, he uses his Walkman from YEARS AGO. Because broken things can be fixed- seriously his dad was amazing at fixing stuff around the house when he was off work

    There’s still a fan base for sunset curve

    Reggie smoked

    Alex would make the most phone calls for the group, he was basically manager and counting the days until they got someone ACTUALLY QUALIFIED he’s tired ™️

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