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  • spaceman-earthgirl
    17.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Supercorp 2021 Day 17: Alien

    Some supercorp and Esme for those who asked!

    Fic link. Series link.

    “Darling, I think that’s all you need,” Lena says, startling Kara as hands wind around her waist, a chin resting over her shoulder.

    Kara leans back into the touch, just for a moment, enjoying the soft press and warmth of the body behind her. She smiles, despite the nerves swirling in her stomach as she surveys the games in front of her.

    “Are you sure? I don’t want her to get bored.”

    Kara feels a kiss pressed to her shoulder and then Lena is spinning her, bringing her face to face with her girlfriend. “You have a pile of games, colouring and painting set up, enough pillows and blankets to build a fort that covers this whole apartment and ingredients to bake more cookies than even you can eat. I don’t think Esme is going to get bored.”

    Kara sighs. “I know, I just want her to like me.”

    “You’ve met her before, we both know she adores you.”

    “What if she just likes Supergirl, and not Kara?” Kara asks, her real insecurities coming out under Lena’s soft gaze.

    “I don’t think you need to worry about that either, everyone loves you, and I’ve seen you with her, you’re a natural with kids.”

    Despite Kara’s nerves, she can’t help but believe Lena’s sure gaze, her words strong and certain.

    “Okay.” Kara lets out a long breath. “It’ll be fine, right?”

    Lena smiles. “Of course, it will be. Are you sure you don’t want me to go? So you can spend some time alone with your niece?”

    Kara shakes her head as she tangles her fingers with Lena’s. “No, I want you here. Besides, you’re ‘Aunt Lena,’ she’s your niece too.”

    “You know that’s not accurate, right?”

    Kara shrugs. “Fine, maybe not technically yet but I plan on marrying you eventually so she will be one day.”

    Lena grins, and it’s only when she hears the accompanying loud beat of Lena’s heart, does Kara realise her words. They’ve been dating two weeks, or fifteen days, to be more specific. It’s fifteen days since Lena asked her to dinner and it took until they were having dessert for Kara to realise that they were on a date. Not that that would’ve changed her answer, she’s just glad she realised before Lena kissed her, or that would’ve been an even bigger surprise.

    “You plan on marrying me?” Lena teases, but Kara can tell, she wants it one day too.

    “Maybe,” Kara says, but she’s smiling too, the ‘maybe’ an obvious ‘yes.’

    “Good,” Lena grins before she tilts forward, soft lips pressing against her own. She’ll never get tired of this feeling, of how right it feels to be able to kiss Lena now.

    “They’re here,” Kara says, pulling away when she hears the sound of the elevator and suddenly all that anxiety is back.

    “Breathe,” Lena says, pressing one last quick kiss to Kara’s mouth before Lena is spinning her by the shoulders again and giving her a little shove towards the door, just as there’s a knock on it.

    Esme’s smile is hesitant as she steps inside the apartment, her eyes landing on Kara. Lena hangs back as Kara greets her sister and Kelly, before Kara turns towards the little girl.

    “Hi,” Kara smiles.

    “Hello,” Esme greets, stuffed toy tucked under her arm, wearing a pair of adorable overalls that Kara loves.

    “Thanks for doing this,” Alex says, drawing Kara’s attention back to them. “We hopefully won’t be too long.” Alex and Kelly have a meeting about Esme’s adoption, Kara offering to look after the young alien while they’re busy.

    “Take as long as you like,” Kara says, turning back to Esme. “We’re going to have heaps of fun while Alex and Kelly go and do boring adult stuff, right?” Not that what they’re doing isn’t important, but she wants Esme to have fun while they’re gone.

    Esme’s smile grows as she nods.

    Alex and Kelly leave with a “call us if you need anything” and Kara is suddenly nervous again.

    Kara crouches down, and then ends up sitting cross-legged on the floor as it brings her eye level with the 5-year-old. “Before we decide what we’re going to do today, I have a surprise for you.”

    “A surprise?”

    Kara nods, turning to Lena who’s still hanging back and she gives her a nod too. Lena pulls a device from her pocket and clicks the button, a red glow taking over the room.

    “Can you feel that?” Kara asks, turning back to Esme as her own body starts to feel heavier as her powers vanish.

    Esme nods. “Your powers are gone?”

    “Yes. Do you remember I told you I get my powers for the yellow sun here on Earth?” Esme nods again. “Well, on Krypton, we had a red sun, so I didn’t have powers on my planet. Lena has set up these lights so they’re like the red sun, so that when you’re here, you can relax and not worry about having my powers. I want you to be comfortable while you’re here and not worry about having my powers until you can figure out how to control your own.”

    All of the apprehension that was on Esme’s face when she walked in is gone. “Thank you.”

    “Of course, kiddo,” Kara smiles. “So, what do you want to do today? We could do some painting or colouring? I have some fun board games we could play or we could build a blanket fort? Have you ever built one of them before?” Esme shakes her head. “Or we could bake some cookies or watch a movie too?”

    Esme looks overwhelmed by the options for a moment before she quietly asks, “can we bake some cookies?”

    Kara grins. “Yes, excellent choice. Though, we have to ask Aunt Lena first, because she’s going to have to help us.” Kara can’t be trusted to bake alone, last time she nearly burnt down the kitchen and the time before she ate all the cookie dough before she could bake anything.

    Hopeful eyes turn to Lena. “Can we bake some cookies, please?” Esme asks, and Kara can see the attention throws Lena for a moment before she smiles.

    “Of course, we can, sweetie.”

    Esme beams and Kara falls a little bit more in love, both with her niece and the woman across the room.

    “Do you want me to lift you onto the counter so you can help mix the ingredients together?” Kara asks once they’ve set up the kitchen, ingredients spread out before them.

    Esme nods excitedly, all fear gone, looking totally relaxed now and Kara is glad, that’s all she wants, is for Esme to feel loved and accepted and know that they’re her family now, no matter what.

    Kara bends down to pick up Esme, hands under her arms, but when she lifts, she pretends the young girl is too heavy.

    “Phew,” Kara breathes. “Without my powers, I’m not strong enough to lift you anymore.” She tries again, earning giggles from Esme as the girl stands on her toes, trying to make herself easier to lift.

    “Lena,” Kara says with a fake sigh. “You’re going to have to help me, she’s too heavy.”

    Lena gives her an affectionate eye roll but without hesitation, steps forward and lifts Esme onto the counter, smiling at the little girl. “You’re Aunt Kara is silly, isn’t she? But we love her anyway.” Lena stage whispers, Esme laughing again.

    Kara wants to be offended by the comment, but she can’t be, not when Esme looks so happy and Lena is smiling so softly at her.

    Once the cookies are in the oven, Esme asks if they could do some painting and Kara’s heart melts when Esme takes her hand as they cross the room.

    By the time Alex and Kelly return, Esme has flour and chocolate stains on her overalls, paint all over her hands, but Kara isn’t sorry at all when Esme gives her a big hug before she leaves and asks if they can build a fort next time she visits.

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  • bisexualpirateheart
    16.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Kara. She was back. Alive, relatively unharmed, safe. Lena could scarcely believe it. Now that Kara was back, she could let herself name the fear that had been living inside her every day Kara had been gone. That there would be no way to rescue her. That Kara would be trapped in the Phantom Zone for all eternity, with Lena powerless to help her. It threatened to overwhelm her. Just how much she had feared that possibility.

    And now, now Kara was safe. She was home.

    Lena closed her eyes. Now was really not the time for a breakdown but she was so tired of keeping it all together.


    She jerked her head up to see Kara standing hesitantly in the door.

    "Are you all right?” Kara asked, concern in her eyes.

    Lena smiled faintly. "Shouldn’t I be asking you that?"

    I want you - Available exclusively on patreon 

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  • intouandbeyond
    16.10.2021 - 20 hours ago


    SUPERCORPTOBER 2021 MASTERLIST: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (below)

    5. Red
    Kara was hit with the untimeliest of memories and it has left her off-kilter throughout her whole visit.
    Or, they fight, part 2.

    2.2k words (read on ao3: this chapter, series)

    All Kara saw was red.

    It started out small, manageable. Or so she thought.

    She received a Facebook notification. It was one of those Facebook memories that read: “Three years ago…” and it showed a picture of her and Mike that she had posted and, apparently, hadn’t deleted yet. It was a close-up of them looking into each other’s eyes. Her eyes zeroed in on the comment directly below it, that said: “You’re perfect, babe.”

    Which- ugh.

    How did she even fall in love with such a sleazebag? His words in writing were so different from how he actually treated her throughout their relationship, because in reality, Mike never thought Kara was enough, much less perfect; he said so himself.

    Kara tried her best to shake it off and calm her mind, not wanting it to affect her headspace because just thinking about it, him, again makes her head steam, blood boil, eyes red.

    No, no, not today. She clicks on the photo’s options and deletes the post without any further thought.

    Today was supposed to be a good day.

    Today was the day she can finally come over to Lena’s place. She was just packing the last of the cookies she had just freshly baked when she caught a glance at the kitchen wall clock.

    5:49 pm.


    She quickly put on her jeans and the cleanest white shirt she could find. She grabbed her already-prepared overnight bag and yanked the vanilla ice cream out of the freezer before placing it in another bag with her Tupperware of cookies. She quickly but carefully locked up the place, double-checking it because the last thing she needed was Alex calling her, in the middle of whatever she and Lena would be doing, just to yell at her for not locking up the place properly.

    It took about two long minutes to walk from the lobby of her building to Lena’s just on the next block over, and as she pressed ‘Up’ for the elevator, she checked her time, and it was 6:03 already. She was fidgety and so nervous that she nearly stumbled over the delivery guy that exited the elevator.

    When Kara finally reached Lena’s floor, she all but ran to her front door in her haste, but she took in a calming breath before tapping the doorbell, bracing herself for their new beginning. Kara wasn’t one to usually admit to being driven by urges and wants, but she couldn’t care less once she saw Lena in the flesh once again, dressed in comfy boy shorts and one of Kara’s old and worn-down shirts that looked infinitely better on Lena.

    She was stunned by the amount of skin she was able to see, overwhelmed with her desire to touch, to kiss until her heart’s content. But before she could even begin to act on any of it, Lena impatiently started the night off with a kiss so hungry, so eager, Kara couldn’t help but groan before responding in turn. They were unrestrained, and Kara made it her personal mission to make Lena scream and moan as loud as she could.

    And oh, she did. Not feeling the least bit guilty even when she remembered that Lena’s apartment had thin walls, especially outside the bedroom.

    Sated, light-headed, and hungry for actual food, Kara asked if they could order food instead of going out. Apparently, Lena was one step ahead of her and had already ordered for them, which she said had arrived mere minutes before Kara came over and devoured her.

    She giggled in pure glee at that and shamelessly trailed her fingers back down to get one more taste of Lena. “Mmm… I don’t regret a single thing.”

    It seemed to have stoked the resting fire between them once more as Lena surged forward to claim her lips before pulling her to stand and dragging her to the shower for one more round. They were on their way for another when the sound of Kara’s grumbling stomach roared loudly between them.

    “Well, I guess you’re hungry for something else now. We have to take care of that first, darling.”

    They finished their shower as quickly as possible, and while Lena went to reheat their food, Kara browsed through Netflix to choose a movie to watch. She settled on Jurassic World, remembering that Lena hadn’t seen it yet, hadn’t even heard of it, along with the fact that Lena’s doppelganger was in the movie as well.

    Feeling giddy she jumped to her end of the couch and, just in time, she sees Lena come back with utensils, two plates, and a big bowl of pasta.

    Pasta that had Kale on it.

    Kara didn’t know what to do.

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  • intouandbeyond
    16.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    This is It

    SUPERCORPTOBER 2021 MASTERLIST: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (below) | 5

    4. Couch
    Lena loves her couch, it’s only ever been a harbor of happy memories, until today.
    AKA they fight, part 1.

    3k words (read on ao3: this chapter, series)

    Even though Lena’s mostly a recluse, in med school more than any other time in her life, she’s still had a number of good memories.

    Her childhood may have been rough for the most part, but that didn’t mean it was all bad. She remembers the first time she played chess with Lex. How one trial run was all she needed to learn the rules of the game, how she beat him on the very next one, and how pleasantly shocked Lex, Lionel, and even Lillian, were. It was the very first time she felt like she could fit in as a Luthor.

    She remembers her 12-year-old self learning how to make pancakes with Gina, the Luthor mansion’s head chef and one of her closest confidants in their vast estates. Lillian or Lionel couldn’t care less about learning or teaching her how to cook, given that they both grew up in homes with staff that caters to their every beck and call.

    As young as she was back then, Lena wanted to be as independent as she can possibly be. She could already do common household chores properly, like how to sweep or vacuum, mop, do laundry, fix light bulbs, and even do basic technician’s work which she learned from watching Lex as he did his engineering projects. The only thing she hadn’t grasped was cooking, so Lena turned to Gina for lessons. In between talking about their day, she taught Lena many recipes and cooking techniques, but the one Lena was proudest of was the very first time she successfully flipped a pancake. Not only did it turn out fluffy and perfectly golden, but it tasted great too, and when she served it to her family at breakfast, they loved it, and so did Lena.

    Those can’t beat the ones she made during med school, though. The day she moved into her apartment, her couch was the very first piece of furniture she bought, and since then, it had been a witness to the many good memories she had made.

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  • spaceman-earthgirl
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Supercorptober 2021 Day 16: Fire

    This was based on this photo of Lena looking absolutely incredible.

    Fic link. Series link.

    Kara can’t breathe, the air caught in her chest the moment she walks in and sees Lena. Her whole body stills, like its forgotten how to move, and if her brain wasn’t wholly focused on her best friend sitting at the table, she might wonder if her heart has physically stopped too.

    But no, her entire being is focused on Lena and suddenly every single emotion that she’s pushed down, pushed away, locked inside in the hopes they’d go away, come bubbling to the surface.

    She can feel it, thrumming beneath her skin, the pull she’s always felt towards Lena, the desire to be close to her, the pure want she feels for her best friend that’s getting harder and harder to push away.

    She’s not sure she can push her feelings away anymore, not sure she can continue to pretend she’s not ridiculously in love with her best friend.

    Lena glances up, catches her eye across the room and then Kara is falling all over again when Lena sends a smile her away.

    They’re at the tower, Lena sitting at the table, going through her spell book, clearly frustrated if the little crinkle in her forehead that appears when she looks back down is anything to go by.

    Kara stays frozen though, eyes on Lena. She’s wearing a black turtleneck today, making her pale skin stand out even more, the freckle on her neck just visible, which Kara has the inexplicable urge to kiss. Her hair is done up in a half messy bun atop her head, which only draws more attention to her neck, even if it’s half hidden by her sweater.

    And then there are Lena’s lips, which she’s spent far too much time staring at for someone who is just a friend. Today they’re a dark red, only highlighting her pale skin more and making Kara wonder what it would feel like if she kissed them too.

    She swallows, forces all her feelings back down, tries to lock them all away as she moves again, making her way closer to Lena before Lena can question why she’s not moving.

    Lena’s focused on her hands, muttering something and Kara can see why when fire sparks at her fingertips, just for a moment, before it’s gone again. She lets out a frustrated sigh and Kara is momentarily distracted from her growing feelings.

    “Is everything okay?” Kara asks.

    Lena is still frowning at her hands. “I can’t even do this anymore, last time I could make a fire in my hands and now I don’t think I could even light a candle. Maybe I’m just not cut out to do magic.”

    Kara can see the rigid way Lena is sitting, the stiff set of her shoulders. “I think you need to relax,” Kara says, rounding the table to bring herself behind Lena. She lifts her hands to Lena’s biceps, feels the soft material of her sweater as she runs her hands up and down Lena’s arms.

    Lena lets out a small laugh. “That’s easier said than done.”

    “I know.” Kara squeezes Lena’s arms, can feel the way Lena’s shoulders loosen under her touch. “If it helps, I know you can do this, I’ve seen you in action, you’re amazing.”

    Lena takes a deep breath, Kara feels it from where her hands still rest of Lena’s arms.

    Kara can smell her shampoo this close and it’s intoxicating.

    Lena says some words Kara doesn’t understand, the same ones she’d heard before, and then in the next moment, sparks flare in Lena’s hands again but this time the fire doesn’t go out, it just continues to burn as she holds her hands in front of her. After a few moments, Lena says something else and the fire goes out.

    “I did it,” Lena says, Kara can hear the grin in her voice even though she’s still behind her and the feelings swell in her chest again, back just as strong as ever.

    She knows these feelings aren’t going away anytime soon.

    “I knew you could,” Kara says. She leans forward, presses a kiss to the back of Lena’s shoulder, just to let some of her feelings out, since bottling them up clearly isn’t helping at all.

    This doesn’t help either, because Lena’s shoulder is warm and she smells so good and all it does is make her want to press in closer.

    Lena starts to turn, and Kara’s not sure she can look at her right now, not with the way her entire being is itching to reach out, not with the way the word home is ringing through her brain. Everything feels so right with Lena, she feels like home.

    “Please don’t,” Kara says.

    Lena pauses. “Don’t what?”

    “Turn around.”

    Lena still doesn’t move, but Kara can hear the frown in her voice, can picture the downturn of her lips and the crinkle that will be back in the middle of her forehead. “Why not?”

    “Because if you turn around, I’m not sure I can stop myself from kissing you,” Kara says, the words falling from her mouth with not much thought, too focused on the way that if she leans forward right now, she can kiss the skin at the nape of Lena’s neck.

    Lena stays still for a moment, but Kara can hear the way her heart has speed up in her chest. But then she moves, turns to face Kara, and Kara’s met with red lips and a curious look in Lena’s eyes.

    “Lena, I said-“

    “I know what you said, and I’ve turned around,” Lena says as her eyes drop to Kara’s lips and-


    Kara’s eyes fall to Lena’s mouth, dark red and inviting as Lena leans forward. She feels warm breath on her lips the moment before Lena’s mouth meets hers. Kara gasps at the contact, her whole body suddenly hot under Lena’s touch, so many feelings swelling her in chest that she feels suddenly overwhelmed by the moment.

    “Wait,” Kara breathes, pulling away. Not far though, she lets her forehead rest against Lena’s, needing a moment to centre herself when she thinks about what’s actually happening. Lena wants to kiss her, and she very much wants to kiss Lena back. 

    “Are you okay?” Lena whispers, the words almost brushing Kara’s lips as she does.

    “Yes,” Kara says, nudging her nose with Lena’s before she tilts her head and then they’re kissing again, but Kara doesn’t lean away this time, she pushes forwards into Lena’s space.

    Lena’s hands reach up to cup her cheeks and the word home rings through Kara’s mind again, everything feeling so very right about this moment with Lena, like this is what they’d always been making their way towards.

    Lena is the one to pull away this time, smudged lipstick and dark eyes the first things Kara notices as she does.

    It makes her want to lean forward and kiss her again.

    Lena’s hand slips from her cheeks, thumb brushing Kara’s lower lip as she does. When Lena pulls her thumb away, some of the dark red from Lena’s lips have stained her thumb, and Kara’s lips too apparently.

    “Sorry,” Lena laughs, though she doesn’t look sorry at all.

    Kara’s not sorry either.

    “Do you want to have dinner with me tonight?” Kara asks, because she doesn’t just want this with Lena, she wants everything.

    “Are you asking me out on a date?” Lena asks and Kara can hear the hope in her voice, see it is green eyes too.

    “I am,” Kara smiles.

    Lena grins, her lipstick-smudged lips gaining Kara’s attention again.

    “Then my answer is definitely yes,” Lena says, the words barely out of her mouth before Kara is kissing her again.

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