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    #this is such a sweet message to wake up to hihi #i actually still have a bunch of unfinished wips for supercorptober #and if i find some more free time to finish em maybe i'll post them on december or somethin
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    Day 18 - Cozy

    Read on AO3

    “I made you something.”

    Lena nearly whines as Kara pushes off the couch leaving her toes vulnerable to the cold. When she comes back Lena finds a pair of socks dropped in her lap. 

    “You brought me socks?” Lena blinks at the grey bundle in her lap, suddenly feeling a little self-conscious about tucking her toes under Kara’s thigh. 

    “I made you socks.” Kara clarifies, as she snatches up the bundle and pulls it apart so she’s holding two socks for Lena’s inspection. Upon looking closer, Lena can see the ribbed lines of knitting and the slightly uneven edge at the top. 

    “Oh.” Lena reaches out to touch one of the socks, feeling the oversized yarn as her heart thumps heavily in her chest.

    “Here.” Kara wrangles Lena’s feet onto her lap to help put on the socks, the two of them falling into a fit of laughter as Lena squirms and eventually takes over putting on the socks herself. Once they’re on, Kara tucks Lena’s toes back under her thigh as she presses play on the movie again. 

    “I made you something.” 

    This time, something is a pair of mittens. They are held out to Lena with a warm smile just as the weather starts to grow colder in National City. 

    “I know your fingers always get cold.” Kara says as Lena tries them on. They’re black with a long cuff that folds over to give them a fuller look. Lena can tell immediately that Kara’s picked a nicer wool, something she can feel will be warm against National City’s cold winds. 

    It’s a beanie after that.

    It makes Lena protest that it will ruin her hair as she laughs and lets Kara tug it down over her ears before they go out to meet Alex and Kelly. It’s not lost on Lena that it’s made from the same wool as the mittens in her pockets. 

    “I made you something.” Lena lifts her head as Kara enters her office with a grin. 

    “This is becoming a bad habit.” Lena smiles as Kara laughs and starts pulling something from her purse. It’s a deep maroon and never ending, the fabric pooling in Kara’s hands as she tugs more and more of it free. 

    “How did this even fit in your purse?” Lena laughs as she takes some of it from Kara, relishing in the soft cashmere feel. “What is it?”

    “A scarf!” Kara chirps as she finds the other end in her purse and starts to wind it around Lena. Once, twice, three times before she lets it drape down to Lena’s knees. 

    Lena runs the scarf through her fingers, admiring the soft shine to the wool and precise little stitches. “It’s beautiful Kara.” 

    “You like it?” 

    “I love it.” Lena breathes as she lifts the loops around her neck to nuzzle her nose into the soft material, her eyes fluttering shut for a moment.

    “I’m glad.” Kara whispers, making Lena open her eyes.

    “Why all the sudden gifts?” Lena asks. It’s a question that’s been on her mind since she got her mittens. One gift was a surprise, two was questionable, four was a pattern and Lena wants to know.

    “I took up knitting.” Kara shrugs, but Lena just lifts an eyebrow as she snuggles into the scarf again, ready to wait Kara out. 

    “I like how you look when you’re cozy.” Kara says softly as she tugs on the end of the scarf, drawing Lena’s attention to how close they’ve drifted together. “I mean, I always like the way you look. But it’s different, it’s softer, like you feel at home with me.”

    “I do feel at home with you.” Lena replies just as softly as she lets go of her new scarf in favour of curling a hand around the back of Kara’s neck to draw their foreheads together. 

    “Yeah?” Kara’s voice is so quiet now Lena almost misses it even as Kara leans in.

    Lena barely nods as her hand slides from Kara’s neck across her shoulders to pull her the remaining distance to press their lips together. 

    #supercorp#supercorptober2021#supergirl#nemo writes #that's the last one! wanted to post this one for days but decided I wanted it to wrap up #happy supercorptober!
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    Kara thinks she's spooky and it's too adorkable for Lena not to roll with it.

    Day 30 x 31 - Witch & Spookycorp

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    day 31 - spookycorp (epilogue)

    “Boo!” Kara jumps, then turns, hoping the terrified expression on her face is satisfying enough for the little girl in front of her. It does the trick, as the girl giggles and lifts the white sheet off her front to show her face. “It’s me, ieiu!”

    Kara places a hand on her chest, keeping up with the act as she breathes out an exaggerated sigh of relief. “Golly, Lori. You scared me there.” The little girl giggles again and Kara smiles. Lori is the exact replica of Lena. Dark hair and dimpled cheeks. Smart, always curious. Her eyes are the only exception to her similarity to Lena in terms of appearance—taking Kara’s cerulean blue instead of Lena’s breathtaking green.

    When Kara landed on Earth, she didn’t think it was possible for her to have her own family. But here she is, married to her love. Blessed with a daughter who is the sun in their lives.

    Kara lifts her daughter off her feet and presses a quick kiss on her cheek, which earns her an adoring smile. “Ready to go trick-or-treating with uncle Brainy and aunt Nia?” Kara asks, brushing the strand of hair away from Lori’s face.

    “Yup. Esme will be there too.”

    “Mhm. Remember what we talked about?”

    Lori nods, her face turning serious as she recites her moms’ reminder. “Always stay close with everyone. If anything, call ieiu.”

    “That’s right, inah.” Kara smiles. From the corner of her eyes, she sees Lena leaning against the wall, watching them with a look on her face, like she can’t quite believe that she has this.

    “What do you think, mommy? Does Lori look spooky enough?” Kara asks. Lena’s lips curl into a grin as she makes her way to them. Once she’s near enough, she presses a kiss on Kara’s cheek, then on the side of Lori’s head.

    “Very spooky,” she answers, gazing down at Lori who cheers and giggles softly. “You’ll get lots of candy, I’m sure. Ieiu will be jealous.”

    Kara gasps, then looks at her daughter. “You’ll share with me, right Lori?”

    Lori frowns, thinking deeply before she finally lets out an answer. “Maybe.” Lena laughs, bright and warm, making Kara’s initial pout turn into a smile instead.

    Lena’s laughter still makes her heart go crazy. She has no doubt that it would stay like that for the rest of their lives.

    The doorbell rings. Lori squirms in Kara’s arms, excited to answer the door. Kara briefly lowers her glasses, peeking through the other side before she lets Lori down, letting the little girl open the door to greet her relatives.

    “Nice outfit,” Kara says, winking at Esme who’s in a Supergirl costume. Esme smiles. Kara leaves a gentle squeeze on her shoulder before she turns her attention to Nia and Brainy, clad in Princess Leia and Han Solo costumes.

    “Sorry, the candies are only for children.” Kara says in a teasing tone which earns her an eye roll from Nia.

    “Lena, your wife is being annoying.” Lena lets out a soft laugh as she stands next to Kara’s side. She gently pats Kara’s bicep, signaling for the blonde to knock it off before she greets Nia and Brainy with a gentle smile.

    “Thanks again for this.”

    Nia returns her smile while Brainy nods and sends them a thumbs up. “We’ll have them back in an hour.”

    “Come on, kiddo.” Nia says, taking Lori’s hand in hers. “Let’s go have some fun.”

    Lori bids them goodbye with a hug and a wave.

    “You okay?” Kara asks a few seconds after the door closes. She doesn’t get a worded reply, only a brief smile with teary eyes. Kara sends her wife a concerned look before pulling her into a tight hug.

    “Sorry,” Lena breathes out. “I didn’t expect to get emotional.”

    Kara hums and kisses the top of her head. “Well, it’s her first time trick-or-treating without us. I get it.”

    Lena lets out another sigh, then lifts her head from Kara’s shoulder. Kara sends her a brief smile, wiping the lone tear that’s fallen down her cheek. Lena leans in and presses their lips together.

    “So, we have an hour alone.” Kara points out once they’re slightly apart. Lena arches her brow. Kara breathes out a laugh and smiles softly. “Want to finish the chocolate pecan pie in the fridge together with me?”

    Lena blinks, then joyously grins. “Sounds like a plan, Mrs. Luthor-Danvers.”

    #we made it T_T #im sooo happy #thanks to everyone who's been reading these prompts #giving feedbacks and kudos #i appreciate it very much truly it means a lot to me #supercorp endgame#supercorptober#supercorptober2021#supercorp
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    Supercorptober 2021 Day 31: Spookycorp

    It's been a long month but here's the final prompt! My goal was to post a 1000 word fic a day and I'm so glad I did it. Thanks for all the support, all the likes and reblogs and asks, I really appreciate it, you all have kept me writing. Supercorp is endgame! Thanks again for reading :)

    Fic link. Series link.

    Kara pauses in the door of Lena’s bedroom, finds her girlfriend adjusting the witches hat on her head, trying to get it to sit perfectly. Lena hadn’t been entirely onboard with Kara’s suggestion for her to dress up like a witch for Halloween, but Kara thinks it’s probably the ease of the outfit that finally swayed Lena’s decision. 

    “How do I look?” Lena asks, giving Kara a small smile when she notices her watching.

    “Very cute,” Kara grins, earning an eye roll from Lena as she steps into the room. “I’m serious,” Kara says, ducking her head to give Lena a quick peck on the lips, made slightly more difficult by the hat on Lena’s head but she manages.

    “You’re the cutest witch I know,” Kara adds, admiring the slight blush now staining Lena’s cheeks. It makes her want to lean in and kiss her again, but she manages to resist.


    Kissing Lena has quickly become her favourite thing since she first kissed her best friend a month ago.

    “I would say the same thing about you and your outfit but I think Barry wears it better.”

    Kara gasps, hand to her chest, landing over the lightning bolt. “How could you say such a thing?” She’d thought Barry would get a kick out of her dressing up like him.

    Lena’s serious face holds for a moment before it breaks and she’s smiling again, hand reaching out, finger smoothing over the crinkle between Kara’s eyebrows.

    Okay, Kara can’t be too upset.

    She catches Lena’s hand as it falls, tangles their fingers together. It’s something she hopes she’ll be able to do a lot more in the future, once they’re no longer hiding their relationship.

    At the tower, it’s the hardest, because Lena’s always there and she always looks amazing and she always smells amazing and she smiles so softly at Kara, all dimpled cheeks and soft eyes and Kara has to resist every single time, has to stop herself from reaching out to touch Lena, to kiss her, has to keep her distance.

    Not too much distance at least, everyone has become pretty accustomed to them being close now, ever since she returned from the Phantom Zone.

    She won’t have to keep her distance much longer, after they tell everyone they’re together soon.

    “Are you ready for today?” Kara asks, and the nervous drop of Lena’s eyes gives Kara her answer, Lena’s head tilting down so the brim of her hat covers her expression.

    “Hey,” Kara says softly, a hand under Lena’s chin to bring them eye to eye again. “You know we don’t have to do this now, right? We can wait. I want you to be comfortable with telling everyone too.”

    They’re kept their relationship a secret for the last month, ever since their first kiss, where Kara had made some joke when they were watching a movie about two best friends that fell in love. Kara can’t even remember the joke now, all she remembers is intense green eye turning to look at her after she’d said it, eyes that fell to Kara’s lips and then they were kissing.

    And then they were doing a lot more than just kissing, Lena coming apart under Kara’s gentle touches and Kara doing the same under Lena’s as they showed each other just how much they loved each other.

    Since then, they’re been keeping this new development to themselves, figuring out their new relationship without the watchful eyes of their friends. But Kara wants to tell everyone now, wants to be able to hold Lena’s hand in public, kiss her without worry and show the world just how much she loves Lena.

    Last night when they talked, Lena had wanted that too, had wanted everyone to know, but if she’s not sure now, then they can wait.

    “I want everyone to know.” Lena pauses. “I’m just nervous, what if they don’t approve? Or think it’s a bad idea that we’re dating?"

    “I’m pretty sure everyone is just waiting for this day to happen, they all know it’s coming,” Kara says. They’ve talked about these things before. After their first night together, there had been worry from both of them because they didn’t want to ruin their friendship, but after more talking, and more kissing, they’d both decided that their happiness was worth the risk. “They all know how we feel about each other and they all just want us to be happy. And as for anyone thinking this is a bad idea.” Kara lifts their joined hands, presses a kiss to the back of Lena’s. “How could this ever be a bad idea when you make me feel this way?”

    Lena lets out a sigh. “You’re right,” she smiles, and even if said smile is small, it’s there. “I’m sorry. I’m still not used to this, used to having people who love me like you and your family do.”

    “Our family.” Kara corrects. “And you better get used to it, because that’s not going to change anytime soon.”

    Lena’s smile widens, and Kara just has to kiss her again.

    “We really can wait if you want to,” Kara says, reluctantly pulling away before they get too carried away. They do have a party to go to.

    “No,” Lena shakes her head. “I’m ready, I want everyone to know too.”


    Nearly everyone is at Alex and Kelly’s by the time they arrive. It looks like a Halloween store exploded across the apartment and Kara knows that’s because they’re trying to make the day as fun and special as they can for Esme.

    Speaking of Esme, the little girl comes running across the apartment as soon as they step through the door, colliding with Kara’s legs, little arms wrapping around her.

    Esme has become so much more confident over the last few weeks as she’s properly begun to settle in, started to realise that she’s here to stay.

    “I dressed up as my favourite superhero,” Esme grins, and she’d been so focused on the little girl’s hug, that she only properly notices who she’s dressed as when Esme pulls away and looks up at her.

    Kara clenches her jaw, she won’t cry. Even then, tears pool slightly in her eyes and she has to clear her throat so her voice doesn’t catch.

    “You look great,” Kara grins, bending down to pick up the little girl. She has the House of El crest on her chest and a red cape waving behind her and Kara just loves her niece so much.

    “Supergirl is also my favourite superhero too,” Lena tells Esme, bumping Kara’s side as she does.

    Esme beams and Kara’s heart feels so full.

    “Who are you?” Esme asks, eyes on Kara’s own costume. She’s left the helmet out of her costume, she’s not sure how Barry wears that all the time, but even then, she can’t blame the little girl for not knowing.

    “I’m the Flash, he’s another superhero. He’s super fast, just like us. He thinks he’s faster than me but I’m definitely faster than him. He’s good friends with Supergirl too.”

    Esme’s eyes go wide. “Can we have a race?”

    Before Kara can answer, Alex and Kelly are there.

    “No, you cannot,” Alex says, eyeing Kara like it was her idea.

    “I think Esme’s costume is my favourite,” Kara counters with a smirk, lowering the girl back to the ground. Esme places her hands on her hips, chin held high, and Kara nearly melts then and there.

    “It was her choice, she didn’t want to dress as Sentinel or Guardian,” Kelly says, who looks amused by her daughter’s costume choice. Alex is looking at Kara like this is her fault too.

    “Kid has taste,” Kara grins, ruffling Esme’s hair.

    A knock at the door behind them cuts the conversation short, which is probably a good thing, Alex looking ready to start a competition. Kara steps out of the way, slipping her hand into Lena’s to pull her aside too. Or that’s what she’ll say if asked, she mostly just wants to hold Lena’s hand.

    Which is why she doesn’t let go when they step into the kitchen and place the bags of food, mostly candy, on the kitchen counter.

    “I think Alex is jealous,” Kara laughs but Alex looks fine now as she greets J’onn at the door, J’onn admiring Esme’s costume too.

    “Esme is pretty cute, but I think the real deal in even cuter.”

    “Those are big words.” Her niece is adorable.

    Lena smiles with a shrug. “It’s true.”

    Kara doesn’t even try to fight the blush that spreads across her cheeks, there’s no stopping it. She does duck her head though, head dropping as she grins.

    “See?” Lena says, nudging Kara’s side. “Cute.”

    Kara looks up in time to see Alex making her way over to the kitchen too and Kara quickly drops Lena’s hand. They hadn’t really talked about how they’d tell their friends they’re together, just that they would, and Kara suddenly realises that’s a conversation they probably should’ve had already.

    “There’s beer and wine in the fridge or if you want something else to drink, there’s punch on the table,” Alex says, looking slightly frazzled as she looks around the room, no longer having to hide her anxiety because Esme isn’t around.

    “Relax,” Kara says quietly, catching her sister’s eye. “Look, Esme is having a great time, there’s no need to worry.” Esme is across the room now, sitting in Eliza’s lap, talking animatedly as Brainy and Nia listen too. She didn’t know that Eliza was coming, and it makes her a little bit more nervous about what they have to tell everyone, but she knows her mother approves of Lena, love Lena, too.

    Alex smiles. “I know, I just want this to go perfectly.”

    Kara knows the feeling.

    “It will. Actually, Alex,” Kara says, stopping her sister as she turns to leave. “Can we talk to you for a second?”

    Alex looks back at them, Kara turning to Lena to ask her a silent question before she says anything. She wants to tell her sister first, has been on the verge of telling her multiple times in the past month, the only thing stopping her being Lena’s reluctance and the fact that she’s been enjoying having Lena to herself.

    Lena gives her a slight nod so Kara takes her hand again, tangles their fingers together. She lets Lena’s touch soothe the sudden nerves she’s feeling.

    Alex doesn’t miss the movement, her eyes falling to their joined hands, a question in her eyes when she looks back up at Kara.

    She doesn’t hesitate, or worry about how to phrase it, she just lets the words out, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

    “Lena and I are dating.”

    Rao, that feels good to say.

    Alex’s eyes widen, flickering between the two of them. “Really?”

    “Really,” Lena smiles. She looks calm but Kara can hear the way her heart is pounding in her chest.

    “Aunt Lena, are you okay? Your heart is beating really fast,” a little voice asks from Alex’s side and Kara freezes, she hadn’t even realised the girl had moved from across the room. She’d also forgotten for a moment that she wasn’t the only one who has superhearing.

    Esme’s words draw the attention of the rest of the room. This isn’t how Kara wanted everyone to find out.

    “I’m okay, sweetie,” Lena smiles down at Esme, the little girl’s frown smoothing away with Lena’s words.

    The words do nothing to eradicate the curious looks from everyone else in the room though.

    Kara looks to Lena a little helplessly, unsure what to do under all the attention now.

    But lucky for her, Lena takes the lead. “We were just telling Alex that we’re dating.”

    Kara’s heart skips in her chest, the words feeling so good to hear from Lena too.

    All around the room, confused looks turn to surprise.

    “We’ve been dating for the last month,” Kara adds. “And we want you all to know too.”

    “A month and you didn’t tell me?” Alex asks. She doesn’t look hurt, just surprised. “I didn’t know you were that good at keeping secrets.”

    Kara is very good at keeping secrets, thank you very much. Not that she likes doing it, secrets have hurt them all. There are no more secrets between her and Lena, the last big one being that fact that Lena is the love of her life. But she’s kept her identity a secret from the entirety of National City for the past 6 years, so she thinks that’s pretty good.

    “I’ll tell you everything later,” Kara promises her sister. “We just wanted some time to ourselves first.”

    “Are you two being serious?” Nia asks, making her way across the apartment. “Don’t mess with me, I’ve been waiting for this moment for ages. It’s been obvious you two belong together for years, it was only a matter of time.” Nia throws her arms around them both. “I’m happy for you.”

    Nia’s hug breaks everyone else’s surprise and then everyone is hugging them. Lena is blushing again under the attention and it’s cute.

    After Eliza has hugged them both, with a big warm smile and a “welcome to the family,” Kara leans over and kisses Lena’s cheek. “I told you everyone knew this was coming.”

    “Everyone probably knew before we did,” Lena laughs. Which is probably true, Kara hadn’t known about Lena’s feelings until the night they first kissed.

    “And everyone definitely knows now, which means I can do this anytime,” Kara says, leaning over to kiss Lena, still wary of the hat on her head.

    She can’t wait until later, when she can properly kiss Lena, when she can slip her hands under her shirt and hold her close and show her again how much she loves her.

    “Gross, as happy as I am for you both, I really don’t want to see that.”

    Kara breaks the kiss, has to fight the urge to linger in Lena’s space, and turns to look at her sister.

    Alex is smiling at least, but her nose is turned up. It’s fair enough, she knows the feeling from whenever Alex and Kelly kiss around her. It’s cute but she also doesn’t need to see her sister like that.

    “You’re going to have to get used to it,” Kara says anyway, mostly just to tease Alex. “Because I’m seeing a lot of kissing in our future.”

    Lena blushes, dropping her head to bury in Kara’s shoulder. Alex’s disgusted reaction is worth it.

    “Not around me,” Alex mumbles, leaving them alone without a look back.

    “Kara,” Lena chides, but Kara’s not going to apologise.

    “It’s true,” Kara grins. “I do see a lot of kissing in our future.”

    A hand, warm and soft, wraps around Kara’s neck and tugs her forward for another quick kiss. “I can’t wait.”

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    Day 30 - witch

    Kara watches the newly-wed couple across the room. They’re dancing. Swaying to the gentle music while exchanging soft kisses in between of a hushed conversation. All her life, she had occasionally seen her sister bask in happiness. But today, while she’s in the arms of her wife, Kara sees Alex glowing with it.

    “Penny for your thoughts?”

    Kara turns to find Lena besides her. She loses her breath a little, still not over at how stunning Lena looks in her navy blue dress.

    “Are you alright?” Lena asks, reminding her that she hasn’t let out a reply. Kara blinks, swallows then nods. She takes Lena’s hand in hers before she turns her attention back to the married couple.

    “I’m happy for them.” Kara tells, getting misty-eyed over the sight in front of her—Esme in Alex’s arms with Kelly’s hand on her small back, giggling as they dance together. They deserve this. This profound happiness. A new beginning filled with love and joy.

    Kara can’t help but think of it. Think of when it’s her time to walk down the aisle, to say her vows and bond with the love of her life.

    She turns back to Lena, finds her gazing firmly at Kara. There’s a glint in her eyes that tells Kara she’s thinking of the same thing too. Kara’s heart squeezes. Their day will come. For now, she takes Lena’s hand in hers, sends her the briefest of smiles and asks, “Do you want to dance?”

    Lena’s lips curl into a wide grin. “I thought you’d never ask.”

    They make their way to the dance floor. Kara’s hand is placed firmly on Lena’s waist while Lena loops her arms around Kara’s neck. They move, soft and slow to the music. Eyes never leaving each other’s.

    “Have I told you how beautiful you look today?” Kara says. It earns her a lovely blush on Lena’s cheeks.

    “Yes. Multiple times in fact. But I can't say I’m tired of hearing it.”

    “That’s good.” Kara tells, reaching at the loose strand of hair before she gently tucks it behind Lena’s ear. “Because I think I’ll keep saying it. You’ve bewitched me, my love.”

    Lena blooms at her words. A blissful exhale escapes her lips as she unloops her arms and slides her hands to Kara’s back. She shifts closer, tucking her face into the curve of Kara’s neck.

    “I can’t wait to marry you.”

    Kara stops breathing completely. Her mind paints the image of Lena in a wedding dress. Lena wearing her family’s emblem.

    “I can’t wait to marry you either.” Kara says once she recovers. It’s a simple reply, not quite enough to convey what she’s feeling. But Lena knows. Kara can tell when Lena lifts her head and their eyes meet.

    There’s a new beginning for them in the future. Kara can’t wait to experience it together with Lena Luthor.

    #v short but you know what im fine with it #used bewitched here but i think it should still count #it's 3 am so words are wonky here #no proofreading as always #1 more prompt left :') #supercorptober2021#supercorptober#supercorp #tis i who managed to write
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    day 29 - tea

    Lena’s about to kill someone.

    Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. She’s not actually going to kill anyone. The only murder that she’ll be conducting is on her useless, ridiculous laptop that sits right in front of her.

    She has been staring at the screen for hours, trying everything she could think of to fix the error thrown by the program. Nothing seems to be working. The application doesn’t start and Lena doesn’t know why.

    Her fix should have solved the issue. She checked. Multiple times. Crossed checked over her notes and forums online, yet the same line of error is thrown every time she tries to compile it. It irritates her to no end, which is why she’s more than tempted to hurl the machine right across the room.

    “Is it safe to enter the room yet?”

    Lena turns her head to the door. She must’ve had a terrifying look on her face since Kara’s smile dropped immediately the moment their eyes met.

    “Sorry.” Lena breathes out. “I’m not angry. Well, I am. But not at you.”

    “I know.” Kara replies, giving her the smile that was there previously. Lena motions for her to come into the room. Kara walks in and stands next to her, setting down the mug of tea she's holding onto the desk. "Everything okay?"

    Lena doesn't answer. Instead, she presses her face into Kara’s stomach, closing her eyes as she lets out a relieved sigh. Kara's fingers sink into her hair, carding through her dark locks gently.

    “How can I help?”

    “Just...let me stay like this for a while.” Kara grants her request, shifting closer and holds her in silence.

    When Lena finally pulls back, she's feeling a lot better. Gazing up, she sends Kara a soft smile. "Thank you."

    Kara returns the smile. She then turns to Lena’s laptop, scrutinising the lines of code on the screen.

    "What's the problem?"

    Lena shrugs. “I keep getting the same error. It’s weird because I’m sure the changes I made should do the trick.”

    “Did you try turning it off and on again?”

    Lena sends her a warning look. A snarky comeback almost slips out of her mouth but it disappears as Kara’s words set off her mind to recollect the important change she made when she applied her fix.

    Lena blinks, then faces her laptop. She drags her mouse over to the restart button and clicks. They wait. The software appears again and Lena runs the application.

    It opens successfully. With no errors in sight.

    “I’m going to hurl myself into the sun.” Lena says, groaning as she hides her face. Kara lets out a soft laugh, kissing the top of her head before kneeling at her side and pries her hands away. Their eyes meet. She gives Kara a brief smile before she closes her eyes and presses her forehead against Kara’s. “I truly feel like an idiot. How could I forget that I installed some dependencies which require a restart.”

    “You’re not an idiot.” Kara states with a firm tone that quells any of Lena’s retorts that she had in mind. Kara continues, her voice much softer this time. “It’s normal to miss a few things out sometimes. Especially when you’re tired. You’re only human, my love.”

    Lena’s heart squeezes at Kara’s words. Her eyes flutter open. She smiles and holds the side of Kara’s face. “I’m sorry.” Kara pulls back slightly with knitted brows. “It’s a Saturday and I should be spending my time with you and our family. Yet here I am, working.”

    “It’s okay.” Kara reassures, pressing her lips briefly to Lena’s palm. “I know you wouldn’t have a look at it if it wasn’t important. Besides, you can make it up to me.”

    Lena arches a brow. “What do you have in mind, Miss Danvers?” she asks, her voice low and breathy that it gets Kara blushing from head to toe. Lena laughs. Squeals when Kara wraps an arm around her, stands and lifts her off her chair. Her legs instinctively come around Kara’s waist, clinging to the blonde. She giggles and Kara sends her the softest smile.

    There’s something for Lena to look forward to in the future. She can’t wait to experience it with Kara Danvers.

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  • hardcore-tea-drinker
    28.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    day 27 - pumpkin

    “You know, I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch.”

    Kara turns to look at Lena who’s going through Esme’s book that was on the dining table. They’re babysitting for the night. Esme has gone to bed and Kara and Lena are in the kitchen, cleaning up. Kara has just finished washing the dishes when Lena lets out the sudden declaration.

    “Really?” Kara asks as she wipes her hands on the kitchen towel. She knows the Luthors weren’t exactly the kind of parents that would indulge their children with these kinds of things, but surely Lex would have taken her to one.

    “Yeah. I don’t think I’ve ever seen or passed by one either.” Lena closes the book and Kara glances at the cover.

    “I’ve been to a few times and I haven’t seen any talking bunnies so far.” Kara tells. Lena gives her a playful push. Kara then feigns losing balance, swaying to the side as she pulls Lena with her. Lena giggles, wrapping an arm around Kara to steady them both, the sullen look on her face gone.

    “Did you go to the one in Midvale?”

    Kara nods. “Eliza and Jeremiah used to bring Alex and I there every year. We’d spend hours walking around trying to find the perfect pumpkin. We’d carve out silly things once we got home and Eliza would make pumpkin bread with the leftovers.”

    “That sounds wonderful.” Lena smiles softly, out of happiness and adoration, but Kara knows her well enough to understand the glimmer of emotion in her eyes.

    “Do you want to go to one?” Kara asks, earning a raised brow from her fiancé. “We can go to the one in Midvale with everyone and stay at Eliza’s.”

    “Kara, that’s very sweet but—”

    “It’d be fun.” Kara smiles assuringly. “It’s a good time to restart the tradition. And I’m pretty sure Esme hasn’t been to a pumpkin patch either. You wouldn’t want to leave a child out of this wonderful experience, would you?”

    Lena rolls her eyes. Her mouth curving into a faint smile. “I hate you.”

    “I love you too.” Kara replies with a grin, leaning in to kiss her but stops when the front door unlocks and opens.

    Alex blinks at their closeness and sends them an annoyed look. “Are you guys being gross again?”

    “Alex.” Kelly sighs, squeezing her fiancé’s arm gently before greeting them both. “Esme’s asleep?”

    “Yup. Right after dinner.” Kara replies proudly before she turns her head to Lena. “Aunt Lena’s reading voice is apparently very soothing.” Lena blushes, pressing her lips together as she tries not to break a smile.

    “Wow, Alex's right. You guys are gross.” Kelly says. Kara bursts into giggles as Lena groans and hides her face into her shoulder.

    They’re in love, and happy. Kara thinks those are good enough reasons for them to be gross.

    #im at my limit lmao #today's been a day #but im gonna let these two be grossly in love with each other #good night #no proofreading as always #supercorptober2021#supercorptober#supercorp
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  • roseticospacebae
    28.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Day 28 of supercorptober: Pumpkin

    I borrowed this joke: [x]

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  • hardcore-tea-drinker
    27.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Day 27 - ice

    “Want to get ice cream before we head back?” Kara asks with a smile that’s difficult to say no to. They had dinner in a small restaurant that’s not exactly the choice of many for a romantic date night. But it’s one of their favourite places to eat at, where the food is excellent and there aren’t too many prying eyes around.

    They step out of the restaurant and Kara’s hand immediately finds hers, twining their fingers together as she stands on the sidewalk, waiting for Lena to respond to her suggestion.

    “Kara, it’s freezing.” Lena replies. As if on cue, a gust of cold wind blows past them causing her to shiver. She shifts closer to Kara, who untangles their hands, switching to wrap an arm around her waist instead.

    “But they have new flavours. Including apple cinnamon which you really like.” It’s a good argument, more so with the pout that follows afterwards.

    Lena stares at Kara, which turns out to be a bad idea—a look into those blue eyes is all that it takes for her to relent. “Fine. But we’ll buy a pint and have it at home instead.” Not quite the intended plan but Kara accepts it with a beaming grin.

    They ended up buying three pints. Not that they’re both complaining about it.

    “Which one would you like to have first?” Kara shouts from the kitchen. Lena barely caught it, too preoccupied with the velvet box that she's holding. She closes the door of their room behind her and makes her way to the living room.

    “Whichever you prefer.”

    “Okay, but I’m not getting up from the couch if you—” Kara freezes, her eyes locking onto the box. “Oh.”

    “I have something for you,” Lena says, gazing at Kara who felt familiar from the very beginning, Kara who helped open her heart again, Kara who sees her for who she is and loves every part of her. Kara, the person who she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

    “I keep trying to find the right words to tell you how much I love you but there isn’t one that feels right enough. But you know.” Lena smiles softly. “You know that you mean everything to me. That I love you, with all my heart.”

    Lena opens the box and takes out a silver bracelet, much like the one that’s currently on her wrist. Placing the box down, she shifts forward and takes Kara’s hand. For a moment, she looks up and finds Kara looking at her with tears in her eyes, a smile on her face that’s soft and heavy with affection.

    Lena blinks her own tears away, breathing in deeply as she puts the jewellery onto Kara’s hand.

    She doesn’t have anything beyond to say, doesn’t need to anyway as Kara gently grabs her face and kisses her, again and again until all that she can feel is Kara.

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  • hardcore-tea-drinker
    26.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Day 26 - afternoon

    “Well, well, well. If it isn’t the future Mrs.Luthor-Danvers.”

    Kara grins bashfully at Jess’ teasing remark as she steps into Lena’s office. She fiddles with her glasses, bowing her head so that she can hide the blush on her cheeks and tries not to think of how nice Luthor-Danvers sounds.

    “Afternoon, Jess.” Kara greets her friend, who then pulls her into a hug when she’s within reach.

    “It took you guys forever to get together, but look at you two now.” Jess says before pulling back with a sincere smile. “I’m happy for you both.”

    “Thank you.” Kara replies as she gently squeezes Jess’ arm, returning her smile with her own.

    Jess bids her goodbye and leaves to get her boss, who is still in her lab. Kara waits by Lena's desk, sitting at the edge of it as she looks down at her fiancé’s workstation. It’s always clean and organised. Even her laptop is locked securely to the table.

    There’s a strip of post-it notes that sits next to Lena’s laptop. A sudden thought appears in her mind. Kara grabs a piece of the neon paper and a pen as she writes the words down then lifts Lena's laptop lid slightly to stick the note onto the keyboard.

    When she hears Lena’s voice by the door, Kara moves her hand away and stands in haste. Lena then enters the room, her face lighting up when their eyes meet.

    “Hi.” Lena greets once she’s at Kara’s side. Kara’s hands immediately find her hips, holding Lena steady as she leans forward to press a kiss on Kara’s cheek.

    “Hi.” Kara returns, smiling softly. “Busy day?”

    “Yeah.” Lena sighs. Kara pulls her a little closer, letting Lena rest her head on her shoulder. Her fiancé sighs again, but this time it’s out of contentment as she tucks her face into the curve of Kara’s neck. “Not too busy to have lunch, though. Please tell me Jess got us Big Belly Burger."

    Jess, like the gem she is, did.

    To Kara’s dismay, their lunch ended too soon. She would stay longer, but Lena has a meeting in an hour, and she knows how Lena would like to have some time before so she could prepare.

    Kara gives Lena a brief kiss with a promise to see her back at home. She’s about to leave when she hears Lena asking her, “Would you like to go on a date with me?”

    Kara turns, finding Lena looking at her with shy eyes, twisting her fingers while she waits for her to answer. Kara blinks, then bursts into laughter.

    It earns her a frown from Lena, who's clearly confused by her reaction. Kara smothers her laughter with her hand until it fades, leaving her to grin at her unamused fiancé.

    “Open your laptop.”

    Lena frowns deeper. Kara sends her an assuring look, which convinces her to go to her desk and lifts the lid of her laptop. She finds the note and plucks it, her lips curling into a gentle smile as she reads it.

    Kara goes to her, stands at her side as Lena lifts her head and meets her eyes.

    "Well, great minds do think alike." Lena points out. "So, dinner tomorrow?"

    Kara grins. "It's a date."

    #look at this engaged couple being all shy on asking each other out on a date #idiots in love #no proofreading as always #supercorptober2021#supercorptober#supercorp #tis i who managed to write #not me confusing much to her liking to much to her dismay 💀
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  • roseticospacebae
    25.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Day 25 of supercorptober: Sweater

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  • hardcore-tea-drinker
    25.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Day 25 - sweater

    “You’re staring.” Lena says, blinking her tired eyes open. It takes a few seconds for the drowsiness to fade until she can focus on Kara—she’s smiling, with a dreamy look on her face. Lena follows the path of her sight and loses her breath at the beautiful silver bracelet on her wrist.

    She’s engaged. To Kara.

    Lena smiles, recalling the events of last night. Her body hums with happiness as she gazes up at her fiancé, meeting her blue eyes with her heart fluttering in her chest. “Hi.”

    “Hi.” Kara says quietly, shifting closer until their foreheads are almost touching. “Happy birthday, my love.”

    Lena blinks. “Oh.” Right. It’s today.

    “You forgot, didn’t you?”

    There’s no point lying when Kara can see right through her. “In my defense, my mind was occupied with something else.” Lena admits, taking Kara’s hand and linking it with hers. “You beat me to it by a day.”

    “What?” A crinkle forms between Kara’s eyebrows. Lena moves her free hand to it, smoothing it with her thumb before sliding her palm to the side of Kara’s face.

    “I was going to propose to you today.”

    Lena stares with adoration as Kara’s face lit up, her eyes twinkling with happiness. Her fiancé grins, then moves forward to press their forehead together.

    “I love you.”

    Lena flutters eyes closed in response, letting the softness of Kara’s voice set in heart. She feels the gentle brush of Kara's nose against hers before Kara kisses her.

    “You can still propose to me, if you want.” Kara whispers when she pulls back.

    Lena breathes slowly, catching her breath after Kara’s dazzling kiss. She then opens her eyes, smiling as she meets Kara’s fond gaze.

    “I love you.” If she could find the perfect words to convey the depth of her feelings, she would say more about it. Instead, she strokes her thumb against Kara’s cheek and stares into her eyes, hoping that she would understand it.

    Kara does. She looks at Lena the same way.

    The box hidden in her nightstand can wait. She will find the right time to give it to Kara.

    It takes them a while before they finally get out of bed. She wears Kara’s blue sweater as she sits in the kitchen and makes them coffee.

    “I brought my fiancé the best for her birthday.” Kara announces when she lands on the balcony and makes her way to Lena with bags of food in her hands.

    “Scones from Dublin?”

    “And soda bread. Your favourites.” Kara grins and Lena smiles as she grabs the front of Kara’s shirt, pulling her close until their faces are inches apart.

    “You’re my favourite.” Lena breathes out, leaning in as she presses her lips to Kara’s.

    #it's nearing 1 am and i can barely open my eyes #leave it to me to get sick on a monday #no proofreading as always #supercorptober2021#supercorptober#supercorp #tis i who managed to write
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