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  • dreamronans
    29.11.2021 - 9 hours ago

    i think i just saw a tomgreg spoiler which is unfortunate because i have to be up in 4/5 hours for work but how do i sleep knowing a ******* ******** **** might exist in this world and i can't see a single minute of this episode until TOMORROW EVENING?! my goddddd.

    #the tomgreg of it all wasnt how this was supposed to go for me lmao but im here now so i might as well settle in #i hope its not real i hope its not real i hope its like the supergirl thing lmao #but also............... pls be real #if its real i legit cannot handle kendall's shit on top of this too like literally cannot do it #succession spoilers #.txt
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  • shadehunters
    29.11.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I still would’ve liked to see Kara go apeshit berserk because someone kidnapped a loved one again

    #either alex or lena would set her off #and i dont mean like red k #i mean kara just as herself just letting the rage consume her #just a little bit #just once #i wouldve liked to see more of it #supergirl spoilers
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  • sconesfortea
    28.11.2021 - 12 hours ago

    I'm catching up on the final season of Supergirl, how good are the actors they got to play young Alex & Kara?! They look just like them!

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  • bexxkimboo
    28.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Think you can hurt me?

    I will read all 50 chapters of a fanfic that hasn't been updated in 3 years.

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  • romanticmoonchild
    26.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    I think James should speak out against extremists using him as a hero. I don’t think him using it as press is going to go well

    #spoilers#supergirl #also as a black man I don’t see letting racist people use you as a hero realistic
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  • alexandramalbb
    25.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Avalance Moment Together in 7x05 . This is the second my favourite moment after the wedding.

    #avalance#sara lance#ava sharpe#love#quotes#avalanceedit #legends of tomorrow #7x05 #legends of tomorrow spoilers #quotes about life #i love this #supergirl#lgbtq#lgbtedit#lgbtq community#loveislove #sara x ava
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  • invisible-pink-toast
    24.11.2021 - 5 days ago


    #THEY DIDN'T EVEN TELL US CALISTA WAS COMING BACK FOR THE FINALE #supercat endgame honestly #i could not have been happier #those two are gonna fall in love and change the world no doubt #after cat left the show was never the same #i watched sanvers scenes until they broke up :( #then i watched nia's scenes because i love her #and then i watched dansen's scenes #but i never watched the show in full after cat left #BUT SHE'S BACK BABY #supercat#supergirl#supergirl spoilers#cat grant#kara danvers#my post#supergirl finale
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  • therandomthoughtsofawriter
    24.11.2021 - 5 days ago
    #the flash #the flash cw #cw the flash #the flash spoilers #the flash season eight #the flash season 8 spoilers #the flash season 8 #the flash s8 #westallen#west allen#snowberry#arrow#arrow cw#cw arrow#supergirl#supergirl cw#cw supergirl #dc's legends of tomorrow #legends of tomorrow #legends of tomorrow cw #cw legends of tomorrow #arrowverse#dctv
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  • olicitybishop-clairmont
    24.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    The Flash Armageddon Part 2

    A LOT more happened in this episode than the first one. There’s a lot to unpack.

    Still LOVING Iris’s red hair. Candice looks stunning. AND NOTHING BETTER HAPPEN TO HER. We went through this with Savitar. NEVER AGAIN.

    “Our destiny is to be together.”

    Despero is a super creepy lurker but all I see is Van Gogh from Doctor Who.

    HI ALEX!! I can’t wait until you show up on the show for real. It’s too bad Kara and J’onn are off world. Seems to me like they could both be really useful against both Zotar and Despero.

    Barry Allen and the No Good, Very Bad Day. First Barry is being investigated and might lose his job. Then his second home/secret lair has been shut down due to radiation (though with all the cutting edge tech that monitors that place I am really wondering why NO ONE noticed there was a chance of a nuclear meltdown) and he gets whammied by an evil psychic meta and goes apeshit. All before lunch.

    So when he was a kid Chester built a ray gun and burned his friend’s house down. That is dark. On the other hand his garage has a very mad sciencey feel to it.

    GIDEON!!! NOO!!! That was the very first version of Gideon. The OG. She deserved a better shut down. Maybe a eulogy.

    If this weren’t a five parter, I’m pretty sure the team would have come up with some kind of device to defeat Zotar. Cisco would have thought of something. Including a better meta name than Zotar.

    That was a very cool new Flash power, WITH a superhero landing!!! But also, WHAT is going on with Barry?!


    The Hall of Justice. With the round table and the labeled chairs and the ARROW TRIBUTE WITH THE SUIT AND THE BOWL OF FLAMES.

    Hi Jefferson!! We only got you for a couple minutes but hopefully you’ll have more time in the next episode.

    Did Barry just say Injustice?!

    That’s all for me for this week. See you next week!

    #the flash #the flash armageddon part 2 #the flash spoilers #the flash 8x02 #the flash season 8 #arrow#supergirl #dc legends of tomorrow #black lightning
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  • occidentaltourist
    24.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Alex Danvers on The Flash.

    Kara and J’onn are “off world.”

    #alex danvers#chyler leigh#spoilers #Kara is visiting Argo and J’onn is with M’Gann #that’s my story and I’m sticking to it #supergirl
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  • romanticmoonchild
    23.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    I’m just more sad for Julia considering how easily they saved Sam

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  • proudtobealuthor
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    I heard people talking about an interview Katie did where she mentioned boob tape for her look at Dansen’s wedding. Can anyone point me in that direction pls cuz I wanna read it

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  • flamebirdkara
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago


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  • supergay-supergirl
    18.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    I fixed supergirl s6. here's how

    ok! first of all disclaimer that I really enjoyed s6, but I've been thinking about this recently and I have some conclusions.

    basically: I think supergirl s6b should have scrapped the power theme and instead been about reconciling different parts of one's identity.

    all my thoughts under the cut.

    overall for each character:

    for kara, this means deciding to integrate her human and alien sides permanently. they do this at the end, but it's complicated and mostly overshadowed by the power stuff.

    for lena, this means letting go of both sides of her family and becoming her own person. tbh this one was done the best individually in the season. but if the other characters were also going through something similar it wouldn't have felt so much like lena was being shoved off to the side.

    for alex, this means learning how to be both a mom and a superhero and becoming more confident in her ability to have it all. remember in s3 and s4 when she was worried about that? yeah...

    for kelly, this means realizing (and teaching the others) that superheroes have to focus on everyday systemic problems as well as big superhero stuff. once again, they did this in s4 then kinda abandoned it smh

    j'onn can chill he's ok

    and brainy and nia had their own arcs that worked really well, so I wouldn't change those.

    how I would change the plot:

    first of all, there are way too many totems. get rid of all of the totems except the courage totem, the hope totem, and the love totem. now we can proceed.

    kara's courage gauntlet is 1x09 blood bonds, when cat becomes convinced she's supergirl. she initially (based on the stress she's been under this season) thinks she lacked courage by trying to go back and forth. she tries to abandon supergirl. she tries to abandon kara. she fails both times.

    kara's hope gauntlet is to inspire a hope that burns brighter than the sun. this is an idea I had during the episode and I was sad it didn't happen so here it is now lol. alex is trying to teach esme how to control her powers, but the way she's doing it just reinforces that esme shouldn't use her powers and no one will ever accept her. kara shows her that her powers are nothing to be afraid of (thus bringing about a realization for herself as well). then something blocks out the sun. kara loses her powers. but since esme's powers aren't technically powered by the yellow sun, esme still retains kara's powers and is able to use them to help. hope that burns brighter than the sun. boom.

    the love gauntlet goes to alex. pretty simple. partly based on the events of the hope gauntlet, alex is worried she won't be able to show esme the love she deserves. she realizes that she can. potentially with a conversation with lena where lena's like sure eliza had flaws but you grew up surrounded by love and that's the most important thing.

    this whole time, nxyly becomes more and more evil and bent on revenge. she refuses to be that scared princess who was exiled by her father. all she cares about is power.

    the super friends acquire all three totems (with the courage gauntlet still not passed), and nxyly kidnaps esme to ransom her for the totems. the super friends must assemble the allstone to fight her. at this point they are a cohesive unit, none of this backstabbing and arguing. in a last-ditch effort, kara tries the courage gauntlet again. this time, she just tells cat everything she's thinking (like nxyly did when she passed): she is supergirl, but she loves her job and she needs both in her life. cat understands. kara has performed admirably.

    plot stuff, idk... the big battle was fun... but eventually, it's lena and nxyly facing off. and lena's like, I get it. I went down the same dark path as you for the same reasons. but you are not beholden to your family... the greatest triumph is being enough for yourself and letting them go. then nxyly is like damn u right and surrenders. the end.

    might do a post about how supercorp could have happened, keep an eye out for that. but for now that's it! lmk what you think! but this is a tv show about superheroes so be chill abt it

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  • why-i-love-comics
    18.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #5 - "The Lake, The Trees, and The Monsters" (2021)

    written by Tom King art by Bilquis Evely & Matheus Lopes
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  • b99peraltiago
    17.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    youtube truly chose violence by suggesting every single day that i watch a video called “farewell” about lance sweets

    #no i will not watch it stop telling me to @ youtube #also please stop spoiling me the supergirl finale with your video suggestions #going on youtube already spoiled me 4 different events from that ep lol #youtube truly is my worst enemy when it comes to spoilers it ALWAYS spoils me everything with its suggestions :') #wish i could like... blacklist stuff there #maybe i can actually i shoud look it up #anyway
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  • stranger-who-writes-fiction
    17.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #5 - “The Lake, the Trees, and the Monsters”


    ISSUE CREDITS: Written by Tom King, art by Bilquis Evely, colors by Matheus Lopes, letters by Clayton Cowles, and edited by Brittany Holzherr.


    So, I can see this being another divisive issue, much like issue one. For both story and characterization choices.

    But I think it’s interesting to look at the similarities between issues one and five, because you start to see a deliberate pattern WRT to some of the stuff happening, particularly in the area of characterization.

    Which I keep mentioning, as that seems to be a major sticking point for some when it comes to this book.

    ANYWAYS. We’ll get into that. FIRST! A brief summary!

    Basically: Kara and Ruthye are almost about to confront Krem when he teleports them to a planet designed to kill Kryptonians. Ruthye thus has to protect Kara from alien dinosaurs as they wait for her powers to return!


    So, before I get into Kara’s characterization in this issue, I wanna go back to issue one.

    Let’s start off with this panel:

    So, we note a few things here. 1.) Kara’s drunk and 2.) Whilst drunk, she spouts Clark’s ‘Truth, Justice, and the American Way!’ motto. Let’s keep that in mind.

    I won’t post all the pages and panels, but recall that in issue one, Kara fought the bounty hunter while very clearly inebriated, with a sword, but maintained enough control of her faculties to expertly dodge his attacks and only deliver measured blows. Like. I reiterate: She was drunk and had a pointy sword and yet she never maimed the guy or grievously injured him, even by accident. (I made a whole post about it so if you want to revisit the pages/my nerdery, there ya go.)

    Okay, last panel from issue one that we’re gonna focus on. The hangover:

    I’m just gonna point out Ruthye’s assessment: “You speak often of this @#%@, especially when your agony becomes acute.”

    Thus, a few things that King establishes: This version of Kara swears quite a bit, but swears even more when she’s not feeling great. 

    Also, he establishes that even when Kara is not at her best, she still has mastery over her abilities, powered or otherwise.

    SooooooooOOoooo, jumping back into issue 5!

    Kara’s not feeling too great!

    Which is understandable, since they end up on a planet with a kryptonite sun.

    And once more, Evely and Lopes sell the heck out of this premise.

    Lopes renders the scenes in this intense yellow/green that not only speaks to the toxicity to Kara, but also to the barren heat. Like. The sun is actively hurting her, and it’s hot.

    Just. Miserable, all around!

    And then Evely adds in the beautiful character acting; the FACE journey here! From a kind of introspective, ‘wow, people sure do hate my cousin’ to that wry look of, ‘yeah he’s not so tough’ to ‘oooooh I’m not feeling great.’

    Each expression is so specific, there’s no question as to what Kara’s thinking/feeling in that moment.

    (Also I just love that look in panel five, talk about that Kryptonian sass.)

    Another thing I love: Whenever Kara calls Clark ‘Kal’. 

    A few other panels from the beginning of the story, as I think they’re important to the discussion of Kara’s characterization:

    As we’ve seen before, Kara explains to Ruthye what she’s going to do/what’s happening, she doesn’t just move Ruthye. (Think back to issue 3 where it was revealed that Kara hadn’t been flying with Ruthye because she was worried it would scare/overwhelm her, but when they had to do it she patiently explained the process.)

    Obviously there is an urgency here--in fact, I think it’s interesting that Kara calls her ‘Ruth’, which might be because that’s all she can even get out in time--but nevertheless! Kara explains. And even apologizes.

    I’m dwelling on this a bit because as the issue progresses, Kara continues to decline, and as such, we get what some might argue is mean Kara.

    But as we can clearly see, in this issue and the issues prior, Kara obviously cares about Ruthye and her safety, AND we see how Kara behaves when her ‘agony becomes acute’ to once more borrow Ruthye’s phrasing.

    For example:

    Okay, 1.) This is the first time we’ve seen Kara’s heat vision in this series and I LOVE IT. Particularly the way the red light colors the entire panel pink and 2.) This is the second instance of Kara reciting a Superman line while she’s...not quite herself XD: ‘It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s SUPERMANGIRL.’

    And while some might view this as a humorous bit of dumb luck (and I agree that it’s a nice moment of levity in what’s otherwise been a pretty grim journey thus far) if we go back to issue one, and remember that Kara can maintain a level of control over herself even when she’s impaired, this moment goes from: Wow, how lucky! To, wow, even when half out of her mind in pain, Kara wakes up, uses precious amounts of energy and superpowers, and prevents that dino from harming Ruthye.


    Also love it because it has this energy:

    So to sum up: Kara is having a time.

    You can see that most clearly here, I think:

    Evely renders Kara’s agonized expression to devastating effect and, coupled with Ruthye’s narration--that she can’t even bear to write about it at length because it upsets her--it drives home the fact that this is not Kara at her best. Yes she is a stone-cold badass because she went ten hours on a planet with a Kryptonite sun while Clark only lasted forty-five minutes, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to the painful effects. We know it has taken a toll because Kara’s not acting like herself.

    But even so! We see that incredible power and restraint that issue four referred to. Kara holds herself together to keep others safe.

    (Should note, that earlier Ruthye describes Kara’s behavior in the beginning stages of this; she says Kara repeatedly apologized for her pained outbursts.)

    TL;DR: Some folks will probably point to this issue as being ‘wrong’ in terms of characterization for Kara, but it’s internally consistent with what has come before in this series and, once you get past the exterior gruff crustiness, this is still a version of Kara that cares deeply about protecting those in her care, even when she is physically incapable of doing so.


    The other aspect that will probably bother some folks!

    Like, this is Ruthye’s issue. Straight up.

    She’s always been the narrator of course, but this is the first time that the role of ‘protector’ falls to Ruthye, as it is she who must defend Kara, instead of the other way around.

    And I’m sure there will be cries of, ‘Supergirl’s getting sidelined in her own book!’


    Just as we can learn a lot about Supergirl through Ruthye’s telling of the tale, so too! Can we learn about Kara through Ruthye’s actions, because Ruthye is essentially learning a bunch of this stuff from Kara.

    This is established right at the outset when Ruthye’s like “#%@” and Kara’s like, “Hey, you used that correctly, I’m proud of you.”

    There’s an extended sequence of Ruthye taking out a dinosaur (which I would post but as always, I try not to put the entire comic in these things, since I’d like to encourage folks to get the single issues or at least trade wait, instead of pirating) and I appreciate a few things about the scene.

    Firstly, that it’s obvious Ruthye’s taking a page from Kara’s book; Kara isn’t a ‘swordswoman’ exactly, but it’s Kara’s dispatching of the bounty hunter with said sword that convinces Ruthye to hire her in the first place, and while Ruthye has carried the sword thus far, it’s always been more as a form of payment/tool to be used on Krem as opposed to her own personal weapon. Also we haven’t seen any other character weild a sword, so Ruthye’s only example would be Kara.

    Secondly, she’s not suddenly a badass, just because she decides to use the sword!

    She is successful, but she also falls over and the kill is a lil’ sloppy. XD

    And I love that she basically needs a nap after the sudden physical activity. Like, same kiddo, same.

    In addition to seeing Ruthye learn and grow as a person, this issue also serves as a nice opportunity to showcase how Ruthye and Kara have grown closer over the course of this journey/are continuing to grow closer.

    (*Long sigh* Because this is the internet and folks are incapable of viewing the wide variety of human relationships as anything but romantic, I guess I have to say this: This is obviously a mentor/mentee relationship, or like. Guardian/child.

    Please do not make it weird and gross, internet.)

    Okay, so. Some panels I like that illustrate the growth of their relationship via the use of physicality and space:

    As they settle in to wait out the green sunlight, Ruthye sits apart from Kara--obviously. She’s gotta be on guard, ready for action. After she kills the first dino, she settles in for a rest in the above panel.

    She’s close to Kara--so close in fact that Kara’s cape drapes over her a little--but there is an apparent stiffness. 

    Then, after the run-in with the ‘birds’, Ruthye decides no more napping, but also!

    Note the change in both proximity and body language! It’s no longer, ‘well, I’ll sit next to you because I have to’ it’s ‘you’re clearly struggling, I’ll try to support you as best as I know how.’

    We see this again towards the end in a panel I already posted but IDC, here it is again:

    Not only do we see Ruthye place a comforting hand on Kara’s shoulder and hold her hand, we also have her talking Kara through it, assuring her everything will be alright.



    So, the solicit text promised a planet of perpetual night which...is not what this is. XD

    Still! Lopes gets an opportunity to present a variety of gorgeous color palettes, in spite of the singular setting.

    And the reason I’m leading with Lopes here is because I cannot overstate how amazing the colors are on this book. The way they elevate Evely’s drawings is just!!!!!!

    Right, so. Book starts off with these swirling oranges and yellows of the destruction caused by Krem, then drops us into the pre-dawn darkness of Barenton.

    Once the sun rises, the sky changes to a sickly, stark yellow/green (as mentioned/shown above) but rather than stick to that, both Evely and Lopes find opportunities to change it up. We get wide open views of the mid-afternoon sky that are more teal than lime green, but then Evely shifts the action down to ground level so that we’re surrounded by the red rock of the terrain for a fight with bright green dinos (who would’ve otherwise been washed out if the fight had been set against the sky!)

    The deep saturated yellow of late afternoon perfectly compliments the intensity of Ruthye’s confrontation with Kara, while the pinks and purples of sunset highlight both the urgency and danger of the situation--a big ol’ dinosaur is right on top of them! And Kara’s still not strong enough to fight!--as well as the eventual resolution and [literally!] cool [colored] respite from the deadly green sunlight. 

    I SAY AGAIN! Whatever flaws/shortcomings one feels are present in the writing, this is STILL a beautiful instance of an artist/colorist being just PERFECTLY IN TUNE as to what they want the final product to be which is just a DELIGHT to read, month-to-month.

    Goes without saying that Evely’s art is stunning; she can do the big heroic action sequences as well as the emotional character acting AND the zany bits of humor. 

    Like, I love that bit with the heat vision! IT’S SO GOOD.  


    ...Wow, surprised I had so much to say about this one. XD

    As I’ve mentioned before, I continue to be impressed by how...unexpected each of these issues are. 

    Part of that is because the solicit texts are either incorrect or deliberately misleading. I know sometimes the writer handles them but I’m not sure if that’s always the case? Either way, I always go in thinking one thing, and then the story swerves in a fun way.

    Here, I really liked that it ended up being Ruthye who had to hold off the dinosaurs. 

    My only criticism of this issue is that we’ve finally broken the ‘no significant mention of Clark’ rule, and it ends up being a situation where the narrative puts Clark down in order to lift Kara up.

    ‘He only lasted forty-five minutes, what a wuss!’ (Like, Kara actually says this but she doesn’t use ‘wuss’.)

    I don’t like the ‘rivalry’ between Clark and Kara and this feels like needless one-upmanship. 

    Then again, I’ll take Kara being snarky about Clark over her actually getting into a physical fight with him any day. 

    (Also, and IDK if King will get into this, but if he’s drawing largely from the early Binder stuff...I suppose a bit of harbored resentment is to be expected because WOW, Silver Age Clark was a jerk.)

    (I digress.)

    Another criticism of King’s work that I agree with: weak dialogue.

    And the man loves ellipses.

    This is more apparent with Kara than Ruthye; in fact I think Ruthye’s narration and dialogue are fine? Kara’s suffers a little more from King’s usual tics, though.

    It’s not enough to actively pull me from the story, the way Bendis dialogue might, but I am noticing it a little more as the book goes on. 

    Love Evely’s design for Ruthye, and I really love that we see her without her helmet here. She’s so expressive! And I think her pointy ears are really cute. 

    Also enjoyed the detail that both her hair and Kara’s get progressively messier with like. Sweat and grit as time goes on. Once again a great worldbuilding detail that sells the fact that they’ve been out in this blistering heat all day, battling for their lives.

    For shame, I have forgotten the lettering YET AGAIN.

    The ‘POP’ on the Mordru Globe is delightful, as is the ‘PEZZEW’ for Kara’s heat vision.

    (Good lettering is like good film score--it goes unappreciated.)

    I’ll end on my favorite panel because it is, to my mind, an instantly classic Supergirl image.

    Kara looking to the stars, carrying Ruthye on her back, her expression determined yet also bright.

    And of course, love the blue tinge of the fading light. It’s a neat inversion on the sun imagery we associate with the Super characters--this is a planet/situation where Kara is actually more energized in the twilight gloom.


    (Okay, a last-minute thought on the swearing thing--King said it just kind of happened during the writing process, and given some of his other books I think that’s just how he writes dialogue for any adult character who isn’t Superman, so. I’m not suggesting there is a deeper meaning behind the choice, but.

    I do think it’s interesting in the context of Kara having learned English as a second language.)

    (Not necessarily saying this is a universal experience for all but what I remember of taking a language in high school is that teenagers want to know the swear words IMMEDIATELY. XD)

    (IDK. Could make for interesting headcanon fodder, is all I’m saying.)

    (Like if you map the change of Rebirth Kara who was still struggling with contractions to Woman of Tomorrow where she’s now instructing Ruthye on the use and nuance of English language expletives...it’s certainly something to think about!)

    Last little misc. bits I enjoyed: the coloring on the Mordru globe; Kara’s expression as they’re pulled into the globe itself; Ruthye’s repeated prayer of ‘let the sun set, let the sun set, let the sun set’; the entirety of the final page.



    Until the February solicits, then!

    #supergirl: woman of tomorrow #supergirl: woman of tomorrow spoilers #DC comics#long post#comic analysis#comic post #I never remember my TAGS for shame
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  • oetravia
    17.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    Every Brainia Scene Ever: 6x20 [2/12]
    #supergirl#supergirl spoilers#supergirledit#dctvedit#arrowverseedit#brainiac 5#nia nal#kara danvers#j'onn j'onzz#alex danvers#kelly olsen #(i used the same colouring on all three gifs I have no idea why they all look so different...) #the power they radiate #honestly i will NEVER get over talking about what a power couple they are. Literally never. #Honestly that's why they can't have a spinoff. They're too powerful #(that and I'm terrified that if they *did* get a spinoff the writers would somehow screw them up...I even worry for Clark/Lois on S&L tbh) #(that’s not to say I wouldn’t love to see one because I would - and Jesse and Nicole could so easily carry it it should be a no brainer) #mine#my gifs #otp: what does love feel like? #*ebs
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  • olicitybishop-clairmont
    17.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    The Flash: Armageddon Part 1

    So. Definitely NOT a crossover. Instead of different shows over a night or two, this is taking over the first five episodes of The Flash’s season 8 and everyone else is popping into the episodes like Ray popped into Barry and Iris’s apartment. I didn’t get a chance to liveblog, but here are my thoughts.

    - Killer Frost is secretly a hopeless romantic and I have a headcanon that she makes Caitlin watch nothing but romcoms and Hallmark movies.

    - That was the first mention of Ronnie in a LONG time

    - Iris’s hair is GORGEOUS. They definitely added some more red in it and Candice Patton looks amazing with it.


    - I am HERE for Iris becoming Central City’s version of Cat Grant. From a self run blog to her own Media company with her own podcast?! You go girl!!!

    Headcanon: Eventually Iris and Cat meet and they bond about knowing everyone’s secret identities and the exclusive interviews they’ve done.

    - HI RAY!! So cute that you’re still with Nora. That green smoothie does NOT look appetizing. Also, your total mancrush on Nate is still SO obvious.

    “I thought he could shrink things.”

    - And we bring back the Royal Flush Gang, all of whom use far too many card puns. Give it a rest.

    - Chester is such a NERD.

    - I would have thought I would see a little more geeking out from Ray with all the science and tech.

    - With all their supposed qualifications, no wonder those journalists aren’t listening to you, Allegra. Come on, where’s that backbone I know you have? Iris doesn’t put her faith in just anybody to run the day to day of her company.

    - No matter who stops by on which show, all the heroes have to give each other sage advice. It’s mandatory.

    “If you want something that doesn’t exist, invent it.”

    “Just show him who you really are.”

    - Okay, I have no clue who Despero is.

    - So Flash caused Armageddon? How?! I know when Mia, William and Connor were brought back in time they came from Star City in 2040, but I don’t remember what time Nora and Bart came from. Apparently Armageddon happens in 2031...

    - Kryptonians and Kryptonite and a call to Alex in National City. I know Alex is stopping by but it’s too bad Supergirl is already over.

    - I would really like to see Ray and Chester working together with the Nonprofit named after Chester’s dad. Maybe SmoakTech can donate some funds or get in on the program. Felicity would definitely be in to something like that.

    - So I know this is supposed to be a five episode event, but episode 1 seemed a little slow to build. Also, I know we’re 8 seasons in, but I was not feeling all that much from Grant. Do we think the Flash might bow out after season 8? I mean, he did just have a kid, didn’t he?

    Hopefully I’ll be able to liveblog next week otherwise I’ll do another one of these. See you then!

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