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  • boogiewoogiebaby
    23.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    legionnaires in young justice season 4 legionnaires in young justice season 4  legionnaires in young justice season 4 !!!!

    #i guess this means i have to watch season 3 now lol #i literally know nothing else but that theyre in the new season #i dont care if its trash ill watch it if the legion is in it #legion of superheroes
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  • beginagainpromos
    23.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    “The beginning is always today.” ― Mary Shelley

    The Superhero Civil War divided families and the city of New York, but the ratification of the Sokovia Accords in 2020 has provided heroes with a new lease of life. Now, teams are self governing, with the Panel repurposed as a supervisory organization dedicated to protecting the rights and safety of enhanced individuals. Mutants have fought for and won a home for themselves on an island raised in the Hudson River and they call it Genosha. This is the age of heroes, and as the teams come back together, they prepare for their greatest threat yet… after all, sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go of the past… it’s moving forward and beginning again.  

    Begin Again is an active and appless Marvel / DC crossover RP that accepts Original Characters! Click the source link to be taken to the main landing page of the RP!

    psd by eurydiicewrites

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  • fandom-official
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    What SSU project are you hoping for? 🤔

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  • fandom-official
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    All right, let's do this one last time ⌚️

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  • roleplaygateway
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    XianEvermor, writing in Titan's Fall, a part of The Abyssal Paradox:

    *STHSTHSTH* "You put meathouses on Mrs. Gertrude's grocery?" Asked Rat with a confused hiss as Mr. McManshape took to the roof. "She sells meat-meats, and breads you know!" Rat called after him, and then sneezed. "Very kind, she is. Helps Rat in needs, she does," Rat explained, a bit quieter to Maire. "A'ch, Rat! Dinnae ye 'ave me package or nae?" Called a brusque female voice attached to a large bear of a woman with an enormous mop of curly red hair. "Help us! Rat is being oppressed!" Screeched Rat suddenly, as he scurried behind her. She rolled her eyes. "An' who's oppressin' ye todae, lad?" "The Templars have come! Oh Gods! Oppressed into service, my reputations!" Spluttered Rat. "Oh innae tha' lovely! Guests!" She clapped with a chipper expression, bouncing out to meet Maire. She seemed incredibly light on her feet, considering she towered head and shoulders over the Templar, and had twice the width. "Templar(s)...?" She questioned, turning back to Rat after looking around for a bit. "Other is securing tributes from your roofs," Rat explained meekly. The woman turned slowly towards the roof with a raised eyebrow. "Ah. Tha'd be why Cuilean rushed up in such'a tizzy, innae then?" She watched the rooftop for a moment while clucking her tongue in thought. "Whelp, they're probably fine... unless 'e got The Gift," she muttered cryptically, snatching a package swiftly out of Rat's hands and showering him with a fist full of coins, suddenly unconcerned with the fate of the second Templar. She pressed it to her face and inhaled deeply. "Ah, real coffee. Finally, come inside fer a drink," she insisted, firmly, ushering Maire inside with a firm arm. She picked Rat up in a single, firm motion and slung the creature over her shoulder (to many protests) and ducked through the door to the building, which was slightly too small for her. "Ye aswell when y'done skulkin' abound me rooftop!" She called up to the roof. The inside of the building felt slightly larger on the inside than the building suggested, with a small area near the door containing several small, rough-hewn tables made of re-purposed chunks of concrete and salvaged wood. The chairs were rustic, but comfortable (if a bit on the large side) and the back of the room was largely occupied by a large steel door. Judging by the frost gathering on its corners, it was most likely cold storage for her wares. She quickly and expertly set a pot of coffee brewing. Outside, as Guy McManshape descended from the rooftop, something slithered down the side of the building in absolute silence. The only trace of its presence being near imperceptible ripple of distortion in the light that it couldn't quite quell, and the silent thud of vibration through the earth as it dropped the last few feet to the ground. Until a loose piece of gravel crunched softly beneath one of its feet at least. It froze, coiled to strike at a moments notice while it observed its prey...
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  • deka231
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    E S P / E N G Hola hola khe tal? Yo soy Don Alfonso en un nuevo blog! En esta ocasión continuando con el #Inktoka Día 22: #Superhéroe y para este día dibuje al único, al inigualable, al pechudo, CAPITÁN ESCUDÓ!!! EL héroe tricolor, creador por Alejandro Bustos y Beto Valencia. Y aquí les dejo el Instagram del cap @capitan_escudo ¿Por qué? Por spam supongo xd y pos eso... Dale like!!! >:3 Translation to English: Hi hi What's up? Kono Mr Alfonso da! on a new blog! this time continuing with the Inktoka day 22: #Superhero and for this draw Captain Shield, an Ecuadorian hero, created by Alejandro Bustos and Beto Valencia and well that ... Give like!!! #drawing #draw #arte #art #misdibujos #dibujodigital #instaartista #instaartist #anime #artwork #ilustracion #illustration #artdigital #artedigital #dibujo #artecuador #drawdigital #skech #digitalart #digitaldrawing #drawwork #speedpaint #speeddrawing #capitanescudo #fanart #inktober2021 #inktober https://www.instagram.com/p/CVWUTo0pZ4y/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • kingoftieland
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    There once was a time when Thanos admitted he was proud to call Thor an ally... 🤝

    #thor#thor comics#comics#comic books #comic book art #comic book panels #comic book pages #comic book cover art #comic book trivia #trivia#fun fact#fun facts#marvel#marvel comics #marvel comic books #marvel characters#marvel superheroes#marvel villains#thanos#mad titan #the infinity finale #annihilus#adam warlock#ally
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  • supher
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    quick tag drop.

    *    𝐨𝐨𝐜.    /       meme.       ››       make me cry or let me make you cry.

    *    𝐢𝐜.    /       starter.       ››       beginnings are the best part.

    *    𝐢𝐜.    /       reply.       ››       i never said i was good at this.

    *    𝐯.    /       dctv au.       ››       that's how a superhero learns to fly.

    *    𝐯.    /       titans.       ››       we could be heroes.

    *    𝐯.    /       jla.       ››       but i can’t be one of them.

    *    𝐯.    /       marvel au.       ››       cause i've still got a lot of fight left in me.

    #*    𝐨𝐨𝐜.    /       meme.       ››       make me cry or let me make you cry. #*    𝐢𝐜.    /       starter.       ››       beginnings are the best part. #*    𝐢𝐜.    /       reply.       ››       i never said i was good at this. #*    𝐯.    /       dctv au.       ››       that's how a superhero learns to fly. #*    𝐯.    /       titans.       ››       we could be heroes. #*    𝐯.    /       jla.       ››       but i can’t be one of them. #*    𝐯.    /       marvel au.       ››       cause i've still got a lot of fight left in me.
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  • beginagainpromos
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    “The beginning is always today.” ― Mary Shelley

    The Superhero Civil War divided families and the city of New York, but the ratification of the Sokovia Accords in 2020 has provided heroes with a new lease of life. Now, teams are self governing, with the Panel repurposed as a supervisory organization dedicated to protecting the rights and safety of enhanced individuals. Mutants have fought for and won a home for themselves on an island raised in the Hudson River and they call it Genosha. This is the age of heroes, and as the teams come back together, they prepare for their greatest threat yet… after all, sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go of the past… it’s moving forward and beginning again.  

    Begin Again is an active and appless Marvel / DC crossover RP that accepts Original Characters! Click the source link to be taken to the main landing page of the RP!

    psd by eurydiicewrites

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  • tinochido
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    🟠NUEVOS #Pósters OFICIALES de #SpidermanNoWayHome para la revista #EMPIRE 🕷️ 🟠¿Que les pareció?🕸️ . . . #spiderman #spidermanedit #spidermanedits #spidermannowayhometrailer #marvel #marveluniverse #marvel #marvelstudios #marvelcomics #marveledits #marvelcinematicuniverse #hombrearaña #comics #superheroes @spidermanmovie @spiderman @marvel @marvelstudios (en Spiderman) https://www.instagram.com/p/CVWM8yugsSH/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • thepenultimateword
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Vigilante x Hero

    I saw someone mention a few days ago that this would be an interesting pairing, so I started thinking about how I might portray it.

    “Happy, happy discharge day!” Hero sang, coming into the hospital room with a bouquet of orchids.

    Vigilante straightened up in bed, holding their slinged arm tight to their chest so it didn’t get in the way as Hero carefully embraced them.

    “What are you doing here so early?”

    “Trying to catch a glimpse of your lovely sleeping face,” Hero said. “I thought 5:30 would be early enough.”

    “Try 4:00,” Vigilante said. “But actually don’t. The thought of you watching me sleep is cringey.”

    “Admit it, it would’ve been pretty romantic for you to wake up, turn over, and find me slouched asleep in one of these chairs, bouquet hanging loosely from my hand.”

    “I would’ve had you thrown out. Can I have the flowers?”

    Hero smiled softly and handed over the bouquet, watching fondly as Vigilante pressed their cheek against the fresh petals for a few seconds then began picking through it flower by flower until they found the most perfect one. They shook it out from its wrapping and held it out in front of them. Slowly, the deep purple faded to a slightly lighter shade, and the leaves curled in a bit on the stem. Vigilante spun it between their thumb and forefinger with a smile before gently setting it on their bed side table. Vigilante may have sucked away what remained of the little flower’s life, but they’d left it beautifully preserved.

    Hero had to admit it would be at least a little nice if they could use their powers in a casual setting too. Just every once in awhile.

    “Don’t let me forget it,” they said, laying the rest of the bouquet on their lap.

    “We’re getting out of here soon anyway,” Hero said, pulling a folded sheaf of paper out of their back pocket. “Surprise! I picked up your discharge forms from the front desk.”

    “I don’t think they’re supposed to give you those.”

    “It’s before 6:00, the waiting room is full, and I’m your emergency contact, they got lazy. Anyway, uh, here’s a pen.” They procured one from the front pocket of their shirt.

    “You must be really desperate to get me out of here,” Vigilante said. “Missed me much?”

    Hero smiled but continued on. “You just sign here, here, here,” they turned the page. “Initial here, then sign here.”

    The pen scritch scratched over the paper, and Hero’s heart pounded in heavy accompaniment. Hero casually strolled over to the window and watched the car coming and going from the parking lot.

    The pen stopped.


    Hero’s heart felt like it plummeted into his stomach. “Yeah?”

    “Care to explain what a Hero Core application form is doing in my discharge papers?”

    Hero turned around to face the lightning flashing in their stormy gray eyes.

    “Hero Core? Must be a mix up. Here, let me ask them about it.”


    Hero froze midstep. They swallowed, forcing themselves to meet Vigilante’s eyes. “I just want you safe.”

    “Are you—?” They didn’t finish the thought and threw their hands up in the air, bringing them down with a thwack on the papers. “Hero, for the last time, I’m not becoming a superhero.”

    “But you can’t live your current lifestyle if you’re not,” Hero said, voice growing stern.

    “What do you call what I’ve been doing the last two years?”

    “Living in reckless abandon! You were dragged behind a car, Vigilante! No one knew where you were, you had no back up, and when the ambulance came you know what was the first thing they checked for? An ID bracelet. If a civilian hadn’t seen and called it in, who knows what would’ve happened. And if your injuries had been even a little worse, if you’d needed a transplant? They would have let you die.” Hero swiped their arm across their eyes before the tears could drip off their lashes. “That was scariest day of my life!”

    Vigilante reached out their hand, waving it a little until Hero shuffled up and took it.

    “I didn’t die,” Vigilante said, squeezing Hero’s hand. “I made stupid choices that day, I know. I should’ve called you. I should’ve called someone. But that doesn’t mean what I’m doing is wrong.”

    “It’s illegal.”

    Vigilante’s loving hand squeeze turned slightly painful. “Don’t bring up irrelevant things. Just because living to the letter of the law is something you feel you need to do doesn’t mean it’s something I need to do.”

    “When you are part of Hero Core they can track you whereabouts when something goes wrong. You are on a list of hundreds of Hero contacts, so help is as far away as a ping or a phone call. You’re automatically at the top of organ transplant registries. All hospital and rehabilitation expenses are paid for. It’s full-time pay, and if you get hurt, they pay you for recovery leave. How can you just ignore all the benefits of a program like this?”

    “No amount of benefits is going to make me sell my soul to an immoral corporation.”

    “They’re not—”

    Vigilante slipped their hand out of Hero’s grip and slid it up their wrist to rest on their Hero ID Bracelet. Their…inhibitor bracelet.

    “What right do they have to say when and where you can use your powers? What right do they have to know where you are every second of the day?”

    “It’s…” Hero choked a little on their words. “It’s just precautionary. Hero Core needs to ensure none of their heros are abusing their position. It makes sense.”

    “You belong to them, Hero.” Vigilante fingered at their ID bracelet, thumbing at the sealed clasp before pulling Hero’s hand up to their lips. “I wish infinitely that you belonged half as much to me.”

    #vigilante x hero #hero #hero x hero #superheroes and villains #superhero #villain x hero #hero x villain #writing snippet#creative writing#fiction#ficlet#vigilante
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  • fortislumen
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    whenever i write things with tony and mama stark i feel complete.
    #( ; i love tony so much. i love maria so much. ) #( ; way before we had the 2 minute scene of her on screen. ) #( ; she's almost my oc at this point. ) #( ; honestly i wish i could write the mama's of every superhero. they deserve love. ) #( ; at this point i only have 2 of them here. ) #( ;; OOC. )
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  • yzy-starpants
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago


    Pulling tools...from out thy...ass buns...crack?

    “oooOOOOoooohs” in Spongebob voice

    From S10E1b, “Mermaid Pants” 

    P.S. Aside from these two delectable screen caps I LOVE THIS EPISODE VERY MUCH.  It’s got some great Squiddy and Krabsy moments too

    #patbob#CUTIES#and also#BADASSES#boyfriend superheroes#bff superheroes #mermaid man and barnacle boy #mermaid SPONGE and barnacle STAR #super secret special move #this is what Patrick's ass clapping exercises were for #spongebob#modern spongebob#bffs#boyfriendos#superhero #I LOVE THEM #patrick star#spongebob squarepants#daily screencap
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  • azulegacy
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    this is the only advertisement i will make for jai.me re.yes bc this is truly the only thing you need to know to realize why i love him as much as i do

    #tag later. #( i just……. he’s so good… he’s so family-oriented ) #( the only thing he wants after fusing w the scarab is to be in control enough to see his family again ) #( the fact that he always has them for support and they always know about his superhero stuff…. it’s so good ) #( them and his friends are always his primary support system and it’s so refreshing ) #( he never has the ‘I must carry this burden myself’ bc even when he’s in that first leg of his journey where he doesn’t feel safe enough to #be around his fam or getting sad bc the writers keep having his mentor die before he meets him… he’s got the titans / the team and just.. #that family dynamic just grows and shifts to include them too ) #( he’s so special to me……. it’s National loving b.lue be.etle day pls celebrate w me 💙 )
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  • ninetyfivepercentdantomasik
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Great Characters: Yu Takeyama, aka “Mt. Lady” (My Hero Academia)

    The longer I read My Hero Academia, the more it becomes clear I could write one of these essays on literally almost every character in the series. The writing is that good. With the release of the latest volume in English, we got to see a lot of a character who’s been around since the very first chapter but has proven very difficult to get a read on. The Giant Hero, Mt. Lady. Even for MHA, she’s such an unconventional character, I thought she merited a post.

    With this in mind:


    Mt. Lady (real name Yu Takeyama) is not what comes to mind when we think of a great hero. Quite the opposite, her behavior often paints her to be the model of a terrible hero. Vain, petty, cheap, lazy; her introduction to both the series and the Pro Hero World was to killsteal another hero. Literally appearing out of nowhere to blindside the villain, she then turned on the charm to her audience/onlookers watching the fight take place. Her definitive knockout, impressive Quirk, coupled with the fact she’s a hot 20-something who knows how to flaunt her sex appeal, made her an instant name in the Pro Hero circuit. In addition, it established the joke that would pretty much define her character for the rest of the series; a hero with Gigantism who is never above picking the low-hanging fruit.

    All of her future appearances would go on to drive this point home. At the Sports Festival, she shamelessly flirts with a vendor for free food in front of her fellow heroes. A student who interns at her agency spends most of it cleaning her apartment and doing chores while she lounges on a couch reading magazines. In a TV spot with heroine Midnight, a discussion of censorship in hero costumes ends up a televised catfight when Mt. Lady takes some jabs at Midnight’s age & supposed “sex appeal”. On a high-value job, she whines & complains about having to detain gross semi-human experiments while other heroes confront the important bad guys. Literally every appearance seems to further drive home the point that Mt. Lady is just a vapid, self-obsessed freeloader skating by on her looks & other people’s hard work.

    What seems to always pass under people’s radar, however, are some tendencies towards genuine heroic behavior during every incident she finds herself involved in. The first chapter ends with a situation that no available heroes (including Mt. Lady) can resolve, however, when a hero does appear and blast the villain away, Mt. Lady protects both the civilians and other heroes from the resulting shockwave. Collateral control, not a flashy part of the Pro Hero lifestyle, but an essential one. When her entire squad gets taken down in a single blast by a villain leagues above their ability to face, she makes a surprise reappearance to prevent a villain from escaping by catching him with her face. As she falls back into unconsciousness with a newly received bloody nose, she mumbles, “mission is all that matters”. Most recently & impressively, we watched Mt. Lady go multiple rounds with Gigantomachia. A behemoth of a villain with a version of her own Gigantism Quirk, as well as six other Quirks, all specifically chosen to allow him to bulldoze through anything & everything in his path. Despite this, Mt. Lady managed three accomplishments that not a single one of the hundreds of other Pro Heroes assembled against the Walking Calamity achieved. She stood her ground. She slowed him down. She came back for more. None of these sound impressive until one considers that the greatest achievement any other Pro Hero accomplished against Big G was surviving. She lasted longer than the hundreds of other Pro Heroes and the 20+ populated cities that also stood in Gigantomachia’s way. Mt. Lady got rag-dolled by the big lug twice before she finally went down.

    This fight allows us to finally see the heroic side of Mt. Lady that I’m starting to think has always been there, but hidden under quite a lot of genuine petty behavior. One thing that stands out among of all her appearances doing actual hero work is that she always does her job. Other Pros might reprimand her behavior, her attitude, and her shamelessness, but they can’t criticize her work. She shows that “Plus Ultra” mentality recognized in some of the greatest heroes. That mindset of continuing to fight even when you should probably stay down. Looking back, all of her contributions make an important impact, save lives, and allow the mission to succeed. Even when she doesn’t receive much credit. What that says to me is that Mt. Lady is actually more focused on doing her job than just becoming famous.

    That’s what makes the character so interesting; this combination of seemingly contradictory behaviors that nevertheless coexist with each other. I’ve seen other posts calling this inconsistent characterization, but both sides have been present in the character since chapter 1. Mt. Lady is petty, but she is also reliable. She is heroic, but she is also lazy. She is selfish, but she is also cooperative. She is strong, but she is also shameless. What we really have here is a multi-dimensional female character who knows how to play the game of being a Pro Hero. Being strong is fine, but if you can’t make a name for yourself you’ll probably end up a sidekick. Being sexy is fine, but if your work suffers as a result the time will come when you may have to pick one or the other. Dealing with the media is an authentic aspect of heroism that is often overlooked. In a society where being a superhero is a legitimate career, newspapers won’t treat every hero like Superman or every villain like the Joker. Mt. Lady’s debut was noteworthy because, while the villain was a simple mugger, his Quirk was flashy and caught people’s attention. As capable as the other Pro Hero, Kamui Woods, might have been, his Quirk was a poor match for a villain with Gigantism. Resolving the situation immediately may not have been polite, but it gave Mt. Lady the chance to showcase all her talents at once, exactly what one wants for their introduction.

    I think what we’re looking at is a female character who manages to showcase both heroism & realism. Mt. Lady acts like a hero, as well as like an early-20s young woman. She embraces her sex appeal unlike so many other heroines that are written to avoid the subject like the plague. There’s this antiquated idea that if a Woman Character displays an interest in sex, it lessens them, somehow. That if a member of the female gender is to be the hero, she must be virginal, prudish, and never swayed by base desires. She must be sexy, but not have sex. On the other hand, Man Characters having sex just makes them seem better (as long as that sex is heterosexual sex with a hot woman readers also want to sleep with). It’s a double-standard we have yet to rid ourselves of. We don’t hold Mt. Lady to any of these ridiculous standards because she flaunts her sex appeal like a reality TV star instead of shunning it like a Final Girl. She’s in a relationship with one of her fellow Pro Heroes, the very same one she stole the spotlight from in her debut. Such a relationship changes the questions readers ask. Instead of, “ooh, is it going to be spicy?”, we ask, “why would he date the one person he should dislike most?”. It creates these nagging thoughts we may not get resolutions for, because when do we ever really understand what’s going on in a celebrity romance? I for one think maybe Kamui Woods is starting to see both the heroic aspects of Mt. Lady and the advantages of playing to media attention. As Mt. Lady demonstrates, heroes can do both.

    I am so unbelievably psyched to see Mt. Lady vs Gigantomachia when the anime finally gets to it. Gonna be awesome.

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  • proditeur
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    tl;dr on regulus’ superhero-verse (insp. by dc)

    reguIus bIack, second son and heir to the family fortune and internationally-recognized luxury brands corporation, doubles by night as the crown: villain-turned-anti-hero vigilante. he prowls the streets of his home city, grimmton, in search of the very people for whom he used to work—the remnants of a magical organization that sought superiority of magic-users and super-powered people, over ordinary citizens. though he’s abandoned his ‘villain’ moniker, the crown remains known for his terrifying powers of warping and manipulating people’s memory, turning allies on each other and individuals on themselves. 
    #ANTIHERO—‘you must remember‚’ said the king. #SUPERHERO BRAIN SUPERHERO BRAIN
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  • jondoe297
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Batober 2021 Day 22 - Run

    if you ship Batman and the Robins,his children,DO NOT TOUCH THIS POST. also kink/fetish blogs DO NOT INTERACT this is A CHILD

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  • sokoviarising-promos
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    SOKOVIA RISING is a literate, app-based Marvel/DC crossover RPG written by and created for longtime writers and passionate fans of Marvel and DC comics, movies, and media. Dozens of roles are open, so apply today—Sokovia needs you, heroes!

                                    WILL YOU JOIN THE FIGHT?

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