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  • *sam and dean doing research*

    Dean: i got something.

    Sam: yeah?

    Dean: missing kid, cracked bedroom window, he got snatched but his little sister sharing a room with him woke up at home perfectly fine.

    Sam: *pulled five dollars out of his pocket* i bet you it’s either demons or fairies.

    Dean: sam. we can’t just bet five dollars on a child’s safety like that. what’s wrong with you?

    Sam: sorry, sorry. you’re right.

    Dean: *reaching into his wallet and pulling out a fifty* the stakes are high. let’s make this fuckin’ interesting. fifty bucks it’s a changeling.

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  • So, the other day, i girl in my class was wearing a hoodie with an image of Dirty Dancing ans above it. it was written “nobody puts baby in a corner” and i inmediatley read it with Dean’s voice.

    I also happen to have this stupidly tall friend that also watches supernatural, i call her my own Sam (seriously, she’s more than 6ft tal and i look like a hobbit arround her). She comes an whispers in my ear “Did you just read that with Dean’s voice?” And i go like “Yeah…” . We stared to each other eyes for a few seconds and then we said at the same time “Did you just quoted Patrick Swayze?”

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  • Dean Winchester is a horny mess in season 1 and I can relate

    #dean winchester#supernatural #just started watching it #and i love it
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  • My life is a vicious cycle

    What’s the first thing I do when I wake up?

    I read fanfics then fuel my caffeine addiction.

    Whats the last thing I do before I go to sleep?

    I read fanfics.

    what do I do throughout the day between these times?

    I avoid college assignments by watching supernatural and crying over my boys

    is it unhealthy? Maybe, but I won’t admit that.

    is it gonna help me pass college? yea…no

    #supernatural#spn #welcome to my life #im failing all my classes #i love dean winchester #i love castiel #i love sammy #i hate it here #im gonna go cry brb
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  • ☽ N E V E R T H E R E ☾

    out in the woods, underground, lays a dear old monster, safe and sound. 
    the doctors dig, the watchers keep
    the monster sleeping, safe and deep. 
    out in the woods, underground, 
    stirs a dear old monster, soon unbound

    Neverthere is a 3-year-old original supernatural-based roleplay located in Oregon. We offer a friendly, LGBTQIA+ inclusive community with relaxed activity, no word counts, a shipper-app, custom adoptables, and plenty of groups and species to choose from. Join our DISCORD for questions and plotting! 



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  • Alright I know I’m a few months late to the party, but I’ve just finished Supernatural.

    And honestly, that was the perfect ending. It was the most well thought out, well tied up finale I’ve ever seen, it was a perfect end to their journey and I could not have imagined a more fitting resolution to the show.

    And then they did another episode.

    #seriously what WAS that last episode #it had no point and it was both ridiculous and boring #they should have finished at the end of episode nineteen. jobs a goodun. done. #supernatural #spn season 15
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  • it’s almost 2 months later and i’m still wondering if they thought it would be satisfying not seeing donna and au charlie undusted. esp knowing there was a scene written where donna, au charlie, au bobby, and the au hunters got undusted

    #supernatural#spn#donna hanscum#charlie bradbury#spn finale#spn 15x18#spn 15x19 #charlie dying twice was unnecessary. i would’ve taken another off screen fridging. esp after you just killed her girlfriend to open the ep #insert phineas and ferb 2 nickels meme here #that day the scripts leaked and the undusting scene was included at the end of the 15x18 script #i still feel like i fever dreamed up that image bc i have no idea where to find it #we hadn’t seen donna or charlie in so long :( and then that was it :(( #or au bobby either? wasn’t he just written out to spend time w mary in the woods at a cabin for SOME reason #really does feel like the stages of grief of avengers infinity war and endgame #ppl were utterly shocked. and then utterly disappointed at the resolution #making something so good and so ambitious and then fumbling it so so bad
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  • Ok, can we just take minute to acknowledge this Sabriel scene, please??

    No one ever seems to talk about it.

    I mean, Gabe has lost hope. He won’t talk. Flinches at the slightest of touch. He’s terrified, traumatised in fact. He’s been through hell and nothing seems to be no way of helping him. Not his angel grace and not even his own brother. And after pouring his heart and soul into his words Sam has literal tears in his eyes, he hates seeing Gabe so broken so much that he almost manages to leave the room immediately. But that speech is the thing that helps break the mental barrier in the archangel’s mind. He feels safe and it brings Gabriel back. I can’t express how beautiful it is! These two have shared a pretty intriguing connection throughout the show and this just tops the cake imo

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  • I love you so much, my baby brother. Jensen Ackles

    I love you so much, my baby brother. 

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  • Just a friendly reminder that my requests are open until February 7th! 

    Check out my masterpost for all the necessary information!

    Take a look at my Prompt List for inspiration! 

    You can request for any character I write for! 

    #supernatural #supernatural x reader #dean winchester x reader #sam winchester x reader #marvel #marvel x reader #steve rogers x reader #bucky barnes x reader #loki x reader #tom hiddleston x reader #star wars #star wars x reader #poe dameron x reader #kylo ren x reader
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  • because i have no self control here’s the first draft of the first part of my sci-fi reincarnation au:

    Across the Universe

    Anna makes good on her threat to rip Sam to pieces and spread them so far across the universe that the angels will never find them all. A thousand years later, it’s humanity that has finally developed the tools for the job. With Michael still in Adam, the pieces are finally back on the board for the apocalypse. There’s just one thing nobody counted on: Castiel, the eternal spanner in the works, and Dean Winchester, a burnt out shell of a reincarnated man.

    Keep reading

    #writing shit#supernatural #f it im tagging it 😤
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  • 1x01 pilot | john’s journal

    #supernatural#spn gifs#supernatural 1x01#ep: 1x01#john#john's journal #plus some of the stuff john taped up in the motel #i assume most of it came from the journal #i left out the obits/missing persons stuff cause it's all case-specific
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  • muppetnatural with only one human. who is it

    #supernatural #i am tempted to go for the easy answer of dean #i think bobby is also a very good choice... wait. CROWLEY #my post #please i want to know #this has to be in a weird setup where like. all of supernatural happens in the span of a movie #so that anyone is pickable yknow? #i’m sure this post has been made before but i haven’t seen it so !!
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  • image
    • Bisexual
    • Both look good in leather
    • Hard exterior, soft gooey center (deep, deep down)
    • Always carries a knife
    • Badass
    • Could kill you with their bare hands
    • Street smarts
    • Secretly into nerdy things and will kill you if you tell anyone
    • Keeps emotions bottled up
    #what do dean and rosa have in common #dean winchester#rosa diaz#supernatural#brooklyn 99
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  • #missbrunettebarbie#replies #talking to the void #my thoughts #black sails thoughts #spn thoughts #gilmore girls thoughts #black sails#supernatural#samruby#lorelai gilmore#plecverse thoughts#got thoughts#plecverse #game of thrones #the vampire diaries #tvd thoughts #ty!
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  • do you ever think about how sam has always had other people controlling his life and making choices for him and taking away his agency and bodily autonomy his entire life and it’s always treated as if it’s not a big deal

    but whenever he tries to reclaim his agency and make choices about his own life or body (going to college, drinking demon blood and using his psychic powers, leaving the hunting life, settling down with amelia…), he’s always vilified for it

    #sam and bodily autonomy #sam and agency #sam winchester#spn#supernatural#x
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  • Not to acknowledge canon but like…

    Do you think they realize that all they had to do to avoid a good chunk of the outrage was remove three words?

    Like imagine this

    “Why does this sound like a goodbye?”

    “Because it is. I love you.”

    “Cas. Cas…”

    “Goodbye, Dean.”

    Like just leave it at that. No debates about what “Don’t do this” meant, it would’ve given the message that there was more Dean had to say, more that he wanted to say, he just didn’t have the words. So he said what mattered most.


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  • the more I learn about walker the less I want to learn about walker

    #walker #walker texas ranger #jared padalecki#spn#supernatural #shut up dani
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