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  • Castiel pulls the righteous man out of hell circa 2008

    #supernatural#supernatural memes#dean winchester#castiel#cas #i gripped you tight and raised you from perdition #the lord yeeteth and the lord yoinketh away. #shitpost
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  • supernatural , writing room

    one of the writers : ok , we need a segway into a casual conversation between castiel and one of the winchesters …

    some genius : what if we make castiel try to eat food for the thousandth time , and he will complain about it tasting like molecules . one of the winchesters will ask him a question about the taste , even though this exact situation has happened at least once a season ever since castiel became a human for that small period of time . and castiel will explain the same exact thing he has been explaining for years now .

    a standing ovation follows

    they do it


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  • Does anyone else live for every SPN/John Mulaney post/meme or is that just me?

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  • So like.. if Cas told jack not to tell Dean about the Empty, and Jack told Cas not to tell Dean about him dying, then wtf happens at the end of the episode. Did Cas tell Dean both secrets, or only Jack’s. And once Jack finds out, will he tell Dean about Cas’ deal?

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  • Things only people in Supernatural can say,

    Cas: I watched you die once and I will not do it again

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  • It could be a tactical move to make voters think they don’t need to go to vote against Trump anymore.

    Althought I still think the rats are leaving the sinking ship…

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  • Slowly and steadily making my way back to drawing. Used to be my passion but somehow got pushed to the background because…life!

    Found this really cute drawing online and decided to duplicate it 💫

    #supernatural#fanart #don't know why the picture has a bluish filter to it lol
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  • 🔺Imagine that your Lucifer’s human “pet”, and he decides to do some behavioral training with you…💋🔺


    (Mature Audiences: BDSM themes and swears, pet play/degrading/pain play)


    “I don’t think I told you to move!” He rocked back and forth pulling a dart from thin air. “Tsk, tsk.” He sighs in a murmur as he moves the dart in his hand back and forth pinching it between his fingers looking at a spot besides your head. He squints his eyes and let his tongue hang out the corner of his mouth as he pulls his hand back.

    You shut your eyes as he throws it towards you, you hear the air whiz by your ear and the sharp thunk of the dart hitting the wall. You open your eyes and he stands there, staring at you. His hands now in his pockets. You glance to your right without moving your head and see the feathery end of the dart sticking out of the wall.

    “Alright, since you moved and flinched…you know what that means,” he says in a singsong voice, pulling a hand out of his pocket and dancing his fingers in the air.. “On the floor.” He scrunches his face and lowered his head, glancing at the floor and then your face.

    He tilts his head, upon noticing you not doing what he instructed.

    He points to the ground, but you don’t move.

    He leans back with a smug grin, the lines on his eyes moving with his squinting eyes. He raises his eyebrows and you jump a little as he takes a step towards you. Your heartbeat thumps against your chest as he takes his time walking over to you, the sound of his feet against the hardwood floor the only sound in the den. His mustard color jacket, covering his white T-shirt. His dark blue pants cuffed revealing white socks underneath his brown shoes. His dirty blond hair, pushed back, neatly, yet the ends on the side of his face, stuck out just a little.

    He stops in front of you his chest close to your face, he smelled so good. The wrinkles of his shirt, grabbed your attention you wanted to look up, you did a bit, but not at his face. He flexes back his shoulders and then does a little shimmy. You can feel his eyes looking down at you with that terrifying smile of his. “Oh, so you didn’t hear me?” He blinks twice and pulls the dart from the wall beside your head, you flinch again at the suddenness of this movement. But you look up at his face.


    He examines the dart with an unsatisfied expression and bites on his lower lip.

    “That’s unfortunate…for you.”

    He grabs your shoulder and pushes you down, hard. Your knees buckle and your face slams into his waist, and slides down one of his legs. Your hands grab at the sides of his legs so you can push yourself off him. But he sidesteps and slams his foot down on your upper back. You let out a whine as the wind is knocked out of you, your palms clutching at the floor. You turn your face to the side, feeling the pain of your rear in the air as your knees press against your chest. You only see his other foot as he turns the one against your back as if rubbing off something from his shoe.

    You let out a sound as he puts some of his weight on you “I wonder how hard I’d have to squeeze you. To pop ya like a gusher~” he chuckles as he lifts his foot, and squats down, craning his face to meet yours as he pulls on your shirt tightly, the collar of your shirt choking you. “Aren’t you curious? Hmm?”


    He purses his lips and scratches the side of his chin. The sound of his stubble against his fingernails, is similar to Velcro.

    “Well, let’s find out huh?” His face looses its smile as he pushes the palm of his hand against your back and pivots. “Ugh, I’m too old for this…” He lets out a low long sigh as he sits on top of your back, he drapes his arms over his knees and twirls the dart in one hand. His weight, pushed your lungs and rib cage against the floor. You let out a uncomfortable sound and he chuckles, each chuckle pushing against your back.

    “My arnt you the comfy seat!” He rocks himself back and forth on your back as he runs his hand from the top of your head to the back, in a petting motion. His  fingers were so thick and heavy and his nails occasionally raked across your scalp. Each movement, made your knees sandwich your ribs harder.

    “I just love all the whining and trembling breathes your doing, keep it up.”

    You feel something sharp on the space close to your tail bone. It presses itself against your bare skin, and lifts off. Over and over.

    “So, let me just say. When I tell you to do something-"  You feel it press harder and longer against your skin. You try to move you back lower to the ground and he only follows, pressing harder.

    ”-you do it. Kay? I’m getting tired. Of you bratting it up.“ You feel his head nod as his body shakes. Every breath is starting to hurt . You clench you’re fists and move them closer to your face.

    "I want my little pet, to be trained…” he lifts the dart and the pain stops. “Oh, I haven’t even gotten you a collar.” He slaps his knee with his free hand and leans his head down to your face.

    You beg him to get off, softly.

    He sucks in his lower lip and looks at you blankly, you watch as he continues to chew on it.

    “Nah.” he says with head shake squinting his eyes before straightening up and moving his legs, criss cross on you. Making the uncomfortableness worse.

    “As I was saying, collar…collar…” he clicks his tongue and snaps his fingers, this makes you jolt and he chuckles feeling you do so. “Well. Until I get one. Guess I gotta improvise.” You feel him pivot on your back, you swear you felt your spine crack.

    His legs now on either side of your body as he faces your rear. He leans over pressing one of his elbows onto your hip and tugs your shirt up revealing your lower back.

    “Now. Hold still~” he copes as he presses the top of the dart and starts sliding against your skin, cutting into your flesh. You let out a cry as you try and move your knees out from under you. He grasps your waist and squeezes it as you do. “Don’t. Move.” He growls tightening his grip as he continues to make slow cuts into your skin, using it like paper.

    He starts to hum as you feel the sharp stinging sensation travel with the direction of the dart.

    You beg him with gasping breaths to stop, you tell him this is too much. 

    “I…..F….E…..” he says ignoring your please as his dart follows with each letter, mimicking it on your backside.

    “R….” he rolls the" “r” and stops moving  the dart but pushes it hard into your skin as he releases your waist. He leans over and blows chilling air on the open cuts and it stings fiercer than Hydrogen Peroxide. He lifts the dart and lets out a satisfied grunt.

    “Now, it’s upside down. But~” he pats the side of your rear. “At least it’s on there. How great is that?!”

    He shifts his weight and your able to breath better, you take a deep breath in and your body shakes as he stands off you, tears run down your cheeks as you try and press yourself up, onto yo ur hands and knees. He lets out a sharp whistle and your stop. Buckling back down into your face. You feel the top of his shoe press against your side and you let him push you sideways. Your whole body shakes. The stinging sensation worsening with each second, you disassociate in the direction of his shoes.

    “Ugh. Don’t tell me your broken already?“ He lays down besides you and looks at your face,  amused.

    You sneer and look away from his eyes but suddenly your face snaps back to his, this movement sending a pain down your neck.

    "Oh, no…I still see it…you still need some behavior training.” He sucks in his lower lip and let’s it drop.


    “ Don’t try and to be tough. I know how to make people do what I want.” He reaches over to you and places his thumb against your chin. “But your not a person, are you? Your my little animal. My whimpering…” he rubs his thumbs in small circles. “…potty trained, little bitch…” he giggled staring at you coldly.

    “I’m going to take very good care of you, as long as you keep me entertained.” He says wagging his finger in your face.

    He slides his thumb up your jaw. “Whose my pretty little girl? Aww…look at you, such wet eyes…” he rubs at your tears and then slides his finger across your eyebrow. “Such a pitiful, little thing…so weak, so breakable. So fun~”

    “But I’ll take good care of you. Take you for walks. Have you sit on my laps during meetings…Well, I will as long as you be a good girl.” His face is so comforting yet his words strike this weird feeling into your heart.

    “I have to say, your my most favorite pet that my daddy’s ever given me…all mine to play with, all mine to enjoy….” he smiles wide, showing his teeth.

    “It’s so interesting what you do to me…I just couldn’t just let you go unclaimed…I hope you understand that I do this all out of love~” His smile drops as he stares into your eyes.He rolls his tongue around in his mouth. Your eyes start to droop.

    You feel a series of small slaps against the side of your face. “Nuh uh, wakey wakey. I’m not finished playing with you yet…” he snaps his hands to your collar of your shirt and pulls you up as he stand up, you choke and spit escapes the corner of you mouth. He winces and lets out a Eww as he takes his jacket and rubs it against your lip.

    “Disgusting. Stop that…"  He gives you a good look tilting his head before pulling you along to a throne on the other side of the room. He sits down and lets go. He pats the inside of his leg.


    Your body trembles and you start to turn around to sit. But he grabs your wrist and turns you back around.

    “Siiiiit. He sings.

    "You climb into his lap. Feeling his heavy breaths against your chest as you wrap your arm around his shoulder and your knees rest on either side of his legs.

    "Get comfortable…” he whispers in your ear. The chill making goosebumps travel down your body.

    “My…you feel so soft and warm…and that scent of yours ” he whispers as he presses the tip of his nose  against the side of your neck. You let out a soft exhale as he does this. “It’s sickening…”

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  • I wanna be yours

    Listen to this song while reading it, the imagine is heavily inspired by it.

    Demon! Dean x reader

    Warnings: 3rd pov, pure smut, dom! Dean, sub! Reader, hair pulling, unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving)


    I wanna be your vacuum cleaner,

    Breathin’ in your dust

    He watched her with dark eyes as she passed by him in the bar she worked in. There was no coincidence he was there that night.

    He came after one thing and that was her and her only.

    It was bad before, and even since he became a demon, in contradiction with his dark nature, the hunger for her only grew larger and larger.

    He wanted to be her only, the one to wake up next to her in the morning, the one who hugs her during dark nights, the one who pounds into her like an animal~

    I wanna be your Ford Cortina

    I will never rust~

    Dean liked her even before he was a demon, ever since they became friends after a ghost case at her house. He won’t ever forget the image of her changing her panties, which he accidentally caught while walking down the hall next to her room.

    I just wanna be yours

    She was the reason why he couldn’t look at any other women.

    But now, with the mark of cain making everything more intense, he couldn’t control himself.

    Not when what was left of his human side melted when he saw her, not when she walked around with that short skirt and high stockings, not when she glanced at him from the other side of the bar and smiled at him like that…

    Secrets I have held in my heart,

    Are harder to hide than I thought

    They locked eyes across the bar one more time and that was it. The mark of cain itself screamed at him to claim and take what was his, to claim her.

    Maybe I just wanna be yours

    I wanna be yours

    He stood up and walked towards her, eyes locked on hers as he took long and fast strides across the bar like it was the last time he’d see her.

    “Hey sweetheart” he smirked as he sat down in front of her, watching her boobs as they bounced with every step she took behind the counter as she prepared a drink.

    “Hey” she smiled back and brushed her hair out of her face.

    The door to the motel room slammed opened as he carried her inside, mouths still locked on each other as he closed the door with his foot.

    He squeezed her ass under the skirt and threw her on the bed, pouncing on her like a starved animal as he resumed making out with her like it was his last day on Earth.

    He didn’t know why the old Dean wouldn’t just take her and keep her to himself, why he would let other men touch her.

    With her laying on the bed like that, her eyes shining in the moon light, her chest illuminated by the red lights coming from the sign outside, her cleavage heaving with every deep breath she took and the way she squeezed him in his arms, the way her legs wrapped around his waist like her life depended on it…

    He knew he was a goner for her.

    He pressed her further into the mattress and ran his hands under her skirt, caressing her thighs and inner thighs as he played with her underwear, her hands almost ripping his shirt of off him as she silently begged for more.

    He threw his shirt off and she explored his warm chest with her hands, the heat he gave off mixed with his scent was intoxicating, like a drug she never wanted to get of off.

    Let me me your ‘leccy meter, and I’ll never run out

    And let me be your portable heater, that you’ll get cold without.

    Her palms run down his torso to trace the lines leading to his dick, then up his chest only to have her arms wrapped around his neck as he grinded his hips into hers with deep and slow movements.

    She moaned loudly, throwing her head back and he quickly covered her mouth with his to resume the intense making out session, letting him dominate everything as she left herself at his will.

    He pulled away only to rip her shirt open and taken off her skirt and panties along with the stockings and shoes, throwing them away carelessly as his mouth latched to her breasts, lavishing them in kisses and love marks.

    His hands slid down her body towards her asscheeks and he gave them a firm squeeze before his finger circled around her wet heat, sending shivers and goosebumps everywhere on her needy body.

    “You’re so needy” he growled deeply in her ear as she moaned and leaned in to kiss him, only to have him wrap his hand at the nape of her hair and pull it back, not too harsh, but harsh enough to elicit another moan from her mouth.

    Her moans and whispers were enough to harden his dick like a brick in two seconds.

    “I wanna hear those pretty moans of yours baby” he tsked as he resumed kissing and biting her breasts, down her torso and stomach until her reached her heat.

    He took a deep sniff of her scent and buried his head between her thighs, lavishing his tongue around the engorged bud before taking it between his lips, sucking at it gently but hard enough to have her scratching his back and leave red marks all over it, her hands pulling on his hair, her thighs almost suffocating him as he squeezed the soft skin in his hands.

    If that’s how he was going to die, with the woman he wanted the most squeezing his head between her thighs while he was eating her out, he’d die a happy man.

    “Dean” she whined, a thin sheet of sweat breaking down her skin, “More, please!”

    “I love it when you’re begging me like that” he groaned around her clit, sending vibrations to her core as he sat up and pulled off his pants and underwear, his dick springing free and slapping on his stomach as he turned her around on her fours.

    “You’re killing me woman” he mumbled and ran his hands down her back, peppering it with kisses and small bites before he squeezed her ass, slapping it hard enough to make her whine.

    He wiped a drop of sweat that trickled down his forehead before he grabbed her hips tightly, entering her in one deep, slow movement, both of them moaning at the same time.

    Her pussy squeezed him so tight, her back arching more and more with every deep and slow thrust of his hips, and she buried her face in the pillows, moaning and writhing under him.

    He stopped thrusting, he needed to hear her moan and scream his name like he needed to breathe.

    He slid his hand down her back and arched his fingers in her hair, pulling it harshly to hold her head up, “Be good and let me hear those sweet moans of yours baby. I’ll give you what you want”

    I wanna be your setting lotion, hold your hair in deep devotion,

    At least as deep as the Pacific Ocean

    I wanna be yours~

    “Mhhm” she hummed and pushed her hips back on his, asking for more.

    Dean continued his slow and deep thrusts, filling her up to the max and reaching all her sweet spots. For the first time since he became a demon, he was making love to someone.

    And not just a simple someone, the one he wanted the most.

    His hands wrapped around her middle to turn her around, watching her face contort in pleasure as he began thrusting into her like an animal in heat, holding onto her hips tight enough to leave bruises that he’d kiss later.

    She came hard around him, triggering his own climax as he stilled his movements and threw his head back, relishing her moans and whispers while she screamed his name for everyone to hear.

    His eyes darkened with the intensity of the climax, onix orbes taking place of green ones as he breathed deeply and sighed.

    Her eyes widened at the sight of the black orbs, but she didn’t seem too frightened, she just seemed to love the new Dean.

    He couldn’t resist much longer and kissed her, her lips parting with a simple swipe of his tongue as he put his forearms on the sides of her head, pressing his hips into her overstimulated pussy one more time before pulling away to kiss her forehead.

    “That was so good baby, you were so wonderful. Just as wonderful as I imagied” he groaned and began peppering her face in small kisses, not pulling out of her yet.

    “You were amazing” she breathed and cupped his face, watching his black eyes with wonder, “When did this happen?” She hummed while her fingers traced his jaw, stubble tickling her skin.

    “A few months ago. You’re not scared?” He raised and eyebrow at her and turned them around to have her laying on his chest, cuddled in his arms.

    “Not really. I mean… it’s still you, right? Just the dark version”

    “Not exactly. The old Dean would be too much of a pussy to even talk to you. Personally, I knew I had to make you mine” he sighed and began caressing her back, pulling the sheets over them as the cold began pricking their skins with goosebumps.

    “Well, I like this new Dean” she giggled and kissed his jaw, hiding in his chest as if he could protect her from the whole world.

    And she felt like he could, and he knew that he would burn hell down for her.

    “Forget about all those douchebags. Let me be the one you love and I swear I’ll protect and love you as hard as this demon nature let’s me. I just wanna be yours. Be mine for ever baby” he almost begged, kissing her deeply and slowly, intoxicating her with the feeling of him.

    “I’m yours already. I love you Dean” she mumbled in between kisses as he turned them around and smiled.

    “I love you” he breathed, it was more of a question than a statement, but she was too in love to think of it as he leaned down and they engaged in the second round of the night.

    I just wanna be yours

    I wanna be yours, I wanna be yours~


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  • So does anyone else find it really stupid how easily Dean’s phone keeps breaking throughout season 6 through 8? Like… Dude you looked at it wrong and it cracked.

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  • starting the one-ep-a-day countdown to the series finale. only watching premieres and finales :/// :((((((((

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