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  • Practicing Dean’s face. I don’t know how to draw beard so I left that out 😅

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  • Smith & Smith

    There are a few things everyone knows at Sandover Bridge & Iron Inc.

    The coffee bagels are inedible, Adler will fake-fire someone on your first day, and you do not hit on Dean Smith, Senior VP.

    (Not that Sam wants to - gross. But apparently it’s salient information, because it’s the third ever text message Gabriel Milton (HR) sends him. Maybe because he’d just joined as Smith’s intern, Sam reasons. Well, to hell with stereotypes. Smith is going to be nothing more than a boss - or mentor, if he’d so be willing; Sam’s heard of him, and he’s kind of a genius after all. That’s it.

    Plus, Sam’s in love with, and engaged to a nurse thankyouverymuch.)

    And in any case, it’s not like he’d needed a memo.

    Smith is obvious enough.

    Obvious, with his packed lunches and secretive screensavers. Obvious, in the way he unfailingly redoes his hair before leaving, cause he’s “picking Cas up first” - and with his bright smile on Mondays, because “Cas only has Sundays off”.

    He grins non-stop, the half hour before lunch, and then spends it holed up in his office entirely - and if Sam returns early from his own break, he can’t not catch the unicorn laughs emerging from there, glass walls be damned.

    Once, in fact, a package got misdelivered, and Sam returned from lunch to a bouquet on his desk, labelled on a recycled paper card with a pickup line so ridiculous - wordplay on ‘honey’, in fact - that it almost verified the domesticity singlehandedly.

    Dean Smith is married.

    There can be absolutely no other explanation.

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  • When I started watching Supernatural, I was like 17 years old, and honestly I don’t recall exactly how I got into the series. I just remember they were on Netflix, I had free time and an endless love for horror stories. I practically fell in love with the Winchester brothers since second one, all the mystery behind them and their handsome faces made me a total fangirl. 

    Even though Sam and Dean are such different characters, Dean got under my skin faster than any other. Being an older sister myself I coud relate more to him than to Sam. I would sacrife myself too for my sister without thinking about it, and I would do it with a smile on my face. I also understand his role as a father to Sam, even if he was too young to realize. Most of older sibling take this role (having good parents or not) because it’s natural. They are always raised as an example for younger children. 

    And I realized I haven’t loved any other fictional character like him. Don’t misunderstand me, I do get mad when he makes a mistake or doesn’t share his feelings with Sam or Castiel, but then again, he is the older one, the one that should be the rock for everyone. I find myself feeling like that as well, being too concerned that everyone is happy, regarding my feelings. He just cares about everyone around him that he forgets to take care of himself.

    Sometimes I feel that I’m more like Sam than Dean. That I’m the emotional one between my sister and I. But she will never understand what it feels like holding a baby when you’re 5 years old that looks so much like you. To learn to share everything that was once only yours, and years later, when you feel too old for dolls, having to play with her because she is your sister and you don’t want her to feel alone. 

    I’m not a cry baby, there are specific situations that make shed tears and my sister is one of them. She is my soft spot. I would only cry just at the sight of her crying. And I think Dean feels the same with Sam. Dean has gone through a lot of shit in his life and still, 15th season and the first thing he wants to always save is his brother, no matter what. They have taught me how important family is and how special a bond between siblings can be. 

    Dean is a do-it-or-die type of guy and I’ve been following that philosophy lately. Like him, I don’t want to regret any decision in my life. I want to live proudly of who I’ve become and save the world until I die. 

    Saving people, hunting things, family bussiness.

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  • Dean in Houses of the Holy

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  • Ty Olsson as Benny Lafitte and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural - Season 8, Episode 9 - ‘Citizen Fang’

    Made by purpledragongifs. All gifs are 540px wide.  Please do not delete credits.

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  • Cas owning up to his past mistake, saying that ignorance was no excuse and understanding that Lily may not be able to ever forgive him ugh how can people not love his character? And it’s interesting how he had that line about not being able to understand the lose of a child in the same season that Jack makes his entrance is so interesting. Foreshadowing maybe?

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  • None of the gifs are mine. I am just bored and this seemed fun enough haha.

    Favourite Female Character

    (Annalise Keating from How to get away with murder)


    Originally posted by product-of-insanity

    Favourite Male Character

    (Crowley from Supernatural)


    Originally posted by fandomnationwhore

    Most Relatable Character

    (Elena Álvarez from One Day at the Time)


    Originally posted by sestradally

    Favourite TV Show

    (Anne with an E - 2017/2019)


    Originally posted by whatadaze

    Favourite Movie

    (Love Actually - 2003)


    Originally posted by moviequotiq

    Endgame Couple

    (Joey and Pacey from Dawson’s Creek)


    Originally posted by p-erfectlyi-mperfect-blog

    Non-Endgame Couple

    (Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl)


    Originally posted by dreamswifts

    Non-Canon Couple

    (Dean Winchester and Castiel from Supernatural)


    Originally posted by castielsgal

    Comfort Movie

    (Accepted - 2006)

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  • The Winchesters vs. Their Sworn Enemy: Doors
    [Part I] - [Part II]

    #Supernatural#SPN Gifs#SPN Edit#Dean Winchester#Sam Winchester #Sam and Dean #Do I look worried to you? #Nothing else Matters #My Gifs #2.02 #2.09 #3.07 #3.10 #SPN Requests#Gif Requests #Requested by amoreanonyname #We stan two codependent Brothers #and their never-ending struggle with doors between them
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  • Cas’ Voicemail Headcanon

    “…no, dean, i don’t underst—”

    “cas, just say it like we practiced!”

    “but i don’t understand why! what’s happening? sam?”

    sam looks up from his laptop and shakes his head. “oh no, don’t bring me into this. i’m doing research.” sam smiles smugly at dean, who rolls his eyes.

    “cas, i just need you to say it, just once, and then we’re done. ok?” dean pleads. he looks at cas, who still has a confused expression on his face. dean presses the record button and waves his right hand encouragingly.

    “i don’t understand… why do you want me to say my name?”

    dean stops the recording and throws his hands up in the air. “for the love of god, why are you like this!?”

    “i don’t see what god has to do with this. he left a long time ago, dean. you know that.”

    “gaahhhhh!!” dean yells as he stomps away into a different room in the bunker. cas looks at sam, who does his best to avoid eye contact while trying to hold in his laughter. eventually, cas wanders away too, leaving sam alone.

    later, cas sits in his room, staring at the lit-up screen on his phone. silly phone. silly recording. silly dean who seems to care about it so much, cas thinks to himself.

    • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — •

    the next day, cas announces that he’s going to make a trip to the local corner store. “if you think of anything that you want, just call me,” cas says as he walks out the door. dean and sam grunt in acknowledgment without looking up from what they’re reading. a few moments later, sam perks up his head and says, “oh crap, i forgot that we ran out of eggs this morning!”

    dean looks up, unfazed. “you heard cas, just call him. i’m sure he’ll get some while he’s out.”

    “right,” sam says as he dials cas’ number. it rings several times, but cas doesn’t answer. he’s probably still driving; cas doesn’t like to use his phone while he’s on the road… crazy angel following traffic laws, sam thinks to himself. out loud, sam tells dean, “cas isn’t answering, i’ll just leave him a message abou—” sam stops abruptly and listens.

    “this is my voicemail. make your voice… a mail.”

    sam looks over at dean and grins. “dean, you gotta hear this.”

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  • wingz r hard to draw

    #castiel#dean winchester#destiel#jununyarts #sry i had to repost there was a lil mistake #supernatural
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  • Ugh Lily’s story is so sad. She loved Angels and studied them, and got so fucked over by one bad one that got obsessed with her. ‘You’re powerless’ ugh so disturbing. I also found Ishim’s obsession with Lily fascinating though, like he’s was a angel, did he mistake obsession for love? Since angels can’t technically love? Is it because he was an angel that he got obsessed with the first human he had real contact with? What about Cas?

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  • Hmm I feel like Cas was pushing his own beliefs onto Sam when he was like ‘are you saying I deserve to die?’ Like Sam was clearly confused by him saying that like what no of course not, but Cas obviously thought so. ~self-loathing~

    Also ‘but Cas is our family’ 🥺 why didn’t he get to hear that

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  • ‘How could anyone know them, and not love them?’ This is such a great line, and delivered so well by the actor playing Akobel. And the reaction shot of Cas to both that line and the scream of the little girl being killed inside was so telling. Like even back then Cas was curious and cared for humanity

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  • One of my favourite things on this show is Dean interacting with the angels, like they never hide their severe dislike of him and I always felt that although they dislike both Sam and Dean, they hate Dean more because of his involvement in Cas’ fall. It’s so interesting and also so funny because Dean hates them just as much back.

    Also Cas’ reaction to the angels saying they didn’t think Cas would care that angels are dying is so sad though.

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  • “Across the room, Charlie’s eyes are burning with a very familiar Dean-nobody-cares-you-like-dick energy.”

    -from “Face Turn” by @schmerzerling on AO3

    #vfd#lemony snicket#asoue#destiel#schmerzerling #very familiar dean #supernatural#fanfiction#ao3 #this fic was hilarious #one of the best i've read in a long time #thank you#very#familiar#dean
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  • The bitchiness between Cas and Dean this episode was brilliant then and is still great now. And I feel like this episode is where Dean starts trying to actually use his words to explain that when he seems pissed off, it’s actually worry. Because Cas is always putting himself directly in harms way.

    Also love the emphasis this episode puts on angels not having anything to do with gender or sex, it’s only when they’re in a vessel that they feel anything human like that. Just love that they made Cas’ old vessel a woman. Just a big fuck you to binary gender roles this episode

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    Shoutout to everyone who’s made this possible!

    A/N: This is a very rough first draft 😅 don’t mind the typos

    “Some witches I was hunting sent me here. Man, I hate magic.”

    Geralt refrained from telling you he sensed some latent magic in you. No need to shock you anymore. He was more curious of you hunting. “You hunt witches?”

    “Yeah and demons, vampires, ghosts, and everything else that goes bump in the night.”

    “But you’re not a witcher.”

    “No, I’m a hunter and what the fuck is a witcher?”

    “A mutant who hunts monsters.”

    “Oh, so like a X-Man?”

    “What’s a X-Man?” The term was foreign on Geralt’s lips.

    “Never mind, they don’t exist yet.”

    Geralt was taken aback by you. The beautiful girl out of time, who looked like she could be royalty hunted monsters.

    “C’mon,” he started walking back towards Roach and Jaskier without making sure you were following.

    Running behind him you asked, “Where are we going?”

    “To find the real killer, unless you would like to be executed.”

    And that was the beginning of your friendship and partnership.

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    #frizzle 2k celebration #dean winchester #dean winchester x reader #dean winchester x black!reader #dean winchester fanfic #spn#supernatural#geralt #geralt x reader #geralt x black!reader #geralt fanfic#the witcher #black!reader
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  • ummm hi i need more supernatural blogs to follow

    #i started watching it again... #supernatural#spn
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  • YES the Cas and angels episode. Literally one of my favourite episodes, my number one of this season definitely. I’m such a sucker not only for Cas storyline but also delving into heaven and the angels storyline.

    Oh I just realised 3 years later, cosmic consequences means the empty doesn’t it? Like I thought it just meant Cas dying, but they referred to the empty being as an ‘cosmic entity.’ The deal Cas broke brought him him a world of pain with the empty.

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