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  • You can use she/her and still wear a binder

    You can use they/them and still wear a binder

    You can be a genderless eldritch horror and still wear a binder

    Just be sure you’re using it safely ❤️

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  • Joe Biden calls Nigerian family to thank them for their support and invite them to the White House (video)

    Joe Biden calls Nigerian family to thank them for their support and invite them to the White House (video)

    The 46th president of the United States, Joe Biden put a call through to a Nigerian family to thank them for their support and invite them to the White House.

    Twelve-year-old Josephine, and her father, who are indigenes of Ibadan, Oyo state, spoke to President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden.

    During the 12-minutes call, Biden praised Josephine for her intelligence and even cracked jokes…


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  • Repost from @saphire_kat receiving her new 𝓡𝓲𝓿𝓮𝓸𝓵𝓼 Fitness Pack from @jess.polediva 👏💪
    Website link in bio…
    #riveols #fit #fitness #fitnesspack #friendshipgoals #winner #support #plum #sets #exercise #bootybands #fabric #resistancebands #bootyband #gymset #workoutwear #scrunchie #facemask #startthedayright #starttheyearright (at Australia)

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  • Hi

    The company I work for has a rather larger operation in mainland China.
    The users at these locations are using apps that runs on cloud/servers in mainland China.
    These apps requires Adobe Flash.

    From my understanding they have purchased and enterprise version of Adobe Flash that runs on their computers.

    Running and accessing the Flash based apps on the servers is working fine when they are outside of the corporate network.

    Our locations in mainland China access the Internet via Zscaler in Hong Kong, and I guess that Adobe is doing some checks to verify that one originate from a mainland IP.

    I can (probably) solve this by routinge the required Adobe IPs directly on the Internet, or via a Zscaler node in Beijing/Shanghai.

    Reaching out to Adobe Support has, so far, been fruitless.

    Has anybody in here come across the same problem, and if so - been able to solve it?


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  • Does anyone have any real knowledge on why RJ45 ports get hot on switches compared to SPF fiber?

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  • Running GNS3 on Ubuntu 20.04

    Use the pfsense node configuration from GNS3 marketplace.

    Node keeps saying no bootable media even tho the iso is in the cd/DVD file selector.

    Am I missing something? Other nodes boot fine. Just not pfsense.

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  • Hi all,

    Doing a setup for a business and am a bit confused on how best to do this.

    Dsl is all they have to work with in the area and currently running a modem router combo to use voip office phones, a file server and wifi. There is a wifi booster on upper floor but it uses a different ssid than the main unit.

    I need to bridge the lan to a building behind the main building about 50feet away and I ordered a ubiquiti nanostation to mount on the outside to connect wirelessly to the main network and drop ethernet to a control panel on a kiln. The idea is to be able to read data off the kiln from the main network.

    What am I missing with the general networking setup inside/ will the nanostation solution work ok?

    Thanks in advance

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  • I really appreciate my followers and mutuals. Thank you for supporting this blog and seeing amazing content. I read your replies and messages. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You can keep supporting me through donations since I’m going through some tough times. I really appreciate the help!
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  • image

    I don’t know who to give credit but I’m so fucking proud of your and your grandmother.

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  • Hi everyone

    That time of the year has come around and I have to get one of these three certifications. Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions exam (300-208 SISAS), Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine exam (300-715 SISE), Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower exam (300-710 SNCF). I’m currently leaning towards SNCF because I have some firepower experience but I would like to hear what some you think about them.

    PS: I also am trying to take in account which certification is most practical and useable.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • First, my English is bad, I used Google translate.

    I have implemented fortigate devices with content filtering and it works fine. Right now I am implementing a 60F in a school, and the content filtering works great when I apply DPI (I have to install the certificates). I understand that with GPOs I can distribute certificates to computers. But in this school the students carry their cell phones and need to access the network. To block traffic or even enable safesearch I need to install certificates on those mobile devices. How can I do this in the simplest way? I know I can enable DNS redirects for safesearch to work, but I WANT TO USE the full filtering that fortigate offers me. The number of mobile devices is large, so I would like to enable a site where the same students can download the certificates without the intervention of IT staff. Is it a very complex option? because nowhere have I found an answer to this.

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  • Hey,

    Typical toners like the Fluke MicroScanner are not sensitive enough to locate buried Cat 5 (which makes sense, that’s not the intention of the device). Has anyone used found a reliable tool for this? The goal is to locate a Cat 5 cable underground, and both sides of the cable are accessible (so I have the ability to connect both the toner and a receiver on the other end).


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  • Elixinol CBD Capsules loveyourself #ocd #cbd #chronicpain #positivity #cbd #inspiration #happiness #wellbeing #help #depressed #bpd #adhd #mindset #coronavirus #elixinol #support #peace #invisibleillness #depressionhelp #healthylifestyle #positivevibes #hope #fitness #memes #fear #suicideprevention #socialanxiety #fibromyalgia #tumeric

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  • Gangsta Pimp TV #wakeup @eureka.anderson.37 @c.galle77 @shedrickdavis #goviralchallenge #newfunnyvideo #nolacomics #support #thejocepodcast #luoisianasfinest (at 7th Ward of New Orleans)

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  • I have never hung a switch out with direct internet access without a firewall before.

    That is, every switch I have installed in the last 10 years has been behind either a FortiGate, PF, or similar and with no direct access to the management VLAN.

    For reasons (remote location, no other OOB) I need to do it now. This would be an Aruba (formerly Procurve) 2530 with fairly up to date firmware. I tried looking over the current CVE but I think I need more sleep first. Web interface would be disabled.

    This would actually be two 2530 switches replacing a pair of fiber media converters so that we can get some actual interface statistics.

    ISP <–> 2530 <–> fiber <–> 2530 <–> bunch_of_other_crap

    ISP <–> 2530 <–> fiber <–> 2530 <–> FortiGate <–> bunch_of_other_crap

    Ok? Horrible?

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  • So for the past few months I have been extremely lethargic and demotivated. I have always wanted to blog about self care and self love because I need that in my life. I have always wanted to create a space where I can share my journey with toxic behaviours and coping mechanisms and self sabotaging tendencies as constant companions. I have also found that a lot of advise is not really sustainable and ended up making me feel worse so maybe we can talk about that too and vent in general. I am sure there are a lot of people who have suffered worse than I have and have come out the other side victorious and I would want to discuss and learn the ways of creating healthier coping mechanisms and habits, and maybe, just maybe someone would find it helpful when they need it.

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  • #donate #$1 #reblog Paypal: paypal.me/monikalaczko22gmailc Hello beautiful People 💞 If you are able please take your part by supporting my family by donating only $1. I have received $20 donations but still we need more. We are going to move soon back to our country, where we bought The house. We need to fix the heating in the house as it is not working, also make the flooring better because it is an old house. My goal is $4000. If you are able to send only a little.. Price of The bread or a candy, I could offer for my kids and for us a good home. You can see pictures on my profile. I am asking for strangers because we do not have nobody. My partner have parents but they dont speak with him, since he was little. He dont have any siblings. My mom died a year ago. I have only my father who is helping by looking after our kids so we can work. I dont have any siblings. My family is only me, my husband my father and my two little Girls. 2 and 4. Please dont judge because everyone can be in a bad situation. We are very hard working People just this time I need to ask for support.

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  • image

    Hey everyone! I hand make sugar body scrubs, bath bombs, shower melts and eyelash growth serum here in Miami, FL! I ship everywhere in the US and I’d love to send some to you 💚 follow my Instagram for more! @scrubmedown_

    Everything used is 100% organic and FDA approved. Feel free to message me to order ❤️

    I’d appreciate if you could follow, like, share or simply reblog this post. You could possibly help me find my next customer which would mean the world to me.

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  • First of all, sorry but im kind of a noob in networking and i dont know the offical terminology, that being said, let me explain you my issue: I have a router in a room, which delivers internet through ethernet cables and wifi to various pc’s, i also have an old router which im using as a wifi extender via wds bridging, because i dont have space to put another eth cable, however i have a device which cannot connect to the network via wifi, and needs to use an ethernet cable. Now here comes the question, is it possible to connect the device to the old router via an eth cable and connect to internet through it?

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  • I have been so grateful for all the comments, and it’s no wonder that this past week - heck, this past month, while both my parents got COVID, and then with my dad in the hospital, that I have had a lot of time to look at death from all angles. 

    And you know what I saw…many. 

    You die a thousand times if you live into your full potential. 

    Every next level requires a next-level version of you, meaning some part of your, some old identity, MUST die in order to live fully in the life of your dreams.

    When I look back on the self-destructive, bulimic, 19-year old me, I don’t recognize myself in her anymore. I just see a sad, broken girl, searching for control and ultimately wholeness and love in all the wrong places. 

    That version of me died.

    Like the caterpillar, who leaves its former self in the cocoon of transformation, you create a new identity. 

    A new being. 

    Except in our human journey, we keep returning again and again to the cocoon, with every next level, with every next goal, with every transition, with every change we experience as we journey onward. 

    But what no one mentions is that there is a grieving process for what was, and a DECISION that gets made for what will be. 

    Do you live lost in the Wonderland of memories, in grief, regret of the past, never accepting the reality of what is?

    Or do you embrace the future, while also holding both gratitude and forgiveness for the past version of you, and of others who transformed you into the butterfly?

    When I got pregnant with Declan, the excuse-riddled version of me who was constantly delaying on stepping up and being courageous died.

    When I gave birth to Declan, the old identity of me holding back on fully loving and trusting because of fear, had to die too, in order to fully open my heart to loving my son. 

    When I shifted from 5-figures to 6-figures, the old identity of who I was also had to die, to be unavailable for anything less.

    When we chose to stay in Australia back in March and live into this vision we’ve had to be digital nomads and experience the world within the reach of wifi, the old part of me that was trapped in fear and comfort, also had to die to allow for the faithful, the visionary, the BELIEVER to emerge. 

    Every season, every next level has a death, a crumbling of what was. 

    My dad had many deaths before his actual physical death this past week. The death of the alcoholic. The death of the opioid addict. The death of the solopreneur. The death of the broke dude borrowing his dad’s pick up to build a business. The death of the faithless. 

    And each death led to a new life. New life as a sober. New life as present in his body. New life as a business owner. New life as a CEO. New life as a faithful believer in God. 

    What generates suffering is living in the past death, not allowing yourself to let it go - let that old identity of who you have been crumbled to the ground. 

    So yes, a version of me died with my dad.

    An old identity was suddenly stripped away - the hero who would always swoop in to rescue him, the vigilant watcher, who always had to be on the lookout for his behavior shifts, and that last bit of the victim who needed to be needed by her daddy. Gone. 

    And I’m still in my cocoon feeling out who will emerge forth. 

    But I know she will be fucking glorious when she does. 

    For on the other side of death is life.

    Not to be incredibly cheesy, but yes, it’s a circle. Yeah, thanks, Elton. 

    And every death is a stripping away to do as Mufasa reminded us and “remember who you are,” at your core, at your soul.

    You are love.

    You are joy.

    You are peace. 

    You are an infinite being having a human experience. 

    And it is through your human experience that death by death, everlasting life force is renewed. 

    Remember, your reign is now.

    P.S. Call it Divine Timing or what you will but I was asked by my friend, Brenda Cross to speak next week in her Masterclass series on how to Thriving in Turbulent Times over a month ago. 

    It was supposed to be pre-recorded several weeks ago, but scheduling and life being what it was, we thought it would be fun to do it live instead and shake things up a bit.

    And, man has my world been shaken. 

    This is going to be my first live interview since my dad’s passing, and honestly, I’d appreciate the support of a few friendly faces from our Crown Yourself community to help me through. 

    Click here to join me and my friend Brenda, along with countless other amazing guests, in the Thrive Thru Turbulent Times Masterclass Series. 

    I’ll be sharing what allowed us to thrive through 2020, double our gross income, double our profit…twice, move to and start a new life in a different county, grow our team, and support our clients to do the same through the chaos of 2020. 

    But frankly, nothing’s felt harder than this past month, so I’ll be sharing some fresh new learnings, tools, and mindset shifts that have been supporting me. I’m just as much a student of this process as you. 

    Whatever you decide, I am so grateful to you for your support through these times. Thank you. ❤️

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