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  • deafinitelyhear
    23.04.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Looking at this photo makes me feel happy. Maybe a father and son catching some waves together this early morning on Santa Monica beach. People are beautiful and life is beautiful...it’s our own minds that make things beautiful, so for you to see beauty in everything and everyone, first the beauty must be in your mind. Then, no matter how ugly the world gets, you still see the beauty.

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  • shirasuwave
    23.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    🍃 Daily WAVE!! Fact #2

    Yuta sees Kosuke as a brother.

    While Kosuke's only said that he respects Yuta.

    Their relationship is still said to be brotherly.

    "He's like a clingy older brother." ~ Cast relationship chart + Kosuke's individual relationship chart.

    "I don't have any siblings, so I'm grateful for people like Kosuke." ~ Yuta's SR home screen dialogue.

    #yuta matsukaze#kosuke iwana #wave surfing yappe
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  • sohannabarberaesque
    23.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    You’ll never guess what explains why Magilla Gorilla IS Magilla Gorilla, to begin with....

    So how about we start at the beginning, so to speak: “About the furthest back I can recall is when Mr. Peebles picked up on the wholesale pet market what he thought was a cute-looking baby chimpanzee, even putting me in the window of his pet shop as the showcase offer--and boy, did I ever show Mr. Peebles as much as those who dared purchase me, or at least take me home on trial, who I really was--nothing less than a 750-pound simian who could certainly make things rather interesting, or so Mr. Peebles had hoped!”

    I do understand the front window of Peebles’ Pet Store, where you spent most of your time unless you were “out and about,” was almost like home to you: “How else could it be? Especially with the likes of a Murphy bed off to the side, a TV and a shortwave radio, and plenty of bananas to munch on. Which, admittedly, drove Mr. Peebles rather crazy and almost to the point of nervous. I have to admit, though, he was probably one of the best customers for Miles’ Nervine when you could still buy it at your druggists’--I have to admit he preferred the effervescent tablets you added to water, and he acknowledged sometimes running into Top Cat and crew while buying drugs, cigars and maybe the Morning Telegraph on occasion. Still, though, Peebles thought it best to do anything possible to avoid blaming me for what he went through ... which, I must admit, would eventually be his unravelling.”

    Of all the escapades you had outside of Peebles’ Pet Store, was there one as especially stands out all the more vididly? “That time I joined the surfing crowds out at Gremmie Gulch, all thanks to some surfboard coming loose from the roof of some surfer’s woody. Gorillas technically aren’t that much into swimming, but for some reason, just being on the waves and among the crowd was reason enough to sense that life was rather interesting. “And did I ever mention where, not long afterward, the surf shop near Gremmie Gulch got me interested in diving thanks to a complementary snorkelling lesson? Which certainly came into serious stead when I was invited to join the dive company of Peter Potamus some while later.”

    And what do things happen to be like since Peebles’ Pet Shop closed its doors and Mr, Peebles yielded up the ghost? “Rather interesting, and then some, you might say--especially so by way of the Peter Potamus Travelling SCUBA Par-tay! (It’s pronounced as two syllables, to make it look rather sophisticated.) And how could the diving experience get to be more interesting when you’ve got three wolves, a lion with some joie de vivre and a rather myopic hyena as his compadre, a dim-witted polar bear, an alligator with a fondness for pre-Disney World Florida and an octopus serving as photographer, not to mention such being led by a hippo in a safari jacket and pith helmet who happens also to be fond of remotest parts of Polynesia not yet explored, as if a natural-born fondness for diving wasn’t good enough? ”Perhaps I should also mention where, as part of our diving experience, we’re also expected to spread the word about diving’s recreational potential, as in doing some volunteer SCUBA and snorkelling instruction for especially disadvantaged groups. Once, I volunteered to teach snorkelling at a Fresh Air camp out East, and would you believe that the vast majority in my group barely knew about swimming before I taught them snorkelling--and virtually everyone in that group, before the summer was out, reaslised how fascinating the underwater world could get ... perhaps you could credit my charm and good looks, perhaps?!”

    Are there other experiences beyond Peter Potamus’ SCUBA troupe you find interesting? “Are there? Are there?! I do admit to having a bit of the vagabond inside of me, enouigh to attract a fondness for small-town diners that, on one occasion, caused the waitress to faint before she could take my order, collapsing to the point where smelling salts were all the more necessary to revive her. Not to mention plenty of times in Wisconsin Dells with Crazy Claws at his retreat for us fellow characters, which can get to be rather interesting in themselves ... especially just watching the sunset unto the Legendary Artificial Waters of Artificial Lake Delton with some iced tea by your side and citronella-fuelled tiki torches keeping the mosquitoes at bay lit, and then some!”

    Has anyone ever mentioned to you that magilla is actually a Yiddish word as means “wild” or “crazy”? “Who hasn’t, come to think of it? But at least it fits the character of this divin’ gorilla!”

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  • tillyalf427
    23.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    How the characters of wave!! would cheer someone up

    I wrote this weeks ago when I was having a pretty bad day but then never finished it so here it is! These are just my thoughts on it and I am in no way an expert on any of the characters but I hope people enjoy!

    I apologize if you're trying to scroll past this I have absolutely no idea how to do the read more thing to shorten it!


    -Cuddles, so many cuddles

    -Or just any form of physical affection really, including constant kisses, stroking your hair etc.

    -Will wrap himself around you like an octopus

    -Encourages Isokichi to give you kisses too

    -Would invite you to eat with his family so he knows you’re surrounded by happy loving people


    -Similar to Masaki, I can imagine plenty of cuddles

    -But he also tries to make you laugh because he hates seeing you sad

    -Would probably improvise a song on his ukulele

    -And would tickle you

    -Would probably sit up against something so that you can lie on his chest and listen to his heart.

    -Or might sit behind you and sway you side to side whilst watching the sea or the sunset

    -Is it obvious I’m a simp for him?


    -Physical contact again, maybe not as forward with it though

    -Would offer hugs/comfort but would understand if you wanted to be alone

    -Would talk softly and give advice that’s genuinely useful and well thought out

    -Might tell you stories about silly things Masaki has done to cheer you up


    -Not as big on physical affection

    -Might seem kinda rude? because he would probably give advice in a very straightforward way

    -He’s not trying to be mean though, just says it how it is

    -Squeezes your hand as reassurance

    -May let you lean against him as you watch the waves but don't tell anyone


    -Would again give some good advice but may haver a bit more tact about it that Kosuke

    -Is aware of how much his words could make or break the situation so he carefully considers what he says

    -Would also understand of you didn't want advice and just needed someone to listen he would be there

    -Constant quick glance at you to make sure you're alright

    -Maybe small bits of physical contact like holding your hand or brushing your arms together


    -Let me start off by saying he’s a whole baby

    -Would put on your favourite film or if you don’t have one would choose the happiest Miruru episode he knows of to try and cheer you up

    -Definitely cuddles again

    -Might not be the best at advice but he’s be more than happy to listen to what you say


    -Seems really cool and collected but I reckon he’s a big softy

    -Would be the type to take you away somewhere to get away from whatever was upsetting you

    -Even if it was just for a walk or a picnic

    -Helps you to clear your head

    -Would definiterly be there just to support you but I can’t see him being as big on affectrion especially as he’s quite well known


    -Doesn’t know the right thing to say but he’s trying his best

    -May mess up a bit at first and uposet you more but quickly fixes it by stroking through your hair/along your face and arms

    -Might be okay at giving advice, if a bit straightforward which could come off as rude/uncaring but he means well

    -Again I can't imagine too much physical affection but he would probably make sure to check up on you by asking if you were eating and resting enough

    Also I ran out of colours for different characters so some have the same colour whoopsie

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  • gettinglostisnotawasteoftime
    23.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Manu Bay

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  • shirasuwave
    23.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Character Profile: Masaki Hinaoka

    An energetic boy who started surfing after seeing an angel at sea.

    Japanese VA: Tomoaki Maeno

    Age: 14 (Episode 1), 16 (assumed, Episode 12)

    Birthday: May 5

    Height: 173 cm (5′8″)

    Weight: 64 kg (~141 lb)

    Favorite Food: Dried Sweet Potatoes

    Hobby: Surfing

    Special Skill: Extraordinary Balance

    🤙 Nami’s Notes:

    Our Corgi boy is cute, hehe. I think he’s also a great friend, shown by how he tried to help Yuta and Naoya when they were sad. This is probably because of what happened to Sho. He doesn’t want to leave his friends alone in moments of vulnerability. Masaki is also strong-willed. When he decided to learn how to surf, he saw that through the end. In return, he made a lot of new friends!

    Regarding Sho... We know he’s alive, but I don’t think Masaki knows. I think what he knows is that his best friend is dead. I’m worried about how he’ll react if Sho ever comes back into his life.

    #wave surfing yappe #masaki hinaoka
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  • giantsfootsurfing
    23.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Know Everything About Surf Camps in the USA!

    Surf camps are available in various different forms, but the great differentiator between a surf camp and the basic a la carte beach hotel is that surf camps USA are crafted to support the travel freak to surf in the best possible way and the package includes many things. The common things being accommodation, meals, surf gear, and surf lessons, coaching, or guiding depending on the surf skills. Few surf camps that are for adults are all-inclusive, and others contribute half-board options with some flexibility to tailor the trip depending on the preferences of the traveler.

    As long as the traveler spends time in the water, all surf trips are good. Most of the Surf Camps are unique. There are Surf Camps for young people and backpackers who enjoy late nights, and then there are some camps with an average age of 45+ years that emphasize the importance of tranquility and seclusion. Whatever the preference is, surf camps are the best way to relish a surf trip because travelers don’t need much planning or have to handle logistics. Factors that determine the best vacation surf camps are:

    1. Budget: Everything that is attained with money might not always be true, but it’s secure to quote that it’s relevant for various surf camps across the world. Unavoidably, with a great budget, the quality increases as well. Thus, travelers often will have better surf coaches, good accommodation standards, tasty food, satisfactory service, enhanced locations, and many more.

    2. Type of Structure: In few camps, every single hour of the day is planned whereas at some places the surfer is free to do everything they wish to and combine surf classes or activities when they feel like it. They also have surf camps that are “in-between”, slightly organizing the trip and providing ample free time to traverse and adventure as desired.

    3. Travel group: This might affect the choice of surf camp type. There are “All-inclusive packages” or “Surf Travel trips” that usually have a specific commencing and finishing date. It’s the best package for solo travelers, as they might meet new travel friends right from the beginning. Moreover, a surf hostel could be an excellent choice if someone is on a backpacking budget, or a younger traveler looking to find new friends to surf and party.

    4. Meals: Many times, some people prefer relaxing and need an itinerary planned by a third person. On the contrary, others like to experience diverse restaurants and relish regional delicacies. Some prefer a little bit of both, a healthy breakfast bar in the morning, and the rest of the meals on the preferred dime and time.

    To sum up, surfing Nicaragua beaches is the latest hangouts of Central America as it has usually less population than Costa Rica. Opting for an awesome all-inclusive surf camp is recommended as the traveler here can sleep, eat, and surf with their surf gang for several days.

    Original Source:


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  • robo-goosey
    23.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Pokemon every day challenge.

    Day 112:

    4/22/2021 No.112 Rhyhorn

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  • flatparkfilm
    23.04.2021 - 11 hours ago

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  • dman48638-blog
    23.04.2021 - 11 hours ago

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    Located on South Carolina’s beautiful Grand Strand, this beachfront resort offers unique amenities like a water play area and lazy river, beachfront pool, and easy access to the area shopping, dining, attractions, golf and nightlife.

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  • mika-c0re
    23.04.2021 - 12 hours ago

    It's Naoya day ヽ(*⌒▽⌒*)ノ


    #i love him a whole lot #wave anime #wave surfing yappe #wave let's go surfing #wave!! #naoya kido#kido naoya
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  • weswam
    22.04.2021 - 15 hours ago

    never will get over that scene in point break where johnny is surfing and some dude runs straight into him and then gets mad at him

    #like yeah i don’t know shit about surfing etiquette but if one dude is just riding along with the wave vertically and you decide to cut #across horizontally and then run right into that guy that sounds like your fault #there’s so many scenes in this movie that people blame on johnny that are just not his fault #like the one where they think the know the bank robbers and go and like try to arrest them and one dude is like dude i’m an undercover #agent and you just ruined my 4 year thing or whatever #how were they supposed to know????
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