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  • vaciiviity
    16.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago


    Shenanigans aside for a moment, does Tumblr sometimes hang for anybody else when making new posts? The window to write disappears and the post does go up but the rest remains darkened. Gotta either refresh the tab or close it and open another to make it go away. 

    #『 Mun || OOC 』 #[ inb4 they broke something Again which at this point doesn't surprise me anymore ]
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  • jamescarstairs
    16.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    just looked through my climon gifsets and they're are still some of my best gifsets & i miss them

    #lex waffles #fuck the show but climon<3 #it surprises me that some people still interact with dailyclimon even tho it hasn't been active for years
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  • misgynder
    16.10.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    The Power of Men

    So, a thought occurred to me while reading the opening chapter to Dworkin’s Pornography. I’m relatively in good shape — I take part in combat sports, I know how to fight — and yet a man who does nothing but sit on his ass all day could overpower me without even using his full strength (and I know this from experience). It’s a terrifying realisation for most women when they realise their boyfriends, male friends, male peers could kill them with barely any effort. With their bare hands. Dozens upon dozens of women have spoken about coming to terms with this; many discussions have been started regarding this topic and yet, when taken to a wider platform, a TIM will inevitably waltz in to declare something along the lines of—

    “It’s true! When I was a man, I could do heavy lifting but now that I’m a woman, I can’t even open a jar — hehehe”

    —And just like that, people will say “Well, she can compare from when she was a man and now she’s a woman, so it must be true”.

    In lieu of listening to women’s lived experiences, people take the word of a TIM cosplaying at being the “weaker sex”. In a TIM’s desperate attempt to usurp our experiences and use it as proof of their weakness, they prove the exact opposite — the epitome of strength and power is being able to parade yourself as the same group you oppress, to willingly thrust yourself into a pseudo-state of weakness just so you can claim victimhood. And then to enlist your female victims — who are already suffering under the weight of misogyny — to comfort you — their oppressor — and gaslighting them into believing that they, in fact, are the oppressors? This could easily be described as unconscious parasitism — a concept that Dworkin explains to be one of the three pillars of men’s power. If you haven’t already, I would strongly recommend reading Pornography for a full explanation of this, but I’m going to paraphrase the three points down below.

    The power of men consists of three core concepts:

    1) A metaphysical assertion of self that — by definition — women must lack. It requires nothing to support or sustain it, but it is entitled to take what it wants to sustain or improve itself. There is no contradiction in this — rather, a simple circle. It boils down to an unconscious parasitism: “I want and I am entitled to have, therefore I am.”

    2) Physical strength used over and over against others less strong or without the sanction to use strength as power. An example of this would be a slave — just because a slave is physically strong does not mean they have power. In the same vein, a woman being physically strong does not make them powerful — a woman using her strength against men is forbidden and as a result, she is horribly punished.

    3) The capacity to terrorise and inculcate fear in a whole class of people through rape, battery, sexual assault, enslavement, kidnapping, verbal assault, cultural assault, death threats, etc. — all backed up by the ability and sanction to deliver.

    These points are necessary in understanding just why it is wrong for a TIM to claim that because he takes hormones that artificially weaken his body, he “understands” how it is to be a woman living in a world where men will remind you (verbally or otherwise) that they can kill you at any time; a world where men reinforce their supremacy through their dominance in leadership positions, in combat sports, in being those who are stereotypically stronger and bigger; a world where you can get choked to death by an airbag because your female body is not the ‘standard’; a world where you are perceived as weak and inferior before you’ve even been born.

    TIMs don’t grow up being reminded by the world that they are secondary to the superior sex — male.

    TIMs don’t grow up being taught to idolise female scientists, musicians, authors, actresses, thinkers. The most popular examples of intelligence and strength are all male — Einstein, LeBron, Stephen Hawking, Leonardo da Vinci, Darwin, Edison, Newton, Usain Bolt, Messi, Ronaldo being just a small handful of examples.

    TIMs don’t grow up being sexualised before they even know what sex is or what it means to be sexualised; they are not taught to feel shame about their genitals — quite the opposite, in fact.

    TIMs don’t go through the traumatic stages of puberty where your body changes and the world begins to perceive you as a woman when you’re scarcely eleven, twelve, thirteen.

    TIMs aren't taught to grow up before they’ve even lived as kids — they’re not taught that their natural skin is ugly; they’re not taught to wear revealing clothes; they’re not taught to have perfect sleek hair.

    TIMs know nothing of these experiences on a systemic level, and yet, they claim to be a woman just because they say they are. This is an expression of that unconscious parasitism — their sense of self being so strong that they are able to superimpose it over that of the woman, which is non-existent. They seek to decompose the sex binary — not because of “inclusivity” (otherwise they would work just as hard for TIFs to be included within male spaces and male conversations) — but because it is the final step in solidifying their male supremacy. Without a defined binary, it is impossible for women to organise and rediscover their assertion of self.

    Next, to cast your mind back to my earlier point R.E. physical strength — I paraphrased the example from Dworkin that just because a slave is physically strong, it does not necessarily mean that they are powerful. If this is true one way, it must be true in the other way — just because someone is physically weak does not mean that they are not powerful. This is one of the most common arguments used by TRAs: “if a trans woman is on hormones, her hormone levels start to resemble those of cis women, so there’s no meaningful difference & cis women have no reason to fear trans women (whether it be in sports or just in day-to-day life)”. However, the point that is omitted is the fact that even within a sporting context, men — regardless of their gender identity — will always hold power over women. They have benefitted from their male upbringing, they often have experience playing against other male-bodied players (which in itself is an advantage, given that male players do tend to be stronger than female players in most sports) and most of all, they benefit from the knowledge that a woman may have mental reservations around trying to overpower them. When women grow up being constantly reminded that they are weaker than men, they begin to believe it. And therefore, when competing against a male — regardless of whether he calls himself a woman or not — a subconscious switch is flicked in their minds, and just like that, they’re unable to play the way they usually would. Such is the extent of women’s subjugation at the hands of men that their mere presence is enough to put women at unease. The sheer number of women-only gyms, colleges, schools and other female-exclusive spaces around the world (although they are slowly dwindling) is testament to this: why would half of the population feel the need to separate themselves from the other half if there wasn’t an element of unconscious fear or unease at play?

    Men don’t need physical strength to have power over women. Their presence puts a psychological hold over the minds of women — indeed, it’s their dominating sense of self that makes women feel small, insignificant, and they leech off what little confidence we have and call it theirs. They enter our spaces and call them theirs. They take our jobs and call them theirs.

    They take everything — and if power truly transferred when switching genders, we’d notice TIFs gaining power over women (or biological men) in a similar fashion. But, somehow, they remain just as marginalised as women do. It’s almost as if privilege is something that’s based on sex and not gender identity.

    So, to return to my original point: when women speak of their own experiences only for a TIM to come and either

    a) Push them to be more inclusive (i.e. preventing them from tackling the true root of their negative experiences)

    b) Insert their own parody of what they think it’s like to walk the world as a woman

    It’s not really about being inclusive. It’s about reminding women to stay in their places, to not develop a sense of self. It’s no coincidence that just as feminism was becoming mainstream, discussion surrounding TIMs became louder in response. It’s similar to the way that men used to post YouTube experiment videos of them walking around dressed as women, getting catcalled and harassed by men, and then reporting at the end of the video how — newsflash — everything women say about misogyny is actually true!

    So, the point of this post? No matter how a man identifies, he has held and always will hold power over women. Therefore, it is not our responsibility to coddle him: it’s our responsibility to criticise him. In order to regain our sense of self on a collective level, it’s imperative that we do not try to justify his power as something that “can’t be helped” or something that he’s “given up”. Men can’t give up power. It is something that is intrinsic to them — they themselves are nothing, but where that becomes apparent, male-created institutions rise up to account for the deficiency. Their male guilt might lead them to delude themselves into believing they can shrug this power off — but power is something that is systemic, intrinsic, institutional. It is only when you break these male-created institutions down that their sense of self will too begin to crumble.

    #woo a long post! #misgynder.txt #oh god this is definitely going to make it to the TRAs isn't it #before you leave me death threats i'm not going to apologise for criticising the manlets. they deserve it #dworkin#radblr#terfblr#radfem safe #trans women in sports #literally every time I make a post that gets attention the TRAs start reblogging like THIS IS DANGEROUS TERF RHETORIC and I'm just here lik #thanks for giving me a bigger platform queen I just got more followers <3 #seriously y'all warning people against so-called terf rhetoric just helps to spread it wider so thanks for doing my job for me LMAOOO #also why are you even surprised that my posts come under the category of terf rhetoric. my name is literally misgynder #anyway if you're a woman reading this I hope you have a good day #if you're a man and you're here to cry in my comments don't bother I won't read them LOL
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  • richmond-rex
    16.10.2021 - 47 minutes ago
    #elizabeth woodville#edward iv #historian: j. l. laynesmith #it seems talking about the woodvilles is surprisingly polemic #(though it shouldn’t surprise me) #anon#ask
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  • chrisevansy
    16.10.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    people who pick up 3 million opens and then get butthurt because you don’t reply on a sandbox are the worst though 

    #go touch grass maybe #i only threw up opens waiting for replies from you for the ships we started with that i was super into #lmao bruhhh #got me overwhelmed and smothered feeling and you're surprised i went silent?? #always been transparent with my anxiety but i'm the asshole? #lmaoooo #ruined good fucking ships with your bullshit and shot shit at my muse too #i hate people
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  • ithronelhunithundlin
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Andrai, one of my many children, falls to the ground after I sever the rope hanging him by the ankle.

    My Child: “Of course now it breaks. Of course.”

    I stand over Andrai and remark.

    “Well that was stupid.”

    He looks at me. “And now I’m seeing dead people.”

    Cleric stands next to me cowl up in corpse mask and linux pendant.

    My child: “Am I dead?”

    Artificer: “She’s not dead, well she is, but not really.”

    I flap my hand at the Artificer. “Shush”

    To my child: “Where is your more intelligent sibling?”

    His eyes go wide and he lunges at me to hug me.

    I hug him back.

    Me: “Where’s your sister?”

    My child: “She doesn’t listen very well.”

    Me: “What did she do?”

    My child: “Well, she said we should check out the Isles, but when we just found abandoned temples she decided to explore a cave instead.”

    Me: “I take it back, you’re more intelligent…no, there was the rope trap…we’ll call it even,”

    #dnd #Dungeons and Dragons #surprise! not dead #well not really #not dead dead anyway
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  • just-messing-around
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    My face moisturizer: *Is called 'Holy Hydration'*

    My face: *Super dry, itchy and uncomfortable for some reason*

    Me: *Touches my cheek with some moisturizer*

    Skin: *Was so dry that the sudden, cold feeling from it gave me a burning-like sensation. Kind of like cold aloe vera touching a sunburn?*

    Me: HOLY-hydration.... 😬

    I didn't know that it was possible for the skin on my face to feel that dry. Thank God I had moisturizer. I don't think normal lotion would've felt the same.

    #skin problems#skin issues#ouch #that was surprising #i wonder why it was so dry #thats really unusual for me
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  • itsyoumyfavorite
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I've been spoiling Conor too much I see

    #we aren't officially going out and he seems too confident that i'm gonna choose him over everyone else #well queen i got a surprise for you!
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  • sir-gauwain
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    stromae king it's too early to cry-dance right now

    #surprise music releases are the best releases #its been 84 years #stromae #finally some good fucking food
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  • diamuerte
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    i... think it is cute when spider-man's eyes move
    #ueghugh thats it thats the post they just grow when hes surprised wow #mobile /
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  • spixi
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #also i love that none of those surprise me at all fjdkdjdhs #i mean i knew most of them anyway #spicy answers #zip my love 💖
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  • rozanaurdunews
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Fans are surprised to see new pictures of Fardeen Khan, who is away from movies due to obesity

    Fans are surprised to see new pictures of Fardeen Khan, who is away from movies due to obesity

    Fardeen Khan was last seen in director Mudassar Aziz’s film “Dulha Mil Gaya” 11 years ago in 2010. Photo file Mumbai: Fans were stunned to see new pictures of Bollywood actor Fardeen Khan, who has been away from movies for years due to obesity. Actor Fardeen Khan was spotted outside the office of T-Series in Mumbai on Thursday where he looked very different from Fardeen Khan in his past viral…

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  • tantei-kun
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #PLEASEEE I COULD GO ON AND ON DJDJJSDJSJDJD #if i don't stop now i'd probably just list all his appearances SJSHSJHSBDJJSKS #and dont get too surprised on the akai thirst lmao thats not something new 🤣🤣 #thanks for the ask #asks#anonymous #dani.txt #detective conan#shuichi akai #oh this is arranged based on which i remembered first SHDHSJFBNSNFSKKS
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  • stylishanachronism
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    It’s late, I’m having A Month, let’s talk about ghosts.

    Except we’re not talking about ghosts, we’re talking about hauntings, which in pillars terms is a *completely* different kettle of fish. Like, not even related to each other different kettle of fish. A kettle of fish and white rats, even(1).

    As souls move through the wheel, especially on the life-to-death end of the spectrum, but also at all other points, they shed ‘dust’, little bits of knowledge and experience that under ideal circumstances eventually stick together and gain enough critical mass to form a whole new soul. As those bits tend to be shed in kith-shaped places, like buildings, and around kith-made objects, like swords, sometimes they stick to those places and things instead, and, when they reach critical mass, get stuck in them, instead of forming a new soul and returning to the wheel. Not inhabiting something with a brain, and being ‘felted’ together, so to speak, instead of sloughing off the mortal coil fully formed, personality and all, they aren’t properly sentient, and don’t have thoughts in the way a cipher could read, though they can be and often are highly opinionated with goals and motives of their own, very much shaped by the circumstances that ‘birthed’ them(2).

    Before the Engwithans built the gods, this was demonstrably a fairly quick process. Od Nua’s project, which lasted somewhere between ten and twenty years according to the very scant information we’re given(3), which in its latter half directly put time, effort, and soul-stuff into ‘strengthening the very rock and metal of the stronghold’ per the wiki, built Caed Nua’s fledgling personality solidly enough it lasted another two millennia despite being primarily undisturbed the entire time in a maximum of a decade. Less directed efforts probably took closer to fifty years, but given ‘modern’ construction (which, in the case of Defiance Bay is still over a century old(4)) is primarily not haunted, and haunted places are given quite a wide berth, which they wouldn’t necessarily be if they were common, it’s a much, much slower process in the present.

    This is, of course, entirely thanks to the gods and whatever causes bîaŵacs(5), the former of whom eat up all the ‘beyond side’ dust, the latter collecting up anything not firmly stuck already on the ‘near side of the veil’ and packaging it into bights, which are more like ghosts than anything else, and slow down the haunting process exponentially(6). Places that are already haunted have enough critical mass to keep new ‘dust’ as it comes, but anything that isn’t is as likely to keep it as lose more than it gained, which is why objects, being smaller and requiring less critical mass in the first place, are more likely to host modern hauntings. Older places can also trap ‘bigger’ soul bits (Neketaka and Caed Nua have both been known to take whole souls entire), and tend to have stronger options for trapping them (Caed Nua can canonically teleport things (the Whispers of Yenwood, to be precise), and presumably uses that trick to get what it wants, and we’re shown that Neketaka sweet talks surface citizens into leaping into the depths on an irregular basis, at least) as well as broader definitions to what constitutes ‘themselves’. (Caed Nua fetches the sword from half a country away, and Neketaka is complete in itself from the very top of the mountain to the very bottom of the old city, even though the old city’s been abandoned since the Engwith cast it down.)

    Interestingly, whatever the mechanics of unhaunting a place actually are, simply removing souls doesn’t cut it, as despite the downstairs residents of Caed Nua systematically eating the adra titan and the souls therein, Caed Nua itself got more haunted, not less(7). As we also have no evidence of exorcisms, and what graveyards we see are placed extremely far from civilization because they’re full of skeletons and it’s known they’ll eventually be bad news for the living, it may very well be the case that there is no means of unhaunting a place, which would explain why, most ‘modern’ hauntings being either pre-Gods and therefore very old and very strong, or perfectly placed to reach critical mass more recently, which tends to come as a shock to whatever community precipitated the thing, and to all appearances has them fleeing as soon as they realize(8), hauntings are considered a curse, rather than a natural step in the lifecycle of a thing.

    Caed Nua, in particular, is unusual in how quickly it became haunted (almost immediately), not in that it was haunted at all, as I’m fairly sure everyone except the original Erl of Yenwood and his crew took one look at the idea and said ‘hmm, that seems like it won’t go well’, but given Breith Nua(9) had a couple of millennia to stew, the fact it stretched out as the walls went up isn’t really unexpected, much less a surprise, though given most Engwith ruins aren’t as well explored or as notably haunted it probably felt like one. It’s even likely that the first three or so rulers didn’t even realize it was haunted, as Breith Nua was built to safeguard the statue of Maros Nua (and ideally his soul, though that didn’t end up happening), and Caed Nua was built to safeguard the Erl’s interest in the place, so, as in the current time, most of the surface effects amounted to running the household more smoothly, and, as they installed the Steward into her chair in what’s indicated to be the first Erl’s lifetime(10), up until the keep got wiped it seems likely most people assumed the weirdness was her doing.

    On the surface, Caed Nua’s weirdness is shown to be small, unsettling, but ultimately benign things; doors that open and shut by themselves, plants that grow both quickly and easily despite bad weather and pestilence in the surrounding landscape, and given the house’s reputation for hospitality, despite spending anywhere from weeks to months falling apart while Maerwald was ill, it seems likely that some of the more tedious chores do themselves when the house is happy, the rafters dusted without anyone needing to clamber up that high, the shutters closing at the first sign of inclement weather without assistance, and so on. The house is pleased to have visitors, and more pleased to keep its household close, safe and comfortable, but it doesn’t mind people traveling as long as they come home again. Below the surface, however, it gives itself major repairs, catalogues and organizes and preserves its household (and is very strict about them staying where it puts them), past and present(11), walls people in with barriers of pure will on at least a temporary basis, moves furniture and major architectural details around, and takes advantage of its residents’ plots to further its own aims, because the corpse of someone who wanted to leave is just as good as that person alive and well, and much preferable to their being gone at all.

    Given the house’s predilections, it’s no surprise it prefers Watchers to all other possible options; it is, despite everything, very lonely much of the time, and having anyone who can even slightly understand its wants is an enormous benefit it would no doubt go to great lengths to get, if Watchers didn’t keep coming to beat down its doors. This is a house that doesn’t care if its masters live or die, as long as they stay; given what we’re told happened to all but two of his predecessors, however many of them there were, if it hadn’t exercised considerable restraint on the adragon’s plots, he and his household would not have survived even one decade, much less multiple, and he, himself, quite mad and locked in the basement, should have been easy prey for her, but survived long enough for another Watcher to show up and inherit his mantle instead. (Incidentally, it’s also obvious that it tried to keep his soul as well as his bones. Depending on the Watcher in question, it may even have succeeded.)

    I’m not entirely sure why the house is more attached to the Watcher than Maerwald (and it was pretty damn attached to the dude), but, given you can get into the real underbelly of the place, it must be, but I, as I’ve said previously, would bet it has something to do with the fact they’re Awakened as well as a Watcher, and it’s an old Awakening at that; there’s a certain level of shared experience it will likely never see again, and that’s an irresistible combination for something with the house’s peculiarities, so it isn’t a surprise the lengths it goes to entice them to stay.

    Which is just to say that if Gathbin had paid the fine and succeeded in taking the house, it would have dropped a brick on him, probably two, just to make sure its favorite came home.

    1: Ghosts, which we are not talking about, are souls who aren’t well anchored enough to become some sort of bodied undead (probably mostly Death Guards, in this situation), but are angry/vengeful/stubborn enough to stay on this side of the veil. Depending on the strength of the soul in question, and the particular reason it’s hanging around, they can take a multitude of different forms, from the recognizable-as-kith cean gŵla, to the barely-even-dectectable shadows. Most, if not all of them, instinctively bolster themselves with loose soul-stuff from any source they can pry it away from. All of them are bad news.

    2: A haunted battlefield, for example, probably wants to keep killing people, while a haunted sword used exclusively in the defense of a person, household, or place probably cannot be induced to harm that person, household or place, and woe betide the enemy that lays hands on it, even if the feud’s been over for centuries.

    3: Let’s be honest, we know where he started (son’s soul, whole, loaded into what sounds like a protoanimat, a ‘small’ (realistic) statue the big one is based off of, presumably to bring the boy back to life in a much less fragile body) and where he ended (many many many souls that were not his son’s, loaded into a very very very big statue that??? was meant to keep him safe forever???? I have no idea how the end game was supposed to work it makes no sense), but we have basically nothing about what went down in the middle, which is wild considering it involves two rival cults and a horde of scientists who deliberately turned themselves into fampyrs.

    4: Defiance Bay *is* haunted, but only a little bit, and it’s definitely helped along by the machine in Heritage Hill and the animancers in Brackenbury, though the latter aren’t doing it on purpose. Similarly aged places (the chapel in Gilded Vale, Raedric’s fort, whatever’s going on under Dyrford) are not at all haunted, though they are inhabited by ghosts (or ....worse) in some cases, which is not the same thing.

    5: Leading theories include deliberate Leaden Key fuckery, ‘earthquakes’ (adraquakes?), where the adra, attempting to passively draw souls and getting nothing ‘breaks the tension’, causing weird backlash, and, ‘the wheel is less functional under Berath’s hand than optimal, and shit gets backed up’. (There were others but I unfortunately did not screenshot the groupchat and therefore am working from memory. Pick your favorite or remind me of it, dealer’s choice)

    6: Bîaŵacs are not a regular happening in inhabited areas, obviously, requiring a quantity of unshielded adra most people find somewhat unsettling, but they do reduce the ‘current’ of soul-stuff that might otherwise bolster a haunting, given they’re being starved of half the usual supply. They also reduce the amount of ‘shedding’ by ripping souls out at the root and shredding them beyond recognition, and bights, like other ghosts, actively reduce the chances of a haunting.

    7: Consuming souls whole is presumably something of a messy process, given that non-Caed Nua examples of fampyrs and the like mostly exist on the soul essence left in kith flesh, even when they kill the person immediately before. Since Caed Nua was built on soul scraps, it’s likely it nabbed those scraps as the residents dropped them, so to speak (which definitely didn’t help the ‘there are a finite amount of souls in the titan and we’re eating them faster than is sustainable’ situation), which helped strengthen the haunting even as the residents got weaker.

    8: As an aside, I don’t think anyone (other than possibly the Leaden Key) has realized Defiance Bay is a smidge haunted? It certainly helps that the city hasn’t had a minute to breathe since it was built, basically, and that the city, being solely a city, and not repurposed from something else (even Heritage Hill isn’t actively using the space the machine takes up), is mostly haunted in a way that makes the city run better, which probably isn’t noticeable to the average joe. (If, for example, you’re the poor schmuck whose job it is to clean and maintain the sewers, and you’re avoiding going down there because it’s full of oozes and mushrooms and necromancers and gods know what else (cultists), you’re probably not going to notice that under all that, it’s actually maintaining itself very well, and if you aren’t that poor schmuck, well, you’re going to assume they’re just doing their job.)

    9: Breith *probably* means court, as in household not of law, though we see it all of one time so I am definitely reaching here, but as I needed a term to separate the original structure from the new construction, without conflating it with the Endless Paths, this seemed like as good a solution as any.

    10: I am making a couple of baseless assumptions about what the Steward was like when she was alive, and a couple more with only very very very scant justification, but given those assumptions, it seems very likely that Breith Nua looked at this woman, brilliant, driven, a strong cipher in her own right, and importantly (unlike the Erl) present as the place went up, the whole of it her vision realized, and went ‘oh dibs’. She had, even in her own eyes, a very weird attachment to the house once it was finished, first begging to stay and start an entirely new career she’d never been trained for instead of continuing on to even greater projects in her area of expertise, and then, at the end of her life, begging to have her soul loaded into the chair so she wouldn’t have to return to the wheel and leave it behind, and I don’t think any of that was entirely natural.

    11: Look I’m just saying there’s *four and a half* levels of very nice, very full Aedyran catacombs (and, uh, it seems unlikely? anybody deliberately converted anything further than level two from the previous Engwith architecture, given level 6 is half converted, and only one adventuring party ever made it that deep), and not a lot of spare corpses. Do I think the house retains and catalogues the bones of everyone it’s ever loved? Well, a lot of them couldn’t have gotten where they were by more normal means (as, y’know, everyone was dead for quite a bit before the next person came and cleaned it out), so...

    #pillars of eternity #pillars of eternity meta #fun fact death guards are associated with berath but aren't actually her thing per the first guidebook #I would put money on the fact that pre od nua people deliberately shaped hauntings to be useful #since his whole project pushed the borders of animancy but wasn't exactly original on any front #I lied presumably the best way to unhaunt a place is to level it and forget about it #but obviously that takes more time than we're given to examine #I originally had a point about ghosts and hauntings being symbiotic as long as the haunting was established first #but trying to explain it meant I had to talk about ghosts and that whole thing was a mess #soul bound objects are also haunted but like.... need friends (you) in order to reach their full potential #it's why you've got to tie them to your soul and then feed them weird shit #modwyr is basically an animat but like.... sane #not a true soul bound object #the timeline re: how many rulers is extremely confused but the answer is there were minimum six pre Maerwald #erl of yenwood 1 2 and 3 cafed eodhart and his successor and at least one more successor after that #then ???? then Maerwald then the Watcher #the timeline doesn't work but is that a surprise no #I don't think the steward is aware she's not like.... her own distinct entity any more??? #because heads up she is definitely not her own distinct entity any more #let's just say its extremely suspect they found the chair when and where they did especially since similar things show up ~level 15 #why didn't they build the keep over the fingers inquiring minds want to know #obviously like the place it was built was the Correct Place but it's also not the obvious place you dig #also look *we* know the keep getting wiped was the adragon not the house but nobody else knows that #I'm not saying I'm stretching the mechanic of 'open the doors without being near them' until it screams as evidence but like that's the deal #I.... did not really get into Neketaka sorry og draft did but then I culled 8k so it would make sense #I want to say when nobody's home the house sulks and doesn't clean up the dust etc but otherwise does a lot of the 'smaller' chores unasked #interestingly I've mostly been joking about 'watcher comes home from the deadfire to a rebuilt house' but like tbh I'm not wrong #removing the titan didn't even touch the haunting more than likely #I have more thoughts on ghosts and amount of soul proportionate to vessel size but that's why this was 10k and unreadable originally #Sorry this ends sort of abruptly I had another argument to sum it up but I can't make it make sense and I'm tired of it so here you go
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  • sohannabarberaesque
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    A most unlikely locale for one of Honey and Sis' surprise shortwave worldcasts could not be imagined than--

    Alma, Wisconsin.

    As in the parking lot for the public observation area for Army Corps of Engineers Lock and Dam #4 on the Upper Mississippi River.

    On a rather rainy night, howbeit a steady, gentle sort of same.

    On the overnight, even, meaning that it's practically morning in Europe and Africa and approaching midday in western and central Asia. Not to mention going on evening of the following day in the Australasian region.

    As well as having at least three freight trains and as many barge tows pass by, doubtless being duly noted in the QSL reports via e-mail such as are read on air from time to time.

    Fortified throughout by strong black coffee, Little Debbie snack cakes and microwave breakfast sandwiches.

    And when all is said and done with the sunrise over Alma, the average shortwave listener will likely be wondering if it was all worth it as much as Honey and Sis "themselves."

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  • x0401x
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #violet evergarden #imagine laurus being like 'how about we do a lil hangout with the boyz' one day #and violet being like 'yes pls i want to know how everyone is doing' #gil is strongly against it but they end up going bc violet always wins #and idris is like what in the everloving fu #it all goes well and they have lots of fun #the fact that gilvi are married comes across as a surprise to absolutely no one and gil is Embarrassed
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  • sexologii
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    reading the alice in borderland manga…

    #alice in borderland #i’m black before someone in thai yag try to cancel me 😭 #gotta remember to say that pls JDNDN #but uhm yeah i’m surprised like okayyyy #and they got black hairstyles too so don’t even try that “no they’re just tan“ excuse #aib #alice in borderland manga
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  • dazaiaiko
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #surprised #damn I didn’t really expect to get one #gee thanks
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  • theeyesofthevoidstareback
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    When the former brother con in your system gets a boyfriend...

    Am I the only one noticing a pattern here? -🖤

    #🖤 #guess which one is the brother #osdd#osdd system#undiagnosed system#osdd alter#brocon #you'd also be surprised which one is white
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  • alphataurislut
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    love it when f1 drivers appear on deuxmoi it always like

    #ricciardo secret girlfriend is not a surprising but still interesting piece of info to start my saturday with
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