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  • Darkwood | UNWANTED VISITORS [Day 5]

    Come weary traveler, as we go on an adventure through the Darkwood! Welcome to Day 5 in my Let’s Play series of this interesting survival horror game. “The nerve on these people! Disturbing a man in the middle of the night”

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  • D2 steel sword

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  • The example in the above table put another way. In a “mini versus a monster” confrontation, there is a 90% chance the mini will either die or suffer permanent damage.

    Note that a hand-to-hand confrontation between equals is 50/50. That’s why the strong prey on the weak. So make yourself look strong and be strong.

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  • mental note: do whatever it takes to survive

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  • So I returned from the church just making a few aesthetical changes to the outside - replacing iron railings with stone brick walls to match the block posts and switched shaders on for a morning shot of the church. As I went on the bridge takling cover from Phantoms however, It had been foggy from rain and just started to clear when I caught sight of this view at night and had to take a screenie.

    From My 10 year old single player java survival world.

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  • People are moving on with their lives and mine is still there

    Like it was when I was still in school, college, university, job, then again university….

    Degrees , I’ve gained and met new people

    Lived at new places

    But I’m still having the same old life

    From which I’m running

    I’m tired but still I’m running

    Others have achieved so much… job experience, salaries and love even!

    Me?? Oh! I’m just same old frightened kid… looking for the answers I know I’d never find and staying at the places which are cursed!

    What went wrong here? Besides the obvious!!! I was born into this shit hole!!

    I ran from it… far away! And for a long time that I almost forgot who I was… I was someone who’d never get what they wanted in life… I’d forgotten that!!!

    But life made it all okay. Put me back where I remembered that I’m not like others… no matter how hard I try… I’ll never achieve anything. No matter how hard ….

    Why not end it!? Well life is cruel that way

    You know baiting you with false hope and you taking the bait until your last day…

    For that one moment of bliss which is even more fictional than the heaven and hell! For the moment of clarity… which no one gets!

    I’m a sucker too because I can’t seem to end it as well… so why’d life end it for me?

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  • In the end you’ve got no one

    Nobody… nada!

    You’ve got to pick yourself up and move on with your life

    Nobody is going to be there for you

    Hell! They’ll put you in their mess and accuse you of not liking it…

    So just gather your arms and don’t take shit from anyone!!

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  • 7 Days To Die - Wasteland Warrior - EP26 (Alpha 19.2)

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  • I like reality. It’s painful, but it’s real.

    There are no illusions of comfort, there’s no safety net, no divine intervention, no fate, no preference. Nature is chaotic and neutral and it favours no one or no thing.

    The sentience to be able to be self-aware comes with some dangerous fallacies in thought. Such as the tendency to attribute agency to inanimate things because we’re evolved to assume this for safety. The mammalian attachment system of humans, wanting to look up to a protector, finding comfort in the idea of an otherworldly figure or community. We are wired for community, safety in numbers, wired to seek out the comfort in other people for survival. Our brains are wired for some really critical emergency situations, but now in cultures where a lot of those needs are met, we’re now dealing with undoing a lot of the excess beliefs stemming from a lack of knowledge/education.

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  • image

    Requested by @beastofflevance
    2nd person Genderneutral reader
    warnings: despair, zombies, mentions of death, but all in all not really gory or anything! 

    I finally made it! Please ignore that this took about a month too long QwQ 


    It had been a while since the zombies happened. A month you’d say, but you forgot the count the days in the beginning, so you couldn’t be entirely sure. You had thought the world would look like in the movies, but it didn’t. The buildings didn’t look scarily abandoned, and there were a bunch of neighborhoods where you could just walk through as if nothing had happened. The only thing that was different, was the quiet. 

    Honestly, it had been a bout of luck that you had been able to escape. So many people were in crowded areas when the virus broke out. You had been on a trip with your bike, a backpack filled with supplies and a first aid kid, because you never went for a ride unprepared, and right now, you realized that might have been your lucky point. 

    The zombies had low intelligence, didn’t flock around super markets and such, so you had been able to grab supplies whenever you needed to. You stayed on the move, got a tent and a sleeping bag and some spare clothes. Moved up high every time it was night and stayed up high as often as you could. Elevators didn’t work anymore and you had found out early on that stairs weren’t exactly the zombies’ strong point. Still, it was a risk every time they noticed someone up in a building and just waited it out. 

    You had been pretty close to getting captured a few times now, barely escaping with the only saving grace being your bike, making you faster than all of them. 

    You had to admit the thought of just getting captured had crossed your mind a few times. It was getting so lonely, and with the world just being in a state of survival with almost no means of communication anymore now there was no one to provide the essentials, there was no real goal in life. But any time you heard the shuffling and groaning near you, your fight or flight kicked in and you made your way out. 

    Maybe you were holding onto the idea that they’d die out eventually? That you’d be part of a small group of people rebuilding society somehow? So far you had yet to run into someone, and fueled by so many series where the humans eventually turned on each other, you weren’t too inclined yet to group together. But a friend wouldn’t hurt to have. 

    You did realize that if you wanted to survive and take surviving to the next level, you should get your hands on a weapon soon. Any kind would do, just something to defend yourself in case of zombies -or the wrong kind of humans- coming too close. 

    And right now was an excellent time to remember that you still did not have any weapon, as the groans grew louder on the other side of the door of the room you were in. It had been no more than a minute where you let your guard down, and that was all the time the zombies had needed to drive you into a building, into the room you were in right now, without any way to escape but the door that they were trying to get open. 

    You had been able to lock it and put something heavy in front of it, and they had not been able to open it so far. Too dumb to force the lock and not strong enough to force the door itself. But they never grew tired and you knew you would eventually have to sleep and let your guard down and on the off chance that they would never get in, you still needed food and there was only so much you dragged along in your backpack.

    You had no idea how much time had passed when you were starting to contemplate just opening the door and stepping out, fear being the only thing stopping you from actually doing so. The initial adrenaline had worn off a little, and you were actually feeling sleepy. Was this it? 

    Your eyelids were drooping, and then you heard a sound you could not identify outside the door, gurgling screams from the zombies, and after fifteen minutes of confusing and generally very nauseating noises, there was complete silence. 

    You had become hyper-aware again, adrenaline peaking again. You stared at the door for a long while, unsure if you should move, call out, or open it up. And when you were finally making up your mind on what to do, there was a soft, almost polite knock at the other end.

    “Is there anyone in here?” 

    “Yes?” You answered instinctively, it had been so long since you heard another human. But you weren’t ready to open the door just yet.

    “Are you hurt?”

    Bonus points. If their first concern was if you were hurt despite having fought off a hoard of zombies, they probably weren’t that focused on self-preserving as you would expect anyone to be after such a long time in exclusion.

    “well you can come out now. They’re dead.”

    There was a moment of silence.

    “And the next hoard is a little while away”
    “How do you know?”

    You were already shoving the heavy furniture away from the door, curious to meet your savior.

    “I can hear them coming. You don’t have to come with me but I do advise you get out before you get trapped again.”

    You didn’t know what you had expected when you opened the door, but an insanely tall man with impressive posture and an actual sword in his hands was about the last thing you expected. He looked straight ahead instead of looking at you, and taking a step back, taking in his face and the impressive scar on his forehead that went over his eyes as well, you realized that he was blind. 

    You were absolutely speechless and frozen in place, not sure if you were impressed or terrified. Probably both, but the moment he spoke up, you felt oddly calmed. His initial presence was intimidating, but as he sheathed his sword and used it as a cane to start walking out of the building, you felt compelled to follow, a sense of security coming over you as you walked next to him.

    “Thank you for saving me sir”
    “Issho is fine.”
    “Issho then. You wouldn’t by any chance mind some company in exchange for food and some questionable but increasingly good survival cooking skills?” 

    He chuckled. 

    “Food and company seems like a nice change of pace in these times.”

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