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  • Experience is valuable only when you invest time to improve yourself.

    Doing the same thing over and over without any development is not experience, it’s just survival.

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  • Nowadays, it isn’t enough to buy some weapons or other supplies for rural or urban survival. If you want to make yourself prepared for a serious disaster, you need to work on your fitness. Why? That’s because your chances of survival are a whole lot better or higher when you’re physically fit. That much is obvious since, often, people who have a nice physique tend to have better athletic performance. This means that they can move with enhanced agility, power, stamina, and mindset. So you ought to do something about the way your body not only looks but works. That is if you are serious about improving your chances of making it out of catastrophes alive.

    It wouldn’t be wise for you to push yourself over the edge, though. Consider that you have your limitations and just capabilities. From there, work your way to improving your strength, speed, and endurance. Also, in the process, you ought to work on boosting your self-confidence and responses to physical and mental stress. So try to do some bodyweight exercises first if you don’t have some workout equipment with you but try to invest in some for your benefit. Don’t overwhelm yourself by doing multiple and difficult exercises. Rather, it would be ideal for you to do only a few and have many sets with at least ten repetitions.

    For your home exercise equipment, you could try buying these:

    • Dumbbells or Barbells
    • Resistance Bands
    • Planche or Push-up Bars
    • Treadmill
    • Jump Rope

    Of the many tools, I highly recommend them because of their practicality. With the dumbbells or barbells, you can do flat, inclined, standing, or sitting press and curls. You may also get the same benefits when you would use bands for resistance. Yet, for balancing, strengthening, and toning, you could try using the planche or push-up bars. It’s because you grab onto them and push yourself away from the ground and then try to balance and make as many up and down repetitions as you can.

    In survival, you have to have more than brute strength. You must possess speed and endurance. For that, to work on your heart, breathing, and discipline in energy expenditure, you ought to do cardio workouts too. Getting a treadmill and jump rope can help you out with such. With a treadmill machine, you can work on your gait, walking, jogging, and sprinting even while you’re indoors. A jump rope can aid you with your plyometric needs. After all, it’s not enough to only use your legs for going forwards, backward, and sideways. You still have to train to jump high or low, with consistency, and for several times.

    But it’s also not enough to only have some exercise equipment. You must train with them consistently. Have workout times and days and stick to them. Keep a record of your progress but try to introduce some new routines from time to time. That would be because you need to shock the body and teach it to adapt to sudden changes.

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  • Free Survival Business Card Tool & Free Bonuses

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  • I’ve been playing minecraft since before mcr broke up and I think this is the first time I’ve tried to do a well-designed, proper house in survival, and it’s on pocket edition– 

    #survival#minecraft#minecraft pe#mc #i asked my brother how long we had the account to figure this out lmao #so far pretty bad #actually back wehn we plaeyd with my mom #we had these huge treehouses #but uh they aren't hte kind of treehouses ur thinking of #we would just put walls inbetween and above trees and such lol #I said this #this is actually probably false #just like. statiscally #but i don't have any memories sticking out to the contrary #so i'll say it anyways
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  • Some people may now the lyrics “what is love” but honestly why is love? Anyways go watch this I made it

    #minecraft#youtube#gaming#minecraft youtubers#youtube gaming #minecraft lets play #better than dream #survival #good days smp #smp
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  • My little bros used to say, “My sister can look into mostly bare cabinets & magically whip up a 3 course meal.” Makes me think of the big sister in the Lemony Snicket book now; although that novel had not yet been written.

    Now that so many folks are struggling w/economic woes during this pandemic, perhaps I should share recipes you can make from food bank staples + a few extra ingredients; or when you just have left over rando ish in your fridge & pantry w/which you have no idea what to do. It’s a little thing around here we like to call, “ghetto gourmet.”

    Now, back then, we didn’t have the luxury of the internet. I’d call my Cherokee grandma in TN who had 6 boys all close in age & who grew up a sharecroppers’ daughter during the dust bowl for ideas or modify weird vintage recipes from cookbooks in our kitchen left there from my other grandmother, who, oddly enough, can’t cook (Seriously. We let grandma boil water & make pancakes. That’s about it. My Portuguese grandfather did all the cooking before he died and I watched his parents & sister when we visited them. I figured out how to cook myself @ 8 when I started having to watch my brothers when my mom & stepdad worked.) I also just experimented, & that mostly came out good. I would escape from all the pain & trauma in my life mixing up some kitchen magic. I’d get my little brothers involved, letting them taste different spices/seasonings & ingredients, asking them what they liked & what they thought would mix in well together into a sauce, soup/stew or recipe. Now those kids are grown & are excellent home cooks & homesteaders, surprising & teaching their friends, partners, etc.

    Some of the deep, aching pain in my young life would dissipate when those boys’ eyes would light up, “Oh my god! This tastes amazing! I don’t know how you do it!”

    My middle brother called me one night when I went away to college lamenting emotively, “Please come home! Mommy can’t cook! I’m sick of macaroni & cheese & hot dogs!!!” I heard the picky 6 year old in the background behind him going, “Yummy! Macaroni & Cheese & hot dogs!!” The older one groaned, exasperated. “I know you can’t come home. You’re trying to make a better life for us & the world. God made you so smart & talented & loving. Could you just teach me basic cooking skills when you get home so I can try to do what you used to do?” I knew this was imperative a week later when mom couldn’t find a friend to watch them & the older one became the babysitter & leader I was before him. I worried because he wasn’t nearly as mature as I was at that age. I called up home before I left for the dining hall for supper. “What are you making for you & your little brother for supper?” “He’s got a bag of chips.” “OH MY GOD! DUDE! AT LEAST GIVE HIM A POP TART OR PB&J OR A BOWL OF CEREAL!”

    I’ve had a lot of young women & gender fluid/variant folks in my co-house now. My home is a safe space to grow & be a jumping off/middle option for young folks unhappy at home with their parents & family or who don’t have responsibile/reliable/independent friends with whom to share an apartment. Or, when they’ve made young, “love” mistakes just like I did in my own youth & early independent years, like many of us have, & move in w/a partner that just doesn’t work out or shouldn’t have become a live-in partner.

    Most have not had any independent living skills. So, I’ve had to become surrogate,“smother,” as my little brothers call me, “sister-mother,” to teach them skills they’ll need for whenever the little birdies leave my nest.

    So, from time to time, perhaps I’ll share recipes or other frugal living tips. There’s a lot of other places on the internet that post similar stuff. I’m not looking to start a blog, as friends have suggested, w/tidbits like this, or places/ways to have cheap/free adventures. I’m going to be in residency soon in my second career, back in grad school soon, then doing research to help people not get crushed & drowned by the overwhelming weight of the world & all its suffering. If these little hints & suggestions can help others struggling to make it through and find joy in the little things, I’ll be doing my part in my duty & destined path given to me by creator for others, perhaps, as well. Even if I end up doing well for us at some point, I’ll never forget where I came from & the struggles we survived to make it here. I’ll always be that little hippie hillbilly at heart.

    #diary#journaling#journal#therapy#mental health#actually cptsd#ptsd recovery #60s 70s 80s 90s #struggle#surviving#trauma survivor #i will survive #survival#survivor #drive to survive #recipes #cooking with kids #cooking woes #cooking with love #cooking #how to cook #lets cook#growing up#babysitter#frugal#frugivore#poverty #you can make it #you can do this #we are light
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  • ‘Aliens: Fireteam’ is an online-only survival shooter with Xenomorph hordes

    ‘Aliens: Fireteam’ is an online-only survival shooter with Xenomorph hordes

    Six years and four acquisitions later, Cold Iron Studios is ready to reveal exactly what kind of Alien game it’s been working on: Aliens: Fireteam. It’s a third-person squad-based survival shooter, and it’s due to hit PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S this summer. Think “Left 4 Dead with Xenomorphs” and you’re halfway there.
    Cold Iron is a 40-person studio founded in 2015…

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  • Ongeduld

    Laatst voelde de piot zich nogal kwakkelig.

    Het is geen geheim en ik ben de laatste om het te ontkennen: er zit serieus wat sleet op dat lijf als een kathedraal van mij. Af en toe valt voegwerk van tussen de steeds poreuzere bakstenen en vertoont het stucwerk lelijke barsten. De ramen rammelen en de deuren knellen. Het schilderwerk bladdert af. Ook het gebinte en de fundamenten hebben hun beste…


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  • We made our own water filter yesterday to understand how lucky we are to have clean water - and also learn how to filter lake or river water (before boiling it obviously!) if we ever needed to. My son loved this as he’s starting to get more into ‘experiments’ and anything involving mud or muck always goes down well. ⠀

    How to: Take a 1.5 litre plastic bottle and cut it in two. Wedge the neck end into the base end so the base can capture the water and the neck holds the filter layers (to come). Create the first layer - push cotton wall balls into the neck end, and then a layer of muslin cloth or kitchen roll. Then add a layer of sand, gravel and/or charcoal (we used sand) and finally add a ‘green layer’ such as moss or grass or leaves. Pour muddy water into the top and watch as clear water fills the base as the water moves through the filter layers and the mud is removed.⠀

    More: This was a nice ‘survival’ or bushcraft activity and one that also helps kids appreciate how lucky they are if they have clean tap water. My son thought it was some kind of magic how the filter actually worked! Also handy knowledge in case of possible climate apocalypse.. ⠀

    #bushcraft #survival #outdoorlearning #outdooreducation #forestschooluk #familyactivities #scouting #scouts #waterfilter #forestschool #cleanwater #globalissues #adventuretime #hackneyoutdoors #forestschoolideas #thingstodowithkids #greenparenting

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