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  • theyellowdragon
    18.09.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Autumn Moods...

    #Lupin III #Lupin the 3rd #Lupin the Third #theyellowdragon #Late night drawing #It's unusually cold now out there #A little below zero C #Strange weather is strange #I am feeling weird and tired #But there are some sushi waiting for me in the kitchen...
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  • sushioverload
    18.09.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    inline reddit: sushi

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  • soothesayer
    18.09.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    mr compress better get his sushi tomorrow or i stg

    #not that it would make any sense to have that scene in there since the context is lost after the first chap was skipped #it's just the sentiment. okay. #they deserve their sushi. i'm gonna give it to them fucks sake #part of me is happy that this is the last mva ep hgfdj nothing left for them to fuck up #i dont think theyre gonna be able to adapt everything that the remaining chapters contain in just one episode tho so theyre def cutting more #weeeeeeeeeeeeee #theyve switched around so much dude going back and watching it is going to feel so weird #like this . isn't Right  :// #i'd love to see that fun scene where twice is mourning toga while shes sitting right there #but you just KNOW . theyre not gonna do it #i really dont want them to fuck up the plf scene thats one of my favorite parts #the vibes are so immaculate please just give me that please please lpealsae #bnha #.grim speaker
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  • heathermason1983
    18.09.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    Cannot wait to gtfo of here and eat good food

    #gonna eat sushi and a spinach and artichoke panini when i go home oh my god.... i need to gtfoutta here
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  • sushioverload
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    inline reddit: sushi

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  • ashauyel
    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    going to order very bad for me food everyone

    #nothing even remotely healthy sorry to my ancestors but sushi is OUT
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  • redlanternchild
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Iori: How was lunch with your nephew?

    Tooru: It was good, but the Servamp of Melancholy was there at the sushi restaurant.

    Iori: And where were you?

    Tooru: I was over on the phone.

    Iori: And what did you do?

    Tooru: Nothing. I was over on the phone.

    Iori: But you saw him there at the restaurant and you did nothing.

    Tooru: Yes, because I was over on the phone. 

    #servamp#shirota tooru#tsukimitsu iori #how the conversation with iori probably went after the sushi restaurant encounter in chapter 9
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  • yoyleland-station
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago


    #i was just talking about amber and sushi today how did you know
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  • hikarusushi
    17.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

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  • theladyofskeletons
    17.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    sushi cat:^)

    #posts this and disappears /j #i'll most likely post the pufferfish next or a crow... or a crow in a cone (like an ice cream!) #art#my art#digital art#original art #clip studio paint #cat#crying cat#meme#sushi #artists on tumblr #csp #crying cat meme #messy painting of rice is nice but i gave up w that caviar....... sigh #this was quick anyways #felicitas originals#felicitasoriginals #cant rmr if there was a space or not in that tag
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  • evidentlyfishy
    17.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    stuck on skyward sword's file select screen because the music is too pretty

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  • bassbooster
    17.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Ci voleva 😍

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  • sinnerwine
    17.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Ella es uno de esos fuegos al que no le gusta jugar, sino arder .." . . . . . #vino #sinnerwine #sushi #winelover #vinos #madrid #barcelona #loveislove #pink #gayfriendly #foodporn #chicas #lgtb #instagay #malasaña #gayespaña #lesbica #tinder #gaybarcelona #rainbow #foodiesmadrid #restaurant #comerbien #madridspain #sparkling #redpassion #blonde #model #fitgirl #fitnessmodel (en Barcelona, Spain) https://www.instagram.com/p/CT7qlPNttoz/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • musubiki
    17.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    uhfhgn thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday !!!!!! 😭🥰🥳💕🥺

    #it was good i got sushi 🍣 #and a lego sakura bonsai tree
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  • marusanman777
    17.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    大阪第3ビル地下1階 立ち食い鮨 謹賀 久々に謹賀さんでサクッとちょい飲み いつものように瀬付きあじ10貫注文 瀬付きあじ1貫 55円 つぶ貝5貫 490円 3年トラフグ唐揚げ 420円 サッポロ生ビール 390円 #立ち食い鮨謹賀#立ち食い鮨謹賀3ビル店#謹賀#大阪第3ビルグルメ#大阪第3ビル立ち飲み#大阪立ち飲み#大阪ちょい飲み#大阪飲み歩き#大阪立ち食い鮨#つぶ貝#フグ唐揚げ#大阪新店#大阪飲める店#sushi#oosaka#sashimi#standingdrink (立ち食い鮨 謹賀 3ビル) https://www.instagram.com/p/CT7Ycw6pjJYdFMyR8aoSzx5w_F-i18XdrqP7fw0/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • holycow99
    17.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    石田お寿司 12/9/21 stream translation Part 6

    This is not the full translation of the stream. I only translated the parts I could understand & interpret or parts I found interesting/important. I’m still a beginner in Japanese, so the translations may not be accurate. If you want to repost, please repost at your own risk.


    (t/n: ** means translation may not be accurate.)

    I: I’ve received a honey-flavoured sake, so I’m gonna drink it. If I I’m not mistaken, this was given by a reader. So sweet. It’s delicious.

    *He received ps4 notif.

    I: The ps4 is unable to install Hitman? Wait a min. Hitman is really irritating.

    *He’s reading texts from Hitman, I guess.

    I: I don’t understand the sentence, but it said “Fuck off”. It’s saying fuck. Thank you. Thank you for your fuck. (t/n: Oh my, it sounds so wrong! HAHAHA!)

    I: Should I delete Mafia 3 then. I probably won’t be playing it. Mafia is dangerous. But I wanna play it…Maybe I should redownload the game when I wanna play it.

    C: Eating letters means we can see your face.

    I: Ah, that’s right. I’ll wear a rubber mask. I’ll wear a fetish mask. The one where you can only see the mouth. Doesn’t that sound super scary, seeing me chewing with that. I won’t be able to see anything.

    C: Do you have Kaneki’s mask?

    I: Nope, but I have the mask’s statue. They made a replica or something for the movie, and I got that.

    C: Try stepping on Araki Hirohiko’s sensei’s foot.

    I: That’s definitely a no-no.

    C: Try eating raw manuscript.

    I: That’s nice. “Okay. I’m gonna try eating raw manuscript today. Wow, this is freshly made! I’ll eat now!” Then, I put some salt. “Hm, it’s a bit dry.” Something like that. “Okay, so, I’ve tried eating raw manuscript today.”

    C: Turn it into Onigiri.

    I: That’s nice. It’s a bit complicated. Turn the raw manuscript into an onigiri and eat it. Recording plan for 30,000 commemoration includes trying eating 10 years’ worth of fan letters and raw manuscript. But, it’s definitely rare. I don’t have raw manuscripts since everything is in digital.

    C: Have you bought TG’s game.

    I: I will. I’m gonna buy it!

    *Someone commented about seasoning.

    I: It seems edible If I put some seasoning on top. That’s nice too.

    I: I wanted to create videos that require editing too. I only have Animal Rap to mess around with. I probably mess around more during the stream.

    I: It seems like I can play Hitman. Shall I play Hitman? Shall I play Hitman while thinking for the commemorative plan.

    I: By the way, I’ve been crazily addicted to Nioh. It’s the kind of game where you die repeatedly. I’ve nothing but this kind of games in my collection.

    C: The project hasn’t been decided yet?

    I: It’s still under planning for now. It looks like I’m planning to eat the letters now. (t’n: He’s referring to the fact that the plan was on the screen.)

    Y****: I have Nioh 2.

    I: You have them? Nioh 2 is fun. You can create characters in the game. I want to create Saito Naoki (illustrator & youtuber). Would I be scolded for that?

    C: Won’t you upload any youtube shorts?

    I: What kind of content should I do? Do you want me to?  

    C: What happened to Goubaru’s country?

    I: Well, I have the data. Goubaru died because of stress at the age of 34 or 35. Those who watched the stream would know.

    C: The stress from the torture. Hahaha.

    I: Right. He died from that. Then, I raised the son who didn’t look anywhere close to him. I was able to unify a lot of places.

    *Playing Hitman.

    I: We can now understand the story. Even if we don’t, we kinda know what’s going on.

    C: I’m an assistant but my work begins at noon, so I’ll watch till the end.

    I: Oh, so you’re an assistant. Where? Whose assistant?

    *OP still hadn’t replied to Ishida’s questions.

    I: Whose assistant are you?

    C: A mangaka for football manga.

    I: I see. I don’t read them. Is it Giant Killing? No?

    C: Persistent.

    I: I really am.

    *People commented Blue Rock manga.

    I: Is it Blue Rock?

    C: Are you gonna expose him again?

    I: I’m gonna tell the mangaka that their assistant is—hahaha. I won’t tell that person, so tell me. I won’t tell them! I won’t, so tell me. Haha. I’d tell that person “Your assistant watched my stream last night. They seem to not get enough sleep today.”

    (t/n: Lmao, he sounded so desperate.)

    C: That’s considered as harassment!

    I: He’s not from my workplace.

    I: It’s not Blue Rock nor Giant Killing? I won’t tell them. Do they have twitter, by the way? I shouldn’t ask so many questions. I’ll stop here.

    I: I don’t have an assistant for Choujin X? Will you be my assistant instead? I’ll pay you contact payment of 5 million yen.

    C: I will!!

    I: Hahahaha! Then, write whose assistant you are. Tell me.

    C: Can I?

    I: Up to you. I definitely won’t get involved, but other people might spread it. I just get to know one thing about you. It’s under a magazine, but which type? Weekly, biweekly, or monthly?  

    C: This is a job interview, isn’t it?

    I: Yes.

    *The assistant person wrote the manga name.

    I: Eh, that manga?! Hold on. I probably read it when I was looking through the magazine. Yes, it was in the magazine! Hold on.

    *He’s searching for something.

    I: You’ve blurted out everything. This is bad. Everyone, keep this a secret.

    *He’s reading about the manga.

    I: That manga was good. The drawing was beautiful, I think. Or was I wrong? I do remember there’s one football manga with good action scenes. I won’t tell anyone. Don’t tell the mangaka I’m scouting you either.

    I: There’s no other assistants here? Whose mangaka are you working under? Surprisingly, people do indeed watch my streams. The one in charge for Fool Night also watched my stream, so there are people who watch them by chance. The Fool Night’s editor won’t watch my stream anymore, since he’s gotten comments from me. I’m just joking.

    C: (Proposal for 30,000 subs): Eating 10 years’ worth of fan letters, eating, raw manuscripts, poaching assistants.

    I: That’s a good idea. An attempt to poach a certain football manga’s assistant. How much should I pay for you to abandon your sense of duty? I don’t know how many moths or years you’ve been taken care of, but how much should I pay for you to betray the sensei that has hired you during this pandemic? I’m very interested to know.

    C: Don’t do something that incites criticism online.

    I: I’m gonna keep poaching assistants from various people. I’m aiming to be a mangaka. Let’s create Sushi army corps by attempting to poach 100 assistants. Let’s try to poach assistants from other places with money.

    C: I can’t draw, so I want you to hire me for something else.

    I: Then, be a meshistant? In the end, I’ll end up hiring meshistant.

    *He’s adding poaching other mangakas’ assistants to the proposal.

    I: How’s this? This is an NTR (cheating).

    Part 7 coming soon.

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  • holycow99
    17.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    石田お寿司 12/9/21 stream translation Part 5

    This is not the full translation of the stream. I only translated the parts I could understand & interpret or parts I found interesting/important. I’m still a beginner in Japanese, so the translations may not be accurate. If you want to repost, please repost at your own risk.


    (t/n: ** means translation may not be accurate.)

    C: Will you play Hitman 3 Japanese ver.?

    I: Eh? It’s already out? Was it around August? Is it already here?

    *Searching for the Japanese version.

    I: 26th August?! You can play this on ps4?!

    *Ishida turned on the ps4.

    I: Wait a min, are you serious? Wait a min. Please connect to the internet. I’m gonna download it. Seriously? It’s finally here. I staggered when I stood up just now. Sorry everyone, I may die just by standing up. Wait, let me connect the LAN cable. Imma download the game. I wanna play Hitman. But it takes too much space. My ps4 got no space left when I downloaded the temporary dlc.

    C: You’re still using wires.

    I: I still don’t trust going wireless for 12 years.

    C: You’re still using ps4?

    I: Yes. Can’t I?

    I: The screen isn’t showing. Do I have to end the stream first?

    I: You can’t see the game screen because of the stream. I seriously wanna play Hitman Japanese ver.

    *Someone said they couldn’t hear the bgm, so he’s adjusting the sound.

    *In the middle of downloading Hitman 3.

    C: In the end, what are we gonna do for 30,000 subscribers’ commemoration?

    I: What should we do…Another 800 people left to reach 30,000 subscribers. I thought I would reach the target while I’ve been locking myself up. Surprisingly, I didn’t. Though it’s only natural since I didn’t do anything.

    C: Do a freestyle with someone.

    I: Is there any challenger? Is there anyone reckless enough to challenge me? Let’s battle.

    *Ishida having a problem with Hitman 3.

    I: Have I bought it? What did I just buy? Eh?! Maybe I should just buy BNHA instead. It disappeared. Huh? Have I not purchased it yet?

    I: Wait, can I search for Hitman first? Seriously, where did it go? I’ve bought it though. Huh? Oh, it’s in pending. There’s not enough-just like I said! There’s not enough space. Hitman’s size is big. Should I show it to screen now, since you guys won’t understand what’s going on.

    *Showing the screen.

    I: Wait, it’s better to not show it, after all. I don’t want people to see if there’s any weird games when I deleting them. People will be like “What kind of games did you buy?!” There may be games that I can’t show.

    I: I need to delete games that can’t be seen by people.

    C: Must be erotic games.

    I: No. There’s no erotic games in ps4.

    *Someone commented that he has galge.

    I: If you guys saw the heaps amount of galge I have, you’d be attracted by it. There’s only girls with big boobs. Why is every character like that? There’s no differentiation between the characters.

    *Figuring which games to delete.

    I: RE? I just leave it for now. Sims too. I’ll leave psychobreak as well. I wanna play that game. Hitman’s size is really big.

    C: Everything is fine as long as you make the boobs bigger.

    I: This person seriously sees women that way.

    C: So, sensei is the type to not throw stuffs away.

    I: Nope, I do throw them. You’d lose interest if you saw my way of throwing things. Were you? You’d be wondering am I gonna throw this and that, and I’d say yes. I’d pile all these inside Goubaru’s ripped garbage bag.

    I: Can I play Hitman now?

    C: Won’t you collab with Yorushika (a singer)?

    I: I want to. Please, by all means.

    *A fan asked if he threw the letters as well, he said he kept them, but if he were to, he’d burn or eat them.

    I: Either I burn the letters or chop and cook them, then I’d eat them. I’d shred them and eat. It seems possible. I could be full eating that. I can keep on eating that for 3 days. Not 3 days, it’d probably take longer than that. When I want to throw the letters away, I’ll mince and eat them deliciously. Thank you. So, please keep sending letters. I’ll eat them. Should I eat letters from now on? It’d be a problem if they keep accumulated in the storage. Should I just eat them? Boil the letters and serve them on the plate. They seem edible If I boiled. It’d be like a white fish.

    C: What’re we gonna do for 30,000 subscribers commemoration?

    I: Haha. Good job for firmly threatening me. Can I take some drinks first? Sorry.

    C: Make something like a rounded karaage.

    I: That’s a good idea.

    C: The idea of eating fan letters is scary.

    I: Not eating it is scarier. Isn’t it cruel to just dump them in the rubbish bin. Of course, I’m gonna eat them.

    C: We do have edible papers and inks these days.

    I: I do have letters from around 10 years ago as well though.

    C: I want to try eating letters.

    I: Scary! “Okay, everyone. These are the letters that I received from all of you within 10 years. Can you see it? I wonder how many are there…There’s 1, 2, 3 boxes. There’s more here as well. These are all of them. Let me line them up.” After I line them up, “I’m really thankful and feel happy. I’ve read them all and received encouragement from them, but the storage room is already full, so I think of disposing them this time. But throwing them into the rubbish bin is, as I thought, lonely. I would like to enjoy them with everyone, so for today, I’m going to eat these letters.” “Okay, how do am I supposed to eat these? Boiling would be the best way to eat them, right? I should create a reci-“ That kind of person sounds crazy. Hahaha. He probably ends up not be able to eat them or anything else. Should we do that to celebrate 30,000 subscribers? Hahaha. People will think I’ve gone insane. Hahaha.

    I: Well, paper is alright, isn’t it? Your stomach will be damaged if you eat anything excessively, after all. It’s no different than youtubers who eat a lot.

    C: There’ll be news about it.

    I: That’s nice! I want that to happen! Hahaha! Me eating fan letters top trending on Yahoo! That’s really nice… I want to eat them. I want to make the news with that, not with manga if I’m gonna be in one. Though I don’t even read Yahoo News. I want that to make the headline. Should I eat the letters? I’d only be destroying my stomach if that didn’t go trending. Should we just go for it instead, after all? I can unify with you guys. We finally become one. Hehehe. I’d be one with the letters, not you guys.  “The final boss: a letter-eating creature, a creature who eats writing paper, Ishida.” I’d be a scenario boss or the climax boss. “Shall we begin?” Hehehe.

    I: That’s a good idea, isn’t? I wanna eat them. We could go for this for passing 30,000. People talking about this is gonna be a dream. “He’s the person who ate letters, isn’t he?!” “That’s right!” “He’s the one who can eat letters, right? Though I’ve never read his manga before.” “Ishida Sui eating paper topping his original works.” It’s a good idea, isn’t it? Seriously a good one. Then eating letters would be the first suggestion for the commemoration.

    (t/n: He seriously sounded like he’s on crack.)

    *He showed the screen back.

    I: I’m showing you Hitman 3’s download progress.

    I: That’s a very nice idea. I’m making it a candidate for the commemoration. I should write it down.

    *Typing the plan.

    I: Eating letters for 30,000 people commemoration. Proposal for the commemoration project: I wanna try eating fan letters. HAHAHA! I wanna try eating 10 years’ worth of fan letters. As expected, having a try-to-do-plan is standard, after all. That’s a good idea. I certainly wanna eat them. Wait, I’m showing you guys the text.

    *He’s reading the text.

    I: Nice sentence. You’d be intrigued by it. There are so many things to point. How many letters do I have, am I seriously gonna eat them, etc. You’d be like “You’re kidding, right?”, “You’re serious?!”, “Are you for real?!” You’d get scared the more you look at the sentence.

    I: Hahaha. I’d be eating the letters for 20 hours, for eternity. Thank you for the idea. So, it’s been decided.

    C: The foreigners seem to have good reactions about it.

    I: Is that a good thing? Haha. I’d seriously become someone like that if I were to eat the letters. I’d be wondering what things should I eat next. This isn’t being a glutton anymore. But, gluttonous people do eat a lot. I’m gonna be a binge-eating youtuber. There are youtubers like that, right?

    C: Nothing has been decided yet.

    I: Haha. You’re right.

    C: I’m the one who wrote about this thing being on the news, but I don’t want to see Sui sensei on the news for that. Hahaha.

    I: It doesn’t matter if you guys don’t wanna see that. I’m the one who wanna see that. I’ll see what I wanna see. I don’t know what kind of things you guys wanna see, but I’ll show you what I wanna see. That’s my dream. I’m definitely gonna drag you guys with me. Haha. I’ll definitely show that to you.

    Part 6

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  • holycow99
    17.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    石田お寿司 12/9/21 stream translation Part 4

    This is not the full translation of the stream. I only translated the parts I could understand & interpret or parts I found interesting/important. I’m still a beginner in Japanese, so the translations may not be accurate. If you want to repost, please repost at your own risk.


    (t/n: ** means translation may not be accurate.)

    I: We’re talking about the commemoration of 30,000 subscribers, right? What should we do?

    C: Is this a chatting stream?

    I: Well, yeah.

    C: Let’s play game now.

    I: I’m totally okay with it.

    C: I feel bad that I pinned this person’s comment. Should I unpin it? This is what’ll happen if you guys aren’t careful with your comments. You’ll be exposed. I’ll forgive this person.

    C: Please do streaming of you working on lyrics.

    I: I’m totally okay with something like that.

    C: Have you ever received hair?  

    I: I did receive something similar. A deep red colour. Was it a wig or something? This is a true story.

    C: Scary!

    I: I didn’t think it was scary though. I was like “I see…”. It was unique.

    C: Have you received a marriage registration form?

    I: No, but I once received a purikura photo from a gal. The letter was cute. She’s seriously a gal, with the round letters and all. She’s super young and the purikara was cute. The content of the letter was hilarious. She’s like “Let’s hang out!”, “It’s fun!” “I read TG! I don’t understand it, but it’s fun!”.  She’s totally a gal. It was amazing. How did I get that? That’s a good one, though I didn’t get to hang out with her.

    C: Eh, is it okay to send purikura?

    I: I’ll just take a look at it if you send one. I won’t do anything about it. Nothing will happen.

    C: Impressive move.

    I: Right? But I think it’s the culture. I wanna experience this kind of culture as well. I want gals and Exile fans to read my works, not just people who have read TG. I wanna write something that everyone can enjoy.

    C: You wanna interact with gals?

    I: I wanna try. Normally, you won’t be able to, right? Have I ever talked to a gal before? A real gal. Avu-chan was super gal-like. Avu-chan is a gal. My first encounter with a gal was with Avu-chan from Queen Bee.

    *He’s imitating Avu-chan’s way of talking.

    I: I see. So there’s a lot of way to enjoy TG.

    C: Seems like you’d be a grandpa.

    I: Definitely the case if I ever meet a gal.

    C: Are you extremely close with her (avu-chan)?

    I: I’m the type who approach the other party. Well, I’m sure everyone is like this, but don’t you have different personas? I wasn’t pretending or anything, but I wore a gal persona for the first time when I was with Avu-chan. Avu-chan has a gal-like personality, so I thought I also needed a new persona.  By the way, have you played the game Persona? Just like how the main character attained new personas, the gal persona came out aggressively from behind me and possessed me.

    I: Akechi is cool, right? (t/n: Akechi is a character from Persona 5.)

    C: Please impersonate Avu-chan.

    I: Avu-chan’s impersonation? “But then~”. How is it again? “Sui Sensei is~”. But she talks about deep stuffs, even though she’s a gal. Although she’s a gal, she’s someone with a lot of knowledge.

    C: can you read gal’s alphabet?

    I: I can if I try hard enough.

    I: I wanna include a gal character in choujin x.

    C: Sensei seems to have high communication skill.

    I: I don’t think so. There’s a term called ‘communication monster’. My friend, Takahashi Kunimitsu form Osterreich is a communication monster. He knows how to hype people up, since he doesn’t say offensive things.** He can join in conversations with anyone, anywhere like a clown. Then, he’ll be very tired after that. It’s wearing him out on top of having a high communication skill. That is a communication monster. I can join in a conversation as well, but unless it’s with someone I’m fond with, I won’t. It’s tiring.

    C: People who are good at getting along with others do exist.

    I: Yes. He’s good at that.

    I: Kunimitsu’s seriously amazing. He got along with a granny he just met in a bar. I just listened to their conversation the entire time.

    C: Isn’t that considered as a communication disability if you get tired by it?

    I: I do think it’s a sign of communication disability**, But again, that’s just another side of it. It’s the same as shy people who can speak well.

    C: Was it the one you posted on twitter?

    I: Yup. The one at the bar in Nogata. Was it in Nogata? Probably there. But I think band men have great communication skill, since they meet various types of people.

    Y****: I don’t like gals.

    I: That’s not good. You’re in the theatre club, after all. Someone involves in theatres can’t be bias. It’s okay if you don’t like them, but it’s better to come across them.

    C: Is it important to talk and meet with various people?

    I: Hm, I wonder. I think it’s important, especially when you’re still shaping your identity. I speak like this because I didn’t manage to meet and get along with people. I was super serious whenever I was invited to a live show, like the time I met Mr. TK. I was super serious every time I met people when I was in my 20s.

    C: You did meet Gegegay, right? (t/n: Tokyo Gegegay is a Japanese dance & music group.)

    I: I did. I might not be able to converse with him if I didn’t come prepared. They’re super nice though. Mr. Mikey’s punch was strong. I was like “so we’re gonna have this kind of conversation on our first meeting.”. But it was really entertaining. He’s actually being considerate of me. Somehow, I’ve had a conversation with Mr. Mikey and Ms. Reol, just the three of us remotely. Mr. Mikey was really considerate during the conversation to make it very enjoyable. I was amazed by it.

    (t/n: Mikey is the leader of Tokyo Gegegay. Reol is a Japanese singer.)

    C: Have you ever met Hirose Alice? (t/n: Hirose Alice is an actress. She’s a big fan of TG.)

    I: Nope. I think it’s better not to meet her. There’s no chance to meet her.

    C: Who’s the person you’re most nervous with when you met them?

    I: It’s hard to tell, but I felt nervous every time I met someone for the first time. Then, the feeling gradually disappeared after I got to know them. That’s not good, isn’t it? But, when I met Togashi sensei, it’s more like a dream. It’s an indescribable feeling when I met him. I was like “This kind of feeling exists.” I was nervous when I met Avu-chan as well. But rather than feeling nervous, since she was very nice, I was able to talk a lot. It was fun.

    *Someone asked if he had meet Masataka Kubota.

    I: I’ve met him.

    C: Do you have a mentor?

    I: Probably Hara sensei. The word ‘mentor’ is hard to describe. But, he’s somewhat a mentor-like presence to me. I don’t know.  

    C: Do you like Yonezu Kenshi?

    I: That’s needless to say. Everyone likes him.

    *Someone asked if he’s met Horikoshi Kohei sensei (BNHA’s author).

    I: Nope. We have the same age.

    C: He drew the draft while lying down, right? (t/n: OP probably talking about Togashi sensei.)

    I: He showed me how he did the draft.

    *Someone asked if he’s met Inoue Takehiko sensei (Slam dunk’s author.)

    I: Nope. If Hara sensei is considered as my mentor, though I can just call him that, Inoue Takehiko sensei would be my mentor uncle.

    C: Was Masataka Kubota good-looking?

    I: He’s super good-looking.

    *Someone asked if he’s met Kotoyama sensei (Dagashikashi’s author).

    I: I’ve never met her.

    *Someone asked if he’s met Araki Hirohiko sensei (Jojo’s author).

    I: Nope. Wait, I did. It was when I was still an assistant. My senior, Matsubara Toshimitsu sensei, who’s writing a manga called Kurogane no Valhallian in Young jump, was like “Araki Hirohiko is here! Let’s meet him for a bit!”, and I agreed to him. Araki sensei is on another level, as expected. He’s super-duper famous, after all. All the assistants were surrounding him, asking him for pictures. When it was our turn, my smile was so stiff when I took a picture with him. I was too nervous. It was a distorted smile. Then, Mr. Matsubara accidentally stepped on Araki sensei’s foot. He’s like “I’m sorry! I accidentally stepped on your foot!” By the way, I went to the new year’s party in my pajama, which had curry on the sleeve and took a picture with Araki sensei. The clothes were shabby. Since Araki sensei was a nice person, He complimented me saying the it was fashionable. I was so thankful. He complimented my pilled and curry stained clothes. I was happy for that. I went there wearing pajama because I didn’t have any other clothes. The clothes were in a white colour. I went there wearing a parker with dull pants. He was really cool. Very young-looking and a wonderful person.

    C: Have you gotten a chance to meet Miura Kentaro sensei (Berserk’s author)?

    I: No, I’d never met him. I liked him a lot. I still like him. I can’t continue talking about him. It’s too sad. I can’t express how I feel other than I’m sad. Death. Regarding this, I wish people wouldn’t pray to the dead souls so casually. I don’t like praying to the dead souls nor do I like people doing that as well.

    C: Have you met Mengo sensei (Scum’s wish’s author) and Aka sensei (Kaguya sama’s author)?

    I: I’ve met Ms. Mengo a long time ago. She’s always present at parties. She’s quite stand out as well. She’s wearing cat ears the first time I met her. It was cute. I think I have met Akasaka sensei.  Probably just introduced myself.  

    C: You’re a mangaka, but have you been surprised by other mangakas’ personalities?

    I: Pretty much. Like their images or...Well, aren’t you like that with everyone? Isn’t it normal to be surprised by their images, physiques, and voices? Since you never imagine about those things.

    C: I want you to meet Isayama sensei.

    I: Isayama sensei’s also the same age as me.

    C: I have met Itagaki Keisuke sensei (Baki’s author)!

    I: So you’ve met him. I see.

    C: Have you met Inagawa Junji (actor & director)?

    I: I want to.

    *Ishida was about to read a comment but stopped.

    I: People will keep asking who I’ve met if I answer this, so I’ll skip it.

    *He still answered the question.

    I: I’ve never met Ryuuichi (illustrator & character designer). He’s gotten married. He looks happy, so it’s all well. Ever since before, I didn’t think he had to be that self-asserting. He didn’t need to tell who he was. It’s already written in his account. I was like “Don’t worry, everyone knows. Everyone sees it.” Well, he looks happy, above all.

    C: I was excited seeing Hara sensei at the Kingdom exhibition.

    I: Oh, he was there.

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  • holycow99
    17.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    石田お寿司 12/9/21 stream translation Part 3

    This is not the full translation of the stream. I only translated the parts I could understand & interpret or parts I found interesting/important. I’m still a beginner in Japanese, so the translations may not be accurate. If you want to repost, please repost at your own risk.


    (t/n: ** means translation may not be accurate.)

    C: Did you become high after finishing the manuscript?

    I: Nope. I was drinking soju just now.

    C: I can’t resist ikemen.

    I: Aren’t all ikemen super good-looking? This might be bias, but I think there are more beautiful women. They’re oozing with feminine beauty, like their skin texture. I think women are more beautiful, and they have high sense of beauty. Aren’t beautiful guys rare? That’s why, you’ll easily get attracted to these people.

    C: I understand what you’re saying. Women are all sexy.

    I: No, you don’t. I never said anything about women being sexy.

    *Someone commented about them getting bored of looking at beautiful men & women after a while.

    I: I don’t think so. I think a beauty will always be a beauty. Handsome guys will also always be handsome as long as they take care of their appearance.

    C: I won’t get tired of looking at beauties, but I won’t even look at uglies.

    I: What a harsh thing to say. You won’t even look at uglies? This might turn into a topic about appearance discrimination. Well, we are not born equal. Humans are living creatures that are greatly influenced by our genetics.

    (t/n: The answer below may be offensive to some people. Please be aware that everyone holds their own beliefs, so please be respectful. Do not throw hates on Ishida Sui you disagree with him. Thank you.)

    C: I want to fight against my genes.

    I: Everyone’s the same. Aren’t we here living for that reason? Fighting against genes and death. We fight against our genes and traumas. We battle against death, though we’ll surely be defeated. Lately, I think women are enemies of men and vice versa. This happens during break up as well, but men and women are battling each other. By that I don’t mean just by clashing head-on. Being together and understanding each other are a battle itself, in my opinion. I just think that men and women are enemies. I don’t mean that we can’t understand each other. Men live to conquer women, after all. That’s why I think we’re battling against our opposite sex. People who wanna be popular are fighting too. The men wanna appeal towards women. Of course, there are battles among men themselves. For women, they’re dealing with all sorts of things, such as protecting themselves from men or put up with the absurdity of men. Men and women are different, so I think we can’t help but to fight against each other. It’s our destiny.

    S******: The progression from Tagame Gengoroh’s topic to this topic is amazing.

    I: That’s right. We started from talking about Tagame Gengoroh to talking about this. We diverted from talking about Tagame Gengoroh, and now we’re talking about how men and women are born to conquer each other. This applies to both non-masculine men and non-feminine women too. It’s about fighting against gender.  

    C: I have a lover, but I don’t remember ever fallen in love. Is it strange?

    I: It’s not strange at all. You might’ve been raised like that. It’ll be tougher for you if you keep on thinking about how strange or weird you are or that you need to fit in with your surroundings. I think it’s better if you can slowly accept yourself.

    C: My ex-girlfriend had an arm fetish.

    I: ‘My girlfriend had a breast fetish. What do you mean? Wait, it’s actually arm fetish! Hahaha! (t/n: Ishida misread the kanji for arm.) It sounds like I’m the one who has breast fetish.

    C: How about a love counselling session with listeners for 30,000 subscribers’ commemoration?

    I: That’s a good idea. It doesn’t have to be about love. I’ll answer questions from subscribers.

    C: How about doing ‘100 questions to Ishida Sushi’?

    I: I see.

    C: On the contrary, don’t you have questions for us?

    I: Are you provoking me to?! I’ll pin this comment, since it’s funny. Let’s expose this comment. What the hell is wrong with you?! I don’t have one! Who cares?! Hahahaha. What a hilarious thing to say. I’m gonna expose you. I’ll let everyone see your comment until the next ridiculous comment appears.

    I: When I was playing Ghosts n’ Goblins, there’s one person who sought my love advice. She’s dating with her childhood friend and they couldn’t converse properly through chat. I told her not to then.  Surprisingly, she’s really asking for advice. It’s actually a real problem. She probably had someone she could talk to. It didn’t have to be me. I found it funny how I answered that question as I liked.

    *Someone suggested to him to ask the fans questions.

    I: Did something good happen to you guys recently?

    C: No.

    C: I cut my hair.

    I: That’s nice.

    People in the comments: No good things happened.

    I: Isn’t this bad?

    C: I went to Disney Land.

    *Ishida reading people’s answers.

    (t/n: It sounded like he’s rapping.)

    I: There’s too much to read. If you ask me questions, it’ll end with me answering them. If I ask you guys, I’ll receive a lot of responses.

    *Continue reading answers.

    I: Isn’t this good? It means you guys have good things happen to you. That’s all for my question.

    C: Do you believe in fortune-telling?

    I: The only things I believe in is Shiitake Uranai. (t/n: Shiitake Uranai is a fortune-telling by Vogue Girls.)

    C: Have you become interested in us?

    I: Well…

    C: This stream won’t end until Ishida Sui sensei ask 100 questions to us.

    I: I see. I can, but I’ll just ask the questions. I don’t have that many questions though.

    C: Are you a virgin?

    I: Yes.

    C: Tell me to go to bed early.

    I: Go and sleep.

    C: Sensei will ask us questions half-heartedly, so it’ll end quick.

    I: That’s right. I’ll only ask questions.

    C: Why is Shiitake Uranai so accurate?

    I: It’s designed to be applicable to anyone as much as possible. And people only look at the part which only applies to them. So, they think it’s accurate.

    I: I totally understand how you guys feel. Everyone must be feeling anxious every day. You’re anxious every day, but if you can find a small happiness in it. And then, everyone, for example, usually likes to hang out and having fun with their friends, but there are times where you wanna be alone. Aren’t you this type of people? Then, you also have dreams you’ve been thinking about for so long, but you can’t tell anyone about it, and you’re not confident whether you’re capable of realising them. You have these kind of worries, but you still pursue them because you think there might be something special out of it.** Aren’t you guys like that? Did I hit the bull’s eye?

    (t/n:**This line may not be accurate.)

    C: Just like you said.

    I: Right? That’s why, people are convinced the fortune-telling is accurate because it predicts things that can be applied to anyone.

    C: You’re wrong.

    I: What a strong statement.

    C: Are there people who aren’t like that?

    I: It’s okay if what I said doesn’t apply to you. In conclusion, fortune-tellers are people who are able to skilfully put together all these ideas.

    C: You completely missed the mark.

    I: Really? Then, you must be gloomy even when you hang out with people, you don’t even have a dream.

    C: I didn’t listen to it all.

    I: Go away! Hahaha. Go listen again.

    C: Before you started streaming, I thought you had a very strict personality.

    I: How should I put it? I think I do have a strict side, but don’t act as if you know me. Hehe. If we talk alone, then you’re probably right. Let’s have a conversation together one day.

    C: Have you written a one-shot before debuting?

    I: I probably had. The TG one I suppose.

    C: A question for foreigners.

    I: Do I have one? What’s your favourite colour?

    C: I’m thinking of sending letters to you.

    I: Send it. I’ll read.

    C: I like Chimpanzee. (t/n: This comment’s in eng.)

    I: I never asked about that.

    *Someone commented about fan letter.

    I: I do receive and read them. I read all the letters.

    C: Have you watched Demon Slayer?

    I: I read until the 7th volume.

    C: Are the letters we sent go to Shueisha?

    I: Yeah. To Shueisha, then they’ll send them to my house if you submit it to Young Jump.

    C: Why you don’t say anything about TG manga or anime?

    I: I have my own reasons.

    C: Do you play social-networking games?

    I: Nope.

    I: Can’t we just have an idle talk? (t/n: He probably said this because there were questions he’s uncomfortable with.) Maybe we’ll stop here. We’ve been chatting for an hour and a half.

    *Someone commented about fan letters.

    I: If you submit your letter to Shueisha’s Young Jump, it may get delivered.

    *Someone commented about Dandadan.

    I: I read the first chapter only. I thought It was good.

    *Someone commented about the time Ishida fought against his fans in Smash Bros and got beaten up.

    I: That was a shock.

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