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  • lok-alta-addict
    22.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    When you realize that Lin,Bumi and Kya had bad childhoods while Suyin and Tenzin had the good ones😭

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  • mashersan
    21.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hi, sensei 🥵

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  • stitch1830
    20.07.2021 - 4 days ago
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  • yourfaveshouldvebeentrans
    20.07.2021 - 4 days ago
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  • avatarfan11
    20.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    Suyin: You need a hobby.

    Lin: I already have a hobby.

    Suyin: *Sigh* Lin sitting on Kya's lap isnt a hobby

    Kya&Lin simultaneously: Who said that!!!

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  • loeysaeri
    20.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    Lin is a ballet dancer looking to chase her dream in become a professional ballerina, something her mother greatly disapproves of. But when she takes the chance of a life time, she's determined to show that she can and will make it to the top.

    Chapters: 1/? Words(so far): 2867 Language: English

    Rating: Teens and up Audiences

    Archive Warning: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Category: F/F

    Fandom: Avatar: The Legend Of Korra

    Relationships: Lin Beifong/Kya II, Lin Beifong/Tenzin

    Characters: Lin Beifong, Kya II, Tenzin, Pema, Bumi II, Toph Beifong, Suyin Beifong

    Additional Tags: Eventual Romance, Angst and Fluff, Family Drama, Drama & Romance

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  • beifongswh0re
    20.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    i need to bash baavira a little because what the fuck was this ship for?

    they could've as well made it so Baatar Jr. was the only one close with Kuvira from Su's kids. He could recognize the fact that the rest of his siblings outcasted Kuvira because she wasn't their biological sister and notice that his parents didn't do shit about it.

    Because of that, he'd leave with Kuvira. He wouldn't want Suyin to leave the Earth Kingdom to itself just like she did with Kuvira but also he wanted to get out of his father's shadow.

    Like right, Su took Kuvira in but this child was traumatized and needed to work through that but Su just let her be and didn't try to help her.

    Now there's kind of a plot hole by the end of book 4 when Kuvira directs the cannon towards Baatar but I have an idea for that as well;

    Baatar could tell her that they came so far, they have they glory and they could be happy because they created their Empire where nobody gets left behind and has a chance to live a good life and they don't need the United Republic for that or something among the lines.

    Kuvira would fire the spirit cannon at Baatar anyways because she got greedy and blinded by the goal and the need to prove to herself that she can put the whole country together.

    After that Su and Baatar would talk at the same moment as in the series but it wouldn't be just Baatar regretting all of this, it could be also Baatar communicating to Su where she fucked up and her recognizing the mistakes she made.

    Maybe if the Kuvira and the mecha suit happened a little bit earlier, there could be quite of a character arc for Suyin where she would work on taking responsibility for her mistakes and fixing them by figuring stuff out not only with Kuvira but also with Lin and giving her a proper apology.

    I feel like something like that would make it more interesting without putting something so goddamn close to incest into the show, plus, Suyin could get character arc that I feel was missing in the show (and maybe in that way I could get to like her character lmao).

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  • twinkle-toph
    20.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    i just wrote a one-shot of sokka helping create a method similar to braille for toph while she was pregnant with Su and hormonal. hehehe

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  • countessceiriosen
    19.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    The Rock I Cling To

    #Suvira#Suyin Beifong#Kuvira #Who is The Rock? Why Dwayne Johnson of course
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  • juliettalfacharlie
    19.07.2021 - 5 days ago
    gaang kids and their favourite people

    izumi absolutely adored mai, and mai her. they weren't inseparable, but mai was the one who could calm her down amidst any circumstance. i imagine izumi actually being a lot like lin, responsible and tame but not without humour. when she visited republic city, she, kya, and lin were always together.

    bumi, of course, had star eyes for sokka. his uncle had a way of casually talking to him about his troubles, and not making a big deal over them. when bumi was upset by one of his family members, sokka explained their intent (and later explained to them why it had hurt him.) sokka was there for him always, and it wasnt possible to put into words how much he meant to bumi.

    kya didnt have a sole favourite person, really. she loved everyone. she had a camaraderie with bumi over their shared experiences with aang. she was most adept at reading and understanding lin. even if they didnt hang out often, the times that they did were always cherished. together, she, bumi, and lin griped about their annoying younger sibling, and that's the most fun they all had.

    tenzin had an immense responsibility as the future-harbinger of the air nation, as his father had been. he greatly looked up to and respected aang, but katara was better at seeing him. sometimes, not often, it felt like aang was blinded by his excitement with another airbender. tenzin's closest friend was always lin. it was originally because of their similarity in age, but as he grew up he drifted from his older siblings. lin was always there, and she understood the immense pressure of having the world's most famous parent. kya and bumi could be cruel whenever he was struggling with that.

    lin had a huge soft spot for kya and thought she was a cool older kid. looking back, it may have been a small crush, but above all it just felt fantastic to be recognized without saying her feelings out loud. kya could see whenever lin was bothered, and usually deduced the cause without any exchange. lin thought it was akin to magic, and joked about kya's waterbending trick of reading her mind. lin found she laughed and smiled the most, by far, with kya, but she felt at ease with tenzin. she could be a heavier authentic version of herself, while with kya she only momentarily forgot her woes. an adult lin looked up to was suki, a strong but always-caring woman who was absolutely badass. lin loved watching her warriors dance and spar. lastly, su was especially important to her, despite her growing shittiness as she aged. they needed one another, because toph had grown reckless with herself and her safety, and clinging to one another was the only comfort they had until she came home.

    su was, in many ways, jealous of lin. she thought lin was the perfect child and worried about toph liking her more. they competed for her attention like it was a sport, and su took great pleasure in mocking lin with toph. su was far more similar to her mother, so they understood one another better than toph and lin, but they also butted heads more frequently. su hated being seen as a child, and envied the trust placed in lin by every adult. still, the first person su went to when she was hurting was lin. the person who knew her most embarrassing secrets, which su volunteered, was lin, and lin was the one who eased her fears. su was far more outgoing than lin, but people underestimated her complexity. she didnt have a beifong-translator like lin did with kya. her jumbled emotions only found an outlet in destruction, be it her own or lin's.

    #why do i just Understand lin #she's easiest by far to write for #my hc's#izumi lok#bumi lok#kya lok#tenzin lok#lin beifong#suyin beifong
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  • thebluespirit83
    19.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    hear me out

    lin beifong = lilith clawthorne

    suyin beifong = eda clawthorne

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  • precious-metal-girl
    18.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    I’m making myself emotional thinking about the happy Beifong family that we could have had.

    Imagine if instead of all that unnecessary drama with Su scarring Lin and them not seeing each other for 30 years, they could have been separated due to pure circumstance. Su wanted to travel the world and start a family, Lin wanted to stay in Republic City and build a career, and so they sort of went their separate ways. They communicate through letters frequently and will see each other every couple years when they can, but they’re both so busy and live so far apart that it’s hard.

    Their reunion in Book 3 is a happy one. Imagine them seeing each other for the first time in several years, their faces lighting up as they call out each other’s names and embrace. Imagine Korra asking who Suyin was and Lin proudly telling her that she was her sister. They slip into an easy conversation, they both inherited their mother’s sense of humour and affinity for good-natured banter.

    I would rework Suyin’s characterization to make her more likeable. The main issue with Suyin is that the severity of her mistakes and less-than-admirable qualities are completely minimized and swept under the rug by the narrative. I would have her be actually called out and humbled for the mistakes she makes. Part of her arc could be learning how to admit when she’s wrong.

    If they still wanted conflict between Lin and Su, I sort of like the idea of her being the Lando Calrissian in this situation. Maybe she had to betray them or only tell them half the truth about something because she had no other choice. Korra notices that there’s something off about the whole situation, but Lin dismisses it because she’s so happy to have her sister back. Then when all gets revealed, Lin is angry, but she knows that Suyin is legitimately sorry because she knows that she would never betray her unless she had no choice. Then when all is said and done Suyin delivers a sincere, genuine, heartfelt apology to Lin and the Krew. She openly admits that she was wrong and humbly asks what she can do to make it up to them. Lin tells her that she understands that she had no choice and sympathizes with her, but she’s still angry that she broke her trust. Suyin accepts this. They do forgive her at the end of the season, but after she’s proven that she’s legitimately sorry. Then in Book 4 we get badass Beifong sisters fighting back to back.

    As for Toph, I really dislike that they made her a negligent mother. I can sort of see where the writers got the idea, but it was not executed well. It could have been such an amazing opportunity to showcase that single motherhood isn’t a bad thing and that kids raised by single mothers can grow up happy and healthy. I like to imagine Toph as a badass single mom of the Joyce Byers variety. She wouldn’t be perfect by any means, but she would give it her all. No, she doesn’t have the most nurturing personality, but I really do think she would love her children and would do anything to make them feel that love.

    This is pretty much what’s canon in my heart.

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  • sokka-beifong
    15.07.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • stitch1830
    14.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #anti lok#lok critical#salty talks#mako#suyin#lin#beifongs#my asks #thanks for the ask! #anon #anti suyin beifong #i suppose lol #I've made her so that I like her and she's much more balanced out lmao #and if i can be self indulgent #she's often a next gen baby for my AUs ope #BUT there's a lot wrong with her character it makes me mad #and it makes me mad that toph would have a kid and raise her so... poorly #not that it's not possible #but like... cmon #there are more intriguing reasons to have a bad child than just blaming it on bad parenting #and if you substitute the bad parenting with good parenting... #I personally think she turns into a much better character #but that's just me sorry for the tag rant
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  • wishingforatypewriter
    14.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Another One

    (More domestic fluff that no one asked for, featuring the Metal Clan and the baavira babies)

    “Wei, that’s my child, not a power disc!” Baatar called after his brother launched their daughter several feet into the air, but the admonishment was drowned out by Avani’s peals of laughter.

    “Uncle Wei, higher!” the five-year-old cheered, prompting Wei to augment the next throw with metalbending. He sent her flying high above the meteorite garden, nearly to the tip of the domes, and Kuvira could almost feel her husband’s blood pressure rising.

    She rested a steadying hand on his arm. “Baatar, he’s not going to drop her,” she said, knowing that he was already well aware of the fact, and that it would do nothing to stop him from fretting over their rambunctious second born.

    Kuvira, for her part, leaned against Baatar’s arm and allowed her eyes to fall closed, confident in Avani’s ability to bend the ground soft in the event of a crash landing. The girl’s penchant for heights and fights meant falling well had been one of her earliest lessons by necessity.

    A faint smile graced her features as she traced the vibrations of their other two children through the estate—Priya twirling about on cables in the dance studio with Su, Tai in the library with Opal, parsing through tomes on Air Nomad history. It was a rare, precious thing, having a few hours go by without one or more of them running to her at top speed, bearing this or needing that. It was nice—not nice enough to make her consider moving back, as Su suggested each and every time they brought the kids to visit—but nice, nonetheless. She let out a little yawn, and nestled herself more snugly into Baatar’s bicep.

    Her husband ran a hand up and down her back. “You’re getting too old for these all-nighters.”

    Kuvira would have rolled her eyes if she had the will to open them. They had taken the express train to Zaofu overnight, and Kuvira spent the whole journey reading through proposed legislation she had to sign off on and slicing moonpeaches for the kids when they woke up wanting snacks. Little more than a decade ago, she’d stayed awake for days on end, leading tireless campaigns through mountains and deserts; now a mere night of paperwork sapped her very will to function.

    “Mistakes were made,” she said, yawning again. Her brow furrowed as her seismic sense tracked their son to Opal’s bison in the hangar. “I think your sister just abducted Tai.”

    “He’s been asking to see Toph for a while now,” he told her. “They’re probably going to get her from the swamp.”

    Kuvira nodded absently, hoping the airbender had the foresight to bring along some mosquito-wasp repellent. “They should get Huan while they’re at it,” she said. “Pri almost burst into tears when your parents told her he wasn’t here.”

    “We have to get up to Agna Qel’a when the art show opens.”

    She made a quiet sound of agreement, trying to sort through the dates in her head, and then started to drift off again.

    “Love, you’re exhausted,” Baatar said. “Just go inside and lie down.”

    Kuvira grimaced at the thought of walking all the way back to the guest house on the other side of the estate. “Too much effort.”

    “Do you want me to carry you?”

    Kuvira made a low, derisive sound. “You haven’t lifted anything in years.”

    “Lifting weights and lifting wives are two separate skill sets,” he said, and then picked her up like they were in their twenties again.

    When Kuvira woke up from her nap, evening had fallen over Zaofu. By the time she made it down to the dining room, Toph had arrived and the whole family was engaged in a heated debate about the culinary value of slimy mushrooms that grew in the swamp. Her stomach gave a little flip at the topic of discussion, but she pushed through it, uttering a short word of greeting before finding her seat next to Baatar.

    “Oh look, her imperial majesty emerges at long last,” Su said in a teasing lilt.

    “Su, leave her alone,” Toph said. “You were just as bad when you were pregnant.”

    Kuvira tensed for a moment as the room grew quiet, but calmed a bit when Baatar’s hand found hers under the table, his thumb running over her knuckles. They hadn’t planned on saying anything until she was further along.

    “Pregnant?” The metal clan matriarch glanced from Kuvira to Toph and back again, and then closed her eyes to focus on the heartbeat of her fourth grandchild, smiling when she found it.

    “Pay up, sis,” Wing said, and Opal grumbled as she drew a few yuan from the pocket of her Air Nation suit.

    “That’s wonderful news,” Baatar Sr. chimed in. “Congratulations to you both.”

    “I wish you’d have said something earlier,” Su told her. “I would have booked you a prenatal acupuncture session the minute you got in.”

    Priya, who had found herself in possession of a circlet that matched her grandmother’s, bounced over to Kuvira's side at once. "Mommy, does this mean I get a little brother or sister to boss around?”

    She smoothed a hand over the child’s hair, finding the contact grounding. “Sweetie, we’ll talk about it later.”

    “Wait, really? No one else could tell?” Toph asked as she took stock of all their reactions. “You all really are a sorry lot of earthbenders.”

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  • whovianinwonderland
    14.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    One of the reasons I so would love to see Korra and Azula interact is how alike they are. There are so many things about Korra, and her upbringing, that Azula would just GET.

    Say what you want about Kuvira being a parallel for Korra, ( which the more i think about the less I truly believe).

    Azula was a prodigy, she had massive expectations placed on her at a young age, she was let loose into the world with really no social skills, even had a mental breakdown.

    Whereas Kuvira is more like a warning, a cautionary tale, a mirror that says had a few things been different this is what you could have been. A message not to go backward.

    Azula shows there's a path forward however.

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  • laviedeviv
    13.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #thank youuu! :) #my headcanons #I really like the idea of their dynamic #kya ii#toph beifong#lin beifong#suyin beifong#kyalin
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  • ilovelin
    13.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #thanks for the ask! #ignore how messy my answer is lmao #btw if u don’t agree just scroll #this isn’t an invite for arguments #I have enough going on in my life than getting in to arguments in tumblr #this is just between mudbend and I and whoever else agrees #i tried so hard to like suyin after this but I can’t #same with old toph #I guess im gonna stick to loving atla toph cos I don’t know who this one is #suyin salt#tlok salt#Lin Beifong#tlok#korra#cheif beifong#beifong#toph
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