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  • babyboygyu
    07.12.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    [8:25] vernon thoughts

    just got so Flustered thinking about vernon because that man is really fine as fuck! like i cannot stop thinking about sucking off big fat cock vernon after hanging out with friends, just something about the way he looks when you come home to him after a mini shopping trip. cute smile on his face while he’s chilling on the couch in sweatpants, legs spread like he’s inviting you in even though he’s just asking you how your day with the girls was. but your horny brain takes over before you can give yourself a second to settle in and now you’re on your knees in front of him just slobbering all over his cock while he squirms underneath you because holy fuck he was not expecting this at all. his moans and grunts sounding more and more desperate as you add in yours hands, your warm mouth adding just the right amount of suction to have his fingers frantically clawing at the couch while he’s mumbling words of encouragement and praise into the air “holy fuck baby feels so good” “you’re so good to me, shit” “love you so much love your mouth” until he’s spurting cum down your throat with his eyes rolling back because wow he really hit the girlfriend lottery

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  • huqi
    07.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    just looked at my drafts..

    #so many nct and svt wips i need to be locked away #rizpost
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  • svtfilms
    07.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    MIDNIGHT TRAIN — scoups social media au

    — a/n: if you're curious as to what jeonghan said he said "i know who this is about" ;) also the first last two ss's r meant to be like that,, the joke is y/n @'d him after he said smth

    # chapter seventeen: he does what now?

    # summary: sometimes taking the train late at night has its perks, like that reoccurring college student who always smiles when they see him.

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    # taglist: (open) @ktzuki @ji-kyu @bbmyungho @serenadesvt @deputyjuyeon @april1538 @fearlesskz @hellok1ttycake @justasoftstan @honeymark @gyubagebin @kimaxx @dnylwoo @introductionvert @hannahdinse8 @amymoonl @ruinmemarklee @dokyeomsy @blaqpinksthetic @teddy-cheol @readers-posts @cheolright @3sriracha @t-toodumbtocare @jeonghaniyyoon @diestheticu @lynniac

    #midnight train#scoups#seventeen#svt #seventeen social media au #seventeen smau#svt smau #svt social media au #scoups imagines #scoups x reader #seventeen imagines #seventeen x reader
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  • wonwoonlight
    07.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
    Minghao – only one bed + "It’s impossible to get rid of me.”
    900~ words – a thousand starlights event

    “You’re a menace, you know that?” Minghao sighs as he scoots himself closer to the wall, pretending like he’s reluctant to share his bed with you as if he doesn’t think about cuddling you to sleep ever since he’s started falling for you.

    “You like me anyway,” you shamelessly grin at the guy, daring him to say otherwise. Minghao can’t even deny your words, because you are aware of his feelings towards you.

    You’re a little too perceptive for your own good, something that Minghao notices since he’s moved in to rent the empty room in your apartment last semester. You probably notice he’s liked you before he even notices himself. So when you confront him about it because of the telltale he doesn’t even realize he’s been doing, he doesn’t see why he should deny it.

    You’ve just coolly said he has the right to like whoever his heart calls to, but you didn’t say anything about whether or not you return his feelings. Minghao doesn’t feel like asking either, because, somehow, you both instead got much closer after that talk.

    Minghao no longer has to pretend like he doesn’t hold a romantic affection towards you, and you’re no longer suspicious if the way he treats you well is because he likes you or because he has ulterior motives.

    “They’ll go back tomorrow, right?” he asks again, putting his arm over his eyes. Gosh, he wish you can’t hear the way his heart is beating like it’s about to jump out of his chest because of your proximity.

    “Yes Hao,” you roll your eyes without taking your eyes off your phone. “I didn’t know they’re gonna stay over too. I thought my sister was going to sleep in her friend’s place, not sleep here with her friend.”

    Minghao shakes his head, still a little baffled by the turn of event. You’ve told him your sister is going to visit because her highschool friend is getting married and it’ll be too far if she goes from her place. This was where you get it wrong, you thought she said she was going to drop by and catch up with you then stay at her friend’s place--not drop by and stay here with her friend.

    Anyhow, turns out her friend also doesn’t live in this part of Seoul and you can’t exactly kick them off when you’ve okay-ed your sister by mistake. So here you are, getting comfortable in Minghao’s queen sized bed though you fully realize the both of you are way too close compared to the size of his bed.

    “Pretty sure I was promised a room for myself as a term for the rent,” he jokingly says, eyeing the way your hair is spread out underneath your head.

    “What, you want me to sleep on the sofa?” you answer after you’re done with your phone, putting it on the bedside table.and then turning to fully face Minghao in front of you with a mock pout. “You’d let me sleep in the cold living room when you bed is big enough for both of us?”

    “Just because I kind of ike you doesn’t mean I’d let you violate my privacy, you brat,” he flicks your forehead playfully, liking the situation a bit too much.

    “Viola--oh God, Xu Minghao, you’re breaking my heart,” you shake your head as you pretend to wipe your nonexistent tear. Minghao watches all this with a fond smile, wondering how on earth did someone as quiet as him end up falling for someone like you. “Is this how you treat someone you kind of like?”

    Minghao holds back a chuckle from your blunt words, amazed by how different you are to the people he’s usually attracted to. His past interests have always been more on the quiet side, if he’s being honest, so it’s a breath of fresh air to be falling for someone as cheery and as loud as you are.

    “None of your business,” he answers as he turns around to face the wall, hiding the fact that he’s grinning to himself. “Go to sleep. You’re so noisy.”

    “How is it none of my business if you literally like me?” you scoot closer to annoy him, shaking him from behind. “I’m not shutting up until you tell me.”

    “I don’t like you anymore.”

    “Noooooo,” you shake him harder, telling him you don’t believe him even a bit. “You can’t move on that quick. It’s impossible to get rid of me.”

    Minghao finally lets out a laugh at this, and when he turns again to look at you, you’re both stunned in silence by how close the two of you are. He didn’t realize how much you scooted closer, but he quickly pulls back when his nose touch yours because of the sudden proximity.

    You seem to be frozen, and it’s probably one of the few times Minghao has ever witnessed you being speechless. He can see the tip of your ears getting red too, and when you notice he’s about to tease you, it’s your turn to turn around before he can bother you more.

    His soft laughter fills the room once you turn your back to him, and you wonder if you’re imagining the way his warmth feels so close against your back.

    “Don’t worry,” he whispers, making chills run through your arms. “I’ve never treated anyone the way I treat you.”

    ©wonwoonlight – all rights reserved.

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  • minghao3o
    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    being forced to share a bed with mingyu !

    pairing: non-idol au! kim mingyu x reader

    genre: fluff

    a/n: adjakdksa sorry it's dumb, but this was stuck in my head

    "are you kidding me?" you groan, struggling to carry your luggage up the stairs, "first i have to room with you, and now the elevator is broken."

    "trust me, i'm not happy with this either." mingyu turns to look at you, "just give it to me."

    he extends his hand out, signaling you to hand your bags to him

    and you shoot him a look,,like,,really?? you're gonna help ME??

    "don't be flattered, i just want to get into the room and finally rest."

    your team was traveling to another city for a taekwondo tournament and needed to take a rest stop at a motel for the night

    your teammates quickly partnered off and left you with mingyu (whom you absolutely could not stand to be around)

    "of course..."

    you throw your hands up in defeat as you push the motel door open and see only a single bed.

    "i don't have the energy to argue right now, y/n. we both know i need the rest more than you."

    "excuse me? you're the one who offered to carry the bags."

    "and i'm the one who's set to win the tournament tomorrow, so i should get the bed."

    "i need to shower," you sigh, reaching for your bag, "but this conversation isn't over, mingyu."

    kicking off his shoes, he throws his body on the bed as he waits for his turn

    you walk out of the bathroom to see him sprawled out, ready to fall asleep

    huffing, you lay on the bed as well, spreading your limbs out as much as possible in attempt to push him off

    "i'm not just letting you have it." you frown

    "fine, then we can share." he says, looking you in the eyes and smirking

    you narrowed your eyes, knowing he was just trying to get you to back down

    too prideful to admit defeat, you double down, adjusting your body so that you laid in a comfortable position

    waiting for a couple minutes, mingyu realized you wouldn't budge

    at this point, it was already late and he had to start going to bed soon

    "stay on your side." he warns, grabbing a pillow and creating a barricade between you two before running off to ready for bed

    when he comes back he notices that you had grabbed the pillows and made a bed for him on the floor

    "no way." he shakes his head, "move over."

    he lays back in the bed, shouldering you to the side.

    "it's your long ass legs that are in the way!" you complain

    "you're just jealous."

    "of you? pffft."

    "you know what???" he sighs, finally fed up with the pointless arguing

    he pulls you close to him and your heart starts beating out of your chest

    “there. now we both can fit.”

    he tries to keep a straight expression but you can feel his racing heartbeat pressed up against your chest

    turning to hide your blush, you mumble "you better not snore."

    taglist: @aquanova99 @blaqpinksthetic

    #mingyu fluff #seventeen x reader #seventeen imagines #mingyu x reader #kim mingyu x reader #kim mingyu#mingyu #kim mingyu fluff #kim mingyu imagine #kim mingyu seventeen #seventeen fluff#seventeen scenarios#svt imagines #svt x reader #svt scenarios#svt fluff#svt fanfic#svt mingyu #mingyu x you #mingyu scenarios#mingyu seventeen#mingyu svt
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  • musictalkpost
    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Fellow carats, Seventeen has been named the first-ever K-pop act for MTV PUSH! The monthly program that includes exclusive performances and content all month kicks off later this month and is a major move to indicate a larger mainstream crossover.

    I’m so proud of svt for continuously working hard even when reaching great success they keep wanting to better themselves and give carats their bests and never disappoint. When looking back at their US interviews Joshua would always say he would want to be recognized in the US music industry reach billboard 100, perform/win BBMA etc. and I can see that happening for them he will soon get to stand on the stages he dreamt to perform whit his group and achieve everything he wanted for svt and more.

    SEVENTEEN are in a article whit Forbes magazine.

    My fave part of the article:

    Despite reigning as one of the top K-pop acts in the world at the moment, Seventeen remain focused on pushing themselves towards bigger opportunities. Just last month, Seventeen member Vernon shared with me in an interview how the group is “still hungry” and that they “hope to go up and up even more.”

    SEVENTEEN world domination 🌎

    Check the article out about svt on mtv push! 💎


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  • xuseokgyu
    06.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #ask#anon #svt secret santa #long post #(?) #hehe sorry
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    06.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
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  • candiedmingyu
    06.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    the day i stop talking abt joshies tits is the day hell freezes over

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  • multi-kpop-fanfics
    06.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Cherry Lips

    pairing: boyfriend!S.Coups x fem!reader

    genre: fluff, crack, established relationship!AU, domestic!AU

    warnings: mentions of food and alcohol, cheesy lines, Seungcheol wants to be a dad, he is a sweetheart :(

    Summary: You're beyond nervous for the first official family meeting with your boyfriend. But he makes sure to dissipate your nervousness.

    Author’s note: Might as well turn my blog in a SVT writing blog at this point sakjhdskjf - anyways, enjoy this tooth-rotting fic :”)

    Taglist: @delicatewerewolfsoul @aliceu @nuoyi-city @intokook @haruphoria @johnnys-sunflower @blonghoonie @hyuckefi @deobis-moon @newkyus-void @fairyjunn @aluxuriousjourney @yourlocalhotgf @asphyxiatedyuto @bluejaem @sleepylixie @crispy-chan @t-toodumbtocare @iwillgiveyoumyhappiness @jensrose @koishua @shrutiajit @heresyourramen


    To say you were nervous for today’s family meeting would be a total understatement. 

    You were pacing in the bedroom, your closet wide open as you were still in your sweats, contemplating on what you should wear. A dress? Nah, too formal. Maybe a pair of jeans and a hoodie? Nope, too casual. Ugh, what to do, what to do....

    “A penny for your thoughts?”

    You’re snapped out of your thoughts by Seungcheol’s voice, who’s currently drying his hair with a towel. “Nothing, I just don’t know what to wear, that’s all”, you huff in defeat. “I think that you’ll look great even in a trash bag, baby”, he smiles and presses a kiss on your cheek. “Thanks, but you’re not actually helping me, Cheol”, you whine half-heartedly. “Okay, okay, for real now - why don’t you wear the turtleneck we bought together, you know, the purple one?”, he suggests and a couple seconds in silence pass. 

    A light bulb lights up in your head and you pull out said turtleneck, along with a pair of black chino pants and a pair of black combat boots. “How do these look?”, you hold them in front of you with a worried expression. “A wonderful combo me thinks”, he giggles and you break into a huge grin, as you scramble to get dressed. 

    “C’mon, we’re gonna be late, Cheol!”, you chastise him and he stands baffled, raising his arms in question. “Well don’t just stand there, get dressed!”, you shoo him. “You’re lucky I love you, Y/N”, he chuckles and opens his closet, rummaging through his clothes.

    Twenty minutes later, the both of you are fully dressed and locking the door of your house, getting into Seungcheol’s car, holding the bouquet of flowers and the red wine bottle in your arms carefully. He turns on the engine, smiling at you softly before taking off.

    The ride passes in a silent blur, save for the occasional humming coming from Seungcheol all while the music was playing through the radio. You nearly forget to get out of the car and you only realize it when he opens the door for you, stretching his hand to give him the presents for your family. You exhale shakily as your eyes fall on the exterior of your parents’ house, still worried about the dinner.

    “Stop worrying, they won’t eat you”, Seungcheol whispers in your ear, trying to calm you down. “I know, I just...I hope they won’t bombard you with questions and stuff”, you mumble. “All the better then. Might as well boast about how much I love my pretty girlfriend”, he replies cheekily and you smack his arm playfully. “Come on, we have a family dinner to attend”, he nods to the doorbell and you take a deep breath, pressing it with your finger.

    The door opens, revealing your sister, holding a glass of wine. “Y/N!”, she squeals happily, pulling you in a tight hug. “Awww, I’ve missed you so much!”, “I’ve missed you too, sis”, you smile back. “Aaand you must be Seungcheol!”, your sister points at your boyfriend and he flashes his charming smile. “Yes, it’s me, in all of my glory. You’re Y/N’s sister, right?”, he asks rhetorically and she nods fervently. “Where is Mom?”, you ask, while taking off your coat. “Holed up in the kitchen, per usual”, your sister rolls her eyes. “She could use your hand”, she whispers and runs off to start setting the table. 

    “Dear God, it’s already a mess. I’m sorry, baby”, you whine. “It’s totally fine, sweetie, I already like the atmosphere”, he nods, “Shall we go to the kitchen? I really want to meet your Mom. Not to mention the food has broken my nose already and I’m starving”, he comments and ushers you towards the kitchen. Your heart is doing backflips at Seungcheol’s eagerness to meet your family and your hopes are definitely getting up as time passes by.

    As soon as you enter the kitchen, the familiar smell of your mother’s cooking hits your nostrils and the childhood memories instantly flood your mind. You spot your mom above the stove, as she stirs the spaghetti in the pot, checking the oven in the meantime.

    “Hey Mom”.

    She turns around and a huge smile spreads on her lips, immediately coming you hug you even tighter than your sister did. “My love, I’ve missed you so much”, she smothers you in kisses. “Mooooom”, you whine, “Aw, shush, I’m allowed to do that!”, she laughs teasingly. “And who is this dashing, young man?”, she asks, shifting her attention to Seungcheol. “Hello, my name is Choi Seungcheol, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Oh! And these are for you”, he adds, handing over the flowers and the wine. 

    “My my, these smell wonderful!”, she takes a whiff from the flowers, “Y/N, honey, can you put these in a vase?”, “Right away, Mom”, you playfully roll your eyes. “Red wine, I see... You have taste, young man”, she applauds Seungcheol’s choice and he breaks into a grin. “Thank you, I really appreciate it”, “My husband will appreciate it even more, I can assure you about that”, she chuckles. “Is there anything I can do to help?”, he rubs his hands. “You will not lift a finger today, because you’re our guest and guests should never do work”, your mother states. 

    Seungcheol’s eyes widen at your mother’s words and he turns around to face you, mouthing ‘Told you so’, at him. “Can I at least keep company to the beautiful ladies?”, he comments. “That you can do”, she agrees. “Flowers are done, anything else?”, “Can you make the sauce for the carbonara, sweetie? I gotta check on the table setting, I trust nobody here”, and she goes over to the table, leaving the two of you alone.

    “Don’t mind her, she’s a perfectionist at heart, especially when she has guests”, you rub Seungcheol’s arm. “Well, I think that your mother is a wonderful woman, hence why she created you in the first place”, “Ewww, you’re so cheesy”, you groan and turn your back to him, taking out the ingredients for the carbonara sauce. You pour the cream in the pot and start chopping up the bacon and mushrooms, all while the cream starts shimmering in the bottom of the pot. You season it with some pepper and carefully add the chopped mushrooms and bacon.

    As you slowly mix the carbonara sauce in the pot, Seungcheol wraps his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder. “Cheol! This isn’t our house!”, you chastise him as you squirm in his hold. “I don’t think we’re doing something illegal”, he pouts. “No, but if anyone catches us, they won’t let it die down”, you roll your eyes, already picturing your siblings teasing the hell out of you.

    “What is going on here?!”, you hear a familiar, rumbling voice behind you and the both of you freeze in your spot. 

    You turn around to see your dad in all of his glory, arms crossed in front of his chest, squinting his eyes at you, with a focus on your boyfriend. “Um, uh, h-hi Dad!”, you greet him with a nervous smile, “I was just helping Mom with cooking and-”

    And your dad laughs wholeheartedly. In your face. And you’re still frozen in your spot, Seungcheol right beside you. “Baby, what’s going on?”, he whispers in your ear, visibly lost. “You always fall for that, huh? Come on, I’m not going to eat you!”, he chuckles and ruffles your hair lovingly. “Nice way to greet your daughter”, you pout slightly. “Stop sulking and introduce me to the young man here”, he points to Seungcheol and the latter is visibly startled.

    “Uh, h-hello, sir, I’m Seungcheol, Y/N’s-”, “Yes, yes, you’re sweet bean’s boyfriend, I figured that out when you were cuddling like lovebirds”, he comments. “Daaaad”, you whine in embarrasment. 

    “I leave for five minutes and you’re creating chaos, Jesus! Just- leave, leave, you’re just fussing around!”, your mom comes back into the kitchen, in a frenzy due to the food being nearly ready. All of you disperse from the kitchen and sit on the table, Seungcheol right next to you, across from your dad.

    “So...what is your occupation, Seungcheol?”, your dad asks out of curiosity. “Really now?”, you roll your eyes. “No worries, love, it’s completely fine”, Seungcheol reassures you with a smile. “I’m a kindergarten teacher”, he replies, a proud smile on his face. “Awww, that’s so cute! You see kids every day!”, your sister squeals in excitement. “I most certainly do, and they are very much adorable and cute. Sometimes noisy, but oh well, they’re kids, after all”, he chuckles. “For you to have such a job must mean you’re a very responsible man... I like that”, your dad shakes his head in approval.

    “Did I hear something about kids or my ears are kidding me?”, you mom arrives on the table, holding a big plate full of carbonara on one arm and a big, freshly baked and homemade pizza on the other. “Yes, Cheol was just talking about his job as a kindergarten teacher”, you state, while helping her to place the food carefully on the table. 

    “Oh my, then you must really adore kids!”, she exclaims in excitement. “That I do”, he admits. “Seriously, every time he sees a kid whenever we walk on the street he just burst into heart eyes”, you joke and you see a red tint cover your boyfriend’s ears, giggling at his endearing reaction and leaning onto his shoulder.

    “I mean... you guys could always have your own kids! I would be a very cool aunt”, your sister winks knowingly towards the two of you and you feel your cheeks heat up, wishing the ground would split and swallow you whole. “And I’d be an even lovelier grandmother! Right, sweetie?”, she looks at you fondly. “Um, y-yeah, but it’s a bit early for t-this, isn’t it, Cheol?”, you nudge him to assist you. 

    “It is, but I always wanted my own kids. Especially with the person I love the most”, he smirks towards you and you swear you’re torn between slapping him across the face and kissing the living daylights out of him. “I hate you”, you mumble and turn away your face from him, making everyone on the table laugh.

    After an empty wine bottle, disappeared food and hours of talking with your family, you’re lazily stroking Cheol’s arm, as you lay in his arms on the couch, your gaze fixated on the lit fireplace, watching the sparks dance above the burning logs of wood. 

    “You’re extra clingy today, baby”, Seungcheol breaks the silence. “Do you hate it?”, you ask him with a slightly teasing tone. “Not at all...I was just curious”, he trails off. “To cure your curiosity”, you sit up, facing him, “I’m just happy to have you, Cheollie”, you smile at him. “Thank you for making this evening amazing. For me and my family, too”.

    Seungcheol can’t help but lean in and press a kiss on your lips, his own, cherry colored ones breaking into his signature gummy smile, the one that makes your heart do flip flops.

    “I’m pretty sure it’s going to be my family too sooner than you think, baby”.

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  • milfminghao
    06.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #this is a really convoluted way of saying i dont know any svt blogs zjzbsjzbjsbzjsnsjznsjsn #if anyone has anyone to add feel free to do so!!!
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  • floatingreader
    06.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    my muse

    pairing: sub!minghao x dom!gn!reader

    contains: brush used as a sex toy, bondage, roleplay kinda, sadomasochism, temperature play

    a/n: how unoriginal can a person get?

    yet another moan slipped past minghao’s lips as you let the tip of the painting brush dance around his nipple.

    “baby, can you please be quiet? i’m trying to concentrate,” you huff.

    “i’m s-sorry,” he stutters, barely able to think straight and give you the answer you expect of him.

    having seen minghao be so passionate about painting made you envious of his talent, so you decided to start practicing… on his body.

    his wrists were bound to the headboard and you were sitting on his thighs, letting the soft brush graze along his now hard nipples. his cock was hard against his stomach and had yet to be touched, a droplet of precum on the tip.

    your boyfriend knew you liked playing games and he did too but this was basically torture. you had been stroking along his nipples with that brush for the past 20 minutes, acting like you were actually painting him.

    when you first proposed the idea, minghao was instantly turned on but right now, it felt like he was about to go insane and didn’t have it in him to play along anymore.

    “please, please y/n. please touch me,” he pants, his eyes imploring you to pay attention to the area where he needs you the most, while trying to lift his hips off the bed but was ultimately hindered by your weight on his thighs.

    “but i am touching you babe,” you reply with a puzzling look on your face, relishing at how easy it was to make him break character and beg. you liked acting clueless and teasing the shit out of him and you knew he did too, otherwise he would’ve used his safe word a long time ago. he liked being helpless to your cluelessness, he liked being forced to stay still and take whatever you were in the mood for, knowing that no matter how much he begged for it, you’d only show him mercy if the idea amused you enough.

    you peck his lips to calm him down and he roughly leans into your kiss, his tongue grazing your lips in hopes that you’d deepen it but you don’t, instead you pull away with an offended look on your face.

    “oh come on babe, be patient, i’ve barely started painting you!” you remind him, exasperated.

    you refuse to drop the act and he wants to be angry, he really does but he can’t find it in himself and throws his head back in defeat, ultimately showing off his tempting neck which looked like an actual art piece with its fading lovebites. you’d never admit it out loud but his defeated look made your attitude falter a bit.

    “i should probably start painting the lower half of the canvas,” you notify but minghao is so busy pushing his chest against your brush that he doesn’t even bother deciphering what you just said. it’s when you let the brush travel down his body that his head shoots up to look at where the brush is going and then look at your eyes to search for any sign of sincerity but when the brush slides down just for it to draw patterns right next his cock without actually touching it, a loud whine rips through his throat as he pulls on his restraints, probably making bruises you’ll have to attend to later on.

    “it’s not enough,” he sobs, tears flooding his eyes as his voice cracks.

    “not enough paint? oh damn, you’re right. don’t move,” you announce, before getting off the bed and leaving minghao who was beyond fucked out to even question you, a frustrated whimper caused by lack of your touch escaping his throat.

    you come back to the bedroom with a cup of water that had too many ice cubes to be consumed with the paintbrush in it then put the cup down on the nightstand and resume your place.

    “y-you wouldn’t,” he whispers, knowing what’s about to come.

    “of course i’d want to properly finish my painting, don’t be silly,” you chuckle while picking up the now wet and ice cold paint brush and firmly brush it along his cock.

    “Y/N!” he screams, his hips lifting off the bed with such force you thought were going to fall off the bed.

    pants, gasps, moans, whimpers and the whining of your name repeatedly fall from lips as you continue to brush up and down his cock, regularly dipping the brush back into the cup to keep it as cold as possible.

    he sounded heavenly to say the least and looked the part too, eyes screwed shut, head thrown back and hands forming tight fists, holding onto his restraints for dear life. there was no way he’d last any longer in the state he was in right now so to give him that extra push, you start circling the brush around the tip of his flushed cock.

    “i’m- ah fuck! fuck! i’m close!” he quickly warns and before you have the time to make a witty comment, cum spurts out of his pretty cock as it convulses and twitches.

    it takes a minute for him to finally come down but when he does, he looks at you with a ditzy smile on his face, his brains rendered to mush thanks to your honest efforts.

    “that was ‘mazing. thanks,” he sighs contently.

    “of course baby,” you whisper back, leaning down to kiss his forehead.

    you remove his restraints and go to the bathroom to get a warm cloth to clean him up but by the time you’re back, he’s completely knocked out. cute.

    #sub!minghao #sub!seventeen #sub!svt #sub!idol #dom!reader #minghao smut #minghao x reader
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    S.Coups in '2021 Holiday Collection Photo Shoot BEHIND'

    #seventeen#svt#seventeen gifs#svt gifs#scoups#seungcheol #vernon better watch out bc i think scoups is coming for my bias spot
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    Whipped Cream (M)

    ◟* ♡︎ .. pairing — jeonghan x f!reader ◟* ♡︎ .. genre — smut (with a dash of fluff) ◟* ♡︎ .. word count — 2.7k ◟* ♡︎ .. warnings — explicit smut, food play, dirty talk, handjob, established relationship, clit play, oral sex (f receiving) etc. ◟* ♡︎ .. summary — you discovered jeonghan’s kinky side.

    You were quickly cut off from your trail of thoughts by the loud beeping sound from the microwave, causing you to jolt a little before you opened the tiny, tinted door above the stove and took the mug of hot cocoa out. You took a small sip, sighing as the hot liquid calmed you down before padding towards the fridge and grabbing one of the many cans of whipped cream, carrying it with you to the living room table. Setting both the can and your mug down, you mindlessly reached for a banana in the fruit basket in front of you. Your mind clouded with thoughts once again before you listened as Jeonghan’s footsteps slowly approached you.

    Your breath hitched and your heart almost leaped out of your throat as you took in his naked chest, the dark trail of hair you loved oh so much disappearing into the material of his grey underwear. “Hey baby,” he cooed in a perky tone, grinning widely at you as he opened the fridge and poked his head in.

    You let out a small gasp, one you hadn’t even realized you were holding and were finally free to breathe again when his almost naked form had vanished from your line of sight. “Hi, how’s practice going?” you questioned, taking a bite out of your banana that you forgot you had.

    “Great,” he returned cheekily, closing the fridge as you noticed the slice of leftover red-velvet cake that Mingyu had made, sitting on the white saucer. “I think I got the choreographies down— do you mind if I have this?” he asked nonchalantly, not even recognizing the effect of him just standing there, all hot, sexy and shirtless did to you. 

    Involuntarily sucking on the tip of the banana you had in your hand, you slowly nodded your head, clearly not realizing that you were practically drooling at the sight of him until he smirked, and looked down at his barely there attire, then back up at your face.

    “Y/N,” he called softly as he pulled you out from your daydream. “My face is up here, you know.” 

    You slightly blushed, shaking the sinful thoughts from your head before deciding to see if you could make them a reality as you gently stood up, the chair you were sitting on screeching against the wooden floor in the process.

    “I kinda hate it when you shut me out, baby,” you cooed, walking towards him and dropping your banana on the solid surface.

    “You know I don’t mean to Y/N, I just get so busy—“ he started, his face falling before he could let you finish but you merely pushed a finger to his soft lips, silencing him. You did not want him to feel bad about it. That wasn’t your plan.

    “You didn’t let me finish,” you replied, letting your manicured finger trail down his loose pink lips, down to his chiselled jaw and over his abs, before finally ending up somewhere over his pubic bone. “I kinda like it.” You whispered, your teeth lightly grazing his earlobe as he shivered and his fists tensed. Tearing your eyes away from his toned body, you looked back up at his confused face and went on before he could even ask, “Only because I know you will find some way to make it up to me.”

    “Oh, really?” he smirked, his arched eyebrow showing that he was now genuinely interested. “How come you can’t come up with something?” 

    You let your lips slip into a smirk identical to the one etched on his face, before taking the small plate of cake and pushing it against his bare chest. Jeonghan let out a gasp as he gaped at you, clearly surprised by your actions. “Y/N,” he whined, not in the mood to stop your little conversation to wash the mess off but then again – that wasn’t your plan either. 

    Letting the plate drop between you, you bit your bottom lip as you got your hands dirty with the cake, smearing the thick icing over his abs and down the trail leading to his boxers before his expression suddenly changed into a similar one that your own face had been holding.

    “Shower?” he questioned as he bit his lip, trying his hardest to hide his excitement. 

    You giggled lightly, offering him a shake of your head before looking down at the mess you had made. “Hm, I’d better clean this up first, don’t you think baby?” you smirked, looking back up at him to see him with his eyebrows furrowed, staring at you with a confused facial expression.

    “What do you mean?” he posed, not knowing what was going on until he watched your tongue trail across the edge of your top lip. With a slow nod of his head, his expression went blank. “O..oh.”

    Without another word, you traded places and pushed him down on the table with physical force, causing him to literally knock everything off of it, including the fruit basket, the can of whipped cream and of course, the mug of hot chocolate which broke into small pieces once it hit the ground. The sound only heightened your senses, so you chose to ignore it as you climbed onto the dining room table with him to straddle his waist. You met his gaze again, his eyes were wide, curious and full of pure lust.

    Lowering your lips to his chest, you lazily let your tongue drag along the skin, slowly tasting the delicious cream cheese that was now starting to warm up. He let out a small exhale of pleasure as you felt his muscles constricting under your tongue, before your lips came to his hip and roughly sucked on the skin, causing him to let out a light grunt.

    “You’re crazy,” he sighed as you smirked, continuing up and down his body until there was barely any frosting left on his chest, only a bit peeping over the top of his boxers. “Fuck, you drive me crazy.”

    You offered him a small hum as you used your teeth to pull his underwear down slowly and teasingly, causing him to groan and tangle his fingers into your hair as he let out one of those beautiful, and sweet moans of his. His cock sprang free, straining against your jaw as you resumed to lap up all the icing you could, not stopping until there was absolutely nothing left in the spot.

    He moaned as you placed one last kiss on his abdomen, so dangerously close to the spot he needed you the most before you gently wrapped your fist around his shaft, running your thumb along the tip and gathering the pre cum dripping there. “Y/N,” he trailed off, his breath hitching a little. “Fuck.”  

    “You’re so hard for me already,” you smirked as you began stroking his cock faster, tightening your grip only slightly. “Does it feel good, Hannie?” you asked before your stroking picked up in speed, watching his expression as he tried to keep it together.

    “Shit— yes,” he replied, licking his lips as his breathing became labored and his grip on your hair got tighter. “It feels so good, baby.” He added through gritted teeth, pressing his lips into a firm line as he tried his best to stay quiet, but whimpers and moans were escaping his throat.

    You smirked a little as his hips began lifting with your movements, slowly fucking your fist.

    “Fuck, that’s it baby,” he breathed, bringing one hand down to cover yours as he helped you move quicker against him before allowing a loud moan to escape his mouth, making you clench your thighs together as his sounds made you so much wetter than you already were. “You look so pretty like this.” He whimpered, reaching down with his free hand to softly caress your cheek as your eyes met. You finally sat up, smirking seductively at him as you studied his face. His mouth was left hanging open, his breathing heavier than usual and his hand still attached to the back of your neck as you looked up at him with frosting all over chin and around your mouth.

    “You look pretty like this,” you smirked. “My baby boy.”

    All of a sudden, he pulled up you to him before pressing his lips to the underside of your jaw. He carefully flipped you over as he kissed and sucked at the icing on your chin before letting his tongue trail to your neck and running it along your lips. You instinctively opened your mouth as soon as he flipped you over, wanting nothing more than to feel his lips on yours but he merely took your bottom lip in his mouth, sucking on it and lightly biting it for a while as you moaned into his mouth.

    With tired, hooded eyelids, he stared straight into your eyes, letting you see the look of hunger and darkness that was lingering in his brown orbs. You smiled, thinking he finally was going to kiss you when he leaned in, but instead Jeonghan leaned up at the last second to lick the tiny bit of icing from your nose before pulling away and climbing off of the table, completely naked.

    “Hey, where’re you going?” you asked, sitting up on your elbows and wondering what on earth he was up to.

    He only offered you a smile before grabbing the can of whipped cream as he avoided stepping in the puddle of cocoa.  

    You returned his smile, laying back as he climbed back on top of you and braced yourself for whatever he was going to do. He lightly set the can down on the table you were laying on before trailing his fingers down the buttons in the middle of the plaid shirt you were wearing, that belonged to him. You gasped as he roughly ripped it down the middle, literally sending buttons flying everywhere. “Really?” you asked, shaking your head at him as you tried to hide your smile. “You couldn’t have unbuttoned it rationally?”

    He smiled, noticing your absence of underwear seeing as you’d just come out the shower. “You know you like it,” he mused, immediately reaching out for the can and holding the nozzle just above one of your nipples.

    You licked your lips in anticipation as he pressed down, spraying a line of whipped cream leading everywhere and quickly throwing the can over his shoulders. He hunched back over you, grabbing both of your breasts and groping them fiercely before adding his mouth and closing it around your left nipple as you breathlessly moaned.

    “That’s my girl.” He grunted, “Say my name.”

    You fisted your hands into his hair, arching your back as he ran his wet tongue over the sensitive skin to lick the line he had set. “J..Jeonghan,” you moaned.

    When he finished sucking the cream clean from your upper body, he instantly copied your earlier actions, letting his powerful tongue trail from your abdomen to your belly button to where you most needed him as you felt your stomach muscles involuntarily tightening around his wet tongue digging at your skin. You felt his hand, his tongue, his fingers, his thumb pushing at your clit which sent countless thrills and shivers up your body and that’s when you realized you couldn’t take it anymore. “Jeonghan, fuck me now,” you ordered as you spread your legs a little more so he could do what you both needed. “I need you.”

    You didn’t even have to tell him twice as he pulled you up, pulling you roughly off of the table so that you were standing in front of him. “Nah baby, I’m doing this my way.” He growled huskily, offering you a playful smirk.

    Turning you around so that you were facing the table, he took his hand that had been on the back of your head and pushed you down before bending you over the table. You gasped when you felt the tip of his dick at your behind, just before he spanked you harshly, causing you to let out a loud moan, your pussy clenching at his strength. “Oh my god,” you moaned, “Jeonghan, please.”

    “Shut up,” he demanded as you shivered under his fingertips. “Don’t you dare make a sound.” His roughness only caused you to moan again, this time even louder with your next exhale and of course you didn’t mean to, but you still earned another hard slap on your ass.

    “Such a bad girl…” he hummed, grinding his hips into you as he smoothed his hand over where he’d slapped, soothing the burn. “…enjoying being punished.” He added, his voice rough and husky. You bit back another moan, loving when he took control – but hell, you also loved it when he begged. “Fuck, I love your ass, baby,” he spoke in a low, sexy voice full huskiness and lust, gripping your burning cheek gently before shaking it and spanking it once more, watching it move. “I wanna watch you take my hard dick.”

    You whimpered at his words, trying your best not to moan as he smirked. “You like that baby girl? Want me to fuck you, hmm?” he asked, roughly gripping your hair and tilting your face so you could look at him. “You’re so fucking hot.”

    You merely nodded and stayed silent before he suddenly plunged into you mercilessly as you harshly bit your lip, trying to muffle your whimpers and staying quiet.

    “Fuck,” he cursed as he stretched you, sinking in to the hilt and gripping your ass which was still stinging. “You feel so good— fuck, baby.” He heavily grunted, drilling you into the table with his animalistic growls. “You’re going to be the death of me, Y/N.”

    You let out a tiny whimper as the mind numbing orgasm began to build in the pit of your stomach before he fisted your messy hair, roughly pulling it and forcing you to look into his eyes as he fucked you senseless.

    You let out a whiny, drawn-out moan, thinking that he didn’t care about you making any sounds anymore, but you were dead wrong as your mouth met with his heavy hand, shutting it.

    “Didn’t I tell you to not make noises?” he breathed, slowing his hips and grinding against you before slapping your ass one more time. You bit back a whimper once his fingers came into contact with your wet clit, rubbing fast and rough circles around the sensitive bundle of nerves, literally testing you as you opened your mouth in a silent scream, covered by his hand when you felt yourself tighten around him. “That’s my girl… So good for me.” He praised. His thrusts increased in speed, his thick fingers still rubbing your clit as you rocked back and forth against the table. “Y/N,” he loudly moaned before spilling everything he had inside of you. “Fuuuuck.”

    He continued to ride out his orgasm before finally pulling out of you and turning you around.

    Plopping you back down on the table, he pushed his fingers against your lips as he waited for you to suck your own juices off of them. You grabbed his hand, parting your smooth lips and flicked your tongue along the underside of his index finger before letting it circle around his other fingers, sealing your mouth around them.

    He grasped your hips, his fingertips digging into the skin before he pulled his fingers from your mouth and finally replaced them with his own mouth as you smiled, gladly accepting the loving kiss before coiling your arms around his neck.

    “I think I’ve found your kink,” you said with a giggle once he pulled away. “I can’t remember the last time you were so rough.”

    He offered you a small chuckle before blushing a little. “Was I too rough, baby?” He asked in a slightly panicked tone, his soft personality returning as his dominating one disappeared.  

    “Yeah,” you replied, staring into his mesmerizing brown orbs as his face fell a little. “But I loved it.” You added, causing his features to soften as he smiled widely at your response. “And I love you.”

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