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  • neuromancey
    29.11.2021 - 7 hours ago

    So does anyone relate to the bad batch simply because they are neurodivergent or is it just me?

    Gonna start calling neurotypicals regs now bye.

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  • teenagetyphoonfart
    29.11.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I need some assistance. Forever ago I read this fanfic about Tech. I want to find it but I don't remember the name of it or what tumblr account wrote it. What happens is that Tech gets turned on by the reader being smart. They are repairing something on the ship and Tech wants the reader to explain what they're doing as they fix it. Tech has secretly had a crush on the reader and doesn't do anything bc he's shy. Nothing smuty happens he just goes to his room to relieve himself.

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  • gryffindor-jedi
    28.11.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Echo loves reading reg manuals, even when the regulations don't apply anymore, because it reminds him of his squad and of Fives

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  • xoxo-40782
    28.11.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I added another chapter to my previous bad batch ff

    I also decided to keep rolling with their normal universe (for now 😅)

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  • kurara123
    28.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    If we get Grogu in 2nd season of The Bad Batch (or any next season) I just want to see who hid him in the temple and who rescued him. I want to know if his apetite is caused by observing Wrecker...if his obsession about the buttons and levers in the cockpit is somehow tied to Tech....I just want to know it so bad......

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  • sonyakiii
    28.11.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Disney villains be like "oh well time to mercilessly torture some children" and it's a serialized TV-Y7 show

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  • blade-liger-4ever
    28.11.2021 - 21 hours ago
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  • donkey-rider
    28.11.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Today I let my inner child have fun and made a new friend, SnowHair of Snow Force 99!

    Let's just pretend my deodorant is a rifle :D

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  • chiafett
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    There’s an alternate universe where Fives lives and joins up with the Bad Batch when they find Echo and Hunter quickly figures out that Tup has primed Fives to be extremely susceptible to long-haired ninth cyclers with tooka eyes and uses this to his FULL advantage

    #echo just thinks it's funny #fives insists he can't be manipulated #and yet hunter has him wrapped around his little finger #fives#echo#hunter#tbb #the bad batch #the clone wars #tcw#star wars#sw
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  • keelifallen
    27.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Howzer singing Hoizer, because it needed to be done

    #please don’t judge me #i’ve been wanting to do this forever #keelidraws#sw tbb#howzer#hoizer#clones#doodles#star wars #my art stuff #fan art #my digital art #tbb howzer #the bad batch
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  • chaoticvampirejedi
    27.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    I just want the new season of TBB.

    Is that too much to ask?

    #tbb #the bad batch #sw tbb #yeah... #today is THAT day
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  • gryffindor-jedi
    27.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Brought to you by the Make-Echo-A-Jedi foundation and the Society for Give-Echo-A-Cool-Haircut

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  • zoeykallus
    27.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Clone And The Gray (Part 2)

    Tech x Y/N Story (female reader) 18+

    Part 1

    Warnings: 18+ Smut/ Cursing/ Use Of Alcohol/ Fluff/ Crosshair Is Back With The Batch/ Angst/ Violence

    Tech was at the sofa, had put his blacks back on, and was going to gather up his armor pieces and get them ready so he wouldn't have to look for them the next morning.

    "What do you mean by that? I'm afraid I don't quite follow you even if the first part of your statement is very flattering and relieving"

    You laughed and pulled the fresh sheet taut. You wanted his first night in your bed with you to be perfect.

    "By that I mean that it seems to me that you have a talent for mastering everything you try."

    "Oh, that's what you meant. I...I um...thank you sweetie.... I...."

    He didn't finish the sentence, it was suddenly awfully quiet.

    "You what?" you inquired, coming into the living room.

    The smile on your face froze when you saw him kneeling there by the sofa, in his hand a very familiar object - your lightsaber.

    Your mouth and throat seemed to dry out in a heartbeat.

    A piece of his armor must have slipped under the sofa, when he fished for it, he probably stumbled over what you had tried to hide from him.

    He glanced at the object in his hand. You knew he had enough to do with the Jedi in the Clone Wars to know what he was holding. When he looked up and looked at you, his expression was very difficult to interpret.

    "Is that... really yours?" he asked quietly, holding the lightsaber up.....

    Part 2: Keeping A Secret

    Your heart was up to your throat as you nodded slowly.

    "I'm not what you probably think I am," you said in a brittle voice.

    "Then you shouldn't own this!" he said indignantly and stood up.

    He came over to you, stood in front of you, with the lightsaber raised in his hand like a warning.

    "This is dangerous for someone who doesn't know how to use it! There are shady characters who would do anything to take it from you! Not to mention- if imperials catch you with it, they'll kill you no questions asked!"

    He sounded angry and worried, his voice louder than your used too. You flinched, had to collect yourself for a moment.

    Finally you said, "You've got me wrong. It is mine, I have learned to handle it, I have created it myself".

    He blinked in confusion, trying to sort out his thoughts.

    "I don't understand. Are you a Jedi or not?"

    You sighed and asked him to sit with you. When you were back on the sofa, he looked at you promptly.


    "Have you ever heard of gray Jedi? Or simply the Gray?" Tech shook his head, he frowned unhappy about the fact that he didn't know what you were talking about and reached for his belt to take the holo pad.

    Tech used the pad, seeming to search for information, while you waited patiently but scared.

    After a while, he looked up. His expression a mixture of relief, uncertainty and concern.

    "So you're a force wielder?"

    You nodded.

    "But you are not bound by the strict rules of the Jedi, nor are you a Sith or Inquisitor?"

    Again, you nodded. You could see that he was trying to process this information. After a while of silence, he finally looked at you again. "I think I know why you never mentioned it. Besides the fact that you're probably hiding from the Empire and can't be sure who to trust- me and my brothers are clones. Our brothers killed the Jedi and the Empire is hunting force wielders."

    In an automatic motion, he shifted his goggles.

    "At least we have something in common - we are both wanted and hunted by the Empire," he said with a sad smile.

    Exploring, you held his gaze with yours, trying to see what was going on in his head.

    "I am still the same. As for my personality or my affection for you, I have not been fooling you."

    You shrugged your shoulders in uncertainty, feeling a little helpless to the situation..

    "Basically, I just left something out, but I didn't lie."

    He laughed softly and said, "I never accused you of lying. But your reaction tells me that you felt guilty for hiding it from me. But there's no need for that. I can understand your motives, they are logical." Tech's look became serious. He surprisingly put an arm around your shoulders and pulled you close to him. Infinitely relieved by this sign of affection on his part, you leaned against his chest and wrapped your arms around him.

    "I want you to keep it that way," you suddenly heard him say in a calm but determined voice.

    "What do you mean?"

    "Don't tell anyone about it, I won't either, not even to my brothers. Just for safety's sake. The less people know about it, the safer it is for you" he explained temporarily lapsing back into his matter-of-fact tone.

    You remained silent, thinking about it and silently agreeing with him.

    "Promise me," Tech demanded to your amazement.

    It was a strange feeling, you had been afraid, afraid that he would withdraw. But Tech was sitting here with you, holding you in his arms, with only your safety in mind.

    For a moment, the emotions that flooded through your mind were so overwhelming that you had to fight back tears.

    "I promise," you barely managed to say before your voice failed you.

    Tech hugged you a little tighter, as if he heard it in your voice. He didn't ask any questions, just held you close, stroking soothing circles on your back with his free hand.

    "What do you think? Shall we cuddle up in bed?" he asked gently with a smile in his voice.

    The night was far too short. You had been so tired, after work and after spending time on the sofa with Tech. Yet you had hardly slept enough.

    The thought that Tech now knew who and what you were was haunting your mind. His reaction to that had relieved you so much, and yet you couldn't turn off your mind. You lay entwined in bed, the warmth of your bodies connected. It was far too beautiful, too exciting a feeling for you to even want to fall asleep. You wanted to enjoy every second of him holding you in his arms, his face buried in your hair.

    Tech hadn't slept much either, pretty much for the same reasons. He was worried now that he knew you were a force wielder, the danger you were in more or less continuously hovering like a heavy weight on his mind. The thought that he might lose you because of this, now that he had just won you over, was overwhelming. Unconsciously his embrace had become tighter, he had pushed himself closer to you, as if he feared someone might snatch you from his arms in the night.

    When you both woke up the next morning almost simultaneously and you were lolling tiredly, you felt him wrap his arms more tightly around your body. Your movement had startled him a little and he had automatically grabbed hold of you as if you might suddenly fall out of bed.

    A loud knock on the door made both of you jump together.

    Tech cursed softly and guessed, "That must be Hunter. He was out with Wrecker and Crosshair last night when I left Echo alone in the ship with Omega."

    You frowned worriedly.

    "Do you think he's angry?"

    Tech shrugged his shoulders.

    "I don't know. I don't think so, but he'll probably need me to make repairs to the hyperdrive"

    You gave him a quick but intense kiss. Only reluctantly did Tech allow you to break free of his embrace and roll out of bed. There was another knock as you quickly pulled your robe from the closet and slipped into it.

    "I'm on my way, just a minute!" you called to the door.

    "Hurry it up!" you heard someone snarl outside the door and you realized it wasn't Hunter but Crosshair standing outside the door.

    You had to swallow automatically, you didn't expect the less friendly clone of the Batch.

    Tech rushed into the living room and started to put on his gear when you opened the door.

    Crosshair was standing in front of it, with a toothpick between his lips. He looked you up and down and you felt yourself getting smaller and smaller under his gaze.

    "My brother is with you?"

    You took a moment, but finally nodded.

    "He's getting ready to fe..."

    Crosshair interrupted you by pushing you aside a little roughly and stepping into the room, eliciting a startled sound from you which made Tech turn around hastily.

    "Hey!"Tech rumbled at his brother "Watch it!"

    Crosshair rolled his eyes and said, "Keep your feet on the ground, she's not made of sugar."

    He looked around, wrinkled his nose and said, "Smells like sex in here."

    Tech as well as you, froze in your motion, your eyes searching each other and you could see Tech blushing.

    Suddenly you heard a small dirty laugh. When you looked at Crosshair he said, "I'm not Hunter, I honestly don't smell anything, but your reaction has just provided me with information I don't need to ask for now. So my brother has finally become a man"

    He leaned towards you, close enough to give you goosebumps.

    "Besides, you look pretty when you blush."

    From one second to the next, Tech was suddenly between the two of you, pushing his brother back a bit, not really violently but determinedly.

    "Leave her alone"

    Crosshair just chuckled, obviously allowing himself one of his not-so-decent jokes with you two.

    You sighed and with a reassuring hand on Tech's shoulder you said, "He's just teasing us, dear."

    And turning to Crosshair you mocked bluntly with a cheeky smirk, "Stop acting like an asshole, you're in my apartment"

    Crosshair smirked back at you, apparently you had figured out how to talk to him.

    He winked at you conspiratorially, causing Tech to look from one to the other critically and uncertainly. Finally, he turned to Crosshair.

    "Why are you even here?" he asked indignantly, pushing his brother toward the door with him.

    "Hunter asked for you," was the simple reply.

    "I'll join you in a minute," Tech grumbled, then turning back to you.

    With an apologetic smile, he looked at you.

    "I'm sorry mesh'la, I have to go now. If we don't have to leave again, will I see you tonight?"

    You took his face in your hands, standing on your tiptoes as he leaned down slightly toward you. You kissed him longingly and didn't want to let him go.

    But when you did, you promised him.

    "I'll stop by the Marauder, after my shift, okay?"

    Tech nodded eager.

    "Can't wait," he said, grinning at you in love.

    He pressed a quick kiss to your forehead and finally hurriedly followed his brother.

    The day was long, but you were relaxed. The bar was unusually busy and you hoped Cid wouldn't ask you to extend your shift. You were eager to see Tech again as soon as possible, just the thought of it made joy rise in you like the pressure behind a cork that you would have preferred to give vent to a squeak. But you pull yourself together, of course.

    At a moment when the bar was slowly emptying, much to your relief and amazement, bars were usually filled in the evening and not during the day, Cid joined you at the bar.

    The stocky little Thandoshan sat down on a barstool and looked at you slyly.

    "You've been glowing all day, the patrons stare at you like you're a delicacy," she laughingly teased.


    "What's the matter girl, are you in love?"

    You didn't quite know what to answer and stammered something meaningless.

    "That means yes" Cid stated laconically "Who's the lucky guy?"

    You didn't know why but the thought of him made you feel warm all over again.

    "Tech, you know him"

    Cid looked at you with raised eyebrows.

    "Goggles? You're serious? Goggles is the lucky guy? Hope he knows how fucking lucky he is"

    "He's very aware of it," a familiar matter-of factly voice rose from the doorway.

    Tech walked in, followed by his brothers and Omega.

    "There he is, Goggles, you lucky bastard!" Cid laughed and gave him a slap on his back.

    Whereupon he gave Cid an annoyed look, but just for a second because he wasn't able to hide his content smile.

    "You can say that again," Crosshair sneered under his breath in the background.

    No one heard him, only Hunter. With a furrowed brow, Hunter turned to him briefly, but Crosshair's attention was on you and Tech, not even noticing Hunter's gaze.

    Omega climbed onto a barstool next to Cid and gave you a big smile.

    You poured her a glass of mixed berry juice that you knew she liked. You added a thick ice cube and a colorful cocktail umbrella.

    "Here, this one's on me, ad'ika."

    Tech and his brothers perked up as you used mando'a. Most were surprised, but Tech felt an adorable warmth spread through his chest.

    Omega thanked you joyfully and immediately sipped from the large glass. You passed her a straw as you realized the full heavy glass was perhaps a bit cumbersome for delicate little fingers.

    Hunter flashed you a grateful, careful little smile.

    He stepped closer to the counter and said to you, "Tech told me that you two got closer yesterday?"

    Hunter's facial tattoo made him look more somber than he was, you knew he was a nice guy, brooding, but decent.

    "So he told you about that?" you asked, a little perplexed, hoping you weren't blushing right now.

    Hunter realized how delicate this actually just was and raised his hands placatingly.

    "No details, don't worry. But he was pretty excited and wanted to tell someone about it, we're his brothers. I'm sure you can guess the rest. Besides, Echo was already hinting. So when Tech didn't come back last night, we actually already knew."

    Tech was blushing, he tried to avoid your gaze as he had heard your dialog with Hunter.

    Youe shift ended but you stayed at the bar with the batch for some time.

    Tech didn't quite know how to deal with you in public, his behavior was rather reserved and shy, but he always stayed close to you.

    After a while, he took you aside.

    "Would you like to see the Marauder? At the moment everyone is here, I could show you around in peace." You gave him a big smile. "Yes, I would really love to" Tech happily took your hand in his and left the bar with you. He couldn't wait to steal some moment alone with you.

    A cool breeze blew towards you as you stepped outside, the wind gently blowing your knee length skirt back and forth with a soft rustle. You felt like a schoolgirl in love, it was so strangely exciting with Tech holding your hand, fingers intertwined. You looked up at him from the side as you walked across the landing pad toward the Marauder. There was a warm, joyful expression on his face that warmed your heart.

    Once at the ship, he opened the ramp and led you inside. It was a little musty inside, he apologized for it and said it was not easy to live with so many people in a relatively small ship.

    You knew almost nothing about the technology, nevertheless you let him show you the machines, the hyperdrive and everything else. You listened to him with interest and actually tried to remember and understand as much as possible. Sometimes you asked if something really interested you. He was only too happy to answer your questions, lapsing into bursts of information.

    Your round ended in the cockpit, he showed you some things here too and finally looked at you expectantly and endearing.

    "So? What do you think?" he wanted to know excitedly.

    It was clear that he hoped to have impressed you in some way. The ship was important to him, an important part of him, it was written all over his face the whole time.

    "My poor brain won't be able to remember every detail you showed and told me today. But it is fascinating, you have put a lot of work into this ship and it shows, you can feel that the Marauder is not just a ship, it is much more than that" you answered honestly with a smile.

    Tech returned the smile, obviously satisfied with your answer.

    You walked across the cockpit, stepping on a tool lying around. You bent down to pick it up, seeing Omega's name on it and placed it on the console.

    His gaze had automatically wandered to the hem of your skirt as you leaned forward, his eyes following the fabric as it traveled up your legs. He swallowed as his thoughts went on lustful wanderings. At first he tried to shake off the thought, out of respect for you as a person. Yes you were beautiful in his eyes and he desired you in every way, but he didn't want to appear like a vulgar lecher. But when the fabric slipped high enough that he could see the top, lace-trimmed end of your thigh-highs, his rational thoughts lost all grip.

    You turned around and saw his stare.

    "Oh, did I lean a little too far forward than was appropriate?" you asked in a slightly suggestive undertone.

    "What? Why?" he asked, clearly sounding caught.

    You pointed to his groin, he wasn't wearing his cod piece. The pants of his blacks were clearly bulging in a distinct spot and that bulge seemed to be growing.

    "Your body betrayed you," you teased him with a sly grin.

    "Oh, damn... cod piece... when we're not in the field.... I sometimes don't wear it, for the simple reason of comfort."

    You gave him your most adorable smile.

    "I guess your brothers could show up here any minute?"

    He looked at you intently.

    "Um, yeah... what are you getting at?"

    With a laugh you said, "We probably don't have time to strip down and take an exciting spin in the cockpit."

    Tech blinked, trying to process what you had just said.

    "My love, I don't think we should risk it, at least not today" he finally said uncertainly.

    "What if we just skip the undressing?"

    Tech looked at you questioningly.

    "How would that work?"

    "You want me to show you?"

    Tech blushed a little, but finally nodded with a look of desire. You walked up to him, maneuvered him to the pilot chair, and gently pushed Tech against it so he would sit down.

    Your fingers wandered to the fabric of your skirt and pushed it playfully, slowly upwards, exposing what had already gotten him going before.

    His fingers slid over the supple fabric of the thigh-highs, upwards to the lace-trimmed end. Tech's fingers danced over your legs in fascination.

    "These look fantastic on you, absolutely r-ravishing" he managed to say under his breath, hypnotized by what he saw.

    The bulge in his pants twitched visibly.

    Hastily, he took off his gloves to feel along your legs again, to feel the fabric of the thigh-high stockings.

    One of his hands moved further up, to the inside of your thigh under your skirt, up to the middle. Testing his fingers ghosted over the thin fabric of your panties and made you shiver.

    You bent down to kiss him, at the same moment he exerted some pressure on his movements over your panties. You moaned into the kiss as he pushed the fabric aside and his fingers playfully stroked through your already wet folds.

    "Tech" you moaned softly "wait... that wasn't actually part of my plan".

    He intesivated the kiss, temporarily silencing you.

    But when his middle finger found your entrance and penetrated you, you broke the kiss with a little whimper.

    The heel of his hand applied massaging pressure right over your clit while his finger worked inside you.

    "Does that feel good? Could you cum like that?" he asked with a veiled look.

    You practically rode his hand, your hips moving toward the movements of his hand.

    Nodding, you bit your lower lip, closing your eyes tightly.

    When you heard clothes rustling, however, you opened your eyes again. Tech had freed his cock and was slowly pumping it with his free hand.

    "Let me do it," you demanded.

    But Tech pushed your hand aside and shook his head.

    "No. Kneel over my lap.... yes just like that. Now hold up your skirt with one hand.... oh yeah, t-that's it.... with your free hand you can lean on me.... yes, good girl, that's perfect my love"

    You had followed each of his instructions. just like last time, it was finally him who took the helm. You liked that more than you would admit.

    The way you were kneeling over him now he could see your thigh stockings and how his hand was working your pubic and when he looked up he saw your beautiful face floating above him. Tech was in his element, he felt like he was in seventh heaven. The tingling sensation in your core built up steadily as you kept moving your hips to the movements of his finger in your pussy and the pressure of the heel of his hand on your clit. Your gaze kept wandering back and forth between his face and the hand around his cock. By now he was pumping faster and harder, his breathing had become heavier, his eyes had darkened.

    You tilted your head down, caught his lips in a greedy, passionate kiss. He moaned into your mouth as he felt your pussy twitching around his finger.

    He intensified his ministrations, making you break the kiss with a gasp.

    "I'm close," you exclaim, your voice quivering with excitement.

    "Good" he breathed and let his hand move from his length to your hip, gripping firmly.

    Your faces were so close that your lips almost touched but only almost.

    "Cum for me mesh'la!"

    Your eyes opened abruptly as his hand finally lifted you over the edge. As the hot, tingling knot loosened and pulsating warmth radiated into all your limbs, you looked directly through yellow-tinted glass into Tech's golden brown eyes. You sighed contentedly, slowly riding out your climax on his hand.

    As you gently pushed his hand away so he wouldn't overstimulate you, he took that same hand, covered in your juices and placed it around his hard, cock with an excited sigh. He started pumping his member in his fist again while his eyes wandered hungrily along your body.

    "Let me help you love" you cooed to him and let yourself slide from the chair to the floor, between his thighs.

    Tech looked at you excitedly.

    "Y-you don't have to do this"

    A smile showed on your face as you replied, "I want to do it though".

    He somewhat hesitantly took his hand from his length, waiting to see what you would do next.

    Your position made him suspect that you wanted to pleasure him with your mouth and he was right. One of your hands reached for the base of his shaft and your upper body leaned forward. As your tongue darted out and flicked over his tip, his hips bucked reflexively.

    "Sorry..." he muttered under his breath.

    "Don't be," you reassured him.

    It was clear to you that he was already about to burst, he had interrupted his own pleasure to devote himself entirely to you when you reached your climax.

    You didn't want to make him wait any longer or tease him. With your tongue you moistened your lips, opened them and greedily took him into your mouth.

    "Oh dear maker...." he pressed out between gritted teeth.

    Your head bobbed up and down, picking up speed quickly, pressing him with as much pressure as you could suck him in as deep as you could.

    Within seconds, Tech was hanging on the chair as if he were hanging in the ropes of a boxing ring.His thighs were shaking, he was making sounds he could barely control, and his fingers were clawed so tightly into the arms of the chair that the material creaked under his grip.

    Moans, whimpers, gasps and panting came out of his mouth while yours was busy with his cock. "Oh dear, mesh'la.... kriff... I'm close... you have stop or I'll r-release in your p-pretty mouth" he pressed out.

    You stroked his thighs with one hand and softly cupped his balls with the other to show him it was okay to let go, while your mouth kept going relentlessly.

    „Sure?“, he asked in a helpless sounding whine, still holding back. You hummed in agreement and satisfaction. The vibration swept him away, no chance to hold anything back. His climax just exploded, shooting his seed down your throat. You had to make an effort not to gag, because the intensity surprised you.

    The moan that came out of his mouth was like a scream, followed by several curses. Your mouth continued to work him to exhaust his climax until it ebbed. Partially you had swallowed his semen, it was a little salty but otherwise relatively tasteless, probably because he hardly ate anything other than the tasteless protein bars.

    A little of his cum dripped down his shaft, as well as your chin.

    As you released him from your mouth, he stammered apologies, sat up heavily, and took your face in his hands.

    He apologetically wiped your chin clean and looked at you with such a shocked expression that you had to laugh.

    Completely perplexed, his brows shot up.

    "Tech, I wanted you to come darling. Stop apologizing."

    He smiled wryly.

    "Was it at least good?" you wanted to know.

    "Are you kidding? I'm completely done, in a good way"

    You had stayed cuddling together on the pilot's chair for a while before Tech got up to freshen up. He was meticulously clean, you had to give him that.

    You yourself wanted to freshen up as well, but you wanted to wait until Tech came out of the refresher. Maybe he would like to come along. You were going to offer to cook him something, something decent.

    The others seemed to take a long time. That was okay, at least they hadn't barged in on your lovemaking.

    When you heard Tech putting his clothes back on, mostly because he accidentally dropped part of his armor, you headed for the ramp. You wanted to catch your breath for a moment and wait for him out there.

    It had already become relatively late, but it was still not too cold outside. You stood on the ramp, wanting to take a deep breath and enjoy the cool night air, when you paused. Something was wrong. You felt a disturbance in the force, something dark, very close.

    Just as you were about to look around, something hit you in the back and spread shockingly through your body, paralyzing all your muscles, blurring your senses. You couldn't prevent yourself from hitting the ramp like a stone with a loud clonk and landing hard on the back of your head sending a throbbing pain through your skull.

    Slowly you realized that you had been stunned, your senses slipping further and further away from you, your vision completely blurred. An indefinable black and red sillhoutte was moving briefly through your field of vision.

    "Y/N? Where are you? Are you okay?" you heard Tech's voice coming from somewhere in the ship as if through a veil of water. Apparently, he had heard your fall.

    Shortly after, you heard a curse, your name again, then sounds like a struggle, finally another clonk. Your last thought before the darkness of unconsciousness enveloped you was concern for Tech's safety.

    Yet another Cliffhanger, you're welcome.

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  • gryffindor-jedi
    26.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    "Look around. We're one and the same. Same heart, same blood."

    Also, unwhitewashed clones look so much better than whitewashed clones, change my mind.

    #sw#star wars#badbatchartweek#unwhitewashtbb #unwhitewash the bad batch #arc trooper echo #sergeant hunter #clone trooper crosshair #clone trooper wrecker #clone trooper tech #clone trooper echo #clone trooper hunter #crosshair#swtcw #the clone wars #tcw#tbb#sw tbb #the bad batch #sw fanart#swtcw fanart#art challenge#bad batch #star wars the bad batch #swtbb#my art
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  • clonecyare
    26.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Thank you all for 700 followers! 🥳 I can’t believe so many of you have found your way over to my little blog and stuck around to nerd out with me and join me in simping for Star Wars men!

    As a little thank you and to show my appreciation for all the love you show me and my posts, I’m doing a little follower celebration! I’m no good at making gifs or edits really, so instead, I’ll be doing little fics, drabbles, headcanons etc!

    See below the cut for the details!

    Pop your submissions in my ask box either as yourself or on anon!

    Prompts are at the bottom of the post - submit as many as you want but please do them in separate asks so I can reply to them when the fic ready

    Or, submit your own idea/hc/something you’d like to request

    Prompts range from fluffy to angsty to spicy - I will write any genre as long as I can think of a fic to go with it

    I will currently write for all clones, Boba Fett, Din Djarin and Maul (I am open to other suggestions)

    If none of the prompts speak to you, you can also submit your own headcanon/idea etc

    How requests I get will factor into how long these take to complete

    If you want to keep up to date with any of my works you can do that here: || Masterlist || Tag list form || and for these works I'll be using the tag 'clonecyare 700'

    Now for the prompts! There are 80 in total and first up are the ones that can be any genre (fluff, angst, nsfw)

    1. “It’s really not that complicated.”

    2. “Close the door.”

    3. “It’s three in the morning.”

    4. “I should have told you a long time ago.”

    5. “Just trust me.”

    6. “I’ve been waiting a long time.”

    7. “You’re in love with me.”

    8. “Come here.”

    9. “We could get arrested for this.”

    10. “What are you thinking about?”

    11. “I thought you were dead.”

    12. “You’re never going to let that go, are you?”

    13. “Was that supposed to hurt?”

    14. “I can explain.”

    15. “Watch me.”

    16. “I’ve missed this.”

    17. “I don’t believe you.”

    18. “Sometimes, it comes in handy.”

    19. “I don’t owe you an explanation.”

    20. “We have to be quiet.”

    21. “You’re trembling.”

    22. “I want an answer, goddammit!”

    23. “It was you the whole time.”

    24. “Tell me again.”

    25. “I’m not going anywhere.”

    26. “I can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that they’re you.”

    27. “You could have died.”

    28. “Prove it.”

    29. “I might never get another chance to say this.”

    30. “Tell me I’m wrong.”

    31. “You’ve thought about this, haven’t you?”

    32. “We need to talk about what happened last night.”

    33. “I feel like I can’t breathe.”

    34. “I still remember the way you taste.”

    35. “How much of that did you hear?”

    36. “What happens if I do this?”

    37. “You make me want things I can’t have.”

    38. “I don’t want to screw this up.”

    39. “People are staring.”

    40. “You are so stupid… I love you”

    41. “I want to dance with you”

    42. “I can’t believe you’re mine”

    43. “What took you so long? I missed you…”

    44. "I just want to be left alone"

    45. "What are you gonna do?“

    46. "Did you just say you’re in love with me”

    47. "I didn’t punch him, but I should have."

    48. “You don’t have to go through this alone”

    49. “Stay with me, please”

    50. “I’m asking because I’ve seen the way you look at me.”

    Okay now the ones that are specifically for spice spicy, but also free to submit your own ideas for spice.

    51. “Face down. Ass up”

    52. “You gotta be quiet”

    53. “Always so fucking tight.”

    54. “Don’t make me repeat myself.”

    55. I know for a fact that you can be a hell of a lot louder than that

    56. “You’re not getting off that easily.”

    57. "I can’t stop thinking about your mouth.”

    58. “You won’t be able to walk after I’m done with you.”

    59. “Does that feel good?”

    60. “I can keep going all damn night.”

    61. “Call me that again”

    62. “You’re so beautiful like this.”

    63. “Let me worship you”

    64. “Your hair looks prettiest in my fist”

    65. “Bite marks look good on you”

    66. “I’ll make forget all about him”

    67. “Don’t talk with your mouth full"

    68. “Pull my hair again”

    69. “You look so pretty beneath me”

    70. “This is so wrong, we shouldn’t be doing this”

    71. “You are beautiful from every angle"

    72. “Let me show you who you belong to”

    73. “Just like I remember.”

    74. “I won’t apologise for marking you, everyone should know you’re taken.”

    75. “It’s my thigh or nothing, I’m not helping you get off.”

    76. “I never thought I’d hear you say that, fuck, that’s hot.”

    77. “Wanna see what I’m wearing underneath all this?”

    78. “Stop hiding, you’re beautiful.”

    79. “Mmm, good morning to you too.”

    80. “You want to do this now?”

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  • gryffindor-jedi
    25.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Tech loved to prank Crosshair as a cadet and deny his involvement, and Wrecker loves pranks

    Change my mind

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  • darthbooks
    25.11.2021 - 3 days ago
    #star wars #the bad batch #tbb#echo#omega#sw memes#hunter#tech#crosshair#wrecker#tbb wrecker#tbb hunter#tbb echo#tbb crosshair#tbb tech#tbb omega #the bad batch omega #the bad batch hunter #the bad batch tech #the bad batch wrecker #the bad batch crosshair #the bad batch echo
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  • gryffindor-jedi
    24.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Omega is nice, but Mandalorian Omega (or Mandomega) is much better

    I'm trying to draw unwhitewashed, but my art skills are a little lacking and if I'm messing something, please let me know

    #sw#star wars#badbatchartweek#unwhitewashtbb #unwhitewash the bad batch #omega #sw tbb omega #swtcw #the clone wars #tcw#tbb#sw tbb #the bad batch #sw fanart#swtcw fanart#art challenge#bad batch #star wars the bad batch #swtbb#my art
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  • chemens
    24.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Omega for Day 1 of Bad Batch Art Week!

    #she is my favorite #badbatchartweek#star wars#bad batch#tbb#omega tbb #star wars the bad batch #sw tbb
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