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  • rainbowlilyartist
    24.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #rainbowlilyartist#deltarune #swatch x spamton #swatchton#deltarune spamton#deltarune swatch #deltarune chapter 2 #deltarune chapter 2 fanart #swatch#spamton #deltarune chapter 2 spamton #deltarune chapter 2 swatch #suggestive text#suggestive
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  • karmarp
    24.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
    #huey the rainbow swatch #Huey#drawing respond#yourangleoryuorbigshot #my honey cake
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  • president-alpine
    24.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Made a fake title card starring Spamton and Swatch. This was a lot of fun to draw and make, so going to make more!

    #spamton #spamton g spamton #swatch#swatch deltarune#my art#myart #artist on tumblr #artists on tumblr #digital art
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  • mysalonchoices
    24.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 713

    So…what is the Monday Poll?

    Excellent question! It isn’t, contrary to its name, an actual poll, like with little clicky buttons. It’s just a list of more or less random questions I’ve been posting on this blog every Monday morning for the past quadrillion years (since 2007).

    1. Liquid blush or cream blush?

    Cream blush, because it’s easier to control.

    2. Mascara on the lower lashes: yes or no?

    Most of the time, no, but when I do wear it, it’s usually the outer corner.

    3. Someone who brings out the best in you?

    The Coywolf. 🙂

    4. Lipstick today?

    Yes, please! I’m wearing Ilia Rococco.

    5. How badly do your makeup brushes need cleaning?

    You don’t even want to know, my friend. I really need to get in there and wash some brushes!

    6. Sweet bell peppers or cucumbers?

    Yellow bell peppers, please. I love the sweetness and the crunch! Plus, they’re so good with peanut butter.

    7. Walking or running?

    Walking, all day, every day. I used to be a runner back in the day, but now my knees are like, “No, thanks, girl!”


    Continue reading "Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 713" on Makeup and Beauty Blog.

    from Makeup and Beauty Blog | Makeup Reviews, Swatches and How-To Makeup https://ift.tt/3HdAy3H via IFTTT

    #IFTTT #Makeup and Beauty Blog | Makeup Reviews #Swatches and How-To Makeup
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  • rainbowlilyartist
    24.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Here is my headcanon for how swatch's wings look!

    I feel like they can summon them so that's why I don't constantly draw their wings.

    #rainbowlilyartist#deltarune #deltarune chapter 2 #deltarune chapter 2 swatch #deltarune swatch#swatch#swatch deltarune #fan design reference
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  • arrowsperpetualcringe
    24.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    So apparently I wrote a thing, and apparently (according to a friend) it's good?

    If you've got a hankerin' for Swatchton fluff/angst here ya go.

    But let the record show that I have literally no fucking memory of writing this /srs

    uh,,, reblogs appreciated i guess.

    (fic under the cut)


    The Puppeteer Is Asleep

    Word count: 1836


    He wakes up, although he never lost consciousness.

    He gasps and jolts up as his limbs suddenly gain a weight he had long forgotten.

    The sudden need to breathe swiftly hits him, causing him to gasp for air as if he was being deprived of it.

    As he inhales he chokes on his own cognizance, hunching over and coughing as he tries to remember how to breathe.

    He hadn’t done it in a long time.

    Once in control of his breathing he sat up, staring at the wall of the dumpster somewhat distantly, but still, present in mind.

    He wasn’t sure what was happening.

    Or if it was real.

    Such a sudden repossession of one’s bodily autonomy…

    It must be a dream… right?

    He moves his eyes.





    In circles…

    Freely, his eyes roll about in his head.

    Stark in contrast to the stiff directional movements they’d make under the control of the puppeteer.

    Next, he moves his hand.

    When he raises his arm, his wrist remains limp until he wills his hand to move.

    He lifts his hand.

    He bends his fingers, and watches his own movements.

    Slow, meticulous.

    No longer sharp and snappy.

    Next, he opens his mouth.



    “...Can anyone hear me…?” He says.

    And his words are his own.

    Finally, his words are his own.

    “Yes… YES!!!” the puppet shouts, celebrating as he climbs out of the dumpster.

    As he attempts to get his other leg over the edge of the container, he slips, and falls flat on his face.

    He chuckles as he lays face first on the ground, hugging the filthy dark blue asphalt.

    Never has he been so welcoming to such humiliation, such pain, the dull pain of his head hitting concrete.

    It felt nice.

    Because it was the result of his own actions.

    His own actions.

    His actions are his own.

    That can only mean one thing…

    The puppeteer is asleep.

    Lying dormant for all these years, seeing himself do things he didn’t will himself to do, all felt like a distant dream.

    Or maybe…

    This was the dream…?

    No matter.

    Now is the time for action!

    And he knows just who to visit…

    . . .




    The butler screamed as they were woken up, being shaken vigorously by the tiny little man beside their bed.

    They sat up, bewildered as they stared at the man.

    “Spamton, how did you get into my apartment?!” they asked, disgruntled.

    “Lock picked it.”

    The butler groaned as they reached for their phone, which Spamton snatched out of their hand as soon as they grabbed it.

    “NO!” he shouted “No cops, please- just- listen, okay?”

    The butler sat, arms crossed as they prepared to listen to his spiel, and then prompt kick him out.

    “Listen- I-... Honestly, it’s a hell of a long story, but- basically- I… I wasn’t in control of myself for the last… what… decade…?” Spamton said “God… has it been a decade…? I-...” Spamton trailed off “Anyway- I wasn’t in control of myself back then, and now I am!!!”

    Swatch frowned incredulously, standing out of bed and picking the man up by the back of his collar.

    “NO WAIT!!!-” Spamton screeched “I MEAN IT!” he yelled, looking up at Swatch as they carried him to the door.

    “I swear to God, I mean it!!!” Spamton smiled as he saw Swatch glance at him from behind their glasses “And- and you know how much of a devout Catholic I am, don’t cha Birdie?~” he asked, his tone sarcastic and playful in nature.

    Swatch smiled and covered their mouth, before promptly dropping Spamton to double over in an attempt to conceal their laughter.

    Spamton smiled and slid across the floor, his hands clasped together dramatically as he went on “Such a dedicated follower of the Lord such as myself would never lie to you, Birdie!” He smiled and opened his eyes to see Swatch drop to their knees, letting a few chuckles and whimpers escape.

    “And that’s why, as a devout Catholic, I like to WAP.”




    And with that, the butler caved, they hit the floor with their fist as a flood of laughter rushed out.

    They stammered as they cackled, trying to catch their breath.

    Spamton stood with a smile and let out a light chuckle.

    He didn’t quite understand their sense of humor, but regardless, he did enjoy seeing them laugh.

    Once they gathered themselves, they looked to Spamton with a smile before hugging him closely.

    “Spamton!!!” they exclaimed.

    “Hey Birdie…” he said, smilingly softly as he hugged back “Glad to know you still love my amazing jokes~”

    Swatch chuckled as tears filled their eyes “That was the worst joke I’ve ever heard, dumbass.”

    “I know, I know…” Spamton relented with an awkward smile.

    After a long, warm embrace, Spamton eventually pulled out of the hug.

    “You wanna…get a coffee?” he asked

    . . .

    “So uh,” Spamton started, holding his coffee upto his nose to savor the aroma “Where exactly do we stand on this whole ‘relationship’ thing…?” he asked, walking along a bridge alongside the other. They strolled leisurely as cars rushed beneath them, headlights mixing with those of city buildings to create a cascading array of glowing colors.

    “...I’m… not sure… If what you say is true— and- I’m sure it is, then-... well… I guess we’re still together… We just… went on a break!”

    Spamton smiled and scoffed “Longest fuckin’ break ever.” he said

    “Yeah, that’s true. But…” they trailed off.


    “...If I’m being honest… I was waiting for a moment like this.”

    . . .


    “...I guess… I always had residual feelings left over from when you were still…you. And-... When you came to me and you weren’t you, it-... It just made me angrier…” they said, their grip on their coffee cup tightening ever so slightly “...I’ve been waiting… for you.”

    The man beside them blushed and looked off as he took a sip of his coffee, stalling for time to think of something to say in response.

    “...Sorry, that was… strange, wasn’t it?”

    “No, no, no!!! Not at all! I-... I thought… It was sweet. I always just-... assumed you hated me…”

    “If I hated you, I wouldn’t leave you food all the time, dumbass.”

    Spamton gasped loudly, looking at Swatch with wide eyes “That was YOU?!” he asked.

    “Who else would it be…?”

    “I dunno! I just- thought someone was throwing out perfectly good food.”

    “You’re an idiot.”

    “Yeah, I guess.”

    . . .

    “...Where are we going anyway, Spamton?”

    “Oh…You know… Just a place…” he said looking off nonchalantly.

    Swatch deadpanned before sighing and smiling a bit “You’re so annoying.” they said fondly.

    They smiled at each other, and continued chatting fondly until they reached their destination.

    “...A… Church…?” Swatch questioned, looking up at the building before them. It was so… out of place amongst all the other buildings in cyber city. It was almost like a relic… an ancient building, long forgotten by the rest of society “I… didn’t even know we had any of these in Cyber City.”

    “Yeah. This is the only one in the whole city.” Spamton said “Looks old doesn’t it?”


    . . .

    “Let’s go inside!” Spamton said cheerily.

    “If you insist…” Swatch said, accompanying Spamton inside.

    Swatch looked up, mesmerized by how..different it was.

    The arched ceiling, the stained glass windows…

    They had never seen such a thing…

    It was… oddly beautiful to them…

    Meanwhile, Spamton played amongst the pews while Swatch stared in awe of the building.

    “How… did you find this…?” Swatch asked.

    “Ah…Well- While I was being controlled… I was wandering the city one night, and… bam! It was here.”


    “I know right? I don’t even know why this thing was built- I mean, I’m pretty sure I’m the only darkner in Cyberworld that believes in this sorta thing, and even I have my reservations about it.”

    . . .

    “But… still…” Spamton continued “...I like this place… it’s… quiet…”


    . . .

    “C’mere, Swatch.” Spamton said, heading behind the altar.

    Swatch followed curiously before Spamton stopped, turning around to look at them.

    “Um…” Swatch said, blushing “Y-...You’re staring at me…” they muttered.

    “Sorry… I just…”

    Spamton chuckled with a small smile.

    “I forgot how beautiful you are…”

    Swatch’s feathers ruffled as they felt their face heat up.

    “W-What’s with the flattery…?” they asked awkwardly.

    Spamton didn’t respond, he just…

    Took their hand gently, and held it with both hands.

    “...I love you, Swatch…”

    “I love you too…”

    . . .

    Spamton brought their hand to his face, and rested his cheek in their palm.

    He closed his eyes and savored the feeling of their touch…

    He knew…

    He probably wouldn’t feel it again for a long time.

    . . .

    After a sweet moment of silence, he removed their hand from his face, and dug into his pocket.

    Swatch stood, watching as he got on one knee…

    …And pulled out a golden ring…

    Their eyes widened as Spamton looked up at him, and gently slid on the slightly worn ring.

    Their face flushed a bright orange, as they were left speechless.

    “I’ve been wanting to give you that for so…so long…” Spamton confessed.

    Tears began to fill Swatch’s eyes as they searched for the right words…

    “...I love you so much, Swatch…” he said, kissing their hand “So promise… Promise you’ll wait for me…”

    . . .


    “Please… Promise you’ll wait for me, Birdie.” Spamton reaffirmed.

    “...Why does this sound like ‘Goodbye’?” they asked, concern strewn about their face.

    Spamton remained silent as he smiled sadly at the ring.

    “...Just promise me…”

    “Wh- No! No, you can’t just do this and leave me again!!!”

    “I wish I didn’t have to…” he said “...But he’s coming back… I can-... I can feel my control slipping away… everything’s… getting more and more distant. But-” he looked up “But if this happened once, it can happen again. And- and I know there’s a way for me to get out of this, I-... I just don’t know how to do it yet…” he said “So please… Wait for me.”

    “No…No, please- I just- I can’t-”

    “Promise me, Birdie…”

    “NO! I just- I just got you back!!!”

    “...Birdie, please…”

    “You can’t just show up, whisk me away, make me fall in love all over and then LEAVE!!!” they shouted “You can’t do this to me!!! I-” tears flowed down their cheeks “I’m not… ready… to lose you…”

    “You aren’t gonna lose me! I’ll come back… I promise I’ll come back… If you promise to wait for me…”

    . . .

    The butler closed their eyes before looking to Spamton somberly, surrendering to the cruel cards they'd been dealt.

    “...I promise…”

    “...Oh… and-... Birdie…?”


    “I’m sorry…”

    “...Sorry…?...Sorry for what…?”


    The salesman trailed off, all of his motions coming to a halt, as the sound of static resonated throughout the building.

    Shocked, yet empty, Swatch fell to their knees in disbelief…

    As quick as he came…he was gone…

    But as they felt their ring on their finger they promised…

    They swore…

    They’d wait for the day…

    …the puppeteer is asleep.

    #I just reread this before going to post it and- #what#WHAT #WHEN DID I WRITE THIS #deltarune #deltarune chapter 2 #deltarune spoilers#spamton #spamton g. spamton #swatch#swatchton#deltarune fanfiction#swatchton fanfiction#fanfiction#fluff#angst #fluff and angst #oneshot#my writing #no but deadass #when did i make this #i'm having an existential crisis when did i WRITE THIS
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  • refinedpclette
    24.01.2022 - 14 hours ago
    #deltarune#swatch deltarune #ask | chatting would be our pleasure. #ic | eager to serve.
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  • bunngygoblin
    24.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Hmm not sure if this next Swatch will be a dream or something that actually happens. Either way it’s KINDA turning into a type of dom thing and having fun. 

    “Her eyes trail over the bird monster kneeling before her, him still quite a bit larger compared to the human, even with his position on the floor. Looking down she can easily see the bi colored cock between his feathered thighs, impressive and ready. Noticing her staring he flicks his tail and puffs up the fluff of feathers on his chest, before performing a deep series of coos to signify his eagerness to mate.“

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  • zyhod
    24.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Commission for @asimplechaos !


    Not a ship between Swatch & Tasque Manager; please do not tag as such.

    #my art#deltarune#swatch deltarune #tasque manager deltarune
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  • refinedpclette
    24.01.2022 - 19 hours ago
    Addison OC Maker
    #deltarune#swatch deltarune #aesthetic | black suit & colored glasses. #meme | cleaning up the worms. #ooc | the motion of their hand.
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  • draculo
    24.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    considering ea is betting on losing dogs, tumblr is desesperatedly trying to monetize the site and the notorious community here do you think they could make a "tumblr" themed kit for the sims? but like its based on early 2010s tumblr so its like a hipster revival, flower crowns, space prints and, of course, the matching couple outfit:

    #simblr-ing on main but i just got the idea while explaining how much ea swatches suck and remembered them for some reason
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  • spectacledraws
    24.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Ok a few more dumb big shot spamton doodles bc I want to study him like a bug

    anyway “Peg” by Steely Dan is a spamton song. kind of

    #deltarune#spamton#jevil#swatch#queen #hes just fun to draw he’s a marshmallow with anxiety and hubris #spamton and jevil got married Vegas style and divorced soon after #but it’ll be ok 😔😔 #I’m extremely dedicated to 70s rock so just depend on me for the classic hits for the mixtapes
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  • crystalfoxxie
    24.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Things go haywire when someone has clearly tampered with a few lines of base code, causing everything to glitch out and Queen to act like a blackout drunk as she can only offer giggly, stumbly mumbles to Swatch about what is going on.

    With her direct link to everything, the code being tampered with tampered with her directly, and is tampering with anyone who is not organic like him, The Addisons, or any others who don't need to be powered by the city, it's code or it's plugs.

    Tasque Manager is only not effected because one of her Tasques was having the zoomies and unplugged her before the shift.

    Swatches entire kitchen is glitching the fuck out and he can't get coffee, so when he heads out, learns what's going on, and meets with TM, he is rather irritable while noting that he's happy to see a friendly face with sobriety.

    Tm explains to him why she was unaffected and checks her battery to find herself at 56%, nervously as Spamton walks up

    Spam: Uh... Sorry, excuse me? I'm... I think something weird is going on?

    Both, simultaneously: yes, we know.

    Spam: ah, well is that going to delay my orientation orr...

    Swatch: . . . Oh, you must be Spamton. The Queen mentioned signing a deal with you. Unfortunately I have some matters to attend to at the moment... But... Mm... It'll be hard to get through security...

    Tm: security? And that involves...?

    Swatch: a lot of stuff... A lot of rhythm games and puzzles and gymnastics... Which I haven't practiced in a while... And the key is... Okay well, [opening the door to Queen's room to show her giggling and kicking her legs in her throne] [with a forced smile] Does this look like someone who is very good at giving directions right now?

    Tm: . . . Okay, so ah, you seem a little tense today...?

    Swatch: I have good reason to!! Someone has tampered with the base code of Cyber City, the literal groundwork. You play with that, and [pointing to warps in the walls and a painting that begins spitting ice chunks instead of fire] Need I say more?

    Tm: No, I mean, you don't look very uh... Have you had your-

    Swatch: [cheery] Coffee? [Tenser forced smile] Can't say I have-

    Tm: okay, for one, take a breath, you're going to pop the vein in your forehead, and second, let's get you a cup?

    Swatch speed-walks to the staff-kitchen and opens the door to show the coffee maker just absolutely not a fucking coffee maker, it's got glass handles, and walls of code reading "ESPRESSO DEPRESSO, NO COFFEE FOR YOU!" In a very snarky font. The pot itself was just floating numbers and letters from the display of settings and commands, not even able to hold water.]

    Spam: uh... Could I help?

    Swatch: What could you possibly know about this?

    Spam: . . . Is the glass glitchy too?

    Swatch: There is no glass-

    Tm: No, he means wine and dining glasses! Ahh... Yeah, they're fine. The shelves are buggin out though...

    Swatch: what are you gonna do with those?

    Spam: Grind them into dust first..

    Tm: alright, well, I can do a lot of things and I'm pretty scratch-resistant... But my electromagnetic hands only have so much strength.

    Swatch: Hang on, I wanna know why you're breaking my glasses-

    Spam: Well, do we have a way of melting it?

    Tm: I have electric heaters in my hands! They can get uh...

    Swatch: She's built for mobility and combat, she can do a lot. What are you doing???

    Spam: Okay, so just melt i-

    Swatch: Why??

    Tm: Two wine glasses or Cyber City, what's your priority here? He's got a plan, give him a second.

    Swatch: . . . Fine...

    Spamton, in a display of creative thinking and piecing together ideas and materials, shows her how to melt the glass into a hollow glass bowl to fill water with, and heat with her hands to brew some coffee and get that bad mood off of the bird man.

    Swatch takes mental note as before he immediately apologizes and requests they go with him.

    And then things will go kinda nuts, beginning with a visit to Firefox for information.

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  • deltarune-au-domain
    24.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    I hope the polygender people are doing ok today.

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  • skippybix
    23.01.2022 - 23 hours ago


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  • meetthehelper
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    They left the Color Cafe without paying

    #it’s fine though Swatch will cover their tab #Spamton #Spamton G Spamton #Deltarune #Deltarune Chapter 2 #Deltarune Spoilers #Deltarune Chapter 2 Spoilers #Deltarune OC#Malory Warden#my art#‘scopophobia’ tw#‘scopo’ tw#‘eye’ tw#‘eyes’ tw#‘eyestrain’#‘bright colors’
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