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  • sweetsugaryimagines
    10.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #sweettooth-87 #doomguy x reader #doomguy/reader #sent in imagines
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  • lovelynixxle
    01.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #Hank would definetly in my totallyyyyy scientific opinion would do small sly stuff like this just for his S/o #Just to test his luck #What do you know it might happen for him I guess we'll just have to see #NixxleRambles#Sweettooth-87
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  • lovelynixxle
    11.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #EYYO DS ANON C'MRE #This might help in your case if you need any tips haha #Man I really hope this turns out great though!! #I got my high hopes!! #NixxleRambles#sweettooth-87
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  • lovelynixxle
    09.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #You have the balls to say this to my face? C'mere lemme tell you how valid you are #Instant respect for your courage to tell me this on main UwU #Krinkels art is so amazing thoughhh #Like? I'm not saying I was expecting him to be a bad artist and all but like? I never expected the creator of clay looking grunts to be THI #His art pieces are such masterpieces I bet they'd taste good to eat #NixxleRambles#sweettooth-87
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  • twisted-interactions
    11.09.2020 - 9 monts ago
    #Jamil Viper #Jamil Viper x Reader #Twisted Wonderland #Twisted Wonderland x Reader #Jamil Viper Imagine #Scarabia#sweettooth-87
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  • alchemivich
    08.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    (@sweettooth-87​ had sent in an ask about overlaying jade and floyd to see how identical they are, but tumblr keeps glitching out and not showing them my response, so with permission i’m posting it publicly)

    i set as many of their parameters to 0 as i could to try and get them to a kind of “default” pose. and it turns out their live2ds are different enough that they don’t overlay exactly! it was kind of a mess visually with just the opacity turned down so i used red:

    floyd’s rig IS actually a tiny bit taller!! that’s nice that they actually integrated that into their live2ds. (especially since they don’t show their feet.....) i tried to line up just their faces too:

    and with opacity lowered:

    their ears/chins match exactly (the ears and face shape are 100% identical) so this is as perfectly lined-up as it can be. so their faces also have lil differences beyond the eye shape. it is cool that they actually put effort into those little details!! i always assumed their live2ds were the same except for the eyes/hair/clothes so my mind is kinda blown right now.

    out of curiosity i did the same with their eel forms (jade’s ear fins stick up higher, adorable)......their tails are the same, just horizontally flipped:

    so their tails are the same length at least. i wonder why floyd is taller as a human then......or maybe they just didn’t put as much effort into the forms that only show up a couple of times lol

    that was kind of a lot, sorry!! i got carried away when i realized they actually are different. i just think it’s neat~ :3

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  • swordbladeknight7
    15.01.2021 - 5 monts ago

    It's just some categories and channel descriptions atm, but I'll be adding to it as more members and suggestions come in

    All Bugsnax fans are welcome to hop in!

    @dracini @thehybridgryph @nsrfanficwritter @sweettooth-87 @enby-freeman

    #bugsnax#discord server #bunger bunger bunger
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  • feistyfandomthings
    13.01.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Sent in by @sweettooth-87

    it starts when Vega meets s/o and he's a pos (piece of shit) towards s/o but they don't give a damn. He tells them tuff that to most people it would hurt but they don't give a damn.

    After a huge fight he's left pretty, pretty damaged and everyone he considered close leaves (yes even the employees) and he's left alone. Due to that he finally sees that he's alone, that there's no one to be by his side when he needs them. And so he starts having a mental breakdown. He drops to the floor crying and s/o goes to his side and starts calming him down.

    Of course after the seeing the person he tried to hurt the most is there by his side. After he leaves to his home s/o goes with him to take care of him as no one wants to work with him or for him. After months of loving care he returns to his normal looks and instead of acting like he acted before he becomes grateful towards s/o and offers the position of main butler/maid so that they could be with him. 

    They accept and some other workers start working there but unlike the others workers Vega and s/o look more like a old married couple even though everyone knows they aren't together. When the year after the fight arrives Vega can't wait and confess in tears to s/o (thinking they will reject him due to his past attitude) and unlike what he thought would happen they accept and kiss his cheek. After he and s/o get together he (due to their advice) starts therapy and tells Balrog that in the case of bison's return to tell him that he (Vega) won't return to Shadaloo and so that to leave him alone. 

    Of course this shocks Balrog and asks him what's up what changed and so he tells Balrog "there's someone more important in the picture" and so Balrog accepts that. After the word gets out that Vega has retired from the criminal lifestyle Shun-li and Cammy go to see what's going on only to be greeted by s/o who warmly greets them and gives them cupcakes and when Vega returns he's a little awkward but explains to them what happen (which surprises them both) and they leave happy that Vega won't hurt anyone anymore

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  • xx-autmnlvr-xx
    27.11.2020 - 6 monts ago

    I decided to discuss the Christmas situation with my family the other day and they agreed that there needed to be some cheer in our life so we decorated after our Thanksgiving meal!!!!

    It looks amazing and I'm so happy!!!

    Thank you @soapycocacola and @sweettooth-87 for y'all's great ideas and kind words!!!

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  • sweettooth-87
    06.03.2020 - 1 year ago
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  • feistyfandomthings
    25.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    Street Fighter Imagine

    Sent in by @sweettooth-87

    So imagine this (occurs after toxicity seriously thanks Capcom for that) and fang comes across his future s/o (probably in a library or something like that) and he's just awestruck. He just can't understand what's happening so he decides to end their life because he fears they might know him and could end up ending him

    So one night he enters their house and go to their bedroom to kill them while they're asleep but he can't. He just feels that again but 10 times or 100 times stronger and starts thinking things like "the moonlight makes them look even more angelic" "their lips look so kissable" etc. He loses control of his body and he kisses them softly in the lips

    So when he regains control he just starts panicking and leaves. The next night's he's blushing like a mad man. This crush makes him feeling like he's a teen with their first crush and doesn't know what to do. So some time passes Shadaloo comes back alongside Bison and Vega notices something weird with fang and discovers his crush. (The reason why vega is the first to notice is because even though he might be a psychopath he's not an idiot and knows what crushes are.)

    So he decides to help him win the love of s/o but that if they do get together he gets to be the best man at the wedding (which gets fang blushing of the thought of him marrying s/o). Fang accepts and the plan of getting him with s/o starts and in the end the other kings end up helping him (Bison says it’s to get him centered in his work but it's bullshit he just wants any of the remaining kings to get a family in worst case scenario they can make sure Shadaloo doesn't die).

    In the end when fang confesses to s/o they respond with "I have to be honest since that day I saw you in that library I thought you were the most handsome man I've ever seen. It's just that I didn't know how to express how I felt. So I'm really relieved you feel the same way"

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  • sweettooth-87
    05.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    When Albert woke up the first thing he saw was two male scientists and Chris Redfield

    They let him out and gave him so clothes then told him - all the people who wanted to do the same like you are dead. Umbrella is helping humanity to fight the mutants go have been reimplemented into society thanks to the help of the country of c/n. Yes even the few tyrants left have been reimplemented into society as well -

    He was surprised at those news but deciced to get dressed. Then he looked at his reflection on the glass of the containment tube and saw some scars running down his body (as an example here have a picture by KIIVG so go check them out they artwork is amazing)

    After the inicial shock he got dressed then alongside Chris he exited the room and was meet with a small petite person with their eyes closed - is he done? - they asked - yes mr/ms y/n meet Albert Wesker - they opened their eyes and blushed a little after seeing him - welcome back mister Wesker. A pleasure meeting you my name is y/n s/n and following the protocol I'll be your welcome family. Think of is as the family who takes care of a exchange student just that instead I'll give you a roof and explain how things have changed since your death. Oh and I must ask you. Do you perhaps have a sister named Alex? Because there's already a woman by the same surname in my house - he got surprised by their word then said - understood but what's the meaning for my resurrection? - they looked at him and laughed at bit then got surprised to see he was serious - oh there's no meaning just you know live a new better life without worrying about what you worried before dying. Consider it a second change to make something better with you life -

    He was surprised with their response and just decided to follow them

    They left the rundown facility inside a car towards y/n house

    After they arrived they got out of the car wesker looked at the humble home then they heard the door being opened and a familiar face appeared

    - Alex? - - Albert is that you? - the sibling exchanged a surprised look on their faces - so. You know each other? - they nodded and Alex said - he's my brother Albert. You know the one I told you about - - ohhh I understand know. Well I guess life wanted for you two to deepend you bond I guess. Well Albert let's get inside and prepare a room for you. Tomorrow we can go out and buy you some clothes. Don't worry if that got contact lenses and with those scars on your skin I'm sure almost no one will recognize you. If that we can say you're a clone -

    Wesker nodded and they wen inside the home

    This is my first fanfic of resident evil here. BTW check KIIVG page they have amazing images


    #resident evil #resident evil x reader #resident evil imagine #albert wesker #albert wesker x reader #chris redfield#umbrella corporation #s.t.a.r.s. #fanfic#alex wesker
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