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  • here’s an appreciation for all switches.

    whether you’re:

    -a lee-leaning switch

    -a ler-leaning switch

    -a switch that leans both ways equally

    y’all are amazing and deserve love. we love switches.

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  • soft light switches by claes oldenburg

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  • This is lowkey weird but I got the Nintendo Switch for Christmas and it’s so pretty, like I’ll go onto instagram or Facebook anywhere really and just look at pictures of it. Honestly so pretty, I could look at Nintendo Switches for hours

    #nintendo#nintendo switch#switches #they are so pretty #skins #with or without #i just wanna stare
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  • Day Eleven: How much control do you have over switches? Do you know of any specific things which cause specific alters to front? 

    A fair bit between myself and E. Beyond that, it’s a total free for all. I can usually get X to switch in if needed, if I ask very nicely, but it’s not an exact science. L3 turns up when she wants. We also have a newcomer that nobody has any control over whatsoever! And then there are V, H and O who are non-fronters, as a rule, although can and will if needed.

    Other than that, certain alters will come out in certain important situations, and of course if there are actively triggering scenarios. And E2 (a little) comes out if there’s anything she’s excited by.

    So… a bit, but not as much as I’d like.

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  • people who say the “just buy a figure of your favorite servant instead of worrying about rolling for them in the gacha” bit have the fucking privilege of their favorite servants having a figure

    #switch speaks #implying that if either of my favorite servants had (released) figures i wouldnt already own them
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  • i wish there was a way to see all your past tumblr urls because i know i must have had some fucked up ones in the 2011-2014 Dark Ages that have been completely repressed

    #i literally can't remember anything between fandomsandcake #which was my first ever internet u/n #in like 2011 #and poe-dmrn which was 2018 before i switched to bastardreynolds #that's a whole lotta time for some questionable choices #there's def some supernatural and teen wolf and marvel ones in there that would make me want 2 die #misc#personal
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  • image

    me right now, god i forgot how good exercising feels when its within your limits.

    #junepost #ring fit adventure #nintendo switch
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