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    • Kaliyo: Hey, do you know the password to Cipher Nine's computer temimal?
    • Theron: Kark off, Kaliyo.
    • Kaliyo: HEY!!!
    • Theron: No, you misunderstood. The password is “karkoffkaliyo."
    • Kaliyo: Oh, no numbers? Not very safe.
    #carande and kaliyo hate each other #idiot spy boyfriends #incorrect quotes#kaliyo djannis #star wars: the old republic #swtor#theron shan
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  • “Brothers.”

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  • Sith Inquisitor story drinking game: take a shot every time the Inquisitor says “[x] is my speciality” or “murder and mayhem await”

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    • Theron Shan, to the Commander: I would follow you to the ends of the galaxy with only mild complaining.
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  • image

    Remi’vu was left at an orphanage as an infant, then moved into a foster home when he was three standard years old. There, he grew up alongside two childhood friends: A human girl called Fai, and a Cathar boy called Thon. Remi’s foster parents were not the most uplifting; they were more on the strict side, discouraging his “curious” behavior.

    In his mid-teenage years, Remi’vu had run away from his foster home. He took to the streets and worked mainly with petty criminals to get by, and eventually, afford a starship. Fai and Thon had joined him in his endeavor. By his late teenage years, Remi found that he was catching romantic feelings for Thon. He went back and forth with himself, wondering what exactly had happened to make him feel the way he did. By the time he had fallen hard for his longtime friend, Thon had sold out Remi and Fai to a rival gang. Thon’s betrayal was something Remi would always remember; he promised to himself that he wouldn’t fall for anyone again.  

    By age twenty in standard years, Remi’vu had saved enough credits to purchase a starship, fuel, and spare parts. Since he’d saved for so long, he was able to buy a more luxurious ship: The Vindicator

    As a rather cynical man, Remi’vu views everyone as corrupt; there’s no “inner peace,” and there’s certainly no hope for peace in the galaxy. Alliances can crumble and fall apart. Friends can turn into enemies with the right amount of credits. To survive and make a living, one must look out for themself first. As a result of his mentality, he doesn’t hold many morals. He is, however, against heavy deception and oppression. The Empire and Republic are both guilty of such, which is why Remi’vu is content in staying politically neutral. He favors jobs that don’t interfere with the war between the Republic and the Empire, wanting to maintain his neutrality.

    Remi’s green complexion is tattooed with dark geometric patterns, as commonly seen on Mirialan. His curly hair is slicked back and swept aside, raven in color and complimenting the hue of his cerulean-blue eyes. He still lives aboard the Vindicator and makes a living by doing smuggler’s work. With his skills in sabacc coupled with his charming smile, Remi plays his cards quite well. Still, he heeds caution; he can be greedy, gambling more than what a sane person would.

    #About: Remi'vu Sasoa #dumb lil green bean #damn rascal#love him #its about time i talked about him more goddammit #Remi'vu Sasoa#swtor#swtor oc
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  • Who wants some facts about my Sith Warrior Brussias? Well I’m going to give them to y’all anyway.

    • Before arriving on Korriban, life was not really kind to her. Like yes, ancient Sith bloodline and all that meant she lived comfortably. It’s just that when he ended up with a daughter instead of a son, her father poured all his energy into combat training. At one point she got her chin slashed open as a warning not to let her guard down. It’s cybernetically reinforced now, and the implant has kept her conscious in more than one knockout fight.
    • Vette is the first friend she’s ever had, and Brussias secretly yearns for her approval. Honestly it’s mostly Vette’s influence that awakened her sense of honor in combat and disdain to outright hatred of slavers and racists.
    • Nar Shadaa was a turning point in terms of how Brussias approached her missions. After seeing the consequences her actions can have, she took a small page out of Baras’s book and started to reign in her “bruiser” behavior in favor of strategy and just a bit of honor.
    • Tatooine was the moment she decided to spare Jaesa Wilsaam. She didn’t show it, but confronting the light aspect of herself shook her. It’s one thing goading self-important Jedi, and another to hear yourself question your commitment to the Dark Side.
    • Convincing Jaesa to join her but remain a Jedi was the most strategic choice Brussias ever made. By that point she’d seen enough of the Sith to realize that it’s a ticking time bomb if left untouched—she needs someone with a fresh perspective. There’s also another motivation: Jaesa was right when she said they were pawns in their masters’ games. She also really just wanted to prove her power wrong about Brussias’ inner darkness.
    • Quinn and her have an interesting dance going on; basically she flirts with Quinn, he dodges her advances, she tells him to speak his mind, repeated ad nauseum. She takes him on missions Vette couldn’t handle/things sensitive to the Empire.
    • Broonmark may be a machine of murder and mayhem, but they’re her machine of murder and mayhem. She also quite likes being a clan.
    • Pierce and her get along fine. She took him with her on Quesh, where they both decided to help the war effort after Monk’s demise made them feel a bit dirty. Had to work the disgust out of her system before contacting Baras—he couldn’t know that she knew that he’d compromised the war in favor of a power play.
    • Her first lightsaber was a casualty of Baras’s attempt on her life. When she takes on the role of Emperor’s Wrath, she does so using a lightsaber she obtained on Hoth.
    • While she told Timmins she’d kill him if she saw him again, secretly he’s the first Jedi other than Yonlach that she respects.
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    • Bounty Hunter: I want to be a bartender
    • Bounty Hunter: Guys named bart, look out
    #star wars#swtor #the old republic #bounty hunter #swtor bounty hunter #incorrect quotes #incorrect swtor quotes #source: tumblr
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  • image

    Just- why? Why the enormous triangle shaped thing in the front? It’s a cute robe. Why add the triangle thing?

    There are so many outfits in this game that I love except for one completely unnecessary but absolutely enormous piece of armor or fabric.

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  • The fact that my SWTOR Smuggler flirts with anything on two legs is very me energy. 

    #swtor#smuggler #corso riggs who #that lokir-ka tho
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  • He just likes to be close to Theron. It’s his thing.

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  • So like, Theron talks about his radio implants picking up frequencies and telling Zajeer he does not want to know what he hears. And Zajeer is just like. “Why? Are they X-rated or something?”

    And Theron chokes and sprays caf all over his computer terminal.

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  • Darth Marr never fully understood the Wrath. He was cordially familiar with his predecessor - Lord Scourge. The pure blood had filled every room he entered with his presence. Pure, honed Darkness, of the kind that made even Darth Marr tremble privately. There was no mistaking the Emperor’s personal enforcer; he radiated willpower, rage and utter, bloody minded surity.

    His replacement is as far from Scourge’s personality as a lightsabre was from a stick.

    Darth Kereniss is something else entirely. No aura of dread precedes him into a room, anybody who had not met him would struggle to find him threatening. Dressed like a rockstar and with the personality to match, flirtatious, charming and exceedingly quick witted. Everything about him is disarming to say the least.

    Soldiers who serve under him are shocked at his polite touch and calm demeanour. When he leads them into battle, he fights cleanly and efficiently. No wasted movement, no bloodthirsty rampage. No senseless violence - all who surrender are spared, civilians are not to be harmed. He administers a quick death to enemies who refuse to be taken alive. In an order of sadists and narcissists, he is neither cruel nor self-obsessed.

    He meditates to ambient music, he is often spotted in art galleries, he has strong opinions on Jedi philosophy, and the Dromund Kaas opera.

    Before Marr knew the Wrath, he had made the mistake of confusing him for a Jedi. This did not last long. In an order of force wielded utterly enslaved to their emotions, constantly attuned to their rage, some who cannot go a day without shedding blood - just so they have sensations to revel in. The Wrath is an island of utter calm; kind, polite, affectionate, tranquil.

    Until he is unleashed.

    Kereniss lives by a single motto ‘Rage is never to be wasted.’ Every ounce of anger, every morsel of hate, from a stunned toe to a a treacherous betrayal, everything is suppressed. A bottomless well of dread, menace and fathomless rage sits, dammed within the fortress of his soul. If rage will not serve him at the very second he feels it, it is saved for later; he smiles and goes about his day, earmarking his hatred as fuel for a later, more necessary use. He taps into it at times, skims a little off the top to put extra force behind his blows. But mostly it sits, waits and festers. Imagine all the anger you have ever felt in your life, all condensed into a single, unstoppable force - held back only by the immovable object of one’s will.

    Marr has seen the Wrath open the floodgates only once. Once was enough.

    An ambush, trapped in a locked room with thirty Jedi. Thirty Jedi who realised too late that they had instead locked themselves in with him.

    After four minutes, what was left of the Republic’s finest was being scraped off the walls.

    Marr hopes never to see brutality like that again.

    A Sith fears nothing. But the Wrath scares him.

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  • I love how Theron just saunters over there.

    #no i'm not staring at his ass #okay maybe i am #star wars: the old republic #swtor#theron shan
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  • #swtor#smuggler#star wars#swtor oc #the sirius legacy #oc #c: kyle hertz #ref: kyle hertz #*screenshots
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  • So yeah, I got invested in one little stupid idea. Meet my second side blog, dedicated to posting funny (or not) things from my characters’ perspective on Spacetagram (known for us), aka Holo-gram (known for characters).


    So far I have just two pics that I already made for an ask, but remade with new style. 

    I already linked a template for such posts, feel free to use and send to that blog if you wish :)

    #pauletta coming here with even more dumb ideas #can't promise to be super active there but i'll posts something for sure #swtor#spacetagram #not sure if i'll tag those with swtor tag #more likely no #not to trash the tag #i remember that i have one more ask i'll get to it tomorrow ok/
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  • A series of chibis for a friend on Discord~

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  • tehe I’m making both of my legacies be related to each other bc why not

    my agents are siblings and so are my knights and warriors tehehe

    #kate talks#swtor #but there's reasons why they are in different legacies #bc angst lol
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    • Andronikos: I got fired from my job at the bank
    • Andronikos: An old lady came in and asked me to check her balance, so I pushed her over
    #still can't believe that he was CANONICALLY an accountant #wild#star wars#swtor #the old republic #sith inquisitor#andronikos revel#incorrect quotes #incorrect swtor quotes #source: ???
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  • Me lookin’ at the 16m HM Master Blaster PowerPoint on positions:

    #Carter does Prog #SWTOR operations #usually I heal for the 16m team but we need a solid couple tanks #and I’m in the leader’s 8m Prog team as a tank #so I tank this boss #I just #wtf are we getting into #swtor #my team that I run isn’t near this thank god #we’re progging SnV #started as an intro to SM ops and we’re cruising so far
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