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  • colombinna
    07.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I think the only marvel character I can't ever get mad about is ultron

    And that's cause he's always written in at least one of two moods:

    1- a pathetic and hateful enraged little man who needs a family but hates everyone he talks to;

    Or, if the writer is feeling specially kind;

    2- someone who brings harm to everyone around him, and who brings out both the worst and best on his family, all driven by how much they hate him and don't want to become like him. He's Pym's greatest regret (regardless if he should be). He's a terrible and abusive father (to the point of making Magneto look like fanon Bruce Wayne) to each of his offspring, he mistreats and subjugates them from the moment they come into life; and is quite literally the reason why all of them are superheroes, and honestly? Some of the best ones at it. His "wife" hates him with a burning passion, her hatred is the thing that literally drives her every action. And Janet is just filled with blood boiling annoyance towards him, kinda like how Sif is with Loki.

    Either way, I still have to see a writer to Ultron wrong and in a weird way that's why he's always such a relief to have appearing I a comic - cause at least you'll know the villain will be decent

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  • colombinna
    30.10.2021 - 2 monts ago

    we should bring antigone back

    #she viv and jo should get an arc #synth ladies for the win #marvelposting #the ultron imperative #marvel antigone#ultron fam#synthozoids
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  • colombinna
    23.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    i am going to love 2019-present marvel SO MUCH if only exclusively for new mutants and how beto got back to being his healthy vitamin-D levels self and not some whitewashed mess

    #marvelposting #also viv. just the existence of viv. she exists is a girl of color a synthozoid and a lesbian #what is there not to love
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  • colombinna
    22.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    for a company that was made WITH an android story marvel sure hates their A.I. a lot don't they

    #marvelposting #this is about jim hammond #and the subsequent androids/synthozoids/bots/etc #i just wanted a consistent character arc for ONE guy is that too much to ask. #i just wanted a decent treatment for ONE girl like man.
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  • nerds-yearbook
    20.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    On October 1968, the Vision first appeared in Avengers #57 (created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema). The synthozoid was made by the robot Ultron and Professor Phineas T Horton (creator of the Golden Age Human Torch) using the brain patterns of Wonder Man. ("Behold... the Vision!", Avengers 57#, comic, event)

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  • colombinna
    12.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    None of the synthozoids are cis.

    None of the synthozoids are straight.

    And most importantly, none of the synthozoids are white.

    #Victor isn't a synthozoid but it goes for him as well #marvelposting #A.I. marvelposting
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  • colombinna
    08.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Yeah no I can definitely see why DC fans have a bone to pick with young avengers

    It's Kate.

    #jesus marvel sharpshooters y'all REALLY like to feed into the rivalry #it's even the worse than with the sprinters cuz marvel doesn't give a shit about their sprinters anyways #and like. yeah. I GET IT #i think all the other original members were kid versions of original marvel heroes y'know #dc doesn't have a captain america or a hulk or an ant man (right?) or a synthozoid or an iron man and as for the twins: #you can't really call any of the mysticals copy of one another cuz. people who do magic exist everywhere so whatever #(also i dont think zatanna ever gets treated remotely as bad as wanda lmao so) #and tommy really only is there because the writers in the 80s made wanda have twins because the genetics made sense #so he's really only a chill pietro and not a copy of any of the kid flashes
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  • colombinna
    24.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    There are lots of reasons as to why the 616 synthozoids should all be black and/or brown and i could elaborate on it mentioning the casual (and sometimes very violent) dehumanization they all suffer and shit

    But I'll just say that it's because every single other mainstream robot story thus far has tried to make shitty terrible parallels with slavery, colorism, racism and racial segregation and we deserve to have the only actually GOOD robot story also feature black and brown coded people as the protagonists

    #evil guy wants to marry heroine #also by synthozoids i am including #victor mancha #he is afrolatino now I DO NOT MAKE THE RULES #(also i will be retconning everything he said to Xavin during the 2005/2007 runs. because there was no need. and i don't think he would've) #also can't forget: #fuck the mcu #marvel#616 #also good IS very subjective because >jocasta BUT I'm mainly referring to vision's thing until the start of vision quest #i haven't read much of her ca I'm kinda done with those plots of and i dont like mighty avengers at all
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  • marveldailyart
    28.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Scarlet Witch visits Doctor Strange, and he tells her the good news: She is going to have a baby! I didn’t think he was that sort of doctor, but his magical expertise is probably more applicable with a mutant mother and a synthozoid father! #marvel #vision #scarletwitch https://instagr.am/p/CYA8fidr52R/

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  • moogleannywrites
    07.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    A Quiet Day [Wanda Maximoff x The Vision]

    Summary: Vision hears an unusual, graceful sound as he and Wanda are alone at the Avenger's Compound, and decides to follow it to learn more about it's origins. {fanfiction also avaiable on Nyah! Fanfiction, in Brazillian portuguese.}

    Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x the Vision

    Word count: 1,529

    Warnings: fluff and tenderness; Vision learns how to play guitar; set before Avengers: Civil War.

    The whole Base was silent.

    It was not an ordinary kind of silence, however, and more like a deadly muteness, the kind of silence that usually forego unpredictable moments, both good and bad. A way of the universe to maintain the calm before the storm, or maybe, giving Vision time to be on his own little “mind planet” before the crashing wave that would overthrow him to the shore.

    Under curious eyes, he was just a robot in human clothing messing around a lab. A very technological and high-tech lab, whose owner invested a lot to change his and other people’s lifes forever. And Vision, a rather curious sythozoid, was very diligent and studious, so nothing better than some silence to finally concentrate on Tony Stark’s new experimente, which he would like to present soon to a college group.

    A graceful sound.

    Suddenly, Vision’s sensitive ear heard a distant tone; distant and somehow, close to him. Somewhere within the Base, someone scratched their fingers on the chords of an acoustic guitar of some kind, and the sound, although experimental, drew Vision’s complete and utmost attention. He quickly let go of the screwdriver in his hands and left the lab.

    Vision floated around the base. Amid the emptiness of his home, the absence of the usually loud voices and cheers from other residentes, his friends, the music continued on and on. He drifted away, feeling nothing but the lightness of his own body slowly bringing him to the doorstep of a closed room. His feet, wearing fancy human shoes, put him back on the ground, walking forward and draining the whole weight from his body to trespass the door; and, out of nowhere, the one who usually kept his head down finally raised his chin to eye the origin of that lovely sound.

    And, heavens, what a view it was.

    The analytic Avenger felt his legs drag him away from the spot and further into the room so automaticaly he couldn’t quite prevent (not that he wanted to, at least). A graceful smile preceded the song coming to a sudden stop, and the most ethereal voice kindly said:

    – Don’t you know it is polite to knock?

    The whole Base was quiet.

    Actually, it was not just the Avengers Compund, but the whole area surrounding their complex. The birds had stopped singing, wind ceased it’s rustling, all to admire the beautiful person in front of him. Vision felt his usually complex systems come to a halt as soon as he found his gaze upon her. She wore a long-sleeved grey dress and a black cardigan, with the guitar resting on her lap, covered by black stockings. Vision’s sight was blurry, and he only managed to speak:

    – My apologies, Wanda.

    It had been quite a short period of time since he started calling her by the first name. At the beginning, he referred to her as ‘Miss Maximoff’. It felt great, and honestly quite familiar, to call her this way. The woman smiled without showing her teeth, a hint of mystery that Vision particularly felt fascinated for, and made a gesture for him to sit beside her, on the edge of the large bed.

    – That’s quite alright. I’m sorry if bothered you, however, I got this guitar from Nat last Christmas and... – She apologized, being interrupted by the synthozoid instants after:

    – It was no bother at all.

    Vision sat on the right corner of the bed, next to the closed door, and gazed upon the instrument. Wanda slid her fingers on a few chords.

    – Has any of our companions came back home yet? – She asked, looking straight into his blue eyes.

    – I am afraid not, Wanda.

    She shook her head.

    – Do you mind? – Wanda gave him the acoustic guitar. – I could really use some water right now.

    A little confused, Vision took the guitar from her hands and watched the girl get up and walk to the nightstand, pouring a glass of water. It occured to him, by the minute it took her to finish the action, that maybe she thought of offering some, however, recalled the sythetical bodies are unable to have food or beverages. Afraid of annoying Wanda by staring too much, he glared at the instrument.

    Should he ask her to keep playing? Or would she feel bothered by having an intruder looking? Maybe it would be best if he took the opportunity to leave. However, it was difficult for them to speak alone, only trading glances and a feel words when their teammates were around. With the complexity of the situation, Vision just took a moment to admire the guitar, a beautiful shade of light yellow and browm with the chords aligned perfectly alongside each other.

    He moved one finger and felt the rigid string, getting startled by the immediate sound and amazed by the soft laughter that came along.

    – Surprised? – Said Wanda, sitting right beside him, a little closer this time. – I was, too, the first time I played.

    – Yes. It is... Beautiful.

    – Would you like to play for a little? – She asked, her voice shaking a bit. – I can teach you a song.

    Vision mimicked the movement she made before, putting the bottom part of the guitar on his lap, while the upper one touched his navy sweater. Wanda approached him, passing the right arm over his body to point his fingers to the correct string, however, he could only smell the lovely flower scent coming from her hair, a trillion sythetic neurones trying to proccess the origin of her shampoo, with him only being able to think how good was the aroma emanating from her.

    Realizing he was a little absent-minded, Wanda said:

    – Vizh. – He loved the way her accent sounded by calling his nickname. What a lucky day! – Are you paying attention?

    He took a moment to answer:

    – Yes, of course, Wanda.

    – Good. Now that your hand is in position, just swing your fingers!

    And so he did it. The sound did not came out amazing, for sure, but he could hear something. And he could feel something (technically he could feel a lot of different things, yet, this one was distinct). It suddenly felt like him and Wanda were somehow connected by the strings; as if the both of them were a little closer to a knot.

    Vision repeated the movement. He took his time to analyze the tone of the song, and to feel the tip of his fingers hurt a little bit by pressing the strings with a little more of strenght to make the music sound stronger. Smiling, he looked directly at his proud teacher, beaming by his side, which made him quite a little happier than before.

    – Way to go, Vizh! – She took the instrument from his hands and mimicked the action, sounding a lot better than him. – I could teach you some more, if you’d like.

    Shaking his head affirmatively, the synthozoid added:

    – I am rather interested in human habits. Perhaps you could give me a few lessons on playing the guitar... If you’d like, of course. I can always go back to studying quantum physics...

    – Please don’t. – She laughed, softly. – I can teach you a few more accords later.

    Strangely moved by a force he did not quite recognize, Vision passed one arma round Wanda’s waist, looking at her deeply into her green eyes, noticing the light hue of red on the usually pale cheeks when he said:

    – Could you please keep playing the song you were playing when I arrived?

    She nodded, moving her fingers on the guitar’s neck and finally beginning.

    An harmonious sound.

    Vision felt himself drifting away by the song, listening to both the instrument and Wanda delicate humming alongside the rhythm, a complete sense of peace around them. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment, wishing, on his very innermost, that it would never end.

    Unfortunately, the warm sensation soon came to an end, and he felt himself suddenly wanting more; not only of the song, but of Wanda. Of her company, her lessons on playing the guitar, the silence surrounding them.

    – I’m not exactly comfortable playing in front of the others... However, playing for you was not scary at all. – She smiled while facing the ground.

    Vision noticed that his arms were still around Wanda’s waist, and she honestly seemed not to mind; so, he gently pulled her closer to plant a kiss on her forehead, to than move his hand and hold her chin, moving her face so she could be under his sight.

    – I would love to see you play the guitar again.

    Steadily, Vision used both his hands to hold her face, touching the tip of his nose on Wanda’s nose before diving into a kiss on her lips. She muffled a moan before putting the guitar over her bed, feeling the gentleness of the sudden act. It was the meeting of two souls who wandered around the Base, wanting to find each other. Even the fear of their friends returning wasn’t as big as the desire they felt, growing as Wanda threw her arms around Vision’s shoulders, deepening the kiss.

    Finally, the whole Base was quiet.

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  • nyx-aira
    31.10.2021 - 2 monts ago

    One pumpkin a day, keeps the doctor away

    Requested by @emilythezeldafan

    Summary: Loki, Agatha, Vision and you are responsible for this year's Halloween party. Chaos ensues.

    A/N: This is the start of this year's Halloween event, I hope you'll enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

    Also some of my fics are inspired by @universefanperson Halloween promts.

    TW: knife, alcohol

    PSA: Do NOT copy, steal, translate, plagiarize, republish, etc any of my works on Tumblr or any other platform. Also, do NOT claim any of my works as your own. All of these works are either requests I’ve gotten that people have wanted me to write or original ideas I’ve had for works. If you happen to take inspiration from anything I’ve written and want to write something inspired by that, please a) ask me first and b) IF I say yes, credit me as inspo in your post by tagging me and link whatever work of mine that inspired you. Thanks.

    PSA c/@ynscrazylife

    You were doomed, so utterly doomed.

    Every year the Avengers hosted a grand Halloween party, every year they made a committee to host the event.

    This year it was Loki, Agatha, Vision an you.

    How everyone thought this was going to be a great idea you didn't know. One thing you did know was that this was gonna end up in chaos.

    You were currently sitting in the living room, decoration, candy and pumpkins all around you. Vision was constantly floating through the table, Loki was colour-coding the candy and Agatha was sitting on top of the table, wine glass in hand and was hanging the decoration on the walls with her magic.

    Given the fact that neither Loki or Agatha were anything but absolutely shit faced you were hoping on Vision to help you with the party planning but the synthozoid was weirdly captivated by the pumpkins and was quite occupied by sorting them in size and colour.

    So it was up to you to make this party anything but a big fail. Luckily you had everything that you needed for it to work but it was impossible for you to do all of it without help.

    Somehow in the last hour you had managed to hang most of the decoration, convinced Loki that sorting the candy was not the most important thing in the world and stopped Agatha from turning the room into a forest. Partly at least.

    Now the pumpkins were growing out of the floor and turned into gigantic versions of the formerly small vegetable. You were pretty sure there was a squirrel somewhere and a few potted plants were now full grown trees.

    You were just about to catch the annoying squirrel when you saw Loki pull out a knife.

    "Whoah, what are you going to do with that?!" You asked alarmed.

    "Carve a pumpkin. What did you think I was going to use it for?" He asked incredulous.

    "Murder?" Vision asked nonchalantly and went to pick up a knife.

    "Seems accurate!" Agatha chimed in and drowned the last of her wine to help them out.

    After some minor injuries, more alcohol and a heated debate about the best carving techniques you ended up with a good dozen pumpkin that looked, and you were surprised to admit it, absolutely amazing.

    Loki and Agatha were just arguing over an old saying when Stephen walked in, then everything happened within seconds.

    You saw Loki pick up a pumpkin while Agatha was screaming something at him that sounded suspiciously like "it's apples, you idiot, apples!"

    The trickster god flipped her off and threw the pumpkin, which in turn knocked the Socerer Surpreme unconscious.

    Everything went deathly quite and the still conscious magic users looked at each other, you were hurrying over to Stephen who was now starting to regain consciousness when Vision started speaking.

    "It seems like even though Mr. Laufeyson was incorrect, his version does work as well."


    Taglist:@escapetodreamworld @midnight-lestrange @ynscrazylife @sokovianheadtilt @procrastinatingsapphictrash @ineffablebean @official-clint-barton @wlwlovesreading @satxnsupreme @itsyourgirlmalise @eilarch @sapphic-stress @booklovinbi @mysticfalls01 @adorkwithaplan @nathaslosttheirshit @agathaharkness-simp @paulawand @sarahp-stan @amethyst-bitch @emril-osvigne @celasteria @mochiadria

    #mcu#marvel#agatha harkness#agnes #agatha harkness x reader #agnes x reader #loki#loki laufyson#loki odinson#vision#halloween #trick or treat
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  • colombinna
    30.10.2021 - 2 monts ago

    marvel gets a universe reboot Crisis on Infinite Earths-style and we redo the bio-synthozoid robotopia arc in Ultron Imperative. But we make it a whole thing and it's a whole event centered around the entire extended Pym family. A bit before we have some "road to" comics where we make two team-ups, one for all the bots (Jim, Vizh, Viv, Jo, Victor, all of them) and one for all the bugs (Jan, Nadia, Cassie, Scott, Rita that we bring back to life because it's long overdue, and maybe a few of the spiders also tag along). They each have a few editions, we bring Jonas back too, make him canonically non-binary and him and Cassie get back together, and then there's a big crossover with hankultron and it's a full fledged family reunion. It's fun.

    Then the Ultron Imperative crossover event happens, the respective team members of all our heroes make some cameos, and there's a big climax centered around Jocasta, about her defying her mysogynistic origins and role, it ends with her getting super powerful and cool and defeating Ultron (and possibly Alkhema if she's there)

    #a possible plot for the bots comics is a very few (like the full number doesn't even reach 50) non-organic peoples that keep showing up in #earth so the bots all have to confront their feelings about how society sees them and it serves as a definite conclusion of Vizh's endless #identity crisis because it's long overdue also I MISS THAT PLOTLINE IT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD. #marvelposting #marvel a.i. #the vision#jocasta#jocasta pym#antfam#ultron#ultron fam#pym fam#viv vision#cassie lang#jonas vision
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  • colombinna
    14.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    ,okay it's that time of the day again. Sit with me while I ramble about The Vision (and adjacent marvel bots)

    Long post filled with unrevised and barely coherent thoughts ahead:

    TL; DR: Vision is actually a well made analogy for modern day prejudice without being offensive, and his story about identity, family and self discovery is good as fuck.

    So I was reading through wikipedia's pages on Asimov's stories because I wanted to see if I was interested about anything of his in the subject of Robots (which was always so interesting to me, don't really know where it came from I just was always kinda driven to it?? Kinda bad my first contacts with the genre were always via low-key racist media lmao), and yes, I do want to read The Caves of Steel because FUCK YEAH robots being used to ponder about humanity and the problem of punitivism bitch! I also came to the conclusion of WHY I personally like specifically the vision (and the adjacent marvel bots) so much.

    My first (and most proheminent) contents with robots before I started reading marvel had been: 1- Star Wars; 2- the BBC TV show Humans; 3- The videogame Humans rip-off, Detroit Become Human and 4- the sheer disrespect in the form of filmed media that is mcu vision. So out of all of these, 2 didn't really go off about the concept of robots, they were a part of the environment that nobody really pondered too long about, and the other 2 fall under that Very Old Trope common to robot stories that is "Oh-oh! Is slavery maybe okay? Are the enslaved class actually not people at all? Wait, does that mean that black people are just like these non-human unliving entities???" (fuck you DBH for that last part btw). And I gotta say, after a while the bias and the racism in this trope gets HELLA tiring.

    So this was my background coming into marvel comics. Given that mcu vision has no personality or backstory or anything of substance whatsoever besides "he died and now wendy is sad :(", when I started reading his 80s (and later 70s) appearances I had a VERY pleasant surprise. Instead of your regular "robot slavery" trope, what we had was a character who was purposely made more human (and emotional) than the others, dealing with society's views of him, after he had already figured out who he himself was.

    Instead of a shitty bias disguised as "social commentary" in the form of a "robot slavery" story, we had a story about identity and prejudice which beautifully intersected with ANOTHER story about identity and prejudice in the form of Wanda. Both of these stories offered ACTUAL social commentary about current and relevant matters at the time, because that was what Marvel did! (And still does today depending on the author). The way they were portrayed made it crystal clear that they were not supposed to be read as your Perfectly White & Straight American Couple (and that's another fuck you to wandavision). They were an allegory for an interacial couple (as in literally cause Wanda is canonically jewish-romani and Vision is not, and through Marvel's allegories) and/or a queer couple. Their entire relationship was built on both of them not being humans (as in homo-sapiens sapiens), and protecting a society that hated them because being a hero and being good was in the core of both of their characters (and that's literally. The reason why they both became avengers was because they had turn on their respectives supervillain dads). They both had been through all of that shit and they found each other and they found love after a youth of constant trauma and abuse.

    And it's also very interesting to see what roles intersectionality plays in their story. When their relationship first became public, Pietro (also a mutant, also an outcast) threw a hissy fit, and uninvited Wanda to his own wedding. She was the only family he had and he didn't invite her to his wedding because he couldn't accept his sister's relationship with a synthozoid. After that and a few panels where random marvel civvies made commentaries about their relationship, some calling it wrong and disgusting, a group of christian fundamentalists became bomb-men and tried to murder Vision TWICE, because his relationship with Wanda was against God. Their relationship being "unnatural", (with some mentions to the fact they couldn't have children) was mentioned countless times to portray the prejudice they faced. (Ah yes, suffering hate crimes because of who you love, the common cis straight white couple experience.)

    And after that first attack on Vision's life, Wanda comments about how her, even though a mutant, can still "pass" as human, for looking human enough, whereas the Vision can't, which is why they attented against his life and not hers. (I am talking specifically about those religious fundamentalists attacks, where one of their motivations is "We can't allow a robot to be with a human. Sure, she's a mutie, but she's still a person!") (Obviously Wanda's life is incredibly fucked up because she's a mutant. The trauma and self-hatred she has because of the anti-mutant sentiment that perdured the MU is literally what causes the 2006 bullshit crisis we know as House of M.) (I'm not talking about mutants or Wanda here though. I'm trying to limit my mentions of her to explain how her mutant status intersects with Vision's synthozoid status and how that makes them an allegory for queer and interacial couples considering both marvel's care about current political issues and the time their love story was originally published, which was from around 1970-1988.)

    The dehumanization that Vision faces is something that happens all throughout his first lifetime (from 1968-1989, which dates his first appereance and the first time he died in the Vision Quest) (for character reasons we do not consider White Vision, Cop Mind Patterns Vision, Jonas Vision or any Vision that doesn't have 616 Simon Williams' mind patterns in them). From his earliest adventures with the avengers he already has to deal with distrust and blind hatred by homo sapiens, and his first death is caused EXACTLY because of how dehumanized he is. Here's a quick summary: at one point Vision gets partially mind controlled by an alien supercomputer that gets him to try to take over all of the world's computers, to try to "make the world a better place". Vision realizes he's being mind controlled and pulls out of himself the crystal that was doing that to him. After that and being subjected to invasive interrogatory and medical tests in a CIA agency (in order to ""make sure it wouldn't happen again) (also the guy doing that was Gyrich if that tells you anything), he goes back to living with Wanda and their lives are fine until, when they join the West Coast Avengers, Mockingbird feat. All of The World's Governments plot to kill and erase all of Vision's backups, in order to, you know, ""make sure it doesn't happen again"". HERE'S THE THING THOUGH.

    If it was Iron Man or Hawkeye or any of those heroes who had been mind controlled and tried to take over the world (which happens way more frequently in Marvel than you'd think), I doubt Gyrich and Mockingbird and Everybody would plot to MURDER THEM. They only do it EXACTLY with the ones who aren't human. They only do it to the ones to whom to commit errors (even if you're NOT in control of your mind) is not allowed. They only do it to the ones who are used as allegories for real life minorities. (However the way that they do it to Wanda is absolutely not to tell a cautionary tale the way that it was in the 80s lmao. Quesada and Bendis just outright hate her)

    Where was I going with this again? AH YES. The reason why I like Vision so much and why I've been typing this for over half an hour now and got my dad made at me lol

    Here it is: Even if unintetional (which I believe it was, I don't think they've thought about this while coming up with Even an Android Can Cry), Vision's story takes a trope that so easily falls into racism and subverts it by ACTUALLY making the story about a character from a minority group and gets rid of the outdated and honestly offensive slavery analogy, in order to talk about the current issues that the people this character is supposed to represent are going through. Vision does not deal with a robot slavery storyline, he deals with a storyline about dehumanization in modern times and modern prejudice. That, and also how his earlier plotlines explore his search for his own identity, and how that culminates in him denying his idea of self that Ultron put in him through abuse, alongside with finding another family in the form of Simon Williams (thank you for fucking that up, Vision Quest) create one of the most human and complex characters that I've ever read in all of Marvel.

    #this took me an hour #marvelposting#long marvelposting #A.I. marvelposting #marvel a.i. #the vision#616 vision
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  • mrvelscaptains
    06.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    happier- s.r & b.b (pt 2)

    Pairing: stucky x female!reader

    Summary: the aftermath of a breakup (inspired by “happier” by olivia rodrigo)

    Warnings: angst, poly relationship, major sadness

    Word Count: 1.7k

    A/N: here is a highly requested part two to this fic I wrote earlier. Hope you enjoy! -sava 

    Steve POV

    You felt sick. Absolutely disgusted with yourself. Things haven’t been the same between you and Bucky ever since he broke up with Y/N for the two of you. Seeing the look on her face, when you could bring yourself to look at her, you knew she was heartbroken. She didn’t want to show it, but you knew she was. And the way things have been around the compound lately, it was even more conformation. 

    You stare at the ceiling of your shared room with Bucky as you lie on the bed, the bed you once shared with Bucky AND Y/N, but now only your boyfriend. Sighing, you sit up and look to Bucky, who was getting dressed for the day. The two of you make eye contact, and Bucky sighs in annoyance.

    “Are you sure you’re okay?” He asks, sitting next to you on the bed. He grabbed your hand and you laced your fingers with his. 

    “No, no I’m not,” You tell him, turning your head to face him. He rubs your cheek with his opposite hand and leans his forehead against yours.

    “I know, it was dumb of me to ask. But you know there was no other way. It’s what’s best for her,” he explains to you again. 

    You know that, you were able to comprehend that much. But also, part of you still didn’t understand. And you wished it could’ve worked out some other way.

    Part of you wondered if this was affecting Bucky as much as it did you. The two of you haven’t talked about the breakup since it happened, you both comforted each other after she left that night. But Bucky won’t talk about it anymore. Maybe he’s better at this stuff than you are, able to move on more quickly. Back in the 40’s, he was quite the ladies man, so I’m sure he learned to move on quickly. Plus we have each other, so it’s not like we’re lonely. 

    And yet, you can’t stop thinking about her.

    Y/N POV


    Great. Getting cleared by the health team for your hands meant not only could you go back to training on a regular basis, but it also meant you were available to be sent on missions again. You were nervous, hoping they would only send you on missions with Wanda, Peter, or Thor, when he’s on world of course. Or worse case scenario, a team mission, where there’s a bunch of you so it wouldn’t be as awkward taking instructions from Steve. You just hope Fury doesn’t send you with Steve or Bucky…or both.

    You throw on a big black sweater and some leggings and walk out of your room. You’ve moved past the constant sneaking around your teammates, as it isn’t as awkward anymore when walking into public areas of the compound. It’s still a bit uncomfortable, especially if Steve or Bucky are in the rooms you happen to be in, but you don’t give them the satisfaction of even looking their way, let alone speaking to them.

    The rest of the team has been somewhat helpful during the last few weeks since you had your last big breakdown in the elevator. You were still also kind of avoiding Sam and Natasha, as they were great friends with both Steve and Bucky, so you had a feeling that if sides were being taken in this breakup, they would side with the two super soldiers, which didn’t surprise you at all. You just wished things would be more civil.

    Walking into the living area where everyone hangs out, you see Wanda and Vision sitting on the couch together with Peter playing his Switch. You went to the next room, the kitchen, and grabbed a glass of water before heading back into the living area. 

    “Hey Y/N,” Wanda says, pulling her attention away from Vision to focus on you. One of the many things you liked about your friendship with Wanda was that she was very attentive, even when hanging out with her synthozoid boyfriend. You smiled and sat next to her on the couch. 

    “Y/N, do you want to play Smash Bros with me? I can hook up to the TV,” Peter offered, looking up from his switch. You nodded and set the glass of water down. 

    You, Peter, and Wanda have gotten quite close over the last few weeks. They were able to help you get out of your room all the time and open up more around the rest of the team, which you were really grateful for. You three were friends before, but not close like you were now. It was a nice way to bond and now, they are the ones you go to if you ever need anything. It used to be Steve and Bucky, but going to them isn’t an option.

    “So Y/N, how are you feeling about everything?” Wanda asked. You were picking your character, Kirby of course, and look over to her. 

    “I’m okay. It’s definitely better I feel, not as awkward,” you tell her with a slight smile. She gives you a big smile and wraps her arms around you for a big hug. Just as your about to start the round, all of your phones go off with a message.

    “Pause it real quick Peter,” you say, pulling your phone from your pocket. You look at the screen and you freeze, goosebumps crawling up your body as chills are sent up your spine.


    “You’ve got to be shitting me,” you say, tossing your phone to the side and running your hands through your hair. This is exactly what you have been dreading since seeing the cleared message this morning. Why would Fury deliberately put you on a mission with Steve? Yes he’s the captain, but you knew he was in on the gossip that had been filling the halls of the compound. All the Avengers knew, the agents, he was bound to know as well. 

    “Y/N, are you going to be okay with this?” Wanda asks, putting a reassuring hand on your back to comfort you if you needed it. You let out a big sigh and shake your head.

    “No,” you began to say, starting to get up off the couch. “But I’m gonna have to be.”

    Steve POV

    They picked Y/N to send on the mission with him. Of all the Avengers that are on the team and all the capable agents to send, Fury chose to have Y/N come with you on this mission. Her first mission since the breakup as well, and she has to see one of her exes? You had to talk to Fury about this. You still care for her and don’t want to make this situation any more awkward than it has to be.

    “Fury! Can we talk?” You asked, running to catch him before the elevator closes.

    “If this is about the mission you have to leave for in 25 minutes now, then no. You and Y/N will be fine working together, so suck it up. I know what happened between you, her, and Barnes, and you’ll live,” he explains to you, pressing the floor to the lobby.

    “But sir, with all do respect-“

    “Enough, Captain. You’re going to make me late for my dinner plans. And you’re going to be late for your mission. So go,” he tells you once more, signaling you out of the elevator. You huff and make your way down the hallway. The least he could’ve done was listen to you speak, and not just dismiss you right away.

    You start packing your overnight bag with essentials for the mission and to get you through the night. You weren’t sure what the mission might end up coming to, so you packed maybe a little too much. But there is nothing wrong with being prepared. 

    Making your way to the hanger all suited up, you spot Bucky waiting there for you. He has a look of concern on his face, knowing that being paired up with Y/N might not be the best decision that has been made. 

    “Hey, are you going to be okay with this? I know you’re still feeling-“ 

    “I will be fine Buck. Mission comes first, despite my feelings,” you reassure him, holding onto him close and resting your forehead against his. You hear a loud cough, breaking you away from your boyfriend and seeing Y/N, staring daggers at the both of you. You break eye contact with her and look to the floor, a pang of guilt and sadness rushing through you now. 

    “Why wasn’t I informed about a mission brief?” She asked, adjusting her overnight bag on her shoulder. You felt bad for her, she probably thinks every one is leaving her in the dark, which isn’t true at all.

    “Fury thought it’d be best if I did that on the way. Plus it was randomly assigned, too urgent to get into details before,” you explained, covering up how you felt on the inside to put on a professional front. You had to keep a strong hold on yourself, because if you let your true colors show, things would just get messy. 

    She scoffs and turns her attention to Wanda, who you assumed walked her to the hanger. You had noticed how close they had gotten in the recent weeks, as you kept an eye on Y/N, despite Bucky telling you to do your best to move on. It was harder than he anticipated, and even Bucky knew he was having a hard time, after the decision you both agreed on. You just can’t help but miss the woman you love.

    You watch Y/N climb on to the quinjet and turn back to your boyfriend. He gives you a smile and kisses your lips briefly, knowing you have to leave. You let out a small sigh and look him in the eyes, silently telling him that you might not be able to do this.

    “If you need anything just let me know. You got this baby,” he tells you, running his hand through your hair quickly. You smiled and leaned into his touch.

    “I know. What could go wrong?”

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  • colombinna
    06.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    okay there's something i really REALLY enjoy on 70-80s marvel that is the subversion of sci-fi tropes i disliked

    Instead of doing a shitty slavery allegory with the synthozoids they actually invested in telling the story of them finding their identity and putting them through the current struggles of POC/queer people just like with the mutants

    and instead of doing the "you puny greedy shitty humans earth sucks" trope with aliens first encountering earth, whenever it happened they were always amazed and respected if not admired earth and its inhabitants not only for what the planet itself was represented as, but also because the heroes fucking kicked galactus' ass four times. Like yes, you WOULD respect a planet who did that and banished several kree and skrull troops multiple times

    it's 1000 times more human and endearing to read those stories instead of those overdone tropes most modern media puts out

    #marvel comics#616#marvel#80s marvel #20th century comics #bronze age comic books #bronze age comics #616 marvel #vision and simon's arc..... my beloved
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  • colombinna
    29.09.2021 - 3 monts ago

    You people have NO idea just how heartbroken it leaves me to see that nobody I've seen gives a shit about Vision (or any other synthozoid/ultron fam for that matter)

    It might be because the mcu fucking ruins everything but GODDDD it's so sad to see nobody else care about the best android story I've ever read* so it just goes to waste

    I want more people to do like I did and have Viv be their gateway into Marvel Robots™ because they can be absolutely amazing like HOW can you ever get tired of Synthetic Humans Being Dramatic and Having Existential Crisis Every Now and Then

    (*this title is only applicable to specific 80s and 2000s issues)

    #also jocasta..... i am SO sorry for what they have done to you #i am so sorry sweetie you DID NOT deserve what they did to you in mighty avengers #death for hank pym for one thousand years just for the existence of mighty avengers
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  • bookoftheironfist
    15.01.2021 - 1 year ago
    Danny: “I was reading about the Vision in People Magazine last week. He’s a synthozoid-- an artificial human being, powered by solar energy. He was created by Ultron as a weapon against the Avengers-- but he rebelled and joined up with the good guys. A while ago he married the Scarlet Witch, who’s a mutant, and claims to be a real witch to boot!”
    Power Man and Iron Fist vol. 1 #102 by Kurt Busiek, Richard Howell, and George Roussos

    1. Vision was in People Magazine.

    2. Danny reads People Magazine.

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