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  • txitzy
    30.11.2021 - 18 hours ago

    part 15: jealousy

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  • lalisaengene
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    6th member of txt

    Suki (수키) is a member of the South Korean group TXT.

    Stage Name: Suki (수키)

    Birth Name: Bae Suki (배수키)

    Position: main vocalist, sub rapper

    Birthday: March 23th, 2003

    Zodiac Sign: Aries

    Height: 158 cm (5 ft 2 in)

    Weight: 46 kg (101 lb)

    Blood Type: O

    Nationality: African/Korean

    MBTI Type: ENFP

    Instagram: @sukki_baby

    Weibo: officialsukkibae

    YouTube: sukiandpeople (covers)

    YouTube: SukiMarienaBae

    Suki Facts:

    – Her name in Japanese means ‘I like flies’

    – Her 2022 goal is to gain weight. (vlive)

    – Hwasa is Suki’s favorite kpop idol and hopes to have a body like her.

    – She is rumored to be dating Yeonjun as of 2020.

    – Suki can speak 4 languages. English, French, Korean, Japanese.

    – She studied in France for 3 years when she was 10.

    – Suki met Sehun from EXO in 2018 while she was training.

    – Suki trained for 1 year and 1 month.

    – She was born and is from Seoul, South Korea.

    – Her nicknames (from fans) are: babyczennie and Dolly.

    – Suki used to train with the members of Aespa.

    – She has an younger sister.

    – Her members call her bunny.

    – She is known as Hyuna’s prodigy.

    - Her audition song for Bighit was Change by Hyuna.

    – She auditioned for Produce 48 but didn’t make it to the show.

    - She named her cat, Jeno, after her friend Jeno because he is so sweet. (Weekly Idol)

    – Her motto is “Being good at one thing is better that not being good at anything at all”.

    – Sumin’s hobbies include taking pictures of her members, making covers of kpop songs, making tiktoks, and listening to musical.

    – She was revealed as the 6th member of Tomorrow by Together.

    – Suki would like to befriend the members of Blackpink and ITZY.

    – She is friends with most members of both SNSD and Aespa.

    – Suki enjoys playing video games with Taehyun during her freetime.

    – She joined Bighit Entertainment in 2017.

    - Suki was seen in Got7’s Girls, Girls, Girls MV when she was 12.

    - Suki’s mother is African American and Korean while her dad is fully Korean.

    - She travels to see her grandparents every June.

    - Suki rooms with Kai but frequently sleeps in the Soobin’s room.

    - Suki debuted with a solo song in 2021 with the title I’m a 빛 which broke YouTube’s most watched video in 24 hours and became number 1 on billboard for 3 weeks.

    - Suki’s ideal type: Someone who is funny and kindhearted. Also he should be able to sing or rap well. And he needs to know how to cook something.

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  • fairyofchampu
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    13. untitled (written/social)

    synopsis: music was all choi yeonjun knew. he lived and breathed music. he never thought that one day, his spark would fade away. where did his passion go? is being in the band just a waste of his potential? he didn't have the answers... but huening kai did.

    They had only done one day of lessons, and Kai was already catching on fairly quickly. It was as if music was in his nature, much like how it was with Yeonjun. He had a gift.

    Yeonjun watched as Kai carefully played the tune on the music sheet, doing his best to remember Yeonjun's tips and notes. It was rough, but incredible for a beginner reader. Yeonjun was in awe, hiding a smile as he watched Kai play. There was something in the way he pursed his lips and had his eyes trained on the sheet that endeared Yeonjun. Teaching him was simple. Enjoyable.

    He missed that feeling.

    "When do you think I'll be ready to try writing my song?" Kai asked, flipping through the music sheets he's finished reading and learning since the day before.

    "When do you think I'll be ready to try writing my song?" Kai asked, flipping through the music sheets he's finished reading and learning since the day before.

    "Eager, aren't we?" Yeonjun let out a huff, patting the boy on the back.

    Kai simply nodded, his eyes twinkled with desire and hope. He wanted to be able to write his song.

    "We can do a mini songwriting workshop today, and if you got it, you got it," Yeonjun suggested, to which Kai nodded eagerly.

    They began with a blank sheet of music paper. Yeonjun wrote out the clefs and details, explaining to Kai how to go about the process. He spoke bluntly, giving the directions and knowledge Kai needed. He didn't bother going on about what Kai should be looking or feeling for as a musician, rather just the technicalities of it all.

    Kai, without being asked, immediately began playing his incomplete melody. Yeonjun hadn't heard this melody in a while, and hearing it from top to bottom like this was a surprise. Just from the pressure and desperation in Kai's playing, Yeonjun could tell this song was about something or someone who hurt Kai. He could tell Kai had pent up anger and sadness in him that he couldn't get out on his own. All his frustrations came out when he played. Yeonjun could feel it in his own chest. The pain and agony Kai had been hiding.

    Yeonjun felt his own emotions flipping, wanting to feel what the music was telling him to. He almost didn't answer Kai's questions about translating this song into written work. He was too engrossed in the music that enchanted him since day one. They managed to write the melody into written music and figure out the structure of the piece however. Kai took note of Yeonjun's advice, writing them down and swearing he'll work on his own that night to practice filling in the missing pieces.

    Watching Kai take notes and immerse himself into the music making process made Yeonjun reminisce how he used to be. He remembered how music used to make him feel so free. Now, though, he just feels like he's trapped in a loop. Playing just to play. Not because he enjoyed it. He hasn't remembered the last time he genuinely enjoyed making music. And in this moment, he felt ashamed to acknowledge he was feeding off Kai's excitement and passion.

    Yeonjun stared at the untitled sheet seeing how Kai marked it and scribbled his ideas and scattered beats. Kai's passion was personal and pure. Something Yeonjun couldn't feel on his own but wanted to again.

    a/n late again oouf finals are coming up soon so ive been pretty occupied so this isn't very good but we'll get better on wednesdayyyy hehhh

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  • txitzy
    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    part 14: a BOY

    5 weeks later

    taglist: @lokideadontheinside @00-baejin-05 @iyeonjuni @junluvr @txtville @nycol-ie @mysticore-replies @kac-chowsballs @endzii23


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  • txitzy
    29.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    part 13: katara & zuko

    word count: 515 words

    beomgyu didn't know why but he found himself making his way towards y/n. "jo y/n, right?"

    y/n was startled as she wasn't expecting anyone, yuri had left to get more water. she ended up accidentally flinging her water bottle using her telekinesis. obviously having no control it hit the boy in the chest bursting open soaking through his shirt. "oh i- i am so sorry!" she exclaimed grabbing a small towel.

    "no no don't worry about it! note to self never sneak up on a telekinetic." beomgyu reassured the girl with a slight chuckle.

    y/n's eyes lit up like she had an idea. "wait if you don't mind, i have an idea to help with my training. you don't have to, but your shirt should end up dry if it works the way i am thinking it should." she quickly added, "oh but you don't have to if you don't want to."

    beomgyu smirked mischievously, "can i call you a friend then. mayhaps even i could be your training buddy? my friends never want to spar with me anymore. guess you can say they are scared."

    "mama didn't raise no bitch, so i will take you up on that offer. okay so i was thinking what if i can separate the water from your shirt. kinda like a waterbender like in avatar if you've ever seen it." the shaggy haired boy nodded to say he understood and with that she started her attempt. attempt number one she may have lifted beomgyu clear off the floor before returning him kind of harshly to the ground.

    "sorry, maybe i shouldn't do this do you have something else you can change into."

    beomgyu dusted himself off as he stood up again. he shook his head, "you can't give up after the first try. if we all gave up on the first try no one would get anywhere. take a deep breath and try again."

    time and time again she tried and tried, and even though she kept failing, beomgyu kept his patience.

    after awhile yuri made her way back to her sister. the younger girl just stood off to the sidelines watching. she believed in her and knew that once she unlocked a belief in herself training would go a lot smoother.

    after what seemed like the millionth try the water moved from the shirt back into the bottle. beomgyu and yuri gasped and at the same time spoke, “you did it!” y/n only nodded in somewhat disbelief.

    “wait i agreed to spar with you, but i don’t even know what you can do…” y/n said as she stepped closer to the shaggy haired boy.

    he held his hand out, palm faced to the ceiling. a small flame erupted from it. “well if you take after katara, i guess you can call me zuko.”

    taglist: @lokideadontheinside @00-baejin-05 @iyeonjuni @junluvr @txtville @nycol-ie @mysticore-replies @kac-chowsballs @endzii23


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  • pr0dbeomgyu
    28.11.2021 - 3 days ago


    **✿❀LINE 25 : LAST TO FIGURE OUT❀✿**

    "good morning,"

    the moment y/n opened her eyes, taehyun greeted her.

    at some point during her sleep, y/n must've turned around cause right now, taehyun's face is right in front of her, a lazy smile playing on his lips.

    y/n was too busy staring into his eyes to even realise their close proximity, noses almost touching. or even realise how tight taehyun's hugging her.

    it's only when he raised an eyebrow she realised she was caught staring. to cover up her embarrassment, she snuggled closer, putting her face flushed against his chest (which she regretted since her nose almost felt like breaking cause of how hard it is)

    "shit," she brought her hand up to her face, rubbing her nose.

    "what is this? some kind of rock?"

    taehyun only laughed, shoving her head away playfully.

    "get away from me. shouldn't you get ready for class by now?"

    "yeah, but give me five more minutes,"

    she replied, snuggling closer again, gently now, not wanting her nose to fall off, for real.

    "what if you miss your bus?"

    "i mean, what's the use of having the kang taehyun as my fake boyfriend then, if not for sending me to classes,"

    "not even 24 hours yet you're starting to use me," he shook his head dramatically.

    "shut up, we're literally heading to the same place,"


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    if there's anything y/n's good at, it's differentiating her feelings between love or hate. it's so distinct, she really doesn't get it when people say they have mixed feelings about something, cause to her, love is LOVE and hate is, well... HATE. LOVE is like her feelings for prodsputnik, an anonymous soundcloud artist she adores which she may or may not have a stan account for. HATE is like her feelings towards her roommate, kang taehyun. she even claimed that researchers are bullshitting when they say there's a thin line between hate and love. but what if y/n figures out that prodsputnik and kang taehyun is the same person? will the line between love and hate stay thick and clear as fuck (y/n's words) to y/n or will it get blurry?

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  • enhypenisnotforsale
    28.11.2021 - 3 days ago
    (5) MAiL : #hyunforpres

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    Sunghoon has always looked for one purple letter amongst the others. But when he hasn't gotten one in years, it's become difficult. Y/N believes that the feelings have gone, and so has their relationship with Sunghoon. But when Sunghoon needs 75 cents and Y/N is the only one to provide -- maybe it's time for Sunghoon to receive his long awaited mail.

    taglist: @ddeonuism @ja4hyvn @primorange @kyleeanne @miwonie @c9tnoos @nekkodiaries @killyoselff @kingkaithekiwi @liliansun @nyfwyeonjun @sunshine-skz @hoewithnojams @acciomylove @luvrseung @fairycheol @jejenono-ren @i2gyus @chirokookie @uauznaixla @verifiedsunghoonsimp @jakeytiddy @luvddeonu @enhacolor @mochisnlix @jjeongjjeongie @jisoos-bitch @mykalon @hobistigma @kac-chowsballs @nnasheii @tobiosbbyghorl

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  • enhypenisnotforsale
    27.11.2021 - 3 days ago
    10:13am // Lee Heeseung

    !! featuring !! y/n is an idiot (not affectionate), holding hands

    !! genre !! fluff, fluff, and fluff. drowning in fluff rn

    !! warnings !! not proof read, mentions of crowded places

    !! word count !! 0.5k

    !! a/n !! written because I miss spring

    the day was warm, and you were planning on enjoying your weekend to the fullest. Repositioning the laptop that was snug under your arm, you entered the cafe, the ring of bells signaling your arrival.

    Well, not like anyone could hear the bells over the overlapping waves of chatter that seemed to get louder by the second.

    You never expected your favorite cafe to become such a popular stop for people. Though you were happy for it's success, you really needed peace and quiet to study for your upcoming science exam.

    Scanning the room, you quickly came to the conclusion that there were no empty tables to station yourself at. Hell, there was barely a chair for you to sit in.

    except for one.

    "Excuse me? is this chair available?" the boy seemed familiar, but you couldn't place why. His doe eyes met yours, and you could've sworn his face flushed a light red as he gave you a small nod.

    "Thank you.." you trailed off, hoping the attractive boy would pick up the hint and introduce himself "Heeseung, Lee Heeseung" Heeseung looked a little disappointed, maybe you were supposed to recognize him.

    "So.. are you here to study for a test?" He closed his own notebook and you could see 'Science' scribbled onto it -- next to it said 'Mrs. Kang', there is where you should've made the connection, but obviously you did not as you said "Oh, my science teachers name is Mrs. Kang as well" Heeseung sighed, no way you were this ignorant.

    "Yeah, that's because I sit behind you in science" Heeseung bit back the love confession that threatened to leave his lips with each passing second. Your eyes widened as you slowly put the dots together. "That's why you seemed so familiar" your voice was filled with innocent intention, and Heeseung couldn't bring himself to be mad at you.

    "I was expecting you to at least know my name, we're in the same math class too you know" Heeseung felt his heart ache, you probably weren't interested in him, you hadn't even bothered to remember his name. "I'm really sorry, I have a bad memory" You were mentally reprehending yourself for forgetting the name of such a cute boy.

    "How about we leave? It's too cramped here" You glanced around, noticing how the cafe had grown much more crowded in the short 5 minutes you had been talking. "Sure, I wasn't studying much anyways" Heeseung stood up, laptop in his backpack as he offered his hand. "I don't want you getting lost, it's crowded outside too" He quickly explained his actions, blush enveloping his face as you took his hand into yours, interlocking fingers.

    As the two of you left the cafe, you asked Heeseung something, the question leaving Heeseung even redder than before.

    "I still feel bad for not recognizing you, how about we make this a date to make up for that?"

    taglist (general): @jisoos-bitch @verifiedsunghoonsimp

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  • jenzyaa
    26.11.2021 - 4 days ago



    summary: the team you‘re desperately trying to recruit in order to join the world dance competition is left stunned by your passion, because for one, none of you know each other, and two: barely anyone can actually dance. you‘re not sure what the bigger problem is: the fact that you‘re going to make an absolute fool out of yourselves for the whole world to see, or that none of them know the actual reason you want to join.
    pairing: enhypen x fem!reader, jake x fem!reader, jay x fem!reader, niki x fem!reader, sunghoon x fem!reader, heeseung x fem!reader
    warnings: cursing

    y/n's dream team | masterlist | next

    main masterlist

    © jenzyaa on tumblr

    #enhypen smau#txt smau #taehyun x reader #txt fake text #txt x reader #enha smau#enha au#enha imagines #enhypen x reader #enhypen x y/n #kpop fake texts #kpop smau #itzy x reader #itzy smau #aespa x reader #kpop x reader #sim jake x reader #lee heeseung x reader #park sunghoon x reader #kim sunoo x reader #niki x reader #park jay x reader #choi beomgyu x reader #yang jungwon x reader #ryujin x reader #yeji x reader #æspa#kpop fiction
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  • jenzyaa
    26.11.2021 - 4 days ago



    summary: the team you‘re desperately trying to recruit in order to join the world dance competition is left stunned by your passion, because for one, none of you know each other, and two: barely anyone can actually dance. you‘re not sure what the bigger problem is: the fact that you‘re going to make an absolute fool out of yourselves for the whole world to see, or that none of them know the actual reason you want to join.
    pairing: enhypen x fem!reader, jake x fem!reader, jay x fem!reader, niki x fem!reader, sunghoon x fem!reader, heeseung x fem!reader

    profiles 03 | masterlist | chapter 01

    main masterlist

    © jenzyaa on tumblr

    #enhypen smau#txt smau #txt x reader #txt fake text #enha smau#enha au#enha imagines#enhypen #enhypen x reader #enhypen fic#kpop fiction #kpop fake texts #kpop smau #itzy x reader #itzy smau #aespa x reader #kpop#beomgyu smau #jake sim x reader #taehyun x reader #park jay x reader #lee heeseung x reader #park sunghoon x reader #niki x reader #kim sunoo x reader #yang jungwon x reader #yeji x reader #ryujin x reader #twitter#original post
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  • en-logs
    26.11.2021 - 4 days ago


    ep 3: welcome to beomgyu's kitchen

    synopsis: it's a rule that bestfriends should never fall in love with one another, and that will never happen when they're both notorious players of belift university. but what happens when y/n meets heeseung's bestfriend, jay, behind his back?

    warnings: beomgyu's friendsgiving food ....

    prev ㅣ masterlist ㅣ next

    authors note:

    no bc how is beomgyu a culinary major FR?!
    i'll let him cater at my wedding though #moaconfessions

    please re-blog, like or simply interact! thank you for reading <3

    taglist (open): @m1ng-how @giyyuzz @jongsaengseong @hobistigma @sunshine-skz @p2arks @darkheartpeace @c9tnoos @hoonbokki @papiibuprofen @acciomylove (ask or comment!)

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  • enhypenisnotforsale
    26.11.2021 - 5 days ago
    (4) MAiL : black market energy ..

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    ♪♬ Sunghoon has always looked for one purple letter amongst the others. But when he hasn't gotten one in years, it's become difficult. Y/N believes that the feelings have gone, and so has their relationship with Sunghoon. But when Sunghoon needs 75 cents and Y/N is the only one to provide -- maybe it's time for Sunghoon to receive his long awaited mail.

    taglist: @ddeonuism @ja4hyvn @primorange @kyleeanne @miwonie @c9tnoos @nekkodiaries @killyoselff @kingkaithekiwi @liliansun @nyfwyeonjun @sunshine-skz @hoewithnojams @acciomylove @luvrseung @fairycheol @jejenono-ren @i2gyus @chirokookie @uauznaixla @verifiedsunghoonsimp @jakeytiddy @luvddeonu @enhacolor @mochisnlix @jjeongjjeongie @jisoos-bitch @mykalon

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  • soft-taegyu
    26.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Taegyu | This is Our Drama pt. 7

    ~Summary: It seems like everyone loves Choi Beomgyu. He's an idol, he's handsome, he's charismatic, and he's the top of the senior vocal class. He and his best friend Huening Kai are always the talk of the school, known for being funny and popular on top of being in Bighit Entertainment's boy group Blue Hour.

    Yes, everyone loves Beomgyu...except Taehyun.

    Top of the senior strings class and on the path to becoming a professional violinist, Taehyun is clever, witty, and sweet. He's hardworking and focussed, and he has succeeded in avoiding Beomgyu since he came to Gangnam Academy for the Performing Arts two years before. He doesn't understand the hype, and besides, he has more important things to worry about.

    Taehyun is sure he's going to make it to the end of high school without ever saying a word to Beomgyu, until the head of the music department decides to host a graduation concert with all of the senior music students. With countless rehearsals and quiet after-school practices, the two finally have to spend some time together. And Beomgyu is determined to find out why Taehyun is the only person alive who doesn't like him.~

    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 8

    Part 7: Let's Go on an Adventure

    Ms. Sato paced between the rows of desks and handed back the class’s graded tests. When she got to Taehyun, he looked at the grade at the top of his paper and sighed. It was good, but not great. Between going to Mr. Kim for extra solo practice and Minji working on her project with Kai, Taehyun hadn’t been able to put the extra time he needed into his theory work, and his grades were starting show it.

    Behind him, he heard Ms. Sato place Beomgyu’s graded test on his desk.

    “Good work, Beomgyu,” she said warmly. Then, she returned to the front of the room to address the class.

    “Overall, I was really impressed with the results on this test. I can tell you’ve all been putting in your best efforts. Now, don’t forget your homework! We’ll be discussing it in class on Wednesday.”

    With that, the bell rang, and the students moved to pack up their things. Taehyun caught Beomgyu’s eye as he slid his things into his backpack and gave him a small smile. The older boy took a step toward him when Kai suddenly appeared at his side.

    “Hey Beomgyu, are you ready to go? Our manager texted me and said he’s outside waiting.”

    “Sure, just give me a couple minutes,” Beomgyu said. “I wanna talk to Taehyunnie for a second.”

    Kai smirked, but he nodded and walked away. Beomgyu approached Taehyun just as he was putting on his backpack.

    “Hi,” Beomgyu said, grinning. “Mind if I walk you to your locker?”

    Taehyun agreed, and the two started walking.

    “Are you not coming to rehearsal today?” Taehyun asked. It felt weird to be treating Beomgyu like a friend, but he promised himself he would try.

    Beomgyu shook his head. “The members and I have something to film today, so I have to miss it. I just wanted to talk to you for a bit before I left. I was actually really surprised when you texted me before. I wasn’t sure you would.”

    Taehyun looked away, his ears turning a bit red. “Yeah. I guess I realized I wasn’t really being fair to you before when you were just trying to be nice. I’m sorry.”

    “It’s okay,” Beomgyu said, reaching out to pat Taehyun’s shoulder. “It’s part of being an idol. People think they know everything before they really get to know you. I’m used to it. I’m just really happy you texted me.”

    “I’m glad I did too,” Taehyun said quietly. He felt his guilt return at Beomgyu’s words, but he tried not to dwell on it. He’d just have to make it up to him by being a good friend.

    Changing the subject, he asked, “How’d you do on our theory test? I heard Ms. Sato compliment you, so you must have done pretty well.”

    Beomgyu brightened. “I did! Actually, I got a perfect score. I was so shocked because I had to study late at night during promotions and I didn’t think there was hope for me this time.”

    “No that’s amazing! Congrats.”

    They reached Taehyun’s locker, and Taehyun began gathering his things for rehearsal.

    “How did you do?” Beomgyu asked. “You’re so smart, I’m sure you must’ve killed it.”

    Taehyun sighed. “I guess I did okay, but I wish I’d done better. Minji and I usually work on assignments together and that helps a lot, but since she’s been working on her composition project with Kai, we haven’t been able to. It’s not her fault at all. I just should have known to work a bit harder.”

    Beomgyu frowned, thinking for a moment. “Well, how about you study with me instead? I’d be happy to help you.”

    Taehyun nodded, about to thank him, when Beomgyu’s phone rang. The older boy pulled his phone out of his pocket. It was vibrating aggressively, Kai’s name on the screen. Beomgyu winced at the loudness when he answered and held it at arm’s length.

    “CHOI BEOMGYU! You better come to the car right now or our manager is coming in to get you!”

    “Okay, okay I’m leaving now! Just stay there I’ll meet you.”

    Beomgyu hung up the phone and gave Taehyun an apologetic smile.

    “Ah, I really have to go, but I’ll talk to you later?”

    Taehyun nodded and tried to be reassuring. “Sure. Go on. Don’t be late for your shoot.”

    “Thanks, Taehyunnie.”

    And with that, Beomgyu turned and hurried down the hall, but not without stopping to give Taehyun one last wave. Taehyun turned back to his locker, but he was grinning to himself a bit.

    “So what was that?”

    Taehyun startled and looked up to see Minji leaning on the locker next to him.

    “That was Beomgyu,” Taehyun said.

    Minji rolled her eyes. “Obviously. I meant since when did you start talking to Beomgyu and look happy about it? You were paying so much attention to him you didn’t even notice me until I was right here.”

    “Well, um, I guess I kind of just realized you and Soobin were right and I should start being nicer to him?”

    Minji raised an eyebrow. Taehyun groaned and closed his locker.

    “Okay, fine. You know how I stayed after rehearsal to practice the other day? Beomgyu kind of caught me in the auditorium and convinced me to let him give me his number. I’ve been texting him a bit. And he walked me to my locker and offered to help me study for theory because I suck without your help. Happy now?”

    Minji smiled smugly. “Very. But hold on, you’re telling me he gave you his number, walked you to your locker, and wants to study with you? Taehyun, I love you, but how are you this dense?”

    Taehyun blinked at her, uncomprehending.

    “Oh my god,” she groaned. “Taehyun, I think that idol has a crush on you.”

    Taehyun’s jaw dropped. “No, there’s no way. We barely even know each other. He’s just being nice.”

    “No one’s that nice. It’s theory. And I’ve seen him staring at you in rehearsal. The boy has heart eyes for you.”

    Taehyun shook his head, but he was biting back a smile. “You’re ridiculous, you know?”

    Minji giggled. “Okay, but what about you? You’ve gotta admit he’s kind of charming.”

    Taehyun stuck his tongue out at her. “Please. He might be cute, but there’s no way that would ever work. He’s probably straight anyway.”

    “You never know unless you ask.”

    “Let it go, Minji.”


    On Friday after their strings class, Minji and Taehyun discovered the tip of a note sticking out of the Taehyun’s locker door. They gave each other a questioning look, and Taehyun opened the door to free the note. He grabbed it and looked at Minji, who gestured for him to read it. His name was written in neat letters on the outside, and he was dying of curiosity as he unfolded it to read the contents.

    Meet me in the courtyard after rehearsal today. Let’s go on an adventure.
    —Beomgyu <3

    Taehyun read it a second time and realized he was grinning like an idiot. He tried to keep his face neutral, but it was very hard not to smile.

    Minji was looking at him, one eyebrow raised. “It’s from Beomgyu, isn’t it?”

    “What makes you say that?” Taehyun asked innocently.

    She rolled her eyes. “Because you started grinning like a fool as soon as you opened it. And it’s written on Bighit stationary. Come on, Taehyun.”

    Taehyun felt himself start to blush and looked away, trying to ignore the fact that his heart was beating a little faster than it had been a moment ago.

    “Hey, you know I’m just teasing you,” Minji said softly. “What does it say?”

    “He asked me to meet him in the courtyard after rehearsal,” Taehyun answered. “Apparently, we’re going on an adventure.”

    Minji smiled. “Sounds like a date to me.”

    “No!” Taehyun protested. “It’s definitely not a date. I told you that’s not a thing...”

    But Taehyun’s words caught in his throat. It couldn’t be a date. He definitely didn’t feel that way about Beomgyu, and Beomgyu couldn’t feel that way about him. Idols weren’t supposed to be gay, and Yeonjun had already claimed the spot as Blue Hour’s token gay member, even if their fans didn’t know it. Still, he pictured Beomgyu’s face, how unique his voice sounded when he sang and how awestruck he looked that day in the auditorium when he listened to Taehyun play. How smart he sounded in theory class and the way the sunlight shone off his hair...

    He pushed the thought away. There was no way.

    “Alright, not a date,” Minji said. “But you’re still gonna go, aren’t you?”

    Taehyun sighed. “Yeah, I’m gonna go. Way too curious not to.”

    Minji smirked. “Hate to break this to you, but a cute boy just asked you to hang out in the cheesiest way possible. I doubt curiosity is your only motivation, Taehyunnie.”

    Taehyun gave her a light punch on the arm, but he laughed. He swapped out his books for his afternoon classes and slipped the note into the outside pocket of his violin case, where it would be safe. Then, he closed the locker and grabbed Minji’s arm, pulling her down the hall.

    “Let’s just get going,” he said. “We’re going to be late for our next classes.”


    After rehearsal, Taehyun found Beomgyu waiting for him in the school courtyard, exactly as he said he would. When he noticed Taehyun approaching, Beomgyu smiled.

    "Taehyunnie! You got my note?"

    Taehyun smiled back. "Yeah, I did. So what’s this adventure you’re taking me on?"

    Beomgyu put a finger to his lips. "It’s a secret. Do you trust me?"

    "Hmm not sure, but I want to know anyway."

    Beomgyu laughed. "Come on then. It’ll be a surprise."

    So Taehyun followed Beomgyu out of the school and down the street. As they walked, Beomgyu pulled the hood of his jacket up to hide his hair and put a mask over his face. He told Taehyun that he was trying not to be recognized so they wouldn’t have to worry about being interrupted.

    Soon, they entered the subway. They grabbed a seat, and the more stops they passed, the more Taehyun’s curiosity grew. Beomgyu stayed put through all of the most popular stops, completely throwing off all of Taehyun’s guesses about where they could be going. They rode the train to the very end of the line, not emerging until they were at the edge of the city.

    When they walked up the stairs and out of the subway, Taehyun noticed they were in an industrial area. The street wasn’t busy, and it seemed like the only people around were workers who were slowly starting to trickle home. Taehyun couldn’t fathom why they were in an area like this, so he stopped and turned to Beomgyu.

    "Okay, where are you taking me?" he asked. "We’re literally in the middle of nowhere."

    "You’ll see in a minute," Beomgyu said mischievously. "Come on. We’re almost there."

    Taehyun sighed and let Beomgyu lead him down one more block. They stopped in front of a tall chain link fence with a huge "No Trespassing" sign posted on it. Beyond the fence, Taehyun could see the concrete skeleton of an apartment building that had been abandoned mid-construction.

    "We’re here," Beomgyu announced.

    "What do you mean we’re here?" Taehyun exclaimed. "This is a fence."

    Beomgyu grinned. "That’s not true. Climb the fence with me and you’ll see."

    Taehyun glanced warily at the "No Trespassing" sign, but he decided to give Beomgyu the benefit of the doubt. He grabbed hold of the fence and pulled himself up and over the top, then carefully dropped to the ground on the other side. Beomgyu followed close behind him. Then, the two started walking toward the concrete building.

    "Bighit had us film a music video here once," Beomgyu explained. "A bunch of companies use it for a shooting location, but no one comes here normally. There’s no way we’ll get caught."

    "If you say so," Taehyun muttered.

    After a minute of walking through the weeds and grass that were slowly taking over the lot, Beomgyu led Taehyun into the hollow building. Their footsteps echoed off the cement as they climbed up several sets of stairs and emerged on a floor that was high above ground level. Beomgyu walked through a room and sat on the ledge of what would have been a balcony if the building had been finished. The idol patted the space next to him, and once Taehyun got used to how far above the ground they were, he joined him, letting his legs dangle over the edge.

    Taehyun glanced at Beomgyu expectantly. "So, what are we doing here?"

    Beomgyu smiled softly. "I thought we could talk and watch the sunset together. I know it sounds crazy, but when we were filming, I noticed how beautiful the view was, and I thought it’d be the perfect place for it. Look."

    Taehyun did. He turned to look straight out and his eyes widened. The sun had dipped low in the sky, casting everything in a warm, orange glow. From their height, he could see the Han River and the buildings of Seoul rising up in the distance. The glass skyscrapers glittered, reflecting the clouds that stretched across the sky like paint strokes.

    "Wow," Taehyun said. "It really is beautiful."

    Beomgyu agreed, and the two sat and appreciated the view. There was a peaceful silence before Beomgyu spoke again.

    "Did you ever find out why Bighit called us Blue Hour?" he asked.

    Taehyun shook his head.

    "It’s because they wanted us to be like the sunset. The actual blue hour is like a transition time between day and night. It’s a time when anything feels possible. They wanted us to be a group that could keep changing and start something new with our music."

    "I didn’t know," Taehyun said quietly. "I just thought they picked it because it sounds pretty."

    Beomgyu laughed a little. "It does sound pretty. I’m happy that its meaning is pretty too though. I hope we can be a group that lives up to our name."

    "I think you’re already doing well. A lot of people like your music. I think if you keep working hard, you’ll be legendary artists one day."

    Beomgyu smiled, but he was quiet for a moment, thoughtful. He picked at one of the buttons on his coat, then took a deep breath.

    "Taehyunnie, if I tell you something, do you promise you won’t tell anyone?"

    Taehyun turned to look at Beomgyu. The older boy was looking at him so earnestly. He could tell that whatever Beomgyu was about to say was something very important to him. Almost unconsciously, he found himself nodding.

    "I promise. You can tell me."

    Beomgyu turned to look back out at the sunset.

    "The thing is, I like girls…but I like boys too. I’ve known for a long time, but it still scares me a lot. Kai and Yeonjun are the only other people who know. It’s just that I’m an idol, and I’m worried if the fans found out, they wouldn’t love me as much."

    Taehyun’s heart beat hard, taking in every word. His throat felt tight with the weight of Beomgyu’s confession. He tried to think of the right words to say, but Beomgyu continued.

    "I like to believe a lot of our fans would be accepting, but I don’t know. It’s like they love the idea of two of the members dating, but if I actually came out, they’d be angry and stop supporting the group. I couldn’t do that to Yeonjun and Kai, but I wish I could be honest about who I am."

    When Taehyun thought back to the night he’d looked up videos of Blue Hour, he could understand Beomgyu’s worries. It seemed that people liked to ship Beomgyu with Yeonjun, and someone had commented "Beomgyu and Yeonjun are gays" under one video. A different person had replied to that comment with "No they aren’t, they’re normal," and it stung. At the time, Taehyun had ignored it, but he could imagine how much comments like that must hurt.

    He reached out and took Beomgyu’s hand, and Beomgyu turned to look at him, eyes wide  and vulnerable.

    "It’s okay," Taehyun said. "I understand. I — I like boys too. I’m gay."

    As soon as the words left his mouth, Taehyun could feel his face heating up. He looked down, afraid to see Beomgyu’s reaction. He wanted to take back his words, but he felt Beomgyu stroke the back of his hand with his thumb and hold on tighter.

    "Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone either," Beomgyu murmured. "It’s enough if we’re just there for each other."

    "Yeah," Taehyun said, letting some of the tension leave his body. "I think it’s enough for me too."

    Beomgyu nodded and leaned over to rest his head on Taehyun’s shoulder. With nothing left to say, they were both content to look out over the city and take comfort in each other’s touch.

    As Taehyun stared out at the sinking sun, he thought about what Beomgyu said about Blue Hour and change. He could feel something shifting in his heart, and when it settled, he knew things would be different.

    Maybe Minji was right. Maybe he felt something for Beomgyu after all.

    ~To be continued

    Part 6 | Part 8

    #taegyu#taehyun#beomgyu#slow burn #enemies to lovers #fluff#pining beomgyu#txt au#taegyu au #tomorrow x together au #angst if you squint #high school au #this is our drama
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    hot choco luvrs ☕️

    — FACTS!

    • yn & beomgyu are indeed, twins.

    • yn is student body president, so quite the busy person. they never really have time for themselves, but they do like that they can help their fellow classmates out. though they do get scarily stressed at times.

    • yn has a cat, named olli. olli is their pride and joy. beomgyu is definitely jealous of olli.

    • beomgyu, taehyun, and kai are all in a little band together. they perform at local cafés.

    • beomgyu and taehyun are best friends, and have been since diapers — beomgyu’s mom, and taehyun’s mom were best friends when they were in college.

    • huening kai, jiyoon, and yn have been best friends since kindergarten. the trio everyone loves to see.

    • jihyo moved to H.H. her freshman year and eagerly befriended yn.

    • jihyo best girl. that’s it.

    • taehyun and yn have had this back and forth sort of awkward flirting thing for like three years. it’s excruciating to watch.

    • yn isn’t, cold per se, but they’re not exactly warm. like they know how to laugh and show personality, but a lot of the time they’re just sort of, stoic. or, uncomfy, with things that they don’t know.

    • BEOMGYU BEST BROTHER. so so so supportive of yn, and will also smite anyone who upsets them. he does not like when his sibling is upset and will do anything to help them.

    • yn was born first. i know you were all wondering. they are older by 7 minutes and 27 seconds.

    • yn doesn’t really care for christmas. they’ve had some tough memories associated with it that they haven’t really figured out, so it makes the season hard for them to truly enjoy. so they’ve settled on not caring.

    • beomgyu is the only one who seems to truly GET yn. and obviously because they’re twins, but seriously. though yn may like olli more, they wouldn’t be able to survive without beomgyu.

    • the group is all seniors except for jihyo, whose a sophomore.

    > masterlist

    > the boys r back 🤝

    @bluhr all rights reserved © 2021


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    lonely hearts chapter 28 | hell vip list

    genre drama. warnings mentions of hell. wc 577.

    ‘i brought coffee,’ you announced, placing the drinks down on the table. ‘but i wasn’t sure how you liked your coffee, so you can choose. i got iced and hot.’

    ‘iced is fine,’ she shrugged, sitting down opposite you. ‘i don’t have very long to talk, so you better hurry.’

    the library’s bell rang softly, letting you know somebody had came in. you looked back to see your two best friends casually talking and heading for some shelves. turning back around, you grabbed your coffee and cleared your throat.

    ‘so, what actually happened with beomgyu and taehyun?’

    ‘basically, i saw taehyun around our building quite often,’ she started, fiddling with her drink. ‘i thought he was cute but when i found out he was in a fast growing band, i immediately thought i had no chance with him. of course, i posted about this on my twitter account because there was no way for him to see it.’

    you nodded in understanding, slowly sipping from your coffee when a loud crashing sound caught your attention. she stood and hurried off, ready to pick up the books that your friends had knocked down. groaning, you dropped your head onto the table.

    it was around ten minutes later when she returned, clearly not amused by the mess they had made.

    ‘ok, where was i?’ dropping down into her seat, she rolled her eyes. ‘after i posted about it, i got a message from lonely hearts. i signed up, wrote what i knew about taehyun as a joke, and then beomgyu started clinging to me. so, i assumed they got it wrong. i had to pretend that i liked beomgyu in that way, since under the spell they can become very possessive and even aggressive.’

    ‘yeah, i’ve noticed that,’ you slumped against your seat. ‘it feels like i’m being tugged in five different directions.’

    ‘i knew i would have to break the spell and that i would probably never get to see taehyun again, so i tried to tell them,’ you noticed the sadness in her eyes. she was most likely telling the truth. ‘i got a warning in the letter, so i just told beomgyu that i had put a love spell on him and never mentioned lonely hearts again. but they weren’t happy with me and claimed i now belonged to them, so i changed my name and tried to hide but i couldn’t.’

    ‘then what’s your real name?’ you thought back to her twitter profile and how it had said her name was honey, and how she claimed her name had been the same as a famous character’s.

    ‘yoo nabi,’ she stated. ‘i’m not lying, i can’t help the fact that they named a character the same thing. that’s out of my control.’

    ‘oh, right,’ pursing your lips, you tried to think of another questions. ‘i came in here before with kai, and you were here. you tried to convince me there was only one librarian when i definitely saw two, so what was that about?’

    ‘i don’t remember that happening,’ she shrugged. ‘but that’s what i mean by how i now belong to them. they probably have something to do with that, i don’t know.’

    ‘you said before that i need to change my description and delete my account,’ you anxiously played with your fingers. ‘but what happens to the person that i put the spell on? what happens to the boys once the spell breaks?’

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    taglist @rinyx @liliansun @jejenono-ren @yougeans @acciomylove @yunatic0 @iyeonjuni @txitzy @gyuville @ohmy-fandoms @kac-chowsballs @moaberryjjunie @yeonjoona @fritzdonnegan @angelicncity @soobana @youreverydayzebra @tz5yu @meijiamikas @etherealcherrie @aj-1154 @wh4txium1n @beomsun @bubblejunnies @ryujnworld @gorechoi @you-njinhwang @dollslaced @txtville @wisecheesecakecloud

    #txt #txt social media au #txt smau#yeonjun#soobin#beomgyu#taehyun#huening kai #yeonjun social media au #yeonjun smau #soobin social media au #soobin smau #beomgyu social media au #beomgyu smau #taehyun social media au #taehyun smau #huening kai social media au #huening kai smau
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  • enhypenisnotforsale
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    (2) MAiL : W [profiles pt.2]

    Y/N: 2nd year high schooler. That one cool looking quiet kid (according to Sunoo.) In the yearbook club -- partially by the influence of Sana.

    Sana: Another yearbook member. Met Y/N in elementary and has been glued to her side since. May have become Twitter famous ?

    Sunoo: He bakes so much that you'd think he'd be good at it by now. Met Y/N through Sana and gladly shares all drama within the school to them. ½ fire hazards in the baking club.

    Taehyun: Regretfully the yearbook club president. Hides from Sana. a lot. According to him is "the only one who takes photos for yearbook, Sana just tries to convince Y/N to take pictures of Sunghoon and send them to him in a letter"

    Riki: Joined the baking club because he thought it would be funny to set a fire. Thinks he went to Hogwarts? 2/2 fire hazards of the baking club

    m.list | prev | next

    ♪♬ Sunghoon has always looked for one purple letter amongst the others. But when he hasn't gotten one in years, it's become difficult. Y/N believes that the feelings have gone, and so has their relationship with Sunghoon. But when Sunghoon needs 75 cents and Y/N is the only one to provide -- maybe it's time for Sunghoon to receive his long awaited mail.

    taglist: @ddeonuism @ja4hyvn @primorange @kyleeanne @miwonie @c9tnoos @nekkodiaries @killyoselff @kingkaithekiwi @liliansun @nyfwyeonjun @sunshine-skz @hoewithnojams @acciomylove @luvrseung @fairycheol

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  • beom1e
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    lonely hearts chapter 27 | whole truth

    genre drama. warnings none. wc 618.

    the door swung shut behind you, the heavy wind making the bell ring much louder and more aggressive than usual. you passed by the front desk to see nobody was occupying it, then made your way over to taehyun who sat alone reading a book.

    ‘hey,’ you took the seat beside him. ‘have you seen her yet?’

    ‘yes, she was standing just over there watching my every move,’ he used his head to gesture towards a line of bookshelves. ‘then she scurried away as soon as you walked in.’

    ‘well, you wait here and i’m going to check out a book,’ slipping off your jacket, you wrapped it around the back of your chair. your bag was dropped by the legs of your chair before you were standing up again, and heading for the bookshelves.

    this girl was definitely an odd character, that’s all you really knew about her so far. your fingers brushed against a line of books as you searched for the right one, glances being sent around the building. there you spotted her, talking to somebody about where to find a book. you quickly grabbed a random book and pulled it down, making a beeline for the front desk.

    a small bell sat in front of you on the wooden desk, asking you to ring it for any help. you impatiently tapped the bell until you heard an annoyed groan from behind you.

    ‘what do you want?’ she came into view, glaring at you.

    ‘is that how you treat your customers?’ holding up the book, you passed it across the desk to her.

    ‘that’s how i treat annoying customers,’ she sent you a forced smile, opening the book and scanning it. ‘and customers who aren’t really here to check out books.’

    ‘well, nabi, there’s a book,’ you spat back. ‘and i’m checking it out.’

    ‘and you just happen to be friends with kang taehyun?’ she slid the book back towards you. ‘why don’t you tell me why you’re really here so i can take my lunch break already?’

    ‘ok, then what do you know about lonely hearts?’ you raised a brow, leaning further over the desk.

    ‘never heard of it,’ she cleared her throat, eyes avoiding yours. ‘now if that’s all you came here to ask, i’ll just go.’

    ‘you’re lying,’ scoffing, you stopped her in her tracks. ‘are you the one that set me up with taehyun’s entire band?’

    ‘no, i didn’t,’ her voice had lowered to a whisper. ‘you need to delete your account and block their socials.’

    well, you definitely weren’t expecting that.

    ‘why?’ matching her volume, you glanced back at taehyun. ‘will that break off the spell?’

    ‘no, you have to change your description about your ideal type to do that,’ she sighed. ‘but then you’ll just be putting a spell on somebody else. look, i don’t know what beomgyu or taehyun told you about me, but i can assure you that it’s not the whole truth.’

    ‘then what is the whole truth?’ you were cut off by your phone ringing in your bag. she shook her head and backed away. ‘you can’t tell me even just a little more?’

    ‘come back here alone and we’ll talk,’ you noticed her eyes drifting towards taehyun who sat unbothered by your ringing phone. ‘we’re not allowed to discuss this around people who don’t have accounts, as it ruins the business and we’ll be punished for eternity… or at least that’s what they told me in their very threatening letter they sent to me.’

    ‘alone?’ despite what she’d said, you weren’t sure if you trusted her just yet. it could all be a complex lie, after all. ‘ok, i’ll come again tomorrow around the same time, then.’

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    taglist @rinyx @liliansun @jejenono-ren @yougeans @acciomylove @yunatic0 @iyeonjuni @txitzy @gyuville @ohmy-fandoms @kac-chowsballs @moaberryjjunie @yeonjoona @fritzdonnegan @angelicncity @soobana @youreverydayzebra @tz5yu @meijiamikas @etherealcherrie @aj-1154 @wh4txium1n @beomsun @bubblejunnies @ryujnworld @gorechoi @you-njinhwang @dollslaced @txtville @wisecheesecakecloud

    #txt #txt social media au #txt smau#yeonjun#soobin#beomgyu#taehyun#huening kai #yeonjun social media au #yeonjun smau #soobin social media au #soobin smau #beomgyu social media au #beomgyu smau #taehyun social media au #taehyun smau #huening kai social media au #huening kai smau
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  • enhypenisnotforsale
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    (1) MAiL : #boss [profiles pt. 1]

    Sunghoon: Hopeless romantic and doesn't even know who he loves. Constantly being scolded for not trying hard enough during track. Unintentionally twitter famous?

    Jake: Somehow? In? the Track and Field? Group Chat? He's the captain of the soccer team what is he doing here? Doesn't understand anything about track. Does not support being called jakeypoo

    Jungwon: banned the words “purple letter” during practice (can you imagine Sung Hoon's sadness?)

    Yeonjun: Sunghoons enabler #1, will support anything Hoon does even if it's stupid (which it is most of the time)

    Heeseung: Sunghoons enabler #2, not because he supports him, but because he thinks it's funny.

    m.list | prev | next

    ♪♬ Sunghoon has always looked for one purple letter amongst the others. But when he hasn't gotten one in years, it's become difficult. Y/N believes that the feelings have gone, and so has their relationship with Sunghoon. But when Sunghoon needs 75 cents and Y/N is the only one to provide -- maybe it's time for Sunghoon to receive his long awaited mail.

    taglist: @ddeonuism @ja4hyvn @primorange @kyleeanne @miwonie @c9tnoos @nekkodiaries @killyoselff @kingkaithekiwi @liliansun @nyfwyeonjun @sunshine-skz @hoewithnojams @luvrseung @fairycheol

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  • soft-taegyu
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    Taegyu | All Was Golden

    Chapter 4


    Long ago, the Sun and Moon fell in love and made a promise to stay together forever by reincarnating as mortals.

    Now, Beomgyu has inherited the spirit of the Sun and has grown up admiring Taehyun from afar, knowing that they are destined to be together one day.

    But Taehyun doesn’t care about old legends and wants to write his own destiny instead, Moon spirit or not.

    Rating: M

    Word Count: 11,000+ (ongoing)

    Tags: sun spirit beomgyu | moon spirit taehyun | Soulmates, kind of | made up religion | Fate & Destiny | Promises, Alternate Universe - Modern with Magic | taehyun doesn’t believe in gods but he is one | and very angry when he finds out about it | choi beomgyu is in love | Best Friends Choi Beomgyu & Huening Kai | ancient legends | Implied Sexual Content | Happy Ending | Fluff and Angst | choi beomgyu is a romantic | Kissing | No Smut (I don’t write smut) | no beta my mistakes just haunt me | Slow Burn~

    Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 5

    Chapter 4: Meetings

    The next morning, Beomgyu began his day not by admiring his beloved, but by raiding the Kangs’ garden shed. Simply dressed in cargo pants and a black T-shirt and armed with a ladder, a spade, gloves, and hedge trimmers, he set out to begin work on the garden. Impressing Mr. Kang seemed like a good way to prove himself as a worthy match for his son, and if Taehyun happened to come by while he was working, it was simply an added bonus.

    The garden behind the manor house was a maze of hedges, flowering trees, and carefully cultivated flower beds. Beomgyu had only ever seen the portion of it closest to the back of the house, since that was where Taehyun spent most of his time. He soon discovered it was much larger than he anticipated, with a whole section wrapped around the far side of the house. Still, he was not deterred and decided to start by cleaning up the cedar hedges and topiary bushes.

    Carefully, Beomgyu set up the ladder to begin reshaping the hedge that wrapped around the back of the garden. He worked meticulously, trimming down any overgrown sections and stray leaves until the hedge was back to a perfect rectangle shape. Occasionally, he’d have to use his powers to infuse part of the plant with warmth, encouraging it to grow and fill in spaces that were a bit sparse. It wasn’t the most interesting work, but Beomgyu didn’t really mind. He let himself daydream a little, content to be surrounded by plants.

    He went on like that for the better part of the morning and into the afternoon. When he finished with the outer hedge, he moved to the inner part of the topiary section, finding the rounded and spiralling bushes to be somewhat more entertaining to work with. Eventually, he came across a small tree shrub that was supposed to be a perfect sphere, but it had grown so lopsided that the shape was no longer recognizable. Rather than trimming down the overgrown side, he decided he’d help the other side grow enough to even it out. He took off his gardening gloves, dropped them at the base of the tree, and let his magic flow from his hands while new branches and leaves grew beneath them.

    "Are you a Moon Acolyte too?"

    Beomgyu startled at the voice and turned to see Taehyun, still wearing his Acolyte robes, standing behind him. He dropped his hands and tried to figure out how Taehyun came to that conclusion when he wasn’t wearing any kind of Acolyte uniform. Beomgyu must have looked confused, because Taehyun gestured past him to the plant he was working with.

    "Oh," Beomgyu said, realizing that Taehyun was asking about the magic. "No, I…I’m a Sun Acolyte. Did you just get home from work?"

    Taehyun nodded. "Yeah. I saw you working and I wasn’t going to bother you, but I thought you needed healing magic to manipulate plants. How are you doing that with a Sun power?"

    "I was using a modified form of fire magic," Beomgyu explained honestly. "If I channel some warmth and light energy into the plants it’s like they’re getting concentrated sunlight, so they grow faster."

    "Like super fast photosynthesis!" Taehyun exclaimed. "Can you show me?"

    Beomgyu smiled, his heart swelling at how cute Taehyun was when he was excited. He gestured for Taehyun to come closer.

    Taehyun stepped up to watch over Beomgyu’s shoulder, and Beomgyu had to take a deep breath to refocus himself and not get distracted by how close the other boy was standing. He held his hands up by the part of the plant he’d been working on and tried to limit the flow of power so that the process was slow and easier to observe. A faint glow, almost unnoticeable, appeared in the palms of Beomgyu’s hands, and a second later, the leaves of the plant glowed too. The branches started to grow longer, buds forming for a moment before they opened up as new leaves. Then, Beomgyu stopped and dropped his hands, the process complete.

    "I learned this from my dad," Beomgyu explained. "It’s a pretty common skill for people with fire magic, but he’s got it down to an art. Most people know him as a healer because he mainly uses lunar healing magic, but he’s one of those rare people with both a lunar and solar power. He spent a lot of time working on techniques that combine his two powers to be a better healer, so I bet he could explain it a lot better than I can."

    Taehyun nodded and stepped around Beomgyu to examine the plant.

    "This is so cool," Taehyun said. "I’ve always thought that magic really was just like natural processes that we can manipulate. Like you basically just sped up the plant’s normal growth process, and when I use my powers to manipulate water, it’s like gravity and the tides. Magic really is so much like science that way."

    Beomgyu stared at him, mesmerized.

    Taehyun looked away sheepishly. "Sorry if that’s weird. I always wanted to study the relationship between science and magic to get a better understanding of our skills. I just think it’s really interesting."

    Beomgyu shook his head. "It’s not weird at all! It’s just a different perspective. You should tell me more about it sometime."

    Taehyun gave Beomgyu a warm smile. "Thanks. I’m not really used to talking about this stuff with other Acolytes. I don’t really have as much faith in the Sun and Moon as they do, and I guess it just puts them off. It’s nice of you to listen."

    Beomgyu hesitated for a moment, then reached out to give Taehyun a light touch on the arm. "Well, you can always come out here and find me if you want someone to talk to. No ideas are too crazy for me. I think your mind is incredible."

    "Thank you," Taehyun said quietly.

    They stood there for a moment before Beomgyu realized his hand was still resting on Taehyun’s arm. He felt his cheeks flush, and he dropped his arm and turned back to the plant.

    "Um," Beomgyu started, "I guess I should get back to my gardening. But come say hi again sometime?"

    "Sure," Taehyun said. "I’ll let you get back to work."

    With that, Taehyun turned to head back towards the house. As he watched him walk away, Beomgyu wished that Taehyun was still by his side.


    A couple days later, Beomgyu found himself moving from hedges to flower beds, which meant dealing with weeds.

    If it wouldn’t hurt the flowers, I’d use fire magic to incinerate these bitches, Beomgyu thought as he attacked his fourth flower bed with a spade.

    He’d begun the day with a lot more patience than he had right then. When he’d started pulling weeds, part of him felt bad about it. As the Sun spirit, he felt a connection to and reverence for all life forms. But a few hundred weeds and several hours later, he decided that that reverence did not extend to weeds or to bugs. His arms were sore and his legs were cramping up from being crouched for so long. The only saving grace was that he was immune to the affects of the sun beating down on him while he worked.

    After another minute, Beomgyu stood up, his knees protesting at the movement. He’d had enough for the time being, so he decided to take a break. Just behind him, there was a large, circular fountain that had stone statues of turtles and lotus flowers set up on a tower of rocks. Beomgyu walked over to it and lay down on the wide cement ledge that surrounded its base. He let his right hand slip over the edge and rest in the pool of water at the bottom.

    He sighed and stared up at the clear sky above him. The cool water felt soothing on his hand, which was sore from digging so much with the spade. Surrounded by flowers and the sound of the fountain, he fought the urge to fall asleep.

    Suddenly, footsteps brought Beomgyu back to attention. He sat up, looking for the source of the sound, and saw Taehyun walking towards him.

    "Hey," Taehyun said. "Do you wanna take a break for a bit? I made iced tea, and I thought you might want some too. You look kind of dead."

    Beomgyu stood up and nodded eagerly. "That would be great. Thank you."

    Taehyun gave Beomgyu a soft smile and gestured for him to follow. Together, they walked through the garden to the patio just behind the manor house. Taehyun led Beomgyu into the shade under a white marble pavilion, where a table was set up with a pitcher of iced tea, glasses, and two wicker chairs placed across from each other. The younger boy gestured for Beomgyu to sit down and poured two glasses of iced tea before taking his seat.

    Beomgyu took a sip of his drink and hummed appreciatively. "You’re an angel, seriously. This tea is perfect."

    Taehyun waved a hand dismissively. "I’ve seen how hard you’ve been working. It’s the least I could do."

    "It’s not much, really. I just want things to be nice for your birthday."

    Taehyun nodded, and Beomgyu noticed a tinge of pink appear at the tips of his ears. He smiled fondly at Taehyun and took another sip of his tea.

    A beat passed quietly, and Beomgyu realized he really wasn’t sure what to talk about. He was struck by the thought that he knew so much about Taehyun, yet nothing at all at the same time. How could he know enough to be in love, but not enough to know what to say? There was so much he wanted to ask but still so much he had to hide. He pondered for a moment, then decided to ask the safest question he could think of.

    "How was work?"

    Taehyun groaned and dropped his head in his hands.

    Beomgyu frowned. "That bad?"

    "Not exactly," Taehyun sighed. "It’s just retail. There are worse things than selling keychains and magnets to tourists, but there are a lot of things I’d rather be doing."

    "You could always talk to my dad about getting a new placement at the Temple," Beomgyu offered. "I’m sure he could find you something better to do." Well, at least until your birthday when you’ll have to leave to take on Moon responsibilities anyway.

    Taehyun shook his head. "I don’t think that would go over well. Besides, it’s not all bad. I don’t know if you’ve met him since he usually works with Moon Acolytes, but my supervisor is Jungkook, and he’s pretty cool. He has me making bootleg healing elixirs on slow days so we can sell them to tourists and make extra money. He keeps telling people the Moon spirit enchanted them."

    Beomgyu laughed. If only you knew how true that actually was. Out loud, he said, "No, I’ve never met him, but I think I’d like him."

    Taehyun looked down and traced patterns in the condensation on his glass. "Yeah. Sometimes I feel like he’s the only one that actually listens to me. I just have a hard time believing that the Sun and Moon actually reincarnate as humans, and all the other Acolytes get really weird around me when I bring it up. Your dad always taught us to seek the truth, so I don’t understand why it’s the one topic they avoid."

    Beomgyu’s heart clenched. He could give Taehyun the answer to that so easily, and hearing the rejection in Taehyun’s voice was almost enough to make him tell him right there. Still, he held himself back. Hang in there a bit longer, love.

    "I’m sorry," Beomgyu muttered. "It’s not fair that they won’t even talk to you about it."

    Taehyun shrugged. "It is what it is. I’ve always known I thought about things differently than most of the Acolytes. I’m stuck in Eternia though, so I can’t follow my own path."

    Beomgyu set his elbows on the table and leaned forward. He perched his head on his hands. "And what would you do if you could do anything you wanted to? What do you dream about doing?"

    That finally brought the smile back to Taehyun’s face.

    "I’d be a professor. You know how I told you I’m interested in how magic and science are connected? I did some research and found out that MagiTech University in Hybe City has one of the best practical magic departments in the country. Their professors are doing revolutionary studies in how magic processes reflect scientific principles. I’d want to study there for sure if I could."

    Beomgyu grinned. "That sounds amazing. And you’re so smart I bet you’d be great at it."

    "I don’t know," Taehyun said wistfully. "I’d have to do really well on their admissions exam to even be considered. Still, there’s no point in applying anyway. I learned how to use my magic as an Acolyte. Which is fine, I guess, but I wish people would at least try to see things my way."

    The more they talked, the more Beomgyu realized something: Taehyun was lonely. They were both different than other people, but unlike Beomgyu, Taehyun hadn’t been raised knowing the reason why, so he blamed it on the way he thought and the things he believed. He wanted to tell Taehyun the truth, but his promise to Mr. Kang made him hold his tongue.

    I’ll be here for you, Taehyun, Beomgyu silently promised. Always. As long as I’m here, I’ll never let you feel alone again.


    As the weeks passed by, Beomgyu saw Taehyun through brief, run-in conversations in the garden and fleeting, stolen glances. They would talk occasionally, but it was never enough. Every moment spent with Taehyun left Beomgyu longing for him more.

    It was torture. Sometimes, if he saw Taehyun in the morning before he left for work, the Moon Acolyte would give him a warm smile and a cute wave, leaving Beomgyu soft and blushing. The odd afternoon, Taehyun would come by and offer him a drink or a snack, but he never stuck around for long. The worst days, though, were when Taehyun went for a run.

    On his days off, Taehyun would start his jog by following the path through the garden and into the woods behind the estate. He’d be dressed in shorts and a tank top, leaving his toned, muscular arms on full display, his silver hair stuck to his forehead with sweat. It was enough to make Beomgyu want to pass out. Part of him was even convinced Taehyun was doing it on purpose, especially after that one time when he nearly fell off his ladder and caught Taehyun smirking as he ran by.

    Beomgyu was relieved when there was only one week left before Taehyun’s birthday, because he wasn’t sure he could take it much longer. He needed his soulmate to really be his.

    After over a month of work, Beomgyu had pruned almost every plant in the garden. He only had one section left, and it was at the very center. He’d been putting it off for sentimental reasons, but also because it was going to be the most difficult one for him to work on. The last section was Mr. Kang’s beloved moonlight garden, which consisted of flowers that only bloomed at night.

    Beomgyu was starting to think that the flowers in that section hated him. He was sure they must be beautiful in bloom, but during the day, they kept their petals curled in tight, hiding their true colour and splendour. And they refused to respond to his powers. This fact proved to be the most frustrating, as it left him tending to each flower entirely by hand.

    So Beomgyu sat crosslegged on the ground, pruning the dead ends off of a bush of purple flowers that he assumed were night phlox. When the flowers suddenly perked up and opened their petals because Taehyun came by, he was relieved.

    Beomgyu stood up and glanced at the flowers, which had fully opened to reveal the white on the inside of their petals. They seemed to lean towards Taehyun, who had come to stand next to him.

    "Maybe you should take over for this section," Beomgyu joked. "Those flowers love you."

    Taehyun grinned. "I’m a Kang. We all have a connection to the Moon. The night flowers are special to us."

    Beomgyu pouted. "They don’t open like that for me. I can’t even get them to grow."

    "That’s actually why I came to talk to you," Taehyun said, rubbing the back of his neck. "I just thought it was a shame that you’ve been working so hard, but you never actually get to see how beautiful this part of the garden is. So I thought…maybe…you’d want to meet me tonight to see it properly?"

    Beomgyu’s heart leapt. He could feel the blood rushing into his cheeks and his neck, and it was a moment before he pulled himself together enough to speak.

    "You…want to see the moonlight garden…with me?"

    Taehyun looked down, his ears turning a bit red. "Yeah. I thought it would be nice, but if you don’t want to — "

    "No!" Beomgyu said quickly. "No, no I’d love to. Of course I want to see the garden with you."

    Taehyun’s head shot up again, eyes wide. "Oh, okay. Meet me at the swing just after sunset then?"

    Beomgyu nodded, unable to hide his smile. "I’ll be there, I promise."

    The rest of Beomgyu’s afternoon was spent counting the minutes until sunset. When his working hours were over, he rushed home to wash up and get ready for the evening.

    He burst through the door of the cottage and yelled, "NO ONE TALK TO ME I HAVE A DATE WITH MY SOULMATE," startling Kai and his father, who had been sitting at the dining table.

    Not waiting for a response, he flew up the stairs to shower and do his hair. He agonized over his outfit choices, eventually deciding on a cropped black t-shirt, a short knitted cardigan, and pair of tight black jeans that made his ass look nice. He finished off the look with a simple black choker that had a tiny golden sun charm in the middle, then he was ready.

    Before he left the cottage, he took a moment to actually tell Kai and his father where he was going, but he didn’t waste much time. Soon, he was walking back towards the Kang house. He tried to ignore the way his heartbeat sped up when he saw Taehyun, who was leaning against the oak tree waiting for him. Instead of his usual Acolyte robes, Taehyun was wearing a pair of light blue jeans and a fitted white T-shirt that showed off his toned upper body. When he noticed Beomgyu approach, he pushed off the tree to greet him, and Beomgyu didn’t miss the way Taehyun’s eyes travelled over him before he spoke.

    "Who knew the gardener could look so handsome," Taehyun said.

    Beomgyu beamed. "Thanks. You’re pretty gorgeous too, for a nerdy Moon Acolyte."

    Taehyun gave him a light smack on the arm, then grinned and gestured toward the garden. "Shall we?"

    Beomgyu agreed, and the two started their stroll. In the dim twilight, the garden was lit by simple iron lampposts that cast a warm glow along the path. As they walked, Taehyun told Beomgyu about his day, and Beomgyu shared anecdotes about his time working with the various flowers and shrubs they saw. At one point, Taehyun stopped walking to look at a bed of purple hyacinths.

    "I don’t think I’ve ever seen these grow so well," Taehyun observed. "The blooms don’t usually get this big, but they look great. And the colour is so bright too. You must have a special touch."

    Beomgyu smirked a little and pretended not to notice the way the flowers arched toward him. "What can I say? I’m made of sunshine."

    Taehyun giggled, and they continued their walk. When Beomgyu felt Taehyun’s fingers brush his, he intertwined them together. He felt Taehyun hold tight, and a whole swarm of butterflies took off in his stomach. A wave of warmth spread from his fingertips to his heart.

    By the time they reached the moonlight garden, night had completely fallen. The moon had risen high and glowed bright and full above them. The two passed beneath a trellis arch covered in ivy and entered.

    Beomgyu gasped. The moonlight garden was in full bloom. Now that it was night, he saw a rainbow of colour that could rival even the real Celestial Garden. There were bright orange angel’s trumpets, white tuberoses and lilies, magenta four o’clocks, and red gladiolus planted around the edges. In the very center, moonflowers grew in a huge stone planter. Strands of fairy lights were woven through the flowers, making the whole area feel magical.

    "Come on," Taehyun said. "Let me show you my favourite flower."

    Beomgyu nodded, happy to let Taehyun pull him along. When they arrived at a small bed of yellow flowers, Beomgyu’s eyes widened, a memory tickling the back of his mind.

    "These are evening primroses," Taehyun explained. "I know people like to say that the moonflower is the loveliest, but I love these. They’re usually a wildflower, and I think that makes them even more special."

    The older boy looked down at the little cupped blooms. "I can see what you mean. Give them a little bit of moonlight and you really see their charm."

    "Yeah, I’ve always really liked them," Taehyun mused. "They can be kind of temperamental and fiesty, but if you tend to them properly, they’re really beautiful."

    "Kind of like you," Beomgyu said softly. He reached down and gently picked one of the yellow flowers, then tucked it behind Taehyun’s ear. "I think you’re even more beautiful though."

    The two stood there for a moment, just looking at each other. The moonlight made Taehyun’s hair shine silver-blue, and little flecks from the fairy lights danced in his eyes. With the yellow flower tucked behind his ear, he looked handsome and sweet, as if the softness of his heart was showing through his appearance.

    Beomgyu’s eyes dropped to Taehyun’s lips. His whole soul ached with wanting, and there was nothing that could save him from it but the boy in front of him. But just as he began to lean in, Taehyun looked away.

    "It’s getting late," Taehyun whispered. "We should go."

    Beomgyu nodded, pushing down his disappointment. He reached out and took Taehyun’s hand one last time. Then, he raised it to his lips, letting them brush against Taehyun’s skin before he let go.

    "Goodnight, my primrose," Beomgyu said softly.

    He stepped away, leaving Taehyun alone in the garden as he started his walk back to the cottage. If he had turned to look back, he would have seen the blush that dusted Taehyun’s cheeks. The younger boy then started to make his own way home, holding the primrose close to his chest.

    ~To be continued

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