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  • armysantiny
    26.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ...soft bf!Taehyun sings ever so gently as your head's in his lap, soft headpats while he reminds you just how proud he is of you. You got through another hard day, and he's proud of you for trying your best.

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  • jenzyaa
    26.11.2021 - 8 hours ago



    summary: the team you‘re desperately trying to recruit in order to join the world dance competition is left stunned by your passion, because for one, none of you know each other, and two: barely anyone can actually dance. you‘re not sure what the bigger problem is: the fact that you‘re going to make an absolute fool out of yourselves for the whole world to see, or that none of them know the actual reason you want to join.
    pairing: enhypen x fem!reader, jake x fem!reader, jay x fem!reader, niki x fem!reader, sunghoon x fem!reader, heeseung x fem!reader
    featuring: enhypen, aespa, txt, itzy
    genre: smau, non!idol au, humor, angst, fluff, action, drama, romance
    warnings: cursing, dark humor, drama, mentions of trauma and (bad) mental health, I think I'm funny but u might not uhh..

    y/n's dream team | masterlist | next

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    #enhypen smau#txt smau #taehyun x reader #txt fake text #txt x reader #enha smau#enha au#enha imagines #enhypen x reader #enhypen x y/n #kpop fake texts #kpop smau #itzy x reader #itzy smau #aespa x reader #kpop x reader #sim jake x reader #lee heeseung x reader #park sunghoon x reader #kim sunoo x reader #niki x reader #park jay x reader #choi beomgyu x reader #yang jungwon x reader #ryujin x reader #yeji x reader #æspa#kpop fiction
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  • jenzyaa
    26.11.2021 - 11 hours ago



    summary: the team you‘re desperately trying to recruit in order to join the world dance competition is left stunned by your passion, because for one, none of you know each other, and two: barely anyone can actually dance. you‘re not sure what the bigger problem is: the fact that you‘re going to make an absolute fool out of yourselves for the whole world to see, or that none of them know the actual reason you want to join.
    pairing: enhypen x fem!reader, jake x fem!reader, jay x fem!reader, niki x fem!reader, sunghoon x fem!reader, heeseung x fem!reader
    featuring: enhypen, aespa, txt, itzy
    genre: smau, non!idol au, humor, angst, fluff, action, drama, romance
    warnings: cursing, dark humor, drama, mentions of trauma and (bad) mental health, I think I'm funny but u might not uhh..

    profiles 03 | masterlist | chapter 01

    © jenzyaa on tumblr

    #enhypen smau#txt smau #txt x reader #txt fake text #enha smau#enha au#enha imagines#enhypen #enhypen x reader #enhypen fic#kpop fiction #kpop fake texts #kpop smau #itzy x reader #itzy smau #aespa x reader #kpop#beomgyu smau #jake sim x reader #taehyun x reader #park jay x reader #lee heeseung x reader #park sunghoon x reader #niki x reader #kim sunoo x reader #yang jungwon x reader #yeji x reader #ryujin x reader #twitter#original post
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  • en-logs
    26.11.2021 - 12 hours ago


    ep 3: welcome to beomgyu's kitchen

    synopsis: it's a rule that bestfriends should never fall in love with one another, and that will never happen when they're both notorious players of belift university. but what happens when y/n meets heeseung's bestfriend, jay, behind his back?

    warnings: beomgyu's friendsgiving food ....

    prev ㅣ masterlist ㅣ next

    authors note:

    no bc how is beomgyu a culinary major FR?!
    i'll let him cater at my wedding though #moaconfessions

    please re-blog, like or simply interact! thank you for reading <3

    taglist (open): @m1ng-how @giyyuzz @jongsaengseong @hobistigma @sunshine-skz @p2arks @darkheartpeace @c9tnoos @hoonbokki @papiibuprofen @acciomylove (ask or comment!)

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  • daisyly0n
    26.11.2021 - 14 hours ago

    VOTE FOR TXT. https://mama.mwave.me/en/vote


    Dubadu Wari Wari 


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  • reincarnationofanangel
    26.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Kang Taehyun As Your Boyfriend

    Taehyun as your younger but mature boyfriend.

    Taehyun jarang marah karena alasan yang gak jelas, tapi lumayan keras kepala tentang siapa yang salah dan benar. Suatu hari kamu terlibat argumen dengan dia, kamu yang mulai, tapi karena gak mau mengakui kalau kamu salah nada suaramu jadi lebih tinggi.

    “Ya sudah kalau memang menurut kamu begitu. Sana main sama Kai dan Kak Yeonjun! Aku juga bisa senang-senang sendiri tanpa kamu kok” kamu pergi sambil menghentakkan kaki. Berharap Taehyun mengejarmu dan minta maaf karena biasanya selalu begitu. Tapi kali ini berbeda, Taehyun tidak mengejarmu sama sekali. Dia hanya diam ditempat kalian berdebat tadi. Kamu sudah mau berbalik dan minta maaf dan memeluknya, sayangnya egomu tidak mengizinkan. Akhirnya kamu lari kekamarmu dan menangis.

    Besoknya kamu bangun dengan mata yang bengkak, Taehyun tidak kembali semalam. Entah dia tidur dikantornya atau dirumah Kai. Kamu khawatir kalau dia makan dengan benar. Apa semalam dia tidak kedinginan? Taehyun tidak begitu suka dingin. Saat kamu keluar untuk minum air putih, Taehyun ternyata sedang didapur memasak. “Pagi- loh matamu kenapa?” Taehyun mematikan kompor dan memegang pipimu yang memerah akibat kebanyakan menangis. Masih ada bekas air mata yang mengering dipipimu. Wajahnya berubah sedih, “Maaf ya udah buat kamu nangis. Tapi aku beneran gak bisa membenarkan sikap kamu kemarin..” Taehyun mengusap pipimu sambil mengecup matamu yang kembali menangis.

    “Maaf... hiks... maafin aku ya..” suara tangisanmu benar-benar membuat seseorang yang mendengar pasti ikut meringis karena terdengar sangat menyakitkan sekali. Taehyun menggumam tidak apa-apa sambil terus menghapus air matamu yang sepertinya tidak akan berhenti dalam waktu dekat. “Tolong jangan pergi ya.. hiks-jangan pergi, aku gak akan begitu lagi.. hiks” kamu memeluk Taehyun. Kamu tidak bisa melihat tapi dapat merasakan kalau Taehyun sedang mengecup puncak kepalamu. “Aku gak kemana-mana kok.. tapi kan kamu juga tahu kalau manusia butuh waktu buat menyendiri. Aku biarin kamu sendirian karena takut bakal lebih salah ngomong”

    📷“Hiks.. iya... maafin aku..”

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  • labelneo
    26.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    TXT HEADCANON: lovers to strangers . . . 🗯

    warnings: mentions of break ups, angst

    #txt x reader #txt angst#txt fluff#txt headcanons#txt scenarios#txt reactions #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together fic #kpop imagines#kpop scenarios #kpop x reader #choi yeonjun#yeonjun#choi soobin#soobin#choi beomgyu#beomgyu#kang taehyun#taehyun#hueningkai #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun imagines #soobin x reader #soobin imagines #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu imagines #taehyun x reader #taehyun imagines #hueningkai x reader #hueningkai imagines
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  • boba-beom
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    ❦ all I think about is you | c.sb — k.th

    𐐪𐑂 pairing: choi soobin x gn!reader (x kang taehyun)

    𐐪𐑂 genre(s): fluff, crack, slice of life, angst, suggestive, college au (during summer)

    𐐪𐑂 warning(s): a few mutual pining chapters, two-timing at some point, a couple of suggestive scenes, innuendos here and there, cursing, mentions of a broken family, more specific warnings will be mentioned in future chapters.

    𐐪𐑂 synopsis: the third year of college is coming to an end, and so is your final summer with your closest group of friends before preparing for graduation year. as an honor student suffering from nbsb (no boyfriend since birth), you’ve spent your past summers studying and solely concentrating for the next academic year. but who would have thought you would eventually, and unexpectedly, experience falling in love and a broken heart in the space of three and a half months.

    𐐪𐑂 note: here’s the short series to celebrate hitting 700+ followers a while ago and close to 800 <3 this is a first of my many series ideas that I’m actually progressing with writing. also, this is partially inspired by the netflix series never have I ever. lmk if you want to be added to the taglist. I’ll continue to post other drabbles for now and between the chapters c:

    𐐪𐑂 release date: coming soon... tba

    𐐪𐑂 status: tba

    C H A P T E R 1: who said I loved you?

    #w: all i think about is you #txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt series#soobin imagines#soobin scenarios#soobin series#taehyun imagines#taehyun scenarios#taehyun series#soobin fluff#taehyun fluff#txt fluff #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together scenarios #tomorrow x together series #pls boost it’s my first series 😅
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  • tyunsie
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    you could tell by the way taehyun sighed heavily when he entered your apartment that your boyfriend wasn't in the best of moods. “taehyun?” you hummed softly, standing up from the couch to greet a dull eyed taehyun. he didn't have a lot of bad days, most of the time, it was you having them.

    and his hugs were always the best remedy. but tonight, it was your turn to cure your boyfriend back to happiness. his steps making his way to the brown couch, seeing you lower the volume on the tv. “wanna talk about it?” you asked him, reaching for his hand that he gracefully gave to you. he loved it when you reached for his touch, settling down on the seat next to you. “not really, i'm just tired.”

    you knew taehyun didn't like talking about his bad days, he would always say it was stressful and that he was tired. you knew it was always something bigger but never pushed him further, simply letting him lean his head against your shoulder while you messed with his fingers.

    “hm,” you hummed softly, bringing up his hand to your lips before placing a soft kiss on his knuckles. the blond boy’s lips turning upwards at your action, wearing a fond smile on his face. “if they keep overworking you, just tell me. i will gladly go to bang pd myself.” he couldn't help but let out a soft chuckle at your words.

    “like you could take him.” taehyun remarked, closing his eyes as he nuzzled his head on your chest, beginning to mess with your fingers. “watch me, i most definitely will take him on. he doesn't stand a chance.”

    “tae?” you mumbled, seeing how positions changed as he was now laying his head on your lap with your hands running through his dark roots. you like it when taehyun has good days but if the bad days meant he gets overly affectionate then you wouldn't mind it.

    taehyun never needed anybody like how he needs you, you make his world brighter than he thought it could be. “do you wanna head to bed?” you asked him, moving the hair away from his closed eyes only to feel him shake his head. “not yet.”

    and so you stayed there with your boyfriend's head on your lap, the soft noise coming from the tv and the even softer snores coming from your boyfriend. you withheld a small chuckle, smiling at how endearing the moment was. “goodnight, taehyun.”

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  • auraelia-lia
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    txt when their s/o is upset

    pairing: txt x reader

    genre: fluff

    warning(s): literally jUst fluFf


    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* choi yeonjun *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    yeonjun's probably one to notice you're feeling down almost immediately. he spends so much time with you, that even when the smallest things make you feel upset, he just knows. he'd give you your space in the beginning, but later gets impatient and shows up beside you with some ramen and cake and gets all pouty. "what's wrong baby?"- the moment he asks you that question, you go on about a rant about whatever was making you upset. say, if it was something stupid your friends did, boy would be ready to beat their ass up. after getting him to calm down, he would probably shower you with kisses and hugs and tickle your sides 'cause he just wants to see you smile.

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* choi soobin *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    wouldn't notice you are upset at first. he'd probably not know until you very dramatically sigh in front of him or when you slam your books on the table really hard or something lol. panics, when he finally realizes. his first thought is if he did something wrong. he retraces his steps from the past week and is like "is it because i used her shirt to dry my hair?", "oh no! is it her b-day or our anniversary?" when he finally realizes that maybe he didn't do anything wrong he very cautiously approaches you( you can be very angry when you're upset) would bake you stuff and probably take you baking with him to get your mind off stuff. he's all giggly and touchy with you in the kitchen, placing kisses on your neck and back-hugging you and just making you laugh, taking your mind off whatever is bothering you, would also be a very good listener when you rant about what's bothering you.

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* choi beomgyu *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    i feel like this dude probably realizes really soon or doesn't realize at ALL. would straight up come and ask you if he did something wrong, when you tell him it's not him but the dumbass school that's making you upset he just coos and pulls you in a bone-crushing hug. would run his hands through your hair, massaging it softly pressing a kiss here and there. puts on some music and just holds your waist, swaying to the beat. would accidentally (not) step on your foot and crack very bad jokes(which still cracked you up) in the end, it's just the two of you dancing without a care in the world, shouting the lyrics of 'stay', your mind and your body stress-free.

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* kang taehyun *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    okay, he would ask you to talk to him. like just "you know if something's bothering you, you can talk to me right?" and you do talk to him- about how your family was being really pressuring, how your grades weren't getting any better and you could feel your eyes getting blurry. he would just absent-mindedly take your hand in his, tracing soothing patterns on your palm. on seeing your teary eyes he just softens. presses kisses along your knuckles and shoulder blade, pulling you into his embrace. would not know how comforting his presence can be ( he personally thinks he s u c k s at comforting) sings to you. just sings while you have your face buried in his chest, and you can feel his heartbeat which just calms you down and the two of you end up falling asleep while cuddling or something l

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* huening kai *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    a literal cuddle monster. he would be the only one who I feel would give you actual good advice. he's really so happy that you trust him enough to tell him this, and he tries his best to comfort you. he would give you so many belly rubs and would let you play with his plushies. would be ready to be your personal plushie. lightens up your mood by cracking jokes and tickling your sides. would keep reminding you that he loves you and is so proud of you for getting through this. your best hype man. would bring you the moon if you asked to 'cause he strongly believes that you deserve the world (you do.)

    a/n: if you can guess who's my bias by this, you get brownie points. send in a request! ♥♡♥(ꈍᴗꈍ)ε`*)♥♡♥

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  • flwrkisses
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    slow dancing in the dark — kang taehyun.

    i've been having a bit of a rut when writing and luckily writing this is letting me get out of it. so thanks for the request love!

    request: "Could I request TXT Taehyun surprising his s/o with tickets to one of her fav band/artist concerts after they have a hard week."

    genre: slight angst, reader is going through a tough time, fluff, comfort.

    warning: mentions of depression, slight self  deprecation.

    summary: you're tired, stressed and over all not happy with the way life is going, so your loving boyfriend taehyun tries to make you feel a bit better.

    it was 3:46 in the morning when you happened to look away from your laptop screen and notice the time. you were in shock, how did you stay up doing work from home for so long? you could have sworn it had only been 30 minutes since when you had sat down at 8. this wasn't rare, often times you'd come home from work just to do more work and to repeat the tiring process over and over again.

    the days felt like an endless cycle, no matter how you chose to spice things up the days seemed to be melting together. it was hard to tell apart what had happened yesterday from something that happened weeks ago. so to say that this point in your life wasn't the happiest was an understatement. you had been struggling with the mundane nature of life which eventually made you depressed. it was hard to even go out to do anything that wasn't work related and you knew it wasn't healthy.

    it was nearly 3:48 in the morning when you heard the doorknob jiggle slightly and the door be pushed open gently. it was your boyfriend, taehyun coming home from a very long shoot. you knew if he saw you up he'd scold you for not getting proper rest but, all you wanted was him at the moment. "baby?" he said from the door way as he took his shoes off and walked into the living space. the lights were dim, the only thing shining on you was your laptop screen and a small lamp next to the couch. "hey how many times did i tell you not to sit in the dark on your laptop? your e-" he nags but you cut him off with a small smile. "i know~ my eye sight can get bad~ i know."

    taehyun never meant to sound like a worried mother but, he always worried and cared for your well being. "what are you doing up so late?" he asked before sitting next to you, his body simply melting onto yours. you pressed a loving kiss to his temple as his head found it's place on your chest. "nothing special, just working like i always am." you sigh softly. work really seemed to be the only think you've been doing these days, even on your few days off you were doing things for your job, it truly wasn't fair and you knew taehyun felt a certain way about how your job feels about you.

    "mm you work too much." he mumbled against your skin before picking his head up to look at you. his eyes were drowning in tiredness and his body craved your gentle touch around his sore muscles. "i know my love, i can say the same about you." you shot back gently, cupping his face lovingly and smiling at him, pressing a quick peck to his lips. taehyun let out a pleased sigh before shaking his head gently. he may have been tired but it didn't stop him from being reasonable. "i love what i do, but you... you feel stuck and you tell me you feel stuck all the time my love. you work so hard for a company you don't care about." he trailed off and laid back against the plush couch. "you work hard because you like to prove to yourself that you can do it, not because you love it... and i think that's a big difference. if you loved it you wouldn't dread getting ready for work each morning~."

    what he said was true, it was really special the way taehyun could read you and understand your feelings. it's been month after month of seeing you in such a mind set and he noticed you weren't as happy as you usually were. at first he though it might have been him, but he soon realized that he was the only thing able to pull you away from work, the real reason you were going through these depressive state of mind. "i didn't think you noticed." you admitted and looked over at him, happy that the dim lights covered the way your eyes slowly watered. "i'm sorry if i worried you." you added to which taehyun shook his head.

    "why are you apologizing? you've done nothing wrong." he frowned and tilted his head. he should he the one apologizing for not noticing sooner. "i've been depressed and i never want to go out anymore or go on dates..." you sniffle softly at your new realization. as a result of your days feeling the same you had lost motivation to go out on dates, or just go out in general. you went straight to work and back thinking your life was too hectic to go out and have fun. taehyun never said anything about it since he figured you had been going through a tough time. staying home with you was great in his eyes, more time to be with you physically.

    "hey, thats not a problem baby. you're tired~ i understand. i don't mind not going out as long as i'm with you." he explained honestly, his voice soft and comforting. "yeah but i bet it's hard watching other people go out to dance and have drinks with their partners-"you tried to object but he cut you off. "we can dance and drink here if you're not ready to go out, it's not a problem. what's stopping us?"

    you gave him a bit of a confused glance before closing your laptop gently and placing it on the coffee table in front of you. "don't look at me like i'm crazy." he chuckled  despite the sleep evident in his eyes. he ended up getting up and looking for something diligently on his phone. to which you decided to tease him by saying "no screens in dim rooms! you know that ruins your eyesight." all he could do was smile and look up at you, there was so much love in those tired eyes. you knew it was just about 4 am and you both needed rest and yet, your boyfriend was there listening to you and helping you feel a bit better.

    before you knew it a soft song started playing from his phone which he had set down on the coffee table before reaching his hand out to you. he would admit it was cheesy, the whole slow dancing in the living room idea but, he just wanted to make you smile tonight. "tae no no, come on lets go to bed you're exhausted." you protested and he just brushed it off. he wanted to dance with you in the living room like those cheesy romantic movies. "you love this song, lets just dance to this song." he smiled softly and finally took your hand in his to pull you up to him gently. as you swayed with him you realized the song he had put on. it was one of the slower songs from one of your favorite bands.

    the fact that he remembered this song you showed him almost a year ago made your heart flutter. he truly was determined to make you feel better than you were and he truly was succeeding. you relaxed for the first time in a while and rested your head against his chest as you both danced together hand in hand. the moment was soft, beautiful, almost like a little reset to your night. you were thankful for him because without him, you weren't sure where you'd be. "feeling better?" he whispered into your ear. you responded with a happy nod, to which he smiled in return.

    "would you be able to ask for a day off in about 2 months?" he posed the question as the song was nearing it's end and the dancing motions were slowing to a halt. you looked up and contorted your face in question, "ah, yeah i can why?" you asked. it wasn't often that taehyun would ask you to take a day or two off, but it was normally because he had the day off as well and wanted to do something. "if you're up for it, i got us tickets to go see that band you really like... maybe we can dance to this song live." he chuckled once he saw your eyes go wide.

    "you're joking with me right? like you're just sleep talking right?" you asked in disbelief. you had really liked this band for a while, and often times you would send him sweet lyrics from songs they would write to your boyfriend. taehyun would also sit and listen to you rant about their music and them as people because he always found it so fascinating seeing you be so enthusiastic about something you enjoyed. so, when he noticed you were feeling a bit off he thought maybe doing something you'd be interested in could help boost you up a tiny bit more.

    "no i'm not joking my love, i got the tickets because you've been working so hard... and i think we should go do something you'd really enjoy together." he answered honestly before you pulled him down to meet your lips for a sweet kiss. "i love you taehyun, you really are amazing." you hummed softly to him as you pushed some of his hair behind his ear.

    "i love you more y/n."

    ❁ requests are currently closed !

    for more of my work: masterlist.

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  • eifhames
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    things they do as boyfriends, txt version.

    i’ll be doing this with all the groups i write for! masterlists, requests.

    ✰ YEONJUN!

    # will always have his hands up whatever t-shirt you’re wearing so he can feel your warmth, not necessarily in a sexual way, he just wants to be as close to you as humanly possible. definitely pulls you onto his lap if you’re sat beside him, do not move! he will just pull you back!

    # randomly pulls you from your seat to slow dance with you no matter where you are, middle of the airport? outside of a very fancy restaurant?

    # so very into matching outfits in a subtle way, whether it’s you support him in the audience of a performance/concert he’ll have you wear matching colours or if you’re both travelling together it would be the same outfit in different colours (a jumper and whatever bottoms make you comfortable type of outfit)!!!!

    # buys you a necklace that on first glance is innocent enough, a small silver heart on a silver chain, but on the other side of the heart is his name and he’d probably cry if you didn’t wear it on purpose….

    # the only arguments you have a stupid ones that end in laughter, something he’ll ensure since your laugh is 110% his favourite sound ever.

    # pulls you closer by the belt loops in your jeans/your necklace if it’s long and strong enough.

    # stares at you when you rant to him, admiring your face and brushing your hair behind your eyes so that he can wipe your tears when he needs to.

    # brings two of everything in case you need it. two packets of tissues, two plasters, one lip balm since he’d kiss it off of your lips anyway—

    ✰ SOOBIN!

    # holds everything door open for you, the ‘let me do it’ boyfriend but only bc he loves you so much, will bring you things if he doesn’t want you getting up.

    # asks you every minute of the day if you’re hungry or need a drink, knowing full well he’ll go and buy anything and everything you want without a second thought. he once caught you buying a bottle of water after you had told him you weren’t thirsty… he almost cried.

    # goes with you for things like piercing and tattoo appointments, even though he hates seeing you in any pain at all, some part of him loves how you cling to his hand/arm when it gets too much.

    # always gives you his blazer/jacket, which winds up being three times bigger than you due to him being so tall, but it makes him smile. definitely takes pictures of you from behind when you wear it, unbeknownst to you.

    # pays very close attention to things you mention, if you’re talking about your favourite book, you’d find him reading it the next day. probably sat on the touch in the door, glasses sliding half way down his nose with a far too smug smile plastered on his lips.

    # “soobin-ah! what are you doing?!” just laughs at you and your attempts to pry the book from his grip. will listen to all of your recommendations for whatever you’re interested in, if it’s books this boy is prepared to buy a library, films? a while cinema!

    # regularly gifts you flowers, whether it be an ‘i love you’ type of bouquet or a ‘i’m proud of you’ bouquet, he never forgets. that applies to everything, every anniversary, every exam or birthday/holiday, he’ll shower you in gifts & love!!

    ✰ BEOMGYU!

    # the type to make you playlists and share one headphone with you on the train, he’d do this even before you were together but now the playlists were filled with love songs he made you swear nobody else would see.

    # will get out his guitar when he sees your lids getting heavier, sometimes he doesn’t even need to sing along to the music and it’s enough to send you straight to sleep. that being said, if anyone made a noise loud enough to disturb you he’d give them a very aggressive warning.

    # puts your hand in his lap while he’s talking to the rest of the boys backstage, prompting you to lay your head on his shoulder while he played with your hand. from intertwining your fingers to messing with the rings on them and running the pads of his fingers over the nail varnish you adorned.

    # we know he writes songs for his band members all the time so imagine how may he writes about you??? and gets so excited to show you like the golden retriever he is!!! and if you ever get teary eyed over the lyrics (bc why wouldn’t you…) he’d stop playing immediately, scared he’s upset you and kiss every inch of your face to make up for it.

    # i know for a fact this boy loves buying gifts (never forget him spending that much on a present for yeonjun) so imagine what he’d do for you… definitely buys you random shit amongst actual gifts!!!!

    # “but gyu, why scented colouring pencils?” “… they reminded me of you :(“ don’t worry i know you’d kiss that frown away!!!!!

    # whenever you’re upset, instead of acting out the way he’d want to, he’s aware of how that would do nothing but upset you further so he listens. and i mean listens. doesn’t go near his phone, prepares you some hot chocolate before sitting down with you and listening to anything and everything that falls from your lips. doesn’t speak or cut you off, just let’s you rant until he knows you need the comfort. always wraps you in his arms afterwards, leaving kissing in your hair.

    (bonus bc i’m a beomgyu girl!!!!)

    # finds himself gently braiding pieces of your hair out of boredom and if it winds up looking up, and you catch sight of it, he’ll get all excited and any traces of him being bored & tired are out the window. he’ll sit on the sofa, a pillow on the floor between his legs, for you, of course. you could be there for hours but he’d be proud of the hairstyles he’d create for you!!! like forces you to stay still so he can take pictures of it!!!

    ✰ TAEHYUN!

    # knowing how much he loves a good caramel frappuccino he definitely wakes you up with coffee no matter where you are. will wake up before you, slip out of bed and find the nearest coffee shop/cafe just for you!!!

    # the type to stare at you, even when you’re mid conversation with the rest of the boys, and only stop when you trip over your words and you grow shy. he is a menace and he loves nothing more than making you flustered (probably in that way too but let’s keep this pg!!!!)

    # as well as coffee, we know he loves photography and look at you! just sitting there! looking that pretty! how dare nobody photograph you?? he just has to do it himself ;) def carries a camera around his neck, and no matter how much you try to avoid the device you could never escape.

    # the type to have you as his everything, lock screen, home screen, probably gets one of those blankets made with a picture of the two of you on for when he goes on tour. he is more than happy to tell everyone just who you are when they ask, family, friends or strangers, and he’ll wind up talking them to sleep.

    # “y/n’s just.. have i mentioned i love her? and look at her! look how pretty she is! god i- i should call her, you’re right!”

    # people might disagree with me here but i truthfully think of him as someone who loves nicknames. will melt if you call him ‘baby boy’ or alternatively, ‘my boy’!!!! it goes both ways though, you’re his girl, the love of his life, baby, angel etc—

    # the type to, when you’re out drinking with the boys to celebrate something, have his arm around your waist rather than shoulders. he’ll push the hair off of your shoulders (if it’s long enough) just to place a sweet kiss there. glares at any waiters/bartenders who stare at you but will probably say some shit like ‘i’d stare at her like that if she wasn’t my girlfriend too’ smug as all hell !!!!


    # attached to your hip… in the best way possible! he’s quite clueless, definitely follows you like a lost puppy but!! what a cute puppy am i right ;D with him having two sisters i can see him as being very understanding of any and all problems, even insecurities and everything in between!!!!

    # dies a little bit every time you play with his hair.. even though he’ll place his damn head in your lap so he knows full well what’s coming. the type to look up at you from his aforementioned position and wrap his arm around your waist, all to hide his blushing cheeks into your stomach!!!!

    # finds you so very hot (all the time but hear me out) when you play his video games… especially against the boys. what else is he to think when you start swearing at beomgyu through his headphones. “go baby, go! that way!” you’d win. obviously! and he’d teach you everything you know!!!

    # as confident and hold i think he could be (he’s a leo man… c’mon now), i feel like he’d blush if you ever came out with something so blunt. ‘kiss me. now, huening kai.’ would stare at you in shock for a good minute, he’d probably laugh it off until you got close enough to whisper in his ear. ‘if your lips aren’t on mine within the next ten minutes i will break your xbox—‘ he would’ve done it anyway!! give him a minute!!!

    # always, always emphasises how much he loves you. and how much he doesn’t deserve you, a little more heartfelt and emotional compared to taehyun!!!! would probably tear up when you turned to him and took his cheeks into your hands, cupping them gently. you’d probably kiss even inch you could of this boy’s face before he swapped positions and forced you under him.

    # “i mean it.” “i know you do, kai. i love you more than you know.” this dude would be smirking like it’s nobody’s business!!!! “oh yeah? well out of all the languages i speak, there aren’t enough words to describe how much i love you, in any of them.” you win this round huening kai……

    # like i said before, he’s a leo man (and whilst zodiacs don’t entirely define somebody it is fun!) and i imagine him to know the effect he has on you?? in both… ways… but again PG!!! (assuming he’s taller) he’d smile at the look on your face after he’d kiss you, and using the arm that was around around your shoulders, pull you into his embrace.

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  • day6andetcetera
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago


    Soobin walks into the room with a mug of hot chocolate in one hand and a hot water bag in the other. You were curled up on the shared bed, clutching your lower abdomen as you emit a low groan from the pain you felt. “Hey babe, get up I got some hot chocolate for you, and here take this hot bag.” Soobin said as he got closer to the bed. You sat up and gratefully took the bag, placing it carefully on your aching abdomen, and wrapped your fingers around the warm mug that Soobin handed over. He sat next to you on the bed and held you close as you sipped the hot beverage. You were grateful for these moments of closeness with him.

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    #txt choi soobin #tomorrow x together imagines #choi soobin #choi soobin timestamp #choi soobin imagines #soobin imagines#soobin timestamps #choi soobin drabble #written by me #txt choi yeonjun #txt #txt choi beomgyu #txt huening kai #txt kang taehyun
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  • taexual
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    TXT / another member is your sibling

    warning: some angst ig? but more lowkey crack

    requested by anonymous.

    ↣ yeonjun

    “Oh God,” was his reaction when you informed him that the reason why you spent so much time with Soobin wasn’t because you liked him – it was quite the contrary, actually: you hated him with the kind of passion that only a sibling could feel.

    “I thought you knew,” you mumbled, but Yeonjun only seemed to fall deeper into his despair.

    “We’re practically family,” he nearly wailed, his hands covering his face.

    “We’re not—okay, now you’re just making it weird,” you reached for his wrists, pulling his hands down so you could look at him. The poor boy looked miserable; almost like you’ve signed his death certificate by telling him this. “Soobin is fine with it, he—”

    Hearing this seemed like a disaster of epic proportions as his eyes widened, “Soobin knows?!”

    You blinked your eyes, unsure if he was overreacting or it if was you that was underreacting. You knew the boys were like family – and yet, conveniently, they forgot to mention the names of their actual siblings to each other – but this seemed to be a bit too much.

    “Of course, he knows,” you said.

    “God, no wonder he’s been giving me angry looks each time I talked about you” Yeonjun groaned, mentally kicking himself for being so open about how happy he was in this relationship. “And here I thought that was all because he had feelings for you.”

    You visibly cringed at this – and if Yeonjun had any doubts about your relationship with Soobin, he no longer had any. You were definitely related.

    “The more you talk,” you said, a disgusted scowl on your face, “the worse you’re doing.”

    “I can’t stop,” he defended. “It’s hard for me to process this.”

    You tried to compromise, “okay, how’s this: let’s order some food, and then you can tell me what is it exactly that you’ve been telling my brother about me.”

    Yeonjun flushed. Actually, literally flushed. You have never – not in all the time that you’ve known him – seen him like this before. Naturally, you couldn’t help the intrigued smile as your eyebrows rose to meet your hairline in surprise.

    “No,” he said firmly, avoiding your eyes. “I’m not telling you anything, and I’m never speaking to Soobin again, either. We’ll just have to communicate telepathically. Well, he will have to, because I won’t be looking at him. Never again.”

    This got you to laugh as you placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Oh, come on, it couldn’t have been that bad. I’ll give you fifteen minutes to adjust to this news, and then you’ve got to spill. I’m dying here.”


    “I can just ask my brother,” you warned.

    Yeonjun looked like the alternative you’d suggested was to skin him alive, so he groaned and settled, “God—fine. I’ll tell you. But you have no right to break up with me after this.”

    Chuckling, you shook your head. “I won’t—”

    “I’ll need that in writing.”

    ↣ soobin

    He was okay with it; not that he had much choice in the matter. Well, at least, he was okay as long as you and your brother weren’t in the same room with him. Because when you were, Soobin was absolutely acting like he didn’t know either one of you.

    Kai didn’t notice it at first, but when you punched him in the ribs – lovingly, like a sibling does – and nodded your head at Soobin and the way he was purposefully avoiding looking at you both, he finally realized.

    “Hyung,” he called. “You okay?”

    Horrified to be addressed by Kai in a room full of other people, including you, Soobin panicked and, for some reason, ended up admitting the honest truth, “I absolutely am not.”


    Panicking even more now that he’d said this, he waved his hands dismissively – and nearly took out Taehyun’s eye. “No—I meant I’m fine.”

    Smiling apologetically at the boy next to him, Soobin decided it’d be better – for his criminal record and for Taehyun’s eyes –  if he sat down. He gave you a smile too, just to prove that he really was okay, and this was not at all weird.

    Kai squinted. “That’s not… what you said, though?”

    “Yeah, I don’t know why—I’m fine. Why do you care? I mean, why do you ask?”

    Kai was opening his mouth to respond, but you thought you’d figured what the problem was and approached Soobin. You leaned against the armrest of his chair, and he immediately began to do calculations in his head: the distance between you was still appropriate, but perhaps the way you leaned into him as you prepared to tell him something was going to come off as offensive, so he pulled further away from you, thus making this even weirder.

    You stopped, and the two of you watched each other like that for a minute – with you, leaning in closer, and him, pulling away.

    “I am just trying to talk to you,” you told him slowly, “because you’re acting like you’ve been possessed.”

    The only thing he was possessed by was his own belief that it’d be extremely disrespectful if he showed off his relationship with you in front of Kai – who happened to be more like a brother to him as well – and, apparently, in Soobin’s book, simple talking counted as showing off, too.

    You stood up after he did not reply. “Well, if you’re not going to be talking to me, then I better just go—”

    “No,” Soobin grabbed your hand, his tongue a whole different entity now, “I love you, don’t go—!”

    That seemed to do it. For someone who was desperate to keep your relationship under wraps whenever your brother was around, Soobin was, simply put, mortified to say this—shout this, really—in front of him. And that was enough to finally break the ice. He’d already said the worst possible thing he could say – which wasn’t even a big deal, everyone in the room already knew about it; Soobin didn’t exactly shut up about you, ever – so what else could say or do now, that was worse than this?

    Clearing his throat to salvage the last remaining bits of his dignity, Soobin gave your hand a pull until you were back on his armrest and tried to—painfully—smile.

    “I’m sorry,” he said. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me today.”

    ↣ beomgyu

    He knew you were Taehyun’s sibling from the day he met you and – not that he’d ever admit this – perhaps the fact that you were his best friend’s sister was precisely what initially attracted him to you. You know, in the typical I-want-what-I-can’t-have situation.

    As it turned out, you were also genuinely the best person Beomgyu had ever met, so he was really glad that he did get you, eventually. Even if it made things awkward when you and your brother were in the same room with him because, well, neither of you had it in yourselves to admit to Taehyun that you were dating.

    “I was thinking we could watch a movie on Friday night,” Beomgyu was telling you in the hallway of the dorm, after you stopped by to drop something off for your brother. “And then we could—”

    “Oh, good, you’re still here!” Taehyun’s voice cut him off. Beomgyu froze, feeling almost like he was caught committing a very serious crime. “Can you text me the details about our—” he stopped, finally noticing the boy next to you and how unusual it was for him to be here. “What are you doing?”

    Beomgyu – his eyes wide and reflecting the headlights that he was just caught in – stuttered awkwardly, “Oh. I, uh—I was—I—”

    “Is he bothering you?” Taehyun asked you. And then, before you could reply – a little confused why he would care if anyone did bother you – your brother turned to Beomgyu again. “It’s more like she’s the one bothering you, isn’t she? I apologize. Not everyone in the family was born perf—”

    “Hey!” you cut him off. “Do you want a black eye before your performance tomorrow?”

    Grinning at you, Taehyun shook his head. “Just text me about our aunt’s birthday. And get out of here. Give mom my best!”

    Beomgyu, who had never seen the relationship dynamics in your family before, remained stunned for a moment after Taehyun walked away, but finally recovered when you pressed a quick kiss to his cheek and told him you’d call him.

    “Yeah!” he called out, watching you walk out through the front door. He glanced around and, convinced that the coast was clear, added, “I miss you already!”

    He heard you chuckle as you closed the door and left with a quick wave. Exhaling in relief that he didn’t have to worry about your brother catching you two anymore, Beomgyu rounded the corner to return to his room and, much to his absolute horror, bumped straight into Taehyun, who was standing there with his arms crossed.

    “Well,” Taehyun said. “That was weird. What exactly did you mean by that?”

    “I—oh,” Beomgyu swallowed. “I, uh—I don’t know what you’re talking about..?”

    Taehyun shook his head and clicked his tongue; Beomgyu knew immediately that feigning ignorance wouldn’t fly here. He’d have to come up with something better.

    “Don’t start looking for excuses,” Taehyun warned, reading him like a children’s book. “I think it’s time you explained everything.”

    ↣ taehyun

    He was apprehensive about asking you out, but he didn’t consider the fact that you were Beomgyu’s sister to be an impossible problem. Sure, it might be weird initially, and he might have to endure a yet another two-hour long seminar on how to treat you properly – because Beomgyu already gave one to all the rest of the boys before he introduced them to you – but, eventually, everyone would get over it.

    However, Beomgyu, seemingly suspecting that you and Taehyun expected him to get used to your relationship – it’s been almost a year now – made it his life’s mission to make you two as uncomfortable as he possibly could whenever he was around. Just purely out of—loving—spite.

    Loud groaning was heard whenever you two entered the room together, holding hands. Constant eye-rolls persisted whenever you or Taehyun addressed each other.

    And now, as Beomgyu sat in the changing room, scrolling through his phone, he looked up to see that you and Taehyun were seated on the opposite sides of the room, each doing your own thing, and yet, every few seconds, the two of you would exchange subtle glances and your lips would automatically stretch into smiles.

    “God,” Beomgyu declared loudly, standing up. “You two disgust me.”

    You both turned your heads to look at him – the same person who’d been so careful to make sure the other boys treated you properly – and then back at each other.

    You sighed, then, knowing that you wouldn’t win this fight, and yet still saying, “we’re not even doing anything.”

    “Sure, you’re not. The entire room is—is full of you,” Beomgyu said, waving his hands around to show how your and Taehyun’s relationship supposedly managed to fill the entire space here.

    Yeonjun—or perhaps it was Kai—snickered at this, otherwise watching the scene play out in silence.

    “You’re just jealous,” you shot back, always dropping to kindergarten level whenever it came to arguing with your sibling, “because Taehyun likes me better.”

    “I am not jealous,” Beomgyu said and then, realizing, he added with a scoff, “and he does not like you better. He’s always liked me most.”

    Taehyun squinted his nose disapprovingly – forcing Beomgyu to gasp in overdramatic horror – and then laughed, not technically agreeing or disagreeing with that statement.

    “How dare you?” Beomgyu accused.

    Taehyun shook his head, not lifting his eyes from his phone as he remained across the room. “We will never have peace with you, won’t we?”

    “Not as long as I’m alive,” your brother confirmed, glad that his effort to annoy the living hell out of you both was noticed. 

    You gave him a questioning look because this wasn’t exactly something to be pleased about and yet, Beomgyu looked like he’d just won a Lifetime Achievements award.

    Yeonjun cut in this time, chuckling again, “he’ll be the one who replaces all the doves at your wedding with dead pigeons.”

    Scoffing, Beomgyu crossed his arms over his chest.

    “I will do no such thing,” he declared proudly. “I will be the one who wears white and steals all of your thunder.”

    ↣ huening kai

    He was absolutely against asking you out. And not even because you were Yeonjun’s sister! Kai didn’t even know about that initially. He just refused to confess his feelings to you because he always considered you to be out of his league.

    And then, in a horrible twist of fate, right after Kai eventually managed to tell you he liked you, you responded by telling him that Yeonjun was your brother, and that poor boy nearly had a stroke right then and there.

    “Oh,” was all he could manage to say when his heart somehow found a way to keep beating, after all. “Well. You… never told me that. H-he didn’t, either.”

    Yeah, he was right, it was partially your fault. But, that being said, you didn’t exactly want to broadcast who your brother was, because, you figured, it was irrelevant anyway. His bandmates knew that he had a sister and you assumed they would put two and two together when they saw you with him. Apparently not.

    “Do you…” you swallowed the awkwardness before finishing the question, “uh, still like me?”

    “Of course I still like you,” Kai said, finding it easier to say this the second time – especially now that he was looking at the floor instead of your face. “I’m just—not sure what to do with that now.”

    Biting your lip, you tried to suggest, “how about asking me on a date?”

    He looked like that thought hadn’t even crossed his mind as he blinked, lifting his eyes to meet yours.

    “Oh,” he said. “Can I do that?”

    “I don’t know,” you replied, teasing him with a soft smile. “Can you?”

    Kai chuckled nervously and tried to explain, “I mean… Yeonjun—”

    “Well, he’s the last person I want to ask me out.”

    This got him to pause and rewind your words several more times in his head just to make sure he understood everything and came to the correct conclusion.

    “You want me to ask you out?” he said slowly, scratching the back of his head.

    You shrugged in response, already feeling like you were going to drop dead right this second if the situation got any more awkward. You hadn’t planned to encourage anyone to ask you out today, let alone Kai, whom you’d been—conveniently—crushing on ever since you first met him.

    “Okay,” he finally spoke again, gathering his remaining courage and asking, “are you free this Friday?”

    Before you could think twice about it, you spilled quickly, “I’m free right now.”

    “Oh. Okay. That’s—yeah. Okay,” he kept talking as the threat of another stroke seemed imminent. There was hardly any other reason why his heart would be banging against his ribs so hard. “Right now is perfect. Coffee?”

    You nodded, glad to have reached this point in the conversation without either of you passing out from the anxiety.

    “Coffee sounds nice,” you said and, finally, both of you allowed yourselves to laugh in relief. Everything that followed from that point on, was going to be, at least, a hundred times less awkward than the past five minutes.

    There, Kai thought to himself as he led you to his favorite café. He’d managed to do it after all. Now this confession had been traumatic in certain parts, sure, but it wasn’t actually so bad overall. And Yeonjun didn’t even have to know.

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  • flwrkisses
    23.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    txt having a partner who is short.

    guess who's sick again? lol me. confused as to how but maybe that cold yeonjun said he had got to me.

    request: 'Can I request txt reaction when their girlfriend is shorter'

    genre: super fluff, slight mentions of weight, established relationship.


    he would love it so much, it would make him feel so nice ??

    of course he would tease you once in a while about it but he would definitely love it. he's go from teasing you on minute to wrapping his arms around you and resting his head on yours.

    he would smile softly when you ask him to help you reach something. of course after he teases you about not being able to reach it, he gets it for you and kisses the top of your head because you are the most precious thing in his eyes.

    sometimes instead of him grabbing it for you he'd pick you up to let you do it instead. he knows you don't want him to pick you up because you're a little worried you might be too heavy but he tells you to never worry about that.


    most people are smaller than soobin which is why he knew his partner would most likely be a lot shorter than him.

    he will probably always pick you up and sit you on a table, counter, any surface that will let you meet his eyes better to talk.

    you have to get used to getting tons of head kisses, literally so many, and he chuckles when you ask him to kiss your lips because he teases you by saying something like "reach them then~"

    when you guys play fight he moves things he knows you uses to the top shelf where he knows you can't get to them.


    OH IT MAKES HIM FEEL LIKE A KING!!! he's always around people who are taller than him but, like he always says he's actually a pretty tall person. so he loves the feeling he gets around you.

    he probably holds things over his head to tease you and get you frustrated. he loves messing with you so this is perfect.

    he loves coming behind you and wrapping his arms around your figure and placing his head on yours. it's one of his favorite ways to show you affection.

    he'll probably reach over and ruffle your hair, even if you styled it well he'd love to get you aggravated by messing your hair up.


    he honestly doesnt have a preference! does he feel a little more useful if he's taller than you? yeah! he likes to help you 100% of the time with things.

    on a usual occasion he's reaching over you f he needs something, which he says it's practical because both if you can be working at different things at once without being in eachother's way.

    he'll often place things on your head for you to balance yknow as a #joke lol. he says you're the perfect height for a little stool to put things on, so yknow taehyun teases too

    but over all he thinks is extremely cute how he can just pick you up so easily and walk around with you regardless.


    he's also one that doesn't care about height. he'd carry you around regardless of height. he doesn't care but, yes huening WILL pick you up and act like he'd drop you but wont.

    he rests his arm on your head to be annoying, and of course he gives you a toothy grin when you look at him ready to fight.

    expect him to ask you stupid questions like "lol how's the weather down there? it's kinda cold here"

    but this sweet boy wouldn't love you any less, he'd kiss the top of your head and would probably find it so normal to just back hug you and rest his head on yours. he loves it a lot.

    ❁ requests are now open! ⤞ click here !

    for more of my work: masterlist.

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  • cursedsunoo
    22.11.2021 - 4 days ago
    #ɞ — txt #ɞ — taehyun #ɞ — alphabets #ɞ — fluff alphabet #txt x reader #txt imagine#txt headcanons#txt reactions #taehyun x reader #taehyun imagines#taehyun headcanons #kang taehyun x reader #kang taehyun imagine #kang taehyun headcanons #kpop x reader #kpop imagine#kpop headcanons
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  • lovesick-gyu
    22.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    txt's reaction to s/o having a nightmare (f)

    word count ; 0,6k

    warnings ; none


    he was just on the verge of falling asleep after a tiring practice, when he heard a troubled whine leave your mouth. his eyes would instantly snap to you in worry and his hand would hold yours as he's sitting up straight in bed attentively, running patterns along your skin. you wake in a start, breathing heavily from your suffocating nightmare. soobin would instantly embrace you, before your tears spill, rubbing soothing circles on your back. shock flooding your body, soft sobs start escaping you as your body shakes in his embrace. "don't worry babe, it was juts a nightmare. you're safe now" he'd whisper in your ear.


    he had just taken a nice cold shower after he returned from from a long dance practice, when he saw you sleeping peacefully in your shared bed. yeonjun smiles lightly to himself, looking at you momentarily before walking off to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. he returns to the bedroom, shocked to see you silently crying. "hey hey, baby what's wrong?" he'd ask, quickly setting the glass down on the nightstand and then slipping in beside you, hugging you tightly. after you don't answer, and he feels how shaky you are, he waits for you to be ready to speak, trying to make you feel as safe as he can in his arms.


    after your daily cuddle session, beomgyu usually would usually take the time to admire you asleep. he loves to see you so peaceful, your head resting on his chest as his hand traces patterns on your arm. he'd slightly jump when you gasp in your trance, breath quickening at a fast pace. his hand would would to your back, rubbing circles there hoping you'd calm down but unfortunately you didn't. you wake up in a start, and he wraps his arms around you securely. you'd wide your face in his chest, your body shaking and tears threatening to spill. "it's okay baby, I'm here. there's nothing that can harm you now" he whispers, placing soft kisses to the top of your head.


    there's nothing taehyun wanted more than to cuddle with you after a hard day's work. he takes a quick shower and then makes his way over to you, but is shocked by the tears rolling down your cheeks. "babe, what's going on?" he asks sitting next to you and taking your hand softly in his. you just shuffle closer to him, seeking comfort in his warm embrace which he gladly gives. laying you both down, you bring his nose in the crook of his neck, breathing in his scent to calm you down. your hands can't stop shaking, he holds the both of them in his hand and places light kisses to them, all whole looking down at your anxious form.


    this boy was smiling down at your sleeping form, arms wrapped around your waist as he presses light kisses to your forehead from time to time. he'd be thinking just how lucky he is to have you in his arms. his smile vanishes when you start squirming a little, your face seeming troubled. you wake up in a start, upon seeing this hueningkai hushes you gently, stroking your hair and pulling you closer if it's even possible. you'd try to relax, but your heart is beating so fast, and your thoughts drift off to the nightmare. you can't help the tears escaping your eyes as he rests his head on yours. "it's over baby, whatever it was can't hurt you any more. I'm here" he'd whisper in a gentle tone, his hand running up and down your arm. know that he'll have molang ready for you the next time this happens.

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  • koalitypop
    22.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    TXT reacting to their s/o falling asleep on them


    a/n: Thank you so much for the request, I truly hope you like it! Thank you for your time and enjoy!

    ▸ Choi Soobin

    The moment he figures out you have fallen asleep on him, he would be all giddy and flustered. He would be speechless, just looking at you lovingly. At a certain point he would cover you both with a blanket. If he happens to be exhausted, he would most probably sleep with you in his arms, but if he is not, than he'll daydream with you, sleeping on his lap.

    ▸ Choi Yeonjun

    He would be stunned when he found you asleep on him. He would giggle softly, controlling himself as to not wake you up. He would play with your hair or give you some back or tummy rubs, while you sleep. If you two were watching something, he would immediately turn off the TV, focusing entirely on you. The moment you wake up, he will tease the soul out of you.

    ▸ Choi Beomgyu

    Beomgyu would feel you fall asleep on him, so he wouldn't be surprised. He would probably pet your head and talk cutely to you, while you sleep. He would simply see you as his little baby, his heart would be so close to bursting out with joy. He seems to be the type of person who would also confess some things he could never say when you are awake, only positive and loving words though. Even when you wake up, he would continue to baby you.

    ▸ Kang Taehyun

    Flustered and speechless, Taehyun would be so surprised that you have actually fallen asleep. It is vital for him that you feel comfortable and safe around him, so he would take this moment as a very good sign. He would snuggle into you and fall asleep, dreaming about your future together. Most probably he would brag to the members about you falling asleep on him.

    ▸ Kai Kamal Huening

    It would mean so much to Hueningkai if you fall asleep on him or simply next to him. The fact that you've let yourself be vulnerable in his presence is incredibly important to him. He would cuddle with you, but wouldn't dare to say anything so that he doesn't interrupt your sleep. He wouldn't fall asleep either, he would be too excited and happy.

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