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    👻 06 — what’s your venmo?

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    11:10 am

    Choi Soobin / 613 words / fluff / smut

    ~ Requested ~ i’m not sure if your requests are open, but could i request a fluffy smut with soobin? maybe like a long distance relationship type? thank you, love you guys!!!

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    It had been nearly half a year since you last saw your boyfriend. You knew living across the country for college was going to be tough, but you were both more than willing to make it work and thankfully, you were still going strong. You called every day and when you couldn't, you'd text each other about your day. It was hard being away from Soobin, you missed him, missed being by his side. With that being said, you decided to surprise him since you were moving back soon anyways. Soobin's glum mood quickly changed when he saw your name on his screen.

    "Hi baby," He cooed into the phone, "I missed you! How are you?" He asked a million questions and you giggled, going to say something until the sound of a knock echoed through his phone, "Hold on, let me just see who's here."

    You nodded in understanding and the moment he opened the door, his reaction was priceless. There you were standing in front of him as you quickly hung up the phone and pulled him into a warm hug. Soobin was speechless, his mind couldn't comprehend what was going on. All that he knew was that he needed you, he needed to be close with you and show you how much he missed you.

    Soobin pulled you into his place before pressing his lips against yours, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist. He maneuvered the two of you towards his room and within seconds, you were both naked on his bed. His lips pressed sweet, yet delicate kisses to your skin as he lined himself up against your soaked entrance.

    "Fuck, it's been a while," He groaned against your lips once he was fully sheathed inside of you, "I missed this feeling of you taking my cock so well."

    "I missed you so much, Bin," You moaned breathlessly, hands pulling Soobin flush against you, "You have no idea."

    Soobin began to thrust his hips into you at a slow yet steady pace. His lips removed themselves from your skin to look you in the eyes. One hand holding your hip and the other pushing the stray strands of hair away from your face as he continued his pace, "I know," He whispered, "God, I've missed you so much."

    A few soft whimpers left your lips as you tried your best to keep quiet since his members were home as well. The overwhelming feeling of love and lust took over your mind as all you could think about was Soobin.

    "You know I love you," He mumbled against your cheek, "So much."

    You hummed in acknowledgement, pulling him forward to capture his lips in a passionate kiss, "I know, and I'll love you forever. You know that."

    Soobin smiled widely and increased the speed of his hips before moving his hand that was on your hips to your clit. Rubbing at the swollen nub to help you reach your high. It didn't take long for your orgasm to reach as Soobin continued to thrust into you before abruptly spilling inside of you with a low groan releasing from his lips. Slowing his pace, he carefully pulled out and picked up his discarded shirt to clean you up before chucking it into the laundry basket in the corner and pulling you into his chest.

    "I'm so happy you're here," He sighed with content as he pulled you closer to him warm frame, "I was beginning to feel a little lost without you."

    "You better mean that," You perked up and positioned yourself on top of him, "Because I'm here to stay with you, just like we’ve both been hoping for.”

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    - Admin 🌶️

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    synopsis: you hated park sunghoon. the snobby, annoying, vile, and cold ice skater. he’s been a nuisance ever since that one time in middle school when he tripped you in front of the whole class. but what happens when your teacher assigns you and sunghoon as partners for ‘the baby project’ — a project where you have to take care of a fake baby like actual teen parents. things couldn’t get worse right? wrong, park sunghoon just asked you to be his fake girlfriend so he could make his ex jealous. the big problem of it all? well, you liked his best friend, lee heeseung.

    twenty eight: he does the bare minimum and she screams.

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    #sumn seems off.. WELL NO CRAP JUNGWON!!🙄🙄 #not sunghoon calling y/n the “loml #terry x riki x y/n supremacy 🪄 #enhypen imagines #enhypen x reader #enhypen x female reader #enhypen fluff #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon imagines#enhypen angst#enhypen series#enhypen scenarios#enhypen smaus #enhypen social media au #taehyun imagines #taehyun x reader #niki imagines #niki x reader #jungwon imagines #jungwon x reader
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    pairing choi soobin x gn!reader // genre angst, unrequited love // warnings none // word count 0.4k // request here

    there was never a dull moment or conversation with him. even if you weren’t doing anything in particular, his company was more than enough. it was hard to say when you started having feelings for soobin. it seemed like things had always been that way. always giving him lost puppy eyes when he left, feeling butterflies while you got ready to see him, yet getting a rush of sheer peace the moment you saw him. 

    though you were careful not to give in to foolish hope, it was nearly impossible to not let your mind wander when the lights were off, blankets wrapped around your body, half asleep. 

    did his smile linger when you complimented him? had he blushed the time you grabbed his hand to drag him inside a store? was his umbrella actually broken or did he just want to share yours?

    it was the beginning of the end when soobin started spending less time with you. if you wanted to visit a recently opened art gallery, he had already gone. if you needed someone to accompany you to the movies, he was busy. even when you did see each other, there was an awkward coldness to him. 

    you hadn’t been at his dorm for more than five minutes when he walked in with another person. there was a tingling sensation in your hands upon seeing how gently he was holding theirs. his roommates were in the living room playing some new game beomgyu had brought. 

    “everyone, this is my s/o, they’re the person i've been spending so much time with lately.”

    like a deer in headlights, you couldn’t hide your surprise. it’s not like you expected him to be single forever; above everything else you wanted him to be happy. “he’s a keeper,” you smiled at them genuinely. shortly after, you added, “he takes too long to answer texts though.” 

    you went for a long walk after. you had been one another’s go to person for so long, it felt weird to think this wouldn’t be the case anymore. perhaps it was better to distance yourself, sort your feelings out before saying something you’d regret. but before you could get too deep in your thoughts, you received a text from taehyun, “i took back your letter before he could see it. how are you feeling?” 

    the reason you were on the dorm when soobin wouldn’t be home was to drop off your confession letter.

    ᝰ — taglist; @igyus @sanciaga @junityy @kwonhowsshhh @taejinxkoya @myluv-yeonjun

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    thanks to everyone who liked clueless! it means so much to me🥺 n i want to write more but idk what to write.. can someone pls suggest something? plss 💔

    #ive been trying to come up with something for days😶‍🌫️ #gonna put this in the tags cause im desperate #txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt reactions#beomgyu imagines#yeonjun imagines#soobin imagines#taehyun imagines#hueningkai imagines#txt angst#txt fluff
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    33. plan

    HELPLINE —kang taehyun smau ☆゚.*・。゚

    pairing: kang taehyun x reader ⊰⊹ฺ genre: fluff, angst, humor/slice of life ⊰⊹ฺ word count: 644 ⊰⊹ฺ chapter type: semi text ⊰⊹ฺ chapter warning: none really, except that i wrote this half awake kfbskshs hope you like it still (;^ω^)

    GENERAL FOREWORD: I have no ill intention of romanticizing emotional manipulation. I aim to portray a story that will give awareness to these matters, as they are very much real and victims shouldn't be labeled, judged, or stigmatized. Please know that I made a thorough research prior, along with everything that I learned as a psychology major, as I was conceptualizing the story so as to give a realistic point of view.

    "you look nervous, we're not even there yet", you almost jumped out of your spot when you heard taehyun whisper right into your ear, making you shudder despite the hot afternoon. what is wrong with this man and his incredibly sexy voice?

    "sexy hmm?" he smirked moving away from you, eyes now straight ahead while his hands neatly tucked inside his pockets. you eyed his side profile with disbelief. well, not really towards him, but more towards your stupidity. did you really just spoke that out loud? great way of embarrassing yourself, y/n, great.

    "you think too loud, cutie", he shot you a brief, but all too heart wrecking, sweet smile before walking away as the queue in front of you started moving.

    "i wasn't!" you shot back trying to disregard the burning sensation on you cheeks.

    "atleast i know you think i'm sexy, hmm cutie?"

    "i kinda hate you", you roll your eyes before nudging him forward— a pity attempt to hide the fact that you're liking that nickname more than you care to admit; and the fact that he literally hasn't called you anything for the past 2 hours but that.

    to be honest, this isn't your first embarrassment of the day in front of this man. it's safe to say his presence alone is enough for your neurons to fail firing as they should.

    "dude, you're painfully obvious. might as well confess", yeonjun popped from behind. you gave him a playful slap on his arms making him laugh. "sorry tomato head. if i were you, i'd kiss him there at the top", he added while snickering.

    "isn't that usually done on a ferris wheel and not on a rollercoaster ride?"

    "well, you're not like the other girls", he replied mocking a high pitched pick me girl tone making you laugh. "what do you think?"

    "i said no kissing, you dumbass!" you blushed.

    "who's kissing who?", taehyun interrupted making you jolt like you were caught on your crime.

    "no one!" you quickly answered.

    meanwhile, you heard yeonjun snicker as he placed his arms around your shoulders. "none that concerns you", he answered the other guy with an unmistakable smirk. by the looks of it, you just know he's going to do something for his dumb idea to happen.

    "well great, it's our turn now", taehyun smiled.

    as if on cue, the ride crew announced for the next batch to prepare. this news had the rest of your friends stirring and bickering for who's going to sit with whom. "i'm sitting beside y/n", was all it took for them to fall silent, as if yeonjun's declaration was a bad joke.

    "why?" he asked innocently, his arms still around you, "i thought were assigning the sitting arrangement?"

    "you're sitting beside me, dumbass!" soobin called. "did you forget?" he added, this time with more conviction.

    "but y/n asked me if we can be seatmates, right y/n?", yeonjun pouted.

    you looked up at him with furrowed brows. basing from the conversation you had earlier, you certainly thought of a different situation; something that involves forcing you to sit beside taehyun. not this— and no, you're not disappointed. not at all.

    "alrighty, pair up now brave ones! the ride is ready for the next batch", the ride crew announced once again.

    "i agree with taehyun, you really do think too loud tiny", yeonjun whispered as both of you walked towards your seat.

    you were about to give yeonjun a glare when your eyes met taehyun's. it morphed into infamous crescents when he saw you looking back, before proceeding to talk to the overly excited kai and meg. you hated how there's so much unrequited tension going on, and the fact that you'd have to deal with it for the rest of the afternoon; yet deep inside, you are not really complaining at all.

    HELPLINE —kang taehyun smau ☆゚.*・。゚

    ♡ synopsis: determined to take the pain off the past, y/n wanted nothing more but become the help and comfort that others needed. yet here comes the man with an obnoxiously adorable eye smile, unintentionally ready to sabotage all that she thought was healing— that includes a 24/7 help line and an alternate persona.

    previous || masterlist || next

    taglist: @00-baejin-05 @kthstigmas @she-is-dreaming @sherlockholicsbysoobin @meiinumaki @nikicoeur @renwritings @beomkihao @virtualoperatorcloudherring @rae-blogging @pixyseeun @pr0dbeomgyu @boraha-e @soobsdior @iminchaosnow @jjikyuu @lokideadontheinside @flowers4riki @hasahi @badroseee @softkons @loonatheworld @lumixen @jeminiepabo @nyfwyeonjun @shittynana @lycorisdoreablack @hobizi @youreverydayzebra @kpop-khh-writer-trash @nshitae @soobinbins @owlien123 @april1538 @cerisetalks @envy-brr @dnghycks-bestie @dongmarklie @geniejunn @90s-belladonna @injunsflwr @ikyk-leeknow @nichiverse @mi-nombre-es-simp @taehyunsfel @beombeomlvr @evertyun @stoof @letmeal0ne @etherealcherrie

    ♡ if you want to be added on taglist/tell me what you feel about this chapter, you may send an ask!

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    pining at its finest — kang taehyun

    genre: fluff, bff to lovers, very light angst

    pairings: taehyun & reader

    cw: none

    "I mean, you wouldn't mind being my fake boyfriend. Will you?"

    — i just want to say thank you to the one who suggested this prompt! from this ask hehe anon i hope u like this, this is for you <33

    now playing: heartbreaker - 5sos, perfect - one direction, just friends - mika 🌼

    He likes you. He swear he liked you too much that it couldn't be considered anything but love. Not the kind of love that brothers share - just like what he always describes it to the both of you and to his friends (which are not your friends). It's a very different kind. And a special one. He didn't know where did it happened, or when did he start seeing you in this light - your laugh that sounded the most contagious before became like the bell of the ice cream truck and he's the kid whose heart starts leaping the moment he heard that familiar sound, your every expression - especially when you're the most concentrated - the little details of you, the habits, your preferences—he knows it all. It's ridiculous. He really had no idea that one day he will just wake up and suddenly, everything is about you.

    He's not complaining though, because in his point of view, he could never fall for someone the way he did with you. He couldn't look at somebody else the way he do to you whenever your eyes meet, he couldn't feel those emotions with someone the way he did whenever he's around you.

    And the fact that you're each other's bestfriend made things a hundred times better. It's like, everytime you enter the frame everything just turns dreamy and hazy in a very good way.

    But he should feel jealous right now - just like what he's roommate, Sunghoon have always told him everytime he talk about you during their weekly game night. Because the way you look at other people, the way you talk about them, and the way you feel embarrassed whenever they're around. He should feel envious of those people whom you used to like and it frustrates Sunghoon because the guy was so clueless of what it actually meant. It's like he's alright with just yearning for you, he's fine with having you so near to him yet so far to his heart.

    He tried to remember his friend's words as he soothes you from your sulking state, gently patting the large tip of fingers on top of your head, quiet giggles erupting from his pretty lips. This kind of Taehyun irritates you but it also melts your heart how the sound of his laugh could ease the worry and pain from your heart, he's literally a ray of sunshine to your mess of emotions self, he's your bestfriend and you hold him dearly to your heart. You sigh as you got reminded of why you we're here in the first place, your problem.

    "I just- I don't understand why am I feeling this way?" you complained for the third time, pout visible with the way you enunciated the last words.

    "How long we've all been friends, Taehyun?" you added, moving your head in his direction, lazily gazing at him.

    "5 years? maybe 6 I don't remember exactly..." he answered. Even though he's staring at the sun slowly bidding everyone's goodbye, he's well aware of your stare and he's focus is all on you - even though he's not looking at you - and he finds you extremely adorable right now.

    "Okay! Let's say... all of us been friends for 5 years, and those years that passed I never seen him like this? And three days after that epiphany we're receiving a stupid news that he's in a relationship? Like... what the actual heck is that?!"

    "Remember you liked Karina, dude? Have you forgotten about that?" he laughed, teasing you about those days when you're simping over the transferred student. You playfully smacked him.

    "Sorry, sorry..." he muttered through his giggles, before soothing his chest out of habit.

    You sighed as his laugh died down.

    "But like... in a serious note, I actually think that's why you didn't see him the way you did today? And..."

    "Let's not include her in the topic! It's done already, my problem right now-" you interrupted. You didn't want to hear him right now but he is determined to let you know whatever it is that's on his mind. His ready to slap some senses to you.

    "I know, I know. Okay, let's say..." he started before sitting up and moving closer to you, getting serious with his explanation on your dilemma.

    “Let's say, you liked Jake sooner then you tell him, and it just happened that he likes you back. You know what that means, right?" you listen intently, but this is not the reply that you want - though you cannot deny that you needed to hear this. It's just that, you hate Taehyun, you hate your bestfriend so much because he's always right and he knew you too well.

    You frowned by the thought of Jake liking you back. You couldn't deal with that, and you never thought of being in that situation, ever. Maybe it's not for you. Besides, you don't have the ability to receive that kind of love. Or- You're just not used to that. That's all.

    "You already know that I don't want that. I just like the chase, the thrill of liking someone with the uncertainty of them liking me back. I don't know if I would be ready for a relationship, Tae..."  you took a deep breath before tilting your head back to him only to find him already looking at you. He'd been looking at you like this for years and you are clueless. Those eyes that mimics the sun, shiny and mesmerizing, you could stare at it for hours if not that he was your bestfriend and it would be too weird to do that, right? You're basically siblings at this point, it would be incest if you liked the way he looks at you like you're his world. You closed your eyes to shake the thought.

    He grinned, giving you a light nudge of shoulder afterwards. You cannot deny, that this is the most familiar face in your mind, the only face that you would trust your life with, and the only face that you would want to take you home when you're almost passed out drunk after a party. He turned his head away from you, you're not yet done admiring him.

    "Well... Are you going to the party this summer?" you can hear the sound of his breathing. It's odd but nice. It makes you feel alive at some point.

    "Are you coming?"

    "Of course I will, if you're coming too." he assured you, mindlessly putting his arm on your shoulder. This is a normal thing for the both of you, because you can get fidgety whenever you're nervous and he was so used to comfort you through skinships - hugs, head bumping, you name it; but in a very brotherly way.

    "Then I'll go." you leaned against his frame.

    "Even though Jake and his girlfriend are there?"

    You scoffed, smirking before laughing sarcastically. "I'm fine." you mumbled as you remember what had happened just hours ago at the cafeteria.


    You are sitting next to Taehyun, his presence alone makes you feel a lot more comfortable, opposite of the way you feel towards the couple across you.

    It was the usual get together of your circle of friends, nothing special except for the newbie that Jake brought here to eat with all of you. She's not the mean type, also not the type who would talk bad behind people's back, she's actually sweet and nice to be with- if she's not Jake's girlfriend, it would be nice to be friends with her, but maybe not in this lifetime. Because right now, it would be much better if her and his boyfriend would be gone from your view.

    "Are you okay? We can just eat outside." Taehyun whispered carefully, you almost forgot he was beside you. You huffed.

    "No, I'm fine. You're here, you can easily distract me with how loud you chew your food." you knew he meant it in a thoughtful way and you feel bad for answering him like that but you bet he's used to your remarks. He wouldn't mind.

    He smiled to himself, before proceeding to start his meal. You took a quick glance to the couple before turning your head to your bestfriend's plate. You don't understand his odd taste for food, you can't deny that sometimes his strange food combinations did tasted good at some point but stir friend noodles with tomato ketchup? That's new.

    "You want some?" Taehyun teased you with a big grin on his stupid face, moving his plate between the both of you. You know he take these things seriously and it makes your heart warm that he's so diligently partaking on this distraction act. But ofcourse, you would never let him know that.

    “No, I'm fine." you dismissed, shaking your head.

    "Then get this boiled egg, instead." he commanded, before rolling the egg on his tray, the sound of its shell cracking got some of your friends' attention.

    "No- I said I'm fine-"

    He clicked his tongue before offering you a bite. You know you can't resist a soft boiled egg, so you did as you told. Smiling before rolling your eyes at him.

    "Where's my thank you? You didn't even thank me!" he accused, holding onto his chest dramatically. Acting as though you really hurted him.

    "Yah! Why are you-" you were interrupted by a series of giggles from the woman across you. You whipped your head to her direction only to see her smiling mischievously right at you, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively as though she's telling something so obvious. You pulled your eyebrows together, before scrunching your nose as she lean her cheeks on the palm of her hand.

    "You know guys for bestfriends, you two look undeniably good together." she started, making everyone on the table silent. You swear you heard the buzz of a fly somewhere behind you. It's quite uncomfortable.

    "I don't know about you guys but I'll ship you too. You would definitely end up together." she added nonchalantly. It doesn't baffled you even the slightest bit, you're used to those remarks. Those years spent with your bestfriend. I mean, someone who looks as good as your bestfriend, and ofcourse you- you can't deny you two would make a great couple but you never actually took it seriously. It was like a silly idea that should never be taken into consideration. Not at all, it's weird.

    So instead of exaggerating your reaction, you went for a light scoff, letting out a series of fake laugh afterwards contrary to the flustered state of the man beside you.

    "You're- You're absolutely getting it wrong..." Taehyun rambled, moving his hand dismissively to prove his point. You pinched Taehyun's side from underneath the table. He doesn't have to make it look like it wouldn't really happened, you would look stupid. You thought.

    You nudged his shoulder before leaning slightly against your bestfriend.

    "Why are you exposing me like that?" you blurted out to the woman in front of you. Shooting him daggers, and glares. Sending him signal to change the topic, pretending as though you just got caught red-handed and that you don't want to confess your feelings for your bestfriend. Gladly, Jake took the initiative by bringing up a different topic to talk about before sending a wink to your direction. He thought he's helping. You scoffed before rolling your eyes secretly.


    "Why? Why are you laughing?" Taehyun asked with a smirk.


    "It's not nothing if you're smiling like that! Tell me!" his lips are moving cutely with the way he's talking right now, he has that habit ever since and you find it cute, ever since.

    "It's just... I don't know I'm excited." you smiled before turning your head his way.

    "What is going on in that evil mind of yours!" he poked your temple which earned a glare from you.

    "They think we're a thing..." you started, almost mockingly. Taehyun froze from his seat, it sounds odd coming from your mouth. He's not used to you talking like that.

    "Would you mind if we take this thing on another level?"

    "What do you mean?" he whipped his head at you almost immediately.

    "I mean, you wouldn't mind being my fake boyfriend. Will you?" He knew it shouldn't hurt this way, because it's always been like this. You never saw him anything but a brother, a great friend who shares the same trauma, someone whom you relates the most, and he's certain that you would ever see him as someone whom you can be romantically involved with. He's not a masochist, and he had always despised the feeling of pain but with you, he learned to love the mini heartbreaks you gave him every single time that he spent with you. Well, simply because he's also happy whenever you're around, what can a poor lovesick heart do? Besides, he doesn't mind. As long as it's you, as long as he could be with you. He would endure it all.

    So he smiled, a genuine one, before nodding. "Of course." he answered.


    tell me what you think! +343569

    to masterlist…

    ©omgsoholy; i do not allow any form of translation or reposting. just please, don’t? but I’m glad u like it though <3

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    dream a little dream of me : k. th

    read while listening to: dream a little dream of me ─ ella fitzgerald and louis armstrong

    "finally its finished" taehyun spoke out, breaking the silence being exchanged as you helped assemble a old record player he bought. "good job, love" your praise earning a bright smile from him. he grabbed a vinyl from the shelf, softly putting it on the record player and placing the needle carefully above.

    after a few seconds of static, the record player emitted the smooth melody. Ella Fitzgerald's "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" filled the room as you and Taehyun smiled at each other, enjoying each others presence. "dance with me baby" he whispered softly, trying not to disturb the calm atmosphere. taehyun grabbed your arm, walking over to the dimly lit living room.

    your arms wrapped around his neck as his snaked around your waist. both melting in each others touch as your bodies swayed to the music. the feeling of love lingering through the air and could be felt as the minutes passed. taehyun came closer to you and placed a loving kiss on your forehead. "thank you for this, angel. nothings better than spending time with you" he seemed to have noticed your tired state as he placed your head on his shoulder. the night coming to a end as he hummed the sweet song to you, keeping you in his embrace all night.

    @ib9gyu : not proofread, i made this really quick cause i had the idea but taehyun got me soft skdnskxmc

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    👻 05 — the creeps

    WC — 1.7k

    WARNINGS — swearing ; jump scares ?? ; supernatural stuff

    NOTES — havent answered any asks but i saw them so u have been added to the taglist hehe. this is so description heavy which is different from what i usually write i am so sorry

    When the Ghost Nerds show up in front of your house Saturday afternoon, you wonder if it is too late to back out.

    They have the Ghostbusters theme song blasting from the car speakers, stickers of their channel logo stuck to the side of the car, and for some reason, Hueningkai is using a megaphone to promote their channel.

    “Check out The Spook Troop on YouTube! Real ghost hunting! New video coming—Oh hey, Y/N!” Taehyun, who is driving, parks the car by the curb and you give them a tight-lipped smile.

    For a moment, you consider just running back into your house, but you weren’t one to back out of your commitments, so you push that thought away. Also the fact that you would be receiving compensation for this job gave you a newfound motivation to see this through.

    You jog to the car and slide into the backseat, placing your camera bag on the seat next to you. “Hi,” you greet awkwardly. You are hardly heard over the music so you clear your throat and try again.

    Lowering the music, Taehyun gives you a slight nod through the rear view mirror. You buckle yourself in, then Taehyun is driving off.

    The song is still playing on low and Hueningkai turns around in his seat to flash you a large grin. You can't help but smile back.

    When he faces the front he asks, “You excited?” In all honesty, you really weren’t, and definitely not as excited as the two of them were—well, Taehyun was still a bit hard to read but you assumed he must be—you were mainly just looking forward to getting your money by the end of this.

    But, from their videos you had watched, even though the production and editing was largely shit, they always seemed to have a lot of fun. You figured it wouldn’t hurt to try and be positive about this.

    “Yeah, uh, totally,” you say, surprised by how sincere you sound. “So, you guys believe in ghosts?”

    “Yes!” Hueningkai exclaims and you find yourself endeared by his enthusiasm. “Well, I do, he’s a nonbeliever.” He jerks a thumb in Taehyun’s direction and the boy in question rolls his eyes, like this is a conversation they’ve had many times before. He doesn’t defend himself so you figure it must be true.

    “Do you need me to start recording now?”

    For the first time since you had gotten into the car, Taehyun speaks. “No, you can start when we get there.”

    Nodding, you ask, “And where is ‘there’ again?”

    “A place called Amity Park. You heard of it?” You shake your head, the name not ringing any bells for you. “Makes sense, the place is basically scrubbed clean from the Internet, almost like it doesn’t exist.”

    That piqued your interest. You leaned a bit forward in your seat. “How did you find out about it?”

    He shrugs. “Old newspaper clippings. Took three days to find anything about it, and that was mainly because I kept getting kicked out of the library.”

    You nod in understanding. For someone who doesn’t believe in any of this, Taehyun sure does take his job seriously. He sounds almost…proud of his work, too.

    Almost an hour later, you are driving past an old ‘WELCOME TO AMITY PARK’ sign that’s practically falling off the wood poles it’s hanging on, except most of the letters were peeled off so it really read ‘W COME TO A I Y P RK’.

    Taehyun slows down the car and turns the music off completely as you guys drive through the town. You decide now would be as good a time as any to start filming, so you take your camera out of its bag, hold up to the window and press record.

    “Woah,” Hueningkai breathes out as he stares out at the town, and you think that woah is a major understatement.

    The whole town is deserted, not a single living soul on sight. Houses line the sides of the road, empty and abandoned, some caving in on themselves. Windows are broken in and doors are falling off their hinges. Trash decorates the sidewalks, empty cans and rogue plastic bags littered everywhere. The more you see, the more you wonder what happened here to make this place essentially…disappear.

    “Looks like a fucking ghost town here,” Hueningkai whispers. “Get it? Because we’re looking for ghosts and this place looks—”

    “We get it,” Taehyun cuts in. Hueningkai shuts up.

    Taehyun stops the car in front of a large, looming building that somehow looked worse for wear than the other buildings you had passed. “Here we are. Amity Park Labs.”

    It is a three storey building with completely blacked out windows—well, the windows that haven’t been broken. As big as it is, you think the building is so old it could capsize at any moment. Paint is peeling off the walls and a large letter ‘P’ stares at you from the top of the roof. You assume it used to spell out the name of the lab.

    The three of you exit the car and Hueningkai and Taehyun grab some of their ‘ghost hunting equipment’ from the boot. You all walk towards the entrance that has been boarded up, the words KEEP OUT scrawled messily in big, block letters and underlined twice across the wood in what looks like red paint.

    Taehyun whistles. “Someone doesn’t want us here.”

    Hueningkai turns to look at the camera and smirks. “It’s gonna take a lot more than this to scare us off. Shall we?” Taehyun shrugs. Together they kick down the boards, causing dust to start billowing. You turn your head away as you cough into your arm.

    When the dust settles, the main door comes into view. Hueningkai pushes it open and gestures for you to enter. “After you,” he says with a flourish and you roll your eyes fondly before walking in first.

    The lobby area is relatively bright, the only light coming from outside through the busted windows. Taehyun wordlessly passes you a torch.

    “The newspaper said there was an accident here—in the 70s. They don’t know exactly what happened, but they wrote it off as a fire that started in the main lab and spread. Tore through the whole town apparently. No one made it out.”

    “Why has it been abandoned? No one tried to fix it up? What about the research they were doing here?” You don’t know if cameramen are supposed to talk, but you can’t help your curiosity.

    Taehyun looks almost shocked at your questions, but blinked it away. He clears his throat before answering. “The government didn’t want to have to deal with the questions and funding. Guess it was easier to pretend this place never existed than to try and continue whatever they were doing here and risk something else happening again.”

    “What were they doing here?”

    Hueningkai, who had wandered away to look around with his own personal camera, speaks up from a little ways away. “How about we find out.”

    Turns out, he had managed to find the floor plan of the building and was able to locate the main lab where you all assumed the accident happened. You would have to go down into the basement, which you didn’t even know there was. The stairs in question feel as though they couldn’t possibly hold the weight of all three of you, but when you all make it down safely, you are proven wrong.

    You don’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural in the slightest, but you can’t deny the chill that runs down your spine upon entering the lab. If you thought the outside of the building was depressing, this room was a whole other story.

    Broken glass glitters around on the floor, crunching under your shoes with every step. There were no windows, and even with the light from all three of your torches, you still had to adjust your eyes. Papers were strewn across the room in a mess and there was a lab coat left on a broken machine.

    There were a lot of those, broken machines. You wonder what they were for.

    The two boys split up to look around for clues for…something, leaving you to your own devices. The feeling you got when you entered hasn’t left and you had a sinking feeling that something bad was going to happen.

    “What exactly are we looking for here?” you ask, trying not to let on that you are ready to go.

    “Ghosts,” Hueningkai says simply. He pokes his head out from behind a machine. “Why? You scared?” He puts the torch under his face to give a scary effect and you roll your eyes.

    You stick your tongue out at him. “Shut up, no. This place just gives me the creeps.”

    Leaning back against one of the machines, you cross your arms across your chest. You wonder belatedly about where Taehyun is when you feel two pairs of hands grab your shoulders and you jerk in fear.

    Your hands slam down to your sides, pressing random buttons that turn the machine on. Your eyes widen as it whirs to life and you turn around to find Taehyun staring at you, eyes as wide as saucers. A noise rings out loudly in your ears and your press your hands over them. Then, a big flash emits from the machine so bright you have to shut your eyes.

    Just as suddenly, the noise stops and light disappears, but the ringing doesn’t leave. You feel as though you have just ran a marathon, your chest heaving with heavy breaths.

    “The flash…what was the…flash?” Taehyun and Hueningkai just look at you like you’ve grown two heads.

    “We should go,” Hueningkai suggests, and he didn’t have to tell you twice. You leave the lab, climbing the steps two at time, until you reach the lobby again.

    You barely recognise Taehyun apologising for trying to scare you, the ringing in your ears not fading. You squeeze your eyes shut to try and ease it.

    Outside, while Taehyun and Hueningkai chatter loudly about what just happened and you try to catch your breath, something glints on the ground. You bend to look closer at what it is and find a name tag with the name S. CHAYOUNG.

    You look back at the boards you tore down earlier and your stomach drops. Taehyun’s facts were wrong—Somebody did make it out. Because somebody had to have written the warning on those boards. And they hadn’t used paint—it was blood.

    masterlist | four | six

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @faetarou @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is @90s-belladonna @yoonsupremacy @bls-luv-me @pcybuttercup @pr0dbeomgyu @hoodiebangtan @enhanote @urresidentdrugdealer @txtdreamm @junityy @hwallswrld @dear-dreamie @ginghamandgreentea @envirae @sunysunoo ( send an ask to be added )

    #👻 — ghosting series #ficscafe#txt smau #txt social media au #taehyun x reader #kang taehyun x reader #taehyun imagines#taehyun fluff#taehyun scenarios#taehyun reactions #hueningkai x reader #hueningkai imagines#hueningkai fluff#hueningkai scenarios#hueningkai reactions #txt x reader #txt fluff#txt imagines#txt reactions#txt scenarios #q — after hours
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  • seungstarss
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    𝐁𝐄𝐓≛ 0.3 the homewreckers

    ᜊ seoyeon. your typical third year sorority girl. she's very popular on campus and is the life of all parties. has some weird type of beef with reiko?

    ᜊ beomgyu. a third year vocal major at hybe university. beomgyu's best friend is seoyeon, who he met in high school.

    ᜊ sunoo. a first year vocal major at hybe university. sunoo is seoyeon's younger brother who's always willing to throw hands for her.

    ᜊ jungwon & riki. both are still attending highschool at belift high. bestfriends with sunoo. (they won't be too involved in the plot, but they might make cameos. I wanted to include profiles for them because I can't leave these precious boys out)


    ⇦ previous | next ⇨

    SYNOPSIS. after jake takes a new liking to his friend's diligent liberal arts partner, he decides to start a bet with his friends. "lets play a game. whoever can win her heart gets anything, anything they want."

    @fiantomartell @terrytaehyunnies @nyujjan @softforqiankun @redikuluspupil @berriniki @hobistigma @punneysushi01 @jdyunvrs @icywhatim @deathena @dear-dreamie @echelhoops @neovrse @whoe-dis @primorange @enhacolor @sunghonkers @shoftiiel @luv3iza @ncityy04 @jjun4thitboy @j3ntle @studioreader @elicheel @nyfwyeonjun @abdiitcryy @angxln-ki @atinyyylove @chuntians @msxflower
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  • seungstarss
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    𝐁𝐄𝐓≛ 0.2 crazy cat lovers

    ᜊ yn. a third year literature major at hybe university. she doesn't have many friends due to them thinking she's "anti-social." yn has an interest in fashion and enjoys making her own clothing. (wants to switch majors)

    ᜊ reiko. a third year fashion major at hybe university. she has a really outgoing/tomboy personality which always makes yn feel at ease.

    ᜊ luna. a third year literature major at hybe university. she met reiko, yn and taehyun at their orientation. she's also roommates with reiko and yn.

    ᜊ taehyun. a tired third year literature major at hybe university. he honestly doesn't know why he's even studying literature, but he likes his friends so that's enough. often gets gets approached by casting managers.

    ᜊ huening kai. a second year literature major at hybe university. he met yn at his orientation (he was struggling and she assisted him) and have been close ever since. you can always find him with taehyun.

    ᜊ sir- are you there. yn's private account/spam.


    ⇦ previous | next ⇨

    SYNOPSIS. after jake takes a new liking to his friend’s diligent liberal arts partner, he decides to start a bet with his friends. “lets play a game. whoever can win her heart gets anything, anything they want.”

    @fiantomartell @terrytaehyunnies @nyujjan @softforqiankun @redikuluspupil @berriniki @hobistigma @punneysushi01 @jdyunvrs @icywhatim @deathena @dear-dreamie @neovrse @whoe-dis @primorange @enhacolor @sunghonkers @shoftiiel @luv3iza @ncityy04 @jjun4thitboy @j3ntle @studioreader @elicheel @nyfwyeonjun @abdiitcryy @angxln-ki @atinyyylove @chuntians
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  • kpopluvvr
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    ##all about yoohyeon's relationships with her family!!

    ##YOOHYEON: my family means everything for me, i do this for them.

    ##her mother!!

    name: nam yeeun
    birthplace: ilsan, south korea
    birtbday: may 25, 1964
    occupation: dance instructor

    her mother is her biggest supporter honestly. when she first moved to korea, she had a hard time adjusting to everything, so she fell into a depression and she really wanted to go home. her mother knew how bad she wanted it, so instead of tell her to quit and come home, her mother came to korea and stayed in a hotel as close to the company for 2 straight months just to be with her.

    ##her father!!

    name: nam doyun
    birthplace: gwang-ju, south korea
    birthday: february 26, 1962
    occupation: architect

    her relationship with her dad is okay, it's better what is was from when she first moved to korea. it wasn't like he didn't want to go, he just felt that singing should just be a hobby while she studied. this put a strain on their relationship, but as time went on, and he saw that she was happy, he put his worries aside so they could work on their relationship.

    ##her brother!!

    name: nam yeonsung
    birthplace: seoul, south korea
    birthday: july 26, 1990
    occupation: high-school teacher

    they both annoy each other even when they're miles apart. they annoyed each other when they were together, that's just their relationship and everyone has excepted. they love each other yes and will protect each other, but they will kill each other if in the same vicinity. lowkey influenced her to move to korea when he abruptly began a teacher at the high school she was attending. she had to get out of there before the "your brother is attractive" comments started.

    ##her sister!!

    name: nam hana
    birthplace: seoul, south korea
    birthday: july 2, 1997
    occupation: model/youtube

    her best friend, and at one point, her only friend. her sister is the light of her life, she doesn't know where she'd be without her. during school, she was bullied a lot, so she mostly hung out alone, so her and her sister formed a special bond and did everything together. she helped her through a lot of situations, and still continues to help her to this day.

    #kpop reactions #kpop added member #kpop addition #txt additional member #beomgyu#txt oc#soobin #txt 6th member #txt reactions#yeonjun#txt scenarios #txt sixth member #tomorrow x together reactions #tomorrow x together sixth member #tomorrow x together 6th member #tomorrow x together #taehyun#huening kai
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  • ib9gyu
    16.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    ✿: closer / c.bg

    warnings: angst , sad ending !!

    better if read while listening to: in my little mind - hodge


    "i love you" beomgyu shouted in the streets late at night, for all the world to hear. you laughed and punched his arm, wishing this moment could last forever.

    "to everybody who can hear, i love beomgyu more" now it was your turn to shout, your echo filling the small park. beomgyu turned around and cupped your cheeks, giving you a quick peck and resting his forehead against yours.

    "please dont leave me, ever. you're all I have" you let out a small chuckle reassuring him that could never happen, unaware he would break the promise one day.


    "you were all I had beomgyu" your voice cracked as you spoke into the phone. his phone number on the line, you knew he would never receive it, yet a part of you had hope he would call and tell you it would be okay.

    "why'd you leave me, you promised me" tears filled the plush you were hugging, your words went in vain as you were trying to send a voicemail to a boy who now doesn't exist, a boy who was buried in a graveyard. a boy who gave you his word yet broke it with no hesitation. you hated him, no, you wanted to hate him.

    "i wish we could go back to the nights we spent together, remember that gyu" a sad chuckle escaped you, the empty response on the opposite line making it hard to talk.

    "remember when we went to that park by our apartment, and we yelled at the top of our lungs. i miss those moments so god damn much" the memories stinging back into the front of your brain, burning on the way there. you slowly walked over to his room that you still hadn't packed up, the smell filling your lungs, it screamed beomgyu, it was a smell you wanted to last forever and ever.

    "i know somewhere deep inside, you wanted to stay, you wanted to keep breathing, but i know that you had given your all so there was nothing left to give, you did well my love, you did well" and with that, the line went blank, your sobs heard around the house. it would get better you tried reminding yourself, like he always did.


    a/n: i hate myself, this is making me cry and the music GOD PLEASE. i absolutely hate angst but why is it my forte 🤨🤨 i pulled a txt and said "crying crying crying" ❌❌❌

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  • girlsfortxt
    15.09.2021 - 6 days ago


    👻 04 — christopher nolan’s tethered

    masterlist | three | five

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @samu-sorbet @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is @90s-belladonna @yoonsupremacy @bls-luv-me @pcybuttercup @pr0dbeomgyu @hoodiebangtan @enhanote @urresidentdrugdealer ( send an ask to be added )

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  • girlsfortxt
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago


    👻 03 — an offer you can’t refuse

    masterlist | two | four

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @samu-sorbet @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is @90s-belladonna @yoonsupremacy @bls-luv-me @pcybuttercup @pr0dbeomgyu @hoodiebangtan ( send an ask to be added )

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  • milki-bear
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    big spoon vs little spoon

    all members x gn!reader, fluff, word count: 551, established relationship, lowercase intended.

    a/n ; this is a repost from my previous theme so I apologise if you’ve read it already, please still give it lots of love! <3

    i. YEONJUN

    — big spoon ; this boy loves being the big spoon ! he really likes resting his head into the nape or side of your neck and planting tiny kisses there 🥺 he loves how you react by blushing and telling him to stop. he thinks you’re so adorable and being able to literally engulf you in cuddles and make you blush so easily boosts his ego a tiny bit ! though he loves being the big spoon he isn’t opposed to being the little spoon sometimes if you want to be the big spoon (he enjoys it a lot but won’t tell you this).

    ii. SOOBIN

    — doesn’t care ; loves both equally and doesn’t have a preference, as long as you guys are cuddling he’s fine with anything. there are some days where he would want to wrap his arms around you enveloping you with his warmth and holding you like that for hours (your his baby after all) but other times he enjoys being the little spoon! overall he just loves being near you, hugging you and showing you the affection you very much deserve!

    iii. BEOMGYU

    — little spoon ; likes to be the little spoon but would never say it out loud. this boy loves being babied, cuddled and falling asleep in your arms. but don’t let the other members know this bc he would never live this done and he’s got a reputation to keep ! he literally just wants to be held :(( after long days of work, coming home with sore limbs from the endless dancing he’s done all day all he wants is to be in your arms, so he’ll wait from you to come home so that he can pull you into a great big hug and snuggle with you all night.

    iv. TAEHYUN

    — big spoon ; when you guys cuddle he wants to be the big spoon ! he loves feeling like he can protect you and likes feeling like the bigger one in the relationship. even though he’s the bigger spoon you will probably have to ask him for cuddles because otherwise he won’t initiate it but once you ask he is more than happy to cuddle you for as long as you want. he will intertwine your fingers as you lay together or even kiss the back of your hand. another reason he likes being the big spoon is bc it allows him to hide his blush :(( though this boy acts like he doesn’t like affection he’s a big sweetheart and gets so easily flustered by you. 🥺


    — big spoon ; this one may surprise you but kai would adore being the big spoon, mainly because it allows him to warp his arms around your waist and rub your tummy (and this boy loves your tummy a lot.. and i mean A LOT). he would always be asking you if you want to cuddle which ofc you say yes too just to be able to give you belly rubs! you’re kind of like his own personal pillow that he can hug when he’s tired, he just thinks you’re so soft he cannot resist.

    © milki-bear—all rights reserved. do not translate, reproduce, or repost my works. any form of reproduction is strictly prohibited.

    #milki-bear #🍨—tomorrow x together #milki writes. #txt #tomorrow x together x reader #tomorrow x together #txt x reader #txt headcanons#txt reactions#txt fics#choi yeonjun#choi soobin#choi beomgyu#kang taehyun#huening kai#txt fluff#txt drabbles#txt scenarios#txtwriters
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  • gyummie-bear
    13.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Happy birthday to amazingly talented Choi Yeonjun! Moa loves you!

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  • girlsfortxt
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    👻 02 — time of need

    masterlist | one | three

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @samu-sorbet @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is @90s-belladonna @yoonsupremacy @bls-luv-me @pcybuttercup ( send an ask to be added )

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