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    ▷▶▷ A/N↛ 'Mr Terry' is now one of my favorite things to say

    ▷▶▷ Word count↛ 1.6k

    ▷▶▷ Warnings↛ Mentions of (body related insecurities(sfw section), face fucking, dacryphilia, gagging, sensory deprivation, temperature play, threesomes, an orgy, penetration, toys, bondage, humiliation, power play, BDSM, strength play)


    Honestly, there isn’t much of a difference between being Taehyun’s friend or his significant other. The line is pretty blurred. He’s the kind who he ends up being in a relationship with /falling for his friend. It’s not like he intends to, really. It just sorta happens, and he’s like alright, this is the situation now.

    Fiercely loyal, and really sweet actually, he remembers little things that you mention and surprises you with them on a random Thursday. Really likes it when you do the same. He’ll just drop your favourite snack on your lap, and continue on with his business.

    He has a way of detaching from his feelings when they get a bit burdensome. He won’t ignore or repress them to an unhealthy extent, and he’s emotionally mature enough to not be ashamed or afraid of them. He embraces them and tends to them, but he knows how to place them away when the situation calls for it. It’s not that he doesn’t have any. He just knows that there is a time and place

    He has a really pretty smile...I just wanted to say that.

    Play fighting/wrestling is a regular thing for the two of you. "Come at me!" he cocks a brow, steadily approaching "Oh? are you sure?"

    Takes really good care of himself, and this extends to you unless you tell him otherwise. Believes that things can be a lot more fun with friends, and loves when you tag along with him to the gym or suggest new things he should try that will help him boost his health.

    He’s spontaneous, and not, but not at the same time... When he’s here, he’s here. Fully and wholly. But he moves with the flow. So if something else draws his attention he’s going to gravitate towards it.

    Invites you to places very often. It looks unplanned, but he formulated the entire plan in his brain five minutes ago, and it’s honestly perfected to the T…

    He would never force you to do anything you didn't want to. Not the kind to push your boundaries if you clearly stated that you don’t like it. He’s respectful like that.

    The trust that this man forms between the two of you is just... unbelievable. Once he knows he can trust you, he does. Completely. And you can trust him as well.

    Balanced. Simple. To the point. With a little extra flair for the fun of it.

    He doesn’t forget things, nor does he leave anything unfinished. It's just that he is constantly discovering new things and won’t stop himself from investigating them, trying them out.

    He has random genius moments. Just a revelation. He’d be walking down the street, and accidentally kicked a bottlecap, then suddenly he’s inventing the iPhone 42.

    Is really into keeping track of his progress.



    The kind that doesn’t hold back. Once he falls for you, I believe one of the first things he’d do is figure out if his feelings are requited or not. He’ll do a little digging, talk to your friends, but mostly you. He goes straight to the source.

    If his feelings are returned, then he would make a move, he would not leave it to time. If he wants it, he’ll go for it, hope for the best.

    His confession won’t be over the top dramatic. He won’t fly out to the Eiffel tower and drop the question at the strike of midnight. But he will, however, bring you to a spot he deems worthy, and prepare something thoughtful, and sweet. He puts effort into things.

    Very supportive, and helpful. Loves everything you do. The kind to always have advice ready when you need it but knows when you want nothing more than to be comforted. He’s a ray of sunshine and hates to see you stuck in a rut.

    Is not picky, at all. He likes someone who takes care of themselves, but asides from that he really isn't fussy. Especially when it’s with little physical things that you’re insecure about. He understands why, but he doesn’t want you to fixate on something like that, and let it bring you down.

    I really want to reiterate that he thinks that you're stupendously, amazingly, wonderful!!! he would walk around with it written on his fucking forehead, better yet his bicep...ooooouuu nice.

    If you, however, decide that it's is something you you want to change, then he will do his best to help you out. Ensuring that you don't spiral into an unhealthy headspace simultaneously. "If its something physical that you're concerned about, know that it does not define you. I do, and always will care about, no matter the choice. However, if you want my help with anything, I'm all here for you.

    He's really careful because he doesn't want to upset or trigger you.

    The all or nothing type.

    He’d unsurprisingly be a bit reserved at first, keeping things to himself. He’d want to talk about your problems, but be a little reluctant to share his own. His trust is strong, but you have to earn it.

    Date nights are really chill. He’d surprise you though. He likes surprising you, poking for your reaction. He’d definitely do something romantic, but calm. Something you both enjoy doing.

    He gets smiley and excited when you remember things he likes. Simple things like how to make his ramen, or how many spoons of sugar he likes in his tea (tea. tae. haha, not funny? oh... okay...)

    Also really loves when you initiate things. When you suggest something that he’s never tried or teach him something new.

    Loves to learn from you. Loves to teach you things.

    When he people compliment him like, “Taehyun you’re the sun” or “How can you be so handsome?” His, “I feel so loved” or “This makes me so happy.” Isn’t just a thank you-- its a confession. He really does love it. More so than he lets on. Things like this encourage him, drive him like no other, so it coming from you, his significant other, means a great deal.


    Freak. that's all I have to say

    You think Yeonjun is a brat tamer? Allow me to introduce you to Mr Terry. Try to put up a fight. He dares you. He loves breaking you, degrading you, humiliating you. He wants you to cry, beg, but you'd be stupid to think that he's going to stop at that. Why would he? just a minute ago you were going on about how you could take it. Well? go ahead, show him.

    I like to refer to him as a freak dom. There are few things that he isn’t willing to try. The kind of person you can be very open with about your kinks, fetishes, interests. Would never shame you for them.

    Every time I think of Taehyun, my brain without a doubt goes to this image of him tying you to the bed, and trying a bunch of toys on you. He just lays there, stuffing in every hole, a bullet vibe stroking your clit in little circles. In a situation like this, he’s not really focused on making you cum, it’s more about seeing which toys work best with your body. Which you like the most.

    Strength kink

    Such a sadist as well. Rough. Uses his strength to pick you up, toss you around in 7 different positions, and hold you there. Laugh at you when you squirm. Will tease and degrade you even more.

    Hates stopping in the middle of the act. Prefers to discuss everything with you beforehand, have the scene planned out, and have boundaries set.

    He’s not all that patient. (I don't really think he has much trouble having an orgasm) so he’ll focus on you beforehand, get you ready, but he can be a little impatient, wanting to get to it.

    He can be romantic though if you tell him that that's what you want before things get too heated. He's just such a passionate lover

    He has a mature, yet playful outlook on sex. He thinks too much seriousness can suffocate, and ruin the mood of a scene, but he does see it as MANDATORY to talk about everything, get consent, discuss kink, hard limits etc.

    It’s never boring with him. He’s always bringing in something new. “What’s that?”

    “I thought you’d be curious. I saw this in a store on the way over and thought we could use it. You down?” Yes. Yes, you are, cause this man is a genius, and more often than not comes up with some brilliant way to please you both.

    The kind to read articles, and talk to friends about sex. Very open about it, and wants to learn as much as possible. It’s likely where he discovers the majority of his kinks, “So I was thinking we could spice up sensory deprivation with a bit of temperature play”

    “That… sounds nice... but where did you learn it?”

    “I was reading an article the other day…” or “My friends were talking about things they enjoy in bed and this came up and lead to this….”

    Is 100% down for a quickie at a completely random place.

    “Taehyun, we’re in the studio, anyone could walk in”

    “It’ll be quick, just hop on, I promise, I’ll make you come nice and hard for me, yeah?”

    And oh, he does. He’s a man of his word for sure.

    Really likes face fucking you cause you look so pretty when you gag and cry(small text intended)

    Probably makes you take online quizzes with him for the fun of. Like the ones on bdsmtest.org and such. He thinks it’s a fun way to learn about each other.

    Down for a threesome. So long as it’s with people that he trusts. Likely people that he already knows, and has developed a relationship with that kind of goes with that theme.

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    the only guy i would call myself and let them call me a whore is taehyun

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    shim jake x fem! reader


    YOU knew you were screwed. Here you were, first game of the season and your football team was losing. JYP high, your school, was down 36 with BELIFT winning by 48 points.

    “this sucks,” your best friend, Dahyun sighed, laying on her arms that rested on her lap. It was an away game since yo ur school’s remaking their football field currently. They had your school sit all the way on the opposite side of the other school — whose bleachers were right by the concession stand.

    “I can’t believe we’re losing by this little and they can’t even catch up! How hard is it to run? Look how small they are, surely they can!” Nayeon groaned, seeing another player on your team get tackled.

    “I’m tired of this,” you stood up, cupping your hands around your mouth, you yelled, “GO BELIFT, WOO!!” Parents of the football players that were your peers glaring at you, some of them even yelling at you to sit down. You didn’t, though, watching as number 21 on the other team stopped playing and looked at you, eventually getting tackled by someone from your team.

    You groaned as the JV game ended, walking to the concession stands to buy a drink to help with the fact that cheering on the other team made your throat dry. waiting in the line, you noticed the guy who was staring at you on the field was there, right behind you.

    “you go to JYP?” he asked, a hand against a fence that separated people from the field.

    “yessir, is it obvious?” you asked, your black and white face-paint and your shirt that read “JYPS GIRLS VOLLEYBALL TEAM” was very obvious. “you’re the quarter back, aren’t you?”

    “I am,” number 21 smiled, lifting his hand for you to shake it, “I’m Jaeyun Shim, but you can call me Jake.”

    “YN LN, nice to meet you,” you shook his hand.

    “Yunno, it’s surprising, not everyone cheers for the opposite team. Do you not like your school that much?” his smile got replaced with an inquisitive look, following you as you went forward in the line.

    “Our football team is filled with boys with ugly mullets who think they can pull girls just by sending them nudes unconsensually and they’re not even good at football!” you complained, asking the students at the booth for nachos and a pepsi, which they gave you in a few seconds.

    “well, my team isn’t like that,” jake followed you out of the line, taking one of your nachos and eating it. You, on the other hand, was wondering why he waited in that line just him to not buy anything, “I’d hope so”

    “Jake!” Jake and you turned to the noise. “We need you, Taehyun got stuck in his jersey again,” a boy with dyed pink hair and a mullet ran up to the quarterback you were talking to, grabbing his shoulder.

    “Oh, well,” Jake turns to you and bows slightly, reaching for his phone that sat in this pants pocket and handing it to you, “can I get your number? So we can still talk?” You nodded and filled in the contact information, watching as he put your name as “YN<3”

    “I’ll text you, bye!” his smile laid on his face as him and the pink-haired boy ran towards the locker rooms, leaving you with your Pepsi and half-eaten nachos. You turned around and made your way back to your friends.

    “what took so long to get nachos?” Nayeon asked when she saw you sit down, taking one of your nachos like Jake did.

    “I met someone, he was cute, i gave him my number,” you smiled.

    “You gave him your number? Are you psycho? What if he was a serial killer? Or what if he’s just like Felix?” Dahyun scolded while the three of you looked at Felix, who was dumping his whole gatorade on someone else.

    “He isn’t like Felix and if he was, I would block him, easy as that.”

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    ✨Sub!innocentTaehyun x OlderDom!fem!reader✨ - where taehyun is just too pretty to resist

    Thank you for your request @galaxyinyoureyes15 💞 I hope you like it! ^~^

    Warnings: Smut, corruption kink, praise kink, overestimulation, handjob, licking taehyun's dick, dirty talk

    As you became a new staff member at Hybe, you were awestruck by the beauty and the talent Txt radiated

    Especially, kang taehyun, the Golden vocal of the group had you simping over him, quietly of course

    You would have never imagined that you moved on from working in the marketing department, to being a close assistant to said group

    You would help getting them ready for the stage, and checking up on them

    All of the members being friendly and polite, cracking jokes with you here and there in between breaks

    Only taehyun seems to be distant

    "It's because he's a tsundere" beomgyu teasingly says, laughing how taehyun turns his back at him

    "Actually it's because he likes you" Yeonjun tells you

    And you can see the faint blush on taehyun's cheeks, as he loses focus on the mobile game he's playing

    Something inside your head tells you that yeonjun is quite right, every time you encounter taehyun in the hallways, he quickly drops the eye contact

    As the show is about to start, every member quickly goes into their wardrobe

    "Y/N, can you please give this to Taehyun, it's a collar piece for today's stage" your coworker tells you, tossing it into your hands

    Before you can protest, she's already away

    You hesitantly make your way to his wardrobe and knock 3 times before deciding to walk in

    "Hey Taehyun, it's me Y/N-"

    Taehyun stops in his tracks, his shirt halfway down his body, exposing his collarbones and part of his chest

    "I-oh.. W-wait a minute.." taehyun says as he turns around

    As he fumbles with the buttons, unable to get them together, you come close to him and grib his shoulders to turn him towards you

    "Come on, let me help you" you say, loving how nervous he's getting at the close proximity

    As your hands are busy with the buttons, you admire his pretty collarbones and sculptured face

    Being so close to Taehyun is a dream and a curse at the same time

    Your mouth is faster than your mind as you mindlessly let the words out, that you've wanted to say to him for so long

    "You are such a pretty boy...."


    Your eyes widen at the realization

    "Oh, I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to say it out loud"

    "Do you - do you really think I'm pretty?" taehyun whispers, clutching the clothing close to him

    His eyes look directly in your direction, and you see stars in them

    You step closer and let your hand trace his cheek, then gliding your thumb over his plumb pink lips

    "Of course, I wanted to ruin you for so long"

    Taehyun whimpers at your words, suddenly feeling small next to you despite being a head taller

    It's already too late as you feel his growing bulge against you

    Taehyun looks down

    "O-oh, what do we do now.. The stage begins soon -" he rambles, worry laced in his voice

    "Shh. It's alright, leave it to me yeah?"

    You guide him towards the sofa and sit him down

    Your hands unfasten his belt and let his pants down

    As you grib his thighs and get between them, Taehyun suddenly realizes what your words meant

    "Y/N.. W-what are you doing?-Mhm! "

    His words get stuck in his throat as your hand disappears in his boxers

    You begin to stroke his dick

    "What-is this feeling.. Omg!" taehyun breathlessly says, too overwhelmed by your touch

    "Have you never gotten a handjob before taehyunnie?"

    "N-No.. I didn't.."

    You take one step further and take his dick out of his boxers to let your tongue glide against his shaft

    Taehyun's head throws backwards, expressing lovely high moans

    "God.. You are so innocent.. Perfect for me"

    Taehyun loves your touch and your words, riling him up more as he's getting closer and closer to cum

    "Y/N N N- It feels so good" taehyun's voice gets shaky and you notice he's getting closer

    You speed up your movements, "You are going to be a good boy and cum for me, right?"

    "YES YES YES -" he chants as he finally cums and paints your hand white

    Taehyun looks at you and the mess he's created, getting all embarrassed and hides his face in his hands "I-Im sorry, let me clean that up -"

    You don't let him finish his sentence as you continue to stroke his dick again, loving how his cum serves as lubrication

    He's sensitive and gribs the blanket on the couch

    "AHHHH - y/N, t-too much!"

    "Let me see you lose it baby, I know you can give me one more" you say as you look at him, loving how teary his eyes get from the sensation

    "You looks so pretty when you cum Taehyun, I want to see it again.."

    "S-Stop, that's embarrassing.."

    You speed up once again, having him fall apart and moan for you

    You grib his jaw with your hand forcing him to look at you

    "You are the most beautiful when ruined by me" you say as you plant a kiss to his lips, and letting your tongue inside his mouth

    And Taehyun can't take it anymore as he cums and moans into the kiss

    He catches his breath and slumps against the sofa, while you clean him up

    "But you didn't get to cum.."

    "You can return the favor later right?" you whisper in his ear

    "Y-yes Ma'm"

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    Demon!TXT Masterlist

    Within each story is a tale about the dark, mysterious, and melevolent nature of each demon. What will you face when going head to head with them? Danger? Or something far more threatening?

    Warnings: Each part will include smut (ofc), this isnt for certain, but some or all parts will include something along the lines of: death, murder, evil stuff lol idk. Some angst. Fluff is going to be minimal I think. Also, mentions of hell and religion. (not too heavy on it tho)

    Demon Profiles

    Name: Choi Soobin

    Demon Type: Death Prince

    Soobin’s world was lonely. He resided in a dark place unknown to the eyes of a mortal. He would only surface to devour the souls of evil when their untimely death arrives, but nothing more. It was until he was met with a mortal. A mortal that held more darkness and evil in them than he’s ever seen. If only death would’ve taken them, their soul would be his, but that wish would not come true, and for an unfathomable reason.

    Pairings: Demon!Soobin x Serial Killer!reader

    Coming Soon

    Name: Choi Yeonjun

    Demon Type: Incubus

    He appeared in your dreams. He appeared as a shadow in the corner of your eye, disappearing when you would notice. He stalked you, waiting for the moment to pounce. He’d take your oh-so-fragile soul little by little, succumbing you to the darkness. But he wouldn’t do it because his king wanted another soul to feed him. Oh no. He would do it because he wants you for himself for all of eternity.

    Pairing: Incubus!Yeonjun x Human!reader

    Coming Soon

    Name: Choi Beomgyu

    Demon Type: Prince of Hell (Lucifer’s Son)

    As the son of the ruler of hell, who’s to tell Beomgyu that he can’t do what he wants? He held so much power, the power to kill a whole population of people. So what does he do with that power? He simply decides that he wants to explore the home of the mortals for the first time. In order to do that, though, he must stay with a host for the time being. You eventually find out that you’ve been chosen once finding a random man in your home at 3 in the morning.

    Pairing: Demon!Beomgyu x Human!reader

    Coming Soon

    Name: Kang Taehyun

    Demon Type: Halfling

    He resides deep into the dark woods where the trees tangled together and the sound of nature took over. When that sound would suddenly disappear, they knew he was near. He would lure the unsuspecting into the woods to tear them to pieces for the sole reason of just doing so. So what happens when you and your friends make a bet to see how long you would last in the forest with the “stupid town myth” named Kang Taehyun?

    Pairing: demon halfling!Taehyun x Human!reader

    Coming Soon

    Name: Kai Huening

    Demon Type: Trickster Demon

    Kai Huening, the boy you’ve always known as your imaginary friend. He was your best friend, the best you could have. He was the cause of revenge against every enemy you’ve had, and when you were down, he was your sole purpose of living. What happens when you find that your friend is in fact, not imaginary, and he’s marked you for a marriage that you didn’t know was in your fate since the day you were born?

    Pairing: demon!Kai x human!reader

    Coming Soon


    Send an ask to be in the taglist!

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    tomorrow x together ‘chaotic wonderland’ group photos concept one

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    Kinktober 2021 Day 10 -

    Do You Really Care? TXT Taehyun

    Who: TXT Taehyun/f!reader

    What: 🛑🔞Smut. Hard dom!Taehyun, choking, bit of angst. TW: Not very healthy relationship

    Word count: 996


    Sometimes you wondered how Taehyun really felt about you. His elegant fingers caressed the piano keys with more tenderness and more reverence than they ever caressed you. In fact they rarely ever caressed you at all.

    You never were one for that much tenderness or romance. This thing was only temporary, a way for you to get an itch scratched and Taehyun to have a way to go to sleep at night. You weren't friends. You weren't lovers. The only time Taehyun ever caressed you was when you were falling apart from exhaustion, screaming out in pain or clawing at him for breath.

    The piano made a sour note and a thud echoed in the studio. Taehyun was angry again. You had listened to him go over the same segment in different variations over the past hour. You made no move to approach him or to leave. That's how things went now.

    You watched him as he walked over to you, eyes burning into yours. Your t-shirt was pulled over your head and tossed aside, your skirt shoved to your ankles and your stockings ripped into shreds. You never dressed nicely anymore or bothered with lingerie. Taehyun ripped through it all anyway. Your underwear joined your other clothes in two pieces on the floor.

    "Taehyunnie...," your voice, small and unsure, barely rose above the sound of him manhandling you over the desk, notebooks and pens clattering away. Slim fingers raked and grabbed at your hair painfully as your face was pushed into the desk.

    "I've told you not to call me that," Taehyun's words fanned over you calmly, too calmly. You felt his fingers at your pussy, rubbing at your entrance. You were always needy these days, always a little bit wet. You never knew how Taehyun really felt about you, but you knew how you felt about him.

    "You're always ready for me," he said quietly, two fingers entering you with no preamble and starting to piston in and out of you. Your only response was a long moan and your back arching under him as he fingered you roughly.

    "You don't need much, do you," Taehyun remarked as he turned you around, laying you down on the desk and spreading your legs wide around his. He unbuttoned his jeans and shoved them down only far enough to take his cock out. It sprung out with force, as if he had been sporting a hard-on for some time. Taehyun's hands slid over your body to roughly grab at your breasts and you arched into his hands gasping.

    Sex with Taehyun was a quiet affair on his part most of the time. He would fuel you with quiet teasing statements but you couldn't help feeling like an instrument, there for him to pluck and play. When his cock entered you you sang for him like always, until you felt cool fingers at your neck closing brutally. Not just at the sides but pressing down on your airway. This was not a punishment or a request to be quiet. This was Taehyun showing you he owned you.

    His hips slammed into yours hard and deep, not too fast, as he allowed you time to feel the full impact of each thrust before the next.

    "Ah!" You gasped for air as he released your neck momentarily, hands digging into your hips instead.

    One of those rare moments of his tenderness surprised you as he then trailed his hands on both sides of your waist, caressing your skin with his thumbs. Something caught in your chest but the next moment he was raising and bending your leg back to get even deeper inside you and his strong hands were back at your throat.

    "I'm going to fill you up, Y/N. You'll take it well, won't you? And you can't scream, can't have anybody hearing us now," his quiet voice glided over you as his hands squeezed with a force that was out of sync with his gentle way of speaking. You couldn't breathe at all and you didn't try. That blissful moment where you were suspended between breaths was like euphoria. The little tinge of panic, of not knowing when you could have your next inhalation was always what got you over the edge.

    Your walls tightened around Taehyun's cock pistoning inside you and he groaned, squeezing you even harder and you felt the pressure build up uncomfortably in your head. Practically a learned reflex by now.

    The next moment you were cumming around him, without a sound as you couldn't even move your vocal cords from Taehyun's grip. With one last hard thrust that felt almost painful he spasmed inside you, flooding your walls with his cum as a rush of breath left him along with all the tension in his body.

    His grip loosened and you took deep lungfuls of precious air, your heart hammering in your chest. It felt so good to breathe again that your body twisted unconsciously, impaling you onto Taehyun's cock while he still pumped his seed into you.

    As soon as he was done he pulled out of you, cleaning himself up quickly and pulling his jeans back up. Before you could sit up, you heard the sound of his backpack zippers and then the door of the studio opened and closed.

    You were still laying on his desk, naked, catching your breath with his cum dripping out of you.

    Maybe Taehyun didn't really care about you, you thought as you sat up sluggishly, searching for your clothes and tissues to clean up with. You couldn't find your panties that he'd ripped but you thought it was just as well, they were ruined anyway. He wasn't coming back and with heaviness in your chest you put your shoes on to leave. That's when you spotted a small bag by the door that hadn't been there earlier. He'd left you the keys to the studio and a clean pair of underwear.

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    Yeonjun SFW Alphabet

    Mellow speaks: And here we are with the next SFW alphabet. As requested by the lovely anon, it's my bub Yeonjun this time! Hope you enjoy reading this, and lemme know if you liked it!

    A = Affection

    (How affectionate are they? How do they show affection?)

    Yeonjun is so affectionate that even the word "affection" would shy away. He always needs to have his arms around you, some form of contact is mandatory. Whether it be his arm loosely draped around your shoulders or your waist, or your head resting on his lap, or even just your pinkies entwined as you go for a walk.

    He's always one to vocally express his love for you, so expect daily proclamations of how lucky he is to have you. He's one to constantly show you off to everyone he meets, whether it's the members, his parents, or even the friendly cashier at the convenience store. He knows he scored by getting you to date him, and he wont shy away from gushing about it.

    B = Best friend

    (What would they be like as a best friend? How would the friendship start?)

    He would be the most protective best friend ever! Expect him to always have your back and be ready to kill anyone that so much as says a mean word to you. He'll stick with you through thick and thin, and while he would definitely never pass up on any chance to tease and annoy the hell out of you, deep down, he cares about nothing and nobody more than he cares for you.

    C = Cuddles

    (Do they like to cuddle? How would they cuddle?)

    He's the biggest cuddle bug you'll ever find, and if he were to have his way, he'd remain clinging to you 25/8. He loves having your face squished into his chest, it makes him feel like he can protect you. He refuses to let you sit by yourself without at least throwing your legs over his lap, and that also applies to moments when you're with the members. If you're in public and he can't have you all to himself, he'll insist on having his arm around you form, pulling you flush into his side.

    He loves to be the big spoon when you sleep, and you're not one to complain, since his body feels like your own personal comforter.

    D = Domestic

    (Do they want to settle down? How are they at cooking and cleaning?)

    He'd be all to settle down with you the moment he realizes that what he feels for you is love. He's naturally a very caring person, and the very idea of having a family of his own and spending all his days with his special someone makes him giddy inside. Of course, settling down doesn't necessarily mean getting married, and he seems like someone who wouldn't mind the labels as long as both of you are happy. That being said, he would love to marry you if that's what you want.

    Household chores are no biggie for him, especially since he's already used to taking care of the members. And doing those chores with you? Add that to the list of his favorite things.

    E = Ending

    (If they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?)

    He would feel really guilty if he were the one to break up with you, and while he was afraid to face you, he would know you deserve a proper apology and a proper reason. He would try his best to save things, but if that doesn't seem possible, the he will decide to let you go, for your own happiness.

    But that doesn't mean it would be clean and short. There would be a lot of tears involved, and a lot of heartbreak. It would hurt him if he had to see you cry, and since he himself cries very easily, it would not be a pretty sight.

    F = Fiance(e)

    (How do they feel about commitment? How quick would they want to get married?)

    As I said, he would be all for settling down with you once he's got his feelings sorted, provided that's what you want. Expect the proposal to be one giant romantic gesture, and once you're engaged, he would like you to take your sweet time before getting married. "We only get to do it once," he'd say, wanting everything to be perfect for your special day.

    G = Gentle

    (How gentle are they, both physically and emotionally?)

    Most of the time, Yeonjun is very gentle with you. He would make it a point to never hurt you physically, and would always be careful of his words. But arguments can turn ugly if both sides lose their temper, and he might end up saying something harsh that he would be sure to regret later. Once he calms down though, expect a string of apologies coming your way as he beats himself up for losing his temper and hurting you.

    H = Hugs

    (Do they like hugs? How often do they do it? What are their hugs like?)

    Being as clingy as he can be, Yeonjun needs to be hugging you every second he has with you. His hugs are warm and full of love (if somewhat bone-crushing), and he loves to completely engulf your form, his hand softly patting your head as you muffle your face into his chest (again, something that he insists you always do).

    I = I love you

    (How fast do they say the L-word?)

    Once he realizes that he's in love with you, he would be super quick to tell you how he feels, not wanting to hide the fact from you a second longer than he needs to. He would most likely realize he loves you as he silently watches you doing whatever, eating, talking to someone, watching TV, or reading a book. He'd just look at you, and suddenly, it would be like everything fades away and it's only you. That's when he would know, and before he can stop himself, the L-word would slip out his mouth.

    J = Jealousy

    (How jealous do they get? What do they do when they’re jealous?)

    Yeonjun gets jealous very easily, and wants your attention to be on him 24/7. It's not like he doesn't trust you, it's just that he considers your love and your attention to be reserved for him and him only. He's pretty obvious when jealous too, becoming extra clingy as he glares daggers at the person who's distracting you away from him.

    If you decide to tease him further and continue to ignore him though, good luck to you because boy would get so mad (not in a bad way obviously).

    K = Kisses

    (What are their kisses like? Where do they like to kiss you? Where do they like to be kissed?)

    Every single one of his kisses, from the small pecks on your cheeks to the lazier and sloppier kisses on your lips, is full to the brim with his love and adoration for you. He likes to cup your cheeks all of a sudden when you're talking, placing his lips onto yours to shut you up. He pulls you flush into his chest as his lips move in sync with yours, and he can't help but let out a satisfied smile when you kiss him back.

    Likewise, he loves it when you catch by surprise, kissing him out of the blue. He really likes laying his head in your lap and having you place an occasional kiss on his forehead as you stroke his hair.

    L = Little ones

    (How are they around children?)

    He's surprisingly good at handling children, and often tells you how great of a dad he will be to your kids......something that never fails to turn you into a blushing mess.

    But if you're the one playing with the kids, expect him to get jealous very soon, and before you know it, a new kid will have joined your party.....a very tall and very pouty one.

    M = Morning

    (How are mornings spent with them?)

    On his days off, Yeonjun refuses to let you get out of bed, continuing to hold you close as he muzzles his face into your neck or your hair. He'd rather you stay in all day, just talking about anything and everything as he continues to admire you, a soft smile playing on his lips.

    N = Night (How are nights spent with them?)

    Nights with Yeonjun are spent cuddling together under the duvets, talking about random things and just basking in each other's presence. He loves intertwining your hands together, playing with your fingers as you tell him about your day. Late night snacks are a regular ritual, and you often sit under the duvet, the light from your phones illuminating your faces as you eat.

    O = Open

    (When would they start revealing things about themselves? Do they say everything all at once or wait a while to reveal things slowly?)

    He's always worn his heart on his sleeve, and has never been one to shy away from telling you about himself. He's just the type to make small quirks about him known, like the fact that he loves being praised, or that he's a huge flirt. He's always been straightforward, and you've come to appreciate the way he speaks his mind.

    P = Patience

    (How easily angered are they?)

    As whiny as he may be, Yeonjun has an incredibly high patience level (all thanks to Beomgyu), and so, it's a rarity to find him truly angry at anyone, and especially at you. He loves you far too much to find anything you do a bother, and on the contrary, he actually finds your little quirks extremely adorable.

    That being said, boy still gets annoyed pretty easily if that's your goal, and he will not pass up on any chance to be playfully mean to you as a form of payback for the last time you got on his nerves.

    Q = Quizzes

    (How much would they remember about you? Do they remember every little detail you mention in passing, or do they kind of forget everything?)

    He puts in a lot of effort to remember everything you tell him, whether it's something you said in passing or something you explicitly told him about. He always pays attention when you say something, and so, it's not rare to find him getting you the exact same phone cover you had told him about two days ago, or the very album you had been gushing about to your friend the other day.

    R = Remember

    (What is their favorite moment in your relationship?)

    He cherishes every moment he has with you, but his favorite by a long shot are the lazy afternoons and late nights when you're cuddled on the couch, watching a movie. He loves when you're curled up into his side, your head on his chest as he rakes a hand through your hair. And the only thing that can make it even better is if you fall asleep on him, a small smile gracing your lips as you dream of something. He could continue watching you for hours, just taking in how beautiful you are to him.

    S = Security

    (How protective are they? How would they protect you? How would they like to be protected?)

    Yeonjun is fiercely protective of you, and will not hesitate to obliterate any person who ever hurts you or makes you uncomfortable. Someone troubling you when he's around? He'll be next to you in a heartbeat, his arm around your waist (duh), as he shoots daggers at the person who's the reason you're uncomfortable. He often gets too carried away in his role, and you have to step in and pull him away, afraid he'll get arrested or something.

    Protecting him is mostly a thing only when Beomgyu and Taehyun are annoying him, and he likes to hide behind you and whine as you try to put on a stern demeanor, despite cracking up inside.

    T = Try

    (How much effort would they put into dates, anniversaries, gifts, everyday tasks?)

    He takes his relationships very seriously, and if it's it's romantic one, then that calls for even more effort. So expect him to remember ever teensy tiny detail and ever every date, from the major ones like when you first met and your anniversary, or the smaller ones like when you first went to the movies.

    He's also one to splurge out quite a lot on gifts, some grand and some small but special nonetheless. He loves giving gifts to the people he loves, so please always cherish whatever he gives you. He makes it a point to show you just how much he loves you, either through words or through actions, and never fails to make you feel appreciated.

    U = Ugly

    (What would be some bad habits of theirs?)

    Being too hard on himself. Yeonjun has always been one to put way too much effort into everything, and being the perfectionist that he is, he is never satisfied with himself, no matter how many times you, or others, tell him he's doing great. He takes all his titles a bit too seriously, which often results in him pushing himself too hard. And that's when he needs you around, to help keep him in check when he refuses to take care of himself.

    V = Vanity

    (How concerned are they with their looks?)

    Life is a runway for this one, and being an idol, he's extremely conscious about how he looks and what he wears. He's much more into fashion than he's into make-up though, so expect him to be dressed like a model from head to toe with a mask covering his sleepy face. Staying at home is no excuse for looking unpresentable either, or so he says.

    If you're into fashion too, then expect him to drag you to the mall at least once a months, just so you can keep up with all the recent trends. He won't force you to dress up if you're not interested though, but he'll be more than happy to give in his tips and input.

    W = Whole

    (Would they feel incomplete without you?)

    Yeonjun can't help but be a sad mess when you're not around. And by "not around," I can't mean you having broken up with him. Even if you're just waiting for him at home as he finishes up dance practice, he just doesn't feel right, knowing that the only thing that can complete him is having you close. That's why tours are especially difficult for him, because while he loves meeting his fans and performing for them, there's nothing he can do about that empty void inside him. That's something only you can fill, and he longs for the day he gets to hold you again.

    X = Xtra

    (A random headcanon for them.)

    You often find yourselves in hilarious situations when going on walks due to Yeonjun's habit of having his arm thrown around your shoulders. He loves talking, and often proceeds to talk your ear off as you roam the streets, not taking notice of the fact that you've stopped walking, planting your feet on the pavement. It often results in him being pulled back (and you being pulled forward) because his arm is always around your shoulder. It never fails to annoy him, something that satisfies you to no extent.

    Y = Yuck

    (What are some things they wouldn’t like, either in general or in a partner?)

    Someone who tries to change him or doesn't understand his personality or beliefs would be a huge no-no for Yeonjun. He always tries to be as genuine as he can be, even on camera, and he would prefer to have someone who can appreciate him for who he is.

    Z = Zzz

    (What is a sleep habits of theirs?)

    He often ends up throwing his legs over yours in sleep, something that can end up leaving your own legs sore in the morning despite feeling like a cute gesture. Since he insists on having your face snuggled in his chest while you sleep, he often keeps his chin over your head, completely engulfing you. He's "protecting you from the demons," he likes to say as an excuse for it.

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    13.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Dear Sputnik: Spotlight

    Genre: Fluff

    AU: Band!au, drummer!Soobin

    Warnings: None

    Summary: Choi Soobin was constantly in the spotlight, but he needed a breather every now and then, so what happens when he meets Y/n, his escape from it all?

    Dear Sputnik Masterlist


    Choi Soobin wasn’t always the confident person he was today. The charismatic leader of TXT was someone who always used to shy away from all the attention, but once he was given the chance to be in the band, his personality did a full one eighty. Soobin was filled with confidence, he was the drummer and leader who had a reputation for being a gentle giant. He continuously indulged in the newfound fame, his ego and confidence inflating by a lot. Who knew though, that the only person who would have Soobin weak to his knees was the shy girl from his class?

    Even he himself could’ve never expected someone like her, but Soobin had his reasons. To him, Y/n was like a breath of fresh air in between his double life. “Why do you even hang out with me Soobin? I don’t think I’m the person who would really fit into your circle you know” Y/n laughed. It was like music to Soobin and his heart only beat faster at the sound of it. Soobin only smiled and ruffled her hair, Y/n trying to swat his hands away.

    “You’re different I guess, being around you is like a breath of fresh air. Being around all these people is not easy, like really” Soobin toyed with the drumsticks in his hand, it became a habit once he started playing the instrument. “What’s so different about me?” Soobin laughed at Y/n’s question, but she only crossed her arms and clicked her tongue. “Yah I’m being serious” she hit his shoulder.

    Soobin piped down and looked at Y/n, he could tell her everything he found special about her, but he halted himself in case he would say too much. He couldn’t risk their friendship, not yet. “Well, for one, I guess you make me remember that I’m a normal person, like I’m not the leader of TXT. You really ground me and like, snap me back into reality for once, it’s also good to get away from the attention every now and then” Soobin replied honestly. Y/n rolled her eyes, a smile etched across her face.

    “How sweet of you to say that, I never expected to be that person in your life. In all honesty you’re fun to be around as well, the kicker in my boring life” Y/n replied. It was funny really, the two were polar opposites, yet they still managed to gravitate towards each other. Fate really had to play with their feelings didn’t it. Soobin cocked his head in confusion, for someone as rowdy as him, Y/n’s reply seemed very unexpected. “Me? Y/n I never even thought that you’d enjoy my company one bit” he replies.

    Soobin then walks to the corner of the room, spinning his drumsticks once again. “Are you going to our gig downtown?” He eyes Y/n. She moved over to the seat beside him and nodded, looking at Soobin’s drum set with much curiosity. “Your drum set is very pretty by the way” Y/n complimented unknowingly. For once, Soobin was left flustered by someone.


    “You’ve been so eager to practice lately, did something possess you?” Yeonjun was tuning his bass when he noticed Soobin looking way happier than usual, especially during band practice. Soobin shook his head and plugged his drums into the speakers, checking the sound. “No reason, uh I just want to perform extra well at our next gig” he shrugged. Yeonjun raised a brow at him and chuckled, he didn’t buy it at all, not when Soobin’s more tame than usual. It wasn’t a bad thing, he just wasn’t used to it after awhile.

    Surely it wasn’t just the fact that he wanted to perform well, he had to be hiding something. “Are you hiding anything from us hyung? I saw Y/n over the other day” Beomgyu plopped beside Yeonjun on the couch, causing Yeonjun’s bass to slightly shake.

    The boy rolled his eyes, annoyed at how his tuning was disturbed. Soobin froze, they were going to find out somehow, so he just had to come clean. “We just talk and hang out sometimes, I don’t know what it is but I like being around her. She brings me back to reality” he admitted shyly. Yeonjun and Beomgyu smiled at this.

    Soobin was an insanely hard worker as their leader, so hearing about the girl who balances him out, it only made them feel happy for him. “I don’t see a problem with that at all, I mean you seem to really like her, so you should shoot your shot” Beomgyu said, giving Soobin a thumbs up. Soobin shook his head, he couldn’t tell if Y/n saw him the same way.

    “Come on Bin, you should totally take your chance while you can. Who knows what anyone else would try with Y/n” Yeonjun encouraged. After all, Soobin seemed super into her, so he didn’t see any harm in trying. Soobin only looked at drum listlessly, he doesn’t know what to do.

    That Saturday, Soobin was extremely nervous for the first time to perform. “Woah Soobin hyung, are you ok? You’ve never been this anxious to perform” Hueningkai approached Soobin, who he noticed was pacing around anxiously, as they set up the equipment. Soobin blinked and apologized to the younger, this was the first time he invited Y/n to watch them. “Oh I’m alright Kai, I just have a few things on my mind but nothing much” Hueningkai nodded, still worried about the older male, but he had to go back to preparations as they had no time to waste.

    Soobin sighed and sucked in a breath. Y/n was going to see them perform and he couldn’t afford to have any other things on his mind, he had to do well for her. “Soobin, I just saw Y/n come in— AND, and— I’m sorry if that made you more anxious, but I swear, everything will be fine. Right Taehyun?” Yeonjun looked at Soobin and Taehyun only gave Yeonjun a awkward smile. Soobin looked around and saw Y/n sitting at a table with a friend.

    “We’re gonna start now so, let’s do this and wrap up well. Remember let’s just have fun and enjoy the stage” the rest of the members nodded and they stood at their places, Soobin stepping behind the drums and getting ready. Yeonjun then cleared his throat and spoke into the mic.

    “Good evening! We are TXT, short for tomorrow by together, and tonight we will be performing an original song by us called Loser Lover. It is a song about a loser being a lover for the person they love most, hope you all enjoy tonight!” The people clapped as the music started, Soobin singing softly into the microphone. He could see Y/n in the crowd, and he smiled at her as she smiled back at him. It gave him a sudden adrenaline rush as he continued performing passionately, still glancing at Y/n every now and then.

    “Lover with a dollar sign is a loser!” Once the song was over, multiple cheers had erupted from the crowd and the applause was endless. “Thank you all so much! We’ll be taking a short break and will come back with more. Have a good rest of your night” Yeonjun said. They all immediately got off the stage and Y/n ran over to Soobin eagerly. “You guys did so well! That was amazing! By the way, meet my friend Doha, she said you guys deserve a bigger stage” Y/n laughed. Soobin rubbed the back of his neck and thanked Y/n, ignoring the teasing from his members from behind. “Y/n, I hope it’s ok but could we talk in private?” Soobin asked. Y/n looked up at him, nodding as she followed him to a more private area.

    Outside, Soobin took a deep breath and looked Y/n in the eye. “Y/n I’m going to be honest and I don’t know how to say this, but I’m happiest when I’m around you—“ Soobin paused and Y/n giggled softly, holding his hand. “Hey, take it easy, I’m listening” she said comfortingly, Soobin held her smaller hand in his. He was getting distracted and his thoughts were all over the place. “I like you Y/n, you’re someone I want to have in my life for a really long time. I don’t know where I would be without you, I understand though if you don’t like me back see—“ Soobin was cut off by Y/n.

    “I can’t believe it took you so long Choi, I feel the same way! Ever since you know, you asked me to hang out after school. I love your company and would honestly keep you in my life forever” Y/n admitted. Soobin was perplexed but inside he was the happiest he could ever be. “Well, let me take it slow then” Soobin pulled Y/n in and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

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  • rikiszn
    13.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Dear Sputnik Masterlist

    TXT Band AU, inspired by Chaotic Wonderland.

    Genre(s): Angst, Fluff

    Warnings: Established in each imagine

    Guide to the series:

    No release dates are affiliated with the imagines, meaning they will be released randomly.

    Character backgrounds are connected, but all imagines are meant to be read as a stand alone.

    The imagines in no way shape or form depict how the TXT members act in real life.

    None of the media used is mine, all credits to their rightful owners at BigHit Ent.

    If you would like to listen to the playlist, you can dm me or send an ask and I’ll give you a link.


    Drummer! Soobin x Nerd!Fem! Reader (f)

    Leader and drummer of Hybe has a crush on the nerd, Y/n. Will he be able to win her heart despite his rowdy nature?


    Bassist! Yeonjun x Rich Kid!Fem! Reader (a, f)

    Y/n always got what she wanted because she was spoiled, but what happens when she meets Choi Yeonjun? The bassist of Hybe’s band. With him, she finally learns that she doesn’t need material belongings when she has the right person by her side.


    Guitarist!Beomgyu x Singer!Fem!Reader (a, f)

    Beomgyu was in a slump and needed a muse to give him back the inspiration he craved. Well, he got more than what he wanted once he met the singer Y/n, who he met at the dingy alley behind his house.


    Vocalist!Taehyun x Fem!Guitarist!Reader (a, f)

    Taehyun, the exceptional vocalist of TXT, was given the amazing opportunity to perform in a competition as a school representative. Without any hesitation, he immediately chose Y/n to be his partner for the duet round.


    Pianist!Hueningkai x Childhood Bsf!Reader (f)

    He always seemed to be in the eyes of others, garnering attention for being TXT’s star pianist, it meant he would gain popularity one way or another. Though, Hueningkai had his own guilty pleasures found in the form of his best friend Y/n.


    © 2021 all rights reserved | rikiszn on tumblr.
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    Kinktober 2021 Day 8 - We’ll Always Have Itaewon

    Who: Taemin x f!reader x TXT Taehyun

    What: Threesome smut. Porn With Plot.

    Warnings: Smut. Cannot stress enough how 🔞 this is. Some Taemin x Taehyun. No barrier protection used. A few under-negotiated moments. Exploratory. You've been warned.

    Word count: 9.3k

    A/N #1: This is @swoonysighs 's Kinktober Day 8 request. I wanted to do this in my own signature style and I was never gonna let it go. I loved the idea of Tae squared as soon as you gave it to me. I put the rest of Kinktober on hold because this became my baby, my brainchild and I wanted to gift you something good (since I know you're a Libra and your birthday must be coming up very soon). I get so much inspiration and enjoyment from all our interactions and I hope I've repayed it at least a little 💞💞


    A/N #2: Because OTT might as well be my middle name, Swoony, you need to watch THIS first. And this fic also comes with a playlist, if you're so inclined:

    SHINee - Excuse Me Miss

    TXT - Fairy of Shampoo

    TXT - Can't U See Me?

    Taemin - Tease

    Taemin - Slave

    Taemin - Move

    Taemin - Sexuality

    Taemin - Drip Drop

    Taemin - Thirsty

    Taemin - Want

    Taemin - Strings

    Taemin - Clockwork

    Taemin - Strangers


    21:14. Itaewon. O'de Stair.

    "Taemin-sunbaenim! What are you doing here?" Taehyun's voice rang over the music.

    "Taehyunnie! What does it look like I'm doing, I'm having a nice evening out. And I told you, just "hyung" is fine," Taemin laughed, his eyes crinkling in their usual way above his mask. "You're the one I should be asking what you're doing here."

    "I was supposed to be meeting Yeonjun-hyung here for a sneaky drink but he's just messaged me and said he's sick and not even left the dorm! I can't believe I came straight here from my schedules. I didn't realise this was a fancy place, I would have changed," Taehyun sighed, chewing on his lip which still had traces of lip tint from whatever schedule he was on that called for it. His silver-grey hair was styled nicely and he wore black ripped jeans and a black button-up with the sleeves rolled up to his forearms.

    "It's not that fancy and you've cleaned up really nicely, Taehyunnie," Taemin said graciously. "I'm not dressed up at all," he motioned towards his simple purple checked shirt and casual light blue jeans.

    "Yeah, but you're... you know, you," Taehyun mumbled, still self-conscious of his hyung and the unfamiliar atmosphere.

    "No such thing," Taemin waved it off. "What are you drinking then?"

    "Oh, hyung, I don't know if I should, we have schedules tomorrow...," Taehyun said cautiously, hesitant to refuse a drink from an elder.

    "There's always going to be schedules, Taehyun-ah. Listen to your hyung, you'll burn out if you don't let loose once in a while. How do you think I've lasted this long in this business," Taemin said in a pretend-deeper, authoritative voice. "I'm not one for hard liquor myself, that's why I came here for the nice cocktails."

    "Alone?" Taehyun peeked over his mask at Taemin shrewdly.

    "Okay fine," Taemin sighed. "But you can't tell anyone. I was supposed to be on a blind date with one of Jinki-hyung's friends but she never showed. Didn't even message to cancel."

    "You mean there are actually people who would ghost Lee Taemin," Taehyun mocked bravely.

    "Hey, at least I could get a date! When was the last time you even had one," Taemin bit back playfully.

    "Uh... I think high school? I still had braces," Taehyun laughed.

    Taemin reached over and patted the younger boy on the thigh sympathetically.

    "Don't worry, I make a good wing man, we'll find you a nice noona tonight."

    Taehyun's already large eyes widened to the size of saucers.

    "No! No I can't, if the company finds out, I'm dead, hyung!"

    "Relax, no one will find out. I know how to play this game. Text your manager that you're with me in the SM cafe and that I'm showing you the dance for my comeback so you can post a cover of it later. And send him a selca of us. Here," Taemin reached over and took Taehyun's phone from his hand, snapping a quick photo of the two of them while being careful not to get any tables or drinks in the shot. Taehyun texted his manager who responded excitedly, asking Taehyun for permission to post the photo on Weverse and telling him not to get back too late.

    "I don't know about dates, hyung, but thank you so much for helping me drown my stress in alcohol discreetly," Taehyun sighed in relief, turning his phone to silent and tossing it on the table. "You said no hard liquor but I feel that I will need some soju to start me off if I have any hope of relaxing."

    Taemin waved over the waitress.


    22:24. Itaewon. O'de Stair balcony.

    "It's embarrassing, but actually I learned it from you," Taehyun said after he downed the last of his soju, one bottle in now.

    "You're kidding! You look really good, I have to say," Taemin complimented Taehyun's dreamy, sensuous look on the latest photoshoot.

    Feeling the alcohol buzz making him bolder, Taehyun took a shot.

    "I've always wanted to know, hyung... When you're able to model like that and have your expressions like that, how do you do it? What do you think about?"

    Taemin smiled bashfully and looked down for a moment.

    "I can put it this way. It's a mix of memories and being able to be very comfortable and confident in yourself."

    "Hmm. I think I know what you mean," Taehyun said hesitantly. "I've... been working on some of that. Not so much the memories but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to make some," he quipped.

    Taemin waved down the waitress again.

    "Why don't you try then? When the waitress comes over, send that angel there a drink. My treat."

    "Where," Taehyun tried to follow Taemin's line of sight until his eyes landed on you.

    There you were, leaning on the balcony rail sipping your cocktail, laughing with your friends. The way the fairy lights illuminated your silhouette against the evening sky had Taehyun staring so hard that you felt the need to look around, feeling someone watching you.


    Taemin smirked knowingly at Taehyun's loss for words. What were the odds of the two Taes having similar tastes...


    22:29. Itaewon. O'de Stair balcony.

    "Excuse me, the gentlemen over there sent you this," the waitress bowed to you and handed you another Irish mule to replace the one you had just finished.

    "Oh, thank you very much! Where are these gentlemen then," you asked and the waitress pointed out the two masked boys sitting at one of the tables.

    Your friends cheered at you as you raised your drink in the direction of the boys, signalling a thank you, and took a sip. You couldn't tell much from afar but they both seemed on the lean and toned side. You chuckled as you watched the one who seemed a bit older wave you over while the silver-haired one frantically pulled at his hand to stop him, then covered his face dramatically. You were curious what this was all about and you decided to walk over. Your friends "oooh"ed when you told them you'd be back later and you felt your heart speeding up as you approached the boys' table.

    The silver-haired one instinctively scooted over to one side to let you sit in the middle, despite his shyness.

    "Thank you for the drink. I'm Y/N," you bowed slightly. "What are your names?"

    The older boy leaned over to speak quietly at your ear, his voice sending little shivers through you for some reason.

    "We'll show you, but you absolutely have to keep it to yourself, okay?"

    You nodded, intrigued, and he sat up, turning so that he faced only you and his younger friend. He pulled down his mask for a few moments before pulling it back up, his eyes never leaving yours.

    "Oh my god," you whispered frantically as you recognised him instantly. Taemin brought his finger up, reminding you to keep it on the low.

    "And you," you turned to the silver-haired boy.

    He gave Taemin a stern look, not making a move to pull his mask down.

    "Kang Taehyun, nice to meet you," he said and his voice sounded cold. The name didn't ring a bell immediately but you still had a hard time taking your eyes off him. Something about his eyes and how they seemed to burn as he looked at you had you captivated.


    23:36. Itaewon. O'de Stair.

    "Come on Taemin, you can't cheat!"

    You and Taehyun laughed as Taemin tried to halve the sips of his cocktail as he kept on losing at "Never Have I Ever".

    "There's no shame in admitting your superiority of experience in comparison with your opponents," he said proudly and it would have had a dignified effect were it not for his straw getting caught on his sleeve and flying out of his glass right onto his shirt.

    "Ya!! This isn't mine, it's sponsored! You better hope it washes out," Taemin dabbed at himself frantically as he made for the bathroom.

    You and Taehyun were then left alone at the end of the bar. Taehyun fell silent, swishing his drink idly as he looked down.

    "You okay," you brushed your fingers over his shoulder in concern.

    For the umpteenth time that night you fell into the abyss that was Taehyun's gaze when he looked up at you.


    You'd missed Taehyun's answer to your own question as you were too lost in his eyes.

    "Sorry, Taehyun. God, this is embarrassing... I'm sorry, I know I haven't even seen your face but you're just really... attractive," the words came out heavy and your breath was out of rhythm as you tried to get them out.

    Taehyun watched you silently for a moment, then slowly reached for his mask and pulled it down.

    "Oh... Oh you're that Taehyun...," you whispered, barely heard over the drone of chatter, music and glasses clinking in the bar. "But aren't you... You just don't look your age, I didn't realise you were so young," you kept babbling.

    "Yeah, I get that a lot," Taehyun smiled wryly at you. "Noona," he teased as he watched your eyes slide over his elegant features. He leaned closer to you, his big eyes relaxing their usually piercing gaze. You were drawn in, your eyes dropping to his full lips as your hand reached over of its own accord to rest at Taehyun's slim waist. The space between you shortened and the air grew thick with anticipation.

    This was the moment Taemin walked back into the main bar, but as soon as he saw the two of you he slowed his steps. Neither you nor Taehyun were making a further move but he noticed that Taehyun's mask was off.

    You saw Taemin first and instinctively dropped your hand from Taehyun's waist.


    Taehyun followed your line of sight.


    "What are you two acting like deer in headlights for, I'm not here to bust you or anything," Taemin tried to break the tension. "You're free to pick whoever you want, Y/N."

    "Hyung is right, actually," Taehyun dropped his head shyly.

    You stood stunned, looking between the two of them. You liked Taehyun a lot but you were still wrapping your head around the gap between his mature, intense aura and his age. Taemin's easy, alluring charm was also very much drawing you in. How could you ever choose?

    "Do I really have to choose? I mean... If this is going to be a one-night thing... Can't I have both of you?"

    A pregnant pause fell between the three of you. Taemin broke it first.

    "You can, of course, if that's what you want--"

    "Ah... Hyung! Can I talk to you over there for a minute please??"

    Taehyun's frantic tugging on Taemin's arm made you think that you might have offended Taehyun by asking such a thing, but at the same time no one had really made their intentions clear yet.

    Taemin let himself be pulled into a corner.

    "Hyung, with all due respect, please tell me you're not suggesting what it sounds like you're suggesting," Taehyun stared Taemin down.

    Taemin leaned against the wall casually, crossing his arms.

    "Tell me what it sounds like I'm suggesting, Taehyun."

    "You're suggesting that we... That you and me... Both take Y/N home? How is that even going to work?"

    Taemin gave Taehyun a pointed look.

    "You're not that innocent, I think you can figure it out."

    Taehyun took his hand off Taemin quickly.

    "Listen, you know how much I admire and respect you. And I like Y/N a lot, I definitely would go home with her. But how can I agree to something like this with you? I've never done... I've never had a threesome before."

    Taemin pushed off from the wall and grasped Taehyun by the arms gently.

    "I haven't either, Taehyun-ah. I don't even swing both ways all the way, but the way I see it, we both like Y/N, this is a rare opportunity, and I mean... You're a trustworthy, handsome dongsaeng. We don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with but just think about it. Obviously we would go back to my place, for security's sake. What do you say?"

    "This is crazy! Aren't you afraid that word will get out about this," Taehyun searched Taemin's face worriedly.

    "In the past I would have been, but trust me, no one will find out. Nothing has got out at all since I moved to my new place," Taemin smiled reassuringly.

    "Taehyunnie, I know you're nervous and I get it. Take it from me though, the one thing I regretted the most from when I was your age was that I was too afraid to experiment like Kibum-hyung and Minho-hyung did. It doesn't have to be such a big deal. Just for once I'd like to be impulsive and enjoy myself. And who knows, it might be fun if you came along for the ride," Taemin winked mischievously.

    "I can't believe I'm agreeing to this," Taehyun covered his face in his hand and allowed Taemin to sling an arm over his shoulders and walk him back to the bar where you waited impatiently.

    "So?" You asked the boys, finger tapping on your glass.

    "We'd love to take you home if you wanted to, Y/N", Taemin smiled at you in that sweet, sexy way he had been all evening.

    "We?" You repeated.

    "Yeah. You didn't want to choose and so you don't have to," Taehyun said quietly, his eyes serious once more and burning into yours.

    "You're serious? We're doing this?" You still couldn't believe your ears.

    "Not if you don't want to," Taemin said calmly.

    "That's not it, don't get me wrong. Where are we going to--"

    "My place," Taemin said, already on his phone getting a taxi.

    "Shall we?" The grey-haired boy offered you his hand and when you grasped it, you could swear you felt a jolt of electricity run through your body.


    00:04. Streets of Gangnam.

    The taxi Taemin had called was a saloon style cab, with a privacy screen in front of the spacious back seats where the three of you had scooched together. You kept up a conversation but it was obvious that nerves were driving it now as it was filled with much more awkward pausing than before.

    "Sorry Taehyunnie, my house isn't even far but I can't really wait anymore," Taemin said finally, grabbing your hand as he pulled you to face him.

    He kissed you gently, carefully, like he was putting you under a spell. He would give you small snippets of what you really wanted: small nibbles on your lips, a short caress of your tongue with his. When he sensed your neediness growing, he opened his lips for you and let you in, and you moaned at the feeling of being able to finally have more of him. You were the one grabbing at him but he was still the one leading the kiss. He had you hanging on to every little movement he made.

    Taehyun was watching intently, twisting his fingers as he tried to be calm and not react in the way his body urged him to. He still held on to some semblance of sensibility but when Taemin gently separated from you and turned you so you faced Taehyun, Taehyun could only do as his body willed.

    "Come here," the silver-haired boy whispered tersely and grabbed you, setting his lips upon yours harshly. You moaned in relief. The way Taemin had worked you up, teasing without fully satisfying you and the way Taehyun was wantonly losing himself in you, giving you everything, had you kissing Taehyun back just as fiercely. What he lacked in expertise he made up for in raw passion and it felt just as good as you devoured each other. Lips were bitten, tongues twined lustfully with each other, and when Taehyun pulled up for air he attacked your neck, kissing and biting with abandon as he groaned against you.


    00:23. Paragon Building. Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam.

    The electronic beeps of the various security check points in Taemin's building were a blur as you stumbled through the halls, Taehyun's lips glued to yours every time you stopped for Taemin to let you through a door. Once you were finally in the elevator, Taemin tugged you off Taehyun none-too-gently.

    "Quit hogging Y/N, Taehyun-ah," he mumbled and pressed you against the cool metal of the door, cradling your face in his hands as he kissed you. Taehyun only chuckled, by now much more comfortable with the unusual arrangement.

    The elevator dinged and Taemin pulled you into his body to let the door open behind you. You inhaled his scent and nuzzled his neck, placing a few kisses on your way. Taemin inhaled sharply and reluctantly pushed you forward and out into the hall.

    Taehyun took your hand from Taemin seamlessly while Taemin keyed in the code to his front door, checking that there was no one around before the three of you spilled into the foyer of the apartment.

    Once the door shut behind you, you turned to Taehyun, planting your hands on his hard chest and standing on your tiptoes for a kiss. You playfully walked him towards the wall until his back hit it with a thud and he gave a small gasp in surprise. You used the opportunity to slip your tongue between his parted lips, still tasting hints of the flavoured soju he'd been drinking. Taehyun let you be in charge for a moment before he bent down and quickly slipped his hands under your thighs, picking you up easily and turning you around until it was YOUR back connecting with the wall harshly. You yelped in suprise and scrambled to wrap your arms around his shoulders to hold on as he captured your lips again. Once you were secure in his grip, he melted into the kiss with you and you felt as if your heartbeats synchronised. Your breaths came in and out in unison and you deepened the kiss even more.

    Taemin laughed at the impatience of the two of you.

    "Taehyunnie, bedroom is on the left, first door. I'll be back in a second," he instructed as he disappeared round a corner.

    "Mmhmm," Taehyun hummed absently in understanding and tightened his grip on you as he carried you along the corridor and into Taemin's bedroom.

    He set you down and separated from you to get his bearings. You looked around the cosy space until you noticed the view out of the massive windows.

    "Wow, this is amazing," you exclaimed and rushed over to take it all in, the entire city laid out alight in front of you.

    "It's beautiful," Taehyun came up behind you, warm hands on your waist as he leaned his chin on your shoulder. You admired the urban landscape together for a few silent moments. You turned to Taehyun then, meeting his soft gaze and running your hands up his body.

    "You're beautiful, Taehyun," you whispered to him, tilting up and meeting his lips in a sweet kiss.

    "You are too, noona," he smiled into your kiss and wrapped his hands around you. You tugged at Taehyun's button-up, somehow managing to pull some buttons open and he helped you pull the shirt off his toned shoulders. Emboldened, he reached for you again and his fingers slipped under your top to touch bare skin.

    "Hey, don't start without me now," Taemin's teased playfully as he walked into the room and sat on his large bed, seeing Taehyun already shirtless. You gave Taehyun one last peck before you went to join Taemin on the bed.

    Taemin patted his lap and you were all too happy to straddle him. He ran his hand through your hair and drew you in, his mesmerising way of kissing once again pulling you under. His plump lips nipped at yours as he deftly peeled your top off you. You had no bra on underneath and Taemin was quickly setting his hands on your breasts to feel their weight.

    You moaned into his mouth. His touch felt so good, there was an assured gentleness in the way he handled you, unhurried and soft, but still in charge. Taehyun watched with baited breath as his sunbaenim was slowly and sensually taking you apart in his lap. He didn't know how to feel but there was no denying the heat and blood rushing in his veins as he watched you and Taemin and how good you looked together. Taehyun swallowed tensely as he was very aware of how hard he already was.

    "Taehyun, watch this," Taemin smirked and cupped your right breast, dropping his head down to the junction of your shoulder to kiss and nibble at your skin. His fingers toyed with your nipple, pinching and rolling it lightly and you could suddenly feel Taehyun's hot hands on you along with Taemin's. Your mind felt fuzzy and electric all at once and you whimpered, head falling back against Taehyun behind you.

    "Match me," Taemin murmured to Taehyun and the younger boy mirrored the action, fingers splaying over your left breast from behind to cup it and then concentrating on your nipple. He rolled it gently between his fingers like Taemin was doing and he leaned in to trail kisses to the other side of your neck.

    Having two sets of lips worshipping your neck and two different hands on your breasts teasing you had your mind liquefying.

    "Oh my god... Taemin... Taehyun-ah..."

    Taemin loved hearing his name fall from your lips that way and you felt teeth sinking into the delicate point between your collarbone and your neck on Taemin's side.

    You reached and grabbed Taemin by the hair, anchoring him against you and he panted against your neck at your actions. Your fingers brushed fabric and you remembered that Taemin was the only one still wearing clothes above the waist. It was now Taemin's turn to hurriedly undo buttons with your help and he tossed his shirt aside.

    You pulled yourself off of Taemin's lap and sat between the two men, taking a second to look at them before you dissolved into sensations again.

    Both were deliciously smooth and warm; toned bodies begging to be caressed and explored. You noted Taemin's sizeable peony tattoo at his waist, the hard lines of Taehyun's abs and his strong arms which had carried you so easily.

    "You're both so gorgeous," you smiled at the pair.

    For all his confidence earlier, Taemin was the one who looked down bashfully while Taehyun held your gaze with his intense one. You reached for Taemin first, pushing against his chest lightly until he was lying on his back and you followed him down, setting your lips upon his skin. You kissed along his collarbone and down his sternum until you reached one of his nipples and swiped your tongue over it lightly. Taemin hummed and you took it as a good sign, continuing your light stimulation and taking his nipple into your mouth.

    Taemin worried his bottom lip with his teeth as he enjoyed your attention but then he felt a second pair of lips at his ribs. He raised himself up on his elbows.


    Taehyun looked up at his sunbaenim, then kissed lightly over the tattoo.

    "Sorry hyung, I never knew you had this. It just looked really pretty."

    "It's okay, I don't mind if you-- Ah!"

    Taemin didn't finish his sentence as you switched to his other nipple, taking it into your mouth more roughly than you had the first one. It had Taemin hissing and falling back against the sheets, hips unconsciously bucking up in search of stimulation.

    You and Taehyun exchanged a look over Taemin's naked torso, and the next minute belts and buttons were being undone and multiple pairs of jeans pulled off and thrown to the floor.

    Once the three of you were down to your underwear, Taemin sat up from under you and Taehyun and turned the tables on you, pinning you under him.

    "Right then, angel. Your turn now," Taemin said to you then bit your lip teasingly while his fingers slipped under the waistband of your panties to cup your mound. His fingers ventured lower and you bucked your hips against his hand wantonly as you felt him slip his finger in between your folds, the slide of it made effortless by how wet you were. You knew you had been building up to this ever since you first set your eyes on the two men you were in the same bed with now and you felt incapable of postponing it anymore.

    "Taemin, Taehyun, please, touch me," you pleaded, taking Taehyun's hand and guiding it to your breast. Taehyun obliged you and leaned over you to lavish attention on your nipples the way you had done to Taemin earlier. Meanwhile Taemin was slipping off your panties and getting rid of his underwear at the same time.

    "Not to spoil the mood but I feel that someone should be responsible and ask this," Taemin paused at your ankles. "Is everyone clean and safe?"

    "Oh sorry hyung. Yes, I am," Taehyun popped off your nipple for a moment then dove back in.

    "Me... Ahh... too," you panted as Taehyun suckled on one nipple and teased the other with his fingers.

    "Me too," Taemin smiled and unhooked your soaking underwear from your ankles, spreading your thighs to nestle in between them.

    You closed your eyes and let yourself feel. Taemin's plush lips were ghosting over your inner thighs, inching their way up slowly, Taehyun's hands and tongue still on your breasts. You thought that this would usually be the moment where you woke up from something like this. Instead, Taehyun pinched your nipple harder, spurred on by your unconscious moaning.

    "Ah... Taehyunnie..."

    Not to be outdone, Taemin attached his lips to the juncture of your thigh and suckled, a mark beginning to form as he trailed his fingers through your wetness, using it to brush over your clit. He circled his fingertips around the bud slowly and the stimulation right at your most sensitive place after so much anticipation had you whimpering.

    "Taemin... Fuck, that feels good..."

    Taemin smiled against your skin and finally finished the mark he had been making on you. He moved up and his lips replaced his fingers at your clit as he kissed it lightly, then wrapped his lips around it and sucked. His fingers dipped lower to tease your opening and you felt like you were falling apart in his hands again.

    Meanwhile Taehyun had sat up and was once again watching, an almost pained longing spread across his features.

    "Noona, can I join Taemin-hyung," he asked as he gave your breast a squeeze.

    "Yes," you panted just as Taemin was slipping a finger into you.

    Taehyun crawled over your leg and joined Taemin in between. His elder popped off your clit to acknowledge him.

    "Look how wet she is," Taemin murmured. "You should taste her."

    Taehyun gripped your thigh and spread you open even wider as he laid down on his front, settling down in front of your pussy and he licked a wide stripe over your folds.

    You moaned loudly at the different sensation. Encouraged, Taehyun lapped and kissed at your core and it send a flood of heat through you to realise that he was doing it in much the same way as he had been kissing you.

    "Have you done this much before," Taemin asked as he watched Taehyun work you, precum starting to ooze out of his own cock.

    "A little," Taehyun slurred against your folds, his tongue dipping into your entrance and the combined wetness of you and his saliva making lewd smacking noises.

    Taemin bit his lips. He was profoundly affected by the sight of you twisting under Taehyun's tongue and of his dongsaeng's open passion for pleasing you. The elder carded his fingers through Taehyun's hair, tugging lightly.


    Taehyun heard the odd undertone in his hyung's voice and raised his head from your folds to look at him. Your juices were smeared over his swollen lips and with Taemin's fingers messing up his hair he looked absolutely debauched.

    Taemin glanced at Taehyun's hazy, half-lidded eyes but his gaze quickly slipped to Taehyun's glistening lips. Ever-perceptive despite his greenness, the corners of Taehyun's mouth curled up.

    "It's okay...," he whispered and that was all Taemin needed to tilt Taehyun's face up towards himself and meet his lips with his own.

    You were aware of the pleasure being withdrawn from your core and of the pair's hushed words but when you heard the faint sound of what sounded like a kiss, you raised yourself up on your elbows to look.

    Your jaw dropped at the sight of Taemin and Taehyun kissing in between your legs, tasting you off each other's lips. Taemin's hand was still buried in Taehyun's silver hair and the grip didn't seem too light. A small moan came from Taehyun and Taemin seized the opportunity to sink his teeth into the younger's bottom lip. Taehyun seemed to enjoy this and he opened his mouth wider, chasing Taemin's tongue which Taemin was too happy to oblige.

    "How drunk are you," Taemin teased his dongsaeng as he came up for air.

    "Not since the taxi," Taehyun murmured, then placed a cute kiss on Taemin's wet lips. "Don't worry."

    "I haven't... I mean... If this is as far as you go with this, that's completely okay," Taemin wanted to reassure Taehyun but it was difficult to do when he was getting nervous himself.

    "I don't know yet but I feel good right now," Taehyun said comfortably. "Ask me again later."

    "Fuck, Taehyun!"

    You yelped as Taehyun suddenly buried his face in your folds again, thrusting his tongue right into you. Taemin fell into step and massaged your clit in time with Taehyun's tongue, his hand back in Taehyun's hair and pressing him against you gently. The pleasure rolled through you and you now had the added imagery of the two gorgeous males working you in tandem.

    "Ughh, noona... You taste so fucking good," Taehyun growled as something seemed to snap in him and he sat up momentarily to grab your legs and fold them towards your chest, lifting your hips and exposing you even more. He thrust his tongue into you again, once, twice, then moved it lower.

    You yelped as you felt it laving over your other opening, just as two of Taehyun's long fingers eased into your pussy. Incoherent moans filled the room while Taemin chuckled at Taehyun's eagerness.

    Taemin scooted over to your head and you felt his hand tilting your face to the side gently, guiding you to look at him. He knelt above you, smiling and pumping his cock lazily, a shiny bead of precum glistening at the tip. Your body felt abnormally heavy as you tried to raise yourself up. Seeing your struggle, Taemin sat down on his heels at your head and helped you to raise yourself to meet him.

    You wrapped your hand around his cock, taking over from him and for a moment you just watched the pretty veins decorating the surface. Both Taemin and Taehyun had such pretty dicks, you couldn't wait to have them inside of you.

    You craned your neck and licked around the crown of Taemin's member, getting him nice and shiny, then moved on to wet the rest of him. Satisfied, you opened up and sucked him in. An obscenely sensual groan reverberated in Taemin's chest as you engulfed him and just for that, you took him as far as your mouth could fit. He felt hot and heavy on your tongue and you sucked in your cheeks, moaning around him just as Taehyun quickened the pace of his fingers inside you and moved up to suck on your clit. You bobbed on Taemin's length, massaging the underside of it with your tongue on every pass.

    "Ah.. fuck," Taemin hissed as you took him so deep each time that he kept bumping against the back of your throat. "Taehyun, come here," Taemin spit out with more authority than he had spoken with all night.

    Taehyun slowly came to a stop, withdrawing his fingers from you with a wet squelch and scooted over to Taemin at the other side of your head. Without warning he put his fingers which were covered in your juices over Taemin's lips, smearing them around and making a mess out of Taemin's beautiful face.

    Taemin licked his lips first, then grabbed Taehyun's hand and slowly sucked his fingers clean of you, one by one. He parted his lips and showed Taehyun the remnants of your essence on his tongue, inviting the younger to come and have a taste. Taehyun didn't hesitate and dove in, coaxing Taemin's tongue out with his own lewdly before sucking on it to get the last traces of you.

    You released Taemin's cock with a wet pop and craned your head to run your tongue over the seam of his sac, curling your tongue and drawing his balls into your mouth one at a time before switching. Taemin's breath hitched and his hips bucked into your face.

    "Y/N, stop for now, let Taehyunnie have a turn," he said shakily and from the way his cock twitched, you felt he was probably close but didn't want to end your fun just yet.

    You laid down for a small break and Taemin joined you as he stretched out on his side to cradle your body with his. He guided you to turn to him as he smiled at you serenely and leaned down to kiss you.

    There was a mixture of your tastes on each other's tongue and for a moment the world melted away again as you were trapped in Taemin's kiss. You pressed your body as close to him as you could, feeling his warmth and sighing into his mouth. You pressed further until he was forced to roll over onto his back and he took you with him, draping your body on top of his. Instinctively you spread your legs around his slim hips and you felt his hard cock brush against your wetness.

    "Oh god... Taemin, I can't wait anymore, please," you begged in hushed whispers as you ground your hips onto him, dragging your soaking core back and forth along his cock. You watched him bite his lip as he tilted his hips just so, and then he was slipping inside you wetly with no resistance.

    You couldn't contain the scream of relief that ripped through you at finally being filled. He bottomed out inside you and thrust up lightly, just to make you feel every last bit of his cock. His tip kissed the back of your pussy and you rolled your hips onto him, chasing more of that delicious friction.

    "Hyung... Noona... Fucking hell," Taehyun swore as he watched you two, hand fisting his cock tightly and he couldn't keep from stroking himself.

    Taemin turned his head in Taehyun's direction and their eyes met just as you raised up and slammed down onto Taemin again. Taehyun drank in the fucked-out look on his hyung's face as he was buried inside you. Sharp eyes fixated on the way your breasts bounced as you rode Taemin and on Taemin's fingers digging into the soft flesh at your hips.

    Overcoming the initial overwhelming pleasure of having you on top of him, Taemin sat up and motioned Taehyun over, one hand still firmly gripping your hip and guiding you to keep bouncing in his lap.

    Taehyun remembered his hyung's earlier suggestion of having a turn being pleased by your mouth and you felt him approach and stand beside you, bending down to capture your lips in a sloppy kiss as you rode Taemin. You couldn't keep still enough to reciprocate and it was mostly you gasping and moaning against Taehyun's lips but he didn't seem to mind, hand working his cock as he watched and listened to the show within immediate proximity. You felt him move to graze the shell of your ear with his lips as he spoke quietly to you.

    "I can hear how wet you are for him. Will you be that way for me?"

    There was no denying the mess you were making in Taemin's lap and you moaned at Taehyun's teasing words.

    In a sudden show of dominance, Taemin's grip on your hip tightened painfully and one hand shot up to wrap around your neck. Undernegotiated but not unwelcome. Your sharp inhale and the twist of your hips to impale yourself on him told Taemin you were not entirely averse to it and he made a point to only hold you, no pressure put on your airway.

    "Do you like that, Y/N," he asked teasingly even though your eyes fluttering shut was a clear enough answer to that.

    Taemin looked up at Taehyun as he was thrusting into you from below and noticed the way Taehyun seemed to thrive off of watching the two of you. His dongsaeng seemed to have the perfect voyeuristic tendency to go with Taemin's exhibitionism streak.

    "You like to watch, Taehyunnie," he panted, more of a statement than a question. Taehyun moaned as he stroked himself and nodded frantically.

    "Come here," Taemin ordered and Taehyun scooted closer. Dark eyes captured Taehyun's wide ones as Taemin stuck his tongue out over his plump lips. He left it open to interpretation on purpose and Taehyun was too consumed in the moment to think straight. He guided his aching cock to Taemin's lips and watched as his hyung swirled his tongue over the tip.

    Taemin had the presence of mind to look up at Taehyun questioningly. Long, slim fingers twined in Taemin's hair and he leaned forward, taking Taehyun's member into his mouth and hollowing his cheeks.

    From their half-baked, shy confessions earlier, you sussed out that neither of them had explored that far before and the knowledge that they were doing this with you had your walls fluttering around Taemin's cock.

    He felt you tighten up on him and popped off Taehyun's dick with a hiss.

    "Fuck, Y/N, how do you do two things at once? You feel so fucking good around me... Come on baby, just a little more," he was babbling, his control falling apart and you felt powerful knowing that you and Taehyun could do that to him. You pushed him down and leaned over him, capturing his lips in a hungry kiss. You were in control now and you could feel him harden that last little bit inside you as he whimpered into your mouth. You ground onto his cock in tight circles then arched your back to resume your thrusts.

    "Where do you want me to cum," he choked out as you felt him meet you thrust for thrust.

    "I want to taste you," you murmured and lifted yourself off of him, kneeling at his side to take him into your mouth quickly. You sucked him in as deep as you could and felt the head of his cock hot at the base of your tongue. You pressed him in further, feeling his cock obstructing your airway but in the moment it only turned you on more to know that he was about to cum down your throat.

    Taemin jerked and stuffed himself into your mouth as his moans took on a high, airy note and you could feel the tension in his body coiling tightly.

    "Yes... Yes... Fuck, oh god, Y/N," Taemin's pretty sounds echoed off the walls and your name found its way out of his lips just as his cock spasmed and you felt the first spurt of cum hit the roof of your mouth. You held yourself down on him as he released and emptied himself over your tongue. You swallowed him down greedily and you could swear there was a hint of sweetness to his essence.

    Taemin was fulling his lungs with difficulty as he fell back against the bed spent. You released his softening member and trailed kisses up his body, worshipping the warm skin wrapped over wiry muscle. Taemin's hand fell weakly over your head in an affectionate gesture as he once again felt a second pair of lips descend onto his body, trailing small kisses up his shoulder to his neck.

    Taehyun pulled you up to kiss you harshly then, tongue immediately slipping into your mouth and tasting Taemin off of you. You hummed blissfully, all too happy to share and let him lead.

    "He's a little bit sweet, isn't he," you hummed sweetly. Taehyun laughed breathily as he separated from you.

    "I have no frame of reference but I think you're right."

    "Ya! I didn't exactly consent to this," Taemin chimed from next to you, but the still-blissed-out smile on his face told you he didn't really mind it if you and Taehyun shared the taste of him.

    You started to come back with something witty but were quickly silenced by Taehyun, whose kiss-swollen lips fell upon yours again and his hands cupped your breasts.

    "Noona, please," he moaned as you slipped your hand over his abs and down the v-lines of his hip to palm his still-hard cock. You took his hand and guided it to your pussy, so wet now that it had dripped down your thighs, smeared from when you were making a mess of Taemin's lap.

    "Oh my fucking god," Taehyun's voice trembled at the feeling of how soaked you were and he pushed you against the bed, hiking one of your legs up and against his shoulder as he guided his aching cock to your folds. He rubbed himself against you, the sounds of his member moving between your pussy lips slick and sloppy as your juices clung to him in strings. He tapped the head of his cock against your clit a few times and you nearly growled, beyond ready for him to finally fill you.

    He moved down, angled his hips to line up with your entrance and pushed inside you slowly. Sensitised from your earlier session with Taemin, you were suddenly aware that you had not cum yet as Taehyun's member dragged back and forth along your walls. You hadn't noticed before but it had a slight upwards curve which rubbed against the spot inside you that gave an intense, different sensation.

    "Taehyun... Fuck, your cock feels so good... Oh god, do that again," you begged, referring to the last harder thrust Taehyun had given you. He obliged, driving his hips harder into you and the sound of skin meeting skin harshly was the music to his thrusts.

    He obliged, driving his hips harder into you and the sound of skin meeting skin harshly was the music to his thrusts.

    Taemin seemed to have come back down to earth and you felt him stretch out next to you, leaning on one hand as his other one trailed down your body, between your breasts and over your hips to dip between your legs and tap your clit lightly.

    "Tell him how it feels when he's fucking you," you heard Taemin whisper in your ear as he rubbed your clit side to side gently.

    "I love it when you... Ah! When you fuck me like that, it feels so full," you moaned at Taehyun. He slowed down his thrusts to tease you.

    "Oh yeah? When I fuck you like what, noona?"

    "No, don't slow down please... Taehyun, please!"

    He thrust into you more shallowly, only pushing the head of his cock in and out of you while Taemin pressed down harder on your clit.

    "Fuck, Tae!"

    "Yes?" Both Taemin and Taehyun said at the same time and laughed, then both leaned down in turn to capture your lips in their own brand of kiss.

    Taehyun breathed deeply and calmed himself down, deepening his thrusts inside you but keeping them slow and steady, his hands roaming over your body. You groaned at the consistent pleasure as Taemin's fingers kept their pace on your clit as well.

    "Taehyunnie, it feels so good," your moans rose in pitch and Taemin took the cue to speed up, rubbing your clit in fast, tight circles. Taehyun was eager to make you cum and canted his hips so his thrusts came in slightly upwards, pressing the head of his cock firmly against the upper wall of your pussy.

    "Oh fuck, yes, just like that, oh please," you got louder and louder and Taemin pressed his other palm down at your lower abdomen.

    "Harder," he told Taehyun and the younger obeyed, putting more force behind his thrusts. Taemin tapped and rubbed at your clit quickly, mercilessly bringing you over the edge as you struggled to catch your breath.

    You screamed and your walls fluttered around Taehyun's cock still pistoning inside you, tightening deliciously around him.

    "Noona, I'm gonna cum inside you if you do that," Taehyun whined, hips stuttering and losing their rhythm.

    "Fuck Taehyunnie, yes, fill me up!"

    You screamed as your orgasm was ripping through you and you dragged him along with you. You clenched impossibly hard around Taehyun's cock and with one last deep thrust, he buried himself to hilt inside you. A groan tore from his throat as his pretty features twisted in pleasure and his cock twitched inside you, spurting his load and coating your walls.

    Taehyun slumped against you, forehead damp with sweat and his muscles feeling like jelly as he struggled to hold himself up. He was still cumming inside you, the tension draining off his body and into you and you absorbed it all, taking deep lungfuls of air to try and calm your racing heart. When he was finally spent, Taehyun withdrew from you with a whimper and rolled over to the side of you.

    Taemin was stretched out at your head, cradling you protectively, stroking your hair as you caught your breath. He reached over and stroked Taehyun's damp grey locks as well, adjusting so that both you and Taehyun rested against his body.

    You reached back for Taemin's hand, tugging him over to you and he allowed himself to be led as you pulled him in for a kiss. He trailed more down to your jaw before he nuzzled at your neck. He then leaned over to Taehyun who was laying back against him with his eyes closed, and stroked his cheek tentatively. Taehyun leaned into the touch and Taemin dipped down to place a chaste kiss on the younger's lips. He was surprised when Taehyun's hand shot up and gripped his hair to keep him from withdrawing as Taehyun kissed him back.

    You felt Taemin's warmth retreat as he separated from Taehyun and you turned, searching for him, looking at him quizzically.

    "I'm just going to clean up. You can stay here or come join me if you want," Taemin said quietly to the room in general.

    You and Taehyun groaned but you knew you really should clean up before you nodded off, and you reluctantly got up, careful not to drip any of Taehyun's cum onto the sheets.

    Taemin chuckled at your awkward walking and took your hand, leading you out of the bedroom.

    "Hey, wait for me!" Taehyun's hoarse voice rang out as he hurried to catch up.

    "Noona, are you okay," he asked, noticing your odd walk as well. "Did we hurt you?"

    "No Taehyunnie, I'm just trying not to make a mess!"

    "Oh," Taehyun scratched his neck sheepishly. "Well then here," he said simply and picked you up swiftly bridal style, following Taemin's lead to the bathroom.

    Taemin started the shower and handed you and Taehyun cotton pads and makeup remover.

    "You shouldn't sleep in your makeup," he said in a sing-song voice as he stepped under the water first. He started lathering himself up with disturbingly efficient movements, no doubt from endless practice of getting ready as fast as humanly possible to maximise his sleep.

    You finished before Taehyun did and stepped into the shower with Taemin. Thankfully it was a walk-in with more than enough space. Taemin spun around so that you could be under the spray and kissed you gently, hands running over your wet skin and dipping between your legs. You protested but you found it difficult not to enjoy his attention to that part of you. He rinsed away Taehyun's seed from you and you couldn't help but notice that he was hard again and his fingers were not leaving your folds but getting bolder and entering you, starting a rhythm thrusting into you.

    "Wait, Taemin... Fuck.. that feels so good!"

    "I know, baby, I just couldn't help how gorgeous you looked all fucked out and full of Taehyun earlier," Taemin said and bit his lips as he fingered you harder.

    Your moans echoed through the bathroom as Taehyun stepped in as well.

    "Did I miss anything," he smirked as Taemin started curling his fingers inside of you, causing you to buckle in his arms at the pressure against your oversensitive walls.

    "Not much, I got a little carried away cleaning Y/N up. Can you hold her up for me? Spread her open."

    Taehyun followed without hesitation, stepping under the spray behind you and picking you up with a hand under each of your thighs. He held you with your back against his chest and spread your thighs apart wide.

    "I just want to try something," Taemin said as he resumed fingering you, curving his fingers inside you to tug against that spot inside you that made the pressure build.

    You couldn't take such intense stimulation so soon after cumming and you screamed, head falling back against Taehyun's shoulder.

    "Oh my god, hyung, is noona going to cum again?"

    "Yes, fuck yes, don't stop," you answered and begged and Taemin was happy to oblige, increasing his pace a little more and you felt the need to bear down.

    "Taem-min, n-now!" You stuttered under the powerful thrusts of his wrist and he ripped his fingers from you, a strong stream of clear liquid squirting out of you onto the tiles.

    "Shit, noona, what was that," Taehyun asked wide-eyed as he set you down.

    "Taeminnie made me squirt," you panted as you clung to Taemin in front of you. "Sometimes for me it happens after I've been stimulated for a while or I've had an orgasm already."

    "I knew you had it in you," Taemin smirked and took your bottom lip between his teeth, tugging on it teasingly before guiding you to lean against the shower wall.

    "Think you can take a little more," he asked as he guided his hardened cock between your ass cheeks to rub against the fresh wetness there.

    "I can, whatever you want, I need you," you begged, reaching for Taehyun as well and grasping his cock.

    "Will you suck me off, noona," he asked you in a choked up moan as you stroked him, and you pulled him towards your mouth.

    Taemin entered you from behind and inhaled sharply, hands gripping your hips tight and his nails digging into your skin.

    "Fuck, Y/N you're so tight! Oh god, I won't last long."

    "It's okay, I just want you to feel good," you reassured him and groaned when he started a fast, hard pace immediately. You braved yourself against the tiles with one hand and leaned over Taehyun's length, stroking him and taking the head of his cock into your mouth. You flicked your tongue against it and he bucked into your mouth, forcing himself deeper. Your lips pressed again your fingers still wrapped around him and you dripped your hand to massage his balls. Taehyun tipped his head back and hummed blissfully, biting his lips.

    Taemin was slamming hard into you and it was a raw feeling after the orgasms you had but your body craved more and you arched your back in an attempt to take him even deeper.

    "Mmm... I'm close," Taemin warned in a breathy whisper and you pushed against him, meeting him halfway. You quickened your pace on Taehyun's cock, working as much of his length as you could take and pressing the tip of it against your throat.

    "Ah-shit! Oh...," unexpectedly Taehyun tensed and his cum flooded your mouth as he grabbed your shoulders to steady himself. He groaned loudly and he rolled his hips into you, milking himself between your lips.

    "You really like watching, don't you," Taemin panted as he continued fucking you.

    "Sh-shut up, hyung," Taehyun said shakily, smiling as he leaned heaving against the shower wall and his softening cock slipped away from your lips.

    Taemin slowed down a little, thrusting hard into you and you moaned without shame at the satisfying feeling of being filled so deeply.

    "I'm gonna cum, Y/N," he warned you in case you wanted him to do it anywhere else but you were more than happy to see him through.

    "Yes, please Taeminnie, let go. Come on," you encouraged him and you felt him grab your hips in a vice grip as his cock spasmed inside you and his groan signalled his release.

    Taehyun had stayed under the warm water enjoying the show you and Taemin were putting on for him. When Taemin shakily withdrew from you, Taehyun switched to put you under the spray while Taemin caught his breath. You reached for the shower gel to clean yourself and Taehyun off and you silently lathered each other up, smiling each time one of you caught the eyes of the other.

    You rinsed off and switched with Taehyun, checking on Taemin who had calmed down enough to actually clean up. When Taehyun had rinsed, the two of you guided Taemin under the water, the two of you lathering him up. He laughed each time one of you brushed past a ticklish spot and after a quick rinse you were all ready to dry off.

    Taemin rummaged in his bathroom cabinets for spare towels and after you and Taehyun were dried off, he guided you to his kitchen.

    "I'm just hungry," he said simply as he pulled out a bowl of strawberries, washing them at the sink and bringing them to the counter to offer to you and Taehyun. He sat on the counter of the breakfast bar while you and Taehyun sat on the stools next to it.

    It was easy and comfortable between the three of you as you chatted about nothing in particular and snacked on strawberries.


     03:34. Paragon Building. Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam.

     "Holy shit hyung, is this the time?? My manager's going to kill me," Taehyun groaned, rushing to find his clothes in Taemin's bedroom.

    You and Taemin stayed in the kitchen.

    "Actually, I should probably leave as well," you said hesitantly.

    "It is late, that's okay," he nodded. "Y/N, listen... I don't know about you or Taehyun, but I know that I had a really good time. And I would have definitely taken you out myself, if you wanted to. I can't promise you anything with the kind of lifestyle I have, but I do know I want to give it a shot. If you'll let me have your number," he quipped at the end.

    His simple admission was endearing, you thought as you heard Taehyun cursing as he struggled to get dressed as quickly as possible.

    "Thank you, Taemin, truly. I feel the same. There's just one thing though." You looked up at him nervously. "I still can't choose."

    Taemin's eyebrows arched in surprise. "Interesting." He glanced towards the hall in the direction of his bedroom where his dongsaeng was zipping up his shoes. "I guess we'll have to ask Taehyun."

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  • flwrkisses
    13.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    boyfriend! yeonjun.

    WARNING: super fluff with some mature themes! will be adding a warning for anything 18+ in this post.

    genre: fluff, slight smut, idol! x idol, established boyfriend au! 1.9k

    the confession;

    yeonjun always had a big crush on you since you started training with bighit. he just never knew how to muster up the courage to tell you. he didn't want to ruin the friendship you both had, but according to soobin's advice to him it was a "risk worth taking."

    so, one night after his practice he poked his head into your practice room where he knew you were going over routines on your own, hoping you were interested in going out sometime. but not much talking happened that night considering you pulled him into the room and blasted some of your favorite music and danced with him till the early morning.

    he had to be honest, it was extremely fun! he always enjoyed his time with you, but that night was especially fun. both of you dancing and being silly, just truly enjoying yourself to the music without anyone watching you both. that unspoken "chemistry" lots of people say you both had was evident in the way you both matched each other while dancing.

    before you knew it was 4 am and you knew you'd get scolded for going back to the dorms so late. yeonjun immediately apologized for keeping you up so late. but it wasn't just on him, it was on both of you who got lost in the moment.

    "we should do this again." you smiled as you picked up your back and took a long chug of water. the suggestion causing the male to choke a bit. "are you asking me out?" he teased, kinda hoping there was some truth behind his joke. "mm no, it's an invitation for you to ask me out." you teased back. if there was one thing he loved about you, it was the playful nature you'd bring into the conversation to match his flirty energy.

    "well, y/n we should go out on a date sometime." he said while leaning against the door, preventing you from leaving. "next friday work for you?" you asked a small smile on your lips as you looked up at him. an obvious grin threatening to come over his lips as he nodded. "great, text me." you spoke confidently, before leaning up to kiss his cheek as you pushed past him to walk out.

    yeonjun was in shock at first, a hand coming to his cheek to touch where your lips had brushed. he couldn't help but smile to himself before letting out an audible cheer of success that you heard from the end of the hall.

    the relationship;

    dating yeonjun felt like a dream, he was everything you could ever ask for and more.

    he worked around his schedule to make time for you and you did as well. often times it would end up in you sneaking into his dorm to have a cuddle session late at night.

    it was important that the public did not suspect a thing about your relationship, but yeonjun couldn't help but look at you with so much love in his eyes in public... people were kinda catching on.

    he always boasts about you to the members, telling them how great you are, telling them about you he finds incredible, and even showing them things you've gifted him.

    if he could, he'd talk about you in interviews or to anyone who asked, but of course since the company was being nice enough to allow you guys to be together you both followed the rules given to you both strategically.

    days with yeonjun would consist of you both calling each other sexy for doing very minimal things. you wash the dishes? sexy. he cooks some ramen? sexy. you both team up to beat the others at a video game? sexy.

    some days will consist of both of you cuddling and playing video games. sometimes not even words exchanged by the two of you for hours as you both concentrate in leveling up your characters.

    he's also very touchy. he likes to leave kisses on your hand, knuckles, collarbones, neck, face, lips, any part of skin he can reach at the time. they're quick little kisses, as sweet acts of skin ship and turns out he loves when you do it back.

    yeonjun is very observant of you and notices things you like, don't like, get uncomfortable and scared by. which makes him super protective of you. it's hard when both of you are in public because the first thing he wants to do is shield you from whatever is causing you trouble which he obviously can't do in front of cameras.

    you have walked in on him doing a vlive which, caused both of you to break out laughing. viewers not understanding why the handsome male had broken into a fit of laughter but, nun the less entertained.

    as an idol is normal to get hurt, so when you have hurt yourself and yeonjun was near, he had quite literally dropped everything he was doing to go see if you were alright. this has gotten him scolded by the company before, but when his baby's hurt he can't just stand there.

    no matter what, he never misses 'good morning' and good night texts. since he's so busy sometimes they mean a lot to him. and when you're in a different time zone he will make sure his texts match with your timezone.

    yeonjun is definitely the jealous type. he trusts you, he just doesn't trust other people's intentions. so if someone gets a little too flirty with you he can't help but pull you to him.

    often times when the dorm is empty you both have mini dance parties with just the two of you. it's always fun when you both can goof around and have fun.

    one thing he doesn't play with is other people talking about you. jokes and all, the members know how much you mean to him and know that making jokes about you is off limits.

    with this said, yeonjun can't help but laugh when you make fun of him. he thinks it's cute.

    he also loves how well you get along with his members, and how much he gets along with your members. when both groups are together is chaos but beautiful chaos.

    a soft spot for him is always seeing you in his clothes, something about him just melts when ever you borrow one of his hoodies or sweaters.

    sometimes when you both have the luxury of falling asleep in each other's arms he hums into your ear because he knows how much you like hearing his voice.

    he loves watching you do your thing, singing, dancing, rapping, what ever it is you do, he loves and supports it a 100 percent. to the point that if you for what ever reason for get a dance or your own lyrics he's always there to remind you of how it goes.

    yeonjun is also very playfully mean, he loves to tease you and play pranks on you but whines when you do it back to him.

    he would probably get you both small cute things that match like shoes, or bracelets. he thinks full on matching outfits are cheesy but sometimes little accessories look nice.

    he would let you style his hair when you're bored especially when he had his beautiful pink mullet. he'd just let you go crazy with it.

    very slight baby talk to each other sometimes. he does it ironically when you ask him to do something and you play along which results in you both talking like 4 year olds to each other for a good 5 minutes.

    he also thinks its cool when you paint his nails to match yours, he thinks it's cute and just likes to look down at his hands when you do so.

    yeonjun's lock screen is most likely a picture of you off guard. you're probably not even looking at the camera, but he loves it.

    arguments are bound to happen. no relationship is complete without some sort of disagreement. usually yeonjun doesn't have the heart to raise his voice at you. he just doesnt. so when he's upset with you he just kinda lowers his tone and keeps what he says short.

    sometimes he needs space when he's upset, he doesn't like when you ask if he's okay because you should know that he's hurt. asking if he's "okay" just angers him more. he will come to you when he's ready to talk, and will usually do so an hour or two after the argument by coming up behind you quietly and hugging you. his face resting against your shoulder as he apologizes even if he wasn't the one in the wrong.

    when you're upset with him, he adapts to what you need. if you need space he gives it to you, if you need to talk about it he's there for you. he sees it as curtesy because you always seem to adapt to him and his needs, so he does the same for you.

    usually the conversations after an argument as very soft and quiet. he pulls you into his lap and plays with your hair as he listens to you. he looks you in the eye so you know he's paying attention. he caresses your cheek and hands as you speak before apologizing for making you upset.

    he usually keeps his word. if he says he wont do something again because it upset you he wont. he's very mindful of you and loves to talk about ways to better the relationship.


    its safe to say that your sex life with yeonjun is very healthy. with as touchy and kissy as his boy gets its bound to lead to sex more times than not.

    he's the type to like all kinds of sex, giggly sex, rough sex, love making, all of it. to be honest, it changed how ever the mood is.

    this man worships your body, literally kisses you and praises you so much. he's literally in love with every single bit of you and shows you that when you both are together like this.

    he's a dom leaning switch, mans is kinky we all know it. but, sometimes he wants to see what you can so to him and honestly... some times you do such a great job in pleasing him he wouldn't mind being submissive more often.

    expect sex everywhere, the kitchen, couch, bedroom, bathroom, floor, wall, practice room, studio. not to mention later on he will make jokes about the fact you guys having sex in what ever room you're standing in.

    man has stamina, he's a dancer it's just natural to him. so sometimes sex can last a bit longer or go on for multiple rounds.

    he's very gentle when he needs to be, he makes sure you're enjoying yourself. showing any signs of discomfort to him makes him stop and move away from you a bit so he can figure out what's wrong. he gets off on your pleasure so seeing you hurting or not enjoying yourself turns him off completely.

    he's always open to trying new things for you. if you want to be tied up then he'd do it. if you for what ever reason don't like something he understands and tells you that you never have to do it again and that you're amazing for trying it out.

    aftercare is always the best with him because after he absolutely recked your guts, he's giving you soft kisses, running you a bath. not even letting you walk because he's carrying you from the bed to the tub.

    hope you guys enjoyed! for more check out my masterlist! txt requests are now open! tap here!

    - m.

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  • vampireyoongs
    12.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    tomorrow x together ‘chaotic wonderland’ yeonjun concept photos one

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  • vampireyoongs
    12.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    tomorrow x together ‘chaotic wonderland’ soobin concept photos one

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  • wonjaems
    12.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    ━━ The drabbles are based on the lo$er = lover music video and teasers.

    ━━ The drabbles don't have a release date since I'll be posting them whenever i get time and finish them (I'll try to finish them asap)

    ━━ pairing : TXT (ot5) x reader (individual)

    ━━ the following headers and works belong to me so please do not steal.

    ━━ author’s note : Like i mentioned, these drabbles do not have a release date but do tell me if you want to tagged in these.

    ━━ Taglist : OPEN!! (send me a dm, ask or comment down below to be added)

    "from rock bottom, crawling, fighting bleeding, now I'm sick of it"

    P : Beomgyu x Gn!reader | G : angst, pinch of comfort ―

    read here!

    "Time to say goodbye to tears, run, never look back"

    P : Kai x F!reader | G : angst, pinch of fluff | W : kinda verbal abuse, screaming, mentions of food

    "I say run, laugh like you've gone mad"

    P : Soobin x fem!reader | G : fluff | W : crime, mentions of food

    "in a car colored gray I'm running away, beyond this fucked up world"

    P : yeonjun x Gn!reader | G : fluff | W : crime (robbing a bank)

    "this life like a war, I'm always the loser, you were my savior (no doubt)"

    P : Taehyun x gn!reader | G : fluff, comfort | W : mentions of minor injury and depression -

    Read here!

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  • crowhyun
    12.10.2021 - 5 days ago
    Prompt: Kai Huening, the cute transfer student that everyone falls in love with. He’s kind, cute, and funny, how couldn’t you like him? He was friendly to everyone and didn’t have an evil bone in his body. So, why didn’t he seem to like you, then? He would sport a gorgeous smile to literally everyone, but the moment you’d come into his line of sight, his smile would fall. He didn’t even seem to tolerate you, and you’re not sure why. Once you two are forcefully pushed together, and have to tolerate each other, the both of you struggle to find ways out of it.

    Reader Profile

    Name: (Y/N)

    Age: 19

    Breed: Adélie Penguin

    Breed Traits: can have a temper, but pretty docile, small, sociable

    Genre: SMUT(wall sex, heat sex, vaginal penetration, big dick kai lol, LOTS of cum, dry humping, omfg this is filthy), some angst, some fluff? kinda?

    Words: 7.1k

    After your two week winter break, you finally entered your dorm, ready to take on your second semester of the year. You had done extremely well the first semester, so you didn't expect less this time, as long as everything stayed the same.

    Well, that plan was first ruined when you saw your new roommate. Your old roommate had the audacity to move out during the break. You didn't know if you could get used to this. Then, guess what else happened? There was a new teacher for your marine science class, and she switched up everything, providing everyone with a new syllabus, completely different than the last one. Now, you knew you had to change your process of thinking in order to keep your grades up. Tests were less important now, and homework was vital! All your plans of greatness...to waste.

    While frowning to yourself hearing the teacher speak, you notice yet another different thing. Sitting right in front of you was a boy with blonde hair. You thought you knew everyone in the class, but apparently not. He must've been a transfer of some sorts, or studying abroad, who knows? During the lecture you guys had today, you found yourself gazing at the new boy every once and a while. You noticed that people near him would whisper to him, and they'd laugh before turning back to the professor. It bothered you, honestly. Not only did the whispering take your concentration away, but you were weirded out about how so many people knew the kid already. Did you really know everyone in this class?

         Two hours later, your first lecture of the semester was over, and you were given a pile of homework that you knew was important for your grade.

         "Bye, Kai, see ya later." A boy said, waving the new kid goodbye.

         "Bye, Derrick." Kai waived back, a friendly smile on his face.

         "Bye-bye, Kai, don't forget to text me sometime." A girl said, as she obviously had the hots for this Kai guy.

         "Bye, Saein." He waved again, the same friendly smile on his face. You furrowed your eyebrows, watching the whole thing. You wondered if he was some internet personality who had shown up out of nowhere and that's why people know him already. You remember your first day here, and you hadn't even made one friend until the second month!

    You watched as Kai grabbed his things and walked out of the room...or more like waddled. Was he a penguin hybrid? Of course it was hard to destinguish you guys from humans, but for you, it was easy to distinguish one of your own kind. You shook your head, deciding to forget about it. You had your swim practice after this class, so you'll just focus on that.

    Walking into the pool, you noticed your friends first, and you greeted them with a smile, seeing that they were already in their swim suits. You waddled your way to the girls locker room, changing into your black once piece. Once you came out, you froze as you saw the new guy come out of the boys locker room with jammers on. Your eyebrows furrowed as you watched him walk towards the coach. He was on the swim team, too?

    You met back up with your friends, still perplexed.

    "Hana...do you guys know him?" You asked, pointing to an oblivious Kai.

    "Oh, yeah, we talked to him when he first came in." Hana said.

    "He's super cute and super nice." Your friend, Daeyun, added.

    "You guys became friends with him that fast?" You asked as you put on your swim cap.

    "Yeah, he's really easy to talk to." Hana said. "You should talk to him, too."

    "Hm..." You saw that he was alone, putting his swim cap on. "I'm gonna introduce myself." After that, you walked over to him, really noticing how tall he was. "Hi, Kai is it?"

    Kai looked at you, his brows raised. "Yeah."

    "I'm (Y/N)." You said with a smile. "You must be a penguin hybrid, I am, too."

    "Hm. Cool." He nodded, looking who knows where.

    "You were also in my biology class this morning." I said.

    "Was I? Cool."

    You frowned a bit. You thought Hana said he was easy to talk to. "So, are you a-"

    "Emperor penguin." He interrupted, already knowing what you were going to ask.

    "Ah, I see." You nodded, feeling awkward. "Well, do you-"

    "Gather round, everyone, it's time to get started." The coach called, and then Kai disappeared from your eyes. You pouted, confused as to why he seemed so standoffish. Nonetheless, you were ready to start your practice. You just hoped that you wouldn't have to feel that awkwardness again.


         Entering your first class of the day, your eyes immediately went to Kai. You saw that he was talking with some of the other students with a smile on his face. To be honest, you were jealous. Why didn't he have that smile when talking to you. Then you noticed how the tables were set differently. A lab on the second day. Your professor didn't even prepare the class for this, and now she was just going to force it on you? You grumbled to yourself all the way to your seat. You should've at least had time to prepare.

         "Alright, guys, as you see with the tables set up, we're going to be doing a lab." The professor said. "Since I am new and unfamiliar with everyone here, I'm just trying to gauge where everyone is at pertaining to curriculum. I've assigned groups as well, so I hope there's no problem with that. After you all get in your groups, I'll explain the lab."  You sighed. You had no problem with getting in a group, you just hoped that you weren't in a group with Kai. You still felt awkward over what happened yesterday.

          ...And it was like the universe was against you, this semester. Your heart dropped when the professor called out your name right after she called out Kai's name, announcing that you were in a group with him and two other girls. You felt like dropping to your knees and yelling out a desperate "WHY!" to the heavens. You dragged your feet over to the table where the rest of the group was, having no choice but to sit across from Kai. He didn't even look at you.

          "Okay, so now that the groups are together, I'll explain the lab."

          You listened to the lab despite the whispering going on at your table, knowing that at least someone had to listen in order to get it done. After she explained it, you were ready to participate in the simple lab, but you didn't seem to get that chance.

          "Ah, so you're on the swim team." The girl sitting beside Kai said.

          "My brother is on the swim team at his university abroad." Saein said, then gasped. "Maybe you guys know each other! He's from America like you."

          "Ah, I was only born in America. I actually lived in China!" Kai "Though we traveled to america for a tournament, once, so maybe I do know him." He smiled.

          "It's so cool how athletic you are. I bet you're so strong." The girl said. "You should teach me some lessons."

          "Maybe I will. I'm not a lifeguard, though, so you have a chance of drowning and dying." Kai said, frowning, but the girls just laughed.

           "Kai, you're so funny!" Saein said. "And you're so cute!"

           "Haha, yep, that's me I guess." He entertained the girls while you sat there, wondering when to bring up the fact that you had a lab to do. You cleared your throat, watching the smile of all three of them drop as they looked at you.

           "So...are we going to get started on the lab?" You asked.

           "Oh, that. What did we have to do again?" Saein asked. You felt the need to vocalize your frustration, but you decided against it. "Smart girl, explain it to us."

           You had been in classes with her for a year and a half, yet she still doesn't know your name? What blasphemy. You explained it, anyways, deciding that your grade was more important. Finally beginning the lab, you found it hard not to communicate with Kai. This was a team effort, of course you had to communicate.

          "Could you write down the constant, Kai?" You asked him, since the paper was beside him.

          "You do it, girl." Saein said. "He's busy. Aren't you, Kai?"

          "Yeah, kinda." He shrugged. You sighed, stretching to reach the paper so you could write it down instead. You felt so much like a liability to this group, it wasn't even funny.

          Once the lab was finally done, and the lab paper was filled with your findings, Kai handed you the paper, and you looked at him confused.

          "Turn it in." He said.

          "Oh...ok." You went to grab the paper, but he let go before you could grab it, and it fluttered to the ground. He acted like it was nothing, and went back to talking to the girls. You huffed, your anger spiking, but you kept it cool, just picking up the paper and turning it in to the professor. Instead of returning to the group table, you returned back to your seat, not wanting to be around them for any longer.

           Little did you know, Kai had followed your every move down to when you sat in your seat, the look of dejection on your face. He frowned a bit before returning his attention back to his table.


           You sat in your seat, livid, as you glared at Kai. If looks could kill, he would've been long gone. Class wouldn't even start today, all because everyone was mesmerized by Kai and his antics. Damn him for having unmatched charisma and greek god like looks. DAMN HIM.

           Everyone was laughing at his 'funny' jokes and giving him the upomost attention as if he was a baby. It was kind of sad, especially because he didn't know they were doing this because he was handsome. Even the PROFESSOR was under his spell. You got the strong urge to up and leave this class, dropping out along the way. You came here to learn, not to be held back by this emperor penguin. They were always such ego-driven people.

          In the mean time, you decided to study instead. You weren't going to have your time wasted on nonsense. If barely anyone ends up passing this class, you wouldn't be surprised.

    It took about 20 whole minutes of entertaining Kai for the professor to finally get the class on track, much to your relief. She started out with telling how the class was going to go for today, and then she mentioned a paid internship at the oceanarium nearest to the school. Your eyes widened as she explained that they were only accepting two interns for the semester. Now THAT is an opportunity. It was great to see the professor doing her job for once. You had waited so long for the oceanarium to start interviewing for interns, and now this was your chance!

    After class was over, you and a few other students met up with the professor for more info about the internship. You noticed Kai was interested, and you faught the urge to groan. He seemed to be interested in a lot of the stuff you were interested in, yet he somehow had some sort of grudge against you? You barely even knew each other.

    You were handed a business card with the oceanarium's number on it and you skipped to the pool worth excitement.

    While you were in the locker room, you called the oceanarium, not able to wait to schedule your interview. They seemed to be happy that you called, and gave you the time and date for your interview on the spot. You spent a few minutes to jump around in your spot with excitement before going out to practice.

    "Guys, I have an interview scheduled for an internship, and guess what?" You said to your friends. "It's a paid internship."

    "Woah, score!" Daeyun said. "Most internships aren't paid."

    "Hopefully, you get accepted." Hana said.

    "Hana, she's one of the top in our class, of course she's gonna get it." Daeyun nudged Hana's shoulder.

    "Yah, my grades aren't that g-" You suddenly stopped as you felt a force harshly push you over, and you toppled over the edge of the pool, splashing through the surface. You weren't ready for the impact, the water going straight up your nose. You would've been somewhat fine, if whoever bumped into your shoulder didn't bump into it with the strength of a mammoth. Your shoulder had aches so much that you weren't able to swim to the surface as easily as you usually were. Water had already made its way through your airways, making your throat sting, as chlorinated water was definitely not ideal for drinking. You splashed desperately, trying to find the edge of the pool to push yourself up so you could finally cough up the water that was in your lungs. That was proving to be more difficult than you thought, as you could've sworn that the edge was half a meter away from you.

    You felt yourself weaken as you tried so hard to use the arm you could to get to the surface, your legs not strong enough to help you with the motions. What lasted less than twenty seconds felt like minutes of you fighting the water before you felt someone grab you, and that was right before your eyes close with unconsciousness.


    Your body jolted as the water was forced from your lungs. You violently coughed it up before your eyes closely opened, the blurriness becoming focused on just who had managed to save you from what could've been an untimely death.

    You first noticed the wavy blonde hair. Then you noticed the deep brown eyes...the strong jawline...the nose of a perfect greek sculpture.

    Damn, he was beautiful.

    Those eyes widened, and the greek god that was holding you suddenly turned into Kai as he dropped you from his arms onto the hard tile floor. He quickly got up, and what you thought was worry in his eyes was actually just annoyance. You winced in pain, as your head had bumped against the floor in the impact.

    "Oh my god, (Y/N), are you okay?" You friends hurried to you, crouching down to check if you were okay.

    "How can we have her on the swim team if she can't even save herself from drowning?" One of the guys asked with a roll of his eyes. "Poor Kai had to save this kid."

    "Her shoulder is hurt!" Hana said, glaring at the boy. "Ari is the one who pushed her that hard, she probably did it on purpose."

    "And Kai was with her, he just let her do it!" Daeyun added, just as angry as Hana.

    "Hey, hey now, before we get to accusing others, let's just take (Y/N) to the nurse so Nurse Kim could check out her shoulder." The coach said.

    "What do you mean accusing!?" Hana said. "I saw it with my own eyes!"

    "It was an accident, Hana." Ari said with venom lining her words. "Right, Kai?"

    "Uh, y- uh, n-, ma- uh, uhm-" He stuttered.

    "Jesus..." Ari said under her breath.

    "We will deal with this later." Coach said. "For right now, (Y/N) needs to get looked at."

    With one last glare toward the coach, Hana and Daeyun helped me get to the nurse's office where you found out your shoulder was dislocated. You were eventually taken to the emergency room to get treated for it. You had to get a shoulder reduction, antibiotics, and a splint to wear for the next two weeks.

    You knew this was interfere with your swim practice, and you hoped it wouldn't interfere with the internship. You began to think your friends were right. What if Ari had pushed you on purpose and Kai just allowed it to happen? But then again...Kai was the one who saved you, but rather reluctantly, at that.

    All you knew is that whatever grudge Kai had on you, you now had an even bigger one on him.


    You skipped out of the oceanarium, just finished with your interview. They said that your injury might hold you back a bit, but after the one and a half weeks is over, you'd be able to do regular things around in the oceanarium, and because of that...you got accepted!

    You had scheduled your interview on the last day of interviews, which proved to be an advantage for you for in the end, since you were accepted on the spot. You were scheduled to come in every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, which was perfect for you. You were excited to find out who you'd be working with this semester, and maybe, you'd make a life long friendship from this.



    Kai Kamal Huening. That's who you were going to be working with this semester. Out of ALL the people who applied, they ended up choosing Kai? Why did it seem like the world was against you?

    You both sat in the office awkwardly with your blue work polos on as you were given your assignments for the week.

    "(Y/N), you will be shadowing Moon Taeil with making and giving presentations out to visitors for this week." The supervisor, Song Hawook, said. "Kai, you'll be shadowing Kim Namjoon with cleaning the dolphin tanks today. They're both quite easy jobs to begin with. You both understand?"

    "Yes, ma'am." You said happily, not going to let Kai diminish your excitement for this internship. Hawook let the two of you go on your way, and you were headed to Taeil's office. You had felt tense being in the same room as Kai, and you knew you could finally relax.

           After wandering around for some time in utter confusion, you heard some on call your name.

           "(Y/N) (Y/L/N) is it?" You turned around to see a man in the same work shirt that you had on. You nodded. "I'm Moon Taeil. Hawook said that you'd be shadowing me today. Are you perhaps lost?"

           "Oh," You laughed nervously. "I was trying to find your office, I didn't really know where it was. Nice to meet you, Mr.Moon."

           "Just call me Taeil." He smiled. "Follow me, I'll show you to one of the presentations that I'm working on for today. Soon enough, you'll be doing these presentations yourself."


    After hours of working and watching presentation after presentation, you were finally on your way back to campus. You didn’t have a car, and you couldn’t ride your bike due to your injury, so you were fine with walking. A thirty minute walk was nothing, anyways.

    You guessed the worst thing was the fact that night was falling, and you were getting a bit scared. Crime rates weren’t a large percentage here, but anything could happen. You started walking faster, your shoulder hurting a lot due to the extra movement, but you didn’t care. You only needed a week more before you you were able to go without the splint.

    As you walked, you heard the light motor of a Moped behind you, getting louder as it came closer. You paid no attention to it, as you were right by the road. But your heart beat started to raise as the moped slowed to a stop right where you were walking. You turned your head to look at who it was, getting ready to run to the nearest building. The person took of their helmet and you grimaced to see that it was Kai, or all people. What did he want.

    “Are you going to walk all the way to campus?” He asked.

    “That’s not really any of your business.” You said, continuing to walk. He rode his moped at your pace, unknowingly annoying you.

    “It’s not safe to walk alone at night.” He said. “I have an extra helmet. Do you wanna ride with me?”

    “I do not.” You said. “Leave me alone.”

    You heard him sigh in frustration. “You know, I didn’t want Ari to push you in the pool if that’s what you’re mad about. I didn’t think she was really going to do it.”

    “So she told you she was going to do it, but you didn’t say anything to stop her.” You said. “Hm. Okay.”

    “N-no, you don’t understand, I just-“

    “Will you stop following me?” You turned to him with a frown. “I don’t need a bodyguard.”

    “(Y/N), please just ride with me.” He said. “I saved you from drowning and dying, now why would I do that for you to possibly get kidnapped on the side of the road? Get on.”

    You stared at his frustratingly gorgeous face for a second before you snatched the helmet from him, hopping onto the moped behind him and reluctantly wrapping your arms around his waist.

    “Go.” You said. He sighed in relief before putting on his helmet and and going. “After this, just do what you usually do and ignore me for my sake.” You told him.

    “I-“ He stopped. “…alright.”


    You rolled your shoulder hesitantly, scared that you might feel pain, but you felt nothing.

    “See, your shoulder’s all good.” The doctor said with a smile. “Though I do advice you to refrain from extensive exercise involving your shoulder for about a week more. You can do that, right?”

    “Yep.” You nodded happily. You were finally free from your splint and practically fully healed. It sucked that you still wouldn’t be able to swim for another week, but you were grateful it wasn’t worse.

    That same morning, you had to go to your internship. It was your second week working, and you had looked forward to every day of it. Taeil had been a great teacher, and he said that next week, you’d be starting to present to visitors yourself. Today, though, you had to work with the penguins, which was something that you had been looking forward to since you started working.

    “There are a ton of rules when it comes to cleaning the habitats, keeping them entertained, and feeding them, but since we’ve scored with two penguin hybrids, I’m sure you guys will know what to do.” Hawook said.

    “You guys?” You asked. “Kai is helping me with the penguins, today?”

    “Yep, along with another one of our workers.” Hawook nodded.

    “Oh…” You said quietly. Throughout your time working here, you have never worked alongside Kai, the two of you always sent to go do seperate things. Now you actually had to communicate with him.

    Last week, he had listened to what you said, and the two of you fully ignored each other. You didn’t even look at each other for more than half a second, and that was exactly what you had wanted. Now, all of that was going to come crashing back on you. Shit.

    You approached the penguin exhibit, keeping and eye out for Kai when you got distracted by the penguins. They were adélie penguins, just like you. You smiled wide, your eyes immediately brightening up once you got close to the glass. The penguins waddled right over to you, crowing around you. You may have looked fully human, but the penguins still felt as if you were one of them.

    “Cute, aren’t they?” You heard someone behind you and you were shook out of your trance. You turned around to see a man with the uniform on. You guessed he was the one who usually worked here. “I’m Kim Taehyung. You are (Y/N), correct?”

    You nodded your head, speechless at this guy’s genuine beauty. What’s a guy like him working at an oceanarium!? He must be late for New York Fashion Week, or something!

    “I’m glad you could work with the penguins, today, I’m sure you are, too, by the looks of it.” He said. “They said you’re a penguin hybrid?”

    You nodded again. You noticed that he looked very human. You got the feeling that he was a human, like most people who worked here.

    “That’s perfect.” He smiled. “Kai is already here, so now I can show you two the ins and outs of the penguin exhibit.”

    Oh shit. You had forgot about the fact that you had to work with Kai today. You followed Taehyung to the small office by the exhibit he had, and you noticed that Kai was there. Kai looked at you for a second before looking away nonchalantly, as if he didn’t care you were there.

    You sat on edge as Taehyung explained the rules of how things go here, his handsomeness not even able to distract you from the energy of Kai sitting right next to you. You weren’t completely sure you understood everything Taehyung was telling you guys, but you sure hoped your brain worked hard to retain at least something.

    Taehyung left you two on your own to clean the exhibit and feed the penguins. You worked on cleaning the windows while he worked on cleaning up all the poop. You tried hard not to laugh at him. It’s what he deserves.

    You had cleaned the glass until it seemed like there was so glass there.

    “Good job, (Y/N).” Taehyung said and he passed by.

    “Thank you.” You said, the pitch of your voice high and with a sweet smile. Then his watched beeped as an alarm went off.

    “Ah, feeding time.” He said. “There’s only a half tub of fish available, could the both of you go down the the storage room labeled ST0 and get two buckets of sardines and sprats?”

    “Sure will.” You said with a smile, even though you were dying on the inside. You had to go with Kai. All alone. And you probably had to talk to him.

    “Oh, and one more thing. Don’t close the storage door all the way once you’re in there.” He said. “It only opens from the outside.”

    “Ok, I’ll remember that.” You said, then you darted out of the exhibit, wanting to get there before Kai did. You went down to the basement, searching for a door with ST0 on it. You heard footsteps behind you and you inwardly groaned at how Kai and his long legs had already caught up with you.

    You had found the storage room, and you went in. It wasn’t super big, and it had a small window near the ceiling, letting in some natural light. Kai had walked in after you, turing on the light.

    You ignored his presence, going into the attached freezer room to look for a tub of fish.

    “You know, you’re going to have to talk to me one way or another.” Kai suddenly spoke. “You can’t just keep on ignoring me.”

    You rolled your eyes, standing up to look at him. “You’re the one who ignored me from the beginning. Now help me carry this tub of fish.”

    You picked up the tub, grunting at how heavy it was, then you dropped it into Kai’s arms. He was able to hold it without any struggle. Maybe he could hold both tubs. You picked up another tub, gesturing for Kai to get out. He made his way over to the storage room door, then he froze.

    “What are you doing?” You asked. “This is getting rlly heavy.”


    “‘Uh’ what?”



    “The door…it’s closed.”

    You dropped the tub on the floor with a big thud, your eyes wide as you looked up at the boy.

    “What do you mean the door is closed?” You pushed him out of the way, twisting the knob back and forth, it serving no use to open the door. You turned back to Kai, your eyes able to hold fire in them. “You fucking idiot! You were the last one to come in! Taehyung told us not to close the door!”

    “I-I know, I just forgot!” He said, dropping the tub of fish to hold his head in his hands. “This is bad…this is really bad.”

    “Well, no shit, Kai.”

    “No, you don’t understand, this isn’t really bad for me!” He said. “Of all the times in the world for this to happen…”

    “It’s bad for you?” You scoffed. “I’m here too. Locked up with a dirtbag for who knows how long.”

    “Hey!” He looked at you with a frown. “That hurt my feelings! You don’t even know me!”

    “You don’t even know me, but you still treated me like a loser since you came to this school.” You said. “You don’t think that hurt my feelings?”

    “I…” He trailed off.

    “You what?”

    “I’m sorry.” He said, his face falling. “There was a way I treated you like that, you have to understand-“

    “Oh, please, what petty excuse do you have for that?”

    “I’d tell you if you stopped being so mean to me!”

    “Mean like how you conspired into pushing me in the pool?” You raised your brows. “Or mean like how you and those girls made me do all the work in our group project?”

    “For the last time, (Y/N), I did not conspire into pushing you into the pool.” He said. “I didn’t want that to happen. Hell, me and Ari aren’t even friends, and I thought she was saying a stupid joke like the rest of the students would say about you.”

    You stilled for a second. “…what?”

    “Do you not know?” He asked.

    “Please elaborate, Kai.”

    “W-well, see…” He bit lip. “When I first came here, the students would tell me bad things about you and would make fun of you. They told me not to talk to you, and so-“

    “And so you listened.” You said. “Look, I don’t care about people talking behind my back about me, but for someone to just blindly listen and treat me like i’m less than…that’s really hurtful. You’re just like them.”

    “No, I’m not.” He said, stepping closer to you. “I admit, it was stupid of me to listen to them, but this was a new page for me. I was already seen as an outcast in my mostly human school back home, I just wanted to be liked. I knew no one would want to me my friend if I was friends with you. I don’t hate you, though, and I’m really sorry for treating you badly…”

    You shook your head. “And would it change once we’re back in class? Would you still be sorry, or would you treat me like a loser to get the validation of everyone still?”

    “I…I don’t know.” He said. “Will you still continue to hate me, or will you accept my apology?”

    “Don’t answer my question with another question.”

    “Fine. I won’t ignore you in front of everyone.” He said. “And I’ll stop being a jerk. I really will.”

    “Well…if that’s true…I’m going to still need time.” You said. “I have a grudge on you, still. And we need to get out of here.”

    “Alright…” He sighed. “I’ll take that, then. Do you have your phone on you?”

    “I don’t.” You said. “I left it in my bag. You?”

    “Same.” He said. “Dammit.” He grabbed a fist full of his hair and started pacing around the room. His anxiety peaked, and it was having the same effect on you.

    “Will you calm down?” You said. “Taehyung will notice we’re missing, and he’ll come to retrieve us. We’ll be fine.”

    “That’s not what I’m worried about.” He said. “I was supposed to leave early. Something important is happening today, and I cannot be here.”

    “Why’d you come in the first place?” You asked.

    “Because of the money, duh.” He said, getting more irritable as time went on.

    “Well, if you miss whatever important is going on, I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

    “I won’t be fine.” He snapped, his voice raising. “And this is something that is impossible to miss.”

    “What are you being all mysterious for?” You scoffed. “Just tell me what it is.”

    “No.” He said. “It’s embarrassing.”

    “I won’t be able to sympathize with you if you don’t tell me what it is.” You said. “Your nerves are all over the place and it’s stressing me out, and you won’t tell me-“

    “My nerves are all over the place because I’m starting me heat today!” He yelled. You froze, the realization coming to you. At this point, the desperation to leave was spiked.

    You turned around and started banging on the door as hard as you could. “Hell! Help us please, we’re locked in here! HELP!”


    “Dammit.” You placed your head on the door in defeat. You had been going at it for thirty minutes, now. Or at least you think it was thirty minutes.

    “There’s no use.” Kai said. sitting on the floor his back leaned against the wall. You noticed how he was profusely sweating and his eyes were closed.

    “Why isn’t Taehyung here?” You asked your self. “We’ve been gone for so long, how hasn’t he noticed? Kai, look out the window to see if we could see the exhibit from here.”

    “Like I said, there’s no use-“ His words cut off with a frown. You looked back at him with wide eyes.

    “D-Do you think you could hold it in?”

    “It’s getting worse.” He said.

    “Are you in full heat or just pre-heat?” You asked.

    “Pre-heat.” He said. “If someone would come in the next thirty minutes, I could get home in time.”

    You closed your eyes as you hoped someone would really come quick enough. You hoped that they’d come quick enough before Kai could eventually smell the arousal leaking from you as his pre-heat was already working to bring yours out.


    It had to have been an hour of being stuck here, and you were pacing around in the freezer, trying to cook down from how hot you were because of your impending heat. You could smell Kai’s heat coming closer and closer, and it was like you could feel the pain he was in. You heard a grunt from out side of the freezer and you walked out, afraid that Kai had hurt himself.

    He was still sitting on the floor, his breath heavy as sweat dripled down his chiseled features. He noticed that you had walked in, and the look he gave you almost had your knees buckling. His eyes were dark and they were staring into your own with a certain heat in them.

    “W-why are you doing at me like that?” Your voice wavered. He blinked, his eyes suddenly returning back to normal.

    “Like what?” He asked. You shook your head.

    “Nothing…” You said quietly, suddenly feeling your head get cloudly as your eyes trailed down to his pants, the view of a heavy dick print that had your mouth watering. It took a few seconds for your clouded mind to clear up a bit, but at that time, Kai had already noticed you looking where you weren’t supposed to be looking. “It’s hot in here, isn’t it? I’m g-gonna cool off in the freezer.”

    You quickly went back into the freezer, the coolness doing nearly nothing to cool you down. Your underwear was soaked and sticking to your lips uncomfortably, and you felt the need to just rip them off. You couldn’t take your mind off Kai. Everytime your mind clouded up, all you could think about was him taking you right here in this storage room. Soon enough, your mind would be clouded permanently, and you wouldn’t keep yourself from pouncing on him.


    You jumped as you heard Kai’s voice in the doorway of the freezer. “I don’t think I can hold it in any further. I need…I-I need…”

    “W-what do you mean?” Your voice shook, your mind slowly clouding up at the visual of him.

    “Let’s just deal with it the way it’s meant to be dealt with.” He breathed out. “You’re here and I’m here a-and we’re alone.” He got closer to you, his hands grabbing onto you hips like a lifeline. “Please, (Y/N). It hurts so bad.”


    “I know you want it, too.” He said, rutting his hips against yours, and you could tell he was in full heat now. He couldn’t control his needs, and it was like his hips had a mind of his own. His only instinct right now was to breed with one of his kind, and nothing else. He backed you out of the freezer and into the storage room, barricading you against the wall. His hips didn’t stop moving as he rutted harder into you, his moaned angelic.

    You couldn’t stop him. It wasn’t like you wanted to, anyways. The sight of him so vulnerable and so out of control was something you wanted to see for the rest of your life. Or maybe that was your heat talking…

    What if you just let your heat take over? There was no point in holding it back, and you needed it just as much as Kai needed it. You felt so small as he held you against the wall, getting himself off. With each grind, you felt just how large he was, and you wanted him inside of you so badly. All you had to do was say it.

    Kai was struggling to cum, the pleasure not enough to subside his heat. He needed to be inside of you, and he needed to as soon as possible.

    “Please, (Y/N), please let me fuck you.” He whined. “I’ll fuck you so good, you’ll love it. I’ll fill you just just right. I’ll breed you so good, (Y/N), just say you want me to. Please, I need you.”

    You moaned at his words, feeling your wetness gush out of you, most likely soaking through your khaki shorts now.

    “Okay-“ You moaned. “Please fuck me. Quickly.”

    He didn’t need anything else after that. His hands were quick to take your clothes off, throwing them just anywhere. He only had his pants half way down before he couldn’t wait any longer. With strength you didn’t know he had, he hoisted you up against the wall, opening your legs wide for him to finally plunge his monstrous cock deep inside of your wetness. You nearly screamed at the stretch, but he was far too gone to care. He started to thrust into you, fucking you agaisnt the wall like the animals you were. You felt him so deep inside of you, reaching all of your sweet spots with so much ease. His cock pulsated within your walls, and his face twisted in pleasure as he didn’t hold back for one second longer.

    Your nails scratched down his back, most likely leaving marks, but that just spurred him on. You two weren’t even aware of the amount of noise you guys were making. All that mattered was just how good you guys felt.

    You clenched around his thick girth as you suddenly came, creaming all around him as he didn’t stop fucking into your abused hole. It was so hot in the storage room, but you two didn’t stop. He bit into your shoulder, his large hands grabbing onto your ass tightly as he came, his cum painting your walls white. There was so much that dropped out of you and onto the floor, but Kai didn’t stop there. He was still hard as ever, pounding you, your mixed cum falling out and being pushed back in, making a huge mess that someone was going to have to clean up.

    You shouted Kai’s name like a mantra, his forehead meeting with yours. His eyes pierced into yours, making eye contact with you as you came once more, tears falling down your face.

    His cock twitched violently as he came inside of you once more. You felt so completely full of cum and cock, you’ve never felt this full before. Kai’s thrusts slowed down, yet he still fucked his cum into you. He suddenly pressed his lips into your in a passionate kiss, and you moaned into his mouth, your tongues dancing together desperately.

    You guys kissed for a short time before he started to quicken his pace again, ready to go for another one. At this moment, you wished no one could come in here until tomorrow, because this was the best you’ve ever felt in a while.


    Hawook had been the one to retrieve the two of you after hours of being stuck in the storage room. It was well after 12 PM when she found the two of you, complaining about how Taehyung had got distracted and went home.

    If she noticed how messed up the two of you looked, she didn’t say anything about it, letting the both of you go.

    Of course you two didn’t go back on campus. You two got a hotel room, dedicating the whole week to both of your heats.

    After the week was over, reality caught up with the two of you. Now you had the face the fact that you guys had just fucked the life out of each other for five days straight without talking about your previous “hatred” for each other. You guys didn’t even talk since the heat was over, and you felt a bit let down at that.

    You say in class, going over your notes before it started when you heard someone knock on your desk. You looked up to see that it was Kai himself. You looked around, wondering why he was at your desk, and you saw some other students wondering as well.

    “Hey, (Y/N), I wanted to ask you something.”

    Uh-oh. Was him and the other students trying to play a prank on you. Did he lie about what he said last week in the storage room. You gulped. “What is it?”

    “Do you want to go on a date with me?” He asked, and you heard confused murmurs around the room but he didn’t care. “You see, I’ve been crushing on you for a while now, and I was wondering if we could finally get to know each other.”

    You didn’t say anything for a second, really hoping that this wasn’t a joke. “…really?” You knew you two had spent your heats together, but sex wasn’t the same as actually liking each other and wanting to be in a relationship.

    “Of course.” He smiled, looking like an angel. “Will you accept?” His eyes were hopeful, and a small smile graced your features.

    “Of course.”


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