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    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    211016 | Boy Group Member Brand Reputation Ranking for October 2021

    #8 Taeyong

    #14 Doyoung

    #15 Jaehyun

    #16 Jungwoo

    #22 Mark

    #28 Johnny

    #37 Haechan

    #40 Yuta

    #44 Taeil

    #46 Jisung

    #48 Lucas

    #63 Jaemin

    #68 Jeno

    #70 WinWin

    #76 Ten

    #91 Sungchan

    #94 Renjun

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    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #what is going on #nct#taeyong#lq
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    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    God bless you here on tumblr because you have just seen a taeyong with glasses making a big heart

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    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    no explanation about the name.... maybe its just missing baekhyun hours 😌

    #i love taeyong so much he gives baekyong content when things are dry #u cant say im a delulu baekyong shipper because im gonna show u that ty’s ig story where hes 😘 on baekhyuns pic
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    16.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Request for Anon (alpha Taemin & omega reader) *a/b/o themes and dynamics, period setting, smut, pheromone high, fingering, penetration, slight non-con

    “So… this is the thief?”

        You were sitting on your legs, head low, and staring at the ground. You were sure your fear strangled scent was filling the room, making it very obvious how terrified you felt. Someone like you never had any business being in the palace, let alone in the presence of the emperor.

    “Yes, your majesty, she confessed herself.”

    “A confession. How brave. What was your reasoning?”



    “I… I…”


    “I was confused, my king.” You got down properly, begging. “I got lost and saw the beautiful flowers. I didn’t know I was in your garden, I never would have taken the flower if I did.”

    “You got lost… and wound up in my garden… your pack didn’t raise you well.”

    “They’ve done their best with me, my king. I’m the foolish one, they bear no blame in this.”

    “Indeed. You’re the thief here, and you’ll serve your punishment accordingly.”

    “I deserve death, my king.”

    “Death? An omega like you? Nonsense.”

        Hearing the creak, and the soft footsteps approaching, you began to visibly shake. Your gaze was glued to the ground, but a bright red robe came into view. A hand grabbed your chin and forced your head up. For a moment your eyes locked with his, the king, and they were heavenly, but you quickly shut them, knowing you weren’t worthy. You shouldn’t gaze upon the king, nor be touched, yet here you were, breaking so many rules.

    “Open your eyes.”

    “I am not worthy, my king.”

    “If you are to remain in the palace, you should get used to seeing me.”


    “Since you seemed to like my garden so much, you shall tend to it with the other maids. Now open your eyes.”

        You slowly complied with his request, although you didn’t look at him immediately. He shook your head a bit and you knew what he meant, letting your eyes meet his. He was truly a god, and you felt like you could die by his beauty alone.

    “You’re the only omega from your pack, aren’t you?”

    “Yes… my king…”

    “Hm, quite a shame for them, but you must be punished.”

    “I’m sorry, my king.”

    “Sh, you’ll repay me for your crimes.” He let you go and stood. “Take her, and have her prepared.”

        You had no choice but to do as he said, you already made a great sacrifice being there. The guards in the room grabbed you and dragged you out, the king not sparing you another glance. A small whimper escaped your lips, but you quickly shut your mouth tight, knowing your life was over. There was so much you had wanted to do, and you threw it all away. As you were taken to who knows where you closed your eyes and let the tears fall, hoping everything would be okay back home. The day had started out so normal, and you never imagined it would end like this.

    “Mark… where did you find these?”

        Before the sun was up, you were up, happily preparing breakfast for the pack. You liked cooking, seeing the others enjoy your food, and you were always grateful for Doyoung’s lessons. It also meant he had one less thing to worry about every day. It wasn’t so surprising that Mark would be up early too, he was always full of energy. He had come home around breakfast time, as you were setting the table and greeting the others, pulling you aside to show you something.

    “I found them. They’re so beautiful, right?”

        This time it seemed Mark had found some wild flowers, and brought some for you. They were so pretty you couldn’t even believe they were real.

    “Wow, I’ve never seen flowers like this.”

    “I knew you’d like them.” Mark placed a flower in your hair. “You’re way prettier than the flower.”

    “Thank you.”

        You joined the others at the breakfast table. The boys mostly spoke about the things they had to do today. After eating you were cleaning up, taking note of the things you were low on. You asked Taeyong if it was alright to go to the market to pick things up, and he said you could if Doyoung went with you. Doyoung was available so the two of you went together. You got a lot of comments about the flower, thanking the people for their kindness. It seemed like a normal day until guards approached you.


    “Ah… yes, of course.”

        You scrambled for your identification tag, handing it over. In a busy market like this, scents mixed so you could never really tell what one presented as, but their identification tag spelled it out. You felt nervous now that you were exposed.

    “Are you here alone?”

    “No, one of my alphas-”



    “Do you know where he went?”

    “He was looking for some salmon when we split.”

    “Very well then.”

        The guard didn’t return your tag and walked off. You were about to follow when the other guard grabbed your arm and started dragging you away. You knew better than to fight back so you followed quietly, trying to figure out what kind of misunderstanding was going on. You wound up locked up, the flower from your hair taken, and you were left without answers. You stayed quiet until you heard Doyoung, listening to him demand answers.

    “What is this? Where is she? She’s not-”

    “Do you recognize this?”

    “A flower? She had it in the morning. What does-”

    “Earlier today someone broke into the royal garden and stole some flowers. This would be the flower. The one she was wearing.”

        You mentally cursed yourself out, feeling like you should have known. Mark was a trouble maker, and time and time again you’ve told him to stop, but he never listened. Whether he knew where he was or not, this kind of trouble was deadly. After a moment Doyoung came to your cell. You could see it in his eyes, he knew you wouldn’t do such a thing, you never snuck out, you were a good omega, but he was scared regardless.

    “Y/n, where did you get the flower?”

    “I didn’t know where I was…”


    “I’m sorry… did I do something wrong?”

    “Y/n, tell them the truth right now!”

    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I didn’t know…”

    “His majesty wants the thief brought to him.” One of the guards spoke. “She’ll be coming with us.”

    “No! This isn’t her fault! She… please, just let me have a moment alone with her, please.”

    “You get two minutes.”

    “Thank you, thank you.”

        Once you had a moment alone Doyoung began breaking down. He reached into your cell to take your hand.

    “Please y/n, I know you didn’t do this. Tell the truth.”

    “I can’t.”


    “Cause they’ll die…”


    “Ma… Mark gave me the flowers in the morning… he said he found them… I don’t know if he knew…”


    “They’ll kill him, but I’m an omega… the king won’t kill me…”


    “Tell Mark to stay out of trouble, please. He never listened to me anyway but you… you scold him properly this time.”

    “Just say someone else-”

    “I’m not going to get someone killed. I’m sorry, Doyoung. Tell the others I love them, and don’t let anyone do something stupid.”

    “That’s enough.”

        The guards returned and escorted Doyoung out. You were released from your cell, following the other guard, starting your journey to the palace. In all honesty you weren’t certain if you’d survive. Simply being an omega could grant you some leniency, given how rare your kind was these days, but it didn’t mean you wouldn’t die for breaking into the palace.

        You were stripped down and given a quick bath. Then you were dressed in palace attire. You followed the lady in charge as she explained your duties going forward, as well as what was expected of your behavior.

    “Are… are their other omegas in the palace…”

    “A handful.”

    “What about my suppressants?”

    “That is not allowed in the palace.”

    “But what… what happens if… if I… uh…”

    “A member of the royal family will look after you when you go into heat.”

    “Royal… what? But what if someone-”

    “I assure you someone will take care of you.”

    “But I’ve never… I haven’t had…”

    “Ah, I see. You’re young so it’s believable. The king will be informed.”


        You decided to keep your mouth shut from there and just listen. You were nervous about your suppressants wearing off. You had no idea how much time you had left, or what would happen then. You had been on them for years, so what came next was completely unknown to you. When you arrived at the garden you saw the flowers that had been vandalized, thinking of Mark and hoping he was okay. From there you were left with the other girls, learning from them how to tend to the flowers and other responsibilities you had.

    “We haven’t had an omega around the palace in a while.”

    “Really? I was told there were others.”

    “There are, but they’ve all wound up in the care of the royal family.”


    “I’m sure you’ll only be with us for a while too before one of the princes, or princesses, make a claim towards you.”

    “But… but I-”

    “I know it sounds weird but it’s normal. Once you go into heat, it’s all over. Just try doing your best until then.”

    “I’d think you would be upset or something…”

    “Why? The palace is dangerous, it’s best not to be so close to a royal. If anything I feel bad you don’t have a choice in the matter.”

    “I suppose you’re right.”

    “How’d you wind up here though?”

    “Me? Oh… I got lost and… stole some flowers from the garden.”

    “That was you!”

    “I didn’t know where I was and-”

    “You got lost… well, if you say so.”

    “You… whatever, just tell me where I can help.”

        Thankfully you were used to the labor work, so it was just a matter of knowing what to do. It wasn’t that bad, working in the garden, although what concerned you was what you were told. That a member of the royal family would take you. Which was all the more terrifying as you had never met one before. When you had a moment to yourself you thought about home, feeling bad about leaving so abruptly, but hoping they’d be okay.

        Sleeping in a bed that was not your own was hard, but the most challenging thing was being alone. You were used to one of the boys cuddling up with you, keeping you warm, and now it was just you. Some of the other girls were talkative, but you chose to remain silent, best not to cause trouble or make friends. After all, once the suppressants wore off you wouldn’t be around anymore. With all that in mind you were surprised when you were called to the palace entrance. You nearly cried seeing Doyoung and Jungwoo.

    “You guys-”

    “Come here!”

        Jungwoo had tears in his eyes, pulling you into a hug. You smiled but were then quickly pushing him away from you. He seemed heart broken but you had to explain.

    “I can’t smell like someone from outside the palace, I’m sorry.”

    “Ah… yeah, yeah that makes sense.”

    “Are you alright?” Doyoung asked. “I told everyone what happened, but I’m just glad you’re alive.”

    “Me too.”

    “So… what’s… what happened?”

    “I uh… the king said I’d pay for my crimes by tending to his garden.”

    “I see. That explains your clothes.”


        You didn’t want to mention anything about your suppressants, they were all so worried enough as it is. You wish you had more time but the guards were telling you to wrap it up.

    “Don’t worry about me, as you can see I’m fine. I can’t promise we’ll be able to see each other like this again, so I’ll reach out for visits, okay.”

    “I think we can do that.”

    “Tell the others I love them, and I miss them. And please… tell Mark to stay out of trouble, and that I’m okay.”

    “Definitely will do that.”

    “It was really great seeing you.”


        You almost wanted to run, get away from the palace, but it would end badly for all parties involved, so you just returned to your place. You continued with your work, just telling yourself to worry about the flowers and to somewhat enjoy the life you had here. The real punishment was being away from home, away from those who loved you. Besides ignoring the fact you were far from home, you could pretend you weren’t running out of time. 

        For a day or two you were fine, and then you started feeling strange. You were in the garden when it first hit you, this dizzy spell. You excused yourself, wanting to get somewhere cool and rest for a moment. You kept your head down, never wanting to meet eyes with anyone, and given your current state, you weren’t paying attention to where you were going. Because of that you wound up running into someone. You nearly fell over but this person grabbed you, holding you up. Although when you looked to see who it was your eyes went wide.

    “My… my king…”

        You tried to pull away again, to get on your knees and beg forgiveness, but he didn’t let you go. You felt so embarrassed, moreso when you noticed he had his whole entourage with him, but his grip was firm.

    “I was just on my way to see you. What a coincidence we ran into each other.”

    “I’m… I’m sorry…”

    “For what?”

    “Touching… I’m not feeling so good and-”

    “Is that so? I was informed you were on suppressants, but they must be wearing off now, aren’t they?”

    “I… I…”

    “I’ve also been informed you’ve never been in heat before.”


        Being so close to the king, someone like you should never be in this position, and it terrified you. Although being this close also meant something else, you could get a strong whiff of his scent and it was incredible. Your legs gave out a bit, and without thinking you leaned into him, wanting to breathe him in deeper. Those with him moved to stop you but he held his hand up, gently petting you.

    “A pure little omega, aren’t you adorable.”

    “You… you smell…”

        He harshly pulled your head back, seeing your glassy eyes. His scent was intoxicating, making your mind far hazier than it was before. It probably didn’t make sense, but you were an omega, and he was an alpha, it was only natural he’d get this type of reaction out of you.

    “You’re not all there, are you?”


    “Sh, come here darling.”

        He pulled you close again, and you practically took another hint. He chuckled, watching you for a moment. You snuggled against him, taking him in deeply. This behavior was probably cause for execution, but the king seemed to enjoy the attention.

    “Have a special room prepared for her near my quarters.”

        After a moment he pulled you away again. The king took your hand and you stumbled behind him a bit, still dazed. If you could think straight you’d probably think you were so pathetic. You had no idea where you were going, and slowly his entourage began to disappear until it was just the two of you. Wherever you wound up, it seemed to be private, and he stripped you down into your undergarments. He ended up taking off a piece of his own clothes, wrapping it around you, and you immediately buried your face in it.

    “You’ve taken quite a liking to my scent, haven’t you?”


    “You’re like a toy.” He grabbed your chin. “I’ve always wanted a pet, shall it be you?”


    “I know omegas are supposed to be submissive, but I’ve never seen an omega like you.”

    “Hm… my king…”

    “Sh, if it’s just us, I’d like to hear you say my name. Taemin.”


    “Ah, that sounds lovely coming from your lips.”

        You wound up falling to the ground, holding his clothes tightly. His scent was just so lovely and you wanted more of it, having thrown out any sense of dignity a long time ago. Taemin watched you fondly, intrigued, petting your head.

    “Is this your preheat?”

    “Hm? I… I don’t know…”

    “You must have been on suppressants for a long time.”


    “How come? You seem to be of age.”

    “I don’t know… my alpha-”

        Taemin grabbed your face, pulling you close to him. In the moment it snapped you out of your daze, and you could be aware of the pissed off look on his face. After a moment though his scent hit you again and you were back in that pleasant fog.

    “I’m your alpha darling, your one and only.”


    “Yes. Is that a problem?”


    “No my dear, it is not. I’m your alpha now, say it.”

    “You… you’re my alpha.”

    “Good, good girl.”

        He kissed your head, releasing his grip on you. A slight giggle escaped your lips. Being in a closed room, his pheromones were that much more present. You couldn’t help yourself but lean forward until you had your face buried in his chest, moving up to the crook of his neck. He chuckled, pulling you into his arms.

    “I heard you were such a hard worker, I never imagined this type of behavior from you.”

    “The flowers are so pretty…”

    “They are, aren’t they? Would you like to wear them in your hair again?”

    “So pretty…”

    “A conversation for later.”

        There was a knock, and someone informed Taemin that your new room was ready. He informed them he’d be over in a moment. He let you take in his scent a while longer before getting you on your feet. You definitely weren’t properly dressed, but no one would say anything as long as you were with the king. You came to a small little place, going to what would be your room. It was plain with a few things, but the most prominent thing was the circle of sheets and pillows in the center.

        Taemin pushed you into it, and you were rather surprised by how soft it was. You were surrounded by the finest materials, and then Taemin climbed on top of you. The fog began to lift and you were becoming aware of your situation. You got shy, pulling your legs up but he shook his head. You stopped, not able to look him in the eye. He chuckled, caressing your cheek and taking the opportunity to really take in your scent. It was lovely indeed, and he felt like taking you then and there, but he’d be patient.

    “Are you getting shy now? You were taking me in before with no problem, right in front of everyone too.”

    “I… that was…”

    “Don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything now. You have yet to bloom, so I’ll wait.” He kissed your cheek. “I’ll just make sure you have my scent around so you remember who you belong to.”

        You had no idea what he meant until he was shoving the piece of clothing he had given you before right into your face. His scent was faded but still strong enough to mess with your head. You fell back on the soft sheets, snuggling up the piece of clothing. You didn’t notice when the rest of your little nest had been filled with royal garments, but it did nothing to clear your head. You couldn’t understand what this was all about but you were too happy to think of the consequences.

        Taemin had been in his study when he got some interesting news about you. Apparently someone from your old pack had come by, wanting to deliver some suppressants for you. Of course such things weren’t allowed in the palace, so the young man asked to see him. That was not going to happen so a message was relayed instead. It was interesting, and Taemin immediately went to see you. He found you exactly where he knew you’d be. At the moment some of the maids were feeding you, and he said he’d take over. You smiled happily seeing Taemin.


    “Yes, darling, and how are you?”


    “That’s good. Open wide.” He fed you. “It seems someone came to visit you today.”


    “Yes, and I heard something very interesting. My little omega is a sensitive one.”


    “Apparently you’re quite receptive to an alphas pheromones. They kept you on suppressants to keep you safe until they found someone good enough for you, but it seems you didn’t even know.”


    “Interesting, isn’t it.”


    “Sh, don’t worry your pretty little head about that. It’s just good for me.”


        Taemin set aside the food, crawling into the nest and pinning you down. You weren’t really dressed properly, just throwing on whatever since it all had Taemin’s scent, some more than others though. It was easy for him to nip at your ear and then trailed down kisses to your neck. You let out a small moan, his wet kisses leaving you tingling.

    “It’ll probably take a while longer for you to bloom, but I guess I can’t wait much longer. You’ll be such a good girl regardless.”

        He pressed his lips against yours and you swear it was the first time you had been kissed. He tasted so sweet, and you desperately wanted more. You whimpered into the kiss, already starting to feel a hit between your legs, rubbing your thighs together, trying to deal with it. Seeing this Taemin chuckled into your ear, his hand worming it’s way between your legs and grabbing your core. You gasped, his fingers rubbing against the fabric that was slowly becoming wet. It brought another smile to his face.

    “Very receptive indeed.”


    “Hm? Yes? What is it? Do you feel good baby?”

    “Yes… feels good…”

    “A virgin indeed. If this feels good I wonder how you’ll feel when I really touch you, or when you finally go into heat? Hm? Let’s just have a taste of what’s to come.”

        Taemin slowly stripped you out of your clothes. You’d feel the chill of the air for a moment before the heat took over, as well as Taemin’s kisses. He wanted to taste every bit of your exposed skin. As he began to lose clothing as well you started to really feel desperate for him, whining and wanting something you didn’t fully understand. It wasn’t until his skin was properly against your, his cold fingers rubbing between your folds that you knew what you wanted, what you needed.

    “Tae… Taemin…”


    “Ple… please…”

    “Please what? Is there something you want to say?”

    “Need… need… you…”

    “Do you?”


    “Hm… what about me?”

    “You… please…”

    “I suppose that’s the most I can get out of you in this state.”

        He kissed you hard, a finger pushing into your head, a new sensation traveling up your body. You moaned into the kiss, body convulsing and twitching in a way you didn’t know was possible. Taemin took in every moment, seeing you melt before him, knowing very well he was doing so little to get you so excited.

    “Does my pet like that?”

    “Good… so good…”

    “What if I add more? What if I look for something special?”


        Your walls clenched around his fingers when he found that sweet spot, pressing against it over and over again, making you tremble. He could send you over the edge just in this moment, he knew it, but he wanted to savor this. If you were going to cum, he wanted it to be around his cock. So he slowed down, stretching you out and making sure you felt good, seeing how your eyes would roll to the back of your head, drool sliding down your cheek, tongue hanging out. He hadn’t had this much fun in a long time.

    “Does my pet know what she wants?”

    “Want it…”

    “It? You can’t even name it properly, how cute. Are you ready?”

    “Yes, please… alpha… please…”

    “Who’s your alpha?”

    “You… Taemin…”


        Taemin had lost his robe beforehand, and you had wriggled your way into it, looking as gorgeous as ever. Your hands trailed up his chest, feeling him up, more than excited to get to feel more of him. He pressed wet kisses on your neck as he positioned himself. The tip of his cock rubbed against your folds, coating your entrance in his precum, making you shiver and moan, begging for him to give it to you. He went slow as he entered you, wanting to capture every moment as you took him in, seeing your face show pure bliss.

    “Alpha… alpha…”

    “There’s a good girl, take it all.”

    “Good… so good…”

        When he was all the way in he stayed still for a moment, letting you get used to him, feeling you squeeze him tightly. All it took was on hard thrust to get you shaking in pleasure, achieving your high, and moaning out his name. He let you have your moment, watching your beautiful face before satisfying himself. You were already so sensitive that it was the perfect moment, and he reveled in every second of it. You shook beneath him which each thrust, breaking down more and more.

        Taemin didn’t hold back either, making you cry out for him and beg for more. He got sloppy as he edged closer to his own climax, intertwining his fingers with yours, holding you tight. You already felt hot, but feeling something warm spilling into you was a whole other feeling you couldn’t describe. Taemin’s hips still twitched as he unloaded into you, resting his head against your chest, pressing lazy kisses to your belly. You whined happily, feeling like this was right, and where you were meant to be.

    “How does my little omega feel?”

    “So good… more…”

    “Hm, I’d love to.” Taemin kissed you. “But I have other responsibilities I need to attend to. This was just for me.”


    “Sh, be a good girl and rest. I’ll have you cleaned up.”

        You wrapped your arms around Taemin, not wanting him to leave, not wanting to feel empty, but he just kissed you stupid until you let go, getting up. You closed your legs tight, wanting to keep every bit of him inside, and that earned you a forehead kiss. He cleaned himself a bit, getting his robe back from you.

    “Be a good girl and behave. I’ll come by later.”

    “Yes, alpha.”

    “My little omega, so cute.”

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    NCT U - yestoday ‘MV’

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    #nct#taeyong #im posting this because i want pizza so much
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    Random screenshots of johnyong in my phone #3

    Taeyong praising Johnny's body and Johnny praising Taeyong's selfie.


    Taeyong dando cumplidos al cuerpo de Johnny, Johnny dando cumplidos a la selfie de Taeyong

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    Taeyong: let me get this straight, Jisung turned 18 and you took him to travel "like a real man does"

    Johnny: yes

    Taeyong: and you stopped to eat on a suspicious lunch stop in the middle of the road

    Johnny: exatcly

    Taeyong: you know he got food poisioning right?


    #nct#johnny suh#lee taeyong#park jisung#nct 127#nct dream #incorrect nct quotes #incorrect kpop quotes #incorrect kpop texts #kpop#meme#kpop meme#incorrect texts
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    #busting out the yuta smirk for this one #s&m answers#⚡️ anon #taeyong hard thoughts #nct hard thought #nct 127 hard thoughts
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    #⚡️ anon#s&m answers #nct hard thoughts #nct 127 hard thoughts #taeyong hard thoughts
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    Your Niece Calls Him Uncle ~ Lee Taeyong

    Your eyes lit up as you noticed Taeyong walking through your aunt’s garden, finally arriving after his schedule for the day came to an end. Your niece’s birthday party was in full swing, but for you, there was one piece of the puzzle missing, who quickly took a seat beside you.

    Taeyong had integrated perfectly into your family, every member of your family adored him and seeing how happy he made you too. The little members especially took a shining to him, especially your niece, who ran over to greet him as soon as she spotted him.

    Before you could even stand up to greet Taeyong, a small pair of arms wrapped around his leg, scooping her up with a laugh. You smiled across at him as he muttered an apology as your niece moved her arms up to wrap around his neck, poking at the strands of his blonde hair that were tucking out from the bottom of his hat.

    “Happy birthday sweetheart,” Taeyong smiled across at her, pressing a kiss to her cheek, “I’m sorry that I’m so late to your party, it’s been a busy day for me.”

    “I’m just happy you’re here now,” she responded.

    After a few moments, Taeyong lowered your niece back to the ground, finally giving himself the space to greet you with a hug, pressing a kiss to your cheek too. Your hand took a hold of his, inviting him to sit down in the chair beside where you were sat.

    “How was your day?” You began to ask him, noticing out of the corner of your eye that your niece was still hovering around you both, “I think someone still wants you.”

    Taeyong chuckled, launching himself forward to grab at your niece’s waist, pulling her across to sit her in his lap, bouncing her up and down rapidly. Loud giggles escaped from her, bringing smiles to the faces of several of your family members who were keen to see what the commotion was.

    “You’re not causing trouble, are you?” Taeyong asked her, poking his tongue out as she pleaded with him to stop tickling her, “this is your birthday present, I can’t stop.”

    “I can think of a better present you could have got me,” she responded.

    Taeyong quickly stopped at her statement, glancing questionably down at her. Although she was still only young, she was incredibly on the ball, she knew exactly what she was saying and the message that she was trying to send as well.

    Your shoulders shrugged as Taeyong looked across at you, trying to figure out what your niece was going on about. The silence that followed from her only left the two of you wondering more what sort of present she was expecting from you both.

    As she continued to wriggle in Taeyong’s grip, she was clueless to how tightly the two of you held onto her words. You could tell that Taeyong couldn’t drop the matter, and so you took matters into your own hands instead.

    “Was there a cool present that Taeyong could have brought you?” You asked her as she spun around and caught your eye. “Taeyong has been really busy, I told you just him being here was a good present for you, didn’t I?”

    Once again, she wriggled in Taeyong’s grip, standing up on his thighs so that the two of them were at the same height. “Auntie Y/N told me there was a chance that you wouldn’t come, but then you did.”

    Taeyong nodded back at her, “the last thing I wanted to do was miss your birthday, I’m just sorry that I wasn’t able to bring you an actual present other than just me.”

    Your niece’s head shook, “just being my uncle is a cool enough present.”

    The two of you both froze as your niece spoke, not quite figuring what to say. Taeyong’s grip against her waist loosened, allowing her to slide off his lap, shuffling across to take a seat in between the two of you instead.

    “What did you say Y/N/N?” Taeyong asked her after taking a few moments to compose himself, “you want me to be your uncle? Are you sure about that?”

    “Yeah,” she giggled, “mummy always tells me that you’re a part of the family, and if you are, then you should be my uncle, right?”

    “I guess you’re right,” Taeyong smiled, “I had no idea about that.”

    Your eyes instantly went in search of your sister, unable to hide your smirk as her head nodded back at you, confirming everything that your niece had said. The family loved him, and unlike other boys that you’d bought home before, Taeyong seemed as if he could be the one.

    “Can I go and play with my new toys now?” She innocently asked after receiving a kiss against the top of her head from Taeyong, “now that you’re here Uncle Taeyong we can have my birthday cake soon.”

    You nodded back across at her, helping her off the chair before closing the gap that she left between you and Taeyong. His arm draped across your shoulders, unable to hide the smile on his face which you quickly caught onto.

    “You’re officially an uncle,” you teased, pressing a kiss against his cheek, “now do you believe me when I tell you how in love with you she is? My sister constantly tells me how much she talks about you when she’s at home.”

    “It feels like a pretty big step,” he admitted, “and I can tell that it means something to you too, however cool you’re trying to play it right now in front of me.”

    Your head shook as Taeyong saw right through you, noticing the deep breaths that you took by his side. Although it was just a word, it meant so much more to you, a sign that Taeyong really was appreciated by your family and considered a part of your family.

    “Y/N/N’s special,” Taeyong whispered, guiding your head down to rest against his shoulder, “and if being her uncle helps to make her birthday special, then I think it’s job done.”

    “I wish I could have gotten away with doing that little,” you joked.

    Taeyong’s eyes rolled back across at you, pressing a kiss to the top of your head, “at least now whenever we do anything for her, we’ll get to sign it off as auntie and uncle, rather than just Y/N and her boyfriend.”

    “You’ve been more than just a boyfriend to my family for years,” you quickly assured him, “they’ve loved you since the day they met you, and judging by the looks on their faces, they do even more so now you’ve been made an uncle.”

    “I love your family as well,” Taeyong replied, “I never imagined that I would settle in so well with a partner’s family, but yours have always just made me feel so welcome and loved.”

    “You can blame Y/N/N, she’s the shining star of our clan.”

    “That’s because she’s had great influences around her,” Taeyong reasoned, squeezing your frame, “I’m not sure many other kids can say they have an aunt who takes them to see one of the biggest groups in the world.”

    “And in a VIP box too.”

    The two of you broke into a fit of laughter as you remembered the memory, the first sign that your niece was comfortable around Taeyong, and the first sign that your family truly saw something special in Taeyong as your partner too.

    “You do realise she’ll have high expectations from now on,” you smiled, “from an uncle too.”

    “And I will fulfil them all every single time.”



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    “  you  sure  you  know  what  you’re  doin  here  ?  this  looks  like  something  you  get  cheap  off  amazon  or  something.  ”  the  boy  comments  ,  twirling  the  wooden  ouiji  board  atop  the  table.  bold  assumption  from  someone  who  has  never  actually  seen  one  in  real  life  before.  “  when  i  said  we  should  do  a  séance  ,  i  meant  a  real  one.  like  at  a  haunted  location  or  something.  ”

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    [11:59am + Taeyong + Fluffly] 🌹☀️🩰

    Observo o reflexo empertigado de Taeyong nas vidraças da nossa casa, ele sorri e faz caretas, então imita uma bailarina dançando.

    — Uma força pra baixo aqui. — Chamo sua atenção, entrando no faz-de-conta, e ele faz como digo. Toco seus ombros afetivamente. — Uma pra cima aqui. — Seguro seus antebraços com as pontas dos dedos.

    Faço com que ponha os braços ao redor do corpo, na primeira posição do balé.

    — Viu, eu sou um bailarino — cochicha ele, suave, sorrindo para o nosso reflexo juntos. — Seu — complementa.

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