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    Borderline! - y. jungwon


    hey y'all, daisy here 🤠 this is from my jungwon fic on wattpad :)

    -> genre: fluff, humour

    -> high school au!

    -> characters: yang jungwon, fem!oc, jay park (enhypen), nct 127!

    -> word count: 6k!



    The halls were noisy as everyone crowded around the bulletin board on the second floor to check their class, as expected on the first day of school. A shell of students surrounded a girl, standing directly in front of the papers looking for her name. Her finger trailed along the white paper, stopping when she found it, bringing it to the right of the page, checking for the class and room number. Class 2-B, she thought as she moved away from the crowd, making her way to the room.

    When she reached her destination, she could already predict how wild her new class was going to be; kids were laughing, paper planes and balls were being thrown and kids were even drawing and writing things all over the chalkboard. She took in a deep breath and was about to walk in when she suddenly remembered something- the most important part of the first day at a new school. The teacher’s office. She turned sharply and started walking, completely oblivious to the boy who was coming her way.

    “Jungwon, watch it.” someone said.

    The girl finally looked up to see if someone was going to bump into her, but there was no one in sight, only the students talking along the walls. Since she was clear of any obstacles, she continued her way to the teacher’s office.

    The room was dead silent, with only one teacher there. It was a man who looked like he was in his late twenties. She knocked lightly, getting the man's attention, who then told her to enter.

    “Welcome to your new highschool…” he trailed off awkwardly, not knowing how to address the student.

    “Ah… Kim Jisoo.” She showed her name tag. The man smiled, welcoming her once again.

    “Now, Miss. Kim Jisoo, here are forms you have to fill out, and these,” he paused, trying to find the right ones out of all the sheets scattered on his desk. “Here they are!” he said after finally finding them. “These, give them to your parents and have them look over and sign them so you can bring them back to me tomorrow.”

    “Yessir.” the girl nodded, smiling slightly.

    “Alright, the bell will ring soon, so…” he was cut off by the door sliding open, four students and another teacher walking in.

    “Mr. Kwon.” the other teacher, a woman, called over to us. Mr. Kwon looked from me to his colleague then back to me, again.

    “O-one second.” I nodded and allowed him to pass by as he tended to the needs of the other teacher.

    “Why don’t you explain to your teacher what those three were doing without hall passes, Jongseong.” the woman asked in a stern tone.

    “W-well, you see-” the boy stammered, obviously trying to come up with an excuse.

    Suddenly, the door slid open, but this time with a loud bang as the wood hit the wall, catching everyone’s attention.

    “Sorry for the intrusion, Ms. Seo, but it was me.” a new boy, with jet black hair, entered the room. He paused with his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath, like he had just run five laps around the track, non-stop.

    “Excuse me?” the women asked.

    “I, sorry one second.” he stood up properly, sucking in two deep breaths before walking calmly towards us, as if he hadn’t just made the most dramatic entrance ever. “As I was saying, it was me who made them go to the bathroom without hall passes.” he stated. “Jay and Jaeyun had to go to the bathroom but Niki spilt something on Kyungsoo and Moonbin had really bad chicken last night and couldn’t hold it in so-”

    “Enough, no need to explain any further.” the teacher held up her hand, commanding him to stop.

    Although the first three boys who entered were looking down, as if they were repenting, it wasn’t hard to tell they were trying to hold in their laughter, because small smiles had invaded their lips. The first boy just stood there, his expression showing that he could go into further detail on what seemingly happened to Moonbin, whichever that one was.

    “Ms. Seo, I think I got it from here.” the male teacher laughed awkwardly. Ms. Won pursed her lips before looking at the girl standing next to the desk.

    “Who’s that?” she nodded her head towards the student, who wasn’t paying attention to the conversation anymore.

    “Oh this, Jisoo, come here.” he smiled politely at the young girl, encouraging to come closer to the group. “This is our new student, Kim Jisoo. Jisoo, this is Ms. Seo.”

    “A-ah, yes, hello, my name is Kim Jisoo, nice to meet you.” she bowed. When she met their eyes, three out of the four boys gave her a welcoming smile, but the one who was last to come in looked like he was frozen in his spot.

    “Grades?” Ms. Seo raised a brow.

    Shrugging off her bag, Jisoo opened the biggest pocket and shuffled through a few papers before pulling out a small rectangular paper and handed it to her. As the teacher studied the numbers on the page, the boys who smiled at her attempted to take a peek of them. Ms. Seo’s eyes glimmered, handing the page back to her, a small smile forming.

    “Your grades may be low in languages but you sure are talented in everything else. Looking forward to seeing you in science.” a full smile graced her lips before she bid her goodbyes to the other teacher, eyeing the boys like she knew something was going on with them.

    Once the door shut, the three boys whipped their heads to look at Jisoo, but one remained silent. The three boys that did look at her all bombarded her with questions.



    “How did you do that?” one with bleached hair asked.

    “Pardon?” she cocked her head forward in confusion.

    “How’d you get her to smile like that?” the bleach haired one said.

    “Yeah, she never smiles.” said one of the brown-haired ones.

    “Someone once told me that she doesn’t even know how to smile.” the other brunet said.

    In response to that, Mr. Kwon rolled up the papers in his hand, striking all three chatty boys on the head, making them protect their heads with their hands.

    “Quit it.” the boy in the back finally spoke up. The three glared at him before straightening themselves out, turning to face their teacher.

    “Now,” Mr. Kwon sighed, looking to the five students. “since we’re all headed to the same place, let’s bring over some supplies.” Everyone but the seemingly soft-spoken boy and the girl groaned.

    The teacher smiled and started handing out boxes filled with notebooks, loose paper and your basic classroom supplies. He gave one to each of the students, piling a few more stack of paper on the three troublemakers.

    The Korean literature teacher lead the students out of the office, Moonbin, Kyungsoo and Jongseong waddling after him, probably to annoy him.

    The room that the two were left behind in, was so silent that you could hear a pin drop.

    “We should…” Jungwon pointed at the open door, the girl nodding silently in response.

    As the two slowly followed their three classmates and teacher, they kept quiet, only the odd squeak of a shoe here and there echoed through the now empty halls.

    It didn’t take very long to get to the room, now fully filled with students slacking off; when they saw Mr. Kwon heading their way, they rushed to their seats, as if they hadn’t not been doing anything this whole time.

    “Hello everyone!” Mr. Kwon said with a smile, earing a lively response from the kids. “Welcome to your first day of school, please look forward to, what I hope to be, a great year.” With applause from his “crowd”, he waited until they settled down to call in their transferee. “Everyone, I would like for you to meet our newest student, Miss. Kim Jisoo.”

    As she walked inside, there was a round of applause again, which, to be honest, kind of frightened Jisoo.

    “Er- hello everyone.” She greeted them shyly. “My name is Kim Jisoo. I look forward to a great year. Please take care of me.” She bowed. One more round of applause before Mr. Kwon pointed to the empty seat in the back, coincidentally Jungwon’s desk partner, the silent boy from before.

    When she sat down, the boy looked at her, with a small smile and a hand stretched out. “Hello. Kim Jisoo. My name is Yang Jungwon, I’m looking forward to a great year with you.”

    “Same here.” His smile mirrored on to her face as she shook the boy’s hand.

    She was first introduced to the three boys that were in the teacher’s office, by Jungwon. The one with bleached hair was Jongseong, but he told me that I could call him Jay. The one with the undercut was Kyungsoo and the one who looked like a foreigner was Moonbin.

    One thing Jisoo found that all these boys had in common with each other, other than being classmates, was that they all were very aesthetically pleasing to look at. She often found herself unknowingly staring at Jay. Not in any way, just that he just so happens to be where her eyes land.

    As their teacher lectured them on classic Korean literature, a folded piece of paper was secretly slid over on to Kim Jisoo’s desk. She looked at the note, then to her desk mate, then back at the note. She glanced up once more and pointed to herself silently, to which the boy nodded with a smile plastered to his face.

    She took the note off her desk and opened it up as quietly as possible. As she read the note, her heart fluttered, and a smile appeared on her face. Jungwon let out a breathy laugh when she turned to face him, her expression triggering his reaction.

    She turned back to face the front and write on the paper in response. She wrote a quick ‘yes’ before folding it back up and handing it back to him. Crinkling of paper came from beside her, followed by another light laugh before they both faced the front, patiently waiting for the bell to ring.


    Now that it was lunch, Jungwon and Jay directed her to the cafeteria, as promised in the note from earlier. They lined up for food before sitting down at a table where five more boys were seated. When they sat, Jungwon stayed on Jisoo’s left, but Jay moved from the middle and sat to the right of her.

    Five sets of new eyes landed on the girl, roaming her face. Jay and Jungwon just watched their friends as they inspected her and after thirty seconds of silence, a boy with light brown hair spoke up.

    “You must be new,” he stuck out his hand and smiled widely. “I’m Jake.”

    ‘An actual foreigner’ Jisoo thought to herself as she shook his hand.

    Jungwon leaned towards her, so that his mouth was close to her ear and whispered, “Jake’s from Australia. He moved here about three years ago.” Her desk partner explained. Jisoo nodded in understanding before the next boy introduced himself to the girl.

    “Lee Heeseung.” He smiled kindly. “I’m the oldest.”

    The next boy had an adorable face. ‘Very squishable cheeks’ Jisoo thought.

    “Kim Sunoo, I’m in the year above you.”

    “All of us are a grade above you, except for Riki” said a boy with a mullet. “Oh, sorry, Park Sunghoon.” He smiled. Just like the rest of them, Sunghoon was very handsome.

    Jay introduced the next boy, who looked a more intimidating than the rest.

    “Jisoo, this is Riki Nishimura. He’s from Japan. He moved here about year ago.”

    The girl gasped, surprised by what Jay had told her. “I lived there when I was younger.” She watched as Riki’s face lit up and fixed his posture a bit.

    “Really? Where’d you live?”

    “In Osaka, with my cousin.”

    “We were only like three hours from each other; I’m from Okayama.”

    “I went there every month to see my grandparents!”

    “What a small world.” Jake gave a short laugh. “Now you can bond with each other.” He said in a half sarcastic, half serious tone, making the rest of the table laugh.

    “You know it.” Riki threw up a finger heart for the girl, who did the same.

    The eight students ate their lunch, got to know each other, and laughed a lot during that lunch period, but like everything good, it always comes to an end too quickly.

    Jay, Jungwon and Jisoo were walking back to class when suddenly, someone’s phone started to ring. The three looked at each other before Jungwon pointed out that it was coming from Jisoo, to which Jay snickered at her embarrassed expression after she said it wasn’t her.

    “Oh, it’s my cousin.” She exclaimed, picking up the phone with excitement. “Hey what's up!” she greeted. The girl kept a smiling expression as she walked down the hall with the boys.

    When they reached the classroom, the boys gestured for her to enter, but she shooed them off so she could finish her call with her cousin.

    “Oh, you’re coming to pick me up?” she asked, her eyebrows drawing closer together. “Are you sure? But you just released a new song.”

    “It’s fine,” he said in a reassuring tone. “Didn’t our grandmother tell me to check up on you?”

    “Yeah,” the girl let out a sigh.

    “Hey Jisoo!” a voice called out from the background. “Why do you sound so dejected?”

    “Are both of you coming to pick me up?” she asked, not wanting the answer to be yes.

    “Obviously.” her cousin snorted. “I don’t go anywhere without Mark.”

    “You don’t take me to the bathroom with you.” The background voice said.

    Nothing but silence filled Jisoo’s ears, which meant the two boys on the other line were probably staring at each other.

    “Do you want me to-” Yuta started.

    “Okay bye you guys. See you later.” Jisoo ended the call before she could hear any further.

    Sighing once more she walked into the class, falling into her chair, gaining a look from Jungwon.

    “What’s up with you?” he asked as the girl took out her textbook.

    “My cousin and his friend are coming to pick me up after school.”

    “And what’s the problem with that?” the boy eyed her pained expression.

    “Just you wait.” She let out her third sigh of the hour.



    It was nearing the thirty-minute mark until class would be over, and never in my life have I wished for time to go by slower than I have now. I watched the clock, never taking my gaze away from the hands, testing the impossible by trying to slow it down with all my brain power.

    “Don’t forget to breathe, Jisoo.” Someone on my left whispered into my ear. Flinching violently, I turned to look at my desk mate, who was smiling in disbelief. “Are you really that worried about your cousin and his friend?” I just looked at him with a blank expression, aimlessly staring at him. “What, it’s not like they’re celebrities.” He laughed.

    With a groan, I flopped down on my desk, my head in my hands. “What am I going to do?” I whined.

    “What’s up with her?” Jay’s voice asked. Jungwon was silent, so I’m guessing he just shrugged. “Jisoo-yah, don’t be too distraught, whatever it is will pass.”

    Peaking up at the boy, I huffed out a sigh, blowing the hair out of my eyes.

    “You don’t understand.” I said gruffly. “My cousin isn’t your average guy… neither is his friend; or any of his friends, for that matter.”

    “Are they gangsters?” Jay whispered, pulling up a chair.

    “What? No, they are not, Jay.”

    “So, then I don’t see a problem.” He said nonchalantly.

    With a deep sigh, I checked the time, the long hand two minutes away from three o’clock. My eyes widened at the sight as I started shoving my belongings into my backpack.

    “Damn it.” I cursed under my breath, grabbing my phone, and opening my messages.

    A new text popped up…

    It was from him.


    ‘Be ready! Mark and I will be at the front gate!1!1!1!’ it read.

    “He better treat you to something, if he’s stressing you out that much.” Jungwon chimed in.

    I stayed silent for a second, thinking how I could be less attacked by the public when the two arrive. Grabbing both their hands and looking at them with pleading eyes. “Listen, I know we’ve only known each other for a few hours but, come with me?”

    “Where?” they said in unison.

    “To the front gate. Just come with me there and you’ll see my problem.”

    “Okay.” They agreed.

    “I promise I will treat you to a meal in the near future.” I got up and bowed, getting everyone’s attention, although it didn’t last very long since the bell rung right after.

    Shooting out of my seat, I grabbed Jungwons wrist, who grabbed Jays, and started running down the hall to the exit, apologizing to whomever we bumped into.

    When we got out, I saw a few girls walking out of the first year building, which meant I needed to speed it up.

    “Hurry.” I said to the boys, to which they picked up their pace.

    When the girls were nearing the gate, their heads turned to the left, where they saw two boys hanging out. Their expressions changed immediately, and they whipped their phones out.

    “Everyone look!” one of the girls yelled to the rest of the students that were leaving.

    My grip loosened on Jungwon and my legs started to sprint towards the two men.

    “Yuta!” I yelled.

    He turned his head and smiled, but his changed when he saw me barreling towards them, with two other people behind sprinting behind me. Once he got the message, he took off with Mark in the opposite direction of the group of students.

    The group dispersed a few minutes after searching for the two idols, while the three of us were standing at the gate, catching our breath.

    “So much for picking you up.” Jay said, his eyes completely shut as he calmed down.

    “Guys I’m really sorry.” I looked up at them.

    “Don’t worry about it.” Jungwon gave a smile.

    “Do you want to come with me? Mark will probably make him buy us food.” The two boys looked between each other and shrugged.

    “As long as it’s not a bother to you guys.” Jungwon stated, Jay nodding his head in agreement.

    “Of course it’s not!” I insisted. “Let me call him and ask him where they are.”

    As if on cue, my phone started to ring.

    “Oi, this is why I didn’t want you to come.”

    “How was I supposed to know we’d get caught.” Yuta spoke back sassily.

    “You’re so dense sometimes.” I huffed out.

    “Jisoo!” Mark called from the background. “Jisoo, it’s Mark-oppa.”

    That's a new one.

    “Don’t call yourself ‘oppa’.” Yuta said in a disgusted tone.

    “Jisoo, there’s a black SUV when you turn right outside of the gate! That’s our car!” Mark ignored Yuta.

    “Anyways, hurry and come.” Yuta said in an annoyed tone.

    “I’m bringing friends.” I informed them before hanging up. Turning to the boys, with a soft smile. “Let’s go.” I waited for them to get next to me before we started walking to where Mark told me.

    We walked in silence until we reached the car.

    “Before we get in,” I started. “It will definitely be awkward, but when we get to wherever we’re going, don’t be intimidated by them. They’ll ask you questions- like an interview, but that’s just cause they’re just a bit protective.” I advised Jay and Jungwon, who nodded. “Ready?” the boys nodded again. “Okay.” I said, turning back to the car, opening the door.

    “Hey, you g- oh my god they literally are guys.” Mark’s eyes widened.

    “You brought guys into our car?” Yuta asked.

    “Yes, they’re my friends.”

    “Hello, my name is Park Jongseong, I’m Jisoo’s classmate.” Jay bowed down in a sitting position. Mine and Yuta’s head whipped in his direction, both of us surprised at the sudden language swap.

    “You speak Japanese?” I stared in disbelief. Jay nodded coolly.

    “Do you know what they’re saying?” Mark asked Jungwon.

    “Barely.” He responded. Mark and Jungwon laughed, lightening the mood a little bit.

    “Yuta,” Mark looked to Yuta. “I think you should treat them to something. Us wanting to be nice made them have to run all the way from their class so they could protect us.” His tone was soft and begging like.

    Looking at Mark with a sigh, knowing he couldn’t say no to him. “Fine. But we’re going to the dorm because Jungwoo wants to see Jisoo.” Adjusting the mirror, he looked up at the two boys through the reflection. “Tell anyone where that house is, and you’re both-”

    “We live in the same building, you dolt. If anyone asks, they came over to my apartment.”

    “That sounds worse.” Yuta glowered.

    “We have homework.” I stated.

    “Oh.” He relaxed back in his seat.

    With that, we started driving down to the apartment building, sitting in the most awkward silence, until someone spoke up.

    “I’ve never seen someone run as fast as Jisoo did when she saw you guys.” Jungwon pointed out. “She sprinted from the exit to the gate at lightening speed.”

    “Oh yeah, that’s got to be at least one hundred metres.” Jay added in.

    “She was the track star of her elementary and middle school.” Mark informed the boys, who looked at me with surprise. “Yuta brags about her all the time; he even has her gold metal in his room.” He laughed lightly, to which Yuta smacked him in the chest.

    “Shut up.” He muttered and looked out the window, making Mark roll his eyes. The younger of the two looked back at me and nodded his head, mouthing that my cousin was lying. I looked down to avoid three gazes on me as my cheeks heated up in embarrassment.

    As Jay, Jungwon and Mark got to know each other, Yuta and I stayed silent, obviously not over Mark’s claim.

    “Tell them to get the house ready.” Yuta eyed Mark, who took out his phone and started texting.


    About twenty minutes later, we entered the parking garage and found their designated spot. Five clicks sounded before four doors opened and we got out. Jay, Jungwon and Mark all got out on one side, while Yuta and I got out from the left.

    When I slid out, I landed a little too hard on my ankle, creating a pain that shot up my left leg. Yuta noticed when I hissed in pain and appeared right in front of me, helping me to regain my stability. He let out a distressed sigh as he took my bag from me before we started walking to catch up with the rest of them.

    “You okay?” he asked in a low tone. Nodding in silence, I slowly let go of his arm once we walked into the basement entrance.

    The elevator ride to the tenth floor was silent, but the hallway sure wasn’t.

    Music echoed through the hall, like there was a party going on, but it all came from one room, and as they neared the back of the hall, they stood in front of a large door that was the source of all the sound.

    Turning to my classmates, I looked them both in the eye, reminding them of what I told them early. “Remember, they’re a little scary at first, but you’ll be fine if you give short and simple answers. If they get too long, they’ll get bored, because they’re a bunch of man-babies.” I muttered. I saw how they had to hold themselves back from laughing when I called them ‘man-babies’, to which I smiled softly.

    “You may enter.” Yuta said like a nerd that was letting us into his lair as he swung open the door after he’d unlocked it. Mark and I walked in, followed by Jay, Jungwon and then Yuta.

    “OI!” Mark boomed.

    Thundering footsteps came speeding towards the front entrance, revealing seven new guys with excited looks on their faces.

    “Jisoo!” the tallest of them exclaimed, throwing his arms around me.

    “Ugh, hey Johnny.” I patted his back, only squeezing me tighter. “J-John-” I choked out.

    “Dude, you’re gonna kill her if you don’t let go.” Jaehyun noted.

    “Get… off…” Jungwoo struggled as he and Doyoung made an attempt to peel him off me, which thankfully worked.

    “Who’re they?” Donghyuck pointed to the two boys. Mumbling filled the air as the boys joined in on commenting on the mysterious teenagers that had entered their home.

    “My classmates.” I answered.

    “Yuta’s idea ended up failing and they were dragged into this mess, so I thought it was a good idea to pay them back with food.” Mark explained. “Also, since you guys wanted to see Jisoo so bad, why not bring them all here at once. Killed two birds with one stone.” He shrugged.

    The seven inspected the two young boys before walking to the living room in absolute silence.

    “That means you follow them.” Mark informed the boys, who nodded slowly, following me into the living room.

    Once my friends and I were seated, the seven guys sat in a shell around Yuta, so that my cousin was in the middle. Eight out of the nine stared with fierce expressions, making the younger one’s gulp. Mark, who was smiling like he’d been surrounded by puppies all day, brought two peach juice boxes, once iced green tea and once pomegranate juice box over to where we were sitting. He handed the peach drinks to Jay and Jungwon, earning shout from Jaehyun.

    “Those were the last ones in the pack.” He glared at Mark.

    “Get a new one.” The rapper spat. He turned to me and handed the pomegranate juice to me and then the green tea to Yuta, the six others sniggering in the back.

    Yuta opened the bottle with a loud crack, silencing everybody in the room. He drank down to three quarters of the bottle before setting it down, his gaze landing back on the students.

    “Who are you?” he raised an eyebrow; his expression was enough to make your skin crawl.

    “Yang Jungwon and Park Jongseong.” Jungwon grabbed the back of Jay’s head, forcing him to bow, although Jay had done this once already in the car, in a different language.

    “How do-” Donghyuck started, but Yuta held up his hand. “Ahem, of course, Yuta.” He looked down. My eyes shot towards Jaehyun, Johnny and Doyoung as they forced themselves not to laugh.

    “How do you know my cousin.” Yuta asked.

    “We’re classmates.” Jungwon stated.

    “And Jungwon is her desk mate.” Jay added.

    “He didn’t ask that.” The youngest of the two turned his head in Jay’s direction to whisper harshly. Jay pursed his lips and made a face that looked like he was trying to hold in a scream.

    Silence fell in the room for a solid thirty seconds until Yuta let out an airy chuckle, the rest of us soon joining in.

    “You can get up now.” I choked out, making my cousin let out a loud laugh. The two straightened themselves out, their faces red with embarrassment.

    “Oh god, the look Jay had on his face.” Mark cackled. “You guys, we’re not that scary.”

    “No one was scared of you, Mr. Sunshine-funshine.” Johnny coughed.


    After everyone calmed down, Taeil brought in some take-out menu’s, displaying them on the coffee table. “Choose what you want, it’s on Yuta anyways.” The eldest shrugged.

    “Speaking of Yuta,” I started. “Where’d he go?” I asked.

    “I think he’s on the phone with someone, so probably in his room.” I nodded at Mark’s response.

    As the boys got to know each other, the band’s leader tapped me on the shoulder. “Come with me for a second?” he held out his hand for me to take, and so I did.

    Taeyong brought me into one of the rooms, where there were clothes on the bed, along with a red box. He gestured towards the bed, “Sit, please.” He looked at me with an expecting smile and blinked a few times. The rapper walked towards me and knelt in front of me. “I saw you limping earlier, when you were walking to the living room.” He explained. “Did it start hurting again?” he looked up at me with sparkling eyes.

    “I had to make sure Yuta and Mark didn’t get caught-”

    “They’re two very grown men who’ve been doing this for over five years, I think they would know how to handle fans by now.” He smiled softly.


    “No ‘buts’.” He cut me off for a second time. “You’re not their bodyguard, Jisoo.” He took the red box from beside me and opened it up, pulling out that familiar beige wrap. “They can protect themselves.” He started layering the bandage around my foot and ankle.

    “What about stalkers? You guys have them really bad; everyone knows that.”

    “They won’t hurt us. Haven’t you seen us leak their number?”

    “That’s a very different case you’re talking about, Taeyong.” I stated. “Remember when you guys found one in your vent? They’re everywhere.”

    The boy just sighed as he finished wrapping my foot. “That’s none of your concern.” He stood up straight and ruffled my hair. “Now hurry up and change into some more comfortable clothes.” The boy smiled warmly before walking to the door. “There should be some pain relievers on the nightstand there, take two only.”

    “Hey Taeyong?” I said before he left.

    “Yeah?” He turned to me.

    “Thanks.” I said softly.

    “Of course.” He winked before leaving me to change.


    Carefully lifting myself off the bed, I unfolded the big red sweater and placed it back on the bed. I took off my school blazer and dress shirt, leaving me in a white tank top and skirt. I quickly changed into the borrowed sweater and looked for the pants but stopped for my phone when it set off.



    I couldn’t get you any pants

    Yuta wouldn’t let me into the


    Also, any of our pants would

    probably be too big for you ://


    That’s okay lol

    Thank you for the sweater :)

    READ AT 4:00 pm


    When I folded my belongings, I left Jungwoo and Jaehyun’s room and snuck into Yuta’s room, which was empty.

    I dropped my shirt on the bed and tiptoed over to his dresser, opening, and closing each one until I found his sock drawer. I looked through each pair until I found a pair that looked comfy enough.

    “Whatchya doin?” someone said from the door.

    “Taking Yuta’s socks.” I responded, rolling the material up my foot. When I looked up, I saw the oldest (and shortest) out of the bunch, smiling before he slipped on a sweater, similar to the one Taeyong gave me. The print on the hood and chest were the same, but the sweater was black, not red.

    “Your cousin told me to come in here to tell you the food was here.” He waited for me to reach the door, leaving the room together.

    “What’d they decide on?” I asked, catching the pack of napkins Hyuck threw at me.

    “Pizza.” Jungwon answered, passing by the singer and I. Jay and Doyoung passed with two boxes each, following the younger boy as they made their way to the living room.

    Everybody gathered around the coffee table, except it was less crowded since the boys were holding an investigation anymore. My classmates and I sat away from each other- the boys sitting with Yuta, Jaehyun, Johnny, Taeil, and Mark, while I sat with Hyuck, Taeyong, Jungwoo and Doyoung.

    “Take this.” Taeyong placed a piece of pizza on my plate.

    “And this.” Jungwoo placed a chicken leg on my plate. When I looked at him, he simply said “KFC.” Nodding, I took a bite out of the chicken, enjoying the flavour.

    “Is it yummy?” Hyuck asked and I nodded, taking another bite.

    Doyoung got up and disappeared for a few seconds before returning with another juice box. I was about to open it, when he held it out of my reach and did it for me, and then handed it to me. “Don’t grip the box too hard, it’ll spill.” He patted my head, the other boys nodding in agreement to the singer’s statement.

    “Stop babying my cousin.” Yuta whipped a french-fry at Doyoung, scolding him. “She’s almost an adult, you know.” He huffed out before biting into his pizza.

    “Well, if you don’t do it, then who will?” Hyuck defended his hyung’s actions. Jungwoo and Taeyong both hugged me, sticking out their tongues at my cousin. “You baby Mark and he’s a realadult.” He pointed at the hand Yuta had on the Canadians’ knee, making everyone laugh; well, everyone but Yuta.


    After a massive clean up, the boys and I had to do our homework, which some of the members offered to help us with.

    “Wait for us!” the two roommates, Jaehyun and Jungwoo, raced over to the coffee table plopping down on either side of Doyoung. When they were seated, one more wandered into the room- the one more being Taeil.

    “Alright,” Taeil rubbed his together. “What subjects do you need to focus on?” The eldest sat in the space between Jay and Jungwon.

    “Math.” Jungwon raised his hand.

    “Science.” Jay said.

    “Languages.” I spoke in a weak tone. Doyoung and Jaehyun looked to me?

    “Which one’s?” they spoke in unison.

    “English and Korean.” The two smirked, scooting closer to me.

    “You’re in luck.” Doyoung said coolly.

    “Jaehyun lived in America for four years!” Mark yelled.

    “That’s why he’s here, man!” Johnny added.

    “That's not funny anymore!” Jaehyun snapped. The singer turned back to me with a smile while Doyoung was flipping through my Korean notebook.

    “Why are you so bad at this?” Doyoung laughed lightly, stopping when he had my eraser thrown at him by Jaehyun.

    “Can you just help me, and not make fun of me?” I rolled my eyes. “This is where I’m stuck.”

    “Nuh-uh, we’re starting with grammar first.” Doyoung flipped to an empty page and started writing with a pencil he took from my pencil case. “You see these? These all make the same sounds but are spelt differently.”

    “Obviously, I know that.”

    “But do you know when to use them?” he raised a brow. I looked down in embarrassment, making him chuckle.

    As the singer explained to me Korean grammar, Jaehyun slid the English notebook towards him and started to write things out.


    About an hour and half later, Mark entered the room with a tray, filled with snacks and water.

    “Some food for thought.” He smiled.

    “We just ate though.” Haechan stated, glancing up from his phone.

    “Jisoo gets hungry quickly; how did you forget that?” Taeyong sipped from his cup. We didn’t even notice him come up from behind Mark.

    Hyuck looked to me with an awkward expression, which I also wore. “Sorry.”

    I shook my head silently and took one of the packs of cookies.

    “Jungwoo.” Jungwon peaked up from his notebook. “I don’t get it.” The young boy turned the book towards the singer, who inspected his work.

    “You’re doing it wrong.”

    “Oh.” He said in a small voice.

    “Lemme see.” I scooched myself over to where they were. Jungwoo passed me the workbook and pencil, allowing me to look for myself, what he did wrong. “He just messed up the formula here;” I circled the spot, showing it to now four people. “When you’re trying to find the slope of a line with already knowing the start and end point of the two lines, you always subtract y2 from y1, same goes for the x’s.” Jungwoo nodded while the two youngest band members looked at me in awe. “So, you did mess up, but it was a simple mistake.” I smiled at Jungwon.

    Jungwons expression did not lighten; in fact, it got darker.

    “W-- What’s wrong?” I asked.

    “I did that for all of them.” He muttered in a bitter tone, the room exploding with laughter, soon there after.

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  • shookykookie30
    20.04.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Listzomania(noun):- A need to listen to music all the time.

    Summary:- Work has been stressful but your lovely boyfriend Taeyong always manages to make it all better ✨💕.

    Pairing:- Taeyong x Y/N(Gender Neutral)

    Your voice is the sweetest melody, I could listen to it all day...

    Y/N's POV

    Work has been so stressful this month for me and Tae, he always comes home at odd hours when I'm already asleep and when it's time for me to leave for work, he is still sleeping in and he just looks so adorable asleep that I don't feel like disturbing his peaceful slumber and give him a forehead kiss and he grumbles out a sleepy I love you and leave for work while he doses off again. After another tiring day at work,you quickly take your bag and leave your office.


    I quickly got out of my car,all the lights in the house were turned off meaning Tae was still at work. As I checked my phone for the first time, I realized it was our anniversary and with all my work stress I forgot all about it. I unlocked the door to my apartment and got in, and switched on the lights and took off my shoes. I entered the living room and sat down on our couch for a little bit. I hadn't had my lunch properly so I sprinted towards our kitchen, Suddenly it lit up with Fairlights and there stood Taeyong with his million dollar smile as he said happy anniversary baby!! And hugged me,I hugged him back with tears streaming down my eyes coz how could someone be this adorable and amazing at once?! "Baby,don't cry, I bet you're hungry yeah? I made you your favorite dish for dinner " he said as he held your cheek and wiped your tears as he smiled softly at you and you smiled back.

    Taeyong's POV

    Gosh they are so cute,I could just stare at them all day,what did I ever do to deserve this person T^T. They pecked me and said thank you after we broke our hug so we could have our anniversary dinner. I love cooking for them,the smile on their face right now while eating YOUR FAVORITE DISH NAME is worth it,always. Work had been stressful for both of us but luckily I got a break a few days ago so I planned all this out for them. They told me how stressful work had been and how their boss had been giving everyone a hard time,they had been thinking bout quitting their job for a while and I held their hand and said I'll support them always,no matter what their decision is ♡. They smiled and kissed them on the forehead. They were a blushing mess now I started giggling at their cuteness. This is the best date night ever with the best person in the world 💚.

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  • khorrijones
    20.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Ya'll Taeyong is MILF Bait

    Hear me out because the reason why I'm saying this is that I found out that his fans range from 24-35 or something like that and then there's a 65 year old woman out there who loves him (like seriously) and I know for a fact that these women have their nails done with any of these manicures with a fat diamond on her finger..

    And they're just walking around the park with her 4 kids walking by her side with the husband holding the newborn that's fresh out the womb and still sucking on her titty but then the she sees MR. MILF BAIT HIMSELF WALK BY.....

    And then she's like...

    (This Laganja gif fits this perfectly) And then her husband is like "Honey what are looking at? The kids and I are waiting" and then she goes YES MAWMA! LET ME HAVE A TASTE OF TAEYONG OKUURRRR *tounge pop* okay I need to stop and I have a feeling that he has a kink about getting touched with long acrylic nails but that's besides the point.....

    I think I'm calling Taeyong a wife-stealer even though he is one tbh BUT ANYWAYS don't take this too seriously because this all jokes 🤡

    #taeyong#nct#nct 127#superm #i am so stupid #i should be studying for genetics #i have a test on wed #sksksksksksksksk
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  • taemin-jaemin
    20.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Artistic Groove (Taeyong X Reader) [Prologue]

    Chapter: Prologue

    Genre: Enemies to lovers AU, dystopian AU, romance

    Pairing: Taeyong X Reader

    Plot: In a world divided between Eloquents and Commons, you had a slim chance of surviving and becoming an Eloquent. But it just became harder when your enemy, Lee Taeyong decided to take part in the competition too. Would you be able to make it? 

    Word Count: 534

    Tags: @spacebyuns @midnightmoi​ @lazycursedchild @whatudoing (If any one of you want to be added to my taglist, do let me know)

    Networks: @kpopscape @k-dinernet @kwritersworld @multifandomnet @neowritingsnet​ @neoturtles​ @supermwritersnet​​

    I sat on the cushions we had put on the floor unable to breath as I stared at the TV screen.

    She had to win. She had to win.

    Her performance was flawless. No one sang as beautiful as my sister. Even the birds stopped to listen to her sometimes.

    In this world, there were two kinds of people. The Eloquents and the Commons.

    We were the Commons, meant to live in the lowest possible conditions, with no talent or grace in ourselves.

    We were born poor, and we were meant to die poor.

    Unlike the Commons, the Eloquents were talented, flawless and breathed in luxury.

    They were born in richness, and had never gone hungry a single day in their lives.

    But being the 'so generous' people they were, every year they held a competition. The Selection.

    If you had any hint of artistry in you, you could sign up for this once you were 18. You had to perform in front of the Capitol and they voted for the best two performances. If you won, you would automatically become an Eloquent.

    But if you lost, it was death sentence.

    So here I was, with family, holding our breaths for my sister.

    I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and I turned to look at my best friend.

    "She'll make it." Taemin said, pulling me in closer by wrapping an arm around me.

    "I hope so." I mumbled, fear and worry gnawing me in the inside.

    "She practiced a lot, and she was amazing. There's no way they wouldn't love her." Taemin said.

    "I told her not to go..." my mother muttered for the millionth time.

    I rolled my eyes. I knew she was scared, and so was I. But that was not an excuse of not letting her pursue her dreams and becoming an Eloquent.

    "Here are the new Eloquents who would be joining us on this new year to a new phase of their lives. And the names are..... Hills, Amanda and Naoki, Eito."

    I felt my stomach drop as the crowd present in the Capitol broke out in thunderous applause.

    Taemin's grip on my shoulder's tightened as we all stared at the screen in horror, no one making a sound.

    I watched, unable to do anything as they pulled the other competitors to stand in a straight line.

    My father jumped up and ran out of the house.

    "Where are you going?" my mother screeched, as she ran after him.

    "To save my daughter." my father said, running out of the house.

    "Stop! You can't! You'll be killed!" my mother screamed. running after him out of the house.

    "Mom! Dad! Wait!" I yelled, trying to get up after them but Taemin clutched me harder.

    "No! You can't!" he  said, hugging me tightly.

    Fear wrenched my heart as I heard the first gun shot go off.

    I started crying, feeling everything was lost and I buried my face in Taemin's chest.

    He held on to me as I cried, blocking out the gunshots, hoping this was all a nightmare.

    It was only later that day when they sent the death certificate did I believe that my sister had actually died.

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    i want to write a fuckboy au for taeyong

    #like fyon #but happy ending ig #with angst #BUT FJKJFJFLK I REALLY WANT TO WRITE THIS #but i have enough taeyong to write
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  • mylittlebleubelle
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    I want nothing more than a wholesome youtube special with Kyungsoo, Taeyong, and Yixing farming

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  • cobypsd
    20.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    𝗧𝗮𝗲𝘆𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗦𝘂𝗻𝗴𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗻 𝗺𝗼𝗼𝗱𝗯𝗼𝗮𝗿𝗱 ♡₊˚✧

    𝖫𝗂𝗄𝖾 𝗈𝗋 𝗋𝖾𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗀 𝗂𝖿 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝗎𝗌𝖾/𝗌𝖺𝗏𝖾


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    NCT 127 for Nature Republic Vitapair C Dark Spot Serum 

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    20.04.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • onlyafangirl
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    Tras haber trabajado como cirujana de emergencias para el Saint Clarie's Hospital, Rain Han regresa a Nueva York con un puesto de jefa del ala de emergencias en el Marie Memorial Hospital.

    Su vida está en un buen lugar. Tiene el trabajo de sus sueños, su padre goza de buena salud y está compartiendo piso con su mejor amigo de toda la vida, Johnny y su novio, Taeyong.

    Entonces, ¿Qué podría salir mal?

    Dos palabras: Wong Yukhei.

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    NCT 127 for Nature Republic Vitapair C Dark Spot

    © 127SOURCE

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    Taeyong & Sungchan - NCT 👨‍🌾🌹🌼🦌🌱


    #NCT #NCT127

    #태용 #TAEYONG

    #성찬 #SUNGCHAN

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  • yukheisslut
    20.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Not me crying a fucking river while listening to ‘Blue’ by Taeyong...I’m sorry but it’s just so good and honestly just hearing how he feels in this song is so heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time, I hope he’s ok..I just want to give him the biggest hug and tell him everything will be ok..🥺😭😭💚 I love you 

    Lee Taeyong..you are the best leader and the most amazing and caring human being ever. I love you. We all love you. Fuck them haters. Please don’t feel sad or doubt yourself because of them. You will be ok. Trust me. I love you lots and everything will get better and be ok. I love you Taeyongie 💚💚 Czennies are here for you always, we are sending lots of love and care your way. We love you taeyongie💚💚💚 God is always with you..✨ -Fellow Czennie

    #lee taeyong#blue taeyong#NCT 127#NCT #im sad now #everything will get better #i love you taeyong
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    ▶ nct

    ➥ just bf things
    ➥ cloud 9: his april fool’s day prank only ends up going very right.
    ➥ just bf things
    ➥ just bf things
    ➥ just bf things
    ➥ just bf things
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