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  • kithtaehyung
    05.08.2021 - 1 minute ago

    🎶url playlist tag🎶

    tagged by @cowboyjinbop @yoonia @randombtsprincessa @avveh​ and @imyourhobiii ty ty! 

    rules: make a playlist using the letters of your URL (i love these music ones but also omg i always have a really hard time choosing!!) 

    K : knock - astro I : in the end i just want you to be happy - san holo T : toast - koffee H : hold it together - the marias T : the reaper - keshi A : A-O-K - tai verdes  E : empty crown - YAS H : HANGSANG - j-hope, supreme boi Y : your eyes tell - bts U : UN village - baekhyun N : never goin’ broke - IAMSU! G : get by - talib kweli notes: erm, this is a mix of moods LOL but all of them are hard recs! 

    tagging (optional as always!): @sketchguk @floralseokjin @kookingtae @eternally-writing @chateautae @xiaokoo @sunshinekims @bangtanhome @kimtaehyunq @ppersonna @missgeniality @hantaev @dinamitae @yeoldontknow @bangteamhyuk @nvmguk @knjsnoona ++ anyone wanting to rec some songs!

    #tag games #ty for the tag! #late to another tag game what is nEW
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  • switch-bladefights
    05.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    thank you @mx-sinisterr and @clusterhugmp3 for the tag to spell my url through songs!

    S -> shum - go_A

    W -> weightless - all time low

    I -> i wanna be your slave - måneskin

    T -> think about things - dadi freyr

    C -> collar full - panic! at the disco

    H -> hayloft - mother mother

    B -> boy division - my chemical romance

    L -> lights go down - idkhow

    A -> all that i’ve got - the used

    D -> dark side - blind channel

    E -> eleanor rigby - the beatles

    F -> fat lip - sum41

    I -> if you like it or not - the brobecks

    G -> g.i.n.a.s.f.s. - fall out boy

    H -> heart shaped box - nirvana

    T -> the view from the afternoon - arctic monkeys

    S -> st. jimmy - green day

    i tried to do all different artists but i realised my url is longer than i thought oops

    tagging anyone who wants to do it :)

    #soz for no tags but work is kicking my ass atm #tag games #jamie.txt
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  • puppys-rhythm-heaven
    05.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    the one bad thing about karate man ds is that in megamix the “hit three” audio cue in it is the same as the other karate man games. this fact disappoints me greatly. 😔 still the best one tho.

    #puppy rambles #karate man (ds) #RAIN FALLS ON ME AND NOW I'M WALKING AWAY- TELL ME DO YOU FIND ME MORE BEAUTIFUL NOW- #I'M NOT THE KIND TO LET YOU WATCH AS I CRY SO I GOTTA LEAVE I GOTTA FORGET YOU- #AND SO I HIDE MYSELF AWAY FROM THE WORLD- LEAVE BEHIND THE SORROW OF A SAD LITTLE GIRL- #I THOUGHT THAT I HAD FINALLY WON AT THE GAME- YOU TOLD ME IT JUST WAS FOR FUN- I SUPPOSE THAT I WAS TOO YOUNG- #... yeah i like struck by the rain- #it good song #... when i type ''good song'' into the tags i get tags such as: #it's such a good song #good song but it's hell #it's a good song but i just #it's a good song #i don't know the context for these but i want to know #what is the context for ''good song but it's hell''-
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  • arrowflier
    05.08.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Tagged by @mrsinistertype @gallavich-x @y0itsbri and @energievie​.  Ok, this is even worse than last time I did this because I’ve mostly been using spotify while writing (hence the instrumentals).

    Rules: open your Spotify “on repeat” and the first 5 songs are the soundtrack to your personal romcom.

    Too lazy to tag people this time lol (especially since I think most of you did it while I was at work) but jump right in if you wanna!​

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  • 7x10mickey
    05.08.2021 - 10 minutes ago


    #i always feel left out because i’m never tagged in those tag games :(
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  • ijzerengels
    05.08.2021 - 11 minutes ago
    #thank u for sending bestie!! #ask game#carmen tag🌙 #<<
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  • drippingmoon
    05.08.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Last Lines Tag Game

    Thanks a lot for the tag, @solipsism-lemonade!! Introducing the Angel of the Flute, or, rather, the Angel of Color. If you're wondering about the color, it's about her bringing relief to those aching because others lived in opulence, and they were only spat at. She gave them their own colors, in a way

    "To the cities she brought parade, and, in the shadow of her wings, the humans learned not to be afraid of color anymore."
    While paper lamps hung off strings connecting the houses, and petals blanketed the ground. They watched her flute sway left and right, calling to everyone, come out, come to see - just how happy you could be.

    Tagging whenever and if you want: @indecentpause, @pepperdee, @mel-writes-with-her-dragons and @fiercely-raging-writer. Otherwise, a perfectly free tag<3

    #tag games#aquiver-aglow #...head full of Color don't mind me that was just the sound of my heart breaking #also i love how Tyrone hated the other boy's guts from the get-go🤣 #at the beginning because they reminded him too much of himself and Anne and no. #which was exactly what Anne wanted #sigh one of these chapters you'll learn again that no matter what Tyrone won't be afraid of you Anne #but in the meanwhile #Coloooooor *lays down with my head buried in the pillow* #also me writing one of the flashback chapters: hm okay 10k three days seem normal #me writing Color yesterday: boom boom pew pew 7k #it went swimmingly i want to say #this wasn't even supposed to be the draft addressing Color and Belief #but guess who's in deep now #(and i kinda can't get it out of my head that they're lovers though they don't feature in each other's chapters and Belief dies much later)
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  • o-tired-o
    05.08.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Starting a cute lil something something - a tag game again about love.

    Basically listing/ explaining our love language:


    I don’t like getting gifts as much as having someone to spoil. Like my close friends (who are probably like 2 people) I will buy them stuff and give them twice the amount of money they asked me to lend them - spoiler I don’t let them give me that money back
    Which says a lot about how close you are to me because I’m Kakuzu level stingy with money - I’ve haunted and hung over people’s heads for my 2 cents they promised to give me back and if I even lend someone money in the first place that’s a big sign of trust for me
    Can’t say I don’t like getting gifts - it doesn’t have to be expensive, just the act of someone going out of their way to buy me something and to think of what to buy me melts my heart - bonus points if it’s something practical I can use

    Quality time/ generally spending time

    I’m very introverted and my batteries for interacting with people is extremely low - unless I love someone
    I’m low key and high key the person who you’ll text and it will take me a week to respond, but for the people I love and care about I answer them fast and quickly and actually make time for them
    I don’t really expect people to make time for me since I don’t often make time for most people and I’m a very equality based person. So I go by I get what I give - so I don’t expect people to make time for me
    But when they do I am a happy lil pup


    Jashin only knows how much I love food - it’s become a joke how much I enjoy food
    Eating food and cooking food. So if someone cooks for me or cooks with me - you already have my heart. Yes, I’m that easy
    Just go with me to some good place to eat and I’m all yours - doesn’t have to be expensive at all, just has to be good food even if it’s something on the side of the street
    I mean I love cooking and I’m proud of being able to make something good out of almost nothing - so I think my partner won’t stay hungry and unhappy hahaha

    I don’t know if this is overwhelming or too much - doing this for the first time.

    I’ll pass it on to: @the-japanese-wagtail @mytanuki-kun and of course anyone else that wants to join

    #I’m not hungry - I just love food man #I’m thinking about really good foooooodd aaaaaaaaa #I’m not a love dovey cuddly person unless I’m sleepy #the moment I’m sleepy I became the most clingy and cuddly person on planet earth #tired tag game #love#tag game
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  • mariesackler
    05.08.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Earned It

    You’re starring in a movie with the last person saved in your camera roll and the last song you listened to is the title. who/what is it?

    Tagging a couple of moots: @huxdameron @anetteaneta @clydesducktape @leto-duke @letoatreiides @direnightshade @leatherboundriot @mylifeisactuallyamess @millenialcatlady

    #Fun #music tag games #I am perfectly fine with this film #Spotify
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  • scungilliwoman
    05.08.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Thanks to both @strafethesesinners & @yeetslovescheese for tagging me! 💕

    tagging: @chazz-anova @lilwritingraven @honeysides @gamerpurgatory @adelaidedrubman @johnnycranes @smithandrogers @vasiktomis @faithchel @shallow-gravy @chyrstis @stacispratt to show me what your ocs would have, use, or carry. Only if you want to, of course! :)


    backpack | messenger pack | pockets | satchel | wristlet | purse | duffle bag | briefcase | pouch | drawstring bag | fanny pack.


    dagger | sword | axe | mace | warhammer | staff | spear | throwing knives | darts | shortbow | longbow | crossbow | arrows | bolts | enchanted weapon | poison | gun(s)


    light armor | medium armor | heavy armor | underclothes for armor | enchanted armor | mage’s robes | uniform (probably still has her militia uniform that she keeps at the ranch) | casual clothes | formal clothes | cloak | scarf | hat | helmet | gauntlets | bracers | gloves | shoes | boots | hood | mask | belt | coat | jacket | necklace | bracelet | ring | watch| flower crown | sunglasses


    health potion | mana potion | stamina potion | attribute potion | alchemy equipment | herbs | chemicals | ingredients | bandages | burn cream | antidote | moisturizer | medication | scrolls | crystals | enchanting equipment.


    lockpicks | probes | trap-making tools | trap-disarming tools | disguise kit | forgery equipment.


    pen | ink | pencil | parchment | paper | compass | ruler | saw | hammer | nails | shovel | pliers | needle | thread | utility knives | art supplies | fabric scraps | kindling | magnifying glass | fishing pole.


    rations for themselves | rations for others | fork | knife | spoon | serving utensils | pot/pan | seasonings/spices | water | alcoholic beverage | nonalcoholic beverage | pet food | drug(s) | sweets | coffee |


    small amount of money | large amount of money | map | soap | comb | brush | cosmetics | hair ties | hair product | journal | razor | nail clippers | religious paraphernalia (on her person before and after joining the project)| tent | file | sleeping bag | blanket | pillow | sentimental item | comfort object | musical instrument(s) | toys | eyewear | identification | important document(s) | torch | notebook(s) | plant.

    Bonus: I made this ages ago of what Charlie probably brought with her when she went back into the valley.

    (all rudely confiscated by the Seeds)

    #tag games #oc: charlie berger #yeah she probably has a belt but not for it’s intended purpose
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  • fanofthepod
    05.08.2021 - 20 minutes ago
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  • eyeballrecordz
    05.08.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    tagged by @ieromoon n @bodysnatcher4ever to spell my url using song titles. thx guys <3

    e - élan by nightwish

    y - young volcanoes by fall out boy

    e - even the sand is made of seashells by thursday

    b - bodysnatchers 4 ever by leathermouth

    a - all that i've got by the used

    l - lloyd dobbler by pencey prep

    l - lady of the flowers by placebo

    r - record ender by frank iero

    e - end of life by death spells

    c - constellations by enter shikari

    o - oh to be in love by kate bush

    r - requiem for O.M.M. 2 by of montreal

    d - demolition lovers by mcr

    z - zombie by jamie t

    i tag @urdyingwish @demolitionlovers @toropilled @possum-tooth @partiallypoison

    #tag game #this was HARD
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  • cinnalune
    05.08.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    eheheh... thank u @horrifiant for letting me share my mental illness...

    。・゚゚・ rules: open your spotify "on repeat" and the first five songs are the soundtrack to your personal rom-com! ・゚゚・。

    taggingggg: honestly anybody that wants to! none of us talk often •_•

    i have a severe issue that spotify is trying to keep hidden from me.

    #I MISS TAG GAMES tysm miz omg #and thanks for prophesying that all my recent plays would be måne//skin ♡ #not pink#not aes#tag game
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  • evanbuckely
    05.08.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    NO CHEATING: you’re starring in a movie with the last person saved in your camera roll and the last song you listened to is the title. who/what is it?

    tagged by @wxndasmaximoff 🥰

    title: living under you

    if you want to do this, tag youre it!

    #lmfao idk fhfjxkcksooe #tag games
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  • cherrydreamer
    05.08.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    WIP Wednesday(ish)

    Time’s an illusion. Wednesday doubly so, right? 

    I was tagged by the utterly brilliant @thatharringrovehoe and the wonderful @booksfoxesandcoffee  I am so late for tagging BUT I’ll give y’all a tardy pass or whatever if you send some sweet WIPs my ways @passivenovember @prettyboyporter @aspartaeme @mouseskeleton and @okaybutlikeimagine  (no pressure, you know that 💕💕💕) So here’s a (longish but mostly dialogue!) snippet from Chapter 4 of Don’t Leave Me Hanging (On the Telephone) under the cut 

    "We don't know him," Steve repeats Will's words. Because they're true. 

    "I know him," El pipes up, and Will nods.

    "She does. That's right. El's been in his head."

    "And so has the MindFlayer!" Dustin stops his pacing to slap his hands against Steve's desk, exasperated, "He’ll know everything that El does. Maybe more. We don't know what he knows and we don't know anything so we're stuck."

    “I can hear you little shits, you know,” Billy's voice cuts through Dustin's rant, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

    "Can we put him on hold? I'm putting you on hold," Dustin announces, and Steve slaps his hands away as they reach out to press a button.

    "Dude, no. I dunno how this connection thing works, we can't risk messing with it."

    Dustin tuts, "It's just a phoneline Steve, it's not exactly high tech. You literally just press the button and-" he reaches out again, and Steve pushes him away with even more force,

    "Yeah and it might cut him off for good so I'm not gonna risk it."

    "I know what I'm doing,” Dustin argues,  “I won't-"

    “What did you take from Max’s room?” El interrupts. The room goes silent. The only sound is the click of Billy swallowing down the line, and then his shocked voice through the speaker,


    “Max’s room.” El repeats, “Right at the start of summer, when I was sleeping over. You came and yelled and turned the music down and then you took something. I saw you. What did you take?”

    Billy doesn’t answer, and Dustin jabs an accusatory finger at the phone, “He doesn’t know. Shit. Shit! It’s the Mind Flayer! He’s back. Code Red, people, we have a Code Red. We need-”

    But Billy’s saying something else, something that’s lost amidst Dustin’s yelling and flapping, and Steve clamps a hand over Dustin’s mouth to try and hear it. “Billy? Sorry, what was-what did you say?”

    “Lip gloss,” Billy’s quiet, but Steve hears the words this time, “I took her...her fucking raspberry gloss, OK?”

    The boys all turn to look at El, who nods, almost solemnly, “He did.”

    It's one thing too many for Steve's brain and he breaks, laughing out loud. “Seriously, Hargrove?”

    "Yeah, alright Harrington, laugh it up. Tommy told me all about the Lip Smackers in your locker."

    "That was Carol's!” Steve squeaks in indignation, “I was gonna give it back to her."

    Billy's laughing now, not unkindly, "Yeah, yeah, sure, Stevie. And you never tried it at all, right?

    "Course I tried it, Goldie" Steve can’t help the nickname slipping out, "The girls go wild for that kind of thing."

    "Hot Lips Harrington. Betchya had ‘em all lining up for a taste." Billy chuckles. It's that dark one again, almost sultry, and Steve licks his lips involuntarily, like he's trying to mimic the action he just knows Billy is doing on the other end of the line.

    He feels his cheeks heating up with a blush, and it only deepens when Billy's voice drops low and smooth as he says, "Lemme guess. Cinnamon? Spice it up?"

    "Uh, Dr. Pepper, actually," it slips out before Steve realises, more of a confession than a retort, but Billy laughs anyway. A proper laugh, a bark that sounds almost as though it's caught him by surprise and which catches Steve too. And it's so easy, so relaxed, that Steve's forgotten the whole reason he's talking to Billy in the first place, it's only when Will starts to talk that Steve's brought right back down to earth. 

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  • filminghere
    05.08.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Tag game: get to know my interests Tagged by @norashelley. Thank you, Rose! This was a lot of fun.

    MUSIC - Fav genre?: Soft rock - Fav band?: Keane, Lovelyz - Fav solo artist?: Gilbert O’Sullivan - Last song you listened to?: "Gentle on My Mind” by Dean Martin - Fav decade for music?: 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 2000s - Top 3 most listened songs recently?: “High School Never Ends” by Bowling for Soup, “Please Let Me Wonder” by The Beach Boys, “Love’s First Kiss (Finale)” from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs albums or playlists | bands or solo artists | slow or fast songs | lyrics or melody | rock or pop

    LITERATURE - Fav genre?: Realistic fiction - Fav book?: Flipped by Wendelin van Draanen - Fav writer?: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Wendelin van Draanen, E.M. Forster - Comfort book?: A Room with a View by E.M. Forster - Fav biography?: I don’t read biographies hardcover or paperback | standalone novels or book series | reading at home or in nature | listening to music while reading or reading in silence | realism or fantasy |

    TV AND MOVIES - Fav TV show/movie genre?: Romance dramedies? - Fav movie?: The Sound of Music (1965) - Comfort movie?: Meet Me in St. Louis (1944), Now, Voyager (1942) - Fav decade for movies?: 1940s - Fav TV show?: The Simpsons, Sofia the First, Cowboy Bebop - Comfort TV show?: Full House - 5 fav characters?: Charlie Newton (Shadow of a Doubt), Bob Curtin (Treasure of the Sierra Madre), Basil of Baker Street (The Great Mouse Detective), Sideshow Bob (The Simpsons), Taki Tachibana (Your Name) TV shows or movies | one episode a week or binging | one part or saga | horror movie or musical movie

    tagging @sonnet77, @glamourofyesteryear, @rememberedkisses, and @thatscrewballdame

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  • mercurypilgrim
    05.08.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    Tag people you would like to know better!

    Tagged by @tearlessrain, thank you! ^_^

    Last song: Repeat After Me by the KONGOS.

    Last movie: Kubo and the Two Strings. I wanted to show this to my dad, who hates every movie I recommend to him on principle. This one merited an 'it's alright', which basically means he thought it was brilliant.

    Currently reading: I'm currently in between books, but I have just bought the Murderbot series (recommended to me by what feels my entire dash) on my Kindle and intend to start reading them next.

    Currently watching: I don't watch TV much, but the last thing I watched was The Boys. I quite liked it as a spectacle that didn't require a lot of thinking, although I haven't gotten further than the first season.

    Currently craving: Tropical juice and lemonade (with ice, preferably). It's my favourite drink in the world, but I currently have neither juice nor lemonade because I haven't had a chance to sneak either of those things into my house. :')

    Tagging: @naaklasolus, @bunny-loverxiv, @outcastcommander, @marzipanilla !

    #tag game #I realised how little TV I actually watch
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  • prettyboybillyhargrove
    05.08.2021 - 46 minutes ago


    Thanks for tagging me @disdaidal and @ghostofjellyfishforgotten I love you guys 💖 I was feeling down about this blog but this kinda things cheers me up. I now know I have mutuals now. (can I call you mutuals?) Lot's of love 💜

    (Sorry for responding late but I literally have one harringrove fic right now and I have a pretty bad writers block. Wish me luck on the other fics.)

    Steve holds Billy's hand and take him to his room in a hurry. When Billy sits his bed he was looking shy, and acting like he didn't know were to put his hands. Steve looked at the pretty blonde before him, Billy's cheeks started to blush under his passionate gaze. Steve's cocky smile turned back again. "Sooo you like me? What part of me do you like the most?"
    Billy looked at him weird. He open and close his mouth a few times like he was trying to say something but didn't know how to.
    Steve put his hand to blonde boys chin and lifted his head. He was trying to encourage Billy, want him to use his words. "Come on now. You just said you like me. Denial gets you nowhere Billy baby. But if you really, really want me. I can take you to Wonderland."

    This is gonna be the second chapter of my first ever English fanfiction. So don't be harsh. Love you guys💜

    And I'm tagging @psychdelia @prettyhargrove @wint3r-b0y @bottombillyrights @whistlemist (Guys don't fell pressured if you don't wanna do this. Just ignore it💜) Okay probably everyone tagged on this. I really don't know any other people to tag. My mind literally stopped right now. But if you didn't saw yourself as tagged by me. And do it. Lot's of love.

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  • mickpause
    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Tagged by my loves @southside-forever and @unbridgeabledistances thank you! 🦔🌿

    open your spotify “on repeat” and the first 5 songs are the soundtrack to your personal romcom

    yeah I've been a little obsessed with olivia rodrigo lately, what about it?

    Also I reccomend to everybody these italian songs and every other italian songs lol

    tagging: @y0itsbri @grabmyboner @grumpymickmilk @pink--and--white @bazgallaghermilkovich @tectonicduck @sickness-health-all-that-shit @sweetcresta @howlinchickhowl

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  • dustofinsanity
    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Music tag game 🎶

    Tagged by: as always, my adorable @sevenseasofyeet​ 💜 

    Rules: choose 5 albums that you love and can’t live without.

    Tagging: @sangyus​ @flowerbeom​ @ayasmess​ @jjpmoans​ @1twistedsister​ @prettywordsyouleft​ @bubblebeom​ @offtodef​ @drunkondef​ @adlersrose​​ 

    It was so fucking hard to choose!!

    Guns N’ Roses ~ Appetite for Destruction

    Back Stone Cherry ~  Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

    Deftones ~ White Pony

    Loaded ~ The Taking

    Korn ~ The Serenity of Suffering

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