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  • tagged by @pkmnlesbian and @sapphic-mimikyu ty both!! 💕

    rules: answer the questions and tag 20 people!

    name: sappho or em

    star sign: [redacted]

    height: 5'10’

    birthday: [redacted]

    fave bands: king princess, aly & aj, the 1975,

    fave solo artists: marina, carly rae jepsen, hayley kiyoko

    song stuck in my head: joan of arc on the dancefloor by aly & aj

    last movie: tangled

    last show: tangled the series dgshdfs i rewatchdd the movie and decided to finally watch the show

    when i created this blog: around may 15th, i made this blog for catradora canon 😌

    last thing i googled: she-ra season 5 release date bc i couldn’t remember fgdhdgshd

    other blogs: @femmediamond (steven universe sideblog) and @stonedsappho (18+ blog, obviously no minors)

    do i get asks: sometimes!! i just delete anon hate and trolls though lmao

    following: 915

    followers: 598

    why i chose this url: im a femme lesbian and i like fairies 🧚🏼

    average hours of sleep: uhh usually 9 hours at night and most days i nap for 2-3 hours too 💤

    lucky number: idk?? i don’t have one i think

    instruments: viola but i don’t own one and it’s been years so im probably rusty as hell

    what i’m wearing: giant t-shirt and pajama pants

    dream trip: can i just say the entire world bc god i just wanna see the world and experience other cultures (in ways respectful to the locals and indigenous people)

    fave food: im gonna say pizza because it’s so customizable!! vegetarian? u can have pizza. vegan? u can still have pizza!! love meat?? load it up babey. the possibilities are almost endless

    fave song: how could u ask this of me. this is an impossible question 😔 i guess the song i listen to most recently is “slow dancing” also by aly & aj

    top 3 fictional universes i’d like to live in: pokemon, steven universe or animal crossing!!

    tagging: @lisshstuff @kurapikalesbian @thecatranimal @sofftbees @venomoussunsets @jagged @wingedjace @scorbvnny @butchyena @bitchinwitchery @helldykee (fyi no minors on her blog) @talvshoth and anyone who wants to do this!! u can just say i tagged u 🥰

    #usually i dont do these but i got tagged twice do dgdjdgdjdg #also im not doing 20 thats a lot dgshsfshdfj #but all the ppl i tagged are very cool and u should check them out 😌 #tag games#me#m#so**
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  • Tagged by the love of my life @benoitblanc for this or that:

    sage green or baby blue / moon or stars / paperback or hardback / piercing or tattoos / drawing or writing / saturn or jupiter / line without a hook or mr loverman i don’t know what this means/ ancient greece or ancient egypt / prague or amsterdam / dark academia or light academia / indie aesthetic or cottagecore / stargazing or late night drives / strawberries or watermelons / rings or necklaces / extrovert or introvert / dragons or griffins / ocean or mountains / silver or gold / dawn or dusk / creative or free spirit / early bird or night owl / cook or bake / dagger or sword

    tagging: @hopefulbeautifulfool @bihunnicutt @bisexualsam @sailors-moon @yara-flor @dinidjarin @transdeans uhhh i don’t know who to tag but if u want to do it I’ll tag you promise <3

    #im doing this on my phone bc im able to copy and paste the whole paragraph but if theres mistakes yhat is why #tag games #I'll look up the crossed out one later maybe
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  • (tagged by @mareshes, thank u !!)

    december or january | halloween or thanksgiving | christmas eve or new years eve | home alone or love actually (haven’t watched either) | jingle bells or feliz navidad | the nightmare before christmas or the grinch (can u tell i don’t celebrate chirstmas) | gold decorations or silver decorations | gingerbread men cookies or chocolate reindeer cookies | green christmas tree or white christmas tree | shopping for presents or wrapping presents | decorating the tree or baking cookies | skiing or skating | blankets or wool winter socks | hoodies or sweaters | santa hats or reindeer headbands | timberland or ugg | scarfs or turtlenecks | coats or jackets | snowmen or reindeers | candles or wax melts | snow globes or light bulbs | star tree topper or bow tree topper | advent calendar or advent wreath | tea or cocoa | mulled wine or hot chocolate | snow or ice | shooting stars or snowflakes | snowball fights or sledding | making a snow angel or building a snowman | watching christmas movies or reading next to a lit fireplace

    apple juice or orange juice | breakfast in bed or dinner in a blanket fort | peanut butter or butterscotch | rain or snow | water park or amusement park | guitar or violin | flip flops or sneakers | big cats or bears | ocean or lake | bonfire or picnic | draw or write | oak or mahogany | volleyball or tennis | key chains or postcards | queso or salsa | skateboard or rollerblades | porch or patio | love quotes or inspirational quotes | hearts or stars | backpack or duffle bag | orchard or garden | baby bunnies or baby ducks | pastels or earth tones | new york city or los angeles | secret stairs or secret tunnel | street magician or escape artist | fairies or gnomes | comedy or mystery | purple or green | daisies or dandelions | crayon or chalk | sunglasses tinted blue or sunglasses tinted yellow | bracelets or rings | question mark or exclamation point

    tagging @atlanteias, @hennaswars, @valesclarke, and @cameronharry if you’d like! :)

    #tag games#about me #this reminded me that i need to get back into longboarding
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  • image

    @soberingquiet tagged me to to post the last four albums i listened to, so here they are:

    • trascendental youth by the mountain goats
    • no dogs allowed by sidney gish
    • before the world was big by girlpool
    • live through this by hole

    if you’d like to post yours you can say i tagged you :)

    #hi gracy thank you for tagging me!! 💖 #tag games #c.txt #the cringe of revealing the fact that I’ve listened almost exclusively to the mountain goats this week… don’t look
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  • Thanks for tagging me @theybeatoddstogether!! This was fun💖

    wind or rain / closed curtains or open window / bumblebees or butterflies / banana bread or cheesecake / tulips or roses / lemon & honey or apple & cinnamon / hillside cottage or city apartment / warm or cold / book or video game / organized bullet journal or cluttered sketchbook / smoothie or milkshake / sunshine or moonlight / relaxing or productivity  / holding hands or back hugs / sunset at the beach or stargazing in a field / poetry or prose / candle or diffuser / longing for the past or longing for the future / vocals or instrumentals  / snowy mountain or rolling green hills

    I’m tagging: @blue-eyes-tattoos @kissytalk @finelinelarents @hearyouhowling @pantoneblou

    #tagged#tag games #the hardest to choose between was sunset at the beach or stargazing in a field
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  • tagged by @bloodbendrs and it has been so long since i did one of these so i am in the mood!!

    last song: poor isaac by the airborne toxic event

    last movie: master and commander lmao

    currently watching: supernatural………………… unfortunately……… -_-

    currently reading: in the pockets of small gods!!

    currently craving: oh my god i want boba so bad but specifically boba guys with jones

    if you are my mutual please consider yourself tagged :-) love u

    also @folkremedies u should do this

    #nathaniel.txt #tag games
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  • i was tagged by @moonsappho and @scifitoad (thank you🥰🥰🥰)

    2020 top 5 tag

    top five movies you saw this year

    - little women

    - knives out

    - jennifer’s body

    - emma


    top five tv shows you’ve watched this year

    - sharp objects

    - derry girls

    - hannibal

    - killing eve

    - the good place

    top five songs of 2020

    - motion sickness by phoebe bridgers

    - cardigan by taylor swift

    - first love / late spring by mitski

    - august by taylor swift

    - supercut by lorde

    - harmony hall by vampire weekend

    top five books you read

    - mexican gothic by silvia moreno-garcia

    - catch and kill by ronan farrow

    - normal people by sally rooney

    - the bell jar by sylvia plath

    - the song of achilles by madeline miller

    five positive things that happened in 2020

    - i had my highest gpa :-)

    - got a diagnosis for my adhd

    - started journaling and made more art!

    - came out as non-binary

    - dyed and bleached my hair a bunch of times (and it didn’t even fall out 😌 )

    i’m tagging @h-isforhome @icantremembersorry @bisexualadamparrish @tr4nsduck @horaetio ( as always feel free to ignore this !!🦋)

    #i totally forgot about this🤧🤧 #also both of you have such good taste🙌🙌 #tag games
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  • Pass the happy! 🌻 When you receive this, list 5 things that make you happy and send this to the top 10 of the last people in your notifications.

    thanks for the tag, @fw00shy! it was nice to spend a few minutes thinking of the things that bring me joy!

    1. the meme that has been going around the drarry fandom wherein Harry doesn’t know anything about Draco except for what his bum looks like. I am living for it! And for the two wonderful pieces of art by  @caroll-in and @bluebutter-art
    2. my friends (both fandom and irl) that have been there for me through this past year! ilu 💕
    3. going on daily walks along the canal that runs by my house. it’s mostly empty because it’s winter, but there are a few small reservoirs (is this the right term?) of water where the ducks will land, and I love watching them
    4. playing games with my parents (mostly mahjong!)
    5. this is v nerdy, but I have recently been getting organized and have been really enjoying learning how to use notion 

    I’ll tag Blue and Karol, as well as @erebeus-roxy, @rockmarina, @emmesse96@mystickitten42, and @bisexualronaldweasley if you want to do this 💜

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  • thank u @waybaben for tagging me ! ❤️

    rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you are contractually obligated to know better!

    tagging: not going to tag 20 ppl sorry KSKSJSJSJJS but just a few of my besties❤️ and sorry if you’ve already been tagged in this! @zigtheeortega @serafinedupont @felix-hauville @empressazura @zadiechoi @kentzarneki @agentdumortain @raleighcarrera @pixeljazzy @lightsilenced @choicesarehard @farahhauville

    gonna put my answers under the cut!

    Keep reading

    #tag games #thank u for tagging me i actually enjoyed this ! #for some reason i've been gaining a lot of new followers the past few days so i hope this gives y'all some insight into tori natesewell #especially since i deleted my about page in a fit of rage at tumblr 😭 #anyways ❤️
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  • Rules: Post the name of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Send me an ask with the title that most intrigues/interests you and I’ll post a little snippet of it or I will tell you something about it!

    Tagged by @primeemeraldheiress 

    I have…too many so i’ll do my most recent 10

    in which bacara and neyo are not a thing

    what the fuck ro


    neyo, vaughn, and NNT

    cut and suu adopt boba

    no grave can hold my body down (Chapter 3)

    Obi-wan Asking Cody

    A tiny little idea (Zygerria)

    fox sad :(

    grief take 2: electric boogaloo

    no pressure tags: @tessadoesstuff @gobayern16 @wanderingjedihistorian @graaaaceeliz @ilonga

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  • thank you for the tag @localspacelesbian!

    name/nickname: Amanda

    gender: cis female

    star-sign: aquarius

    height: 5’3”ish

    time: 7:13 pm

    birthday: january 22

    favorite bands: Julie and the Phantoms (obviously), ABBA, the Vamps, and Big Time Rush always holds a place in my heart

    favorite solo artists: Lauv, Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, lately has also been a lot of Olivia Rodrigo and Jeremy Shada too

    song stuck in my head: i should call my friends by Shawn Mendes

    last movie: technically i have Moana on right now lol but the last movie i watched in full was To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

    last show: jatp,,,, i think everyone in the fandom is just constantly rewatching lmao

    when did i create this blog: early 2019 i think

    what do i post: original content? diary of andi and the phantoms (but reblog pretty much anything i enjoy)

    other blogs: my primary blog @/miracufan which i abandoned a while ago ( @staff needs to let us switch primary and secondary blogs 😤)

    do i get asks: surprisingly yeah sometimes :D (ik there is at least one anon who doesn’t have an account and sometimes people just want to tell me things and it’s very exciting every time i get one)

    why i chose my url: it’s a spongebob reference plus my irls don’t really know i’m here so it fits lol

    following: 300+

    followers: 400+ (thank you guys 💕)

    average hours of sleep: idk bro 6-9 on any given night (which i recently learned makes sense since our sleep cycles occur in 3 hour increments? who knew)

    lucky numbers: 🤷🏻‍♀️ kinda vibe with 18 no idea why

    instrument: none

    what am i wearing: blue sweatshirt-ish shirt with stripes just on the chest (i mentally refer to it as my Adrien Agreste shirt and if you understand that reference i am sorry you share my trash taste), blue jeans, and Rilakkuma socks my friend gave me (if you don’t understand that reference look it up it’s very cute)

    dream job: a fashion designer of some kind (but tbh just vibing would be so nice)

    dream trip: i’ve always wanted to visit my long distance best friend in Tokyo (same friend who gave me the socks actually) but who knows when we’ll get up go places and see people again 😔

    nationality: american :P

    favorite song: you can’t even ask me this 😔 my number 1 spotify song last year was Modern Loneliness by Lauv, ive listened to Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo lord knows how many times in the past week, there’s ab 85% chance at any given time a jatp or taylor swift song is playing in my head,,,, honestly who knows

    last book i read: bruh when was the last time i read a book that wasn’t fan fic probably Michelle Obama’s memoir

    top three fictional universes i’d like to live in: Andi Mack/Shadyside (i just want to enjoy a milkshake at the spoon please 😔), atla universe (bruh i just want to be an air bender), and an animal crossing island (what i wouldn’t give to own my own home and just vibe on an island with all my friends and do crafts and such,, the dream tbh)

    i’m gonna tag @camb99-cbmi6 @arthurandmerlin and @liamisthesun (only if you want to of course! ik it’s a pretty long one!)

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  • I was tagged by @music-on-canvas to do this aesthetic tag game. Thank you!!! This was kinda hard but I think it turned out pretty good!



    Favorite color: blue, teal, or green

    Favorite celebrity: Pedro Pascal

    Favorite hobby: drawing

    Favorite word: I don’t really have one. If I did it would probably be in another language. But gummie is a fun word. And everyone who knows me knows I love peach rings.

    Quote: I put “passion” in the search bar, and this one I was like yeah…. ye

    Tagging: @starry-eyed-starling, @neverendingfruitloop, @3unnybaby, @missmegaloathe

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  • #tag games #i've only been into kpop for 3 1/2 years im basically still new compared to most ppl #bookwan #drm.ask
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  • #tag games #realizing i picked the two messiest fandoms before kpop is probably why most things don't bother me as much #anon #drm.ask
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  • was tagged by @aegissi ily and sorry this took 3 months fjwjdje 😗

    last song i listened to: lonely boy my galileo galilei

    last movie i watched: uhh i think it was columbus (2017)

    currently reading: nothing bc i just finished two books i was reading this week, though im thinking of starting this book on climate change (forgot the title) tomorrow, uhh also im rereading haikyuu but it’s very on and off, just doing it for fun

    currently watching: jujutsu kaisen ig?

    currently craving: um fried chicken bc it’s been so long since ive had it :(

    currently working on: nothing, just finished the newsletter i was working on today and im thinking of starting with my crochet project tomorrow :3

    currently playing: nothing sadly… i find games to play once a year and the time hasn’t arrived yet

    #not tagging anyone bc i did this incredibly late... if anyone wants to do it just say I tagged u #mine#tag games
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  • WIP Friday

    thanks to @the-blind-assassin-12​ for the tag! still working on a piece of fanart for her I See You fic and here’s the progress I’ve made so far.


    Still a ways to go but we are slowly getting there!!

    I’ll tag @juguitos @suchatinyinfinity and anyone that wants to do it!!

    #tag games#my art #i almost posted a small section of that thing i was writing that no one remembers
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  • This or That

    @ferricadooza tagged me in this fun lil’ game! 💕💕 and I figured I may as well! I adore you.

    sage green or baby blue / moon or stars / paperback or hardback / piercing or tattoos / drawing or writing / saturn or jupiter / line without a hook or mr loverman / ancient greece or ancient egypt / prague or amsterdam / dark academia or light academia / indie aesthetic or cottagecore / stargazing or late night drives / strawberries or watermelons / rings or necklaces / extrovert or introvert / dragons or griffins / ocean or mountains / silver or gold / dawn or dusk / creative or free spirit / early bird or night owl / cook or bake / dagger or sword

    I’m awful at tagging people because somehow I always manage to tag everyone who’s already been tagged but if you see this, please do it! 🥰

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