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  • tsumtsum
    18.09.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Why is my boyfriend so attractive like I’m literally just looking at this totally clothed up man feeling things LMAO

    #slightly inappropriate post sorry #rambles#love #ask to tag
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  • stained-brutal-crackpot
    18.09.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    its bi visibility week.. which makes his job as a ninja significantly harder. ive been waiting to draw something like this for so LONG you have no idea

    + bonus thing which i didn't wanna color fully (they r just vibing !!!! solidarity is great always support your loved ones)

    #okay look #i will never be over the fact that the statigel palette is LITERALLY the bi pride flag #anyways i love him very much #he's my BOY #tag ramble warning ahead #tfw you’re not in an accepting environment so you just #draw your favs happy and vibing #and live vicariously through them #no but im actually very vibing right now #a lot of good things are happening! #deltarune ch2 came out for one #and i also got accepted onto my school's debate team #life is generally just very good rn! #hopefully that lasts #calamity mod#terraria calamity #calamity mod silva #calamity mod statis #calamity mod braelor
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  • more-like-reyna
    18.09.2021 - 47 minutes ago
    #im so sorry manu #georgenotfound#gnf #look at me having a coherent tagging system omg #rey rambles
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  • beelas-bees
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Comparing my spottedleaf drawings :D (the first one is the old one, the last one is the most recent one)

    #FINALLY putting some meat onto these cats #maybe i should make a ramble tag..
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  • nemesis-is-my-middle-name
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #the nemesis speaks #deltarune#deltarune spoilers #cause im about to RAMBLE in these tags babes #ok the fucking ending at the house was like toby fox punching me in the stomach and then kissing me passionately like. 5 times in a row #susie staring at the ceiling awkwardly until toriel basically tells her 'chill i'm not your teacher right now' #KRIS IN THE FUCKING. BATHROOM. LOCKING THE SOUL IN THE CABINET #SUSIE AND TORIEL MAKING A PIE #toriel running to grab the sugar while kris CRAWLS BACK IN THE WINDOW #and when toriel calls off the pie making and Clearly Something's Up and then tells susie she doesn't have to walk home alone #and invites her to stay #and then you realize it's bc she thinks there's someone dangerous outside the house #and then you realize. THAT WAS KRIS. #KRIS SLASHED TORIEL'S TIRES?? #why? why? why? #was it to keep susie in the house? #and also hh susie doesn't actually call her parents #she walks over to the phone until toriel's gone and then she's like lol nope. couch time. staying as far away from the phone as possible #'i like these way better than the giant human movies' #so there's both in this universe. which i guess makes sense but is also very funy #there's books on caring for humans also?? #finally HOLY FUCK KRIS IS THE KNIGHT #FUCKING. DUH. AUGH #taking the knife and their determination and making fountains of darkness #what FOR #ok i think im gonna hit tag limit so ill shut up now
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  • midnightgoddesses
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hello everyone. Today is a very important day.

    It is @you-cant-spell-subtext-without’s birthday.

    And who would I, known maker of playlists, be if I didn’t have a playlist for this very special occasion.

    Decided to have fun with it and make a playlist not for a character, but exclusively for my favourite spn fic writer.

    More under the cut~~

    Dear Irena,

    I’m not joking. You are my favourite fanfiction author in the supernatural fandom. Why? Because you’re stories are beautiful! I hold each and every one close to my heart.

    Especially Angels. You have taken my favourite concept and absolutely knocked it out if the park. I have been waiting for Angels Don’t Fear The Reaper for many many years and I am so glad it is you who is making it come to life. I’m going to save the rest for when I write my final comment, but just know you have made this person’s year so so much better.

    There is also just so much more than that. You are such a bright spot on my dash that I just have to have post notifications on. I love seeing whatever you have to say about any given thing on any given day. I love that you take time out of your schedule to check up on us and to do giveaways. I love that you broke me out of my shell and welcome my silly playlists and the like with enthusiasm!

    I hope you have the most magical of birthdays my dear.

    With love,

    - B 😘😘

    P.S. - while I currently still don’t have enough confidence to text Misha, I am definitely manifesting that he says the magic words today. It’s what we deserve; it’s what we all deserve.

    #subtext4thewin #plenty of time to talk about Cas later right now it’s Irena time! #I love her and I’m glad that I get to show that #if you have made it this far in my tags #there’s another character playlist on the horizon :-) #I’m gonna take my time with it though #the last few were kinda rushed #anyway #love you bunches #b rambles
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  • 9782f
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Favorite angst ever is post-game Connor mourning Amanda. Like right after the dust settles he'll experience waves of uncomfortable loss. He'll feel like somethings missing, or he'll see a familiar flower or peice of jewelry.

    Except once Connor places this feeling of loss he assumes it's another cyberlife failsafe, like a programmed need for a handler. Connor doesn't even consider the possibility of grieving her, the first 'person' he'd ever connected with.

    And does anyone even notice? At that point, does anyone around him even know who Amanda was? Is Connor afraid that telling anyone would mean losing their trust, or does he stop trusting himself?

    #katja rants about amanda #bringing the tag back #I knowww y'all hate amanda i'm not saying they had any kind of healthy relationship #but if we can explore connors feelings toward people like gavin and that swat team guy #then i wanna talk about amanda dammit #i think hank would notice connors acting weird first but markus would mention it first #and i do think markus would have a better shot at explaining everything to connor #than hank trying to wrap his head around the mean mom living in connors brain #been thinking about amanda again #rk800 connor #detroit become human #dbh rambles#amanda stern #this is cheesy but i'm half asleep and have nothing else to say about dbh #unless y'all want to hear about my extensive xmen au im not actually going to publish
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  • raayllum
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    To know something truly and deeply, you must know it with your head, hand, and heart. Mind, body, and spirit. I love you with all of myself, and I always will.

    #rayllum#screencaps#arc 1#parallels#mini meta#mine #pining!callum #something something callum can repeatedly only breathe well around rayla in s2 his love for her is synonymous with his magic arc etc. #they're soulmates and she's the love of his life we already knew that Next #maybe tomorrow i'll write a meta about this pattern in a bit more detail #when i want a break from the angsty meta i still need to draft #tag ramble
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  • goofhell
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Do you think Andersen gets headaches from his Human Observation skill? Like it already drove him to a sort of weird mix of ‘enlightened pessimism’ but in a place like Chaldea, where he’s surrounded by almost 300 Servants, each of them with vastly different morals, goals, personalities, and perspectives, and it doesn’t seem like it’s something he can just... turn off. He sees the best and worst of people, whether he wants to or not.

    Like, it’s not mind reading, but mind reading would be easier. He’s literally just constantly taking in information from people and dedicating even the most miniscule details of their personality to make a mental ‘report’. And the thing is that the Servants coming in are progressively getting more and more fucked up.

    Did he wince when he looked Morgan over? How sick did he feel when seeing the Fairy Knights? How saddened did he feel when looking over Oberon? 

    Does Andersen lock himself away in his room when more Servants arrive, and just try to distract himself while writing? Does he actually end up submitting work earlier than the deadlines suggest when a particularly problematic one comes along, just because he isolated himself and found himself in a writing frenzy, before snatching the work back and starting all over because he wasn’t in the right headspace to produce anything he’d even consider ‘passable’.

    I’m just saying this guy probably has some of the worst migraines in Chaldea because he was cursed to be one of the shittiest Casters outside of a skill that lets him essentially see into the hearts of each and every person he meets.

    #fgo#rambling tag #hans christian andersen fate
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  • racoon--king
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #millie rambles #what should i tag you as?
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  • ultimatexweeb
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    It’s so weird going back on my blog from before Genshin Impact took over my life…

    #lovie rambles #ps just tagged all my positivity reblog a
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  • presumenothing
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    *accidentally spends an hour tidying up my zs playlist* great weekend activity

    #though i DO actually listen to this during work hours #so it is unironically very relevant #ramble tag #well i say tidying up it's more like removing duplicates adding official audios and new videos #yt playlist management is kinda just.... bad #but oh well
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  • blazestarninja13
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    This Norman Rockwell painting but it’s Captain Carter

    #peggy carter#Captain Carter #Peggy doing stuff like this as war propaganda #Like she’d be doing the propaganda stuff that’s advertising for women to join the war efforts #anyway sorry for my tag rambles
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  • artxmood
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago


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  • void-ghost
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #neat seems like such a strange thing to say #but it's how I feel #im always interested in seeing the various interpretations of each character #it's made me more open-minded in the long run #im rambling in the tags again #oops
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  • autumnsoldier13
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    my whole family knows ⚫️⚪️🟣


    #becca rambles#ace tag #‘as long as you’re happy’ 😭 #thanks for the inspo Mom
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  • rosetvler
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #sometimes when I try to condense my two paragraph thoughts into 1 tag it doesn’t translate well #wooo ok now I feel so bad #that’s enough rambling for tonight
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  • starbuck
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Alright I just thought of a Terrible gifset that y’all are gonna LOVE so stay tuned for that tomorrow!

    #i’m assuming that it’s already been done but i’ve never seen it before so We’re Gonna Sing It Again babey!! #Upsetting Patterns that take me awhile to notice are the best kind #like they get to simmer a bit before I take note of them so they’re EXTRA good when I finally do #there’s a couple other sets I’m planning to make for s3 specifically #so I’m also hoping to continue rewatch tomorrow #I have at least one edit idea for 3x03 specifically #or like. poaching dialogue from it anyway #but idk if I’ll Actually make that or not because I feel like it would be incomprehensible #like. my tags would Make It Make Sense but I like my edits to at least have a prayer of being understood without my tag context #i Do like getting reblog after all lol #but idk maybe some edits are just For Me Personally and fine to post just for my own personal enjoyment… #I think it’s Fine. #and if people Get It then i’ll have made a significant breakthrough #and all will be worth it #I know that y’all will Get It btw i just mean like. the General Public #the General Gifset-Reblogging Public #I’m rambling #and I’m also supposed to be sleeping #so ajdhdhfjfjjf GOODNIGHT AGAIN
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  • captain-mollers
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I will say, during my time away from like being active and all, I’ve gotten really into Fall Guys because of the beans. Which got me into Among Us (not playing tho, to socially anxious lol) just for the beans. I mean, I’ve always really liked the Among Us beans but now my mind is just in bean mode, constantly. I’d spam this blog with just beans and nothing else if I could

    #molly rambles #i mean i've spammed enough today :) #gotta stop like disappearing and only liking posts for a month straight gfdsgdf #and then reblog it all in one go #but yeah hhh beans man #the fall guys tag doesn't have a lot of stuff i'd want to reblog tho since among us stole the spotlight #so CRYING
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  • bring-us-a-rat
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Ok rundown of the recent situation for those who haven’t been following

    I started to get a crush/squish/something on a guy who sits at my table in human geography class

    We started to become better friends

    We went to the mall together, saw a movie and he offered to share popcorn. It felt like a date but I was getting a ton of mixed signals

    I decided to ask him to the homecoming dance, but I’m not sure how to do it because I have anxiety and get nervous

    I accidentally brought up homecoming in my human geography class during a conversation between our table. He acts weird whenever it gets brought up in the future.

    I started to get a crush/squish/something on a guy who sits with me at lunch but I decided to push those feelings aside because I was already going to ask this other guy to homecoming

    (Human geography class guy becomes person A and lunch guy becomes person B)

    I notice that my feelings for each one are very very different. Person A gives me that butterflies feeling and I get nervous and anxious around him, while with Person B it feels more natural to be around him. With Person A I know I would have to make the first move, while Person B and I are sort of giving the same energy to each other.

    Person A starts avoiding our usual meetups between classes and I get worried

    Person B holds my hand at lunch. This group is very physically affectionate and this could mean anything, several other people hold my hand regularly.

    I’m acting noticeably weirder around person A because of the pressure to ask him to homecoming

    Half of my friends know about the homecoming plan at this point

    Person B calls be adorable twice, and once the next day too. This isn’t something other people do, or something he does with others as far as I’m aware.

    Today at lunch, Person B hugs me, and whatever feeling I had for him intensify. I’m still trying to ignore those feelings.

    I type up a text asking person A if we can meet after school to talk because I have a question. I mean to delete the text but I send it.

    He says he can’t meet up because he’ll miss his bus, so he asks over text what my question was.

    I’m now forced to ask him over text, because I don’t want to leave him worrying about it all weekend

    He says he wants to go to the dance as friends, which I assume means he doesn’t feel the same way about me

    I know that a rejection to homecoming doesn’t necessarily mean a relationship might happen in the future because it’s happened before to me, but I obviously don’t want to push things and for now we will continue being friends

    I’m unsure whether either of them like me back and I’m not sure how to go about having a friendship/potential relationship with either one. I can’t try to pursue a relationship with both at the same time, I need to choose. I’m not sure which is the right choice.

    I’m leaning towards person B, who I feel more comfortable around and has shown more affection towards me.

    #god my life is literally so dramatic lmaooooo #this is stupid I’m worried abt fucking crushes on boys lmao #skdhdkfhdkfh #and like no one cares abt this shit anyway #lmaoooooooo #the rat rambles #long post #ask to tag
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