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  • brave-symphonia
    18.09.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    I am so sorry, Shirou.

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  • brave-symphonia
    18.09.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Shirou could’ve been more subtle.

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  • brave-symphonia
    18.09.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Wait, is she talking about the doctors checking to see if everyone at the school was okay? Did they ask her for blood after they made sure she recovered from her skin melting?

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  • homicomewithme900
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Kagami at his wedding: I would like to give a shout out to Aomine, who lost his perfectly beautiful and adorable shadow to ME!

    Kagami goes infront of Aomine: FUCKING KAGAMI TAIGA!

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  • wildflowertips
    17.09.2021 - 11 hours ago
    Kagami after he saw six rainbow bitches trying to win his man, Kuroko, over.
    #yes momoi is included in the rainbow bitches #kagami is willing to DIE for kuroko #these bitches aint safe #kuroko no basket #kuroko tetsuya#kuroko’s basketball #kuroko no basquet #kagakuro#kagami taiga#aomine daiki#kise ryouta#momoi satsuki#akashi seijuro#midorima shintarou#murasakibara atsushi #kagami x kuroko #kuroko x kagami
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  • stankrhodes
    17.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    anyway today's aokaga thoughts involve aokaga who don’t meet until college where aomine off-handedly joins the uni basketball team but he and kagami don’t butt heads over basketball. in fact, kagami empathizes with the fact that aomine has fallen out of love with the game. they bond instead over their studies. kagami was captain of his high school team so he’s been far more inclined to care about his grades. when aomine starts slipping, the coach simply makes kagami tutor him and that’s how their friendship grows.

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  • mojojojo2017
    17.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    I love Kagami’s relationship with Tetsuya 2

    #he is so cuuuute #tetsuya 2 is the best character #kagami is such a dork #kuroko no basket #kuroko's basketball#kagami taiga#tetsuya 2#mojoposts
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  • miyuwuki
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #kuroko’s basketball #kuroko no basquet #kuroko no basket #the basketball which kuroko plays #aomine daiki#daiki aomine #aomine x reader #aomine daiki x reader #daiki aomine x reader #knb x you #knb x reader #knb aomine#kise ryouta#akashi seijirou#midorima shintarou#murasakibara atsushi#kuroko tetsuya#kagami taiga
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  • miyuwuki
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #kuroko no basket #the basketball which kuroko plays #kuroko’s basketball #kuroko no basket x reader #knb #knb x you #knb x reader #knb midorima#midorima shintarou#shintaro midorima #midorima x reader #midorima shintaro x reader #aomine daiki#kise ryouta#akashi seijirou#kuroko tetsuya#murasakibara atsushi#kagami taiga
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  • daeva-agas
    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Stupid modern office AU Nobuspawns

    Kankurou is a chill boss/CEO, dresses a bit casual, and is exactly the way you’d expect someone who looks like that would act. For some reason has a bunch of animal figurines/plushies in his office, and watches cat videos all the time. 

    Sansuke comes in dressed to the nines, but is a weirdo in the office. Hard to talk to, sometimes is asleep on the desk and can’t be woken up, gives strange orders without explanation, but somehow work still managed to get done.

    Sanshichi is also the kind who acts exactly the way he looks. Sharp and strict. Maybe glasses? Regularly fights with Sansuke every 20 business days to the exact day for some reason. Scares the newbies, but the old staff are used to it.

    Nobu is retired chairman or something IDK

    #stupid headcanon #i just really want to see the dumb bros work together #it's not even in taigas or shonen mangas #I'm desperate#sengoku headcanon#nobuspawns
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  • moe-cowfrog
    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #moe answers #taiga tag <3
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  • animefemme
    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Taiga and cat [Toradora]

    #Taiga and cat [Toradora]
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  • wildflowertips
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    box one: To all the boy’s i’ve loved before
    box two: My letters are my secret possessions. I write a letter when I have a crush so intense I don’t know what else to do.
    box three: There’s Ogiwara-kun, the one who taught me how to love basketball. And eventually, him.
    box four: Kise-kun, extremely talented in basketball. I almost followed him to his choice of school.
    box five: Akashi-kun, the one who saw something in me even when I couldn’t. Hottest guy ever.
    box seven: Aomine-kun, the ace among aces.
    box eight: Kagami-kun, the absolute wild card.

    There are five total:

    #i finally watched that goddamn movie #to all the boys i've loved before #kuroko no basket #kuroko tetsuya#kuroko’s basketball #kuroko no basquet #kagakuro#kagami taiga #kagami x kuroko #aomine daiki#aokuro #aomine x kuroko #akakuro#akashi seijuro #akashi x kuroko #kikuro#kise ryouta #kise x kuroko #ogiwara shigehiro #ogiwara x kuroko
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  • yourfavewasdonedirty
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Saejima Taiga from Yakuza was done dirty. He's a good man. He didn't deserve any of what happened to him. Let him be happy, please.

    #your fave was done dirty #taiga saejima#saejima taiga#yakuza
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  • ryoleo-ikemenblackhole
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    2021 Sept 13

    Finally Taiga and Aomine. ♡

    now the Kuroko boys I like ♡ Kuroko budol ♡

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  • ahurania
    15.09.2021 - 2 days ago


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  • cocobutterbaby
    15.09.2021 - 2 days ago


    warning: mdni, 18+, smut, language, oral(f receiving), fluff, angst if you tilt your head to the left, mutual pinning, aged!up characters, Taiga Kagami x camgirl!Reader


    Kagami was an idiot.

    Although he will not admit it in most cases, he can say and do a lot of idiotic things and in his current situation, he did everything completely wrong.

    It took some hard thinking and few smacks upside the head to realize the error in his ways, “you like her, right dummy?” Riko had asked, face stern and fist ready in case he said anything else stupid. “Ugh boy’s are so dumb, this is so grade school. Be a man idiot and just tell her how you feel! Tsk, you’re so stupid, of course she’s going to think you hate her when you’re treating her like some stranger.” Riko shook her head, reaching down for her bag that she chucked at Kagami’s face upon storming into the gym. “While you’re being a dummy, y/n is the one who’s suffering here; so be honest about what you’re doing.”

    Kagami had let out a long sigh, lowering his head in shame and guilt as he remembers seeing your tear stained face had his heart aching, wanting to comfort you but how can he comfort you when he was the cause of your pain? That guilt rising in his chest once more as he thinks about why he started to avoid you in the first place.

    Your videos had become a nightly routine for him, having gone through all of them and having a few that were his favorite already; you were just so enticing. Your moans and whines were like music to his ears, your perfect body was all he could think about every second of the day. Kagami knew that he wanted you, so bad that he hurt but realized that he couldn’t even be around you without getting the urge to just bent you over the nearest surface and fucking you dumb. He was feeling himself losing control so he thought it would be for the best if he just stayed away until he can control his lustful urges but most of all, he was terrified if he told you the real reason why he was avoiding. 

    The thought of you hating him, that you’ll think he was just a sick pervert that only wants you for your body ran through his mind daily when he wasn’t thinking about you. A frustrated groan leaves his mouth as he scratches the back of his head, why did he have to go and make things messy? You were a camgirl, so what? He didn’t really care because Kagami liked you for you.

    He liked how straight forward you were but how you could be shy sometimes. Kagami liked that you actually enjoyed eating but hated when you would poke fun at your weight. He thought you were perfect, he liked the contrast of your soft plump body against his on movie nights.

    It was selfish but he wonders if you were thinking about him as much as he was thinking about you. Once he finally took the first step to try and reclaim his seat next to you recently but he has yet to really speak to you; that guilt still weighing on his chest after fucking his fist to one of your videos but Riko, literally, knocked some sense into him. 

    Things weren’t going to magically fix themselves, he needed to make the first step. It was his fault for the riff between you two but he didn’t really know where to start as thoughts of maybe a grand gesture or a full on Japanese apology coursed through his mind when he walked into class, spotting you right away toying with Murasakibara like usual but when he was in your line of vision, you looked away from him quickly.

    He expected that much, Kagami knew that it was going to take a lot more on his end to get you to trust him again but he was willing to work for it.

    Roman wasn’t built in a day after all.

    The first week was painful. You made it a point to ignore his presence completely, the seat next you that was usually his was now occupied by someone random now, forcing Kagami to sit next to Murasakibara who looked like he could care less. He was iced out and he was feeling the chill but he wasn’t going to give up that easily, Riko was right. Because of his poor lack of communication, you were the only one suffering if he continues on going about the situation like he’s been doing. 

    Things were still a little awkward between you and Kagami but his efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Your teammates thought it was cute that he would stop by your practice to bring you lunch, go you found it funny how he would trip over himself trying to reach the door before you do.

    It was cute, you thought it was very enduring the lengths that he was willing to go to make up for how things turned out. Riko wasn’t too quite about it either, usually dropping hints your way that there were more to Kagami’s feelings than just friendship; that idea alone sent you into a tail spin but you still needed yo play it safe for you heart sake. 

    You weren’t to sure what was the shift that happened with him but he seemed determined to salvage your friendship after completely going mute on your for the last month. Kagami was still a little weird around you but things were slowly starting to fall back into how they were before only this time around, there feels to be slight courting-like undertone to it.

    You had to catch yourself a few times since it all seemed to happen so sudden, it was hard to stop your cheeks from warming whenever he looks at you. Kagami was an intense guy in general but the utter look of adoration in his gaze left you feeling almost euphoric but then your reality comes crashing back to you on the nights where it was time for another show.

    It’s been a few days since you last posted, it felt as if you were simply going through the motions with your orgasms being real but the empty feeling after is always apparent with the thought of the very guy you thought of for pleasure, would be disgusted in you. It was still a sore topic for you to try and navigate around, you haven’t even told your best friend you were a camgirl and he room was right across from yours if you couldn’t even tell her, how could you tell the guy that you were falling for that you weren’t as innocent as you appear?

    You rustled with those thoughts as you make your way inside the campus library. Riko had been asking you to help her in calculous recently, you how mentioned that you weren’t the best but she needed enough help just to get by.

    Rounding the corner, you spot Riko seating off in the a bit from the other tables with students working. She happily waved over and you would have returned the gesture if you weren’t caught off guard by spotting Kagami sitting across from her. This was something you should have expected to happen, Riko had been way to adamant about you being the one to study with her when Kuroko was actually really good at the subject at hand, you guess this was Riko’s way of helping out Kagami was seemed to be equally as surprised to see you.

    Once you were closer, Riko grabbed ahold of you to pull you to sit in the spot right next to her, “you finally came, I was getting worried that you weren’t going to show!”

    “Seeing how you set me up, I’m starting to question if I should stay.” You whispered low enough so the brunette could only hear you while reaching back to collect your notepad and books before Kagami greeted you. Riko glance between you and Kagami with an amused glisten in her eyes as if she was waiting or expecting for something to happened but she was only met with muddled and confused expression from you both until she is finally groans loudly.

    “You two are zero fun!” Quickly, Riko is standing, packing away her belonging.

    “Oh no, don’t go.” Kagami states scarcastically before dodging the balled up paper she threw at him. 

    “Where are you even going? Aren’t we suppose to be studying?” You asked but not even slightly surprised that she was leaving. Riko tosses her bag over her shoulder, narrowing her eyes at the both of you with a dissatisfied look on her face.

    “You guys are boring, where’s the tears? The drama? The confession!?” She say while pocketing her glasses, “I’m going home and reading my shoujo manga's!” With a huff, Riko was marching out of the library leaving you and Kagami puzzled. 

    Kagami soon lets out a sigh, scratching at his head, “she always sticking her nose in everyone’s business.” He soon glances your way before quickly glancing back off to the side. “Sorry about that.”

    He apologizes but you truly didn’t see what for. Riko was always one to try and play match maker and from how overly invested she has become with know what Kagami was doing for you lately definitely tipped you off, so when she asked you to study, you had a feeling cramming in a last minute study session had a little more to it than she led on. 

    You can only assume that she tricked Kagami into coming as well based off his expression when you walked in, but now being alone with just the two of you, you kind of didn’t mind.

    “Don’t worry about it. I know how she can get,” you quickly dismiss his  apologetic response before opening your textbook and notebooks, “how about we continue studying? No use and packing everything up when we are already here.”

    Kagami looks surprised for a moment, mouth agape as he watch you flipping the pages of the thick textbook. “You’re in AP calculus with professor Tenko right? I took his class last semester so I can help you out? If you wanted that is.” Kagami quickly nods his head and follows your lead but stopping midway to grab drinks before getting started. You worked quickly, it wasn’t as bad as when you tutored Murasakibara and spent most of the time fighting to get him to pay attention but you realized that it wasn’t the case Kagami who quickly absorbed the material and the notes you had. 

    Even though you were working smoothly, you were very much aware of his gaze every that would shirt towards you every so often. It wasn’t bothersome but being alone with him after so long had felt different than before. You weren’t to sure what to make of it, you felt dizzy just thinking about how things have changed so drastically between you two in such a short amount of time. 

    To have Kagami go from ignoring you to wanting to be the center of your attention left you confused, especially when you’ve caught Kagami more than once sneaking glances at you when he thinks your not looking. 

    You soon settle your pencil down, resting your chin your palm as you pout a bit, “is there something on my face, Kagami? You keep staring, I’m starting to get a little nervous.” You were joking, trying to keep the mood lighten and avoiding the pouncing in your chest as Kagami looks as you, shocked that he had been caught and you were expecting him to play it, to act as if you were just seeing things, but he only rubs the back of his neck.

    “You’re just..really pretty.” your eyes widen from his outburst which you were sure he didn’t mean to come out as he frantically covers his mouth, dark red tint forming on his cheeks and your heart was pounding hard in your chest but that voice in the back of your head was telling you that this was all just for show.

    “What’s with you?” You asked, glancing away just in time to avoid a hurt and confused expression, “you went ghost on me out of nowhere, running away from me and completely ignoring my existence..d-do you realize how much that hurt, Kagami? I thought we were friends, we were hanging out almost everyday to just nothing.” you clench your fist as tears threaten to fall, “and then-just out of nowhere-you start talking to me again, you start speaking to me again. You know how confusing that is?? I don’t know whether we’re friends or not. Is this some sort of game you’re playing, because so Kagami, I swear I’ll-”

    “N-No, Y/n, you got it all wrong!” Kagami quickly cut in, grabbing ahold of your hands, he’ll apologize later for it but right now he needed you to calm down a bit. 

    He was starting to realize the damage that he had done with not being able to control his emotions when it came to you. It also had to do with the shame he felt after finding your videos; the amount of nights he had spend pleasuring himself to your hot body and climaxing once you soaked your sheets was more than he could count, but ever since the night you left in tears from his place had replaced the lewd thoughts that he had of you, instead the look of heartache etched on your face played on repeat in his mind. It was then did he realize that he should try writing his wrongs and repairing the friendship that he cherished with you.

    “That ain’t it at all I really like you, Y/n, I have since the start of the semester!” He shouts, gaining some attention from a few students, even getting a small ‘shush’. Kagami sighs, giving your hands a small squeeze his intense yet sincere gaze holding your attention, “no games, I mean it. I’m sorry that I was being an asshole, it wasn’t my intentions.”

    Kagami takes one of his palms, rubbing it against the back of his neck as a habit that you found adorable, “I don’t think you get it, Y/n, I really like you.” he emphasizes, that tint of red back on his cheeks as he slightly chuckles to himself, “you’re a huge distraction for me, in a good way. I like being around way to much that I’m sure it would creep you out how much I like spending time with you too.”

    “I like being around you too..” you say softly. You didn’t know what possessed you to express that but you did start to feel a bit lighter having gotten that off your chest while successfully snapping Kagami’s attention back towards you as his lips curved into a slow, heart-stopping smile that almost had you swooning.

    He caresses the pad of his thumb gently against the top of your knuckles, the act alone causes your heart to beat faster. “Please, let me make it up to you and prove to you that I’m serious.” 

    The assurance in his voice and the determined look in his eyes surprised you, only seeing this kind of seriousness during his games.

    You were still a little skeptical, but you couldn’t deny that you really liked Kagami too, he’s shown how serious he really was in his actions leading up to you. Could it have been done a little less messy? Sure, but either way, you were glad that it was finally happening.

    With a sigh, you match his smile with a warm one of your own as you nod your head, “okay, I trust you.” you can tell hearing you say that meant a lot to him and he wasn’t going to screw it up. “What did you have in mind?”

    The look of excitement flash behind his eyes as he sits up a little straighter, “how about dinner at my place? I can make us something and we can watch those shitty movies Teppei left over like good times!”

    You couldn’t help but smile. “Don’t let him hear you saying that, you know how sensitive he is about his movies.” you playfully lecture, remembering the senior crying towards the end of Red Beard and when Junpei and the others took a dig at his soft nature over the film, he stopped bringing his movies over for a month.

    “I’ll only agree if you promise not to poison my food like last time.”

    “That wasn’t poison, I just made the curry too spicy on accident!”

    You shrug your shoulders lightly, “I don’t know, that experience left me a little wry about your cooking, Kagami.” 

    “But I thought you liked my cooking?” He pouts, making you giggle as you ruffle the top of his head. This felt nice, the tense between you both was long gone, leaving the both of you to fully be comfortable with each other once more after being apart.

    “You know I’m just teasing, of course I like your cooking.”

    Kagami happily lets out a sigh in relief, resting his chin in his palm as he smirks at you, “great, then consider this date a lesson on how not to burn down your kitchen.”

    A gasp leaves your lips, tossing your mechanical panicle at him. “Rude, that was one time and I was completely wasted.” you defend but Kagami only nods his head, teasing you even more for almost burning down your dormitory when you were boiling water for your mac n’ cheese at two in the morning. “I think I might need to reconsider this date after all.”

    Kagami waves a hand dismissively, “nope, sorry. Can’t take it back you’re already booked this Saturday with a date with me.” he states proudly, giving your hands another small squeeze as you playfully roll your eyes.

    “Fine, I guess I have no choice then.”

    Smiling fondly

    “So, it’s a date?”

    “It’s a date.”

    After walking you back to your dorm with the promise to keep you updated for the weekend, Kagami had felt on cloud nine. He was expecting things to be worse, for you to yell or curse at him and never speak to him again but he was pleasantly surprised at how will things were able to get smooth over and he was kicking himself for being an idiot and not just fixing things from the beginning, he would of secured a date with you a long time ago.

    With an idea in mind for what he was going to make, it made shopping for it easy, having everything needed for his night with you, the only thing getting in the way of his plans were the idiots that turned his place into a hangout spot.

    Kagami had been used to living on his own and for the most part, he didn’t mind it. He enjoyed having his own space, one that he kept surprisingly clean and borderline spotless but with having your own place came the price of having unwanted guest stopping by, or in his case, breaking and entering.

    Kuroko was one of his only friends that had a spare key and unfortunately, his childhood friends took that as them being able to use the extra key whenever they wanted. It was never odd for Kagami to back home from practice to find two or more of the Generation Of Miracles eating his food and watching his tv, somedays he wouldn’t care about the intrusion, usually joining in after a shower but now, he realized how much of a problem that could be in his preparations for his evening with you. 

    “I’ll be taking that.” Without much of a second thought, Kagami easily plucked the spare key from Kuroko’s hand before pocketing it. He turns towards the rest of the idiots that have been nothing but a pain in his ass all week.

    “None of you are allowed over to my place for a week.” He states firmly before heading over to the bleacher where his bag was, hearing the loud complaints from the others that go from watching the game to having a quiet place to study but for the first time in a while, Kagami does not care for his friends turmoil. If it mean being able to spend time alone with you uninterrupted then so be it.

    “Is this because of Y/n?”

    Kuroko’s question caught him off guard because 1) he wasn’t expecting him to be so close behind him and 2) he wasn’t expecting that question from Kuroko of all people but then again, from years of knowing and befriending the blue-haired  short stack, Kagami shouldn’t be too surprised by his boldness.

    “Ooh~ so that’s what this is about. Kagami is trynna get laid?” Aomine tossed an arm around his shoulders, a smug grin on his face makes Kagami’s eye twitch. “You even know what you are doing? Do you even know how to put on a condom?”

    “Shut the fuck up!” Kagami grunts out between clenched teeth, moving Aomine’s lazy arm off his shoulder. He could handle the teasing from the others, he knew it wasn’t any of their business anyways, he just knows that if he doesn’t put his foot down, a repeat of the previous week would just keep happening.

    You weren’t his girlfriend yet, but he was hoping that tonight would finally be the night that he can ask you, without interruptions. 

    Checking the time, Kagami curses under his breath. He stayed way later than he was suppose to while practicing which only left him two hours to get home, changed, and start dinner. Without wanting to waste anymore time and risk running behind, Kagami jogged back towards the bleachers to game his gym bag.

    “Sorry but I gotta bounce, can’t be late because of you idiots.”

    A sound of protest could be heard but he ignores them, they’ll be alright.

    “Have fun tiger! Be sure to wear protection~” Kise shouts, earning a glare from Kagami but he keep on with his hurry steps in preparation for tonight’s date with you.

    His home with spotless and smelled fresh, music played in the background as he get dinner in the oven before getting started on dessert when he realized that he was missing one key ingredient and that was the brownie mix itself. A loud curse leaves his lips as he remembers shuffling into his place after a physically draining day of classes and practice to see Kuroko sitting at his dining table with his books out before Koganei pokes his head out from the kitchen. He remembers him asking him something but didn’t bother to ask nor care about what they were doing, he just needed his bed. Thinking back on it, he was one hundred percent positive that those idiots made those brownies and eat all of them.

    His phone flashes on the countertop, your name popping up followed by your message;

    y/n: on the way! :)

    Kagami smiles before weighing his options. He remembered the evening rush on the train getting home, something about tornado warnings that were freaking everyone out around him, so he could only imagine how the grocery store was at the moment. He could run to the corner store two blocks over but he glances at the time and curses, he couldn’t leave the food in the oven unless he wanted to burn it and he definitely did not want to do that.

    With a heavy sigh, he quickly dials your number, warmth spread on his cheeks when you pick it up after the second ring. 

    “Hey, Kagami, what’s up? Did you get my message?”

    “Yes!” He says, embarrassing himself by how quickly he had responded before clearing his throat. “Yeah I did, I can’t wait to see you.” Kagami paces slowly around his kitchen, phone pressed against his ear, “I’m actually calling because I have a favor..”

    A few taps on the oak door draws Kagami’s attention away from the cutting board, quickly washing and drying his hands before discarding his apron and heading to the entrance, eyes shinning bright when he sees you, stepping aside to let you in. “Thanks for going out of your way again, Y/n.” Kagami takes in your appearance as you peel off your coat

    You greet him with a wide smile before placing your shoes by the front door, “it’s no big deal really! I was already on my way over so I really didn’t mind.”

    A small pout forms on Kagami’s lips while he hold the grocery bag, leading you towards the kitchen and living room space, “Still I could at least have met you half way. It’s the least I could have done.”

    You smile, leaning up on the tip of your toes to pat the top of his head. “You’re so cute, Kagami.” you watch as the a blush starts to form on his cheeks and the tip of his ears, he was so cute you needed to get ahold of yourself, “something smells amazing!”

    Kagami rubs the back of his neck before heading back over towards the kitchen, “I’m almost done with the bread, the main dish is already cooked over there.”

    You happily glide into the kitchen, mouth already watering at the sight. You would have been embarrassed about your stomach growling but you had no shame. “I haven’t ate anything all day, don’t judge me!” You whine, earning a chuckle from Kagami as he ties his apron before handing you a spare.

    “Can I trust you with dessert? “

    “That depends, what did you have in mind?”

    Kagami eyes slightly darken as he grazes down at you from head to toe before shrugging innocently, “a few things, but for now, we’re making brownie lava cake!”

    The way your eyes sparkled left a warmth inside his chest; you were just too cute. 

    “You had me at brownies!” You grabbed the apron, tying it behind your waist before moving towards the kitchen sink to get started. 

    It didn’t dawn on Kagami until halfway through just how domestic it felt cooking dinner with you. It felt easy, moving around one another while still being able to banter so freely, it was nice. Kagami felt as if he could get used to spending nights like this with you or even in the morning time, if it meant that he gets to spend his time with you, then he’ll continue to work for it.

    Once dinner was ready, you helped Kagami set up in his living room, a black and white film playing on the semi-large television with dinner scattered across the coffee table that you both devour through in record time.

    “Oh, I’m so stuffed.” You happily sighed, leaning back to the cushions on the couch. The evening had been going well, you honestly didn’t know what you were expecting but it was like how it used to be when you would hangout, only this time, it was more romantic. The looks he gave you was between richly sexual and warm amusement. It was affectionate and appreciative--a lover’s look. It made your heart race, has it always been like this? How long have you been this oblivious to his feelings until now? Would it be wrong if you were to return those same feelings tonight.

    You glance over towards Kagami, seeing how comfortable and relaxed he looked. Black sweater fitting against the lean muscle on his body and with the sleeves rolled up, you’re able to openly gaze at the potent veins in his forearms and large hands. You didn’t miss the way the dark denim jeans that clad his long, powerful legs and how good they made them look. He had gotten a haircut too, the undercut shaved down into a clean cut and he just smelled so good and why didn’t you jump on him the first chance you got?Everything about Kagami led you to the conclusion that he was just the perfect guy. Everyone knew it and you’ll kick yourself if you didn’t try to be with him.

    Kagami was saying something, you were sure of it, but his knee brushed against your thigh one too many times and you just couldn’t help yourself anymore.

    With your knees on the soft couch cushions as you crawl into his space. Not that there wasn’t much of a distance between you two but it did make it easier for you to wrap your arms around his shoulders, the redness in his eyes growing dark as they widen at your bold movements, seating yourself onto his lap before sealing your lips against his. It was heated from the start, a passionate kiss that was longer over due finally releasing all the bottled up emotions until your both no longer tense but instead slowly melting into each over while your tongues do the lovers dance of arousal.

    Keeping a steadying hands the back of your neck, Kagami has you on your back, large body pressed against yours while his hands roam before gripping and kneading at your hips until he’s pulling away, as breathless as you are and you could only whine, wanting to feel more of his kisses.

    “Shit..h-hold on, y/n, I gotta tell you something.” A deep groan leaves his lips when you kiss and nibble at his necks.

    “Just tell me later,” you pant, hands now gripping at his shirt to drag him back down in between your thighs, “please don’t stop, Taiga.”

    Kagami stares down at you, searching for any signs of doubt or second thoughts, “ya’ sure?”. You don’t even him a answer but with a successful tug, you bring him back towards you and kiss him once more, giving him your answer with every tug and pull at his hair or shirt that if you don’t feel him soon your might combust. With a hand secured on your ass, Kagami was easily lifting you, taking long steps navigating towards his bedroom until you feel soft patterned sheets meeting your back. You detach your lips from where they were against his neck and peeling your shirt over your head. 

    “I want you so bad, it hurts.”

    You pulse leaped as Kagami drew closer, “it that bad?”

    “It’s fucking amazing.” He cupped the back of your neck, his long fingers warm against your nape before he finally leans in, kissing you passionately, his lips demanding against yours that it left you gasping before his tongue is thrusting with wicked skill into your mouth.

    Panting, you licked your lips once more and he groans, tilting his head and sealing his mouth over yours. You were shocked by how soft his lips were and the gentleness of the pressure he exerted.  A blissful sigh leaves your lips and he takes the chance to dip his tongue inside, tasting you in long, leisurely licks. His kiss was confident, skilled, and just the right amount of aggressiveness to leave you wanting more. Your hands went to his hair, sliding through it and tugging. Wrapping his arms around you until you were arching your back, curving into his hands.

    Just like on his couch, he had you on your back before your realized he was moving you, his mouth swallowing your surprised gasped. With your top gone, he was cupping at your clothed breast with shaky hands, kneading them with soft, rhythmic squeezes until you were growing needy, wanting to feel the warmth of his large palms on your bare chest so you easily discarded your bralette, his fingers rolling and tugging at your tender nipples. His mouth surrounded the tip, the feeling of the heat from his mouth made your body buzz in anticipation.  

    “Taiga,” you moaned, eyes growing wet the longer he touches you. His hands were everywhere, his muscled body straining upwards against yours until his lips were meeting yours, sucking on your lower lip.

    You were needy, growing more eager once your tongue entwined against his as if you were both trying to satisfy the thirst for one another before his head lifted and he looked at you with dark lust filled eyes, furrowed brows masking his arousal.

    “I have to taste you, Y/n. I don’t-I can’t explain it and it’s driving me crazy but I need to make you come. I’ve been thinking about it for months now.”

    Kagami reaches between your legs that shamelessly fell open for him, his fingers toying against your dripping sex until the roughened pads stroked over your swollen clit, rubbing slow teasing circles that had your back arching off the bed, the taunt of your nails digging into the flesh of his biceps. You pressed your lips against his, moaning as you circle your hips to try and gain more friction until his fingers were teasing soaked opening; fingering you slowly, building your need and learning your body while his kiss gentling into a slow, deep fucking of your mouth.

    Your breath locks in your throat as your entire body quivers once he cupped your pussy in his hand and his long middle finger slid lazily into you. His palm rubbed against your clit, his fingertips stroking over your gummy walls as his other hand gripped your hip, holding you in place and retraining you from going anywhere.

    Kagami seemed like his was in control, picking up on your ques and striking to continue on brining you pleasure but you can feel his body trembling harder than yours and his chest was heaving more with each pant that leaves his lips as if he was trying hard to control himself further. 

    Nibbling and licking across your shoulder, he slid down and caught your nipple between his teeth. He tugged and the tiny dart of pain had your back arching with a soft cry before he soothed the sting with a soft suck, then kissed his way downward until he buried his face in your cleft. “I’ve never wanted anything this badly.” He growled softly and dove into the slick flesh between your legs. His tongue pushing into your greedy sex, licking and parting your gummy flesh. It felt so good you could cry.

    The smoothness of his tongue flicked over your swollen clit, making your head press harder into the pillows. “I-yes, K-Kagami please.” you beg, already feeling the tight coil in your stomach ready to just snap, you pleas silently begging him to just let you come and he does just that.

    Between the sucking of his tongue and a hard lick was all it took to have you writhing as the orgasm rocked through you, your core tensing violently, leaving your limbs shaking. Kagami’s tongue continued thrusting into your dripping sex as it convulsed around his primal groans, vibrating against your sensitive flesh that pulling your orgasm to newer heights. 

    Tears stung your eyes and cascaded down your temple when you realize that he hasn’t stopped his assault on your poor cunt. His tongue circled the trembling entrance before the tip of his tongue lapped at your throbbing clit until your body was quivering again.

    Two finger pushing inside you, curving and stroking. You were too sensitive, thrashing against the onslaught as he drew on you clit with steady, and firm licks that you coming again, crying out hoarsely. Trembling when has three fingers in you, twisting and opening your greedy hole for more of your sweet essences. 

    You’ll apologize later for the harsh grip you had on his hair, pulling his mouth closer to you as you ride out yet another earth shattering orgasm while your other hand is pushing at his shoulders, easily becoming overstimulated.

    “No-” your head thrashed from side to side, every touch and hard squeeze of your flesh tingled, “no more.”

    “One more, baby,” he coaxed hoarsely, “one more time, then I’ll fuck you.”

    “I-I can’t..”

    “You can.” The feeling on the coolness of his breath over the feverish flesh made your body twitch, jolting a new feeling of arousal through you. “Fuck, Y/n, you’re so beautiful. I love watching you come. Hearing those pretty sounds you make up close, the way your body just quivers when I touch you here..”

    Kagami massaged that tender spot deep inside you and another orgasm easily pulsed through you in a slow, heated roll that had your whole body arching, eyes rolling to the back of your when you feel his mouth replacing his fingers and leaving gentle, open mouth kisses against your sex, holding your gaze before he pulls away.

    His breathing was hard, too. His face was flushed with lust, for you, and you had done nothing more than lay helplessly and make a mess for him and he still wanted more. 

    But just before he could dive back in, the shrill sound of a phone ringing in the distance was slowly lulling you out of the moment. “Ignore it.” he grunts out, stroking his fingers against your quivering sex, pulling you back into the endless pleasure he’s promising the night to be.

    And it works. Your pussy rippling around the thickness of his fingers as you close your eyes, body searing and pulsing with need as your hips slowly pump into his his hand, your mind becoming far gone until the ringing breaks the spell once more.

    A frustrated groan leaves Kagami lips as he reluctantly peels himself away from your parted thighs but not before pressing a few more kisses against your waiting lips, the small pecks soon turn more heated as his tongue glides over yours. The feeling of your arms wrapping around his neck draws him back to where he once was, almost getting comfortable being in between your legs with the lingering taste of you still on his tongue.

    The heated moment is soon interrupted once more by the shrill sound of his phone ringing from the other room. “Yeah, you should definitely get that.” You giggle. Kagami kisses you once more before fully standing.

    “I’ll be back, put something for us to watch.” He nods towards his tablet before reaching for his shirt and handing it to you which you happily except, the large shirt covering your body with ease as Kagami put back his jeans and hurries out his bedroom to grab his phone that he left on the kitchen counter.

    Kuroko’s contact photo flashes across the screen once more and he answer with clenched teeth, “this better be good.”

    “Kagami? You finally answered thank you!” Kise voice rings through the other end and Kagami had to pull the phone back to make sure it was him he was talking too, and unfortunately, it was. 

    “What do you want?” He ask through clenched teeth. He really didn’t have time for his friends antics for the night because, either sexual or not, Kagami still wanted to spend some alone time with you.

    “Funny thing,” Kise starts but Kagami can barely hear him over the sounds of heavy wind in the background. “We were suppose to be watching the game in dorm’s but campus is too far away and we can’t watch it over at Dachi-kun’s girlfriend place because she broke up with him again soo~”

    Kagami can hear some ruffling in the background and some swearing before Aomine could be heard. “We’re coming over!”

    With wide eyes, Kagami quickly shakes his head, even if they can’t see him they need to know that they are not welcomed for the evening. “Hell no, go somewhere else!” 

    “You think we would have if we could? The storm is picking up plus, we’re already almost outside your door.”

    “You sons of-”

    “By the way, did you get laid yet?”

    Before he could even curse him for even asking that and bolting the doors and windows shut to keep them out, he hears your hurried steps coming down the steps. The irate expression on your face floored him that he was quickly hanging up the call and hurrying after your retreating form towards the front door.

    “Y/n? Where are you going??” He asked quickly, noticing the frown on your face while you put your shoes on. You weren’t looking at him but he can feel just how upset you were and he didn’t even know why.


    “Don’t! You don’t get to ‘baby’ me.” 

    He was taken aback, you weren’t shouting but the venom laced in your voice made him feel uneasy. Kagami could of sworn you two were having a good time together. Cooking with you was fun and hate watching shitty movies with you. He was having fun and he thought you were too, especially once you kissed you him.

    It felt good, it felt right. So he didn’t understand what could have happened to cause such a dramatic shift between you two but before he could ask anymore question, rapid knocking at the door could be heard and worse, you were already reaching for the handle to leave. 

    You were barely able to get the door open before you were knocked back by the sudden push but luckily he was there to catch you.

    A soaking wet Kise, Aomine, and Kuroko pile into the foyer after forcing the door closed against the hard gust of wind, disheveled and out of breath but unfortunately for Kagami, all alive and in one piece.

    “You might want to get some candles and blanket ‘cus it’s a bad storm heading this way.”


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