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    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    October Sketch (2021) - 3

    October Sketch, 3rd group:

    Day 17_ Hawks / Keigo Takami (My Hero Academia)

    Day 18_ Endeavor / Enji Todoroki (My Hero Academia)

    Day 19_ Goku Black (Dragon Ball Super)

    Day 20_ Vanitas (The Case Study of Vanitas)

    Day 21_ Vulcan Joseph (Fire Force)

    Day 22_ Izaya Orihara (Durarara)

    Day 23_ South Italy / Romano (Hetalia)

    Day 24_ Bokuto Kotaro (Haikyuu)

    (pic below)

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    24.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #ask#DD asnwers #mha hawks x gn! reader #hawks x y/n #hawks x gn reader #hawks x reader #keigo x reader #keigo x gn! reader #keigo takami#hawks#sub hawks#mha#bnha #my hero academia
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    24.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Under His Wings

    Takami Keigo x Fem!Reader | Minors DNI
    Kinktober 2021 - Day 23
    Will Hawks cum too fast with a partner who isn't romantically interested in him?
    Claustrophilia, fingering, cumshot, con

    "I thought you were kidding when you said you liked being in confined spaces, but consider me pleasantly surprised," Keigo said as his fingers explored the inner walls of your vagina. It was clear that you were definitely excited, your juices already drenching his hand.

    You convinced the No. 2 hero to fool around with you, no strings attached, as long as you were in a small space. He flew you to his residence, where he had an empty wardrobe. "I was just about to get rid of this. Glad it'll come in handy one last time."

    It was dark in the wardrobe, which only heightened your other senses. The wardrobe was barely big enough to fit the two of you. The feeling of its wooden walls pressing against your sides and back, and Keigo pressed against your front made it hard to breathe. You felt yourself convulse around his fingers.

    You pull his dick from out of his pants and started pumping, wanting to feel something more than just his digits.

    "Eager, are we?" he asked, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips. He brought your face up to his and kissed you.

    "Very. I wanna see how much the No. 2 hero can fill me up with," you respond, rubbing your nose on his, "You're known for your speed. Will that translate to your dick?"

    "I promise you that it won't," he said, unaffected by the challenge you presented him.

    You lift your leg up, foot firmly against the doors of the wardrobe. You were glad Keigo had the foresight to lock it from the outside using one of his feathers. Your smell filled the confined space and Keigo was losing his self control. He reached around your hips to grab your ass as he slid inside your already sloppy cunt.

    You made pleased noises as he stretched your gummy walls. You could feel your body relaxing against his touch, and closed your eyes. They weren't much help anyway. As he pumped himself inside of you, he kissed your neck. It was sloppy, and wet, just how you liked it.

    "Hawks..." you cooed, shifting your weight back to lean against the wardrobe and pull your other leg up.

    "Keigo," he corrected. He wanted to kiss you more, but this position only left him with the option of fucking you. He pulled out, only to crash into your cervix again. You felt you head rock back against the wardrobe lightly, with each of Keigo's long strides. Your legs were supporting most of your weight, and they were getting tried. Keigo noticed, and like the gentleman that he was, he supported your lower back, to keep you from sliding down.

    Keigo had to admit that fucking in this small, dark space was pretty hot. He was getting drink off the sounds of your squelching pussy against his relentless dick and the smell of your juices.

    "Keigo, I can't..." you say, feeling the strain on your back now. He helped you slide down, surprised when you turned your back to him. "Take me from behind?"

    "You don't have to ask me twice," he said as he re-inserted himself into you. He enjoyed the feeling of you ass pressed up against his hips. He maneuvered his wings to hold up your hips in order to free his hands up to grope your breasts. He was close...but you weren't.

    "Holy shit...your wings..." you said. You forgot about their existence.

    Keigo considered your words for a moment, before realizing how he could make you cum faster. He pulled out of you as much as that pained you both. He spun you around, your elbows grazing the wardrobe walls. You guided him back inside of you hastily, as though he could disappear if he weren't. He embraced you tightly against his body, then wrapped his wings around you.

    You eyes widened, realizing that he was enveloping you, restraining your movements more and more.

    "Oh shit..." you said as your eyes rolled back, suddenly sensitive to his touch.

    A feather flew down to where he and you were linked, and started fluttering against your bundle of nerves. You moaned, loving the sensation, before you started begging him to make you cum.

    His feather came down harder against your clit. Your body tried to pull away, but his wings wouldn't let you, forcing you over the edge into your orgasm.

    Your hands clawed at his back as you came. "That good, huh?"

    You laughed weakly, still coming down from your high. But you felt incomplete. "Cum inside me."

    "Understood," he said. It didn't take him long - he had been holding back just to ensure your satisfaction.

    After all was said and done, the man who's a bit too fast asked, "Was it too fast?"

    Reblogging is fine, but don't repost to Tumblr or any other platform without permission.

    Tags: @mintyrae

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    23.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Day 23 | Hawks | Kinktober 2021

    kinktober 2021 masterlist

    23rd October - Corruption

    paring: keigo takami x f!reader
    summary: you wanted hawks and hawks wanted you, but he held himself back because he was a hero. until he gets hit by a lust quirk and can’t hold back anymore
    words: 1.2k

    warnings: no spoilers for any season, 18+, smut, list quirk, unprotected, oral (f receiving).

    Keigo was an impulsive person, everyone knew that.

    So when he came home late from a mission with Dabi, it was no surprise to anyone.

    Knowing him he probably stopped off somewhere for coffee and forgot that the League requires debriefs too.

    It was no surprise that you ended up with the League, it was only a matter of time before your patience finally snapped and you started taking what you wanted by force.

    With the exception being Hawks. The number two Hero - you wanted him but you wouldn’t force him.

    You were a villain but you weren’t an asshole.

    The two of you had a special relationship to say the least, you’d flirt with him and watch him squirm.

    He knew you were off-limits for multiple reasons: you were a villain and he was a hero, he was here under cover to expose the League from the inside out, he couldn’t allow himself to get involved.

    No matter how many different ways you batted your eyelashes as him, or how you would make sexual innuendos while making direct eye contact with him.

    The sexual tension between you was palpable. He wanted you so badly and you wanted him, yet he always managed to find the strength to say ‘No’ to you.

    “There she is, now stop bugging me!” you heard Dabi growl, followed by a door slamming shut.

    It took you a second to realise he was talking about you, you barely had a chance to lift your eyes from your phone before you felt a pair of arms wrap around your neck from behind.

    Immediately you shrugged them off, not knowing who it was holding onto you, but when you heard a breathy, ‘No don’t’ you knew who it was.

    “What’s got into him?” Twice asked, you slowly moved yourself around with Hawk’s latched onto your side.

    He started trailing kisses up the side of your neck, you did your best not to have your eyes roll into the back of your head at the contact, not when the whole League was in front of you watching the scene unfold.

    “Got hit by a lust quirk,” Dabi shrugged as though he wasn’t phased by it in the slightest, “He’s been asking for you for hours,” he rolled his eyes and leaned over the bar and grabbed a bottle of dark liquid.

    Hawks’ kisses turned into bites and sucks, “A lust quirk? Weren’t you - ah! - with him too?” you moaned mid-sentence when he nibbled a sweet spot under your jaw.

    A wave of embarrassment went through you that your friends just heard that noise come from you.

    “I was, I’m just not dumb enough to get hit by it,” Dabi drunk deeply from the bottle.

    He was getting worse, his hands started to wander to places you’d only dreamt he’d touch, “Hawks, wait a minu-“ you tried to pry his hands off of you so you could stand up but he just gripped you tighter, “No!” he growled, and pulled you onto your feet roughly.

    It was like you were the only person in the room for him, like there weren’t another six people in the room watching him leave hickeys on your throat.

    “I’m done waiting!” he scooped you up and threw your body over his shoulder, spanking your ass harshly before marching off to your bedroom.

    The last thing you saw over his shoulder was Dabi’s amused smirk, Compress’ thumbs up, Twices wave and Shigiraki asking the room what the Hell was happening.

    The moment the door was closed he threw you onto your bed and started to take his clothes off, “Whoa, whoa,” you held your hands up to him as an attempt to slow him down, “Are you sure you want to do this?” you asked him with genuine care in your voice.

    At the same moment you asked the question he had just finished taking his top off. You didn’t even try to hide the fact you were staring at his well defined abdomen.

    “Are you kidding?” He laughed at you, running a hand through his golden locks before reaching for his belt, “You’ve teased me for months,” he unbuttoned his pants, “For months!” he slipped them down his thighs until they hit the floor.

    Getting the hint that this was going the whole way, you started to undress yourself as well while keeping an eye on him, “I’m so fucking horny right now the only thing I can think about is sinking my dick in you,” he panted like he’d just run ten miles.

    You were speechless. You’d waited for him to give in to what he really wanted and now that he was on top of you, completely naked, with your knees hooked over his shoulders, it was better than anything your brain could imagine.

    He kissed the inside of your thigh and trailed down to your bare core, taking in every noise you made.

    He was painfully hard and needed to feel you around him, but he at least wanted to taste you first. He pressed his tongue flat against your folds and licked upwards, making you moan.

    An open mouthed smirk crept up onto his face as he pushed his tongue into you, groaning the moment your wetness touched your tastebuds.

    He fucked you on his tongue for a while, rubbing little circles on your clit to make you buck your hips into him, but he couldn’t take it anymore.

    “Need to be in you,” was the only warning you got before he collected your juices on his cock head and slipped himself inside you.

    You both moaned and he immediately set the pace, it was rough and feverish, as though if he stopped fucking you then he would die.

    “Oh fuck,” he moaned as he pistoned his member in and out of you. He used your thighs to pull you back onto him and push himself in you even deeper.

    All the teasing and flirtatious comments were worth it, your skin was on fire and you could feel your orgasm sneaking up on you quickly - you wanted to blame the work he had done with his tongue but you knew it was because of how much you wanted this.

    “H-Hawks! I-I-“ you stuttered and he immediately went faster, rubbing your clit carelessly with his thumb, he felt you spasm around him until your whole body was shaking and you came around his cock.

    Once you’d come down enough for your limbs not to be jelly anymore, he flipped you over onto your stomach but pulled you up by your hips so your ass was in the air.

    “Gonna make you regret teasing me so much!” he hammered into you, it was unnatural how fast he was fucking you - then you felt a gust of wind and realised he was using his wings to help him with momentum.

    He was close too, he knew it but he wanted it to last longer, it was like an itch that he’d finally been able to scratch. Nothing would compare to this feeling.

    His hips stuttered and you heard him grunting loudly, he was absolutely feral for you and you loved it.

    A few more harsh thrusts and you felt his cock throb against your wall and a warmth spread through you. A breathy whine later and you realised he’d come inside of you.

    He pulled out of you quickly and rolled you over so he could gaze at your blissed out expression.

    Your eyes started to flutter closed but he shook your leg, “Hey!” it startled you out of the slumber that was consuming you, “I’m not done with you yet.”.

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  • lou-struck
    23.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Strawberry Thief

    Keigo Takami x f reader

    - Your rooftop garden has been subjected to a crime, now you must take matters into your own hands to find the culprit.

    WC 1100+

    Sorry if you saw this already, I forgot to queue it.

    You’ve always had a green thumb, there was something nurturing about caring for a plant and bringing it forth to fruition till it was ripe enough to bear fruit. So after moving into your apartment, you basically begged your landlord to let you use the unused roof of the complex to make a rooftop garden. Your landlord was a cute older gentleman and he said yes once he saw how good you were with plants and how darn good your cookies are (A little bribery never hurt anyone).

    This rooftop was your baby, every day before work you would make sure to water before the sun came up and any weed that grew was quickly struck down. Your crops always yielded good spoils, but the real showstopper was your strawberries. They always turned out huge and juicy thanks to your hard work. But as time went on, you noticed that your plants were producing less and less of the favorite fruit.

    Was it bugs? You didn’t think so, with all your monitoring there is no way an insect infestation or a spare slug was able to pass through your impenetrable border. In fact, it looked as if your strawberries had been clipped right off of its stem, carefully and neatly.

    You were the only person to have a key to the roof aside from the landlord, who never would bother to climb that many stairs so your Strawberry Thief remains a mystery. At this moment you were more curious than anything else. So you decided to find out what exactly was happening to your sweet red berries.

    One summer night when the air was warm and the sky was clear, you decided to sit in the shadows of the rooftop waiting for something to happen. For an hour or two, there was nothing, until there was a small movement and a dark streak heading toward your garden beds. Springing to your feet you go to see what it was only to see a single red feather take to the sky with one of your berries stuck to it. It happened almost too quickly that if you blinked, you would have missed it. But now you seem to know who exactly has been taking your berries, the Winged Hero Hawks. Knowing that there wasn't anything you could do that night, you decided to head in for the night feeling relieved that your berries were not really in danger. But maybe you could have a little fun with this knowledge and just mess with the Hero for a bit.

    The next evening after weeding and watering your garden you got to work. Your plan was to make a quick barrier around your Strawberry plants with garden-safe material so as to not hurt them. This would prevent the Bird from getting into your plants anymore. Finishing up, you put your hands tougher feeling very proud of the work that you have done. Unaware of the figure behind you. Turning around, your face hits something solid, looking up you meet the handsome face of your strawberry thief, the Winged Hero Hawks.

    He smiles down at you warmly with a hint of mischief in his honey-colored eyes. “Hey there, How's your evening going?”

    You look at him very confusedly. “You took my fruit,” you say quietly almost hoping he didnt hear you.

    “I guess I did, he says rubbing the back of his head. “If it’s any consolation, I didnt think anyone would mind that one or two went missing.” he says almost embarrassed to be caught.

    His bashful reactions make it easier for you to compose yourself. Feeling emboldened, you decide to mess with him a bit. “I thought Heros were supposed to uphold the law, not go against it.” you laugh sitting down looking at him intently.

    “I guess that wasn’t very heroic of me then.” he grins “How can I make it up to you, miss…”

    “Y/n, It doesn’t matter to me that much I just wanted to know who was taking them, besides,” you say leaning back, “I thought Heros could afford their own produce, if this isn’t the case then by all means keep at it.”

    “But yours taste so much better than the one’s at the store!” he exclaims earnestly. Your face heating up at his words. It’s hard to be angry at someone like him, someone so free and charismatic.

    “Are they really?” you question.

    “Absolutely, but I am sorry for taking them though, I won’t do it again,” he says shifting his weight, his wings slightly rippled with a small breeze. His feathers are so beautiful to look at, you’ve really never seen him up close like this. You are staring a little too much.

    “You don’t have to apologize, I’m glad you like them. But they weren’t ready yet,” you say snapping back to your senses

    “What do you mean? It was one of the best strawberries I have ever had,” he questions, raising a think brow.

    “Don’t you have a patrol to do Hero?” you ask attempting to shake off his question.

    “I just got off and was trying to grab a little snack for the road. Before I got distracted by a very pretty gardener.” he winks.

    “Do you think you can change the topic by flirting your way out of it?” you ask not being able to hide the blush on your cheeks.

    “I don’t know, is it working?” he asks although you arent sure, there seems to be a flash of nervousness across his face quickly replaced by a cutely crooked grin.

    “I’d say it is.” you say smiling back at him.” But, it still doesn’t excuse the fact that you don’t believe that the strawberries could’ve been better.”

    “You still want to show me?” he questions, its quick but you can still make out a relieved smile. Perhaps the media is a little bold in their claim of his womanizing tendencies.

    “Only if you want to, as I said before, they aren’t ready yet.” you tell him unable to keep the smile on your face.

    “When would they be ready?”

    “Tomorrow....” you say unsure of his response

    “Hmmm, interesting.” he croons “Then will I see you tomorrow night?” a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

    “I guess so.” You breathe out not believing that this is happening to you.

    “I look forward to it.” he smiles wishing you a goodnight as he takes off leaving you awestruck staring after him till he becomes a small speck lost to the brightness of the moon.

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    23.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Sako: You two need to stop doing weird things. Going out might help.

    Dabi: We went to the park today.

    Sako: There you go! I hope you got something from that.

    Hawks, opening his coat: Yeah, this duck.

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    23.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Art Has Its Own Language

    Art Has Its Own Language by Kairin16

    He dies just for a second, I swear

    Spooktober Day 23: Ghost

    Words: 579, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 23 of Spooktober 2021

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: Major Character Death

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Takami Keigo | Hawks, Toga Himiko

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Demons

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34680529

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    23.10.2021 - 10 hours ago
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    23.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Art Has Its Own Language

    Art Has Its Own Language by Kairin16

    He dies just for a second, I swear

    Spooktober Day 23: Ghost

    Words: 579, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 23 of Spooktober 2021

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: Major Character Death

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Takami Keigo | Hawks, Toga Himiko

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Demons

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34680529

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  • kawaiixpastelx
    23.10.2021 - 10 hours ago


    Cw // yandere, stalking, unhealthy relationships

    Snap. The sound of a camera clicking echos in the dark room, the flash momentarily blinding. Taking a few more pictures on phone, camera switching to video he hits record.

    Quietly stalking forward to get a close up. His love was so pretty the prettiest man he’s even seen. Long snow white hair, small plump lips as soft as silk, he knows he’s brushed his thumb across them. Skin of silky moon painted with blotches of the night skin on his wrists, another just below his eyelids. He always rubs burn cream on them, his baby doesn’t do it right. He’s such a good future husband taking care of his betrothed even before they’re married.

    Zooming in on his love making sure to capture the light flush on his cheeks. He turns his head gazing out the window. Its almost sunrise he has to go so soon. Leaving his baby alone and vulnerable is always upsetting, always disheartening. But he’ll be back, he always comes back for his baby.

    Smiling down at him long sharp teeth glistening as he bends down to inhale the scent of warm spice and warm books. His mate always smells so pretty, its the only thing that can calm him down. Inhaling that intoxicating scent just one more time he stands, putting his phone away and picking up his love’s phone. Going into settings after typing in the password he makes sure the tracking device and one way camera was still on. A low happy trill sounds as he sees the hidden app is still active. This way when he leaves he can still keep tabs on his precious baby bird. Who knows what kind of trouble his snowbird might attract? Setting the phone down exactly as he found it he kisses his loves under-eye. The burn cream taking effect soothing and cooling the skin, the smell of mint filling his senses. It cost him extra to cancel out the medicated scent of the cream but it was worth it, only the best for his snowbird.

    Wings twitching, Keigo immediately coos lowly and brushes a strand of white hair. His love always whimpers in his sleep when its time for him to leave. Almost as if his absence saddens his little snowbird. Keigo could imagine it now. His fire bird sprawled in bed. Their bed, naked, open, waiting. Ready, for Keigo to hold as he takes him. Opens him wide as he thrusts inside, seeing every vulnerable emotion in those beautiful blue orbs. As beautiful and vibrant as lightning in the starry night sky as the rain downpours.

    Those eyes. What Keigo wouldn’t give to see those eyes up close as they daze. Lust curling like a cat’s tail as breeds him. Fills him with thick ropes of seed, stretching his slim hips and waist until he’s round. Until he looks swollen, swollen like he is with child. Keeping him pumped and swole with cum until he really was carrying their first of many, hatchlings. So heavy and round with their first batch of chicks its hard for him to stand. Hard for him to breathe with how much weight them press him down with. How plump his thighs and behind will grow to be.

    His mate will finally look healthier if he does, his hips will spread out. Making it easier to give birth to their offspring to their hatchlings. ‘Our hatchlings,’ Keigo can’t help think fondly as he flies out of his mates apartment. Flying into his empty residence he strips down going into the shower, hand gripping his member trilling and purring possessively as he imagines Touya on his knees for him. Sucking and slurping until his skin felt like it was coming off. Loud pants leaving him as he climaxes to the sight of his cum coating Touya’s face.

    Body going slack as he begins to fall from his high. A sad warble leaving him. His predatory half wishes his mate were here, /he/ wishes his mate was here. But he can’t risk being discovered, not yet, the time just isn’t right. His love’s immune system was about to hurt him again. He just had to wait until the right time. The right time when he was vulnerable. When his body would start with coughing leading to him hacking until he needed a breathing machine. Its only a matter of time after that that his mate would need to be on bed rest. Body too weak to support itself enough to stand. He’s have to help his sweet little love again. He risked it once. Just once. His love had finally came back from an outing with friends. He held out for so long, he was so strong his mate. Not wanting them to worry. So thoughtful. But so stupid. As soon as the door closed he fell down hacking and coughing his lungs up. If it weren’t for Keigo watching him from the rooftops, his feathers hidden throughout the small apartment. They alerted Keigo to his mate falling down in front of the breathing machine struggling.

    Keigo moved faster than he even knew he could turning his mate over uncaring to being found out. He had to be careful his long talons could do more damage if he wasn’t careful. He hooked his life mate to the machine and waited for his chest to rise and fall evenly. His mates eyes opened glossy and unfocused. He flinched at first and Keigo was quick to coo at him. Lifting him by his head and lower back cradling him in his arms. Getting drunk off his scent alone. His mate was so cold, colder than usual and it unnerved him. But he had to remain calm his mate needed him and he did need him. Because his mate looked at him with a fearful and bleary eyed dazed expression and Keigo knew he couldn’t just leave him. So he didn’t. He took care of his mate. Feed him, gave him water with a bit of his favorite fruit added. Pomegranate and green apple juices stirred in with blueberries inside. His mate only liked water cold with fruit’s so he made sure to prepare it special each time. Those moments were so special it almost made him glad his mate had such a weak compromised immune system. His quirk not matching his delicate body. It showed just how much his mate needed him. And Keigo was so happy to be needed. He enjoyed every minute of taking care of /Touya/. He bathed him carefully, mindful to not peak at his lower half or that delectable chest, how he wanted to stare, to touch, to grope, to suck and nibble on. Mark until everyone knew Touya was only /his/! But he didn’t! He was a good mate! He could wait until it was their first time, it would be worth that wait. His mate completely conscious of wanting him, choosing him as his mate, /giving every part of his being/ to Keigo. He remembers his mate starring at him so vulnerably and with such longing. Those eyes, oh those /eyes/ would be the death of him. It was the last day he was at his love’s apartment. He had just got Touya dressed when his siblings knocked on his door. Key entering the lock he stood quickly, feathers going back to their hiding places as he pulled the blanket over Touya to keep him warm. But as soon as he moved away, his love grabbed his arm, eyes bleary and dazed as he was sitting up halfway. Keigo wanted to cry, his mate was touching him.

    His mate didn’t want him to leave, his mate /liked/ how he took care of him. Does this mean he did a good job? Does this mean he really /was/ a good mate? His heart was soaring, tongue trilling before he could stop it. But then he heard footsteps and he made a pained warble. Hand unlacing his mates from his arm and quickly darting out the window. Listening in from his feathers as his mate was bombarded with questions and care by his siblings. Keigo couldn’t be mad at them, they were being good siblings, doting on their big brother. Stepping in now that Keigo had to watch from a distance. He could hear and see, thanks to his avian traits, inside his loves room. He still held an arm out in his direction eyes still unfocused and body struggling to sit up. His sister pushed him into a laying position and pulled the covers over him. Keigo stayed to watch his love more closely after that. Selling his large luxury penthouse for a more smaller more homey penthouse. It was much closer to his mates home being only a two minute walking distance, by flight alone it took him less than a minute to get there. Living right across the street from his mate was perfect. But still too far away. He wanted his mate in his arms laying against his chest as he remained cocooned safe in his wings, inside their nest. Another sad warble left him as he finished putting on his tank top moving to dry his hair. Standing at the window looking into Touya’s window a dreamy sigh leaving him. He can’t wait until he gets Touya in his nest. He’ll never let him leave. Well maybe to visit his siblings he couldn’t imagine making his mate sad by not letting him see them. With all the time Keigo has spent watching and protecting Touya, he’s noticed the Todoroki siblings are extremely close. They honestly treat Touya like their mother instead of their brother. Especially the younger two. Sure his sister drags him shopping and makes him go to the spa. Something Keigo thoroughly enjoyed because he stole one of the employees outfits and name tags and spent the whole day tailoring to his love. He made sure his love had his face down or his eyes closed when he took care of him. Judging the sounds his love made he /definitely/ enjoyed every moment of it as well. Keigo knows he sure did, sneaking off to release his spend in the bathroom stalls. Saddened that he couldn’t keep it all locked inside his love. His belly would look so round and /beautiful/ if he got the chance to bend him over and breed him. He’d make sure to coat his walls every few hours. They’d have hatchlings as soon as his love gives him the okay. He’d keep him round and full for the rest of their lives so long as his love, his life mate, /his Touya/ gives him the say so.

    So caught in a daydream and memories, Keigo misses the shadow enter Touya’s apartment. It takes a few moments but the second he hears shuffling then a moment of silence before a scream echos and the sound of scuffles he’s flying straight into Touya’s bedroom. Eyes glowing a burning gold as they pin, talons extended, ready to slice the intruder foolish enough to endanger /his/ mate. The sight of Touya’s beautifully vibrant blue eyes shaking from fear as he holds a baseball bat in shaking hands. His poor baby! His immune system is already beginning to shut down! He has to get this /intruder this disease, this /vermin/, out of his mates home immediately!

    Growling Keigo darts forward sinking his teeth into the mans throat. He recognizes this man. He was a known serial killer from another prefecture. He often went after women with animal quirks. What was he doing going after /his/ Touya! It only takes a second for Keigo to snap the mans neck with his jaws before growling in victory and dropping him. Dull thud echoing before the sound of a bat touching the floor makes his eyes widen. ‘Oh no…’ Touya…Touya watched him kill a man. He.. He may never forgive him for this. He’ll be scared of him! ‘No no no no no no!!’ Turning his head around in fear he tries to wipe the blood off his lips. “I- I” Touya’s eyes are blurry and Keigo’s whole world falls apart as he mistakes it for fear. Touya’s afraid of him its the only reason he’s crying it has to be!

    But then.. Touya moves forward on wobbly legs and embraces Keigo. And Keigo is so stunned only his wings closes around Touya off instinct.

    “I knew you were real, I knew I felt you watching me.”

    His eyebrows touch his hairline with how shocked he is at the statement. “Huh…you-you knew I was watching you?”

    A shaky nod is his answer before Touya’s legs finally give way and Keigo effortlessly picks him up. Holding him close as he rushes him to his bed. Sliding him underneath and rushing to turn his breathing machine on. But Touya weakly grips his arm and tugs him closer. Keigo puts the mask on Touya’s face and holds him close. His ear listening to Keigo’s heartbeat as he inhales the oxygen body relaxing. It takes a few minutes but Touya moves the mask after a few minutes. Keigo is about to protest when soft silky lips kiss his nose. He blushes furiously a happy and surprised chirp leaving him.

    Touya’s smile aimed at him makes his wings puff into a mating pose and he feels his body heat sky rocket. “You were always watching me, making sure I was safe. I didn’t notice when you started, but I did notice a feather in my bed. It was after you had taken care of me. You scared me at first but then.. you looked at me like you .. like you cared… and i wanted you to look at me like that again. You made me feel safe when I was sick. You smiled the entire time. No ones ever looked at me or taken care of me the way you did. I knew it had to be you, you were the one who massaged me and took care of me at the spa right?? That was you wasn’t it? Your hands are so warm. I knew it was you both times. I knew because you feel like /him/. Like- Keigo..Is-is it you Keigo-kun? kei-chan?”

    Hand lifting eyes bleary Touya touches Keigo’s face. Hand reaching up to the eye markings and then the pluamge of his hair and Keigo freezes. How..

    “That day in high school I felt your hair and the feathers in them. They were so soft I could only make out the color red. Your scent was something I /could/ never forget. You smelled of the forest so deep and rich. You helped me find my way home and after that I felt your presence every day. Always at a distance. I’ll admit it made me reliant on you. I knew i was Never in any Real danger because you always were a few steps behind me. Keeping me safe. My vision started getting better that night you took care of me. I could see red after I felt your touch and I just /knew/ hoped, that it was you. Then you made that cute bird noise.”

    Giggling Touya glides his fingers through blonde locs, hand resting so tenderly on Hawks wing he shudders from the vibrations that ripple through his being at the simple touch of his mate. “How..you.. how did you find out it was me..?”

    “My brother Natsu saw you once. He wanted to call the police but I convinced him not to. I convinced my siblings you weren’t gonna hurt me. Its why Yumi didn’t lock the window or close it after you flew out that night. She saw you watching me and told me to lay down when she saw you perched on the rooftop. She found it a little cute even. Natsu and Shosho were a little upset. They want to read you the riot act. Scare you make sure you don’t hurt their big brother.”

    Grip tightening Keigo looks panicked, “ I would never!! I..”

    “I know.. i’m so glad you stopped hiding. I finally get to touch you again. I’m so happy.”

    “Wait! Snow please!”

    Touya shakes his head smiling as his fingers travel down Keigo’s back to the plush of feathers on his lower back making him shudder. As his other hand blindly reaches for Keigo’s feet.

    “Please don’t i-.”

    “They told me.. I know. Let me see them please?”

    A worried warble leaves Keigo, but after a few minutes he lifts his foot and lets Touya feel. Soft fingers trace the scaled and feathered feet. Keigo kept his feet hidden because they look like actual bird feet. Talons included.

    “So pretty,” Touya says it so childlike. And Keigo can’t help but let tears fall. He never wanted his mate to see this side of him. He was glad he couldn’t fully see because he worries he wouldn’t love him with bird features. But his mate, his beautiful loving wonderful mate was so accepting.



    “Stay, please? Don’t leave me again..I missed you.”

    “Oh baby no no no. I never left! I just waited until you were sleep! I always held you every night! I was never far away! I live across the street I can see in here perfectly! I always know where you are! Your phone I um well I had to make sure you were safe!! So I put a tracking device in it and the camera well.. I see throughout from my phone.. hehe… wait don’t be mad! I did it because i had to protect you!”

    Frowning a little Touya sighs rolling bleary eyes. “I know bird brain. You left the app open one night and Little Shoushou saw. He said you were a terrible stalker for leaving a clue behind haha.” Smiling Touya pulls Keigo toward him, “Kei-kun,” blushing Keigo gulps smelling arousal on his mate. “Y-yes Tou?”

    “Sleep with me.”

    Breath hitching Keigo’s wings shoot open and hovers above Touya. “Are you sure…I won’t stop when we start.”

    Moving his arms around Keigo’s neck Touya kisses him and thats all the answer Keigo needs. Taloned fingers slips Touya’s pants off, then his own. Disconnecting their lips to remove their shirts. Keigo slides his underwear off before taking Touya’s off as well and “ooh snowfire, you look so beautiful.” Touya blushes eyes hazing with lust. Keigo bends down to kiss his perky rose buds. Licking them, swirling his tongue as his hands slide behind Touya’s shoulders. Wings twitching in excitement as his length throbs. Touya’s moans sound so sweet the vibrations turning him on even more. Nipping the bud sucking when his eyes meet leaking blues. “Please kei- ah, please I-i’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Please— i need you in me, please” Sucking in a gasp, Touya moans body going rigid as Keigo begins to enter into him. Hands slide up to his chest cupping them gingerly, rubbing his thumb in a circular motion easing the tension in them.

    His body heating further as Keigo trails his lips down to his ribcage. Biting hard enough to leave his mark but not enough to bleed. Hand moving toward his tail feathers, Keigo uses the oil they produce and lathers his member, taking the same oily hand and rubbing said oil in his mates hair. Now he’ll smell exactly like Keigo! No one will try and claim his mate since he’ll smell marked. A purr leaves Keigo as he rubs his nose on Touya’s belly staring at his mates slim figure he licks his lips hungrily. He can’t wait to fuck that up. By the time he’s done Touya will be positively /round/ with cum! He’s going to breed him, he’s going to breed him, oh gosh his dreams are coming true he’s going to breed him! Body shuddering in lust Keigo presses a kiss to Touya’s belly finally, “nnghh uuhh Touya-kuunn,” groaning Keigo can’t help but sink all the way inside. Finally he was inside his mate, he’s waited for this day for a long time. Ever since he helped him home he’s been waiting for this day. Oh gosh he could spend eternity like this and it wouldn’t be enough. His mate, he feels so wonderful, so warm, so hot, so wet, so… so fertile. Smirking he dips his tongue inside his mates belly button. Pressing a kiss after, murmuring, “love please, please let me breed you, i promise i’ll be everything you could ever need. Just me, you, and our hatchlings.” Pressing his forehead against Touya’s he beams with satisfaction and elation. Because he said- “Yesss ngh Kei-kun, Kei-kun move please !! Ahhh There there right thereeee.” Kissing his love he moves his hand to his belly feeling his print perfectly on his mates flat belly as he begins to thrust in and out. A feather placed on his mates chest to keep track of his heartbeat and breathing. Hey, What kind of mate would he be if he didn’t keep his mates health in check?

    Thrusting in and out of his love he feels pre-cum begin to leak out at a faster pace. And no matter how much he wants this to last longer, they have all the time in the world to practice. Mentally he encourages his body to produce as much pre-cum as he can. The beginnings of a small swell starting to form under his palm as Touya’s body accepts every drop of his seed. Touya tightens around Hawks as he cums, his own useless spend covering their bellies as his body jerks forward. Keigo’s spend pouring into him in thick spurts of white rope. Making both of them shudder in ecstasy. Keigo keeps thrusting inside him, he won’t let a drop out, he won’t stop until his mate is thoroughly marked, thoroughly bred, until his belly is so swelled with cum that he /feels/ like he is pregnant. He’s going to ruin that slim body, he’ll only ever know the feeling of being full with Keigo’s cum and litter of hatchlings. He won’t be able to move because he’s so swollen and when he has that hatchling he’s going to fuck another one inside him. And if they end up with a full nest of chicks well, he makes a lot of money he’s filthy rich now, he can afford it.

    “Kei-kun, Kei-kun keep going please, feel so good, feel so full, feel full of you, more please! I want more!” Tears continue to leak from Touya’s eyes as he thrusts weakly onto Keigo and Keigo trills and sings happily. His mate is so perfect. Just for him. Only for him.

    He bends back down going back to sucking on his mates nipples that have yet to experience the joys of a suckling child. But thats okay, Keigo can show him, for now. When they have their first chick, Keigo can learn to share, its their bundle of joy after all.

    Using his feathers he uses the cover of the dead of night to dispose of the body. Setting it in his apartment. He’ll have to clean and burn the body later. His love’s blue fire can do it. But he’ll have to be careful about it, he doesn’t want his mate hurting. Good thing he bought a large supply of burn cream. If he chops the body up first it’ll be easier on his mate. Purring, he moves down pressing kisses to his mates distended belly as he rubs the sides of the firm swell. A kiss matching each thrust as he continues to pump rope after rope of cum into his mate. The scent of his /fully/ marked mate satiating the burning coil of need in his belly for the moment. He’ll mark his neck after this round, he wants his belly to grow as much as possible. He has to get their brood of nestlings started sooner rather than later.

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  • shadow-warren-whump
    23.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Snapped Control

    The Hero Public Safety Commission kept meticulous tabs on their Hero. No toe was allowed out of line. If he was being honest, Hawks had no idea why that punishment had been chosen. All he knew was that this specific one tended to make things worse for him.

    Read on AO3!!

    #whumptober2021 #no.20 #solitary confinement #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #fic#keigo takami#hawks #pro hero hawks #if nothing else #at least adore the cover i made #i think its beautiful
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  • madnesslove12
    23.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    This is the idea of story and i request, that i have but i want other versions of this story.

    TW :abuse, strip club, noncon hit and keigo will buy the reader for himself

    hawks gonna Several shades of purple rages in the room, steam giving an atmosphere accompanied by bass music that can be heard in the background. figures dancing under the lights.

    at the bottom, there a door. Opening the door, the silence is awkward, but despite taking place in the meeting.

    “good The money is cash like you asked, hope you get what i want in return"

    "I don't know for you to tell me"

    Remains with a serious and even annoyed face.

    "check what's in it"

    held out the bag to a guard without leaving the imp who is in front of him in a relaxed position has the situation. The latter wants to be sure of what is found really in this bag.

    A creaking sound enters the room, but that did not insist on these two colleagues to direct towards the source.

    "Ah! you blinked your eyes, I won"

    the man is more annoyed.

    "Hey ! don't be a bad player, I am nice, I give you your reward ".

    he indicates the wise man still digging in.

    in the middle of this tension, they appear in the light which is above the two men.

    Always with the same expression, was not paying attention to this last, nor to the glass on the table.

    Keigo, on the contrary, my eyes on these. marks are on the surface on your body, a depressed expression is stuck on your face.

    "hey! where are you going like that, little bird, can i know your name? "

    you have your gaze on the ground, as Reflex, gave his name, but you remain silent, he strokes your hand with curiosity.

    "it's y/n, my new worker"

    the exit door is right there, but you don't move not knowing what, or because of fear if you dare to leave.

    Noticing her interest he continues this information unaware if keigo is listening.

    "His mother gave it to me at a big price but I think I made a mistake because they refuse to serve customers."

    "mmh ~ virgin I guess ~ "

    " yeah "

    *it turns out*

    "keep the money I found something more valuable "

    it takes a moment to understand the situation, with confusion

    " very well * expire * "I will wish good luck taking care of it "

    wow he thought it was going to be easy to have you like that, especially the manager's attitude.

    In a married position, he breathes your scent

    "mmh ~ * chuckles * yeah * kiss your neck * ~~ I'm going to take care of my new toy ~ * chuckle *.

    a new home awaits you now

    #yandere hawks #yandere hawks x reader #hawks imagine#bnha hawks #yandere keigo x reader #keigo x reader #takami keigo #boku no hero fanfic #mha fanfiction #mha x reader #mha imagines #my hero acadamy #dark fanfiction
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    say sike rn

    creds to @ sugoiiboy on insta !

    (repost cause she deleted)

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    He's Only Six

    he's only six by nae maeumdaero

    “We're only making him start early,” she shrugged off as if making a six year old kill another human being was as normal as breathing.

    “He's only six!” Kaina retorted in anger.

    “And you were even younger,” says the president, like the revelation doesn't matter, as if that should be something Kaina should be proud of -- an achievement of some sort.

    Words: 2315, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Tsutsumi Kaina | Lady Nagant, Takami Keigo | Hawks, Hero Public Safety Commission President

    Relationships: Tsutsumi Kaina | Lady Nagant & Takami Keigo | Hawks, Lady Nagant & Takami Keigo | Hawks

    Additional Tags: Hero Public Safety Commission Bashing, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Pre-Canon, Canon-Typical Violence, Blood and Violence, Adopted Sibling Relationship, kaina treats keigo as her baby brother, i will die defending this hill, Character Death, its the hpsc president, Kid Takami Keigo | Hawks

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34676644

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    go for it Touya ! by me :)

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  • hhawks
    23.10.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #tw: yandere#tw: breeding #hawks x reader #hawks mha#hawks smut #keigo x reader #keigo takami #keigo takami smut #mha smut #hera loves hawks #hawks baby <3
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  • incorrect-league-of-villains
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    Hawks: Hey, are you still pissed?

    Tomura: Do you think this voodoo doll looks enough like Dabi to actually work?

    #incorrect lov #its not even a voodoo doll its just one of those UglyDolls with purple paint on it #plot twist he just gives dabi a four-fingered pat on the head #shigaraki tomura#bnha hawks#takami keigo#dabi
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    incubus hawks for spooky month 😈🧡

    #i completely forgot to post this here bc i was tired last night LOL #bnha#mha #boku no hero academia #my hero academia #anime#bnha fanart#hawks#fanart#keigo takami#rarainks#hawksbnha#hawksmha#hawks mha #wing hero hawks #mha takami keigo #keigotakami#bnha keigo#kei#takami keigo#keigo#takami#drawtober#arttober#spooktober#halloween#incubus
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    Another for the @hawksbigbang! This one is for @transhawks‘s fic, Minutes to Midnight.

    #mha#hawks#takami keigo#toga himiko#bnha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #kibbles art
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