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  • animated-moon
    23.10.2021 - 8 hours ago


    contains — fluff ?? angst ?? both, swearing (once), some characters appear twice because i’m bad at deciding

    They apologize for making you worried, for making you frustrated because of how careless they are. They apologize for always putting themselves in danger, yet they do it over and over again.

    Takemichi, Chifuyu, Baji, Mikey

    They apologize for not being able to express their emotions more often. They want you to know that they love you so so much, but they hate to feel so vulnerable. Give them some time, they’re trying their best.

    Souya (Angry), Kisaki, Izana, Draken, Rindou

    They apologize for “looking so fucking scrumptious”

    Ran, Hanma

    They apologize for not doing enough for you, but they’re doing so much more than enough. They apologize because you deserve so much, yet they feel like they aren’t treating you like that. Tell them it’s okay, please.

    Kokonoi, Hakkai, Atsushi (Akkun), Takuya, Chifuyu

    They apologize for not spending enough time with you “as a good partner should”. They apologize for being made to work overtime, for being needed at work during cuddle sessions and not being able to be there for you at all times, but you know that they’d drop everything and rush to you in a heartbeat.

    Inui, Kakucho, Baji, Draken, Naoto, Shinichiro, Mitsuya

    They don’t (but you know they want to)

    Sanzu, Kazutora, Nahoya (Smiley), Ran, Hanma

    They don’t (and they mean it)

    Also Hanma

    taglist (send ask to join) : @ryukenny @mqnjiro @ranisastripperpole @kyoutxni @escapenightmare

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  • kakuchew
    23.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Good night headcanon!

    Fairy Inui being carried around in Koko’s pocket and flying out to zip into people’s faces when he hears them be rude to Kōko; Koko ends up gently grabbing him and shoving him back into his pocket hissing, “Inupi, no!”

    This happens to Takemichi almost all the time when inui mistakes his joking with koko as insults and the poor guy has a tiny fairy tinkling angrily in his face

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  • ashli-kiwii-626
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Tokyo Revengers Headcanons, Oneshots, and Scenarios part 8

    When They Kabedon You


    - Traps you against a wall

    - Spotted a bag in your hands

    Mikey: What's that (nickname)?


    Mikey: For me right?

    - Stares intensely at you

    - You start to feel fluster by this

    - You hand him the bag

    - Takes it, digs out a dorayaki, unwraps it, and begins to eat it

    "Can I leave now Mikey?"

    Mikey: No.


    - He slammed his hands against the wall behind you

    - You jumped and looked up at him

    - He makes a scary face at you


    Draken: When was your birthday again?


    Draken: Your birthday, what date is it on?

    - You give him a deadpan expression

    "You almost gave me a heart attack!"


    - Slammed a fist against the wall, leaving a hole in it

    - You jumped and looked at him

    "That poor wall."

    Baji: Where was that group of kittens you saw the other day?

    - You blinked at him

    - You blink some more

    "Couldn't you have just asked me like a normal person?"

    Baji: Where are they?

    - You sigh and lead him over to a bush you last saw the kittens at

    - He squats down and calls out to one of the kittens

    - It meows at him and walks over to him, wanting to be pet

    - You can't help but think how cute the kittens are

    Baji: Oh, you can leave now (Y/n)

    "But I'm the one who found them first."

    - He ignores you for now and pays attention to the kittens that were now surrounding him


    - You were sitting up against a wall, playing Tetris on your phone

    - Chifuyu placed his hands on the wall above your head, looking down at you

    Chifuyu: Hey there


    - He waited for you to say more

    - You continued to play Tetris

    - He let out a sigh

    Chifuyu: How am I going to show you how to properly do a kabedon when you're playing Tetris?


    - You pause the game

    "You can try to swoon me now."

    - He sighs and removes his hands from the wall

    Chifuyu: I'm going home

    - He starts walking away

    "Wait up Chifuyu!"


    - You guys were the last to leave the club room

    - Mitsuya stopped you before you could leave

    "Yeah Takashi?"

    - He traps you and gives you a smirk

    - You feel your face heat up

    Mitsuya: (Y/n), there's something I want to ask you

    "What is it?"

    - He takes a deep breath

    Mitsuya: Can I use you as a model for a dress I'm designing?

    - You deadpan

    Mitsuya: Please (Y/n)."

    - You sigh and agree to it

    Souta (Angry)

    - He wanted to try to kabedon but his poor heart wouldn't let him

    - He got somewhat close but when you looked at him he put his arms down

    "Souta? Did you need something?"

    Angry: N...no

    Kazutora (Timeskip)

    - You made him follow you into a alley because it was a shortcut to your house

    - He thought he should get you back from the other day and trapped you against one of the alley walls

    Kazutora: (Y/n)

    - His voice sent chills down your spine


    Random voice: Are you okay over there?! I'm calling the cops!

    "I'm fine! You don't need to call the police!"

    - Kazutora put his hands down and quickly backed away from you

    - He was a little embarrassed now

    "Couldn't you have try to do that somewhere else that wasn't a dark alley?

    Kazutora: I thought it was a good opportunity since your guard was down

    - You laugh and tell him he could try again some other time

    Kazutora: I'm not going to try now since you already know it's coming

    "Aw! Come on! I want to be like the girls in Shojo manga!

    - He starts walking off without you

    - You quickly ran to catch up with him


    - He traps you after he put out his cigarette

    - You look up at him

    "You know Hanma, you're pretty tall. You look like a giraffe"

    Hanma: And your dad is built like a baked bean (Y/n) <3

    - You gut punched him

    "Bake bean that! Bake bean that!"

    - You walk away from him as he held his stomach

    - He smirked to himself


    - He traps you and gives you flirty eyebrows

    Hina: Takemichi? (Y/n)? What are you guys doing?

    "Takemichi was just practicing his moves on me so he could use them on you later Hina!"

    - Takemichi freaks out

    Takemichi: They're lying Hina

    - Hina gives him a scary look

    - He gulps and you laugh

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  • fabitani
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago



    it’s your property, fully developed in his scent.

    sonmophilia? is that really so?

    just a ready up before building his own empire, with you being the base.

    looking up at him with doll eyes, fully black irises staring up at him with his thumb down your throat, tongue grinding on the soft skin.


    the afterlife of you being fucked back into submission, along with your friend..

    watch what happens when you disobey and try to dominate him instead, slutty brat forced into submission.

    you look so beautiful and innocent on that counter table, too pretty for ‘zana not to ruin.

    watch ‘slow and affectionate’ sex turn into one where you’re sore for a week.


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  • dogwater102802
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Only You Can Do It

    platonic Takemichi x gn reader

    a/n: I got my lip pierced today, and I feel so awkward trying to eat

    word count: 299

    Takemichi was never one to open up to his small group of friends. Knowing that probably only half of them would take him seriously. Of course he wouldn’t be able to tell them anyways, they would surely think he’s gone mad.

    With you though, Takemich always felt that he never needed to hold anything back. You’d always be there to listen to him, that’s why whenever he had any ounce of doubt, he would go running to you. Always at the same spot, at the same exact time. Takemichi would drag you off to the park, late at night so no one would disturb you. Always starting off with a small conversation about how your days have gone, and then turning into a competition to see who could swing the highest. Soon everything dies out when Takemichi voices his concerns.

    “I don’t get it.” He started, gaze lifting up to watch the stars twinkle around the sky. “Why am I still alive? After everything that’s happened to me?” He finished, turning his attention towards you. You watched the boy as he looked at you hopelessly for an answer. And you honestly didn’t have one.

    Silence overtook the playground except for an occasional noise from a nearby animal looking around for a late night snack.

    “Well,” You said, trying to form the right words. “Maybe you’re meant to live.” You shrugged your shoulders, giving him a sad smile because of your lack of an answer. “Maybe you’re still alive because you’re supposed to do something no one else can.” His eyes widened slightly at your words, head slowly nodding in agreement. A smile making its way onto his face as he looked back up at the sky.

    “Yeah…” He whispered, eyes sparkling under the moonlight. “Only I can do it.”

    #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyorev x reader #tokyo revengers #tokyo rev x reader #tokrev takemichi #takemichi x y/n #takemichi hanagaki#takemichi headcanons #tokyo revengers takemichi #tokyorev spoilers #tokyo manji revengers #mikey sano#manjiro sano#draken #mikey tokyo revengers #draken tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers mitsuya #tokrev mitsuya#chifuyu#baji#mitsuya#tokrev#chifuyu matsuno#baji keisuke#kazutora hanemiya#kazutora#hina tachibana#naoto tachibana#hanma shuji#kisaki tetta
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  • fvcking-l0rd
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago
    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokyo revengers scenarios #tokyo revengers x y/n #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers x you #inui seishu #inui x reader #takemichi hanagaki #takemichi x reader #hanma shuji#shuji hanma#shuuji hanma#hanma shuuji #hanma x reader #takemichi headcanons#seishu inui #tokyo revengers imagines
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  • the-pop-has-corned
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    I thought of something awful. You know Inupi's bday was yesterday right? Okay so imagine Koko forgets his birthday and Inui is all sad and upset but then he checks his phone and he sees he had a message from Koko.

    So he gets excited and clicks on the message

    And what does it say

    "Hey when is Akane's birthday? I want to get her something in advance."

    (Totally not saying this because it has happened to me)

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  • aikusgf
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Soft part

    nothing at the moment

    Horny part

    Kazutora headcanons

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  • natashaav
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Taiju Shiba +18

    todo es consensuado

    Entraste sin pena alguna hasta la gran habitación de Taiju. El se encontraba sentado en un sofá, sus piernas sobre la mesa frente a esta.

    La emoción creció dentro de ti. Era sin duda tu tipo de chico físicamente, tal vez no fijándose en su personalidad pero...

    Era terriblemente sexy sin duda alguna

    Taiju levantó su mirada del periódico y te vio acercarte a el. Trataste de mantener serenidad en tu rostro, ningún indicio extraño aún.

    —¿Otra vez tu?—Mostró una sonrisa amenazante y volvió a observar el diario.—¿Qué quieres?

    Si, otra vez.

    La verdad te importaba una mierda todo. Desde la vez en el que saliste con Yuzuha a una fiesta para luego dormir en su casa, un tanto borracha por cierto, habías iniciado una tonta fijación por su hermano mayor.

    Y más porque en tu estado de adrenalina a causa del alcohol, prácticamente al estar a solas con el le habías pedido que te folle.

    De ser otra la situación te hubieses avergonzado y no regresarías más a la casa de tu amiga. Lastima que no eras de las que dejan las cosas que les gusta de lado, Taiju era tan bueno en aquello y sabía lo que hacía, la pena la dejaste de lado ya que solo querías repetirlo.

    —Nada importante.— te encaminaste hasta el y para pasar al otro lado del salón en vez de saltar sus piernas te decidiste por sentarte sobre él y pasar tus piernas hacia el otro lado. Taiju al ver tu atrevimiento y como te paseabas por su habitación bajó los pies de la mesa y se sentó correctamente.

    —Creo que te equivocaste de habitación, la de Yuzuha está al otro lado de la casa.— se burló Taiju sin vergüenza alguna. Te giraste para verle con mayor atención, era una maldita bendición que estuviera sin playera dentro de su habitación.

    Su tatuaje te encantaba, tal vez hasta para arañar la zona un poco.

    Sonreíste ante aquel pensamiento y volviste a acercarte.

    —Ops.— te dejaste caer sobre su entrepierna con fingida torpeza.— Me cai.

    Taiju se hizo hacia atrás contra el respaldo del sofá, quería hacerse un poco el difícil, dejando que hagas lo que tengas que hacer.

    Te quedaste ahí por unos segundos, tu falda ya levantada por la repentina acción de dejarte caer lograba que sintieras más el miembro de Taiju, no estaba erecto y aún así podías saber perfectamente que estaba ahí. Te moviste algo inconscientemente sobre el.

    Te levantaste seguido de eso dejando a Taiju con una pizca de confusión.

    —Ya me voy, si me equivoqué de habitación.— querías jugar un poco con él, se te era divertido ver su expresión de enfado.

    Quisiste emitir una queja cuando su mano agarró tu muñeca y te detuvo en el lugar, dejaste que la apretase un poco, a él podrías dejárselo pasar.

    —¿A donde vas?— preguntó más interesado en tu comportamiento.

    —Voy a dormir con tu hermana.

    Eso sonó mal

    —Ah, ¿con Yuzuha?— ¿quien más sería?. Asentiste con la cabeza, aún sin girar a mirarle.

    La verdad tu amiga ya estaba durmiendo plácidamente. Habías ido a ponerte tu pijama al baño pero te escabulliste hasta la habitación de su hermano mayor, ya luego te disculparías con ella por ser tan intrusa.

    Taiju te atrajo hasta el y te volviste a sentar sobre su regazo. Cada una de sus manos se posicionó en tus muslos desnudos, afirmando tu carne entre sus grandes dedos.

    Volvió a subir sus piernas sobre la mesa de en frente quedando tú con las piernas abiertas al costado de las suyas, Taiju totalmente relajado contra el sofá.

    —¿Por qué viniste a visitarme sin nada debajo?— la pregunta viniendo de él sonó con completa autoridad. Automáticamente respondiste. Era notoria la ausencia de tus bragas, y en tu defensa, querías ir de frente con lo que querías.

    —¿Por qué crees?— inquiriste viendo al frente. El chasqueo de lengua que hizo fue en señal de peligro.

    Su mano fue directo hasta tu cabello y lo tomo con firmeza para luego acercarte hasta un costado de su rostro, te tiró hacia atrás agresivamente. Sonreíste sin poder evitarlo.

    —No se responde una pregunta con otra.— soltó cerca de tu mejilla, observando fijamente tus ojos.— responde bien.

    —Tengo ganas de follar, ¿que más sería?— respondiste con cierta valentía. Demasiada a decir verdad.

    —¿Acaso estoy siendo utilizado?— preguntó con notable molestia, viste sus cejas fruncirse a la par de como su rostro se acercaba al tuyo. Su mandíbula endurecida era pista para decir que sus dientes se presionaron entre sí, típica señal de enojo.

    —Si, algo así.— sería interesante verlo enojado, ¿que sería capaz de hacer? esbozaste una leve sonrisa.

    Del cabello te empujó hacia delante y te soltó, no pudiste reprimir una risilla ante su molestia. Taiju paró de tocarte y dejó ambas manos contra el sofá. Te quedaste quieta sobre él por sobre su cinturón, reprimiendo tu diversión hasta el máximo.

    —Entonces quítate las putas ganas y vete cuanto antes.— al acercar tus manos a su cinturón para desabrocharlo, Taiju se incorporó un poco para subir su cuerpo y moverte hacia delante, quedaste sobre su entrepierna endurecida.— No me quitare los malditos pantalones si eso es lo que piensas.

    Prácticamente fue un; No te follare pero puedes refregarte contra mi miembro las veces que quieras.

    No era lo que esperabas pero estabas satisfecha.

    Apoyaste cada mano contra sus rodillas y comenzaste a moverte despacio en círculos, de tal sensación burbujeante dejaste que tus ojos se cierren.

    Te sostuviste más contra sus piernas y seguiste moliendo contra el, rozando su entrepierna vestida contra la tuya. El tacto de sus pantalones no te incomoda lo suficiente para parar, apoyaste incluso tus rodillas contra el sofá y seguiste moviéndote sobre Taiju.

    Pudiste sentir la yema de sus dedos tocando el pliegue de tu falda, luchando por no perder los estribos y desnudarte rompiéndola en pedazos.

    Tiraste tu cabeza hacia atrás cuando el placer fue elevándose más y más, te sostuviste de sus rodillas y seguiste moviéndote. Tu humedad se extendía por tus muslos y los pantalones de Taiju, era inevitable.

    Aunque a él le gustaba. El sentir como ensuciabas sus pantalones de una manera tan morbosa le hacia parecer como si estuviera pecando indirectamente, dejando que te refriegues contra el.

    Que ironía

    En el momento en que te liberaste danzando en un par de gemidos audibles, Taiju te quito de encima suyo de un empujón, quedaste de culo sobre el sofá justo a un lado de él.

    —Mira que desastre.— acarició su entrepierna notoria y la humedad de la zona. Tu aún estabas jadeando a boca abierta, recuperándote de tu primer orgasmo.— Eres una puta sucia eh.— no pudiste ni mirarlo de lo ida que estabas en ese instante, ni menos te percataste de como te empujó sobre sus piernas; tu estómago quedando sobre sus muslos y tu cabeza apoyada sobre el apoyabrazos.

    Abriste los ojos al fin y observaste el suelo y más lejos la puerta de salida. Taiju se acomodo más en el sofá levantando sus caderas y se relajó del todo. No entendiste porque te puso en aquella posición hasta que sentiste su palma abierta recorrer la zona trasera de tus piernas y muslos, subiendo tu falda.

    —¿Que vas a...— te interrumpió el gemido que soltaste de imprevisto al sentir un palmetazo en un lado de tu trasero. Taiju soltó una carcajada al apreciar aquel sonido adolorido viniendo de tu parte.

    —Ensuciaste mis pantalones, esto es lo menos que puedo hacer.— descubrió aquella zona por completo, tu falda levantada descansando en tu espalda baja. Dio otra fuerte nalgada, el sonido fue intenso.— Un buen castigo.

    —Pero tú me dijiste que lo haga.— te defendiste. Taiju dio otro golpe en una de las mejillas de tu trasero, te ardió, era seguro que tu piel estuviera rojiza en ese instante. Golpeo otra vez en el mismo lugar, soltaste un leve quejido de dolor.

    —¿Que dices?— se hizo el desentendido. Dio una leve caricia a tu piel dañada y luego procedió a golpearte nuevamente.— Repítelo, no escuché.

    —Nada.— hablaste en un gemido que cayó contra tu brazo, tapaste tu boca para no decir nada de nada. Taiju siguió alternando sus golpes en cada mejilla de tu trasero. Tu cuerpo se movía inconscientemente con cada contacto. Deberías irte, eso sería lo lógico, pero por alguna razón que él lo haga te parecía diferente.

    Estabas quejándote pero dentro tuyo el calor aumento, era simplemente inevitable.

    —Creo que eso será suficiente.—calmo los golpes y procedió a acariciar la zona afectada. Tu en cambio estabas con el rostro pegado al sofá echa un lío de emociones confusas. Y ardor, claramente.

    No entendías porqué se las daba de estar tan enojado si sentías claramente su erección contra tu abdomen, hasta te causaba gracia.

    Alcanzó tu hombro y te levantó, con cierto ardor aún presente te quitaste de sobre Taiju y te dejaste caer sentada de costado sobre el sofá, el chico dejó caer sus manos por la orilla del respaldo. La sonrisa que mantenía en su rostro era casi tenebrosa.

    —¿Ya estás agotada?, te veías muy decidida cuando entraste.— te estaba retando, nunca dejaba de hacerlo. Le miraste con cierta irritación, ahora te dolía el culo por la enorme mano que tenía.

    Y ni hablemos de la fuerza que ejerció en cada palmada.

    —Si eso es todo, ya me voy.— Taiju te devolvió la mirada que mantenías fija sobre el.

    —Yo aún no he terminado contigo.— entrecerraste tus ojos viéndole incrédula.—¿Viniste por algo o no?, por lo bien que te comportaste te lo daré.

    Con todo lo que hizo ya hasta se te había olvidado para que viniste.

    —¿En serio?— Taiju asintió. Viste como llevaba sus manos fueron hasta su cinturón y lo comenzaba a desabrochar. El sonido del metal se hizo presente, el chico bajó su cremallera y te dió un vistazo.

    —Haz los honores.— no dudaste y te levantaste a tropezones para bajar sus pantalones junto a su ropa interior.

    Su gran miembro erecto apareció en tu campo de visión y una emoción especial nuevamente se hizo presente. Taiju te observó como si estuvieses a punto de hacer algo malo, el simplemente divirtiéndose con la situación.

    Sacaste aquel sobre que escondiste entre tu brasier y tu misma se lo colocaste con total cuidado. Taiju hasta rió por verte ser tan responsable aún cuando te notabas tan entusiasmada.

    Te dejaste caer sobre el, tus rodillas a cada lado de sus gruesos y endurecidos muslos. Taiju agarró la tela de tu camiseta y te empujó hacia el, tus pechos quedaron cerca de su rostro. El acercó su mejilla hasta uno de tus senos y te observó con las cejas alzadas. Estaba esperando que sacies tus ganas.

    Agarraste su miembro con tu mano, no pudiste enrollar la circunferencia por completo y aquello te encantó. Lo guiaste hasta tu entrada con precaución.

    Taiju levantó sus caderas sorpresivamente, encontrándote en el camino y penetrando con fuerza. Tus manos sujetaron el respaldo del sofá detrás de él, y dejaste que el chico bajo tuyo siguiera embistiendo con firmeza.

    De la camiseta te tiró hacia abajo y quedaste sentada totalmente contra su piel. Diste un grito que fue silenciado por su áspera mano. Su brazo libre se enrolló en tu cintura y te hizo bajar y subir de su longitud, todo duro y rápido.

    Aún así seguiste gimiendo sin control, Taiju aguantaba sus jadeos como un experto. En un momento dado, de un brusco movimiento te deshiciste de su mano y para callarte Taiju golpeó su palma contra tu mejilla, tu rostro se giró hacia un lado y quedaste callada como por arte de magia.

    Le volviste a mirar esta vez a los ojos, seguiste brincando sobre el, Taiju al notar tu indiferencia a su golpe en medio del acto volvió a repetirlo.

    —Cállate de una vez.— demandó enojado, tus gemidos eran notorios y a él no le agradaba en lo más mínimo.

    Siguieron haciéndolo. No supiste cuántos minutos duraron en medio de ese lío lujurioso, simplemente saliste de trance cuando la bobina dentro de ti colapso y tuviste tu segundo orgasmo.

    Taiju también lo tubo segundos después, el chico te sostuvo contra él durante todo su orgasmo. Mordió tu cuello para no emitir ruido alguno.

    Te faltaban las palabras.

    Te quitaste de sobre el en apenas un segundo y quedaste sentada en el sofá intentando recuperar el aire. Taiju trató de calmarse también para luego ir directamente al baño que tenía dentro de su habitación.

    No te quedaste a esperarlo.

    Tu solo venias a eso y ya, por lo que luego de un rato te arreglaste y te pusiste de pie para ir a la habitación de Yuzuha. Entraste a su baño con total calma y cuando hiciste lo que debías hacer, cambiaste tu ropa y te dormiste en la cama improvisada que hizo tu amiga para ti.

    Reíste en voz baja al pensar en cómo te veías contra el espejo del baño, el idiota de Taiju había dejado tu mejilla algo roja. Moviste tu cabeza para dejar de pensar en aquello y trataste de dormir observando la pared.

    No pudiste ni imaginar en ese entonces como reaccionaría Taiju al no verte en su sofá luego.

    Al otro día por la mañana, sin duda pediría conversar contigo.

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    #tokyo revengers#tokrev #tokyo revengers headcanons #headcanon#bonten#bonten headcanons#sano manjiro#mikey#wedding dress #takemichi x mikey #for the lulz
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  • sanjigrl
    18.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    pairing: akkun x fem!reader, takuya x fem!reader, yamagishi x fem!reader, makoto x fem!reader, takemichi x fem!reader

    synopsis: they want affection and you give to your cat instead of them

    genre: fluff

    note: headcanons of my favorite boys yaaay!


    he would sigh, a lot

    and the more the time pass the more he sigh loudly

    until you hear him, and if you ask him what's wrong he act like nothing is wrong

    He sigh again looking at you kissing your cat. You didn't seem to notice he was annoyed and in need of affection so he tried since 20 minutes to make you understand he was there too. Sighing again, this time more loudly you look up at him and he look away, blushing slightly "Are you okay?" you ask "Yeah, nothing's wrong, are you done with the cat?" he ask, still avoiding your gaze. You smile understanding that your boyfriend would rather being the one you pamper with kiss and you put the cat on the floor "Cuddle?" you ask. Takuya:

    he wouldn't say anything at all

    just smile through the pain

    silently watching the cat getting the attention he want with a smile on his face

    "Isn't she so cute?" you ask, looking at Takuya, he smile looking at the cat "Yeah! She really is" he answer. He looks away, hearing you praising the animal and kissing her "I wish I was a cat right now" he thought to himself "Okay" you say, suddenly letting the cat go "Do you want to watch a movie?" you ask, taking his arm and laying your head on his shoulder making him smile genuinely "Yeah, let's watch a movie.


    just cross his arm and wait for you to notice he is upset

    like come on, can't you notice he want you to give him attention too?

    "Look!" you say to him, showing him the new picture you just took of your cat, he roll his eyes crossing his arms on his chest "If you keep doing this you'll have more picture of that thing than me" he says. You smile, taking his glasses to annoy him "It's a cat, not a thing" you say, he looks at the cat as he was going on your knees "It's the same to me", he take his glasses back "It's ugly" he says and you laugh "Okay, you want to take pictures with me?" you ask, he smile taking the cat and putting it down "Yes"


    would hate the cat

    like he would glare at the cat with a frown on his face

    and when you look at him he smile at you as if he's not having a stare contest with a cat

    He was looking deep in the cat eyes, a frown on his face "I swear to god if you don't remove your paws from my girlfriend's boobs-" he thought. You look at Makoto "What are you doing? You'll scare him" you pout. Makoto looks at you, now smiling "Nothing! I'm just trying to... to make him love me" he says, not even convincing himself. You raise an eyebrow "Then pet him, don't look at him like you want him dead" you say "Ew no- I mean-"

    Takemichi :

    he wouldn't want you to think he is being childish for being jealous of a pet

    so he would try to make you stop playing with the cat thinking you wouldn't get why he want you to let go of the cat

    "Baby? I think the cat want to take a poop" he says, you look at your boyfriend then at your cat "Oh? I don't think so though otherwise she would have left by herself" you say "Isn't she hungry? You should put it down" he says, laughing nervously. You look at him "Are you trying to come with an excuse so I would let go of her?", "What? No!" he says becoming red.

    #takemichi x reader #takemichi tokyo revengers #akkun x reader #tokyo revengers akkun #yamagishi x reader #yamagishi tokyo revengers #makoto x reader #makoto tokyo revengers #takuya x reader #takuya tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers imagine #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyo revengers headcanons #mizo middle #tokyo revengers mizo middle five #tokyo revengers x reader
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  • dogwater102802
    17.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    I Believe In You

    (platonic) Takemichi x gn reader

    a/n: this is kind of bad and really short, sorry

    word count: 328

    Takemichi watched out the window of his bedroom window as the rain poured down. His head was filled with thoughts about how he could save everyone. How could he create the best future possible?

    Y/N walked into the room, noticing Takemichi's gloomy behavior. Walking closer to the boy they put their hand on his shoulder. The blonde jumped in his seat, startled from the sudden action.

    "Takemichi? Are you okay?" Y/N asked, taking a seat next to him. Takemichi's eyes watered at the sight of his best friend who he had watched die, over and over. The blonde pulled Y/N into his arms, letting his sobs flow freely from his throat.

    "I don't know what to do Y/N. I don't know what to do anymore. No matter how hard I try, it never works, and I'm always left alone." He sobbed into Y/N's shoulder. Y/N, surprised by his sudden outburst, gently wrapped their arms around the shaking boy. "I just want someone to appreciate everything I'm doing, everything I'm putting myself through. But no one even knows, do they? No one knows that I'm risking my own life just to save theirs. But why can't someone, just for once, tell me that I'm doing a good job? That I don't need to put so much pressure on myself?" Y/N pulled away from Takemichi with a confused look.

    "Takemichi, I don't know what you're talking about." They started, making the blonde look at them with panic in his eyes. "But I'm so proud of the person you've become. I don't understand what you mean by 'save everyone', but I believe in you, okay? I know that you can do whatever you set your mind to." Y/N brought Takemichi into another hug, trying to calm the boy. "Besides I'm always here to help, you don't have to do this alone. Nothing will ever get rid of me." Y/N said, making Takemichi's sobs become louder.

    Oh, how Y/N was very wrong.

    #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyorev x reader #tokyo revengers #tokyo rev x reader #tokrev takemichi #takemichi x y/n #takemichi hanagaki#takemichi headcanons #tokyo revengers takemichi #tokyorev spoilers #tokyo manji revengers #mikey sano#manjiro sano#draken #mikey tokyo revengers #draken tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers mitsuya #tokrev mitsuya#chifuyu#baji#mitsuya#tokrev#chifuyu matsuno#baji keisuke#kazutora hanemiya#kazutora#hina tachibana#naoto tachibana#hanma shuji#kisaki tetta
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  • dumrey
    17.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Hayami Mitsuya, Tokyo Revengers oc

    The next day he followed her after school…and he saw Hayami with some punks from a gang, and it turns out on one of the “leader” grew a slight interest towards Hayami, so he treated her as a slave (buy drinks, buy food and anything he wanted) and he would threaten to hurt her family if she dint follow

    Hayami would normally speak up and defend herself, but seeing how the leader looked very buff, she thought if Takashi ever found out he would get beaten up by this gang

    In this situation she wasn’t thinking about herself, she was worried they would hurt Takashi and her sisters, so she agreed to do this and she kept it from Takashi

    But Takemichi dint like what the “gang” was doing to Hayami so he stood up for Hayami, seeing Takemichi’s determination to help her, she felt a wave of emotion that she couldn’t control and started to break down

    This caused Hayami’s to see Takemichi from a different perspective. Now she sees him as her own “Cry Baby Hero”

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  • butterflyemi
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo manji gang #toman #tokyo revengers x you #tokyo revengers x y/n #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokyo revengers scenarios #tokyo revengers imagines #mikey#draken#baji#chifuyu#takemichi#mitsuya#hakkai#nahoya#souya#muchou#sanzu#emma sano#hinata tachibana #tokyo revengers fluff #ganyu
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  • mistuyajtm
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Hey guys I tried a new style with the best boy ever Takemichou <3

    👋the coloring is mine 👋

    ¡ if you want to repost please tell me and tag me thanks! 😌

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  • rindous-wife
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Scared and Bruised

    Mikey x Fem!reader

    Angst and a hint of fluff.

    A/n: I hate HeNmA so yes Y/N was a badass for a millisecond. we dont like Henma or Kisaki on his page. I cried while writing this. There are two songs to listen to at different parts so please take youre time while reading. they came on one right after the other and just fit so well with what I was writing. its noted just click on the word.

    Type: Request

    Now Playing: Wheres my love

    word count: 1.8k

    Standing beside Draken was not an unusual sight to the rest of Toman, from Takemitchy coming across Chifuyu because of Baji leaving, to Kazutora getting out of jail to the words that left Mikeys mouth, made your heart shatter. You were not at the last Toman meeting due to having to study for a test that was the next morning. You heard everything from Smiley and Angry. They were always around you when Mikey and Draken weren’t. Being said, Mikey had been cold since the last meeting and the reason you were there was to get a better understanding on why.

    “Mikey.. This, this is wrong. You're going into a trap. Someone is going to die Mikey.” You said looking up at him from where you were standing on the stairs, looking back at Takemitchy, who visibility shook as a shiver ran up his spine. It was as if he knew who it was going to be. Mikey looked down at you with a look that was hard to describe, but covered it up with a smile. Stupid Mikey. Kisaki looked at you with a look that would describe hatred, but who were you to say though. Walking up the staircase, Draken stepped back as he knew better than to try to stop you, you were worse than Hina when it came to sticking up for people. “You’re making a mistake, are you really going to risk someone dying at your hands over a stupid fucking fight Mikey?” He rolled his eyes before crossing his arms, “No Y/N I dont want to fucking fight but yet here I am. My hands are tied.” He sits down, pouting. Sighing, you sat down next to him before looking at everyone. “Draken. The floor is yours, hype them up.” You looked up at him with a sad smile, as you stood. You pat his back, your matching jacket to mikeys flapping back slightly as you walked away.

    The day of the fight, Mikey and Draken were nowhere to be found. You tried calling and texting them, to no answer. Finally you tied your hair back, and got into the uniform. You didn't fight, but you weren't not going to go. Someone had to keep them in check. Once you arrived, Chifuyu came up to you, pulling him in for a hug. It was a tradition you,chifuyu and normally Baji had. It felt like there was a missing puzzle piece as he wasn't there for that hug. You hugged him tightly to try to make up for that missing feeling the both of you had. Takemitchy just watched, he and Chifuyu became close recently. You walked up to him and hugged him as well, “Don't you dare let Baji die. I will never forgive you if you go.” Pulling away, he had his eyes wide, tears in them, you only had suspicions. Never something this concret, sighing softly. “Just confirming what I believed.It feels empty without him here. Chifuyu is feeling the same way right now, protect him okay?” He nods before lining up with everyone else. You walked over to the Haitani brothers and took a set next to Ran. You both exchanged smiles, you knew those two were all they had. They were kinda like Smiley and Angry in a way.

    Once Kazutora walked in, your heart sank further down into your stomach. You didn't expect to see him here. He was the reason that you and Mikey got together years ago. Wanting to throw up, you pulled your hair out of the elastic it was in. Watching this was going to forever in your memory, something you wouldn’t forget. The day you were going to lose your best friend. The day where your words and pleas go in one ear and out the other. Seeing Kazutora and Mikey at the top of the pile of cars made your stomach turn in ways you didn't think it would. As soon as you saw the pipe in Kazutoras hand you teared up, seeing him fall to the ground. You didn't know who yelled louder, you or Draken. Kazutora locked on you as you shouted, seeing you in such a state made his own heart ache. Rindou pulled out a tissue, it was a brotherly instinct as he handed it to you, you grabbed it and sobbed into your hand. You felt your throat closing, the panic raking through your body was mind numbing. You stood on the cars, before looking at kazutora. “If you kill him the same way you killed big bro I will never forgive you.” You shouted at him. “Its his fault, its always been his fault, are you so stupid you cant see that Y/N?!” he yelled at you, you started making your way up the car pile, eyes on you as you did. You grabbed him by the jacket pulling him close. “ no you shithead YOU killed him, YOU broke into the shop. YOU had the weapon in your hand. It was YOU who killed big bro. That falls into your hands. Kazutora, this,” you gester to the fight down below,” is your fault. If someone dies here today, that rests in your hands.” You felt a hand on your shoulder as mikey stood, He gave you a smile and a kiss on the forehead. “Go sit back down, love, leave the rest to me.” You nod before grabbing his jacket from where it lay on the cars and making your way back down. You nod at draken, as Hanma comes up to you. He eyes you and you looked up at him, you laughed some before landing a kick on him, your fighting style is the same as mikey's. He did teach you after all. You high fived draken as you made your way back to where you had been next to the duo.

    As you were helping out Draken you had missed the aftermath, the proud smile you had was quickly replaced with an expression nobody could make out, it all happened so fast. You rushed over to where Mikey was currently on the verge of killing Kazutora. You and Takemitchy got there at the same time. You tried to pull Mikey back, he shoved you off of him. Your cries went unheard as you pleaded for him to stop. Takemitchy yelled at him, “Mikey are you really going to do this?! This isn't what Baji would've wanted. Your lover pleading with every ounce of life they have for you to stop. You're acting pathetic right now Mikey!” You brushed Kazutoras hair out of his face, he was barely conscious. Your tears landed on his face as he reached up to touch your cheek. “You turned into a badass you know, I remembered that I vowed to protect you, always. Yet here I am. A stupid vow, a promise I know I can no longer keep.” You touched his hand with yours, “You can change you know, You can do better. Kazu, you just need some help. I can help you. Please..” you begged and held his hand against your forehead as the sobbed wrecked through your body. He started crying as well, Mikey as the interaction with Takemitchy was taking place was now crouched on the ground holding the charm.

    The Sirens indicated you all needed to leave. Kazutora sat up next to Baji, before looking at the three of you leaving ,”Y/n?” you stopped and looked at Kazutora,”Thank you, I needed that.” You nod, ”just don't go dying on me yeah?” You replied and put your hands in your pockets.

    Once you arrived at Mikey's home, you went to his room with him. You made him undress as you put his clothing in the wash and led him to the bathroom. Making him take a shower, you took out what you needed to clean his wounds, and took them to his room. You knew he was going to take a while. He was quiet, very quiet on the walk home. Taking this time yourself to process what had just happened. Kazutora was going back to jail, Baji was dead. Half of the founding members were either dead or in jail. Hearing his footsteps coming you wiped your face of any tears that had fallen, you didn’t want to add more to his plate at the moment. You handed him a hoodie and some comfy pants. He dressed himself as you got all of the supplies out and set up to clean his wounds. You started with his hands. Taking the cotton ball with some antiseptic on it, you dabbed it into his knuckles. He didn’t flinch, he was numb, as were you but you needed to pull yourself together. You needed to take care of Mikey right now. You wanted to turn into Takemitchy, and cry with a brave face on, but that would only make him worry. Grabbing some of the bandages he had left over from last time, you carefully wrapped his hand as you grabbed his other one, you took a deep breath. The tears in your eyes landed on his hand as you started to dab it with a clean cotton ball, his wrapped hand pulled you close by your head, the other wrapping around your waist. He lifted you up to sit in his lap, he rocked you gently. “That was so fucked up mikey. You really scared me, I thought you were going to kill him, Mikey.” He nods in agreement, “I know, I'm sorry.” sniffling you looked at him, to see the tears in his own eyes as you cupped his cheeks, “Know I am not scared of you, I love you Mikey you know that, Please, give yourself to me. Give me your burdens, give me your pain Mikey. I want to save you from that person I saw today. Crying isn't like you at all you know, and nothing has to change today. Not even in a year. Maybe it won't change this pain you're feeling; that may never go away.” running your thumb across his cheek to catch the tear that was falling, you gave him a soft smile. “We all fall apart when it gets dark, but I’m here in your arms. The Mikey I fell in love with, the one who is so strong on the outside but is holding in so many burdens. So many dark thoughts, It feels like you're drowning, but I'm here to pull you out of this dark cycle you're in right now.”

    He nods and rests his head against the wall, you noticed a cut from the pipe. You leaned back and cleaned it up before adding a bandaid on it. After finishing up, you laid down with open arms, he laid his head on your chest; playing with the fabric of your shirt. You pulled his hair back, placing the hair tie that Baji always wore in his hair. “This is from Baji. Keep it close to your heart. Also, something tells me you should forgive Kazutora. I think he would've wanted that too.” You placed your hand on his back rubbing circles into it, you felt the wetness on your shirt. Feeling his body shake, and him muttering out a soft, ”I miss him already. But that's okay.” you nod, though he can't see it. “That's it, let it out. It's okay, I’m not going anywhere.. I will always be by your side unless you tell me to leave, and even then I won't go. No matter what, we will always have each other.” He nods as he closes his eyes, he falls into a deep slumber while you stare at the ceiling, the tears streaming down. You just wanted to tell Baji once more that you loved him, eat with him once more. Yell at him for getting a word spelled incorrectly, seeing him with the stupid glasses you and Chifuyu messed and teased him about, You just wanted him to come home. “Goodbye friend, I will miss you.” You whispered out before closing your eyes.

    "Goodbye Y/n, Mikey."

    Tag: @sugamintchocochip @erishaitto

    #kazutora x reader #baji x reader #chifuyu fluff#tokrev baji#draken#draken fluff #draken x reader #mikey tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revngers #mikey x reader #mikey sano#mikey fluff#mikey headcanon #draken tokyo revengers #baji headcanons#baji fluff#baji angst #tokyo revengers baji #takemichi#takemitchy #tokyo manji icons #tokyo manji revengers #tokyo revengers #tokyo manji gang
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  • hwg-jennie
    13.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    #. 𝑀𝑦 𝐵𝑜𝑦𝑓𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑛𝑑 𝐻𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑐𝑎𝑛𝑛𝑜𝑛𝑠 𝑓𝑡. 𝑇𝑜𝑘𝑦𝑜 𝑅𝑒𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑔𝑒𝑟𝑠

    ៚ ᴛᴡ: this ARE MY PERSONAL HEADCANNONS, fluff and crack¿, if don't agree its ok everyone is different, mentions of drugs (Sanzu) 🚧Manga spoiler 🚧 (Shinichiro)

    ៚Characters: Takemichi, Mikey, Draken, Baji, Mitsuya, Kazutora, Boten!Sanzu, Shinichiro.

    ៚ ɴᴏᴛᴇ: I have a hate-love relationship with Sanzu, literally I cursed him in 5 different languages and the next day I put him in my wallpaper 🕳🏃‍♀️.

    - Takemichi Hanagaki

    • He probably was so nervous asking you to be his s/o. But seriously, he was almost shaking because he thoughtbyou were going to reject him.

    • It was more because Hina was his only couple in all his school life. But when at the moment you told him "I like you too Takemichi" his soul left his body.

    • He was so happy and he promised to be the perfect boyfriend. Keyword: promised

    • your dates are: movie dates, home dates, park dates and just walking around Tokyo streets.

    • your anniversary gifts: a couple bracelet/ring, your favorite flowers (he probably put one fake flower in there and said "my love will be over until the last flower is death" yeah, so cliche) and some plushies with chocolate/ your favorite candy.

    • your cuddle position: I see takemichi and you sleeping with the the butt cheek to cheek or the sweetheart cradle. This man need you like seriously, all the things that happened to him are cruel, so when he sleep with his s/o he feel happy and safe.

    • nicknames: your name lol, honey. He is a simple man.

    • final score: 8/10.

    • he just a little messy and probably most of the time you two are cleaning his room. But he is so cute so protect him please.

    - Manjiro "Mikey" Sano

    • idk where to start this lmao.

    • Is that I headcannon him as an aromantic and asexual, but here we go i guess..

    • when he finally confess to you, it passed like 3 - 4 years. Don't get me wrong, he love so much but he didnt want to accept that the invisible Mikey had a weak spot for you.

    • Of course Draken helped. By putting him sooo jealous, but he helped.

    • He was all serious, but with his cheek a little red.

    • your dates: home dates, night rides in his motorcycle, or just eating in a sunset.

    • your anniversary gifts: thanks to his brothers and Emma his gift for you was a panda plush. Shinichiro said that maybe underwear was good (of course nobody accept the idea), izana said that maybe some rings or earrings and Emma was the one with the panda idea.

    • cuddle position: (i headcannom him that when he sleeps he kicks, so let's pretend he doesn't) probably the leg hug, is that when he sleep he get so hot that he need some space for not to be so cold or so hot. Or if you want something more romantic I will go with the sweetheart cradle.

    • nicknames: nothing lol, he feel so clingy calling you something instead of your name, but he try and just for you. Something more romantic? Ok, probably baby, babe or hon.

    • final score: 3.5/10.

    • He may not be so romantic but he is trying his best to not be a pain in the ass.

    - Ken "Draken" Ryuguji

    • when he confess he was a little shy, just a little because he ask to Emma to help him (Emma, Hina and Mitsuya helped him) .

    • he went with you on a date in the park and confessed with your favorite flowers in hand.

    • his way to say 'I love you' is with actions and gifts, like side hugs, forehead kisses, chocolate, food, plushies and more.

    • he is a morning person, so expect a lot of "good morning" messages.

    • your dates are: Walking around Tokyo, visit food locals, motorcycle rides in the morning, help him fix his motorcycle and just home dates (cuddle and watch a movie).

    • your anniversary gifts: probably some plushies, or all day with him (including food, fun places, movies and cuddles) wich he pays everything.

    • cuddle position: i see him with the spoon or the arm draper, he is big spoon and he feel the need to protect you (it doesn't matter if you are taller or smaller than him)

    • nicknames: princess/prince, your name lmao, baby and honey. (Of course in private).

    • final score: 8.9/10.

    • he is trying so hard and of course he is in love with you and only you, so please don't think other things. Take care of him <3

    - Keisuke "Edward" Baji

    • omg, he is the number one in that ranking that bf ranking that Ken Wakui did <3.

    • He literally will be there any time you need him.

    • you send him a " hey, something happened :(" and he is in your door in 5 minutes.

    • he ask you and only you help for his homeworks, why? Well he don't pay attention to his homework, he pay attention to YOU, the way your lips move, your beautiful lashes and the way your eyes blink, how your eyebrows move.

    • need cuddles? He is there. need help on something? He is there. need food? He is there. just you want to see him? He is there.

    • he is so cute... but here I say negative things too >:)

    • the way sometimes he show you his 'love' is...weird? Literally my man will burn a car, jus with the excuse 'that car is my love for you'

    • SIR I- is your love explosive? It burns? He is the car and you the fire? Well GE only knows the answer. But he cute <3

    • your dates: burning cars lmao, night rides in his motorcycle, homework dates?? (Just to see you), pet shop dates and home dates <3.

    • your anniversary gifts: A cat, food, letters and a late motorcycle ride <3. (The cat is your son)

    • cuddle position: the honeymoon hug, he need to be always next to you and feel your warm body.

    • nicknames: princess/prince, baby, babe, my girl/boy.

    • final score: 10/10.

    • I give him the 10 because he deserves it PERIODT.

    - Takashi Mitsuya


    • he is a husband material ok? He know how to cook, how to sew, he know how to treat you, he know everything ¡!

    • his sisters love you so much, mana love when you play tea party with her and luna love when you let her play with your hair (she try pigtails, two buns, two braids and more).

    • you are like a mother for the two girls, and mitsuya is the father¿ so both think you two are married so yeah, expect a lot of "but why you were with that guy huh?! Did you cheat on Taka-nii?!".

    • But after the things got cleared, the four of you just watch a movie <3.

    • he loves when you wait for him after his club is done (he do the same <3).

    • BUT some of y'all forget he is a gemini 💀, and as a gemini too I can say that BE CAREFUL ¡!

    • he can get bored so easily, he can get jealous and can be dramatic at some point. But he loves you, so he will try to change that <3.

    • Your dates: movie dates, go shopping, go to a museum or just playing with his sisters <3.

    • your anniversary gifts: clothes, scarfs, gloves anything he can make. And also matching jewelry <3.

    • cuddle position: the half spoon, the honeymoon hug or the sweetheart cuddle and is because he need to feel you next to him, he doesn't matter if the day is hot as hell, HE NEED YOU SO HUG HIM 🔫.

    • nicknames: princess/prince, baby, honey, darling.

    • final score: 10/10.

    • he is so perfect for me if you are mitsuya kinnie, I love you.

    - Kazutora Hanemiya


    • it depends ok? If we are talking about Valhalla!Kazutora he is a dick BUUUUT we are gonna talk abot Kazu after therapy <3

    • He will be shy and so insecure about himself so you need to take the lead. Kiss him in the forehead first, grab his hand and more.

    • he usually have nightmares about Shinichiro and Baji, the way he stab Baji, telling him 'Its ypur fault' just trigger him. So when he wakes pls hug him and tell him everything will be fine <3.

    • your dates: Taking care of the pet shop, tea/coffee dates, ride in his motorcycle or just lay in his room <3

    • your anniversary gifts: he try his best and give you jewelry and do what ever you want for the rest of the day, you want to lay on bed? He is there. You want to go shopping? He is there.

    • cuddle position: The honeymoon hug and the spoon but he is the small spoon. He want to feel safe with you <3.

    • nicknames: Because he is insecure, it will be baby or honey.

    • final score: 8/10

    • the same with draken, we try his best just to make you happy

    - Haruchiyo "Sanzu" Akashi

    • I repeat, I have a hate-love relationship with him sorry 🔫

    • have you ever heard the song by Arctic monkeys? Yeah, the " why'd you only call me when you are high?" Yes that one. Let say that if you don't treat him the way he wants, that will be your song.

    • when he want to try a new drug, he share it with you.

    • I think that he want a s/o that can put him in his place, it will be so romantic (for him) when you are rude to him.

    • but ig he have his soft side¿ for you. So when you need comfort he will leave anything he is doing just to be with you <3

    • your dates: just walk together or lay in the bed while listening to the playlist he made with the title "with my s/o"

    • your anniversary gifts: jewelry and plushies. He try to give you what you want just because he love you <3.

    • cuddle position: the sweetheart cuddle is for you two, but i headcannon him as a person that rarely sleeps so he stay all night in his phone while cuddle you <3.

    • nicknames: my darling, my queen/king, my love.

    • final score: 6/10.

    • well love will never be over¿ he can be toxic but he love you (bestie please are you ok?)

    - Shinichiro Sano


    • he just really LOVE you. He treat you like the queen/king you are ¡!

    • And he take you with Emma, Mickey and Izana to the mall or the park (also, they make fun of their brother because he said "I don't have anymore money so stop asking for candies" and when you just saw a beautiful necklace in 5 seconds he was with the necklace in hand).

    • Your dates are kinda goofy, and that is the best thing <3.

    • He was Black Dragon's leader, but that doesn't mean he is afraid of bugs (I headcannon him like that lmao) so when a bee lay on his shoe or your picnic date he screams like a girl and run to get away the bee.

    • your dates: Your dates are kinda goofy, and that is the best thing. Park dates, motorcycle rides, watch a movie or just TRY to cook.

    • your anniversary gifts: is like Ariana's song (7 rings) I want it, I got it and is thanks to him. As I told you, he may be a simp, so if he saw you looking at a cute dress he find it and guve it to you. (It may be actually thanks to Takeomi's black card)

    • cuddle position: he is needy for your love, so he likes the spoon, The half spoon, and the lap pillow.

    • nicknames: Love, baby, princess/prince, honey, darling.

    • final score: 10/10.

    • best boy is here, he will treat you like a goddess/god. I love him <3.

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  • ashli-kiwii-626
    12.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Tokyo Revengers Headcanons, Oneshots, and Scenarios part 5

    Chifuyu as Your Wingman part 1 (maybe)

    Chifuyu: Don't worry, I can give you some great advice!


    - He'll tell you to get Mikey some dorayaki and you should be good to go

    - You do exactly that only for Mikey to take the dorayaki and walk away, eating it

     Chifuyu: You should have probably told him you like him as well

    "You didn't mention that Chifuyu!"

    "Oops, my bad. I did give you a thumbs up though.

    - You roll your eyes at Chifuyu


    - He tells you to have small talk with him and to talk about motorcycles

    Draken: You know (Y/n), you're a really good friend

    - Draken gives you a pat on the head and leaves

     "I should have saw that one coming to be honest."

    Chifuyu: Yeah


    - He tells you good luck and that's it

    - Baji tells you he's not interested in anything you're talking about and walks away

    Chifuyu: This is Baji-san we're dealing with after all

    "Another one I should have saw coming."


    - He tells you to just be yourself but doesn't know that you're talking about him

    "I like you Chifuyu."

    Chifuyu: Really? I thought I was your wing-man for the other guys? I wasn't expecting you to tell me you like me

    - You wait for his response

    Chifuyu: I like you too

    - Chifuyu gives you a smile

    - Your heart stops for a brief moment


    Chifuyu: Mitsuya should be easy! Just talk to him!

    - You talk to Mitsuya and you two really get into your conversation

    "I like you Takashi."

    Mitsuya: I like you too (Y/n)

    "No, I mean I really like you."

    - It takes sometime for him to process this but tells you he feels the same

    Chifuyu: I'm pretty good at this wing-man thing, aren't I?


    Chifuyu: I'm going to be real with you (Y/n), it might take years for Hakkai to even look at you

    "Yeah, I know.


    - Tells you he's already dating Hina

    "I've seen the way Takemitchy gets around. He's not loyal!"

    Takemichi: It was just a few times (Y/n)!


    - Another one he tells you good luck

    - You kind of didn't get far with telling Smiley you liked him

    - He for some reason thought you wanted to fight him


    Chifuyu: Angry's not really angry, he's a great guy so you don't have to worry about anything!

    - You start talking to Angry and Chifuyu was right

    - You tell him you like him and he blushes

    - He doesn't know how to react right away

    Kazutora (Timeskip Kazutora)

    Chifuyu: Just catch him off guard and tell him

    - You visit the pet shop and walk up to Kazutora, telling him you like him

    - He's surprised you would even say something like that

    - Now it's Kazutora's turn to ask Chifuyu for advice

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  • madaratheestallion
    12.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Tokyo Rev HC

    Hina, Emma, and Yuzuha all carry those little travel tissue packs in their bags but they’re always running out because they’re always handing tissues to Takemichi.

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