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  • minifuyu
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    loves pussy jobs. daydreams about them constantly. cums so fast. embarrassingly fast. he does it to tease you but then in the end he’s the one sputtering out apologies as he’s cumming before he can even fuck you. even after he’s came he still keeps going, his cum only now aiding his movement against you, letting him slip between your folds all the more easily, occasionally nudging your clit and almost slipping inside you. sometimes he’ll even fuck his cum into you, not caring about the over sensitivity because he just wants to be inside you so badly :( you feel so good around him, can you blame him? hearing your little whimpers below him only serves to spurs him on, watching you tug your lip between your teeth and beg for him to fuck you really makes him dizzy.

    -. chifuyu , kazu , sanzu , michi , inui , zenitsu , ryusui , chuuya , atsumu , bokuto , shoyo , denki , izuku , shouto , shiggy , yuuji

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  • drakens-pet
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    feat: takemichi hanagaki x fem!reader

    synopsis: it’s been a while since your boyfriend has given you attention, so you decide to tag along to one of his gang meetings to see what he’s been up to. while there, you run into emma and she gives you some advice on what to do.

    tw: subby takemichi, slight femdom, cockwarming

    a/n: all characters are 18+ ; this takes place after graduating high school

    “If you answer that, I will be so mad at you, Takemichi.” Annoyance laced your tone when you heard your boyfriend’s cellphone start to ring, eyes narrowing as you watched him pull it out of his pocket with an apologetic look on his face.

    “It’s Draken— I’m sorry, I’ve gotta take it!”

    Your irritation only grew at his explanation. It was always Draken this, Mikey that. Truly, your boyfriend spent so much time with those two that you were beginning to think the three of them were the ones dating, not you and Takemichi.

    You’d thought that Toman would fall apart once everyone had graduated, but it’d only gotten stronger, absorbing gang after gang into its ranks. Summer meant less time spent in classes, and less time spent in classes meant more time spent fighting. It also happened to mean less time spent with you.

    “Ahh.. I’ve gotta go, (y/n). There’s a meeting in Shibuya in ten minutes and—”

    “Are you kidding me?” Your voice was dejected as you interrupted him, eyebrows knitting together in frustration. “This is the first time we’ve seen each other in two weeks! You haven’t even been here five minutes, and you have to go?”

    He winced at your words before reaching forward and taking your hand in both of his, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “I’m sorry.. I really am, but I can’t miss it! I’ll come back as soon as it’s done! Promise!”

    “No— Wait, I’ll come with you! It’s just a meeting, right? I’ll stay out of sight and keep quiet.” You nodded your head quickly, following him as he walked over to his motorcycle. “Please, Takemichi? You told me Toman would never harm a girl.”

    His immediate reaction was to tell you no, but you watched as his resolve cracked under your pleading gaze, his hands reaching out to help you onto the back of the bike. He never could be stern with you. “Alright.. but you still have to be careful, okay?”

    You nodded again, swinging your leg over the seat and wrapping your arms around his waist. “I know, I know. I won’t even go inside. Now, let’s go.”

    It was a short ride to the location of the meeting, and Takemichi let you off his motorcycle around the back of the warehouse before walking in through the front entrance. 

    Admittedly, you didn’t know why you’d wanted to come in the first place because now you were standing on your tiptoes, rubbing two circles into the dirty windows to look through. A large crowd of boys wearing black and gold jackets had gathered in front of the elevated platform, and you could see Mikey’s blonde hair standing atop it.

    However, your attention was on Draken as his voice boomed through the warehouse, signaling the start of the meeting and distracting you from the approaching footsteps until it was already too late. “Oh, you’re Takemichi’s girlfriend, aren’t you?”

    Your head spun around to see a girl that looked about your age, blonde hair cascading over her shoulder and honey eyes watching you as she waited for an answer. You’d seen her snuggled up to Draken before, but you’d never learned her name. “Uhm, yeah. You’re Draken’s girlfriend, right?”

    “Yeah, I’m Emma.” She paused, glancing toward the eye holes you’d rubbed into the glass. “Are you spying on your boyfriend?”

    You could feel your cheeks flush red in embarrassment, but you couldn’t blame her for asking. “Oh, I know that’s what it looks like, but—”

    “Because it’s okay if you are. I do it sometimes, too.” She offered you a smile and walked up to the window to rub two eye holes of her own into the glass. “Spy on Draken, I mean. It’s.. hard being in a relationship with a delinquent sometimes, isn’t it?”

    Now, it was your turn to pause, returning her smile with a small one of your own. “Yeah. Sometimes I feel like I come second to Toman. Takemichi’s always leaving me to do something for Mikey. I just...”

    “Want a little attention.” Emma finished for you, giving you a knowing look. “I understand. Mikey and Draken are inseparable. But.. you know the easiest way to get a boy’s attention, don’t you?” 

    When you shook your head, she raised her eyebrows as if the answer was obvious. “Sex. Ken’s different because he grew up around it, but for guys like Takemichi, it works every time.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I mean, there’s this trick that drives men crazy. From one girl to another, it’ll have them begging for attention.”

    While you normally wouldn’t press for information, especially with someone you’d just met, you were beyond desperate. It seemed like the heavens had sent down the exact person you needed to help solve your problem.

    “Please, tell me. At this point, I’ll take any advice.”

    That’s how you’d ended up where you were now— slowly unbuttoning Takemichi’s pants as you sat on the couch in his apartment. You’d told him you wanted to try something new, promising him it was nothing too kinky.

    “Turn on the television..” You murmured, pressing an open mouthed kiss underneath his ear. It drew a soft sigh from his lips, but it soon turned to a gasp as your hands pulled his length free of its confines, your hand wrapping around it and giving it a few good pumps. “Takemichi-kun, turn on the television..”

    His hand scrambled to grab the remote, flipping on the television as his hips squirmed from side to side. “I-I don’t understand.. You wanna watch netflix?”

    “Mhmm..” Releasing your hold on him, you shifted so you were facing away from him, hiking up your skirt and pushing your panties to the side. “Turn on whatever you want.” 

    His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, but he’d already agreed to try it and watching you lower yourself onto his cock, he wasn’t in any position to stop you. Not when you felt so warm and tight around him.

    You couldn’t help but moan as you felt his length slowly stretch you out, your hands bracing his thighs for support. It wasn’t until you were sitting on his lap with his cock buried to the hilt inside you that you realized he still hadn’t picked out a show to watch.

    “Takemichi.. the show..” Your voice was quiet, shallow breaths falling from your lips. You felt so full, the tip of his cock pressing against your cervix. All you wanted to do was start bouncing yourself up and down, but instead you took a deep breath and leaned back against him, taking the remote from his hand and turning on the anime you two had recently been watching.

    “W-Wait! That’s it? We’re just going to watch the show?” He was dumbfounded, completely ignoring the screen. His hands had found their way to your hips, gripping them tightly as he fought the urge to start grinding you against him.

    “Yes.” You’d composed yourself, your voice stern this time. More resolute. You weren’t going to give in this early. Especially not after he’d neglected you so long. “Now. Sit still, sweetheart.”

    He huffed a bit, and you didn’t have to look back at him to know there was a pout on his face. “Fine. Let’s do this.” His blue eyes flickered to the screen, but his hands remained on your hips the entire time he watched the show.

    Only ten minutes had passed by when Takemichi’s hips started wiggling beneath you, his head falling forward so his forehead was lying on your shoulder. “Please.. This is torture..”

    Part of you had to agree with him. This was torture, but what he’d put you through was even worse. “You want to know what’s torture? Not knowing if your delinquent boyfriend is okay. Not hearing from him for two weeks and worrying that he might be dead.”

    “I-I’m sorry, (y/n)..” His head lifted up, hands letting go of your hips so he could wrap his arms around your stomach. “I should’ve let you know I was okay. There’s been a lot going on, and.. I’m sorry.”

    His apology brought a smile to your face, your eyes fluttering closed as you let out a deep breath you didn’t know you’d been holding. “Thank you. I’ve been waiting for you to say that.”

    He held you for a couple of moments, letting the anime play in the background while his chin rested on your shoulder. It was almost a romantic moment if it weren’t for his cock twitching inside of you. 

    “Does that mean we can stop this now?” You almost felt cruel with how hopeful he sounded, but you only shook your head. “What? Please, (y/n)...”

    “Please what?” Your head craned back to stare into his lust clouded eyes, your hands reaching down to press on his thighs to stop their shifting. “Give me one reason why I should let you fuck me.”

    He went silent at that, blue eyes widening into the size of saucers at your bluntness. “I-I’ll do a good job.. Please, I’ll do whatever you want..”

    Your walls clenched around him at his pleading, another groan sounding from his chest. “You’ll do whatever I want?” You could feel yourself getting more aroused, your slick dripping down your thighs and soaking onto the cushion. 

    “Yes..! I just— I need you.” He whined out, letting his head fall back against the couch. There were tears in his eyes now, threatening to spill over onto his cheeks. “Please.. Fuck, I’ll be good.. Just give me the chance..”

    Letting out a deep breath you didn’t know you were holding, your hips started to roll against his slowly, the friction sending sparks of pleasure through your body. Emma had been right. You had your boyfriend close to tears, although that was nothing unexpected from Takemichi.

    “Ah.. fuck, yes..” His hands grabbed onto your hips again, guiding them as you rocked back and forth. “Thank you.. I-I promise.. I’m gonna treat you right..”

    “I know you will, sweetheart.”

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  • fabitani
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago



    it’s your property, fully developed in his scent.

    sonmophilia? is that really so?

    just a ready up before building his own empire, with you being the base.

    looking up at him with doll eyes, fully black irises staring up at him with his thumb down your throat, tongue grinding on the soft skin.


    the afterlife of you being fucked back into submission, along with your friend..

    watch what happens when you disobey and try to dominate him instead, slutty brat forced into submission.

    you look so beautiful and innocent on that counter table, too pretty for ‘zana not to ruin.

    watch ‘slow and affectionate’ sex turn into one where you’re sore for a week.


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  • fabitani
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ FEMALE & GOTH READER OR𝐈ENTED.

    hai, i’m fabiana. i’m arab ‘n black, a female too. (they for pronouns.) this blog appreciates mikey & eren luvrs. + kazu because sexy.

    this blog contains and appreciates dark content and warnings that might upset you, don’t be hesitant to block. 👾 he luvs fabiana.

    younger than fifteen + ageless blogs will be removed from my blog. i’m fine with fifteen and older but i do not have the intentions of destroying young minds.

    ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ MASTERLISTS. ● HE LUVS FABIANA. ● VB.

    𝐅𝐀𝐁𝐢𝐀𝐍𝐀 𝐗 𝐄𝐑𝐄𝐍 . . . tittie fuckin’ tora bc why not.

    @ fabitani + all rights reserved. do not copy, remake or repost my content anywhere other than tumblr. do not cross drama over my blog because i will not have it, take it elsewhere.

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  • scummy-simp
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    kazutora, takemichi, & sanzu

    what happens when you mix a crybaby with a dacryphiliac? pure desire.

    not sfw - all under 20/ageless/minors/blank blogs will be blocked.

    tw/cw: fem!reader, dacryphilia x 1000000 lol, sprint! (lowercase), sub!character, switch!character, petnames, teasing, denial, begging, face-fucking, exhibionism, voyeurism, thigh-riding, degradation, slight humiliation

    so sorry if i missed anything!

    ♥ kazutora

    the sound of a bell jingling fills the room, and your eyes flit to polished amber, his lip tucked beneath his pearls. your cheek rests against his thigh, gentle clouds of breath fog the heat around his cock, causing him to twitch and whine. your pointer finger gently trails parallels over veins, spreading the pre that collects on the tip, downwards. “ ‘tora,” even you whisper sears him, “you’re doing so good for me, baby.”

    your lips press a tender kiss to his thigh, before making a path towards his heavy sack. there’s a loud thump as he throws his head back, a whimper escaping his lips as your tongue barely grazes against his throbbing skin. “don’t you dare look away, baby,” you pause your movements, waiting patiently for him to come back down. he blinks a few times, and you almost let a hand fly to your slick heat, watching quartz roll down the tops of his cheeks. “f-fuck-” you sit up on your knees and press your lips to his, a hand wrapping around the base of his cock simultaneously.

    you swallow his moans, starting a slow rhythm as you pump him in your hand. he feels heavy in your hand, weighty. he pulls away, puffs of humidity hitting your chin as you stare down at him from beneath lashes. his brow furrows, cock twitching uncontrollably as you massage three fingers around his tip, and as he looks like he’s about to reach his limit, you let him go. “n-no, please! let me cum-”

    fresh tears drop on to your hovering hand and you coo, “soon, okay?” you brush some stray hairs that found their way on to his face, “want you to fill me.” because you can have your cake and eat it too.

    ♥ takemichi

    “o-oh, god!” the pain that spreads in his knuckles is dulled instantly by the feeling of your scorching throat wrapping so tightly around the tip of his cock. he tastes salty and like lost-composure, your jaw stretching to accommodate his girthiness. you moan when his teeth let go of his fist, his fingers curling behind your ears, trying hard not to pull at your hair. your eyes flick up to him and takemichi swears the golden gates are opening, your lash line filling with tears, swallowing him in.

    his eyes mirror yours and, god, you were so fucking wet.

    he pulls himself out, reaching up to try and wipe the blurriness away, but you catch his wrist. “keep your hands on me,” you maintain your eye contact as you kiss the tip of him sweetly, a smile spreading on your face. “fuck my face, ‘michi, hm?” you flick your tongue over his tip, “make me cry as hard as you do.”

    he groans as something snaps in him, and you squeak, his cock pushing in between your tacky lips. the light above you makes your face glimmer as he shoves himself in, gripping the back of your neck with vice. your eyes almost cross, flakes of your make-up freckling your face. your tongue curls around him, stroking a vein, your hands coming up to brace yourself with his knees. he pushes them away and adjusts his stance.

    there’s a flash of worry in your eyes as he dives into you, but you can’t help it, feeling yourself tremble with infernal bliss, his words swirling, “oh, i’ll give you something to cry about.”

    ♥ sanzu

    you’re a sweet girl, the icing to sanzu’s devious cake, and it’s almost awful, learning you’ve come to accompany him - pantyless.

    the way your hips sway tosses the hem of your dress dangerously higher, and higher, the love marks on your inner thighs from last night flirting with sanzu’s vision. you’re grinning from ear-to-ear, waving at him from your spot on the dancefloor, dazzling underneath the neon sky. his mask conceals his smile, but you can tell anyway from the way his eyes crinkle.

    his mask conceals his perversion too.

    you realize it too late, your cunt slotted against his tensed thigh, his arm circled around you in a tight lock, preventing you from moving away from his chest. “go on,” cool cyan looks up at you, “make yourself feel good.” if he was bothered or turned on at all with the way your plushness squishes into him, he definitely didn't show it.

    your chest and eyes are burning with embarrassment. crystals freely fall down your cheeks, dampening the front of sanzu’s jacket. he nudges your chin to look at those seated behind you. you whimper, immediately shying your gaze away from the hungry eyes of bonten wolves, “b-but, they’re watching…” he pulls a yelp out of you, knocking his thigh up higher. “h-haru!” you’re utterly beautiful, a mess of putty and tears at the mercy of his leg.

    you plant your hands on his shoulder, the hand that hangs loosely around your hip now clawing at it, “you like the attention, right? ‘thought i’d help my pretty whore out.” your thighs clamp down at the name, your name between silk sheets. he pulls his mask down, and this time you can see the personification of ‘devilish’, “cum and i’ll reward you.”

    sanzu can pierce you with his double-edged sword of lies and you’d let him, again and again, addicted to the way his scars curl for your blubbering.


    but wait, there's more! did you think i forgot about my shinichirou brainrot? here ya go ♥

    #kazutora smut #kazutora hanemiya smut #takemichi smut #takemichi hanagaki smut #sanzu smut #sanzu haruchiyo smut #tokyo revengers smut #tokyo revengers fanfiction #tokyo revengers scenarios #tokrev smut #tok rev smut #tokrev fanfiction #tok rev fanfiction #kazutora x you #kazutora scenario #takemichi x you #sanzu x you #sanzu scenario#takemichi scenario
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  • vixn-z
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago


    cw. cum play, facials, breeding kink, “mommy”, anal, degradation, squirting

    ft. damn near everyone.

    note. i accidentally deleted this SOBS so this is just a repost but i did change a few things.


    “stick that tongue out for me, pretty. let me see it.”

    his knuckles burn an angry red around his hard cock, tip drooling, dripping with pre-cum and your thick spit. with your knees stinging as they dig into the carpet, you do what he says, letting your tongue drop out of your mouth, big, hungry eyes staring into his, earning a throaty, “atta girl” from his parted lips.

    he’s so eager to cum on your pretty face, fists working around his dick faster, twisting and rubbing against his sensitive head— and when he does, he makes sure to paint your face with it, reaching down to smear his seed across your heated cheeks, smiling lazily when you grin up at him.

    takemichi(but in a subby way cs he’s a lil bitch boy<33), KAZUTORA, RAN, NAHOYA (then spits in ur mouth), chifuyu, hakkai(kisses tf out you after), WAKASA(takes pictures of ur face all messy n full of his cum ;(( ), draken, MITSUYA

    “should i cum in you, hm? give you my baby, make you a mommy?”

    his hand rests on your lower belly, pressing into the skin softly as he mumbles into your ear, pulling a whine from your sore throat, “yes.. please”. he’s pushing your knees further into your chest, body hovering over yours, and you can feel the heat radiating from him— his chest flushed, bottom lip hidden between his teeth, sweat forming on his temples because he’s so whipped, dick twitching inside your warm cunt.

    “fucking milk me, take it all” he grunts, pumping his cum into your tight pussy, mouth falling open as your cunt sucks him dry.

    RINDOU, souya (but in a subby “please milk me mommy:((” way), MIKEYMIKEYMIKEY, KAKUCHO(keeps fucking it into you even tho he’s so overstimulated it hurts), DRAKEN (records it oozing out of you<33)

    his balls slap against your clit as he takes you from behind, fat cock stretching you out so, so well with each snap of his waist— and it’s so messy, your cunt weeps onto your thighs, coating his too coaxing a slap to your ass because “you’re such a dirty fucking slut”

    “want to be stuffed? stuffed full of my cum, ha?” you manage to nod, brain numb, and the feeling of his cum filling your hole sends you over the edge, gushing all over him and the sheets

    KISAKI, HANMA(then eats it out after to “clean you up”) SANZU(stuffs a butt plug up ur ass n makes u hold his cum), izana, TAIJU(doesn’t say anything just watched it leak outa ur ass like he’s in a trance),BENKEI, akashi
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  • honeyspalette
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    glass in the park | hanagaki takemichi

    summary: friends to lovers w loser michi, really sweet sappy shit that makes my heart go thump ....... also listen to glass in the park while reading this (or the enitre submarine ep by alex turner please i beg)

    wc: 9k

    cw: timeskip!takemichi, nsfw 18+, disgustingly sweet content that will literally give you cavities, 2 seconds of angst, use of pet name ‘baby,’ pussyjob, unprotected sex, praise kink if you squint, creampie, cockwarming but not really ? idk, vanilla sex thats really fuckin sweet and intimate im ;-; this is just really fucking sappy dont look at me

    a/n: this is just another installment of my never ending saga into my consistent self indulgence and inability to write shit that i do not fantasize about on the daily. dont @ me. also, thank u @kazutoraloml and @tokyosghoul for betareading i want to make out intensely w u both (hye come join the dark side and become a michi fucker its fun over here i promise)

    !!!!! mdni !!!!!

    Takemichi didn’t know what the fuck he was doing with his life.

    Here he was, 26 years old, working the same shitty job at the video store that he’s been working at since his college years, living a shitty life in a shitty apartment. Most days he walked through life on autopilot, not a care in the world for anyone, anything—not even himself. He’s completely lost any and all sense of what it meant to truly live, and for the longest time, he thought that this was really all he would ever accomplish. He had peaked in middle school and everything has just been downhill from there. Somehow, though, he managed to hold onto some shred of hope that there was more out there waiting for him. A better life to live. A better version of himself. Anything.

    Takemichi was never really the relationship kinda guy. He had a girlfriend during his teen years, but that fizzled out as time went on and he never bothered to really try to get another girl. Too much work, he’d tell himself. Too much money wasted on dates. Too much anxiety about labels. Too much insecurity about his dick size—not that he had anything to hate himself over, but his girth alone had any girl he ever got with think twice when he managed to split them entirely open. He never wanted to hurt any of those girls, but he couldn’t help that he was gifted with such a fat cock.

    Dick size aside, Takemichi just coasted through his life, making just enough money to get by and having plenty of down time to himself. Was it what he pictured when he was younger? Definitely not. Was he complaining? Maybe.

    He stood in the partially empty video store, mind elsewhere as he searched the aisle glancing from the case in his hand then back up at the filled shelves. “Edward Scissorhands, The Evil Dead…” he mumbled to himself, pointer finger gliding along the various titles until he found the correct space for the movie in his hand. He let out a quiet click of his tongue once he found the correct place, wedging the copy of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in between copies of Escape from New York and Europa Report. At least he knew his alphabet, otherwise his work would be especially difficult.

    Looking back down at the stack of DVDs on his cart that needed to be returned to their homes on the shelves, Takemichi glanced at the watch adorning his left wrist. Still an hour left until his shift ended. The little bell jingling at the entrance caught his attention; he whipped his head around to see you enter.

    Shit, he whispered to himself, ducking his head back down, growing intensely shy at how attractive you were. A wave of self-consciousness washed over him as he pushed his cart to the back of the store, trying to avoid an awkward encounter with yet another pretty girl. It wasn’t everyday people like you came waltzing into the small video shop; the clientele mainly consisted of older people or young teens thinking it's cool to spend their days off perusing through dusty old shops like this, searching the shelves for any retro titles they’ve heard about.

    He was the only employee on the floor right now, his manager was in her back office but in direct sight of him cowering behind a shelf. She called out to him.

    “Hanagaki! Go help the customer; don’t act like you didn’t hear that damn bell ring.” She scolded, causing him to shudder.

    He shut his eyes, trying not to focus on the lump that formed in his throat. Across the store, he saw you wandering around, mumbling incoherencies under your breath.

    You trudged into the store, arms crossed and slightly irritated that your friend asked for such a thing in the first place. It was her birthday, so of course you felt guilty if you refused her request of having a movie night with a couple of your closest friends; you told her you would take the responsibility for finding the niche film she so desperately wanted to watch on this special occasion, but you didn’t expect your search to be so difficult. You started out with the chain stores, and when your hunt came up unsuccessful, you looked up a multitude of video shops in your area, even going to the lengths of calling them to see if they had your desired film in stock. Finally, an unsure voice confirmed that they did have a copy at the fourth store you contacted.

    And so, this is how you ended up in the same store the ravenette worked at.

    You glanced around, trying to look for someone to help you, but when you found no one, you just decided to take matters into your own hands and venture inwards, eyes scanning over the various titles.

    Takemichi, still pushing his cart, came up behind you and nearly ran into you, his depth perception failing miserably due to his nerves. “Can I help you with anything, miss?”

    His voice behind you startled you, causing you to jump a little. “Oh, you scared me there. I called earlier...about a movie called Paris, Texas?” You offered, readjusting the strap of your purse back over your shoulder.

    Blue eyes widened at you; so you were the girl he talked to on the phone earlier. “Y-you must be ___ then?”

    “That’s me!” You smiled at him, rocking onto the tips of your toes. “So...do you have it?”

    Takemichi internally slapped himself in the face at not being smarter about this one; a normal employee would’ve pulled the title aside for a customer, but Takemichi is absolutely not a normal employee. He scratched the back of his head, turning on his heel and abandoning the cart, darting to the back of the store without saying a word. You cluelessly followed behind him.

    “Uh…” he said, frantically scanning the shelves for the title. They’re in alphabetical order—why wasn’t he finding it?

    Maybe he didn’t know his alphabet as well as he thought.

    Dammit, he cursed in his head, she probably thinks you’re a dumbass now.

    “Maybe I did pull it aside for you,” he thought aloud, heading towards the register to see if it was hidden beneath the countertop. He rummaged through the messy drawers, shifting papers aside with sweaty palms.

    You continued your solo prowl, eyes immediately falling on the film in question. “Hey, I found it!” You called out to him, taking the case in your hands and meeting him back at the register.

    His face now flushed at his shitty job he had done, a shaky hand took the DVD from you. “Sorry about that.”

    “Oh it’s no problem.” You assured him, pulling out your wallet. “You seen it?”

    He looked down at the movie. “I have, actually...for a class back in university. Wasn’t half bad.” He told you, ringing up your purchase.

    You nodded your head. “Noted.”

    The air between you stilled as he finished up at the register; you took the silent moment to study the man helping you. Dark hair, pretty blue eyes, awkward yet charming demeanor—dare you say you felt attracted to him somewhat. Your eyes travelled down to his nametag.

    “Here you go, just bring it back by next Friday,” he said, catching your attention and holding a little brown bag with your DVD in it, as well as your receipt. “Hope you enjoy it.”

    “Thanks, Takemichi.” You said, smiling warmly at him. “I hope I do too.”

    He mirrored your smile, the blush coming back to his cheeks. Cute, you thought.

    “Have a good one, ___.”

    Takemichi hopelessly watched as you exited the shop, taking one quick look back at him before you disappeared amongst the busy sidewalk. He doesn’t know how long he stood there, staring at the glass door where he last saw you— - he was just brought out of his trance by his boss snapping her fingers in front of his face.

    “Back to work, Hanagaki. Those DVDs aren’t gonna put themselves back on the shelves.”

    That damn guy from the video store was right—you did end up enjoying the movie, much more than you expected. Your friend was beyond excited that you actually managed to find a copy of the film, showering you with kisses when you tossed the case down in front of her. Her birthday was a success, thanks to not only you, but the help of that guy from the video shop.

    Takemichi, on the other hand, anxiously waited for you to make another appearance at the shop to return the movie. He came in early, clocked out late, and even found himself searching the shelves casually to see if you had come at a time when he wasn’t working to return the DVD; luckily for him, it was always missing from its place next to Paranormal Activity.

    He tried not to get too one track minded, but his life was just so…lifeless, he couldn’t help but dwell on the little things. The way his coffee was particularly delicious this morning. The way the weather outside was so nice, he walked to work today.

    The way your smile was the first thing he saw when his shift started today.

    It was a Friday. A gorgeous Friday at that. You had a slow morning—your absolute favorite. Music played in the background of your tiny apartment, swaying your hips to the soft beat as you made yourself breakfast. A cup of hot tea steeped next to the stove, a couple candles lit nearby as well. You cracked the window open to let in some fresh air from the beautiful day awaiting you outside. It was truly splendid.

    You eyed the DVD case sitting on the end table in your living room, reminding you that today was the last day you could return it.

    Then, it hit you. The guy. Takemichi.

    Maybe he’s working again today.

    Turning the case over in your hands a couple times, you mulled over the decision of when you’d leave. Considering you didn’t work until later, you settled on leaving now, maybe picking up lunch while you were out.

    You found your way to the subway, enjoying the beautiful day while you could before descending beneath the streets and clamoring onto a train full of strangers. A few minutes passed and you were in front of the video store, eyes staring at the drop-off box next to the front door.

    He probably isn’t even here today, you thought, plus if there’s a drop-off out here, why even go in in the first place? Will it be obvious that you want to talk to him again if you go in?

    Without another thought, your feet carried you between the double doors, hearing that same bell chime above you as you entered. Immediately, you saw his blue eyes over the tops of the shelves, flickering over towards the entrance and finding you there. You offered a smile at him, holding up a wave as a greeting.

    She remembers me, he thought to himself, a light blush creeping across his face at the realization.

    Before he could reach you, another man approached you, donning the same uniform as Takemichi. “Hi, how can I help you?”

    You looked between the new person and Takemichi, seeing the latter direct his gaze at the floor shyly. Stepping away from the other employee, you politely declined his help. “Oh, I’m actually here to see Takemichi.” You briefly explained, pointing a thumb towards the boy at the back of the store.

    The man’s eyebrows raised in surprise. There was no way a girl like you could be here to see Takemichi. Absolutely no way in hell.

    You didn’t wait for a response from him as you strided down the aisle to the brunette, who still remained looking at the floor. He wasn’t even trying to look preoccupied with the DVDs he was in the middle of reorganizing.

    “I hoped you were working today!” You told him truthfully, taking the movie out of your bag. “I came to return this.”

    He instantly looked up at you; now you had his undivided attention. “You hoped I was working today?”

    You shrugged in response. “I wanted to tell you how much I ended up liking the movie. It was much better than I was expecting.”

    A toothy grin crossed his face. “I’m so glad you liked it!”

    “Yeah, so...here you go.” You said, holding out the case to him.

    He took it from your grasp hesitantly. “You know, there’s a drop-off box at the front of the store.”

    You nodded back at him, sending him a knowing smile. “Yeah, I know.”

    Tapping his fingers nervously against the case in his hands, Takemichi thought to himself about how to continue the conversation. He didn’t want you to leave just yet, and neither did you, quite honestly. “So...have any other fun plans for today?”

    You suppressed the smile tugging at your lips from the boy continuing the conversation. “Not much. I have work later on which I’m not really looking forward to since I’m closing by myself.”

    “Oh, where do you work?”

    You told him the name of the cafe a little too quickly. “Its, uh, over on the east side, you probably haven’t ever—”

    “Are you kidding? I love that place!”

    He doesn’t love that place. In fact, he’s never been, nor even heard of the place ever in his life.

    You beamed up at him. “Awesome! You should come sometime!”

    He felt his palms go clammy at your question. You wanted him to come see you at work. No one’s ever said anything like that to him before, and it made his heart race more than he ever thought it would. “Y-yeah, for sure!”

    The way he stumbled over his words, voice cracking ever so slightly with his simple reply had heat rising to your cheeks. You had no idea why or how the brief interactions you’ve had with him make you feel the way they do. Maybe its his kind eyes, or maybe its his genuine nature, how he doesn’t try to say impressive things or try and use a dumb pick up line on you like countless men have used on you in the past.

    You quickly glanced down at your feet, then to the store’s exit. “Well, I’ll stop distracting you and let you get back to work. I hope to see you soon, Michi!” You hated how easily the nickname rolled off your tongue, instantly regretting your choice in words because shit, you barely know each other, why would you be calling an almost-stranger by a nickname?

    Little did you know, your unwarranted use of the nickname had him weak at the knees. The only person he’s ever known to call him that was his mom, even still at 26. But the name that makes him cringe when spoken by his mother, had his stomach fluttering with butterflies when spoken by you.

    “Soon you soon, ___. Promise.”

    Hearing that he had remembered your name from a week ago, you smiled back at him over your shoulder, shooting him a small wave before you left the store.

    As soon as you exited, he let out the breath he didn’t realize he had been holding the second you stepped foot in the shop. His coworker approached him, looking at the brunette and back at you through the window as you walked away.

    “I didn’t know you had a girlfriend, Hanagaki.” He said, crossing his arms over his chest and letting out a quiet, and somewhat jealous, scoff.

    Takemichi fumbled with the case in his hand as he walked away. “S-She’s not my girlfriend.”

    The balding man just clicked his tongue, shaking his head as he left his coworker to finish reorganizing the shelves, turning instead to greet the customers that just entered the building. “Hi, how can I help you?”

    The second the clock struck 8, Takemichi bolted out of the shop, running down the street to get to his apartment as quickly as he possibly could. The sun was beginning to set, the glorious day finally leaving but filling its place, a brisk nighttime with the slightest breeze.

    Throwing his front door open, he entered his musty apartment and sighed at its messy state. When would he ever find the time to go through all his shit and actually clean for once? He stepped over dirty clothes strewn all over the place to make his way to his bedroom, deciding that it would probably be in his (and your) best interest to take a shower.

    Apparently he spent a little too long daydreaming underneath the steaming showerhead, because by the time he hopped out and searched his apartment for clean clothes, it was already pitch black outside. A glance at the clock on his stove confirmed that it was, in fact, already past 9 o’clock.

    Takemichi’s heart fell through his ass upon the realization.

    He knew that the coffee shop you worked at closed at 10, but he had no earthly idea how long it would take to get all the way there by subway. It was all the way on the other side of town, it would at least take half an hour, but that's only if he was lucky. And then, who knows how far the closest station is to the cafe.

    Regardless of the time, he still threw his shoes on, tossed a jacket over his shoulders, and found himself standing on the platform, staring into his reflection in the subway’s window.

    Maybe it's actually open till 11, and you just got the time wrong, he thought to himself. But, what if you’re right, and you get there after it's closed. She’s not gonna let you in, she barely knows who you are, dumbass.

    A full fledged debate ensued in his mind during the entirety of his trip, only growing his anxiety. He kept checking, and double checking the stops to make sure he was on the right train, worried that he would miss his stop or wind up in the completely wrong side of town somehow.

    But thankfully, the universe was on his side tonight, and the subway came to a screeching halt a couple blocks from the cafe you worked at.

    And the clock had just struck 10.

    His feet carried him up the stairs out of the subway station, along the sidewalks and down the couple more blocks it would take to reach the cafe. Incredibly out of breath and hair probably a mess as it bounced with every stride, he saw the dimly lit storefront, the sole figure in the center standing out in his vision.

    You appeared to be swaying your hips, presumably to a song playing over the loudspeakers, mind completely elsewhere as you sang along and wiped down the counters. Although you hated having to do all the closing responsibilities by yourself, you also loved the time it gave you to yourself, allowing you to put on whatever music you wished and dance your heart away as you made the cafe look all nice and clean for the patrons in the morning. If you had to do all this work alone, you at least had to make it fun.

    You executed a particularly impressive twirl, waving your cleaning rag in your hand when you caught sight of a looming figure in front of the locked entrance. The little scare made you jump, dropping the rag to the floor, but your heart rate settled almost as quickly as it stopped once you recognized who it was.

    Takemichi had actually come.

    Sure he was a little late, but you know what they say: better late than never.

    You bent down and scooped up the rag, jogging over to the front door and unlocking it to let in your new friend.

    You can call him that...right? A friend?

    Regardless, Takemichi smiled down at you as you opened the door. “Hi there, sorry I’m a little late.”

    “You’re totally fine.” You waved him off, placing a hand on your hip. You noticed his slightly disheveled appearance and unsteady breathing. “Did you...did you run here?”

    “Sort of…” He laughed, scratching at the back of his head. “I lost track of time and came here as fast as I could. The subway took a little longer than expected and then it was still a few more blocks to get all the way here.”

    Your eyes widened at his explanation. “You took the underground to get here? How far away do you live?”

    He waved you off. “Just a couple blocks.”

    “How many is a couple?”

    He looked around, bashful at the truth. “Oh, 3, 4...maybe 40 blocks away. On the west side. But it’s totally fine! I enjoyed the ride” He told you with a smile.

    Your jaw fell to the floor. “Michi, you did not have to come all the way out here just to see me. I’m not that special.”

    He just shrugged his shoulders. “I wanted to, though. You came out not once but twice to the video shop. It’s only fair that I came out here.”

    Feeling a surge of confidence wash over you, your teeth slightly bit into your bottom lip. “Well, if we’re talking about fairness, you still owe me a visit.” Your teasing caught him off guard, but he played it off pretty well. “Here, you wanna come in for a minute? I can make you tea or something. Gotta make your journey out here worthwhile.

    You stepped aside to allow him to enter, immediately shutting the door and locking it once again. Takemichi looked around at the foreign cafe, admiring the cozy decor and potted plants littered throughout the space. “This place is cute.”

    Making your way behind the counter, you arched a brow at him, picking up the way he looked around, obviously never having visited. “Thought you’ve been here before.”

    He eased himself into a stool at the bar. “Yeah, guess I got the wrong place.”

    You found his unconvincing lie endearing. “Sure…” You teased him, filling up the pot and placing it on the hotplate to boil.

    “How long have you worked here?” He asked, twiddling his thumbs atop the clean bartop.

    You hummed in thought, grabbing a mug from beneath the counter. “Little over two years maybe? Didn’t really think I’d be here that long, but here I am, 4 years out of university and making my full time job what should be a part time job for some college kid.”

    Takemichi laughed at your statement. “Please, at least you aren’t working at a video rental store. Like anyone rents DVDs anymore.”

    “Hey, I did that one time!”

    “You’re the first person that’s actually rented anything in months!”

    The two of you found yourselves laughing at the situation a little too hard. Before you forgot, you made sure to ask him what kind of tea he wanted, to which he replied ‘whatever your favorite was.’

    Green tea with honey it is.

    Placing the tea bag into the mug, you scooted it over his way. He graciously accepted it, blowing the steam away. “Y’know, I got a degree in business. Seemed like a good option at the time, but I don’t think I’m cut out for the corporate world.”

    You leaned against the bar onto your elbows. “What makes you say that?”

    “Seems too…corrupt.” He said, staring into his cup. “Probably gonna be stuck at this same stupid job until I’m 6 feet under.”

    “Hey, don’t be like that.” You replied, “You can always just find a new job! One that you actually like.”

    “See, that would be easy if I knew what I liked. Do you like your job?”

    You chewed on the inside of your mouth. “Yeah, it’s not hard and I like interacting with the customers. But I never really went to college, either, so my choices in terms of careers are kinda limited.” Takemichi took a sip of his tea, mumbling a quick this is really good before he took another, eyes still trained on you, silently urging you to continue. Before continuing, you let out a sigh, resting your elbows on the counter in front of you. “I danced my whole life, and I was decently good at it. Good enough to make it my job. But I got injured a couple years back which ended that dream real quick. So, here I am.”

    “I mean, from what I saw earlier, it looks like you still got it.” He joked, referring to you dancing while cleaning before you noticed Takemichi outside.

    Letting out a laugh, you carelessly wiped the counter down. “Yeah, I guess I still do, huh?”

    “Better than I ever could, I’ll tell you that much.”

    “Come on, you just move to the beat. It’s not that hard.” You assured him, coming out from behind the counter, reaching out for his arm. “I’ll show you.”

    He allowed you to pull him towards an open area in the cafe, though reluctant. “I-I don’t know what I’m doing.”

    “That’s okay, neither do I. Promise.”

    Takemichi appreciated the evident lie you just told; it succeeded at making him slightly less insecure with his dancing skills, instead feeling a burst of gratitude at your gentle nature, actually wanting to interact with him.

    The song playing on the loudspeaker ended, a new one immediately coming on. Recognizing it, he looked around. “Hey, I know this song!”

    “Good, so it’ll be easy for you to dance then.” You said with a smile, dropping his hand out of your grip. You instantly started moving along to the beat of the music, encouraging your friend to follow your movements. “See? Not that bad, right?”

    “I’m learning from the best.” He replied with a cheeky grin.

    The two of you continued to dance to a multitude of songs, laughing and singing along to the ones you both knew until you were a mess of giggles. Even though you had just worked a full shift and it was nearing 11 already, being with Takemichi gave you a burst of energy. He was so fun to be around, and it felt like you had known each other for years from how easily you were able to talk with him.

    Maybe you were best friends in another lifetime.

    The current song coming to an end, you figured it was probably time for you both to call it a night. “As much as I would love to continue this, I do work again tomorrow and need to head home and get some sleep.”

    Takemichi nodded understandingly. “Well, hey, I have off tomorrow so how about I come see you again, this time when you’re actually working.”

    You smiled up at him in response. “I’d like that a lot.”

    Since the tables had already been finished before Takemichi got here anyway, you just fled to the back room to grab your things, making sure to turn down all the lights and lock up once the two of you were outside.

    “Did you drive here or-”

    “Oh, my place is just a couple blocks away.” You told him, gesturing back down the street.

    “Let me walk with you, then. It’s late.”

    Your heart swelled at the kind gesture; while no guy you’ve been with in the past has offered to walk you home, Takemichi would be damned if he just walked away leaving you alone in the dark night all by yourself. He didn’t pretend that women have nothing to worry about when walking alone anywhere, unlike most guys his age.

    The two of you walked down the dimly lit street, making casual conversation about how you both ended up here. You informed him you’ve lived here your whole life more or less, frequenting that same coffee shop you currently work at when you were younger. And he told you about how he came here for university and just stayed, never leaving his job at the video shop.

    Before you knew it, you had reached your building, looking back at him and immediately pulling him into a warm hug. Having caught him off guard, it took a second for him to hug you back; he smiled at your head resting on his shoulder. “Thank you for walking with me.”

    Falling out of the hug, he grabbed both your hands reassuringly. “Of course.”

    You lingered for a moment before quickly leaning into him and pressing a chaste kiss to his left cheek. Grinning like an idiot, you turned around and opened the front door, shyly waving to him. “See you tomorrow, Michi.”

    “Can’t wait.” He said breathlessly, face tingling at the innocent kiss you placed on his skin. He looked at the ground, feeling his face becoming unbearably hot all of a sudden, and smiled to himself before turning on his heel and heading towards the nearest metro.

    Guys have really never impressed you. In your quarter of a century of life, the men in your life have always fallen short. Your dad was nowhere to be found growing up, your older brother ran away at 16, and any boyfriend just turned out to be an egotistical maniac that only cared about getting in your pants.

    Honestly, you were getting to the point where you didn’t think you’d give guys a chance again. Dating always left you feeling disappointed in the end, plus, you were quite happy being on your own. You could go anywhere at any time, do anything and find joy through living rather than in other people.

    When you were at your best, that’s when Takemichi showed up. He only added to your happiness.

    Days talking with Michi turned into weeks, and now three months later, he’s become an integral part of your life. He would come visit your cafe on Saturdays (and maybe one other day a week if he was feeling extra kind), you visited him during his lunch break on Wednesdays before you went to work, and on Mondays the two of you spent the entire day together since you both conveniently had it off.

    Actually, Takemichi normally had Saturdays and Tuesdays off, but instead of begging his manager for a raise, he begged her to trade schedules so he could spend the worst day of the week with the person he liked the most.

    Those are just minor details he’d be too embarrassed for you to know.

    Another minor detail is the label placed on your relationship; there wasn’t one. You two have shared the occasional kiss here and there, sure, but what really drew you to each other was just sharing quality time with one another. Even if you were doing nothing, you were still so happy to be around him.

    It was a Friday. A cold, rainy Friday. You were closing by yourself again tonight, but that wasn’t what was bothering you at all. It was the fact that your manager, Rindou, was on your ass the entire day. He never shut his damn mouth, practically breathing down your neck watching the way you cleaned the espresso machine between orders - apparently incorrectly every single time.

    You had no idea what his reason was for being such a dick today; sure, he was a bit on the temperamental side and overall, an annoying person to be around, but usually you could handle it. Today, though, it was bothering you worse than ever.

    You were in the middle of making a round of lattes, measuring out the appropriate amount of espresso necessary before loading it into the machine, but for some reason the portafilter wasn’t locking in place properly. Taking it out and trying again, attempting to force it into position, Rindou came up behind you.

    “It’s because you can’t take care of the machine the way it's supposed to.” He scolded, leaning against the counter beside you.

    You scowled at him, trying again at the task. “No, it’s because this fucking thing is ancient. It's about time this place gets new equipment.” With one last push, it locked in place. You let out a sigh. “Finally.”

    He scoffed at your success. “Stop blaming your shitty job on everything else. Ever since you got that boyfriend of yours, you’ve slacked off. Especially anytime he comes in; he just distracts the hell out of you.”

    Boyfriend. The word rang in your ear incessantly, and you could feel your face heat up the second Rindou spoke it. If you weren’t as stressed out and irritated at Rindou’s remarks, you could’ve cracked the tiniest smile at the mere thought of boyfriend and Takemichi in the same context.

    Rindou’s shrill voice brought you out of your head. “Where is lover boy anyways? He too busy to see you today?”

    “Shut up, Rindou,” You took the two shots of espresso and quickly made the two lattes, still feeling the eyes of your boss burning into the side of your head.

    He wasn’t satisfied with his damage just yet. “Seems like a shitty boyfriend to me if he can’t come visit his girl on his lunch break.”

    “Would you stop saying that! He’s not my boyfriend, asshole.”

    Turning around, you glanced down at the name on the cups; just as you were about to announce the names of the customers, your eyes fell on none other than Takemichi standing on the other side of the counter, hands timidly folded in front of him and completely soaked from head to toe. Clearly, he didn’t know it began to rain during his commute, nor was he at all prepared.

    Your mouth hung agape at the sight of him. “Michi…”

    He looked like he was about to say something, but couldn’t get any words out. Instead, he just turned on his heel and quickly fled the building. Your heart instantly dropped. Of course you just said that because of Rindou’s relentless comments about him, you didn’t mean it at all how it sounded. You wanted him to be your boyfriend, but the fact was you hadn’t had that conversation just yet.

    But now, it seems you’ve fucked things up.

    You immediately darted to the other side of the bar, but before you could get far, Rindou called out to you.

    “If you leave right now, you’re fired.”

    You stopped in your tracks for just a moment, looking back at his smirking face. It wasn’t even something you had to think about; you just rolled your eyes before taking off through the crowded shop, all eyes on you as you burst through the entrance out to the sidewalk, apparently just having lost your job.

    You ran down the street, immediately seeing his drenched head of hair a couple blocks away. At this point, you could care less about the pouring rain around you. “Michi! Please, I need to talk to you.”

    He didn’t stop walking, not even sending you a glance as he shouted back at you: “Why, so you can make sure I know I’m not your boyfriend?”

    “You know that’s not what I wanna talk about.” You said, reaching out for his arm. He finally stopped, pressing his lips into a thin line and looking at you. Panting, your eyes searched his for any semblance of absolution, but you found none beneath his raindrop heavy eyelashes.

    He just sighed as you grabbed his hand in yours, noticing how hot and clammy it was despite the cold rain. Poor Takemichi was so nervous right now, it's been ages since he found himself in the middle of a conversation like this.

    “Before you say anything, I just want you to know that if I did anything to make you uncomfortable at all, I’m really sorry. I thought you liked me and everything…” You were about to speak up as he bit his lip, hesitating before allowing himself to speak his next thought. He spoke before you could. “I know you’re way out of my league and I didn’t even know why you would ever go for a guy like me. It was stupid for me to have even thought you liked me that way. It’s fucking stupid!” He laughed, pulling his hand away from you and running both hands through his soaked hair. Every word he spoke just made you feel worse and worse, shattering your heart one by one. “Here I was, living a shitty life, and then you showed up, and I actually believed I had a shot with you! How fucking pathetic is that! I used to dread waking up because of how shitty my life was, and now…” He took a breath, hands resting atop his head. “You’re the first thing I think about when I wake up every morning, and it makes me so damn happy.”

    You took a step closer to him, grabbing his hands once more. “Michi, I-” The words got caught in your throat when you realized it. “I’ve never been good at relationships, Michi. Ever. I was never good at loving other people and trust and communication and all that shit but...I’ve never felt any way about another person the way I feel towards you. I think…” you swallowed thickly, “I think I love you, and that’s such a big scary thing for me to admit, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel as scary since it’s towards you.” The way your voice was shaking the slightest bit, so vulnerable, had Takemichi’s heartbeat extra strong. You didn’t even realize the small tears welling up in your eyes from how guilty you felt for what you had said back in the cafe. “I’m sorry for what I said, I promise you I didn’t mean it. It’s just, my boss is such an asshole and I was so stressed the whole day...and he kept pestering me with questions about you and saying how since seeing you, I’ve gotten worse at my job. I shouldn’t have said what I said because I didn’t mean it, truly. It just came out. I just get nervous whenever anyone else brings you up because I don’t know how to act, y’know?”

    He knew you were dead serious with every word that you spoke, and the gaze the two of you held was enough to pull Takemichi closer to you. He brought a hand up to your chin, tilting your head up and connecting his lips to yours.

    Despite the cold weather enveloping you two, the instant your lips collided, warmth surged throughout both your bodies. This kiss was unlike any you’ve shared before; they’ve always been innocent little pecks here and there, but never actually on the mouth like this. He kissed you with such passion, as if he’s been waiting for this his entire life. Maybe that was you projecting a little, since it was really you who has been waiting their entire life to have their ‘kiss me in the rain’ moment. And who better to share it with than the boy to whom you just professed you love?

    Just as he slipped his tongue to explore your mouth with, he quickly pulled away. “Just in case it wasn’t obvious enough already, I think I’m in love with you too.”

    You just shook your head and smiled, taking his hands once more. “Come home with me.” You said, pulling him in the direction of your apartment.

    He easily allowed you to string him along. “Are you sure? What about your job?”

    You waved a rogue hand. “Oh, Rindou said I was fired if I left to come after you so I took that as I have the rest of the day off.”

    “Wait, what? He can’t do that.”

    “Oh, I know. He’s just bluffing, the place is hurting for employees anyways. I’ll go in eventually and talk to him, but tonight? I’d much rather spend it with you.”

    The two of you skipped down the sidewalk, chasing each other down the few short blocks to your apartment, laughing as you continued to get even more soaked from the pouring rain. This was the most free you’ve ever felt in your entire life, and you’d be damned if you didn’t chase after this feeling every second from here on out.

    Finally reaching your apartment, you stumbled up the stairs and threw the front door open, kicking off your shoes (which were also now soaking wet).

    Takemichi apprehensively waited in the open doorway. You noticed this, and immediately walked over to him and forced him inside, kicking the door shut behind him. He always did this any time he would come over; it wasn’t often, but the few times he’d join you for a late night conversation over tea, he always found himself questioning whether or not he was actually worthy enough to be in your home.

    You quickly fled to your bathroom, grabbing two towels so you both could dry off some; as you emerged from behind the wall, towel already working into your hair, Takemichi gratefully took the towel you handed him.

    “I meant it, y’know.” You said out of nowhere. “The whole, ‘I think I’m in love with you’ thing.”

    He nodded, smiling to himself as he took a step closer to you. “I meant it too.” You bit back a smirk as his fingers found the bottom of your sopping sweatshirt. “Let’s get you out of these wet clothes, yeah? Don’t want you to catch a cold.”

    His words caught you off guard, and quite honestly, they surprised Takemichi as well. He had no idea where this burst of confidence came from. But you weren’t complaining at all; you gladly held your arms up in the air with a grin, allowing him to lift the material up and over your head. He dropped it to the side, slumping onto the hardwood floor beneath your feet. Standing there in just your bra, you let your own hands travel to his sweater, tugging on it, silently asking for his permission. He wordlessly gave you the green light, nodding down at you.

    He kept his eyes trained on the way the lace on your bra clung to the supple flesh of your breasts; you noticed, and gently slid a strap off your shoulder. “This okay?”

    Takemichi stopped breathing. It wasn’t like this was the first time he’s seen a naked girl before, it's just...you do things to him.

    He nodded once more, tongue darting out to wet his lips as you let the material fall to the ground, revealing your hard nipples from being so cold and wet. All the blood rushed straight to his cock at the sight of you before him; you took notice of how a pretty blush crept across his chest before you, smiling at your effect on him.

    Seconds later and the two of you had successfully gotten rid of your bottoms in a frantic manner, leaving you both standing there in your underwear. Neither of you dared to allow your eyes to drift to the small areas that were still covered. Instead, Takemichi was actually the one to make the first move, surrendering any and all thoughts to exit his crowded mind. Head now completely empty, aside from the one thing he could never stop thinking about: you.

    His right hand trailed along the side of your body, gentle fingers barely grazing over your curves, brushing against the side of your breast, running along your collarbone up to cup your cheek. “You are so beautiful.” He said, swiping his thumb along your bottom lip.

    You parted your lips at his gesture, welcoming his thumb into your mouth and sucking on it, making sure to maintain eye contact with the dark headed boy. He let out the quietest whimper at your action, feeling his cock becoming impossibly harder by the second.

    And his lips were on yours once more, hungrily working against yours for dominance, though you were letting him win. You wanted him to break out of his bashful tendencies and instead, allow himself to savor his feelings and emotions. You wanted to give him what he really wanted, what he had been dreaming about for who knows how many nights straight and what you have been craving at the latest hours of the night for longer than you’d care to admit. The two of you wanted nothing more than to lose yourselves in each other’s beings, melding into one.

    And that was exactly what was going to happen.

    He lifted you off the ground, allowing you to wrap your legs around his waist as he carried you to your bedroom. Having reached your mattress, he sat down on the end of your bed, keeping his hands on your ass and your legs wrapped around him.

    You gave him a quick kiss, grinding your pussy down against his hard dick. “Aw, baby, you’re already so hard. How did that happen?”

    “It’s your fuckin’ fault.” He mumbled against your lips, kneading the flesh of your ass with his large hands.

    Leaning back, you looked into his eyes and smiled coyly. “Oh, is it now?”

    “Mhm.” His droopy eyes completely shut as your two hands rest on either side of his face. You studied him, so pretty in the dark bedroom, damp curls atop his head and toned chest just inches away from yours.

    You swung yourself off of him, standing up straight and pushing your hair out of your face. He looked at you standing before him as you hooked a finger around your bottoms, sliding the skimpy fabric down your legs and kicking them to the side. He continued looking into your eyes as you did so, but the minute your eyes drifted to his crotch, he allowed himself to gaze down at your naked form.

    Capturing a lip between your teeth, you took back your position in Takemichi’s lap, placing your hands on his shoulders to steady yourself as you dragged your dripping core against his stiff bulge. A shaky breath tumbled past his lips at the contact. “Fuck, ___. Please…”

    You rose your hips off him for a fleeting moment while he shoved his briefs down the fat of his thighs just enough to let his aching cock out of its confines. He repositioned himself to lean back against your headboard, giving you the chance to get a good look at his member. Laying against his lower abdomen, his cock stared right back at you, bright pink and thicker than any you’ve ever had before. It had you practically drooling at the sight. You rest your hands back on his shoulders, grinding your slick folds against his dick, coating it in your arousal. He groaned, hands flying to your hips and drawing you back and forth against his cock.

    As much as you loved humping him like this, you needed him inside you now; you slowly rocked into him once more, paying close attention to his cockhead and how it just barely dipped into your soaked hole. You gazed up at him with lust-filled eyes, pressing your lips against his.

    You held the kiss, tongues continuing to move against one another eagerly as you lifted slightly up and positioned his tip exactly where it needed to be, before sinking down onto him. Feeling him split you right open, you squeezed your eyes shut at the slight discomfort that shot through your nerves with every inch you took. “Michiiii, you’re so big-” You whimpered, resting your forehead against his.

    He dug his fingernails into your hips at how tight you were around him. “Shit, ___.”

    You continued to ease yourself down onto his length, both of you mutually sighing once you took all of him, feeling the curve of your ass rest flush against his pelvis. Takemichi continued rubbing circles into your flesh as you adjusted to him, already panting and you haven’t even moved yet. “Just...give me two seconds…”

    He just nodded, waiting patiently as you placed your hands on his chest, steadying yourself while rising up along his shaft and sinking back down on it. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the place where you connected. The lone fact that he was inside you was enough to make him cum; it truly was a miracle he didn’t cum on the spot the instant he entered you. Above him, you knitted your eyebrows together as you continued to slowly bounce on his cock, getting drunk on how well he filled you up.

    “Fuck, ___, you feel so good around me,” He said, leaning away from the headboard and licking over your right nipple before sucking on it. His free hand found your other breast, groping it as he continued to kiss over your tender skin. He looked up at you, lips secured around your nipple, and your hazy eyes connected with his.

    You smiled down at him, running a hand through his curls as you continued to rock your hips against his. The sensation of his wet kisses all over your chest drove you wild, serving as motivation to pick up your pace.

    Once he was satisfied with the little lovebites he littered all over your chest, he laid back and pushed your hair out of your face. “So pretty...my pretty girl.”

    “All yours, Michi,” You whimpered, feeling your thighs begin to burn.

    Takemichi must’ve noticed your shift in stamina, because the next time you rose up along his cock, his hands found a home under your ass, holding you so he was able to thrust up into you. He couldn’t help himself; as much as he adored watching you fuck him, he couldn’t resist pounding his fat cock into your little pussy.

    “Oh my fuck, Michi! Keep going…’M so close-” You moaned, falling against his chest and burying your face into the crook of his neck.

    The next thing you knew, you were on your back with Takemichi above you, arms caging you underneath him and forehead pressed against yours. He kept rutting his dick into you mercilessly, the lewd sounds of skin slapping skin filling your tiny room. God, you were so wet, Takemichi couldn’t even believe it. Your pussy was heaven to him - he never wanted to leave this moment, but he could feel himself teetering dangerously close to the brink of his orgasm.

    Taking your hands in his, he laced his fingers between yours and held them by the side of your face. “Fuck, I love you, ___.” He groaned, capturing your lips in another rushed kiss.

    You cracked your eyes open, staring up into his, falling more and more in love with him as each second passed. “I love you baby. S-so much.” You panted, chest heaving with every thrust he gave you. “I’m…’m gonna cum,”

    “Me too...where do you—fuck—where do you want me to cum?”

    Clenching hard around his cock, you released a deep moan, feeling him in your stomach. “In me, cum inside me, please Michi.”

    Takemichi didn’t need to be told twice. He pecked your lips sweetly. “Cum with me, love.” And so, you did, walls fluttering around his dick as his balls tightened, shooting his load deep into you. His hips stuttered as he continued filling you up with thick, hot ropes of cum.

    He stilled himself, keeping his cock wedged between your folds as the two of you gasped for air, recovering from your powerful orgasms. You looked at one another with tired eyes, softly smiling before sharing an innocent kiss. He rested his head against yours once more. “I love you, ___.”

    “I love you more, Michi.”

    The next morning, you woke up to the gentle pitter patter of rain outside your bedroom, soft light streaming in through your curtains and two arms wrapped around your waist. You blinked your eyes open, adjusting to the light and waking up some more. Takemichi was out cold behind you, mouth hung open with quiet snores falling past his lips. You shifted a little in his grip so you were facing him, tossing one leg over his and snuggling into him further. “Wake up, Michi.” You whispered, kissing his nose.

    His eyelids fluttered in response, mouth closing and inhaling deeply. “ ‘M awake.” He mumbled, eyes still shut.

    “Come on, I’ll make you breakfast.” You said, moving to roll yourself out of bed.

    But Takemichi moved quicker than you, pulling you in tighter to his chest and pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “Just five more minutes. You’re so warm.”

    You hummed in reply. “Fine, five more minutes.”

    “Did you sleep well, love?”

    “Amazingly well. How about you?”

    “Like a damn baby.” He replied with a light chuckle. “‘M kinda glad you got fired so you can stay here with me all day.”

    You laughed at his statement. “We’re gonna have to get up eventually; besides, you have work tomorrow.”

    He was silent for a moment. “I quit my job yesterday. That’s why I showed up at your work unannounced—I was gonna tell you there, but then, y’know...”

    Your head shot up to look at him. “You quit your job?”

    “Mhm, it felt right.” He said, pausing for a brief second. “Gotta find a job that makes me happy.”

    You couldn’t help but smile. “Looks like we’re both gonna have to look for new jobs then, huh?”

    “Guess so.” He breathed, opening his eyes and gazing right down into your. “I have a feeling we’re both gonna be fine.”

    You felt the exact same way. Right then, everything seemed to be just as it should be. It was gonna be you and Takemichi taking on the world from here on out. And that made you happier than you could ever imagine.

    © 2021 honeyspalette. do no repost my copy, modify, or repost my work <3

    tags: @chifuyuck @tokyosghoul @momobuns @toallmyhusbandos

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    #gonna go cry in a hole bye #takemichi smut #takemichi x reader #hanagaki takemichi x reader #takemichi #tokyo revengers smut #tokyorev smut#tr smut#tokyo revengers#tr#tokyo rev#not sfw#honey writes
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  • natashaav
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Taiju Shiba +18

    todo es consensuado

    Entraste sin pena alguna hasta la gran habitación de Taiju. El se encontraba sentado en un sofá, sus piernas sobre la mesa frente a esta.

    La emoción creció dentro de ti. Era sin duda tu tipo de chico físicamente, tal vez no fijándose en su personalidad pero...

    Era terriblemente sexy sin duda alguna

    Taiju levantó su mirada del periódico y te vio acercarte a el. Trataste de mantener serenidad en tu rostro, ningún indicio extraño aún.

    —¿Otra vez tu?—Mostró una sonrisa amenazante y volvió a observar el diario.—¿Qué quieres?

    Si, otra vez.

    La verdad te importaba una mierda todo. Desde la vez en el que saliste con Yuzuha a una fiesta para luego dormir en su casa, un tanto borracha por cierto, habías iniciado una tonta fijación por su hermano mayor.

    Y más porque en tu estado de adrenalina a causa del alcohol, prácticamente al estar a solas con el le habías pedido que te folle.

    De ser otra la situación te hubieses avergonzado y no regresarías más a la casa de tu amiga. Lastima que no eras de las que dejan las cosas que les gusta de lado, Taiju era tan bueno en aquello y sabía lo que hacía, la pena la dejaste de lado ya que solo querías repetirlo.

    —Nada importante.— te encaminaste hasta el y para pasar al otro lado del salón en vez de saltar sus piernas te decidiste por sentarte sobre él y pasar tus piernas hacia el otro lado. Taiju al ver tu atrevimiento y como te paseabas por su habitación bajó los pies de la mesa y se sentó correctamente.

    —Creo que te equivocaste de habitación, la de Yuzuha está al otro lado de la casa.— se burló Taiju sin vergüenza alguna. Te giraste para verle con mayor atención, era una maldita bendición que estuviera sin playera dentro de su habitación.

    Su tatuaje te encantaba, tal vez hasta para arañar la zona un poco.

    Sonreíste ante aquel pensamiento y volviste a acercarte.

    —Ops.— te dejaste caer sobre su entrepierna con fingida torpeza.— Me cai.

    Taiju se hizo hacia atrás contra el respaldo del sofá, quería hacerse un poco el difícil, dejando que hagas lo que tengas que hacer.

    Te quedaste ahí por unos segundos, tu falda ya levantada por la repentina acción de dejarte caer lograba que sintieras más el miembro de Taiju, no estaba erecto y aún así podías saber perfectamente que estaba ahí. Te moviste algo inconscientemente sobre el.

    Te levantaste seguido de eso dejando a Taiju con una pizca de confusión.

    —Ya me voy, si me equivoqué de habitación.— querías jugar un poco con él, se te era divertido ver su expresión de enfado.

    Quisiste emitir una queja cuando su mano agarró tu muñeca y te detuvo en el lugar, dejaste que la apretase un poco, a él podrías dejárselo pasar.

    —¿A donde vas?— preguntó más interesado en tu comportamiento.

    —Voy a dormir con tu hermana.

    Eso sonó mal

    —Ah, ¿con Yuzuha?— ¿quien más sería?. Asentiste con la cabeza, aún sin girar a mirarle.

    La verdad tu amiga ya estaba durmiendo plácidamente. Habías ido a ponerte tu pijama al baño pero te escabulliste hasta la habitación de su hermano mayor, ya luego te disculparías con ella por ser tan intrusa.

    Taiju te atrajo hasta el y te volviste a sentar sobre su regazo. Cada una de sus manos se posicionó en tus muslos desnudos, afirmando tu carne entre sus grandes dedos.

    Volvió a subir sus piernas sobre la mesa de en frente quedando tú con las piernas abiertas al costado de las suyas, Taiju totalmente relajado contra el sofá.

    —¿Por qué viniste a visitarme sin nada debajo?— la pregunta viniendo de él sonó con completa autoridad. Automáticamente respondiste. Era notoria la ausencia de tus bragas, y en tu defensa, querías ir de frente con lo que querías.

    —¿Por qué crees?— inquiriste viendo al frente. El chasqueo de lengua que hizo fue en señal de peligro.

    Su mano fue directo hasta tu cabello y lo tomo con firmeza para luego acercarte hasta un costado de su rostro, te tiró hacia atrás agresivamente. Sonreíste sin poder evitarlo.

    —No se responde una pregunta con otra.— soltó cerca de tu mejilla, observando fijamente tus ojos.— responde bien.

    —Tengo ganas de follar, ¿que más sería?— respondiste con cierta valentía. Demasiada a decir verdad.

    —¿Acaso estoy siendo utilizado?— preguntó con notable molestia, viste sus cejas fruncirse a la par de como su rostro se acercaba al tuyo. Su mandíbula endurecida era pista para decir que sus dientes se presionaron entre sí, típica señal de enojo.

    —Si, algo así.— sería interesante verlo enojado, ¿que sería capaz de hacer? esbozaste una leve sonrisa.

    Del cabello te empujó hacia delante y te soltó, no pudiste reprimir una risilla ante su molestia. Taiju paró de tocarte y dejó ambas manos contra el sofá. Te quedaste quieta sobre él por sobre su cinturón, reprimiendo tu diversión hasta el máximo.

    —Entonces quítate las putas ganas y vete cuanto antes.— al acercar tus manos a su cinturón para desabrocharlo, Taiju se incorporó un poco para subir su cuerpo y moverte hacia delante, quedaste sobre su entrepierna endurecida.— No me quitare los malditos pantalones si eso es lo que piensas.

    Prácticamente fue un; No te follare pero puedes refregarte contra mi miembro las veces que quieras.

    No era lo que esperabas pero estabas satisfecha.

    Apoyaste cada mano contra sus rodillas y comenzaste a moverte despacio en círculos, de tal sensación burbujeante dejaste que tus ojos se cierren.

    Te sostuviste más contra sus piernas y seguiste moliendo contra el, rozando su entrepierna vestida contra la tuya. El tacto de sus pantalones no te incomoda lo suficiente para parar, apoyaste incluso tus rodillas contra el sofá y seguiste moviéndote sobre Taiju.

    Pudiste sentir la yema de sus dedos tocando el pliegue de tu falda, luchando por no perder los estribos y desnudarte rompiéndola en pedazos.

    Tiraste tu cabeza hacia atrás cuando el placer fue elevándose más y más, te sostuviste de sus rodillas y seguiste moviéndote. Tu humedad se extendía por tus muslos y los pantalones de Taiju, era inevitable.

    Aunque a él le gustaba. El sentir como ensuciabas sus pantalones de una manera tan morbosa le hacia parecer como si estuviera pecando indirectamente, dejando que te refriegues contra el.

    Que ironía

    En el momento en que te liberaste danzando en un par de gemidos audibles, Taiju te quito de encima suyo de un empujón, quedaste de culo sobre el sofá justo a un lado de él.

    —Mira que desastre.— acarició su entrepierna notoria y la humedad de la zona. Tu aún estabas jadeando a boca abierta, recuperándote de tu primer orgasmo.— Eres una puta sucia eh.— no pudiste ni mirarlo de lo ida que estabas en ese instante, ni menos te percataste de como te empujó sobre sus piernas; tu estómago quedando sobre sus muslos y tu cabeza apoyada sobre el apoyabrazos.

    Abriste los ojos al fin y observaste el suelo y más lejos la puerta de salida. Taiju se acomodo más en el sofá levantando sus caderas y se relajó del todo. No entendiste porque te puso en aquella posición hasta que sentiste su palma abierta recorrer la zona trasera de tus piernas y muslos, subiendo tu falda.

    —¿Que vas a...— te interrumpió el gemido que soltaste de imprevisto al sentir un palmetazo en un lado de tu trasero. Taiju soltó una carcajada al apreciar aquel sonido adolorido viniendo de tu parte.

    —Ensuciaste mis pantalones, esto es lo menos que puedo hacer.— descubrió aquella zona por completo, tu falda levantada descansando en tu espalda baja. Dio otra fuerte nalgada, el sonido fue intenso.— Un buen castigo.

    —Pero tú me dijiste que lo haga.— te defendiste. Taiju dio otro golpe en una de las mejillas de tu trasero, te ardió, era seguro que tu piel estuviera rojiza en ese instante. Golpeo otra vez en el mismo lugar, soltaste un leve quejido de dolor.

    —¿Que dices?— se hizo el desentendido. Dio una leve caricia a tu piel dañada y luego procedió a golpearte nuevamente.— Repítelo, no escuché.

    —Nada.— hablaste en un gemido que cayó contra tu brazo, tapaste tu boca para no decir nada de nada. Taiju siguió alternando sus golpes en cada mejilla de tu trasero. Tu cuerpo se movía inconscientemente con cada contacto. Deberías irte, eso sería lo lógico, pero por alguna razón que él lo haga te parecía diferente.

    Estabas quejándote pero dentro tuyo el calor aumento, era simplemente inevitable.

    —Creo que eso será suficiente.—calmo los golpes y procedió a acariciar la zona afectada. Tu en cambio estabas con el rostro pegado al sofá echa un lío de emociones confusas. Y ardor, claramente.

    No entendías porqué se las daba de estar tan enojado si sentías claramente su erección contra tu abdomen, hasta te causaba gracia.

    Alcanzó tu hombro y te levantó, con cierto ardor aún presente te quitaste de sobre Taiju y te dejaste caer sentada de costado sobre el sofá, el chico dejó caer sus manos por la orilla del respaldo. La sonrisa que mantenía en su rostro era casi tenebrosa.

    —¿Ya estás agotada?, te veías muy decidida cuando entraste.— te estaba retando, nunca dejaba de hacerlo. Le miraste con cierta irritación, ahora te dolía el culo por la enorme mano que tenía.

    Y ni hablemos de la fuerza que ejerció en cada palmada.

    —Si eso es todo, ya me voy.— Taiju te devolvió la mirada que mantenías fija sobre el.

    —Yo aún no he terminado contigo.— entrecerraste tus ojos viéndole incrédula.—¿Viniste por algo o no?, por lo bien que te comportaste te lo daré.

    Con todo lo que hizo ya hasta se te había olvidado para que viniste.

    —¿En serio?— Taiju asintió. Viste como llevaba sus manos fueron hasta su cinturón y lo comenzaba a desabrochar. El sonido del metal se hizo presente, el chico bajó su cremallera y te dió un vistazo.

    —Haz los honores.— no dudaste y te levantaste a tropezones para bajar sus pantalones junto a su ropa interior.

    Su gran miembro erecto apareció en tu campo de visión y una emoción especial nuevamente se hizo presente. Taiju te observó como si estuvieses a punto de hacer algo malo, el simplemente divirtiéndose con la situación.

    Sacaste aquel sobre que escondiste entre tu brasier y tu misma se lo colocaste con total cuidado. Taiju hasta rió por verte ser tan responsable aún cuando te notabas tan entusiasmada.

    Te dejaste caer sobre el, tus rodillas a cada lado de sus gruesos y endurecidos muslos. Taiju agarró la tela de tu camiseta y te empujó hacia el, tus pechos quedaron cerca de su rostro. El acercó su mejilla hasta uno de tus senos y te observó con las cejas alzadas. Estaba esperando que sacies tus ganas.

    Agarraste su miembro con tu mano, no pudiste enrollar la circunferencia por completo y aquello te encantó. Lo guiaste hasta tu entrada con precaución.

    Taiju levantó sus caderas sorpresivamente, encontrándote en el camino y penetrando con fuerza. Tus manos sujetaron el respaldo del sofá detrás de él, y dejaste que el chico bajo tuyo siguiera embistiendo con firmeza.

    De la camiseta te tiró hacia abajo y quedaste sentada totalmente contra su piel. Diste un grito que fue silenciado por su áspera mano. Su brazo libre se enrolló en tu cintura y te hizo bajar y subir de su longitud, todo duro y rápido.

    Aún así seguiste gimiendo sin control, Taiju aguantaba sus jadeos como un experto. En un momento dado, de un brusco movimiento te deshiciste de su mano y para callarte Taiju golpeó su palma contra tu mejilla, tu rostro se giró hacia un lado y quedaste callada como por arte de magia.

    Le volviste a mirar esta vez a los ojos, seguiste brincando sobre el, Taiju al notar tu indiferencia a su golpe en medio del acto volvió a repetirlo.

    —Cállate de una vez.— demandó enojado, tus gemidos eran notorios y a él no le agradaba en lo más mínimo.

    Siguieron haciéndolo. No supiste cuántos minutos duraron en medio de ese lío lujurioso, simplemente saliste de trance cuando la bobina dentro de ti colapso y tuviste tu segundo orgasmo.

    Taiju también lo tubo segundos después, el chico te sostuvo contra él durante todo su orgasmo. Mordió tu cuello para no emitir ruido alguno.

    Te faltaban las palabras.

    Te quitaste de sobre el en apenas un segundo y quedaste sentada en el sofá intentando recuperar el aire. Taiju trató de calmarse también para luego ir directamente al baño que tenía dentro de su habitación.

    No te quedaste a esperarlo.

    Tu solo venias a eso y ya, por lo que luego de un rato te arreglaste y te pusiste de pie para ir a la habitación de Yuzuha. Entraste a su baño con total calma y cuando hiciste lo que debías hacer, cambiaste tu ropa y te dormiste en la cama improvisada que hizo tu amiga para ti.

    Reíste en voz baja al pensar en cómo te veías contra el espejo del baño, el idiota de Taiju había dejado tu mejilla algo roja. Moviste tu cabeza para dejar de pensar en aquello y trataste de dormir observando la pared.

    No pudiste ni imaginar en ese entonces como reaccionaría Taiju al no verte en su sofá luego.

    Al otro día por la mañana, sin duda pediría conversar contigo.

    #taiju shiba #taiju x y/n #taijusmut#Taijushiba#tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers takemichi #tokyo manji revengers #tokyo revengers español #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokyo revengers x reader #smut anime#headcanon smut
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  • kazutor4s-backup
    18.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    * . • 𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐢 𝐩𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐨𝐤𝐲𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐯 𝐦𝐞𝐧 𝐢𝐧 𝐛𝐞𝐝: honest and

    probably unpopular opinions by moi!

    timeskip!characters, +18, minors dni!!!!

    • * . Draken

    he’s a top okay

    he’s BIG, draken would manhandle u so easily

    he'd dom as bottom i just know it

    like he be like “sure, angel, you do you”

    then laugh at u cause u look like a dumb little bitch

    would treat you so well tho????

    like draken would be rough but wouldn’t ever do anything you two didn’t talk about before

    v respectful of your boundaries but also rlly into trying new things

    loves to see you all fucked up, dumb and babbling for his cock

    a king!!!!!!

    * . • Chifuyu

    my sweet bottom child

    he’s a bottom by default but when he tops he’s a service dom

    loves when you tell him what to do, likes being bossed around


    “that’s— mhng… that’s nice, baby… right there…” HE’LL LITERALLY GO FERAL

    likes when you choke him

    idk i just feel like he does

    call him ‘good boy’ and he’ll collapse

    constantly asking if you’re feeling good, if he’s doing it right

    “like this..?” “is this… is this okay..?”

    ride him while looking at him in the eyes he’ll probably cry

    . * • Mitsuya

    so. fucking. cocky.

    annoying ass dom, very aware of the effect he has on u

    he’s hot and he knows it


    “oh don’t look at me like that, sweetheart… you know you love me”

    will not bottom bUT will let you take the lead if he’s had a long day

    mitsuya is into blindfolds and lingerie but i didn’t tell u

    so much random biting during sex

    casually biting your collarbones

    discreetly biting ur earlobe

    lightly biting your thighs

    biting. periodt.

    * . • Baji

    u see idc what anyone says

    i will DIE on this HILL

    baji isn’t a dom

    he does dom and top or however u wanna say it

    because he just knows that???

    he’s big and scary, v intimidating

    he doesn’t mind topping, even

    comes rather naturally to him


    u take the lead once and my man’s a mESS

    “…what was that” “…….?” “…do it again” a real talk y’all would have the first time you push him to the bed and get on top

    honestly an awakening

    we love that for him

    • . * Izana

    mommy kink but make it a top

    he has some mixed feelings during sex sometimes

    he isn’t romantic, just isn’t who he is

    will dom you and be rude about it

    “dumb bitch, look at you all fucked up already… look at the mess you’re making, huh?”

    will take care of u after tho

    angry sex happens more than u thought it would

    but u get cuddles after so it’s okay

    its not like he doesn’t love u, he just expresses it in his own way

    will pull your hair and slap you

    then massage ur scalp and kiss ur cheeks

    . * • Koko

    idk depends on the stock market and the moon cicle

    literally can’t tell he confuses me

    capitalist king 😍

    * . • Inui

    bottom but will try to top if u ask

    will fail tho

    can’t dirty talk to save his life my poor boy

    inui would call you his whore then cry all night once y’all finish because he feels bad

    but when YOU call HIM your whore????

    a whole different story

    grab his jaw, open his mouth, spit on it

    watch him meltdown

    will cum on the spot

    i feel like he’d be into wax play idk why

    play with his hair after pls

    * . • Hakkai

    top, probably service dom

    wouldn’t hit you even if you asked him to

    he just won’t. periodt.

    will cover u in hickeys tho

    idk why but i feel like he’s p basic in sex

    not in a bad way just


    out of all the boys i see him the most on board to using toys in bed

    just a feeling ya know

    • . * Mikey

    my sweet child imma risk it all for u

    my heart knows he’s in the ace spectrum, y’all just ain’t ready for that talk

    he’s just not that into sex???

    like yeah he adores you

    and sex is nice, it’s intimate and quality time, makes him content to be able to have something just for you two

    he needs to trust ur guts FOR REAL if u gonna see him vulnerable

    it’s vanilla i will die on this hill, again

    he just likes holding you and bonding, the trust it builds and shit

    but again, it’s not the sex itself but something being just for u two

    will try new things if you want to

    after care is sublime

    idk y’all i just really think he’s alloace, v friend and family oriented, don’t cancel me for this one

    • . * Shinichiro

    mitsuya the II

    not as cocky, more like very sweet and goofy

    lives for pleasuring you

    will always have u cum first


    “atta girl… just like that, pretty…”

    has a v high sexdrive and wins in rounds against the rest of the boys

    pull his hair

    just do it pls i just know he’ll groan so BEAUTIFULLY

    gets genuine pleasure from pleasing u

    likes it when u cry

    scratch his back………. thank me later

    * . • Kazutora

    once my boy goes to therapy he’s a p good bf

    a top, probably a mixture between service dom and hard dom

    will work on ur pleasure but also be rough while doing it

    depends on the mood but he’s more of a preacher than a degrader

    will degrade you HARD if you misbehave

    “you thought you could be a bitch and just walk away like that..? after what you did..? dumb, dumb bunny…”

    lots of nicknames tbh

    has a daddy kink when he tops

    will sometimes bottom but only if he wants you to take care of him or is feeling extra needy

    your neck >>>>>>>>>

    loves biting it, kissing it, licking it, squeezing it, u name it

    he’s into lots of things but he IS NOT into tying down or being tied

    i just feel like it makes him uncomfortable if you’re/he’s restrained

    * . • Takemichi

    a virgin

    that’s……. that’s all i gotta say he’s too baby

    will awkwardly try to dom his way into sex

    will fail miserably

    yall would be too busy laughing your asses off

    u end up watching a movie and cuddling

    idk he’s just my son

    doesn’t feel right for him to have sex


    satoruspuppy. don’t plagiarise or repost on any other platform. this is my personal insight, u don’t have to agree with me :)!!!

    #{ 🛼 } reki’s mlist #tokyo revengers smut #tokyorev x reader #takemichi x reader #mikey x reader #draken x reader #baji x reader #chifuyu x reader #izana x reader #hakkai x reader #kazutora x reader #mitsuya x reader #inui x reader #takemichi smut#mikey smut#draken smut#mitsuya smut#baji smut#chifuyu smut#kazutora smut #{ 🪐 } vesta’s masterlist
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    //IZANA’S POV//

    As I sat there in the cold darkness of my room sitting on my soft mattress, I pondered on where I went wrong with Y/n in our relationship. We were always happy even while we got chased, she was always smiling and I loved that about her. Truthfully, I wanted to beat the life out of Mitsuya even if that meant breaking the contract so be it but, I didn't want to drag my gang down with me so I didn't lose control over my anger.

     The door to my room opened and a black haired boy walked in. He dragged his fingers through his hair, smirking. “There you are boss. I was worried that you died considering that you didn't come back yesterday,” he said, a hint of concern was in his voice about where I had been but I wasn't going to tell him. Not when I knew he also held interest in her also. 

    //Y/N’S POV//

    As Mitsuya pulled me in, my heart fluttered, feeling heat against my chest as he hugged my torso. I looked at Draken expecting him to be really, anything other than angry but when I looked his way I could feel the anger radiating from him, like he wanted to kill us. I furrowed my eyebrows staring in shock as he moved in and pushed Mitsuya making him land outside of the door “Don’t f**king touch her!” he yelled angrily and slammed the door in his face leaving him on the cold wet concrete that was the pathway to the building.

     He stood there for a moment and turned around to face me glaring at me. “Why were you letting him touch you like that? It's as if you were with him even though you knew that you were mine… You wouldn't do that right?” he got closer to me and the fear finally settled in. I've seen what he's done to people he and Mikey fell out of favor with and It wasn't pretty. 

    I didn't want to be the next victim to his wrath and I definitely don't want Mitsuya to get caught up in this and get him hurt because of my selfishness. This was the first time in forever that I had ever felt scared of Draken and it made my legs feel like jelly at the thought of him killing me or severely hurting me. “He’s just a friend Draken! Why are you angry all of a sudden?” I was trying my best to make sure my voice wasn’t trembling because if it was, I knew it would all be over.

    “Oh… It just looked really intimate and I didn’t want him taking you away… just don't interact with him okay? We wouldn't want him getting hurt because you couldn't keep him away right?” his voice was soft now as he grasped my face gently but there was still a threatening tone in his voice that I heard loud and clear; he was threatening- no he was PROMISING me that he would hurt Mitsuya or even worse kill him. He let go, turning around to where the bag and teddy bear was and picked them up and handed them to me which surprised me to say the least.

     “Why are you handing these to me?” I started panicking again as I knew where this was heading. “Why wouldn't I give my partner something to show them that I appreciate them?” he smiled, leading me towards the living room where two people were sitting with one of the girls that lived there and her customer chatting presumably about her pay. 

    We sat on the couch across from them not really paying them any mind and he gestured for me to open the bag waiting for me to pull the stuff out and my fingers trembled a little in fear that he would get angry if I didn't comply with him. 

    Draken almost never got mad but when he did he would break stuff and hit anybody in the way of his fist.I never really thought about him in that way and i was oblivious to his feelings, focusing on only my selfish feelings for Mitsuya. When I woke up from the hospital from the coma he was there and for most of my life he’s been protecting me and I couldn't even give him the affection he deserves? 

    As I looked in the bag and looked at the items that were sitting in the bottom; a black box and a box of chocolate I felt guilty that I made him worry about me. I smiled at him but I felt something wet on my face making me startled. He frowned, his hand reaching up to my face once again and I realized I was crying.

     “Why are you crying? Are you not happy with your gifts?” his eyebrows crinkled together as if he was in deep thought then his face lit up suddenly and he kissed me taking my lips into his for a short moment before I was able to react and he pulled away, light blush covering his face. “Are you feeling better now?” he waited for a response and I nodded, not being able to speak from the shock.

     He grabbed the box out of my hand impatiently and opened it revealing a necklace with our initials entwined and I gasped at how beautiful it was. “H-how much was this necklace Draken?” I asked cautiously not wanting to offend him and he laughed “It doesn't really matter does it? But if you really want to know it was 250 dollars altogether,” he stared at my face waiting for a response and I frowned “That was WAY too much for a necklace, especially one for me! You know I don't like jewelry that much-” He interrupted “You don't like it?” and shook my head “No I do, I just think you should spend this much money on me,” and he looked at me like I was crazy. “Why wouldn't I spend money on you? You're mine and I want people to know that,” I stopped trying to reason with him because either way it goes, that necklace was going on my neck. He slipped his hand around my neck with the chain clipping the necklace onto my neck, kissing my neck when he let go. He turned me around and sighed “You look so beautiful,” he grabbed my face and continued, “Now that you're mine.”

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    Inui Seishu ♡

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    [ OCT 16 ] INTERCRURAL | hanagaki takemichi

    + pairing: takemichi hanagaki x fem!reader

    + warnings: nsfw, intercrural, thigh fucking, wet dream, somnophilia, dubcon

    + notes: i wrote this so fast i hope its good💀💀 i actually loved the concept of this smut ngl i might redo it again soon

    takemichi awoke to the barely lit room, the only source of light being the pale moonlight peeking through the white curtains. it looked to still be the middle of the night; maybe 3 in the morning. squinting a little, he glanced over to your sleeping form. he calmed when he saw the faint rise and fall of your shoulder though your hair obstructed his view of your face.

    “michi.” it was faint - would have been drowned out by the mere rustling of the sheets but takemichi caught it as he was about to lay back down. he hummed, checking to see if you’d say something back. you were still asleep.

    you whined the same way you’d called him, like you needed him. “y-y/n?” he asked, sitting up and brushing your hair down your back to get a look at you. your eyes were screwed shut and your face scrunched into what appeared to be pain. but the noise you made told him pain was far from what it really was.

    his face heated up even before the realization struck him and he ran a hand through his messy black locks. he hadn’t anticipated getting a hard-on so early just moments after waking up. yet there he was, shifting in his spot on the bed as he struggled to think of what to do with the tent in his sweats.

    a couple more mewls of his name were heard which didn’t quite help takemichi. he wondered what you were dreaming about. obviously, him - but he was curious what it was that had you crying so needy. he could easily solve his problem in the bathroom and go back to sleep, never bringing it up again. but where was the fun in that?

    there had been an established boundary when it came to sex and consent; anything was absolutely fine unless the safe word was used no matter what. that very rule played in takemichi’s mind as he lifted the blankets off of your arms and down to your waist. a shaky hand hovered over your body, loosely covered by a large spaghetti strap top and some tiny shorts. he lingered over the waistband of your panties, debating it in his mind.


    his blue eyes darted to yours, expecting you to be awake. but you weren’t. you’d begged him in your sleep. it was decided.

    his hand slipped down the front of your shorts and found your clit in no time. he circled it slowly at first, waiting to see if you would have any reaction. at first your eyebrows came together as if you were registering it but it changed to your breathing quickening and your thighs squeezing with want.

    “so wet.” takemichi said to nobody in particular. he could feel your slick getting all over his fingers, dampening your panties, but hell if he cared. “fuck, you like that?” he whispered into your ear like you could hear him. you rutted gently against his finger unconsciously with a whine; a response. you babbled his name like a mantra.

    his cock pressed against your ass, hips rubbing into to you to ease the tension. he craved some sort of friction; ached for release. he knew he shouldn’t wake you up by fucking you - despite having consent, he wanted you to be awake for that. plus he was sure you guys had just used your last condom a couple of days ago.

    “take…takemichi?” the question in your voice snapped him out of whatever daze he had been in and he met your tired eyes. they had fluttered open some seconds ago and you were starting to process what happened when your body lurched from the stimulation. his finger still massaged your clit, pace not faltering. “fuck!” you cried out, gripping his wrist but making no attempt to actually stop him.

    “i - fuck - i need you, baby.” his digits teased your cunt as he pressed into your ass. his head fell into the crook of your neck fanning hot air against your skin. you gave him permission, running your hand through his dark hair and down the side of his face. the noises you made were relentless when he finally slipped a finger into you. “can i try something?” he whispered softly.

    you could only nod, but whining when you felt his hand leave your body to pull your shorts down to your ankles. the exposure was almost embarrassing but you leaned back and watched takemichi pull his sweats impatiently down to his thighs; just enough to get his hard cock out.

    “keep your thighs together and stay like that, okay?” his hand guided your hip back onto your side and pressed your thighs together, his tip prodding at the small spot where your thighs met your pussy. your eyebrows bunched together.

    “michi, what are you-?” you were cut off when he slid his cock through your thighs, groaning at the tightness. he slid against your wet folds pulling moans from your throat.

    “touch yourself.”

    your own finger circled your sensitive clit, takemichi’s hips pounding against your ass with each thrust. his cock slid between your thighs with ease thanks to your own slick having run down your thighs. “f-fuck, y/n. i’m gonna cum.”

    you were nearing your own release as well, still fairly weak from sleep. “takemichi!” all you could say was his name as you came, finger picking up pace on your puffy clit. he groaned at the way you said his name so lewdly, sucking deep purple marks on your shoulder and neck.

    his pace went sloppy as he reached his own high, decorating the inside of your thighs with thick ropes of cum. he cried out your name as he held onto your hips. his chest pressed into your back as his arm slowly came about your waist and pulled you close.

    “care to tell me why i woke up to that?” you asked, not a hint of anger in your voice but rather curiosity. takemichi struggled to catch his breath to answer.

    “you…” he started, deciding if he should tell you or spare the embarrassment, “you were moaning my name in your sleep. d’ya have a dream about me?” takemichi smiled at the shock in your eyes, mouth gaping. you struggled to respond, recalling the rather suggestive dream you’d had of takemichi. you were more glad it had ended in your favor, after all.


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    #asks.♕ #tokyo rev smut #tokyo revengers smut #tokrev smut #I HAD A VISION. #GOOD LORD #SIDENOTE THIS IS SUCH A GOOD PROMPT TOO BUT- #WOW #ITS THE WAY HE WAS SO SLICK WITH IT- #sidenote takemichi would be on this list but he's not bold enough to say it #he WILL think it though #ADDED THE GIRLS BECAUSE SOMEBODY HAD TO SAY IT.
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    y’all!! toxic Mikey who means to rail you at midnight for hours. Hands pinning you down, disgusting words that come out of his mouth to itch you closer to your orgasm. “you’re so fucking impatient.” he has already gotten tired of how needy you got while there were around friends. He gets it. You’re horny but damn he needs a break sometimes. Doesn’t do anything unless it’s his own needs. But he treats you so well when he goes for it, you will never be able to feel the same way to other men like you feel for him. Teases you and uses way too many harsh words that easily puts you down for his own fun and jokes. Does he care? not necessarily. Your hand being slapped away by him as he pays attention to another conversation he is having, leaving you in complete burden, “not now, geez.” Once he gets down and dirty, it’s over for you. His long cock pushed fully between your walls and stretching you out to your limit having you whimpered out. So huge yet so entlighting. You could go for rounds on rounds and Mikey is ready to give it to you. “no backing out on this now y/n~ you want this~ so needy recently~”

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  • fabitani
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    “i got your last name tattooed ken!”

    his eyes widened at the statement, jaw slacked as he stayed frozen where he sat on the bed. you giggled at the sudden expression, lifting up his oversized black t shirt to the hem of your tits. the tattooed laid there, black and red ink formed the letters ryuguji.

    it was a serpent, slithered around the letters while the ‘r’ remained untouched by the snake. his last name was bold, similar to roman -medieval letters.

    “you like? if not, i’m still keepin’ it kennie!”

    the tattooed resting on your lower abdomen, the untouched space soon being cursed with the letters of his last name.

    his eyebrow furrowed —soon forming an expression liking the sensation of having you all to himself, and this was the perfect way to execute it. “it’s fuckin’ hot, i like it.”

    a huge smirk came across your lips, gaining more and more sexual intimacy by the minute from his hot expression, couldn’t help but gain arousal from the tension. “gonna have you swollen with my damn brats, yeah?” he leaned into your ear, his deep voice making you wet even more.

    “now, everyone will know who you fuckin’ belong to.”

    god, you’re in for a long night.

    #tokyo manji revengers #kokonoi smut#chifuyu matsuno#ken ryuguji#takemichi hanagaki#tokyo rev#draken smut#draken #ken ryuuguji x reader #ken ryuuguji smut
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    #takemichi hanagaki x you #takemichi hanagaki x reader #takemichi smut#tokyorev smut #inui seishu x you #inui seishu x reader #inui seishu smut #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers x you #tokyo revengers smut #♠️| inui#♠️| michi#♠️| tr#by crew #📦.from q
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    Moonlight Riding

    Sub!Takemichi x Reader

    Riding, pegging, nipple pinching, begging, crying, whining, mommy kink.

    The room was pitch black, with the exception of the moon peeking in. the light traced the figure of your sleeping boyfriend next to you, making his face and chest shine. half lidded eyes stared at his body, craving to touch it, but you refused to violate his sleeping chest that slowly rose and fell. you turned over to get your own rest for the day coming tomorrow, a long day of work that awaited you. it was 11:48 and you couldn't sleep. then a surprise came to you, Takemichi's bulge rubbed against your ass, it grinded on you looking for pleasure. you chuckled softly and reached your hand to go behind you, finding it's hold on Takemichi's clothed and hard cock. the man groaned in your ear from the grasp, you slowly pumping his cock. "y/n please.. I need you." he whined as his member twitched in your hand. with no hesitation you got your free hand to fetch your strap, left in the drawer of your nightstand, already adjusting your position to get comfortable and ready. you patted your thigh gently after you put the strap on with ease showing your loveable boyfriend that he can get on. obviously nervous at the start, his face glowed a peach color that showed brightly in the moonlights gaze. Takemichi was already a moaning mess just from grinding himself against your lap. "put it in Michi, you'll feel so good when you do sweetheart." your lustful words cut into him just enough, giving him the courage to raise himself and sink down on your fake cock. shouting a painful moan when his hips collided with your own, "f-fuck it hurts!" his eyes got foggy, tears rimming his eye and becoming heavier and heavier, pushing and rolling down the side of his face. "Awh sweet boy you look so cute when you cry, can you call me mommy while you ride me sweetie?" oh and he couldn't resist. just about 3 minutes later his face wet with many tears that strained down, hair sweaty and dripping from the heat in his body, bouncing and riding your toy cock like crazy. the moonlight beaming off his silhouette. he leaned back and grabbed your thighs as he continued to go up and down, moaning out your name, mommy, loudly with each time his cheeks hit your thighs. you yourself traced his abs and nipples with the tips of your fingers, causing his body to tremble and shiver when your cold tips met with his hard nipples. quickly realizing his sensitivity there made you smirk and pinch onto them, taking it into your mouth, flicking it with your tongue and biting it softly to make him cry out for more. "Mommy, it's too much!" his tears fell onto your chest. "don't worry sweetheart, I know you're close you can cum." smiling, you took his member into your hand and pumped it. circling the tip with your pointer finger as the rest of your hand worked up and down, your other free hand still pinching and playing with his nipples. it wasn't long until Takemichi broke, body trembling as he released his seed over your chest and stomach. "good boy, such a good little boy aren't ya?" you praised and kissed away his sweet salty tears. when you pulled out and got his comfortable again he was already passed out sleeping under the moonlight yet again.

    <3 send requests

    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers x y/n #tokyo revengers smut #takemichi hanagaki #takemichi x y/n #takemichi x reader #tokyo revengers takemichi #takemichi x you #takemichi smut#dom reader#riding #mommy k!nk #nipple pinching#begging#submission
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    tokyo revengers boys + yuzuha

    ⋆ TAGS / GENRE: smut, 18+, tattoos, handjob, fingering, tummy bulge

    ⋆ FOR: @01-20-1992 @wakazu @nahoyaa @leviasserman


    when they fuck you, the want to see their name and their name ONLY. when they pound into you they love seeing the ink of their name bulge with every thrust. he forces you to look down at his name bulging, showing you that you’re his. it drives them mad knowing that if anybody touched them they’d see who that cunt belongs to.

    ↳ kokonoi, NAHOYA, hakkai, RINDOU, shinichiro, takeomi


    your breasts are his favorite things in the world, so why not get your name tattooed there? they’d fondle with it and suck on it, then kiss his name engraved in black ink right under. he would probably get your name tattooed on the same spot on his own body to match.

    ↳ MIKEY, takemichi, INUI, benkei, wakasa, SOUYA, hitto


    somewhere where it may seem innocent to the public eye, but what people don’t know is the rush of seeing your tattooed finger go up and down their cock OR fingering them. they love seeing you do daily activities with them on hand. it’s like a mark showing you got them wrapped around your finger.

    ↳ chifuyu, MITSUYA, kazutora, naoto, YUZUHA


    their name is already feared, so one look on your neck and it would instantly have people backing away. sometimes when going to public spaces, they’d leave a trail hickeys going from under your chin down your neck, leaving extra marks where your tattoo lies.

    ↳ draken, KISAKI, HANMA, sanzu, izana, RAN

    — do not repost this work

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    Mitsuya woke up to Y/n’s arms tangled around him, leg over his waist, the sheet covering what he was not supposed to see making his blush instantly. He pushed her leg off of him and moved his leg over the side of the bed, slipping on his bedroom shoes on and walking out of the cold room where the h/c girl was residing. He walked down the stairs to see Luna running around chasing her sister who was giggling while running. 

    He smiled while looking at the adorable pair chasing each other, grabbing Luna when she ran past them, making her giggle even more. “Are you having fun?” He teased her and she wiggled out of his arms. “WHERE’S BIG SISTER?” she looked up at him tilting her head and widening her big lilac eyes, crossing her arms. He reached down and patted her head “She's sleeping, don't worry,” he reassured her glad that the twins loved her, making it easy to do what he wanted to do next. 

    She walked down the stairs, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, as she looked for Mitsuya. She went into the kitchen where she found Mitsuya at the stove cooking breakfast with an apron on. She smiled to herself imagining if Mitsuya was her husband and he was cooking for their kids and she sighed loudly making Mitsuya turn around and notice that she was there. “Hey, beautiful,” he said, smiling and handing her a plate. “Beautiful?? Where did that come from?” she wasn't complaining but it was confusing for her if he had feelings for her or if he was just being nice. 

    She looked down at her plate and gasped out of shock, looking at the heart on her pancake formed with syrup. “Um, thanks Mitsuya,” she said, still unsure if he felt something for her after these gestures but her answer was confirmed when he kissed her hand and looked into her eyes expectantly as if he was waiting on her to say something… as if he was waiting on a confession specifically. “Are you okay-” she was flustered but she knew what was going on. 

    She was playing dumb to see if she was right so she wouldnt embarass herself in front of him. He sighed and shaked his head, grabbing the side of her face gently. “I’m pretty sure you know what I want,” he kissed her cheek and pulled back, looking at her lips. 

    “Do you still want to play dumb? Fine,” he kissed her on the lips, his soft ones against her’s, putting his other hand on her waist, food long forgotten about. She was panicking on the inside, scared that she was going to mess up, but finally kissing back. 

    That was all the confirmation he needed before he pulled away, out of breath smiled “I like you, no, I love you and I want you to be mine, I don't want to beat around the bush with you and let another person take you from me, I won't allow it,” he was waiting for an answer holding both of her hands and she was flustered “Yes I like you alot, Mitsuya,” and his face brightened up. He pulled her out of her chair and carried her bridal style, swinging her around. 

    He was overjoyed at the confession she made back to him because he was worried he would have to use force but there was no need since she said what he needed to hear. He put her down onto the cold tile and sighed happily “We have to get you home okay? We don't need Draken kicking down my door,” he chuckled suddenly remembering that you needed to go home, his mood quickly souring. 


    As they were walking up the grassy pathway towards the brothel, they saw Draken in the distance with bags in his hand and A big teddy bear walking in the same direction. “Awww he's confessing to Emma isn't he,” Y/n coddled “Well, if she returns his feelings I hope we can do a double date,” she turned to Mitsuya who was watching Draken intently.

     He knew that Draken was way too late but he didn’t know how Draken would react to the news of him and Y/n dating. As they approached the building, hand in hand Draken was at the door opening it with a key. She dived on his back startling him but making him laugh once he found out who it was. 

    “Y/n?” He grabbed her off his back, placed her in front of him and smiled “I'm so glad your back I wanted to tell you-” he was cut off by Mitsuya who cleared his throat signifying he was there. Draken grimaced as he turned to look at Mitsuya.

     “You did your job. Now leave,” and he opened the door grabbing the things he had with him and Y/n’s wrist and went inside with her only to be stopped by Mitsuya, grabbing Y/n’s wrist pulling her against his chest, surprising Y/n and Draken. He looked back at Mitsuya glaring at him. “What are you doing, shithead?!” and Mitsuya looked down at y/n and kissed her on her forehead.

    #y/n#tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers draken #tokyo revengers smut #tokyo revengers x reader #yandere tokyo revengers x reader smut #takemichi x reader #draken x reader #Mitsuya x reader
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