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  • Tales of Symphonia is one of the most common answers I get when I ask “What was your first Tales of game?”

    It’s usually followed by “I didn’t finish it my first time” or “I finished it but kind of forgot about it and didn’t realize how good the story was.”

    Most of those people fell in love with the Tales of series through a different game than Symphonia even though Symphonia was their first Tales of game.

    While this is okay, a lot of them also state that Symphonia is one of their favorite games in the series.

    I have a theory on this and I want to lay it out. So… I will. Here is why I think Symphonia was a lot of people’s first Tales game but wasnt the one that made them love the series.

    First off, age. Destiny and Eternia (Tales of Destiny 2 in NA) were the only western releases before Symphonia. Destiny was released in 1998 and a lot of people weren’t quite old enough to fully play through it all grasp the seriousness of the game and story. Those that were old enough probably weren’t too excited about the gameplay and battle system which was mostly turn base at that time. It seemed weird, a little stiff, and a bit clunky at times. A lot of people didnt like that and the challenge it brought. It was also the first in the series (second ever) to reach the west. It had no fanbase and the internet wasn’t exactly there like it is now.

    Tales of Destiny II came out Seltember 10, 2001. That’s right. One day before the Twin Towers fell, Tales of Destiny II was released.

    Okay, I have to stop. It’s Eternia. I hate they called it Destiny 2 in the west. Lol. I am going to say Eternia from now on.

    Tales of Eternia had almost no good advertising for it’s western release and the status of 9/11 brought about some weird thing where people only remember the towers and not much else going on. That being said, Eternia wasn’t all that great and there were other things to be hyped about.

    Namco thought that naming it Tales of Destiny II would be enough advertising since Destiny did pretty good in the west. The only problem is… they literally didn’t do almost any advertising. They kind of just threw it out there to the west with minimal effort. A big mistake in my opinion but it sold enough to try the western market at least one more time.

    Now it’s on to Symphonia’ release!!!

    So here is the main part to my theory on why a lot of people begin with Symphonia but never finish or it takes a different game to love the series. This whole theory is more based on people 32ish and under.

    It’s because the beginning of Symphonianis bright, vibrant, and childish. I think people started it expecting some awesome adventure with a darker undertone than what we got in the first hour or the game. It takes a long time to get to the boss in the fire temple. There is one fight with humans. After that you fight bunnies and birds. Yep. You’re supposed to be on a big adventure to regenerate the world and you fight bunnies, birds, and snakes at the start lol.

    Also, your protagonists are children with two adults. Raine does make the situation better with her history enthusiasm but Kratos is kind of boring tbh. The cast is kind of dull at the start. They are immature (naturally) and fight bunnies lol. I digress when it comes to their decisions with the start to an otherwise epic, monumental game.

    Symphonia was released in North Amarica July 13, 2004. Also, Final Fantasy was dominating the JRPG market and FFX was released a year prior and FF X came out just before 2002 and that’s is arguably one of it’s best games, mainly among FF/JRPG newbies. FF X-2 entering NA during December the same year (2004). Final Fantasy XI was kind of a disaster but it was there as well. Crystal Chronicles was a Final Fantasy game released in 2004 that was a multiplayer and kind of a 3D battle system (in a weird, “step outside the circle and you will die” kind of way).

    There are a few other games that took attention away from Symphonia such as Drakengard. Drakengard got a bunch of advertisements that year. It was everywhere. I bought it abs remember thinking how amazing the gameplay and graphics were. It was one of those “test the limits, build an amazing story, and show off current gen capabilities” games.

    Drakengard took up time. People had both saved to the memory card. A lot of people played both and sometimes never finished Symphonia or half assed paid attention.

    Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was released. Star Ocean was a hit in the west and everyone waited forever for the new Star Ocean (TEOT). It finally came that year and Square Enix knew the west had been waiting forever for a new Star Ocean. Square Enix had the big name in the JRPG and did a beautiful advertising job.

    All that being said, Tales of Symphonia is finally released. The gameplay and story were amazing. Word of mouth helped out. Couch co op existed and the 2 player option was actually fun. The second player felt way more involved and could move around during battle and at the time, a co op JRPG of that caliber didnt really exist. It drew some people in. Siblings could play an RPG together and it was actually a really good game with an amazing story and combat system.

    Namco also advertised Symphonia and learned their lesson that name alone wasn’t enough in the west. They had full page ads in Nintendo Power. They advertised it in EB Games (Electronic Boutique, AKA, Gamestop before Gamestop bought them). They actually advertised it very well. I think it was because Star Ocean advertisements were out there and that was their big competitor for that release (they had to beat that before they could step to FF even though SO and FF are both owned by SE).

    So… I think the flurry of all these things created one of the best games of all times. However, all the other games surrounding it and what led up to it created a storm.

    A storm that had almost everyone play it at some point…. but not realize it’s a series. Having played it they eventually come across another Tales game and buy it or play it. Quickly they think “oh… that’s a series? I played that. Oh… this looks good actually.”

    Thus…. we have a reason why so many people have ToS as their first Tales game, admit it’s one of the best in the series, but then tell you it’s not why they love the series lol.

    Thanks for reading my essay. There is more but tbh I spent way too much time as it is and wrote out way too much. I highly doubt anyone is even going to read all this or be interested but here it is. My stupid, useless theory.

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  • Tales of Community Question!

    Here is a question for everyone in the Tales of fandom. What was your first Tales of game and was it the one that made you fall in love with the series? If your first Tales game didnt make you fall in love with the series, which game was it?

    When I say fall in love, I mean you started to actively search for news or other games in the series.

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  • I did the waiter minigame without using the web app. RIP Sanity.

    MEDUSA BUTTERFLY - Let’s Play 「 Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (PC) 」 - 21

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  • Idol Ludger!

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  • Alternate ending: Someone presses B while Ba’ul is evolving.

    MT TEMZA - Let’s Play 「 Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (PC) 」 - 20

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  • Surprisingly, Karol and not Yuri is the first one to learn a Mystic Arte.

    MANOR OF THE WICKED - Let’s Play 「 Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (PC) 」 - 19

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    • Lloyd sounds terrible, usually because he’s singing way too loud to stay in key. Some people like Colette and Regal think it’s endearing while others like Genis and Zelos say it’s obnoxious, especially when he’s in the shower. He has a good memory for theme songs.
    • Colette has a nice, cute voice. She usually sings whenever Lloyd or someone else starts. Her Holy Song is often hard to hear over the noises of battle but is quite charming.
    • Genis makes fun of others’ singing, especially Lloyd’s, but his voice is only average too. He gets defensive of his singing while also insisting he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.
    • Raine has an above average singing voice, but sings only when she feels like it. Sometimes that’s around a campfire, sometimes that’s at 4 AM.
    • Kratos has a rather rough singing voice, though he’s more practiced than Lloyd. Unlike Lloyd, he sings very quietly. Some would say his style is charming, while others find it grating.
    • Sheena has an amazing singing voice, which was a shock to everyone including herself. She doesn’t know quite what to do with that information, so she just doesn’t sing unless asked.
    • Regal has a beautiful voice and is well-known for it. He used to perform love songs at fancy parties that made all the rich widows tear up. Zelos always thought he was a show-off.
    • Zelos sings loudly and obnoxiously in any genre, meaning he can ruin just about any song. He loves to belt songs out with Lloyd even though he claims Lloyd’s singing is terrible. He can sound incredibly suave when he wants to though, almost like a completely different person.
    • Presea… is trying. Any kind of singing from her is progress, but you’ll be lucky to hear her sing more than 2 different notes no matter the song. Genis insists this is still better than Lloyd’s singing.
    • Emil can’t sing more than two notes without getting all embarrassed and apologizing. Ratatosk refuses to sing outright.
    • Marta sings very cutely and frequently: in the shower, on the road, in Emil’s face, etc. She sings pop songs about love mostly, sometimes replacing words with “Emil” and then breaking down giggling.
    • Tenebrae sings what he calls classical pieces that somehow never get past an extremely long prelude. After 30 minutes it becomes evident he was never going to actually start the song.
    • Richter doesn’t know how to sing. No one ever asked him to except Aster, to which he responded with a blunt “Why would I do that?” and it was never brought up again.
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  • Different disc art for DotNW on the Wii (NA ver.)

    Right is the original, was on the disc when I got my copy new within a month or two of release (I can’t recall if I got it release day).

    Left was obtained a few years later, IIRC its consistent with reprints. Several other Wii games have this as well.


    And individual shots

    #tales of symphonia #tos2#dotnw #dawn of the new world #tales series #fun fact the cover art for my original copy is autographed by Richter's VA #be fun to someday get JYB on Emil too
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  • It looks like my philosophy of spamming heals and topping off HP bars has turned against me!

    FULL MOON’S POISON - Let’s Play 「 Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (PC) 」 - 18

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  • On Tales Spotlight Sunday, fans are encouraged to promote various things!

    Today’s theme is Discord Servers!!

    If you have or know a Tales-related Discord server, feel free to drop the link in a comment or reblog to this post, along with a short description of what it is about!

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  • Flynn uses the report button, but somehow the vote got skipped.

    CONFLICTING JUSTICE - Let’s Play 「 Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (PC) 」 - 17

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  • This is basically the daylight savings boss.

    OUTBREAKER - Let’s Play 「 Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (PC) 」 - 16

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  • It’s time for me to experience the horror known as Altered Artes grinding.

    REALLY REAL POWER - Let’s Play 「 Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (PC) 」 - 15

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    • Velvet has a really lovely voice, though she doesn’t think much of it. She only sings for people she loves, like her brother or Laphicet. It’s her big-sister instinct.
    • Laphicet is surprisingly comfortable with singing in public. His voice is still developing but sounds absolutely adorable.
    • Eizen has a beautiful singing voice, but only sings like that for Edna. Occasionally he’ll get drunk enough to start singing ominous sea shanties, which the crew adores. He berates them the morning after for letting him make a fool of himself.
    • Rokurou is pretty tone deaf but has a lot of fun singing, especially when drunk. He frequently mixes up or deliberately changes the words in order to make people laugh. If he’s too drunk the words get so slurred they become unintelligible.
    • Magilou sings. A lot. She makes up her own weird melodies and lyrics and performs them as part of her stage act. Laphicet finds this hilariously entertaining. Velvet does not.
    • Eleanor tries, but she doesn’t have a very good memory for music. She sounds alright if reading sheet music, though only her, Laphicet, and Eizen know how to read it.
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  • Even though the MC describes Erungar as a political activist, the latter only ever yells his own name. Erungar 2024?

    BLASTIA ARM - Let’s Play 「 Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (PC) 」 - 14

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  • image

    Rollo the Cat being Rollo.

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  • I like to imagine the Cursed Wanderer beat up another skeleton monster and used its head as body armor.

    CURSED WANDERER - Let’s Play 「 Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (PC) 」 - 13

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  • image

    Dezel, hot farmhand.

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  • I have adopted a cinnamon roll.


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  • emil very obviously has anxiety issues because why else would he conclude “tricking my friends into killing me is the solution to all these problems that clearly i caused, even if i literally didn’t exist as a person at the time they were caused”

    also that is a very relatable response

    #tales of shitposting #who among us with anxiety HASN'T had a completely ridiculously over the top response to try and 'solve' whatever the mess is? #emil castagnier #tales of symphonia #tos2#dotnw #dawn of the new world #spoilers#dotnw spoilers #yes im still spoiler tagging a 12yo game lol #mostly just bc even as a shitpost that is a VERY big Plot Moment at the end of the game and all #tales series
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