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  • @goosemixtapes the second half of your post, king


    T: Where are they tickelish?

    EVERYWHERE. Poor Tal is so ticklish 😔

    A: Best subject in school?

    Tal is very anxious so he pushed to do well in every class but he would be best in his science classes. If he was an American AP student he would be taking AP Enviormental Science

    L: Favorite board game?

    You know Forbidden Island? Where you and the other players cooperate to try to get all l treasure off the island before the island floods and your whole board disappears? Tal likes co-op games. Video game wise he would be a fan of Undertale. Pacifist Route only

    F: One thing they are really bad at?

    Uhh knighthood. But otherwise I think he’s not very good at sports in general. It’s ok neither am I

    R: How are his hands?

    Big. He has big hands. Eczema on his fingers when it flares. Otherwise he had work hardened fingers, but he likes to keep mosterizer on him. He hates dry hands it’s irritating and he can’t focus otherwise

    Y: What is one question they always wanted the answer too?

    Oof. Something really existential. Probably about how or why the monster-human conflict is a thing. He has so many questions that keep him up at night.

    N: What do they usually eat for breakfast?

    Talfryn “it’s normal to eat four sausages with breakfast” of the second citadel. Loves breakfast food. Depends on where they are, though, I think it mainly ends up being trail rations and whatever they can find


    Q: Are they patient?

    No. Well, when she absolutely has to. Otherwise no.

    U: What is thier voice like?

    I think this is for non audio medium. All we hear is her voice. I can switch this around bc I am gonna answer what her hair is like cause that’s what I know for sure. I imagine when she’s more feminine presenting she has absolutely wild hair. Buns on braids and it’s super shiny. My original Quanyii design, she had floating braids. When he’s more masculine presenting, shiny and ear length, but he will make it purple. There’s probably one braid in there too. This is also when it’s not a disguise

    A: Best school subject?


    N: What do they usually eat for breakfast?

    I don’t think the Citadel has them, but purely off vibes, chocolate croissants. Otherwise, lots of fruit. She loves raspberries

    Y: What questions have they always wanted an answer to?

    Probably “what is in the secret monster trophy room” that her an Caroline were arguing about

    I: On a scale from 1-10 how much do they like themselves?


    Ask game: send a character and I’ll give headcanons based on the letters in their name

    #Talfryn I couldn’t decide #Quanyii has such a strong pesonality. I know exactly what she’s about #quanyii#Talfryn#second citadel#long post #also max if ur reading this. I miss you king 🥺
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  • Talfryn talks to Sir Caroline for TWO SECONDS this episode and is immediately punched in the face, my beautiful sweet horse-caretaking boy, my science-loving asexual son, come to me my darling I shall dress your wounds…

    #tpp #The Penumbra Podcast #The Second Citadel #Sir Caroline#Talfryn#tpp Talfryn
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  • This lad here is Talfryn, my Herbalist! Though I’ve had him since day one, so he’s done a bit of scouting and pupsitting too. On top of that, he’s my breeding male (not that I’ve used him yet) - so of course I’ve been RMA’ing him. Currently he has S10 White Inuit Unders and S7 Black Inuit Unders, though he also had them in Beige and Brown at one point. Still got S6 open, hoping to get a breed-only mark on him.

    #wolvden#hiraethpack#talfryn #a merle would be ideal but I'll take anything
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  • Hey, guess what! The @seasonsofthecitadel zine store is closed so i can post my drawing: autumnal Talfryn :3

    I’m really glad I got to participate in that project. It was really well organized and transparent and good and i had a lot of fun drawing this.

    #tpp #the penumbra podcast #talfryn#second citadel #ace rights babey
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  • image

    Drew my newest Skydancer, Talfryn, with his familiar Psywurm, whomst he matches with his Psywurm skin

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  • Nonbinary Talfryn

    #THINK ABOUT IT!! #ok im about to go canoeing at 8pm and also im at 4% so i gotta gp #talfryn
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  • Sir Angelo and Talryn


    [Photo id: traditional pencil sketch, on the left is sir angelo who is labeled. He is a tall chubby man, he has a messy/wavy undercut, thick eyebrows, a wide nose, and a soft smile with his lips barely parted. His eyes are wide and round, he’s looking up and to the right. He has a stong jaw slightly obscured by a beard/mustache. He had broad shoulders, is muscular and chubby. He has a small amount of body hair on tan skin and some scars. He’s facing forward with his left arm angled slightly out. He has a dark armor piece on his left shoulder and a dark armor piece on his left forearm. He has gray leggings that stop just under his knees, and armor pieces on his thighs. He has gray flats on his feet and no shirt. There are barely visible stretchmarks on his tummy. on the right is Talfryn who is labeled, and almost a head shorter than Angelo. He is facing slightly to the left, and looking down and to the right. His right hand is playing with fabric on his shorts. He has dark skin, and short kinky hair on top of his head, while dreadlocks wrap around the sides. He has a chubby face and body, a wide nose, and almost smiling mouth. He wears a white shirt that is tucked into striped shorts, long white socks, and gray pointed ankle shoes. Takfryn is saying “You’re dating my brother, right?” And Angelo is responding with “Yeah”. End ID]

    I tried my hand at non-twinks but,,,, they’re still p twinkish.

    Commission info in bio <3

    #tpp #the second citadel #talfryn#sir angelo#podcast#tpp fanart#my art#gab art #artists on tumblr
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  • Oh my god talfryn is canonically aroace??? Im going to cry!!!!! Ive literally never had an aroace character and he is and i love him!!!!!!!! This is the best surprise ive ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #the penumbra podcast #second citadel#tpp#the penumbra#talfryn#sir talfryn #i was walking home while listening to it and he just suddenly came out and i actually nearly cried!!!!!! #hes like me!!!! hes aroace!!!!!! i literally have never known any aroace characters before this is #guys :'((((((( i love him im so happy #its canon. he said that!!! he doesnt like anybody not girls or guys!!! and marc was so nice to him abt it!!!! i cant believe i get a canon #aroace char im so excite
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  • I see a lot of posts about Talfryn being gay because Yikes Girls. and like. Yes, gay can be an umbrella term that can include ace/aro but PLEASE don’t forget that he is CANONICALLY ace. 

    i’m not gonna step on your hcs and ace ppl can still engage in meaningful emotional and even physical relationships without having to qualify/change their identity.

    I just want to reinforce that we have a canonically ace character and that is Important.

    #srs talk#Talfryn#Second Citadel #The Penumbra Podcast #look if you wanna hc him as gay and into guys and write him with certain guys go for it #but don't steamroll the people who are desperate for good ace rep when Tal is canon ace #that's all i'm asking
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    #tpp#talfryn#penumbra podcast#second citadel #hello god??? i'd like to thank some people #she speaks
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  • #the penumbra podcast #rita penumbra#second citadel#talfryn #the ritas dont....look like the same person lmfao #talfryn was especially fun to do #ty for the requests o/ #georgebenji
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  • talfryn

    #the penumbra podcast #second citadel#talfryn
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  • A gift for my friend @catamancy who is one of the most creative, hard-working, and inspirational people I know! She is someone who is deeply passionate about her crafts and works hard to perfect them.  Not only that but she’s a BLAST to be around.  Thanks for all the wonderful times and happy birthday!!

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