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  • ghcstbvr
    05.08.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #ask alastair#alastair answers#alastair speaks#alastair talks#mutuals ♡#nickwilding#simon tag #alastair loves simon #don't rb #please don't rb #← if you rb this i will block you. don't do it. #if you don't follow dni #← i will block you if you aren't a mutual. so don't rb or like. #thanks for sending an ask!!!
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  • 110glowsticks
    05.08.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    ⚠️TW / Unhealthy ed thoughts / Numbers⚠️

    Me realizing I could be at my UGW in 3 months😳☺️(if I try hard enough and be consistent that is!!) I’m 5’2” and my hw/sw was 191.1lbs and my cw now is 185.2lbs... so I did some rough calculations and if I lose around 26lbs a month for 3 months(until my vacation/medical trip in October), then I could be around 115 - 107lbsss!!!! (my ugw is 110lbs or less) OMG so excited! I’ve always HATED math but working out these weight-loss calculations are exciting.

    (PS/TMI I’m aiming to lose my bcup boobs but I want to still keep part of my big butt lmao.. any tipss??)

    #only pr0 for myself #not pr0 just using tags #tw eating stuff #tw ed talk #disordered eating tw #tw ed rant #tw ed stuff #tw ed mention
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  • aaaaaaaaihaveproblems
    05.08.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    I used to love bread so much so I decided to have a bit of it today. I feel fucking horrendous about it I hate bread so much I’m feeling so much guilt over something so stupid.

    #eating disoder mention #not pr0 #tw ed talk #tw weight#anoressic #cw disordered eating #not pr0 just using tags #pr0 ed #tw eating mention #i want to be skiny #i wanna be thin
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  • xxangeluvxx
    05.08.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Hello!! It's your daily dose of pro-recovery and healthy life style!! Rapid weight-los can cause lots of problems!! This is a quick 3 minute video that explains how losing weight fast can affect your body!


    #4na#an4 #i want to be skiny #not pr0 just using tags #cw disordered eating #eating disoder mention #ed thots #tw eating mention #tw ed talk #tw ed mention #pro recovery #not pro just tagging #Youtube
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  • moth-is-duumb
    05.08.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    guess who’s gonna take as many baths as possible after finding this out

    #edtumbrl #tw ed content #just ed shit #ed tag#ed trigger #tw ed talk #tw ed stuff #tw ed mention #tw eating stuff #tw eating things #tw eating mention #eating disoder things #eating disoder thoughts #eating disoder mention #disordered eating tw #cw disordered eating #i wanna be skiny #i want to be skiny #anorekcia#anorexjc#anorecik#anoressic#anorekic #low cal ana #4na#an0rex1c#not pr0#notprojusttags #not pr0 just using tags #an0rexya
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  • chironshorseass
    05.08.2021 - 40 minutes ago
    #hoo#hoo crit#rick crit#anon#ask tag🤠 #mari’s ted talks #sorry i took so long responding to this!! i procrastinate with these types of asks bc i want to word it correctly u know what i mean
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  • hychlorions
    05.08.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    i love fandom,, but the fact that a lot of people’s main interaction with media is through romantic shipping is just . man.

    #same goes for me btw ik how this sounds like esp when my blog shoves klapollo into ur face right from the get go #i am not free from my own criticism #but #talking about how hard it is to find stuff i like on ao3 #listen man i just want fics about klavier n phoenix being pals. talking it out . you know me #but when you try to find stuff with the & tag it's always like . secondary to slash fics. #and u can't even otp:true it because sometimes the exact premise ure looking for has a romantic pairing tagged with it too #aka background kIapollo which i'm fine with ! ofc . but . hgn..... it makes looking for the stuff i wanna read so hard #must i live in my own world of phoenix + klavier friendship forever #not to praise ff dot net but yknow their tagging system with like pairing A and pairing B and so on so forth #need that on ao3. now . #think i've read all of the available klavier & phoenix-centric fics on ao3 but i'm not sure bc again . tagging system #if anyone has any recs... nya; yknow? #ven rambles #i rlly should change my talking tag i'll think of a nice one tomorrow zzz #edit: omg right after posting this i found a new one. thank u mikeko for small victories
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  • koishua
    05.08.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    okay but i am literally laying out my heart for y'all to witness here on this blog for free and i take no shame in that. yes, it's completely occupied by yoshi, so deal with it please :(

    #“(r)”⸻ notes. #“(r)” ⸻ my peter pan. #sometimes i wonder if i talk too much about him here but then again you can always block my yoshi tag 💀
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  • theblackqueen-ofmyheart
    05.08.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    So, this happened to me at work the other day and I wanted to share.

    Me and one of my coworkers are closing and suddenly over the headset I hear.

    “Hey so….do you find the “I identify as” transgender thing weird? Or like….confusing?” And I live in a pretty bigoted town, anyone who’s not Christian, straight, cis and white is immediately bad. So my first thought is “this can go one of two ways…..time to give this kid what information I can and hope it helps.”

    So I explain to him what I can about transgender, gender fluid, non binary, gender neutral people and I let him know that it’s not weird but it can be confusing, both for the person experiencing it as they try to figure out what they are feeling and their identity and the people around them as they get used to the changes as well. And that he’ll probably end up misgendering people but as long as he doesn’t do it on purpose and corrects himself when he’s told he’s misgendering someone most will understand it was a mistake.

    He’s quiet for a little bit, clearly thinking this stuff over then he goes.

    “Well my aunt….she…they? Came out as a man and it’s been confusing to get used to. My whole family is refusing to call her by what she wants….” He sounds very troubled by the whole thing. Like he doesn’t know if he should be like the rest of his family and ignore his aunt’s realization or if he should stand up for his aunt. Then after a moment I hear “GODDAMN IT! HE! HE! it’s he now….”

    I have never been more proud of a coworker. If anyone who’s trans wants to add anything that I can pass on to him I think he’d appreciate it.

    #trans people#transgender #female to male #tagging with these so it’ll hopefully reach the right audience and I can pass on some things to him #this kid really is a sweetheart. his brother is a dick but the one I’m talking about really tries
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  • vargprinsen
    05.08.2021 - 51 minutes ago
    #^ thats specifically in reference to picrew bc we (white people) can't behave on websites that arent for us. #also lmk if i'm speaking abt stuff that's not for me to talk abt. #asks#anons #ask 2 tag
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  • sadorangejuice
    05.08.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    someone give me relationship advice right the hell now. basically there’s this guy I work with and i have been told by his friend that he has a crush on me but im a wimp and can’t do anything about it. anyways so last night we watched a movie bc oh we work at a movie theater so we had like a premiere of the new suicide squad movie (it sucked btw) and i sat next to him and i was tired so I was like curled into the seat and then he like moved his arm on the arm rest thing so I could put my head on his shoulder LIKE IT WAS SO OBVIOUS AND I STILL COULDN’T DO IT. like I was gonna like pretend to fall asleep on him but I couldn’t do it I hate myself so much actually. LIKE IVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE IM 18 AND IVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE I NEED LIKE A BIG SOSTER TO GELL ME WHAT TO DO bc he’s also kinda shy so like he’s not gonna make a move LIKE WHAT DO I DO? I’ll figure it out I just needed to rant bc I don’t have friends I can tell about this so

    my plan as of right now is to wait until the next scary movie comes out bc those are like the perfect opportunity. either that or like we were all gonna hang out one day like the work crew but every time we plan it we end up not doing it. like what else is there to do? I live in a retirement town in the south??? like there’s nothing here but the mall and the movies. and the mall here is actually shit so we’d have to go to the one a town over.

    #idfk what to tag this #relationship advice #????? help #help me #sorry i just needed to get that out #how do I talk to men #jesus fucking christ #i’m pathetic #fuck and I can’t sleep bc I’m so nervous about it
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  • h-isforhome
    05.08.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    im gna b honest guys <3 im losing it .!

    mate ok so. yesterday i stayed up to 4am and my mom forced me out of bed at 12pm bc she thought i was fucking around all night when rlly i was getting a stupid fucking research app done bc all she ever does is tell ‘fatima’s daughter researched here when she was younger than u why don’t u do anything’ ‘azra’s daughter works in a hospital why don’t u have a job’ ‘do you know how hard anaya’s daughter worked to be in medical school i don’t think u r capable of that all u do is stay on ur phone and get bad grades’ and obvs it makes me feel like fucking shit every fucking time and i hear it constantly never-fucking-mind the fact that im younger than everyone in my class bc i was born in mid-sept and im actually supposed to be with the class 1 year younger than i was with and also she pushed me to be the best in the class and even if i got good grades and good scores there was Always someone better than me and then i enrolled in college classes when i was 15-turning 16 and i burnt out pretty quick and now im in my 4th yr of college when im supposed to be starting my 1st but she doesn’t fucking see that i try as hard as i can and it drives me fucking insane bc all she does is compare me to ppl 2yrs older than me and say ‘why aren’t you doing that yet’ and i mean i know im behind on research if im supposed to be graduated next academic year i fucking know that which is why i stayed up all night writing my fucking application and i turned it in and im so fucking stressed abt it bc it’s actually interesting and i want it but im doubting my ability and anyway i fucking told her i was writing my application and i fucking thought she’d b happy but no she doesn’t give a flying fuck or care if i get it or not just that i don’t have it as of right now so im woken up at 12pm and im fucking tired as shit bc i haven’t been sleeping well at all and i can feel the lack of sleep taking a toll on me but i can’t stop to nap or rest bc i have a fucking final exam of my stupid summer class and the final review as well and im attempting to work on it but my mind is super fucking tired and i can’t focus and i don’t have headphones and i have the biggest fucking headache by the end of it bc of the lack of sleep and also the stress of the application and also the job application bc tuition is crazy fucking high and i wasn’t smart enough for a full-ride scholarship like mona’s son which of course i am reminded abt so much and im also always yelled at for not having a job but every fucking time i bring up a job they say no this is not acceptable what the fuck will ppl think if u work in retail what is wrong with you find a normal job bc they r fucking classist or w/e the fucking shit never-fucking-mind their own friends’ children work in the same places it’s just i can’t work there so im stressed abt not getting the job and the research position and my final and im trying to study and it’s time to go back to my dadi’s but my mom’s crazy fucking upset i misplaced my phone and for the life of me i cannot rmbr where i left it bc i don’t use my fucking phone 25-fucking-8 and i think it’s dead and no one will ever let me use their charger for a fucking second bc it’s their fucking charger not mine bc my sisters r all terribly unkind when it comes to possessions to the point where if i ask for a fucking ponytail bc my wet hair is uncomf around my neck they will deny me both ponytails on their wrist bc it’s not my fucking ponytail it’s their fucking ponytail and my fucking problem and so i can’t find my phone and if im quite fucking honest i just want a fucking advil bc my head hurts and i know im going 2 stay up all fucking night doing my fucking final shit and i really really really really don’t need my fucking phone i would love to study for my final thought but no fucking no my mom absolutely needs to find my fucking phone before we leave even though i know it’s in a contained area it’s just been misplaced bc ten fucking ppl use that room regularly and i can honestly really fucking find it after my fucking final tomorrow without one less thing to stress about and so an entire hour goes by and my mom can’t find it but i can tell u she yelled at me the entire fucking time even though it’s not that fucking important and im crying every two seconds and this is the second time ive had a breakdown like this and it’s beyond fucking embarrassing and rlly it’s all bc im tired and sleep deprived and also my period is coming up soon so my hormones r all out of wack and i look like a fucking idiot constantly being yelled at by my mom and it’s ridiculous and rlly i haven’t even mentioned the reason ive stopped caring abt my phone bc i don’t use it to text anyone and yk that’s a whole other story and anyway i have stats to do goodbye.

    #should i even talk abt it..................... #who am i kidding i will only it'll b under the keep reading bc im pretty sure ill hit tag limit and i don't want to sit and count tags
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  • the-love-i-crave
    05.08.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    finally trying to draw and persona and i finally am at my worst enemy in art. clothes

    #I DONT KNOW IF I SHOULD MAKE HIM HAVE A GOOD FASHION SENSE OR A BAD ONE #my knowledge of fashion is either sexy or a mess #no in between #jk but ogngkgng its so hard #evan is talking tag //
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  • casimania
    05.08.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    Can’t wait to see how the purple washes out (did color at home before but it’s the first time I use bleach) and how the bridge heals. It’s still swollen and tender but doesn’t look too bad, I’ve been an okay healer by far but this is a tricky one so 🤞🏻

    #talking tag#face tag #generous use of filters because I’ve been red and blotchy again lately and I was bummed #must have been the yoyoing weather 😩 #so I turned myself in Casper the friendly ghost #Ingrid tag #for the bonus Ingrid #she got Big #but she’s still kinda small
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  • angry-geese
    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    my aizawa figure has been banished to the top shelf because if someone so much as breathes on him the wrong way he falls apart and im about to scream if i have to fix his scarf ONE MORE TIME

    #geese.txt #merch talk #??? #you know what #yeah #merch tag works for this ig
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  • sram669
    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #not my photo #tw ed talk #not pr0 just using tags #skiny body#skiny waist#tw weight #cw disordered eating #skiny girl
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  • moth-is-duumb
    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    im not religious but istg god is trying to give me signs to keep going, im gonna workout again after dinner to burn more off, i like seeing the numbers go down lol

    #edtumbrl #tw ed content #just ed shit #ed tag#ed trigger #tw ed talk #tw ed stuff #tw ed mention #tw eating stuff #tw eating things #tw eating mention #eating disoder things #eating disoder thoughts #eating disoder mention #disordered eating tw #cw disordered eating #anorekcia#anorexjc#anorecik#anoressic#anorekic #low cal ana #i wanna be skiny #i want to be skiny #not pr0#notprojusttags #not pr0 just using tags #4na#an0rex1c#anarecia
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  • rowanven
    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    oh also

    #irreversible hairdresser trauma #<- tag for that post i deleted #talk
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  • arcticelves
    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Is it just me or is there a real lack of personal interaction on this site these days?

    #there's a lot of negativity #it seems like there was a time when people were always talking #tagging each other and playing games #then again maybe it is just me #I'm sure I come across as standoffish sometimes #I'm really not #I'm just frequently depressed
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  • ducklingstrand
    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i think i might take a break from working on the scrapbook series over the weekend, I've been doing it for hours a day for the week and now im starting to not like the pages im making 😅 i do also think i set a high bar with my paramedics pages which i LOVE.

    i need to do the days of the Colour the Colours of the Rainbow prompts that I missed, and finish up some days of fandom weeks for the next few months.

    Hope everyone is having a good day! 💗

    #am i rambling again? yes #jackie talks to the void #i want a tag for my random bits of non content stuff #bc i love love love sorting my stuff with tags #and organizing it #and i think those to are the least bad ones ive come up with #eh eventually ill make a decision #if anyone got this far #or cares #and has any input #ill gladly take it!
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