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  • lissett108
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • end0r4
    03.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I just wanna disappear between Lady Dimitrescu's boobs

    #i mean #is it so much to ask?? #lady dimitrescu #big mommy milkers #tall vampire mommy #lady of my heart #lady dimitrescu love of my life #tbh I just want cuddles #ok i think thats it
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  • house-of-fandoms-and-ships
    03.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I have never played a resident evil game in my life, but just as basically everyone else on the internet, I am in love with Lady D.

    That's why I thought it would be a cool idea to compare my height to hers...

    I am 1,65 m (= 5'41") tall and we all know that our favourite vampire Lady is around 2,90m (= 9'6") tall.

    To the surprise of no one... I now feel very smol...

    #this post is very important #to me and to science #she is so fucking tall (and pretty) #pls drink my blood tall vampire lady #or step on me #literally just do whatever you want to me #this is what i mean when i say i'm a useless lesbian #resident evil #resident evil village #lady demitrescu #tall vampire lady
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  • gazeboarcade
    03.08.2021 - 12 hours ago

    listens to Jimmy Buffet to cope lol

    #I rlly feel like this image girls #girls I’m so tired and I miss my gf so bad I almost cried so I’m trying to pull it together #listening to Jimmy buffet and imagining my OCs going on vacation #it’s starting to get sunny out which is helping the vibes I think?? #I want coffee in a BIG way tho #cant wait to get that hh #I’m so warm I could just die but that’s being packed ina back seat with two other ppl for you lol #my back is sweaty would feel like a dolphin to touch #anyway pOUR ME SOMETHING TALL AND STRONG MAKE IT A HURRICANE BEFORE I GO INSANE #wait I was mostly joking but I would gut a fish with my bare hands for a large Baja blast #a bottle of Malibu and a loooong call with my lady love
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  • anishasworld
    03.08.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Caw caw part 2

    #mother miranda#The crow#Vibe#alcina dimitrescu #resident evil village #resident evil vampire lady #lady alcina #resident evil viii #lady dimitrescu#tall lady#mommy milkers
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  • felinedetached
    03.08.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Customers at Starbucks like. Just. Pretend they can't hear and then make it everyone else's problem, I swear to god.

    #once someone yelled at me for not telling her that her card declined like i hadnt yelled her drink order five times to try and tell her #anogher time someone took the short mocha with two sugars that was meant for someone else and then drank the entire thing #we had to remake the drink for the actual customer #but we called out her actual drink order (tall flat white) six times. she got mad at us for not bringing her sausage roll out fast enough #lady. lady ur drink wasnt even out yet you took someone elses. can you read. that is not ur name on the cup #the queen's commands
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  • artxssa
    03.08.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Here´s another warm-up sketch, this time of the amazing 'the_hippie_viking' on Instagram! She is one of the best Alcina cosplayers I´ve ever seen <3

    #tall vampire lady #ladyd#Lady Dimitrescu #re8 lady dimitrescu #lady Alcina#alcina dimitrescu#dimitrescu#castle dimitrescu #lady dimitrescu fanart #lady d #lady d cospaly #lady dimitrescu cosplay #cosplay fanart#ladydcosplay#cosplay#re8 art#re8 fanart#Re8#re8 cosplay #lady d in armour #knight#female knight#Character Design #the hippie viking
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  • donnieweb
    03.08.2021 - 18 hours ago

    |TALL MC HEADCANNON| MC x The Devil😈

    Imagine an MC that's at least 7 feet or more, to the point their taller then the devil. THE QUESTION IS WILL THE DEVIL SIMP FOR MC OR NAH?

    Most likely the devil will only like MC if they are REALLY FREAKING STRONG, LIKE LADY DIMITRESCU TYPE SHIT (cut you up into a million pieces without giving two rats asses).

    I FIND IT CUTE THAT MC IS BIG BUT IS THE BOTTOM 👀 including when the devil is in his human form...GASP....MY HEART ❤.

    110% you WILL be a power couple, people will be scared to even look at you. You would prob give off this powerful/terrifying aura (most likely to happen around the devil tho).

    The devil WILL give you your own throne, but sitting on his lap is still always an option

    Ngl I think the devil will find it kinda smexy that your Taller than him. VERY HORNI GOAT MAN...🌹😉

    I'll make a pt.2 soon

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  • sebastianshaw
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Shaw: *already plowing @airbornegoldenboy *

    Shaw: I think I’ll take a shot at his mother now too

    #out of shirt #GOOD LUCK BUDDY #I don’t blame him tho #she’s mean and also tall like Lady Dimitrescu #I would do that same
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  • karlthefreeman
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago
    #thank you for asking #thanks for the ask #thank you for asking! #resident evil village theory #resident evil village ask #resident evil mod #resident evil heisenberg #resident evil viii #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #resident evil #resident evil village speculation #karl heisenberg#salvatore moreau#donna beneviento#angie beneviento#mother miranda#alcina dimitrescu #lady tall vampire #lady dimitrescu#house heisenberg#lord heisenberg #lord karl heisenberg #moreau#beneviento#dimitrescu#re 8
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  • ask-thefourlords-plus-ethan
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    // ART commission and updates\\

    Hello my wonderful beans! I’m here to talk about some updates and a few other things that are going to be happening on this blog and my other blogs @gracesummoners @ask-basil-the-witch . Disclaimer I am still doing asks and for the people who have asks don’t worry bbys I’ll be getting to them. It’s just with my neurodivergency (aka autism) my focus can be a little all over the place but don’t worry it’s coming and you’re gonna like it.

    First things first, Art Commissions ! I have those set up on my main personal blog @gracesummoners for people who want to buy custom art that is affordable I mean the most expensive thing on there is full body full rendered art piece which is 20 dollars . Payment methods are Venmo and pay pal that way there’s options. If you do want a commission come dm me or go to my Twitter accounts (34Asako) (summoners_grace) to get in contact with me as well. I will also set up more of my Kofi to

    Next,Art prints. If you are not interested in buying a commission and you still want art I will make art prints for 10-30 bucks depending on the quality for example the lady D one would be around 20 dollars and I’ll post more character art like heisenberg or Ethan so that way you can still get art and have your favorite characters.

    Updates, while still trying to keep up with asks I will also be posting lore comics and rebloging sneak peaks of my original comic pyro hearts from my personal blog . Another update is I’m setting up a challenge to where if I get at least 20 followers or more I will make a vote on which ship I should draw but no illegal ships are allowed I will post a link from my Twitter showing the pole and you can go from there so if you want hesinwinters or ladywinters or other ships share this around for the spice.

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  • ask-mcng-anything
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Me upon realising that white diamond is the only person who can make Lady Demitrescu look short: ship

    Also the other diamonds are around her height so… eh

    #resident evil#lady dimitrescu #tall vampire lady #steven universe#white diamond #how has nobody come up with this ship yet #alcina dimitrescu #ship needs a name
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  • anishasworld
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago


    ✨ Pallboy✨

    Not playboy...

    #alcina dimitrescu #resident evil village #resident evil vampire lady #lady alcina #resident evil viii #lady dimitrescu#tall lady#mommy milkers
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  • milfappreciation
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Mandarin Chinese Alcina!!!

    #resident evil village #alcina dimitrescu#lady dimitrescu #tall vampire lady #youtube
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  • ratisshortforratalia
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    pov: me just hangin’ there after that first lady dimitrescu scene

    #starting up a yt channel tbh #much fuckery to share #re8 #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #resident evil #tall vampire lady #lady dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu#re8 shitpost#game clips
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  • caro-z-skt
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Red Red wine 🖤🍷🎶💞

    #lady alcina dimitrescu #fanart#sketch #tall vampire lady #pencildrawing#lady alcina
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  • savageymir
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Lady Dimitrescu portrait

    #lady alcina dimitrescu #alcina dimitrescu#lady dimitrescu #resident evil village #resident evil#re village#re8 #tall vampire mommy #tall vampire lady #tall wife #i really love my tall wife #virtual photography#my photography#ps4#ps4 share#castle dimitrescu#house dimitrescu
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  • ladyorlandodream
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Lady Dimitrescu-tag FanFiction List PART 6

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 7

    1101) Bittersweet Scars (Chapters in progress)

    1102) not in my good satantic cul de sac (short story)

    1103) How Did You Love? (Chapters in progress)

    1104) Sea of Emotions (Chapters in progress)

    1105) "and always, there is hunger / i will admit that i do not know if i should hold you or eat you." (Chapters in progress)

    1106) The Gifts of Desecration (Chapters in progress)

    1107) Vampiric Love (Chapters in progress)

    1108) Lady Dimitrescu spanks Jean-Jacques Rousseau (short story)

    1109) Some People Say A Man Is Made Outta Mud (Chapters in progress)

    1110) Irreplaceable (Chapters in progress)

    1111) Give In- A Lady D x Fem Reader Story (Chapters in progress)

    1112) We're Going Home (short story)

    1113) Look Out the Window (short story)

    1114) A Hope in Hell (Chapters in progress)

    1115) Shared Depths (Chapters in progress)

    1116) 睡美人 (Chapters Completed)

    1117) Everything You Never Wanted (Chapters in progress)

    1118) Part Two: The Chase (short story)

    1119) In Your Light (short story)

    1120) the lady's hound (Chapters in progress)

    1121) My crazy family (Chapters Completed)

    1122) Within these walls our fates shall intertwine (Chapters in progress)

    1123) I Dreamt of Yellow Flowers (Chapters in progress)

    1124) white scars (Chapters in progress)

    1125) Craving (Chapters in progress)

    1126) Your walls are blizzards, but your center is a garden. (Chapters in progress)

    1127) I'll take you anywhere you need to go (short story)

    1128) Welcome to the Family, Boy (short story)

    1129) Red Tainted Thorns (Chapters in progress)

    1130) Ain’t So Tough (short story)

    1131) You Pushed Yourself Too Far, Cassandra (short story)

    1132) Tentalinigus (short story)

    1133) A Pretentious Journey (Chapters in progress)

    1134) Ask me to leave (Chapters in progress)

    1135) Sanguis Virginis (Chapters in progress)

    1136) Through fated stars (Chapters in progress)

    1137) Bela and the maiden (Chapters Completed)

    1138) maiden's virtue (Chapters in progress)

    1139) The Tragedy of Salvatore Moreau (Chapters in progress)

    1140) Looking Through (short story)

    1141) Part of the Family (Chapters in progress)

    1142) Behind Porcelain Eyes (Chapters in progress)

    1143) something wretched & oh so beautiful (Chapters in progress)

    1144) A Promise of a Lifetime of Love even after death (short story)

    1145) Rough Day (short story)

    1146) A Sacrifice To The Goddess...es (short story)

    1147) Little Fawn (Chapters in progress)

    1148) Дневник Моро (short story)

    1149) The Adventures of Ethan Winters and His Friend (Chapters in progress)

    1150) I'm all hers (Chapters in progress)

    1151) Ethan's Romp in The Village (Chapters in progress)

    1152) Famished Follies and a Flower (short story)

    1153) Suck the Blood from My Wound (short story)

    1154) Ophelia (Chapters in progress)

    1155) Everything Right, Still Not Enough (Chapters in progress)

    1156) The enemy of my enemy is my friend? (Chapters in progress)

    1157) The Horse Lord's Morning Glory (Chapters in progress)

    1158) What Lies Beneath (Chapters in progress)

    1159) Won't Bite (Chapters Completed)

    1160) Into The Realm Of Supernaturals (Chapters in progress)

    1161) little sister. (Chapters in progress)

    1162) We Lay in Our Graves (short story)

    1163) meet me in the pale moonlight (short story)

    1164) A Dinner? (short story)

    1165) Divine Taste (short story)

    1166) Thorn In Her Side (short story)

    1167) Resident Evil Village: An Alternate Path.

    1168) Our Dear Hunter (Chapters in progress)

    1169) Lady in Black (Creative, I know) (Chapters in progress)

    1170) Yes, my Lady. I see you. (Chapters in progress)

    1171) Bite Me, Asshole (Chapters in progress)

    1172) Finding One's self (Chapters in progress)

    1173) The Maid's Diary (Chapters in progress)

    1174) Die Schöne und das Biest (Chapters in progress)

    1175) Death's Angel (Chapters in progress)

    1176) Sit on me, Lady (short story)

    1177) Risking Just Enough (Chapters in progress)

    1178) Ceasefire (short story)

    1179) drunk on you (Chapters Completed)

    1180) Pawns in Red (short story)

    1181) Bound by Sins of the Past (Chapters in progress)

    1182) Just Like You (short story)

    1183) A Maiden for a Day (short story)

    1184) Worried (short story)

    1185) Diamonds and Rust (Chapters in progress)

    1186) Partners (Chapters in progress)

    1187) I'll Have The Usual (Chapters in progress)

    1188) entomopathogenic (short story)

    1189) Deflower me, my lady (short story)

    1190) Desflórame, dama mía (short story)

    1191) My Little Bugs (short story)

    1192) Doncella depravada (short story)

    1193) A Modest Proposal (short story)

    1194) dragon's maiden (Chapters in progress)

    1195) Blood Hell Night (Chapters in progress)

    1196) A Peculiar Servant (Chapters in progress)

    1197) The Pet of House Dimitrescu (short story)

    1198) Sleepy Cuddles (short story)

    1199) Happy Family (Chapters in progress)

    1200) Lady Dimitrescu (short story)

    1201) Anything and Everything (All of the time) (Chapters in progress)

    1202) You Feel Pure (short story)

    1203) In the Dragon's Claws (Chapters in progress)

    1204) Tales of the side of the road. (Chapters in progress)

    1205) The Son of Dimitrescu (Chapters Completed)

    1206) Can We Try? (Chapters Completed)

    1207) Paying Your Respects (Chapters Completed)

    1208) Tentacle Entanglement (short story)

    1209) The Final Waltz (short story)

    1210) Little Red Dress (short story)

    1211) a new home, a new family (Chapters in progress)

    1212) Adventures in the Village (Chapters in progress)

    1213) Lady Dimitrescu's New Vintage (Chapters in progress)

    1214) Feed the Machine (Chapters in progress)

    1215) A lifetime and an eternity after (short story)

    1216) ses terribles jeux (short story)

    1217) The Metal Doll (Chapters in progress)

    1218) olly olly oxenfree (Chapters in progress)

    1219) Till Death Do Us Part, or Not. (Chapters in progress)

    1220) The Maid's Observation Notes - Short Stories (Chapters in progress)

    1221) Mandatory High School AU That No One (Except Daniela Dimitrescu) Asked For (Chapters in progress)

    1222) Daughter of Dione: Is Thirty Seconds All I Have? (Chapters in progress)

    1223) Book of Pyroclasm (Chapters in progress)

    1224) Don't Want Your Heart (Between My Teeth) (Chapters in progress)

    1225) The Book of Blood and Bedlam (Chapters in progress)

    1226) Metal and Blood (Chapters in progress)

    1227) A Sentimental Noose (Chapters Completed)

    1228) How could I refuse? (Chapters in progress)

    1229) Village of Gods and Angels (Chapters in progress)

    1230) Dream (short story)

    1231) Heavy (short story)

    1232) How an immortal dies (short story)

    1233) Wir werden sehen (short story)

    1234) What's that coming over the hill? (Is it a monster?) (Chapters in progress)

    1235) Sorrow, Joy, Rage, and Pleasure (Chapters in progress)

    1236) Built on a Lie (Chapters in progress)

    1237) “ Dress Up ” (short story)

    1238) Mother Mia (Chapters in progress)

    1239) Măr de Sânge (Chapters in progress)

    1240) Hard-wired tragedys (Chapters in progress)

    1241) Are you Single? (Chapters in progress)

    1242) butterflies in your stomach (short story)

    1243) A Cold Village (Chapters in progress)

    1244) all i want is to be your harbor (Chapters in progress)

    1245) Comfort (short story)

    1246) Ichor & Steel (Chapters Completed)

    1247) A Missing Link (short story)

    1248) Can't Get No (short story)

    1249) The Daughters, The Lady and You (short story)

    1250) My Darling (Chapters in progress)

    1251) Something Wicked (Chapters in progress)

    1252) Screws (Chapters Completed)

    1253) Mother is God, in the eyes of her children (Chapters in progress)

    1254) Resident Evil | Family (Chapters in progress)

    1255) The Turn of the Screw (Chapters in progress)

    1256) Absolution (Chapters in progress)

    1257) Before Winter starts (Chapters in progress)

    1258) Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder (short story)

    1259) 𝕹𝖊𝖝𝖙 𝖎𝖓 𝖑𝖎𝖓𝖊: 𝖍𝖊𝖎𝖘𝖊𝖓𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖌 𝖝 𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖗 (Chapters in progress)

    1260) Greater Innocence (Chapters in progress)

    1261) Lady's Pet (short story)

    1262) we'll both make it out alive, i promise (Chapters in progress)

    1263) If I Catch Fire (Chapters in progress)

    1264) Wenn Ich Weiß, Was Liebe Ist, Dann Wegen Dir || If I Know What Love Is, It Is Because Of You (Chapters in progress)

    1265) Her Maiden (Chapters in progress)

    1266) What's A Mother To Do? (Chapters in progress)

    1267) The Huntress of Dimitrescu (Chapters in progress)

    1268) I'm Begging for Mercy on my Mind (Chapters Completed)

    1269) Tough as Thorns (Chapters Completed)

    1270) Broken Telephone (short story)

    1271) Re and dsmp crossover prompt (short story)

    1272) Lady Dimitrescu/fem reader birthday special (short story)

    1273) Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave (short story)

    1274) Mystery of the blackwood family (Chapters in progress)

    1275) Romantic Machinations (Chapters in progress)

    1276) What We May Be (Chapters in progress)

    1277) Best 10/10 (short story)

    1278) Foggy Nightmares (Chapters in progress)

    1279) Some Things Stay The Same And Some Times They Change (Chapters in progress)

    1280) Bend and Break (Chapters in progress)

    1281) Verbena (TRIGGER WARNING) (Chapters in progress)

    1282) home (am i home?) (short story) (Chapters in progress)

    1283) REtirement (Chapters in progress)

    1284) Not-So-Rude Awakening (Chapters Completed)

    1285) Mother is the Name for God (Chapters Completed)

    1286) The Four Lord's Grace After Stories (Chapters in progress)

    1287) Funny Things (Chapters in progress)

    1288) The Carriage Ride Home (short story)

    1289) The Dragon's Favorite Treasure (short story)

    1290) the lightning says something, and the thunder answers back (short story)

    1291) let's walk into the woods; (Chapters in progress)

    1292) Drawn (Chapters in progress)

    1293) Not All That Glitters is Gold (Chapters in progress)

    1294) go back (short story)

    1295) Instincts (Chapters in progress)

    1296) what you're made of (Chapters Completed)

    1297) Misery Loves Company (Chapters in progress)

    1298) Your Dagger Upon My Sword (Chapters in progress)

    1299) When Night Comes (Chapters in progress)

    1300) Heimarmene (Chapters in progress)

    1301) Till I breathe my last breath. (Chapters in progress)

    1302) The shy dollmaker (Chapters in progress)

    1303) Even The Scraps He Keeps (Chapters in progress)

    1304) Period Piece (short story)

    1305) Gender Euphoria (short story)

    1306) Obsession of a Metal Man (Chapters in progress)

    1307) Day of Rites (Chapters in progress)

    1308) Moonlit Masters (Chapters in progress)

    1309) Blood bag (Chapters in progress)

    1310) Unfathomable Violence (Chapters in progress)

    1311) Nightmare: A Karl Heisenberg story (Chapters in progress)

    1312) Mercy for a Maiden (Chapters in progress)

    1313) The Heir of the House of Beneviento (Chapters in progress)

    1314) Adjustments (Chapters in progress)

    1315) Plaything (short story) (Chapters in progress)

    1316) Obsessed ➰ (Chapters in progress)

    1317) Your Lord and Master (Chapters in progress)

    1318) Hunted (Chapters in progress)

    1319) The fifth lord (Chapters in progress)

    1320) Phoenix Feeding (short story)

    1321) Salvatore Moreau: Matchmaker Extraordinare! (Chapters in progress)

    1322) The no.1 reaper apprentice finds out why Lady D is nicknamed as such (short story)

    1323) Ethan the Pacifist (Chapters in progress)

    1324) The Visit (Chapters in progress)

    1325) Her Addiction (Chapters in progress)

    1326) Will I Find My Home In You? (short story)

    1327) Assistant To Aristocracy (Chapters in progress)

    1328) The Lycan Queen (Chapters in progress)

    1329) The Taste of Decay (Chapters in progress)

    1330) A second chance (Chapters in progress)

    1331) The Cellar (short story)

    1332) Pretty Man-Thing (short story)

    1333) I’d do anything for you (Chapters Completed)

    1334) Little Dragon (Chapters in progress)

    1335) Carnivore (Chapters in progress)

    1336) Serendipity (Chapters in progress)

    1337) Lady Dimitrescu x Maiden - Sanguis Virginis (Chapters in progress)

    1338) The New Bela (Chapters Completed)

    1339) Any Means Necessary (Chapters in progress)

    1340) Make Me Worse, Make Me Better (Chapters in progress)

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  • sapphic-pie
    01.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    Transylvanian Picnic 01

    “Cassandra, find out what those fools are up to.”

    This was loosely based on a frame from Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975). I’m meh about this one overall, the background was a nightmare, but there are definitely a few things I want to explore with this setting and vibe (style crisis inbound!).

    Secondly, thank you all so much for the notes, re-blogs and comments, and welcome new followers (my first 1000 ever!) I didn’t expect this level of engagement and it means a lot that people have been enjoying what I do, so thank you! :) x

    #Lady Dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu #lady dimitrescu fanart #tall vampire lady #vampire lady#cassandra dimitrescu#resident evil#Re8 #resident evil 8 #resident evil fanart #resident evil village #dimitrescu daughters#digital art #the crossover nobody asked for
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  • rcc21
    01.08.2021 - 2 days ago



    Crdt: ✨Madbedlam✨

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