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  • jotx
    17.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago
    #ya tenia beca y ps las escuelas de animacion en mx tan bien caras u_u
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  • senorita-patita
    17.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago


    #patita talks #some things..... just REALLY shouldn't have a squ.d game au #i saw a sg au for att/ck on t/tan and I 💀 #homie..... doesn't the author have very anti korean sentiments???
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  • justsomerandomthing
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Asia's Next Top Model C1

    Contestant Commentary

    Top 10 Best Photos

    Top 10 Worst Photos

    Call Out Order

    Week 1: Quirky Girls in Little India

    Week 2: Prada for Harper's Bazaar

    Week 3: Chinese Zodiac

    Week 4: Boxing with Jason Godfrey

    Week 5: The French Riviera in Indonesia

    Week 6: TRESemme Beauty Shoot

    Week 7: World Wide Fund for Nature

    Week 8: Glamour Red Dress

    Week 9: Floating Underwater

    Week 10: Black and White Movement

    Week 11: Screen Siren in Hong Kong

    Week 12: SG Harper Bazaar Shoot

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  • darriness
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Fic A Day - July 2021 Edition - Day 7 - Stark/Sweat

    Author: darriness

    Word Count: 630

    Summary: Uncomfortable discussions between best friends

    Author's Note: Got inspired to write this! For the Tan Hands and Tan Lines Track A Event. I have no idea when I'll write/finish the rest of the chapters but I figured I'd add chapters as they come to me! Kurt and Blaine aren't actually in this chapter but I still hope you enjoy it!

    AO3 Link

    “So I found out something pretty freaky last night.” Nash starts from his spot lying with his head at the foot of Matty’s bed and his feet by the head of the bed.

    “Hmmm?” Matty hums from his spot lying with his head at the head of his bed and his feet next to Nash’s head.

    It’s a position they both find themselves in frequently and one their friends tell them is a little weird. They’ve known each other since they were born though (being only four months apart in age) and when you grow up together - sleeping at each other houses, bathing together (until the age of 5), and spending most of your time together - you build a closeness rivaled maybe only by blood siblings (except they’re better than siblings because when they get mad at each other they go to separate houses to cool off).

    “Mom accidentally told me how I was conceived.” Nash continues.

    That’s not at all what Matty thought Nash was going to say - talk of conception a stark contrast to their usual banter - and while Matty can’t actually see him at the moment because he’s looking up at his ceiling, he can picture the face his best friend is making. For his part, Matty’s nose curls in disgust.

    “Gross.” He answers.

    Nash hums, “It’s not a story a child should ever hear.”

    “You’re almost 18.” Matty points out.

    “I’m still her child.” Nash counters and Matty nods at his ceiling, conceding the point, “Do you know how YOU were conceived?” Nash asks.

    Matty chuckles at the ceiling, “Turkey baster?” He guesses, “Surrogate remember? I’m spared having to think about my parents conceiving me the old-fashioned way.”

    Nash is quiet for a moment, so long that Matty thinks he may have fallen asleep (not an unheard of situation), until Nash finally says, “Yeah, but Uncle Kurt still had to…”

    He trails off but Matty is already recoiling, “Dude, seriously?” He exclaims, swatting his friend on the leg.

    Nash exclaims in protest, “Hey! If I have to think about it, then so do you!”

    “I don’t think that’s how this works!” Matty exclaims.

    Nash is quiet again and Matty shakes his head, trying to rid himself of the mental images trying to break into his thoughts. He finally succeeds when Nash suddenly says, “Do you think he sweat?”

    Matty sits up suddenly and levels an unamused stare at his best friend, “Get out.” He says, pointing to the door.

    Nash looks over at him from his prone position with wide eyes, “I’m just curious because sometimes when I…”

    Matty cuts him off, “We are not discussing your, or more importantly, my father’s, masturbation!” Even saying the word makes Matty slightly nauseous.

    Nash sits up, “We’ve talked about jerking off before.” He points out.

    “You missed the most important part of my sentence.” Matty sighs.

    Nash pouts, a strategy Matty’s fathers have told him he gets from his mother, “I’m sorry.” Nash says, “Please don’t kick me out.”

    Matty sighs and shakes his head, “Do you promise to stop talking about my dad’s...” He trails off with a vague hand gesture, refusing to say the word again.

    Nash holds up three fingers together, “Scouts honour.”

    Matty rolls his eyes and lies back down, “You were never a scout.”

    Nash shrugs as he lays back down. The pair is quiet again as they listen to the sounds of the house around them.

    They are quiet so long, Matty himself is almost asleep (regardless of the fact that it’s only 5 pm) when Nash suddenly says contemplatively, “Do you think your dads were in the room when they were putting your dad’s jizz…”

    The rest of his sentence is cut off by a pillow being smacked across his face.

    #klaine#klaine fanfic#klaine fanfiction #spaceorphan's sophisticated challenge: stark #tan hands and tan lines #my loves #fic a day july 2021 #day 7
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  • lost-kitsune-gaming
    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Redrew Verosika Mayday from Helluva Boss

    Was bored at my mom’s work and had no internet, luckily I downloaded my favorite Helluva Boss episodes and remembered my redraw I did earlier this year and decided to make another! Here she is!

    And yes, this time I did draw the background since its simple looking.

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  • davediscoballz
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Well now my penis is suddenly very very thick…

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