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    frog themed tanjiro kamado twitter layouts for @lou-edits ‘s editing contest - I hope I’m not too late ^___^
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    a/n: okay so this chapter is SO much longer than i expected it to be? but i like it. i think it’s one of my favorite chapters to write because i didn’t feel tired or stressed writing it?? good vibes.


    “Bummer. I heard he was a Demon Slayer with a demon in tow, so I was looking forward to seeing someone flamboyant, but that’s one drab-looking dude, huh?” One male spoke behind you, yet you kept your gaze forward, fingers still combing through Tanjiro’s hair.

    “And now, we’ll put this boy on trial! I see!” Another voice boomed.

    “W-who are these-“ Tanjiro started, but the kakushi pushed on his head in anger.

    “Don’t open your mouth just yet, you moron! Just who do you think is standing before you? You’re in the presence of the Hashiras!” The kakushi hissed, earning a soft smile form your lips as you removed the male’s hand off of your brother’s head gently.

    Tanjiro looked around at the people standing before him. There was the black-and-purple-haired woman from Mount Natagumo. Her face had a permanent smile upon it. Slightly behind her was the largest human he had ever seen. He towered over the rest. The male had tanned skin, and held prayer beads within his hands. The Kamado child also noted that the male is blind. Beside him stood another male, who had black to mint green hair cascading over his shoulders. The child had a blank stare in his eyes, which made Tanjiro wonder what he was thinking about. Next to him was an…odd looking individual. In his life he had never seen someone with yellow-red hair, almost like fire itself. Or like shrimp tempura. His eyes were no different either. The female beside had odd coloured locks as well, a sakura colored pink to a leaf-like green. It adorned her soft features nicely. She also had bright green eyes, which made Tanjiro smile a bit internally. The last male standing was extremely large. Yet smaller than the man with the prayer beads. He had silver hair, and maybe a tattoo over one of his eyes. The headband he adorned was…covered in jewels, alongside the arm bands he wore. Like Inosuke, the male had two swords.

    “Where am I?” Tanjiro asked.

    “You’re at the Demon Slayers’ headquarters. And you’re about to be out on trial, Kamado Tanjiro-kun.” Shinobu answered for him, watching the male turn over to look at you.

    “Before we start the trial, why don’t you explain the crime you’ve comm-“

    “There’s no need for a trial!” The yellow-red-haired male interrupted. “Protecting a demon is a clear violation of the code! We’re going to behead him with the demon!”

    “In that case, I’ll be glad to flamboyantly behead him with the demon. I’ll show you the most flamboyant blood spray you’ve ever seen. I’m talking max flamboyance.” The silver-haired male next spoke.

    “Ah, what a pitiful sight this boy is. The poor soul…I pity him for being born at all.” The male with the prayer beads commented.

    Tanjiro didn’t care. Where was Nezuko? He nudged at you with his head, yet you didn’t look back. His eyes scanned everywhere for her box—he just needed her here. Yet why were you so quiet? Nudging his head into your side again, you stayed still, ignoring the child for now. Moving his body to the side, Tanjiro opened his mouth.

    “Nezuko! Nezuko, where are you? Zenitsu! Inosuke! Murata-san!” Your hand on his head made him stop, looking to you with a soft smile.

    Taking the hairpin from your head, you placed it in the male’s hair. Your face had a caring smile on it, yet the scent you gave off was worrisome. You were scared as well, but it he couldn’t read you. Why weren’t you saying anything. Yet the hairpin in his hair felt comforting. It’s your method of telling him to calm down. Your black-plum colored locks unwinded itself, pooling around you on the gravel covered ground.

    “Never mind that. What are we going to do with Tomioka-san? Seeing him there without any restraints is giving me a headache. Based on what Kocho told us, he’s just as guilty for violating the Corps’ rules. What should we do with him?” Another male spoke, and you only moved your eyes to gaze at him for a second.

    Sitting upon the tree branch was a young male. He looked about twenty. He had one yellow-colored eye and one teal-colored eye. A white snake stay wrapped around his neck with red eyes, and he adorned a black and white striped haori. His hair was black, which contrasted the pale skin he had. Tanjiro didn’t even notice the male sitting there. How long has he been there?

    “How about we deal with him later? I want to hear about this boy’s story. And this girl’s. I wonder how they both were able to go on these missions with a demon in tow.” Shinobu dismissed the other, looking back to Tanjiro and yourself.

    “She’s my! She’s my-“ Tanjiro started coughing, feeling the actual dryness of his throat.

    “Tanjiro.” Your voice made a chilly aura become set in the area. The hashira all whipped their head to peer at you. “There’s no need to rush. Calm down, and try explaining once again.”

    “I do believe you need some water.” The Insect Hashira spoke, pressing the jug to Tanjiro’s lips as he drank out of it slowly. “I also wonder why you aren’t tied up, (y/n)-san.”

    Turning around to face the hashira, you gave them all a soft smile. Your hands rubbed Tanjiro’s back gently, smoothing down the folds in his outfit as the hashira waited for you to speak as Tanjiro regained his composure. Moving the hairpin to the male’s front pocket, you curled a piece of hair behind your ear.

    “My name was recently called for some reason. I overheard the kakushi saying it was an ‘important matter.’” You answered to her.

    “While I was away,” Tanjiro immediately started, “my family was attacked by a demon, and when I got home they were all dead! Nezuko and Nee-chan are the only ones I have left! Ne-“ the teenager began coughing again, so you looked directly into the eyes of the yellow-red haired male in front of you.

    “Nezuko was turned into a demon. She never devoured anyone. Not a single human, no food at all. She never has and never will hurt humans no matter wha-“

    “Stop with your absurd sayings. It makes sense why you two are defending her, yet a demon’s a demon. She’s obviously going to eat someone soon. I for one don’t trust either of you.” The Serpent Hashira interrupted you, baffled that you’d even think of such a thing.

    “Ah, the child’s been possessed by a demon, lets behead her or rid her of her misery.” The Stone Hashira suggested, and your eyes widened slightly.

    “No! Please listen to me! Nee-chan and I became Demon Slayers so we could cure her! Nezuko will be cured!” Tanjiro argued, eyes tearing up.

    “She has been a demon for two years now…and in that time Nezuko was asleep. She hadn’t opened her eyes until we returned from the Final Selection…she wouldn’t harm anyone ever.” You pushed, moving to share gazes with the silver-haired male.

    “Your story makes less sense as you tell it. Plus it’s boring. If she hasn’t ever devoured anyone, you need to show us with max flamboyance.” The Sound Hashira stated, watching your eyes look downwards.

    “Uhm…do you think we should be making this decision without the Master’s opinion?” The Love Hashira said after a moment of silence, watching her fellow hashira stutter at the truthfulness of her words.

    “My sister can fight beside me! She’s a demon slayer alongside us because she’d never hurt a human!” Tanjiro begged.

    “Oi, Oi. I see you have some fun brewing here.” A stranger’s voice interrupted the trial, and you gasped at the sight of the male.

    “Are those the so-called demon slayers who has the demon with them?” The male spoke, and you slowly stood onto your feet, hissing at the feeling of your tibia aching for relief.

    The male stood before everyone. He had silver hair, and his face was ridden with scars and so was his body. His chest covered with scars, and so were his arms. You looked at his hand and there was Nezuko’s box, yet you managed to walk forward to the male. Grabbing one of his hands within your own, you got on your knees. Bowing to the male had everyone looking over in slight shock—no one tried anything with the said male. The other looked down at you in shock, raising his eyebrow at you.

    “You most definitely don’t remember but two years ago, you saved my life! It was when I was walking through the city? You know? Ah…what was it called…”

    “I don’t give a damn. Now move.” The male interrupted you and Tanjiro let out a choked sound of shock.

    “Excuse me. Sir, I’m trying to thank you, am I not? I don’t find it pleasing that you—a seemingly normal person, won’t even accept a thank you. So please do accept my thanks. You will,” you opened your eyes and gave a smile, and the male felt his heart turn cold, “won’t you?”

    The Wind Hashira nodded at your speech, watching your smile change to a more beautiful kind before you walked off. You took a seat beside your sibling once again who gave you a shaky smile. Scary. You were honestly very scary. Moving your head to look back at the Wind Hashira, he continued his speech. The male was seemingly incredibly aggravated with you both, finding it sick and twisted that you were traveling with a demon. A woman came from behind, a kakushi, begging for him to put down the box. Shinobu stood onto her feet as well, asking the male not to act out of line. Holding a hand against your chest, you waited for the male’s next move. He couldn’t possibly try anything excessive, right?

    Yet his next move was very excessive. Grabbing onto his sword, the male unsheathed the green blade. He took the blade and stabbed it into Nezuko’s box. The sword went directly through, and when it came out you saw the blood appearing from the other end. Your breath hitched, eyes shaking at the sight. Tanjiro was no different. He stood onto his feet, running ahead glare at the Wind Hashira.

    “Anyone who hurts my sister, won’t get away with it! Hashira or not, I won’t let you get away with this!” Tanjiro declared, watching the hashira laugh.

    Running up to the male, Tanjiro watched the way his blade cut, jumping up to land a hit. He managed to hit his head directly against the Wind Hashira’s knocking him to the ground. You ran in between, unsheathing your blade and kicking Tanjiro onto the ground. The opalescent sword shone in the bright sunlight, twinkling in numerous colors as you now stood in between two males. The box was in your arms, as your brother knelt in front of you both with an angry look.

    “If you can’t tell the difference between good demons and bad, you should just quit being a Hashira!” He bellowed, and your hand on his shoulder had him look to you, the look in your eyes being a warning for him to calm down.

    “You little…! I’ll destroy you!” The male exclaimed, taking his green sword in hand and putting it to Tanjiro’s neck.

    You hit your sword against his, knocking it out of his hand with the sheer force of your strength. The male watched you maintain your stare at Tanjiro, sheathing your own blade. Taking Nezuko’s box in hand alongside a fistful of Tanjiro’s collar, you dragged the two to sit in front alongside you. You tapped on the box gently, pressing a kiss to the wooden box.

    “I’m sorry, Nezuko. Nee-chan wasn’t able to protect you. I’ve been very bad to you lately. Nee-chan and Tanjiro will try our best to protect you, okay?” The soft scratches heard from within the box reassured you.

    The Hashira stared in shock. You, who was severely injured, managed to fend off a Hashira. Maybe it was your drive to protect your siblings, but you seemed to look satisfied at the sight of the Wind Hashira’s sword being thrown aside. The Sound Hashira narrowed his eyes on you, staring at you closely. From the front, he could tell you wore a shirt skirt. Yet the haori you wore was long enough to cover the back where he could’ve seen a quick glance at your backside. Your long hair covered the haori as well, dragging behind you almost as you walked. Nonetheless, you were quite attractive, and visibly strong. The Flame Hashira felt his heart warm at the sight of your strength. It was wrong, he knew. Though he felt himself become quite interested in you. He shall talk to you after this meeting is over. Shinobu smiled at the way you told off Sanemi. You reminded her of Kanae. You maintained a smile naturally, and tried your best to be positive around Tanjiro. Her eyes became wet, and so the Insect Hashira avoided the scene. The Serpent Hashira felt himself annoyed with you. What even were you? He didn’t like it. It was annoying. It was disgusting how you’re so strong. In contrast, the Love Hashira was pleased with your performance. Light on your feet while being able to be so flexible had her smiling shyly in your presence. She definitely wanted to make amends with you. The Stone and Mist Hashira paid no mind to your stunt. It wasn’t important to them.

    “The Master has arrived.” Two voices spoke at the same time, and footsteps were heard.

    You looked to the house in front, waiting for the Master to show up. Tanjiro watched, and you felt goosebumps come along your skin at the sound of his voice. What a soft voice. It had you wondering what he’d look like. A kind voice. You looked to see a young male walk into the sunlight. His daughters were leading him, so he must’ve been blind. His hair was black and it reached his shoulders, while his skin was pale. Adorned in a black kimono, the haori he wore was white with shades of purple and red at the bottom. Noticing that everyone around you was bowing, you aligned yourself alongside the Hashira, bowing your head.

    “It’s so good of you to come, my beloved children.” His voice was like honey. So sweet and smooth, it felt like being held in a warm hug.

    You peered your eyes up once again, looking at the two girls who walked him over. You know those children. Ah! From the Final Selection! They were the children who congratulated you. Although one of the children wasn’t the same one as before. Ah, you brought them a gift though. Keeping your head down, you waited for the male to speak.

    “Good morning everyone, the weather is good today. I wonder if the sky is blue today.” The male continued, and you felt another smile pull at your lips.

    Looking out of the corner of your eye, you noticed Tanjiro’s position. How could he be sitting upright in a situation like this? Has he gone mad? You placed your hand on the back of his hand, thrusting his head onto the ground. Looking to your brother, you noticed that the Wind Hashira’s hand was under your own, your hand interlocking his. Biting onto your lip, you stifled a laugh, shaking off the thought. Tanjiro looked around, noticing how everyone was bowing to this one male. Even you. Was he someone of utmost importance?

    “I am pleased to see you in good health as well, Master. I fervently pray for your continued good fortune.” The Wind Hashira spoke first, earning himself a “thank you” from the Master. “Before we start this meeting are we allowed to discuss the situation pertaining to Kamado Tanjiro, (y/n), and Kamado Nezuko?”

    The Kamado child looked up at the Sanemi, blinking at the male’s change of tone. He just was ready to obliterate you and himself, yet he changed as soon as this male had arrived. Initially, Tanjiro did believe this male was dumb, but he was proved wrong. Your hand pushed onto Sanemi’s shoving Tanjiro’s face deeper into the ground. He peered up at you, noticing the way your eyes were glaring holes into his skull. He understood what you meant. He was being impolite. Looking away from your stare, Tanjiro looked at the scene in front of him.

    “Before we talk about that, we have two discussions to talk about. First, the incident of (y/n) begin stabbed through the stomach by Hashibira Inosuke, during a fight to protect Agatsuma Zenitsu. Hashibira Inosuke will be removed from the Demon Slayer Corps after he is done being healed. This was reported to us by Kara, (y/n)’s crow. (y/n), what is your say on this?” The child on the left spoke first, everyone looking at you in curiosity.

    “I think Hashibira Inosuke should stay. He’s a very good boy. He listens well and always tries to protects others. Yes, I must admit that he’s a bit rough around the edges, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have good intentions deep down. Inosuke is a very good boy, so I must reject the idea to take him out of the Demon Slayer Corps.” You answered, eyes shining with admiration as you squeezed your hand gently against Sanemi’s who only gave you a side eye.

    “Then he shall stay.” The Master spoke, smiling softly. “Now, (y/n). Should you come over here for a bit?”

    Letting go of the male’s hand, you abruptly stood onto your feet, staggering as your leg gave out. Falling onto your knees you felt tears brim in your eyes from the pain. Gritting your teeth, you slapped yourself across the face, stopping your tears from flowing as you stood onto your feet. The Hashira watched you release your breath, then regaining your strength to walk ahead. Standing before the male on the engawa, you knelt down before him. The shadow above you seemed to move and you whipped your head up, noticing the Master painfully moving down to reach you. You scrambled onto your feet, pardoning yourself as you jumped onto the engawa. Taking the Master’s hand within your own, you led it to the top of your head where he caressed your head gently.

    “You’re a very kind child. I’ve been given letters about you, and I enjoyed hearing about you. You always manage to take care of others very well, even your master when she fell ill. Despite that slowing down your process of becoming a demon slayer, you managed to learn everything on your own. I commend you for fighting bravely, and protecting those in need of danger. Please allow me to bestow upon you the rank of Hashira. The Corps’ first Light Hashira. I have heard from Giyuu and Shinobu that you possess qualities that enable you to become a Hashira. Would you take up on this offer?” Shock filled your whole body as you stepped back, only to fall off of the ledge onto your bottom.

    “Her speed makes her much faster than myself. She easily outran my tsuguko during the chase for the demon Nezuko.” Shinobu explained.

    “She had outrun me while being injured, much faster than Uzui-san and Rengoku-san. I thin-“

    “Hah?! What’d you say, kid?!” Tengen exclaimed.

    “I was saying, I think with some more stamina training with Himejima-san then she’d be able to fulfill her duties. I believe the wi-“

    “Giyuu-kun. That’s enough.” You intervened, hiding your face behind a hand, embarrassed. “I think everything you all are saying is very nice…but I don’t think I’m cutout for the job at all.”

    You turned to the Master, kneeling back down. “I’m extremely honored, but please Sir, I only live and die for my siblings. I enjoy protecting families and it makes me oh so happy! Yet in all honesty I can’t go anywhere without Tanjiro or Nezuko trailing behind me…also now that there’s Zenitsu and Inosuke I have more people to do my duty with. I want to protect the Hashira from the small insignificant demons—just as we are to the Corps.” You ended your speech with a soft laugh, looking up to see the Master smiling at you.

    “My child. You have given me the greatest pleasure in my life so far. I am enlightened after meeting you, and I hope to meet you once again. (y/n), you are a precious demon slayer. I hope to meet you again in the near future.” With one more gentle stroke of your hair, you ran back to your seat. You rested your hand back on top of Sanemi’s, giving him a sheepish grin.

    “As for Kamado Tanjiro’s situation, I have sanctioned the three.” The Master answered, and you noticed the air change.

    “I respect your answer, Master. Yet I do not agree with it.” Gyomei spoke first, and you jumped at the sight of him crying.

    “I too do disagree with this, Master!” Tengen agreed with his companion.

    “If the Master says he’s fine with the situation…I think there’s no problem with it…” The Love Hashira disagreed with the other two.

    “I’m okay with whatever. I’ll forget anyways.” The Mist Hashira added his opinion.

    Shinobu and Giyuu stayed silent, keeping their gaze towards the Master.

    “I don’t trust them. I don’t trust them. I hate demons.” The Serpent Hashira next added his opinion.

    “I respect your choice, Master! Yet I won’t follow through your request, Master!” Kyojuro exclaimed.

    “It’s our job to rid of all evil and demons. I want Tomioka and these three to be penalized for their crime.” Sanemi spoke and you whipped your head to look at the male. His eyes met your own and you looked away, letting out a shaky breath.

    One of the children opened a letter. The letter was from Urokodaki Sakonji, who was a former Water Hashira. You all listened to the contents, where he explained that Nezuko had never consumed a human. To conserve her energy she slept so she wouldn’t have to eat another human. How she sees all humans like her family. The last contents were that he himself, Tomioka Giyuu, Eiichero Shiori, and (y/n) will all commit seppuku on the act that Nezuko devours a human. Tanjiro begins to cry, realizing the weight of the male’s words. You yourself began to cry, wiping your tears away aggressively, apologizing to your master under your breath.

    “The last words of the letter are for (y/n) to not cry about Shiori committing seppuku. The last message is: ‘Stop blubbering and harden your soul. You’re going to only need to cry over a cup of sake with me.’” The girl finished, closing the letter. Wiping away your tears, you smiled at the old woman’s words. What a doll.

    “Who cares if they kill themselves? The demon still devoured a human.” The Wind Hashira blatantly spoke, earning a hum of approval from Kyojuro.

    “If she devours a human then there’s no coming back from that. There’s no way to bring back the dead. I agree with Shinazugawa-san.” The Flame Hashira chirped.

    “You all are correct, yet there’s a slight flaw. What’s your evidence? How could you two prove that Nezuko would harm a person? The fact that she hasn’t eaten a single person in two years and that five people are standing in her protection needs to have a rebuttal.” The Master spoke with an understanding tone, “and there’s something else. Kamado Tanjiro and his sister, (y/n), have met Kibutsuji and had physical contact with him.”

    Everyone gasped at once as you look at Tanjiro, both of you tilting your heads at one another.

    “No, that’s impossible! Even when no other Hashira has had contact with him? You mean these kids…? What did he look like, what about his powers? Where did this take place?” Tengen spoke first, staring directly into your eyes.

    “Did you battle him?” The Mist Hashira next asked.

    A grab on your hair had you almost scream, and you were being violently shaken. Tanjiro the same. All by Sanemi. Gyomei loomed over you as the Wind Hashira did this, and you could feel yourself about to cry.

    “What was Kibutsuji doing? Did you find his strong hold? Hey! Answer me! And you! Answer me too!” You winced at his aggressive tone, feeling your scalp about to tear off your head at the strength of his grip.

    “Shut up! I asked them first! First tell us what powers he has!” Tengen argued and you felt your hair be let go.

    The Master held a finger to his lips so they all could quiet down and you panted, touching your head. You winced at the soreness of your scalp, taking your hairpin from Tanjiro and carefully tying up the locks. Shinobu watched you with worried eyes, feeling angry that Sanemi would even grab you so aggressively. You managed to calm yourself down, promising internally to tell all of the Hashira sometime later.

    “Kibutsuji had even sent pursuers after these three. I want to hold onto them because I believe something will happen to Nezuko that he won’t see coming. So, are you all willing to accept it?” The black-haired male explained further, and you bit down on your lip.

    “I don’t, Master. If she was human then I would, but she’s a demon. The demon slayers suffer so much because of demons. Why do we have to acknowledge one of them just because he finds the demon interesting?” Sanemi denied the male’s acceptance of Nezuko, standing onto his feet with one foot on Nezuko’s box. “Allow me to show the ugliness of the demon, Master.”

    “Sanemi…” The Master started.

    You and the Love Hashira both gasped, watching the white-haired male cut his arm. The blood dripped onto the box, and you reached over, pulling at Sanemi’s foot. He looked over at you, glaring his eyes at you yet you maintained your grip. Something grabbed onto your haori, pulling you back into a warm hold as you looked to see Gyomei holding you in his arms tightly. Continuing to reach out for the wooden box, you furrow your eyebrows in frustration.

    “Nezuko!” You and Tanjiro exclaimed, hearing her scratching against the box.

    “It’s no use, Shinazugawa. It’s best to go into the shade where she could come out.” The Serpent Hashira advised, and you all watched Sanemi jump into the shade of the Ubuyashiki home.

    Holding onto his green blade tightly, Sanemi deepens the cut in his arm, allowing more blood to drip onto the cut in Nezuko’s box and you winced. Nezuko, are you okay? You couldn’t be. You apologized repeatedly in your mind as you squirmed in the Stone Hashira’s hold. The Wind Hashira raised his sword, stabbing it through the box again and into Nezuko. Tanjiro let out a choked sound, and you felt tears brim your eyes at the sound your sister’s pained sound.

    “Sanemi-kun, please stop! Please don’t hurt her!” You begged, feeling your tears roll down your cheeks.

    “Stop it! Sto-ack!” Tanjiro moved a slight inch and felt his back become elbowed by the Serpent Hashira. He felt his lungs burn due to the sudden lack of oxygen.

    “Come out, demon!” Sanemi taunted, using his sword to open the box as Nezuko stood before him, mouth drooling.

    Her pink eyes stared at him, leaving everyone in awe of the next step.

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    random prompt with the squad

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    Y'all I'm kinda having a Genshin brainrot.. So aha- Genshin requests maybe?

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    forgot how fun dynamic poses were! and ofc with our favorite characters too

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    current thirst: to finish our first slutty tuesday, i'm thinking about being tanji's housewife who waits for him wearing only an apron when he comes home after sending charcoal all day-

    tags: @katsukichu , @awilddreamerwrites , @fuwushiguro , @katonshoko , @juglese

    warnings: aged up characters, suggestive, lame

    he sees you and immediately covers his eyes, stammering apologies, but all you do is hold your arm with your hand and make a pout

    oh, i get it... you don't like it i guess...

    he opens an eye to meet your offended gaze, and he'd hold his hands up in defense,

    n-no no no! th-that's not it-, he stammers

    he'd be damned if he said he didn't love such a view. and you did this all for him? who is he take for granted the treat his lovely wifey has prepared for him?

    i love it, i do! i will prove it to you!

    Tanjiro had never been quicker to lift you up and gently lay you on the table; he sets himself right in between your legs.

    you shouldn't have bothered, bunny...

    he smiles at you, eyes narrowing with a gleam of love and lust, as he runs his thumb across your cheek. His other hand, meanwhile, roams the side of your body. Pecking your nose, he kisses his way down to your chest, down to your belly, and down.

    he lifts your apron up, before him stands your cute drooling cunt, glistening just for him, the sweet treat that's eager to be tasted. He's practically drooling at the sight, a sight that never ceases to mesmerize it.

    But since you did bother, he might as well be thankful for the treat. He lowers down to his knees, gripping your thighs as he spreads you open. he inches closer and closer, until you can feel his hot breath against your folds. You can't see it, but his lips curve into a smile, as he expresses his thanks to you, who has served this meal only for him.


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    I hope they fully voice and animate this part so I can have a new morning alarm ringtone.

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    “i never dreamed that my end would be this tranquil”

    please don’t repost without credit

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  • vqler
    03.08.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #look at this! #haven't watched yaiba yet BUT STILL #tickling#tickle art#hmk_shk #kimetsu no yaiba #tanjiro is the best boi #kamado tanjirō#zenitsu agatsuma #ler!zenitsu #lee!tanjiro #not mine
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  • themetalheadhippy
    03.08.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Needed to have the iconic trio 🐗⚡🌊 as my header ✨

    #credit to whoever made this #demon slayer #demon slayer movie #tanjiro#inosuke#zenitsu#anime life#anime nerd #anime / manga #anime aesthetic#anime headers#aesthetic#warm aesthetic#orange aesthetic#my blog#anime fangirl#aesthetic vibes #anime anime anime #united kingdom #ask me some stuff #ask me stuff #ask me any question #ask me all the things #ask me anything #like#reblog#comfort show
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  • jiyuuillustration
    03.08.2021 - 14 hours ago

    My Tanjirou pins finally came in and are available in my shop now! They’re available as a sticker too 🌸 More characters will come out soon ✨

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  • moon-soul
    03.08.2021 - 14 hours ago


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  • silentmagi
    03.08.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #Tanjiro Kamado#Kanao Tsuyuri#Demon Slayer #I don't even go here. #Is this a thing? #fanfic summaries
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  • silentmagi
    03.08.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #fanfic summaries#Izuku Midoriya#Ochako Uraraka#Naruto Uzumaki#Hinata Hyuuga #tanjiro demon slayer #kanao demon slayer #Naruto #Boku no Hero Academia #My Hero academia #Demon#MHA#BNHA
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  • leinterested
    03.08.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Kimetsu High School Series Art

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  • tinyukine
    03.08.2021 - 17 hours ago

    kimetsu gakuen monogatari

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