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  • ninjawarrior100
    24.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Tanner vs Adam

    Adam finds out that Tanner did give the information about the BBK to Luna or even helped her to escape his place:

    The Noir Guys captured Tanner and now he’s facing Adam:

    Adam (to Noir Guys): Leave us alone.

    *Noir Guys leave whileTanner fearlessly looks into Adam’s eyes*

    Adam: I never expected this from you. And what I don’t understand is WHY?! Why would you do IT?! You know the consequences ...


    Tanner: I guess you just don’t know people aswell as you think you do. You’ve miscalculated: I love Luna more than I fear you.

    *Adam gets angry and freaks out*



    -Hopefully, you remember this quote from somewhere xD

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  • kindlistener
    23.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    An Unhealthy Obsession -- Tanner Grayton

    (GIF not mine.)

    Originally Posted: ??/??/2021

    Pairing(s): Tanner Grayton x FTM!Reader.

    Warnings: Stalking, dub-con.

    The man had tied you up earlier in the evening, handcuffs thrown over the poster of your headboard to keep you in place. You glance over at the clock, it's nearly midnight. When you look back up at him, he holds a large tupperware box, full of a black liquid. When he holds it under the light, you can see that it's just a very deep red...and you know what that means. "You would look so gorgeous painted with their blood." Your ex, he has been harassing you for some time so you're glad he's gone but he didn't deserve to die. The man in a lab coat pops off the lid and raises the container to his face, taking in a long inhale before groaning in satisfaction. Reaching down, he slides up your shirt to reveal your chest, gently pushing it all the way up, under your chin. "I did you a favour, sweet thing. Savour it with me." With that, he pours a generous amount of the thick, red liquid down your torso. It stinks of iron and death and it's still warm. You wriggle and gasp in disgust and horror as the blood inches across your skin.

    A gentle fingertip trails through the thick puddle of blood on your torso, tracking a line of crimson along your sternum, before the suited man softly grabs your face. You try to stay calm but your heart is still racing. "Wh-Who are you...?" You manage and his dark eyes widen before he smiles twistedly. "I've been keeping an eye on you for a while now. The world can be a scary place, you know? My name is Tanner and, I guess, I'm your guardian angel." He's mad... You can't help when tears well up in your eyes, spilling over onto your cheeks. "Shhh... Don't cry, I'm here now. I'll take care of you."

    It's been a few minutes since he drenched you with warm blood. He uses his hands to collect it and spread it along your skin, turning it a bright crimson as it clots and turns sticky. The only spot left untouched are the streaks of tears down your cheeks where the blood has been washed away. "He won't be bothering you again, I promise. I'll protect you." He coos softly before standing back. "You look perfect, sweet thing. I suppose this is all he was ever good for." "... Tanner, please..." His eyes widen again and he smiles widely. "You said my name. Say it again. Please." He whispers, laying a cheek against your blood-stained chest. "T-T-Tanner." "Yes, sweet thing?" He asks, his cheek sticking to your body thanks to the drying blood. "... Why?" "Why? Because I love you."

    Reaching into the box, Tanner slicks his fingers with more blood before sliding his hand between your legs, his long, talented fingers gently pinching at your enlarged clit and rubbing it in tight circles. Sobbing, you arch your back, trying to squeeze your thighs together as he stimulates you, his fingers lubricated by your ex's still-warm blood. "You're getting excited, sweet thing, why're you fighting it?" He asks, flicking your clit under the hood and making you yelp as even more tears stream down your face. "Maybe you hate being covered in him, after all he did to you? That would make sense. Stay right here." He states, as if you can move anywhere. He comes back with a bowl of warm water and a flannel. "I just thought you'd be glad to know he's dead." He explains off-handedly as he softly scrubs congealing blood from your torso. You have to admit, the feeling of the water on your skin eases your nerves some, until he reaches below your waist, cleaning your inner thighs and then running the flannel along your core, sticky with blood. The rough texture against your clit has you whining lowly. "There, all clean. Sorry, I got a little carried away. I've always dreamed of being able to touch you just like this." He wipes off his hands before placing the bowl of bloody water to one side.

    Tanner trails a fingertip over the scars beneath your pectorals before leaning down to lavish them with kisses. He's acting like this is your first time together as a couple but you've never seen him before. Still, he's touching you in all the right ways, in all the right places. Unbuttoning his coat and shrugging out of it, Tanner lays on his stomach between your legs and you press your thighs together to keep some of your pride. "Don't worry, sweet thing. You're so handsome." He manages to pry your legs apart -- he's deceptively strong -- to take in the sight of you. "Mmnnn... I can't wait to taste you." He moans lowly, taking in the scent of you, before diving in to take your clit into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue. Your knees buckle, your body caught between pushing him away and anchoring him between your legs. You try your best to stifle your noises but, without anything to cover your mouth, they fall from your lips. Dark, lustful eyes rise to meet your own as Tanner continues eating you out. When he pulls away, your slick coats his lips and he licks away all he can. "You taste lovely, sweet thing... Let's see how far I can take you."

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  • ninjawarrior100
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • slashersexual
    17.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    fucking help im editing something and im going through the frames of this video and

    #tanner grayton#scrutinized #welcome to the game #please why does he look like hes abt to ask me if i got fruit snacks
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  • ninjawarrior100
    17.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    We absolutely need to see Tanner with some messy hair and more casual style in the future!

     Also, how he’s smoking some cigarettes?

    Maybe some collab with Luna too?

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  • ninjawarrior100
    17.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Tanner simps in a nutshell 

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  • ninjawarrior100
    16.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    The moment when Tanner has indebted himself to Adam

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  • ninjawarrior100
    13.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Luna? Being hard working.

    Tanner? Being creepy.

    Dimitri? Being only focused on his “business”

    Hotel? Being Trivago.

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  • ninjawarrior100
    13.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Luna trying to be confident and hard working to find the BBK while Tanner is jogging and jumping through her garden and house:

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  • ninjawarrior100
    13.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    L VS T

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  • ninjawarrior100
    13.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Luna’s achieved goal and the aftermath with Tanner? (Fiction Theory)

    Luna got the file with the information about the Blueblood Killer from Tanner who seemed to be very impressed with her hard work and determination. 

    It’s a bit pity that we don’t know what happens after Tanner injected her again. All in all, there’s a cliffhanger with an open end of “Scrutinized”.

    I’m really asking myself if there could be any DLC or a concrete sequel where we would know the real ending of Luna’s tale in the WTTG universe.Though this might be answered in “Welcome to the Game: Online” where everyone is included besides Luna and Tanner like Clint, the Doll Maker, the Noir or (for sure) Adam himself aswell. 

    It would be interesting to know who the BBK is and also how Luna will find him and if there would be any dialogue between Luna and him about his victims and her cousin. 

    Nevertheless, at some point it was said it’s a remained mystery if the BBK is a man or a woman because no one know his or her face. I personally think it would be somehow unsettling and suprising at once if it would be a female and also to know if there is a proper background story or another explanation of his or her motives.

    Tanner is also someone who wouldn’t leave Luna on her own because in the very end his last words were:  “Until next time ... Luna.” which contain surely an aftermath in the future between these both important characters. 

    This now may sound like a fanfiction-theory but what if Luna and Tanner must cooperate with each other because of an more important win-win situation?

    At first, I thought that Luna and Tanner would work together to find the BBK like Katara and Zuko did to find the murderer of her mother. Somehow this might be interesting but I’m not fully convinced that Tanner would change his whole attitude because of Luna and become somehow really caring instead always being ... just Tanner from “Scrutinized”.

    We don’t know if Adam really cared that much achieving the information of the BBK or not but if he might care a lot and asks Tanner about his task to find the information which he might denies or tries to explain that Luna was quicker than him. A much worser scenario would be if Adam finds out that Tanner was the one who gave Luna the file and didn’t fulfill his task and that could Adam judge as a betrayal and because of that Tanner could be kicked out of Adam’s organisation.

    After all, Tanner stated to Luna that he has indebted himself to Adam which means he did (maybe never) want to work for him voluntarly. Like I’ve assumed in my previous theory post about Tanner role he might have indebted himself to him because he might had one single victim and Adam was the help he needed to escape, although the police is looking out for him. 

    Because of the betrayal conspiracy Adam will want to punish Tanner and there could be different options such as sending the whole information about Tanner to the police so he might get caught. 

    An another thought might be that Adam wants to see Tanner’s anxiety and slow process of self-control if he set a bounty on him, so every antagonist would hunt him. Yes, this might remind you of “John Wick: Chapters 2 & 3″. 

    Anyways, Tanner could easily become the quarry himself among his former colleagues and even if he always seems so cheerful, this might change him into a serious and strained person aka his other characteristic side.

    What role would Luna take in this whole situation which is basically about him and his former decision to help her?

    I personally think that they both have nothing in common in a romantic way (if the developers confirm so, it would be a bit strange but I’m neither against this). There could be a new win-win situation or better to say “a deal”.

    I don’t know if Luna would find out about the bounty of Tanner or he would tell her personally again within a tensed atmosphere (like kidnapping her again if his hideout is still save or he might get in her house again). This might lead to an intensive talk between the pro- and antagonist of the previous plot. 

    Luna might be also a target for the hunters if Adam would find out about her or he would know that there is a person who got the information from Tanner. 

    So both,Luna and Tanner, would become the hunted.

    There, my second thought was a “deal” which they could arrange. Luna must help Tanner but I’m not sure in which way (to beat Adam and his whole squad or to find a save place for him with her computer skills). In return, Tanner might promise to somehow distract Adam and the hunters ... But that’s a point which I can’t tell for sure. 

    I think we all are interested to find more about the characters of this universe which we might will in the future game or never will, but Tanner is somehow a vibing and a very popular anatgonist like Eddie Gluskin from “Outlast Whistleblower” in 2014 was. It would be great if the developers would some day release his personal information beside his surname “Grayton” like age, height, the truth about the asumption if he’s a cannibal or not  and the most important: his background story. 

    Tanner is a young man who is in his late 20′s or in his 30′s and beside his good looking appearance, it remains unknown if he’s an actual doctor or chemist because of his former quote “I’m no master chemist”. 

    It’s also somehow funny and unsettling at once how fast Tanner is. If you look closer, Tanner isn’t running ordinary but doing jump steps and he seems to have a great stamina although he’s smoking. This might mean he was in the army or he’s just good sports man. And we might (never) know his motives or reasons for his psycho character (he might have been like that since his birth or some event changed him dramatically which I assume is not the case). And we might (never) know his feelings towards Luna besides high respect. 

    It would be ineteresting to see Tanner and Luna cooperate and becoming closer and develop a (small) friendship. They might travel through the country to find more evidences or trying to hide. Sometimes there were car sounds and plane sounds aswell during the game. I assume that the kidnapper did use the plan and Tranner the car ... So he might have one.

    Adam might could have the idea to get Luna to let her decide ... like Clint from WTTG 2 had to ...

     A decision which is all about deciding if she wants to save her life by telling where Tanner is or worser taking the decision in front of Tanner to sacrafice him. The other decision might be that she must pass so Tanner would be free and he would be out of his debt and Adam might use her like Amelia. Somehow, Tanner would want that Luna should decide against him because “he likes her that much”, but Luna might also feel for him pity because of  the developed “friendship” or “sympathy” because of his former aware decision to risk his work for her giving her the BBK file. 

    Well, this is only my theory which is more fictional, yes I know, but I do hope that the future game would have answers about the BBK, not only Tanner’s but about the other’s lores and a clear ending (if it’ll be the last game of this universe).

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  • ninjawarrior100
    12.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Latest update/ statement to "Welcome to the Game: Online”


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  • ninjawarrior100
    11.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    A normal conversation between Tanner & Luna 

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