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  • Saturday is for sharing so show some love for this wonderful vid from @melissatannus as she’s teaching a class at her home in Rio for @tapinrio 🤗🤗🤗 • • • • • •
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    🇧🇷 Não tem nada como dar aula em casa 🙌🏽 TAP IN RIO COMEÇOOOOOOOUU!! 😍 Aiiii como eu amo essa energia, esse povo e esse festival! 🥰 Como se pode ver pelo @lucasbazanella_ no começo, a gente estava mal conseguindo ficar em pé a essa altura, mas a festa não pode acabar!!! Obrigada a todos que suaram horrores comigo ontem na minha aula do Embaça Espelho e na minha aula Com O Pé na História!!! Amo compartilhar e dançar com vocês! Obrigada pelo convite @tapinrio!! ❤️ Bora lá que hoje tem mais!! 🎉 PS: AMO eu entrando do jeito errado 😂 .
    🇺🇸 There is nothing like teaching at home! 🙌🏽 TAP IN RIO HAS STARTED!!! 🎉 I love this festival, this energy and these people SO MUCH! 🥰 As you can see by @lucasbazanella_ in the beginning we were barely hanging in there at this point, but the party can never stop!!! Thank you to everyone who sweat their asses off yesterday with me at both of my classes!! I love sharing and dancing with you guys!! Thank you for having me @tapinrio! DAY TWO HERE WE GO! 🎉
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  • We are so glad that Iselin Jansen (@iselin_jansen) shares her work with all of us! A native of Norway, she is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of the Norwegian Rhythm Production, and has performed with the Oslo Tap Crew since 2012. She is a phenomenal tap dancer, and does great work with some of the best names in tap. She has also shown what hard work, dedication, and faith in your abilities will do for all of us. 😊✌🏾️ #TapInspiration #TapInspirationTuesday #OsloTapCrew #NorwegianRhythmProduction #tapdance #TapOslo #tapdancer #tapchoreography #tapdancing #teamtap #taplife #dreamitreachit #Repost @iselin_jansen with @repostapp.
    I’ve always been kind off afraid to put myself out there because I feel I’m not good enough yet. I’ve decided to overcome it. Today I felt so inspired by dance, people, music, sun so I jammed some in the park. A few moments from today. Nothing serious, just a small step. ☀️☺️💃👍 #tap #dance #impro #park #jam #oslo #dreamit #reachit #oneday

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