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    Whumptober - Day 16 Crush Injuries and beaten

    Fandom: 9-1-1 Lone Star

    Pairing: Carlos Reyes/TK Strand

    Characters: Carlos Reyes, TK Strand, Owen Strand

    Engine noises in the dark

    After leaving the police station, Carlos is hit by a hit-and-run vehicle. Carlos is left lying in the middle of the street, injured and thinking he is going to die. TK waits for him at home, they have spoken by message before Carlos finished his shift, but Carlos does not return home.

    Chapter 1

    It was past one in the morning when TK finally called his father.

    He didn't want to wake him up, didn't want to disturb him after two long shifts in a row and that damn traffic accident that had kept him up for twenty hours straight. He didn't want to sound hysterical for worrying for no reason.

    But Carlos should have been home by nine in the evening. He had texted him when he left the police station.

    C: I'm on my way home. Do you want me to get pizza for dinner? Ice cream?

    T: Come early please, the Drag Race final starts in twenty-five minutes. Ice cream yes, stracciatella and if not brownie with cookies.

    C: You're so demanding, baby. I'd better not ask you for the pizza you want because you'll send me to the other side of town.

    T: Sorry, I'm looking forward to seeing you and having a romantic relationship with you. So never mind everything else, come home soon.

    After that there had been no response from Carlos to any of her calls and messages.

    21.10: Carlos, babe, I know it's only been ten minutes since you said you were coming home, but you usually tell me you're late. I don't want to worry, it will be nothing. Sorry, come soon.

    21.32: Okay, Carlos, babe, now I'm really starting to worry. I've called you twice and you haven't answered. Nor to the messages. Please tell me you've stayed at the police station a little too long and you're saving some puppies from a cardboard box.

    21.47: At the police station they don't know about you because you left at the end of your shift. You still haven't told me anything and you know I don't like this kind of situation. In a little while I will call my father and tell him that I am hysterical and scared to death because I don't know where my boyfriend is.

    22.23 I haven't called my dad yet because I'm sure you're going to show up at the door at any moment, with a big explanation, I'll tell you off for not telling me anything and then we'll end up in bed.

    23.03 I've called every hospital in town, I don't know whether to be happy or not, but they haven't heard from you.

    Two hours later, TK dialed his father's phone, he took a deep breath for a moment and held his breath so as not to sound as distressed and desperate as he felt at that moment, when his father answered.

    "TK is everything okay?" he sounded sleepy, he probably hadn't even woken up and TK hated to disturb him when he was so tired. "I don't know dad. It's been four hours since Carlos should have been home. He's not answering my calls, he hasn't texted me. I've called the hospitals, nothing, no one's heard from him." "Surely..." "I've already thought about it dad and that's why I've waited until just now to write you and ask what we can do." "Okay, sorry son... you're not just anyone." She heard him sit up in bed, sigh or yawn and his voice changed quickly. "Carlos was working this afternoon wasn't he?" "Yes until 20.30. I was expecting him home at 21.00, he was going to buy pizza." "And you haven't heard from him." "No. Nothing since then." "I guess I should tell you not to worry." "No, exactly, don't say that either. Just tell me what we can do to find Carlos; because I'm starting to freak out and think about the horrible things that may have happened to him." "Give me five minutes and I'm at your house." "No!" TK shouted, too nervous to control his emotions. "I'm sorry, Dad, I didn't mean to... I'd better come to your house myself. Carlos told me you were coming and you didn't show up. It's stupid I know, but I'd rather go to your place." "TK, nothing is going to happen to me, besides if Carlos is going home, it's better if you stay there."

    He convinced him, his father always managed to convince him, so he stayed there sitting on the couch, with the phone next to him, in case Carlos called, in case the police called him and hoping that nothing would happen to his father and he would be with him soon.


    Carlos left the police station at his normal time and went to buy pizza.

    For one day he hadn't taken the car that day to work, so TK couldn't convince him to go get pizza at Luigi's. He would have to settle for one from the pizza stand next to the police station. He took the opportunity to get ice cream at the supermarket that was still closing.

    He looked at his cell phone, the picture of TK on the screen made him smile, it always made him smile.

    He put the phone away again and set off on his way home. If he was five minutes later than nine o'clock, so he decided not to waste any time. Besides, he didn't want the pizza to get cold.

    It was a bit of a strange night, it wasn't normal for there to be nothing and no one on the street, but there was a game on, so everyone should already be at home in front of the TV. Good thing TK wasn't interested in soccer because he had no intention of spending the night watching a game.

    An engine noise came rushing across the street, an avenue. The headlights dazzled him.

    If I had been in a movie, I would have jumped aside, it would have been easy, I would have had time. But in real life, there was no time to think, no time to jump aside. The car arrived before he could do anything.

    The car hit him with a blow that lifted him off the ground and threw him a few meters further. His body rolled across the ground, he received blows to every bone in his body and felt or felt like they were all breaking.

    He looked at the car, it was night, they hadn't seen him until they were on top of him, so now they would stop and succor him or at least call an ambulance.

    He tried to shout for help, but he couldn't say anything, just as he couldn't move, the mere thought of moving a finger sent the most intense pain imaginable coursing through his body.

    The car started up and drove off.

    The driver took off leaving him to die in the middle of the street.

    Before he lost consciousness, Carlos saw one of the wheels of the car crush the pizza and watched it explode as he imagined his body was about to do. He didn't want to close his eyes, he didn't want to let himself go because of the pain, because he would probably never wake up.

    He could feel it, he was a wreck.


    TK had fallen asleep from the exhaustion of shift work, exhaustion and the fear of not hearing from Carlos despite the hours that had passed.

    He woke up screaming and Owen found him sitting up in bed covered in sweat and crying inconsolably.

    "Something terrible has happened to Carlos, Dad. We have to find him, I know something horrible has happened to him."

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    the love of my life

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    ronenrubinstein - Still in Spoiler Jail...
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    He always gets in trouble 😭!! The way he deleted everything lmfao 😭 I love him so much!! He’s so precious always wants to keep us updated he gets in trouble for it 🥺 we love you roro and we would bail you out anytime bubba 🥺♥️

    Now we’re absolutely ready for tomorrow!!

    Ronen and Chaise = #DreamTeam ✨

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    Damnit why do I always miss spoilers when I’m gone??? What was leaked about Lonestar? Anything good?

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    911: LONE STAR Season 3 Thoughts (3x01-3x04)

    So now that Ronen confirmed the premiere date, I guess we should believe that the rest of the information is true?

    (Edit: Well, now it seems like Ronen has not confirmed the date, so I don’t know what to believe about the SpoilerTV post... anyway, keeping these theories up because I don’t hate them, even if all the teased info turns out to be false.)

    The title change for 3x01 is interesting, though I remain a little indifferent to both of them. I wonder why they decided not to air 3x01 and 3x02 on the same night, especially if they’re a 2-part event? Hope that works to their benefit. We can probably assume that 3x01 will come back a little low, as most premieres seem to these days, but maybe with a cliffhanger it will incite more people to tune-in the following week for 3x02? (Would also love to get that title soon.)

    The titles for 3x03 and 3x04 feel pretty obvious, so I guess we’re getting our little Ryder sooner rather than later. That also has to mean that TK and Carlos have a new house, at least by 3x03, if Grace is that far along. I refuse to believe they would last that long living with Owen. (I’m gonna predict that 3x01-3x02 will exist in an unspecified time, but 3x03 will help to indicate how far we are from the end of season 2.) 

    Timing wise, it seemed like the Tarlos teases happened maybe around the time they were shooting 3x03, so I wonder if that’s the “iconic” episode they’re referring to? Or maybe it’s 3x01-3x03, but the first two episodes have been described as big for TK specifically, so I’m banking more on 3x03. If they are in any way connected with Grace’s delivery, that would be pretty cool?

    Also, an episode airing on Valentine’s Day? That’s pretty exciting, hopefully the writers take advantage of that to have some fun! We could desperately use some fun on this show.

    With Grace’s pregnancy helping to set the timeline, that means that TK and Carlos will have probably been officially together for about a year and a half (if not longer) by 3x04-ish? I know it’s impossible to figure out this show’s timeline, but that seems right to me. So, with that in mind, I wonder what kind of relationship developments we’ll see for them this season... they’re certainly no longer a “new” couple, but will they be ready for another level of commitment yet? (I’m still speculating an engagement by the end of season 3, and since I was right about them moving in together by the end of season 2, I like my chances.)

    Lots of exciting things to look forward to!

    #911 lone star #ls spoilers#ls speculation#tarlos #just rambling out loud here #I'm kind of excited #though I'm also waiting to see what happens to the production schedule before I start popping bottles
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    I would like to thank Ronen “Tom Holland of the 911 Universe” Rubinstein for doing the lord’s work.

    911 Lone Star season 3 premiere’s

    ✨January 3, 2022✨

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    carlos reyes being so incredibly soft with his boyfriend, tk.

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    Has it been 84 years? yes

    Does that make me any less bitter about this scene getting cut? no

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    In 1x08 imagine carlos having to go into the house to see his boyfriends blood all over the wall and floor..

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    hearts don't break around here

    "Gaillardias grandifloras," Mr. Sears said. "Also known as 'blanket flowers,'" he said again, and TK smiled a bit with the new piece of information.
    "And what does it mean?" the paramedic asked, and Mr. Sears let out a happy huff with that question. It was almost a rule by now that any new flower would result in those two questions coming from TK, and the older man couldn't say he was annoyed by it.
    "Modesty, charm, happiness," the man answered, and TK smiled. "Joy of being together, too. It's a subtle option to give to friends or that boy you are crushing on and never dare to speak your feelings to," he said, and it caused TK to laugh a bit before rolling his eyes.

    5.5k | Ao3

    Chapter one.

    Chapter two: in agrimonies, thou thankfulness glistens

    Austin was calm for a big city.

    Sure, it had lights and noise, and people walking around their own misery all the time ― but it was calmer, for their distress didn't seem to be constantly under a spotlight. There were more trees here and there, and you could hear the birds every morning, just like dogs barking and whatever it is that seems to be screaming when the sun comes up.

    The streets were large and full of lights, and it was crowded as long as daylight was shining over them and reflecting on the buildings ― but it would settle as the moonlight started to replace the golden glow for a pale, gentle one. Things would seem to be a little more silent, and the pace would slow down significantly, making it look like the big city went to sleep.

    Austin was calm for a big city, indeed.

    It was the first thing to cross his mind whenever he woke up by the morning or in the middle of the night, and it was possible to hear crickets sharpening the silence surrounding the streets. If he tried hard enough, he would be able to listen to the sleepy city itself, a few cars and motorcycles every now and then, a few owls hiding from the remaining lights of the streetlights.

    It was a feeling he had forgotten he could ever feel ― if he ever did, for growing up in New York takes away most of the sense of silence. It was soothing, most of the time, and it helped whenever he couldn't get to sleep after a busy day.

    Because, even if Austin was calm for a big city, he could count on his fingers the number of slow days he had gotten since the job had started.

    Today wasn't one to add to the math.

    After killing the truck engines, it hadn't been a second before the alarms blared around the station.

    Thankfully, as TK leaped out of the ambulance, the other paramedic team from the B-shift was already running in their direction, taking over the vehicle and thanking the Universe that the last call they've been to didn't require more than some gauze and the stethoscope.

    He chuckled to himself before wishing the other team good luck that day and stretching his back, walking towards the kitchen to grab a glass of water.

    The firehouse was well organized, despite the messy crew that was usually there. It had light, cream-painted walls and more space than other firehouses had ― and maybe hitting walls with a hammer when they first got to Texas had something to do with that.

    The kitchen was well equipped, solid wooden colors contrasting with the light ones around and the glass walls that were brought up upstairs to be the captains' offices ― "because I don't want walls between me and my team, TK," his father had said. It had a marble island in the middle, more cups inside the cabinets than mouths to feed in the firehouse, and a coffee machine that seemed to be the most precious acquaintance the fire captain ever had in his entire life.

    Further, the dinner table and the room in which the fire crew and the EMTs spent their free time, with couches, some puffs, a television, and all the dog's toys they could find ― including a shoe that didn't belong to them, and a plastic shovel no one dared to search for the owner.

    Mostly, it was a peaceful place. TK liked it quite a lot, and it was one of the things that made him happy to get to work every day ― it was a comfortable place he could just sit still and wait for the following rescue and then relax when they got back from one.

    Yet, it was his second favorite place in the world.

    "Oh, thank God it's over," TK heard Marjan say, stepping into the kitchen and dropping herself in one of the chairs. "I can't believe I made it out alive," she groaned, dramatically faking to bump her head against the marble surface of the island.

    "C'mon, Marj; it was far from being the worst shift we've had," another voice came around, and TK turned his body, a glass of water in his hand, pressing his hip against the counter and looking at Paul, who was smiling at his friend's complaint.

    "Yeah, I mean, I think the worst call was the woman trapped in the birdcage," TK said, chuckling a bit to the memory. "I still can't believe that."

    Paul, who was laughing with him, huffed.

    "Tell me about it," he said. "People are getting more insane each day. I wonder what we'll see every time I step into this firehouse," he concluded, and TK nodded in agreement, sipping his water.

    Marjan groaned one more time.

    "I see my bed every time I step into this firehouse," she said, her tone muffled by her arm. "And you two are only happy because you didn't get to be with the kids while that man was hanging from the foul treehouse," she commented again, passing her hands over her hijab and lifting her head again.

    At the deadly look that she gave the both of them, both men swallowed the chuckle that escaped their lips, Paul looking around and TK taking one more sip of water from his glass. Marjan sighed, throwing her body back and letting her head bend back, too, closing her eyes for a second.

    Paul and TK shared a look, shrugging shortly after and moving around the kitchen one more time. The black man took an apple out of the basket over the sink and sat in front of Marjan at the island while TK just washed the glass and turned around, checking the clock before moving to the lockers.

    Paul stopped him before he could do it, though.

    "Are you going home, man?" he asked, and TK turned around again to look at him before answering.

    A smile took over his lips as he did so.

    "To the flower shop," he said, watching as Marjan, with a vexed expression, looked back at him.

    "You just worked a forty-eight-hour shift and are going to work more?" she asked, her voice seeming to be cautious and thoroughly disbelieved. "What the hell, TK?"

    He only shrugged, but Paul pointed at Marjan, agreeing with a nod.

    "She's right, dude," he said. "You should get some rest. It doesn't matter how slow the shift seemed to be; it's not good to overdo yourself like this," he said, his voice just as steady as it always was when he was right.

    And Paul was usually right.

    But TK dismissed that fact as he usually did, too.

    "It's barely a job, guys, and you know it," TK replied, waving his hand. "I like being there, Mr. Sears likes having me around, and flowers are a good way to end the day," he pointed out, smiling as his friends rolled their eyes.

    "You know another good way to end the day, Strand?" Marjan asked, and TK kept quiet, knowing it was rhetorical. "Pillows. And a mattress. And hours and more hours of silence," she sighed, closing her eyes for a second with a soft smile on her face. On the next second, though, it fell, and she groaned. "But I'll still have to drive, argh," Marjan complained, and TK swallowed a smile.

    "I'll give you a ride; you take your car tomorrow," Paul said, and Marjan lit up again. "And, again, TK; she's right. You should get some sleep, man," he repeated, and TK only shrugged one more time.

    "Don't worry about me," he said. "Promise I'll sleep all night through," TK completed, looking at the clock on the wall once more before clapping one hand on the other. "But I'll be late if I don't go change now. So, goodbye, sleep well, and I'll talk to you two tomorrow!"

    TK didn't wait for the stressed answers before turning around and jogging to the stairs, chuckling to himself as Marjan said something about bringing her a flower since her wisdom had been completely ignored. He hopped up to the lockers, glad that it was empty the moment when he stepped into the showers to wash the day off him before getting to the flower shop.

    As the water fell upon his skin, TK sighed. It hadn't been a hard day, but it was always good to relieve the tension that the job as a first-responder brought over his shoulders. Ending a shift without a loss and a scratch was always a blessing, and TK couldn't be more thankful for that, especially with his record of injuries.

    He washed his hair quickly, doing the same to his body and then grabbing the towel to go to the lockers and get his clothes ― his "civilian uniform," as Judd called it ― which counted with a pair of jeans, buttoned-up, printed t-shirt, and a hoodie. That was basically his whole wardrobe if being honest. It even caused Paul to ask why he had so many printed clothes if he only ever wore hoodies over it, no matter how hot it was outside.

    He couldn't deny it, for it was true ― but he wouldn't change his clothing choices either.

    Less than twenty minutes, TK was already getting his bag from his locker and passing his fingers through his dumped hair, just to destroy how he had combed it mere minutes before. It became a habit to have his strands messy because, some days, he would be in such a hurry or such a low place he would forget his hair needed brushing.

    Now, it was almost his mark.

    After throwing his bag over his back, TK took his earphones and chose a random playlist to play as he walked to the flower shop. Walking down the stairs, he changed track by track, though, until there was a song he was willing to listen to while getting out of the firehouse as if the shuffle play hadn't been chosen three seconds earlier.

    "Going home, Strand?" he heard someone calling beside him and turned around to see Tommy and a bunch of papers over the counter. TK smiled at her, taking one of the earphones off and slowing his pace to talk to her.

    "Not quite," he replied. "Heading to the flower shop. You, on the other hand..." he said, gesturing to all the papers. Tommy chuckled.

    "Yeah. I'm stuck here for a while longer," the captain said, looking down at the documents on the counter too. "And I'd give a lot for the chance to sleep tight now, Strand. Why don't you do that?" she asked, and TK arched his eyebrows.

    "You too, Cap?" he asked, then, sighing. "I'm fine. And the flower shop is never stressful," TK assured, and Tommy raised an eyebrow, too.

    "Dealing with people is stressful, Strand, even when they're buying flowers," she said, and TK rolled his eyes lightly. "Besides, even if it isn't, I'm sure that a forty-eight-hour shift does the job, uh?"

    And, sure, she had a point. And TK didn't really care about it.

    "I'm fine, Cap. I appreciate your worries, though," he said, smiling. "I'll make sure to bring you a daisy tomorrow."

    Tommy chuckled, looking back at the documents in her hand.

    "Of course, Strand," she said. "And tell Mr. Sears I said 'hello,' will you? It's been a while since I've last been there," Tommy requested. TK nodded, smiling and patting the counter quickly before walking away after the paramedic captain chuckled, shaking her head softly.

    TK was only capable of walking six more steps before someone else called his name. Owen, this time, with a pile of paper like Tommy's under his arm and a cup of coffee in his hands as he walked in TK's direction.

    "Going home already, son?" Owen asked, stopping in front of TK and taking a sip from his cup. TK stopped too with earphones still on without music playing.

    "Flower shop," the man replied, looking at his cellphone screen to check the hour again and then looking up at his father. "Need me to bring you something?"

    Owen pressed his lips for a second, shaking his head, just before he lifted his chin and gestured up with one finger, making TK arch one of his eyebrows.

    "Actually, I think we ran out of spinach. Do you mind―?" the man started, and TK was quick to cut him off.

    "Oh, no. No, nope," TK said, and Owen frowned. "I'm not being part of your lethal smoothies schemes, Dad. Not a chance," he said, and Owen opened his mouth in some sort of betrayal. TK kept on shaking his head, and his father blinked.

    "Spinach is healthy, TK! And what do you mean by "lethal smoothie schemes"? There's no―"

    "No, Dad, I'm not buying the spinach," TK said again. "And you're not buying it either, or else I'm getting rid of it," he pointed out, starting to walk again as Owen retorted something. "Bye, Dad. Love you, see you at home!" he greeted him goodbye, walking away and laughing at the expression his father had on his face.

    Pressing play on his song, then, TK kept a quick rhythm out of the firehouse, his eyes darting to the time on the screen one more time. He sighed, and his fingers squeezed the strap of his bag over his shoulder, his feet walking a bit faster.

    And, for Austin was calm for a big city, it was easy to dodge the crowd as he paced the sidewalks and streets. Sidewalks were extensive, and although crowded, there were much fewer people than Times Square whenever it was peak season.

    The heat, though, was something TK still longed to get along with. While New York streets were crowded and always in movement, there would always be a gentle breeze every now and then, brushing over people's heads and rustling through their clothes as they walked in the shadows buildings made.

    The city of Austin, on the other hand, was far too heated ― and TK could swear that the sun was vaster there than it was in New York ―, which would make him struggle to leave his house, especially in summer. He should have gotten used to it by now, but his muscles would always seem to melt, and his brain would most likely fry whenever he needed to take a walk under the sun.

    At least, TK could tell, it had more trees than New York did, and it was an advantage when it came to hiding from the sun. Although the shadows weren't exactly chill, it was better than the soul-wrecking sunlight over his skin.

    Judd would make fun of him, and so would Tommy ― Marjan would try to, but she would be struggling with the heat just as much, sometimes. And then, Paul would make fun of her, for someone from Miami should be slightly used to the heat and the sun.

    Those were funny interactions ― except that one time when TK passed out due to the heat ― that would make him chuckle every time he remembered it, especially on the way to the flower shop, not really far from the fire station but not exactly close to it either. TK would hold his breath whenever a funny comment came to his mind, so he wouldn't sound entirely crazy while laughing as he kind of ran to where he needed to be.

    In less than fifteen minutes ― of running and bumping into a few people ― TK could already see the mirrored building that stood before the flower shop. The building, a law firm, was an immense construction with large windows and busy people, although TK never really paid attention. The flowers and the people were better to look at than a skyscraper with walking headaches and ties.

    Other than that, the lawyers that worked there would rarely stop their busy day to talk to anybody ― and TK could swear he never heard any of them in his life. Overall, he could understand; his mother was a lawyer herself, and TK witnessed closely how much time the job took and how much stress they were put under, but, still, it was a bit hard to believe none of them could ever do anything but to frown.

    TK doubted that even more after he had met Grace, who was more an angel than an actual person.

    Read the rest on Ao3

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    tarlos + blue

    request are always open

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    Flufftober Day 15 - Silly Traditions

    Fandom: 9-1-1 Lone Star

    Pairing: Carlos Reyes/TK Strand

    Characters: Carlos Reyes, TK Strand

    All the aniversaries

    Carlos always has a good excuse to celebrate something with TK

    "Close your eyes." TK's voice said behind Carlos' back before Carlos entered the house. "What did I miss? I didn't know we were celebrating anything today."

    Carlos turned around to look at TK, but he wouldn't let him, he grabbed him around the waist and made him stare at the door of the house and close his eyes.

    "Let's just say I made up a tradition so we can celebrate our second first date after we decided... I decided to accept that I was in love with you and couldn't lose you. "It's an excuse to celebrate more days with me right'" "I'm serious babe. I was about to let you go, when I was just afraid to tell you that I was afraid to start something serious with you because of how things had gone with Alex." "You did a very brave thing for yourself." "So can you close your eyes and let me do this properly?" "Okay, I have my eyes closed."

    Carlos listened as TK opened the front door and felt him slowly push him inside. He noticed several smells coming to him, one sweet, like candy fresh out of the oven and another salty, it looked like pizza. He also noticed something like chocolate and he knew TK loved chocolate.

    He followed with his eyes closed as he led him to the center of the room. That was important to TK and he wasn't going to spoil it for him.

    "Carlos, babe." "Can I open my eyes now?" "No, I have to tell you something first and I'd rather you didn't look at me." "Oops, I don't like that so much." "It's nothing bad I promise."

    Then Carlos listened to his song, the first slow song he had danced to with TK, clinging to him, glued to him, feeling the rapid, fluttering beat of his heart against him. He smiled, because it was by a group almost unknown outside of Austin and he remembered that TK had never heard them.

    But he still remembered.

    "Babe, I was a complete fool when I met you, we could have been together since that first night at the bar, since you asked me to stay at your place in the morning. I saw it in your eyes, you wanted to start something with me right then. But I was afraid, I was afraid of repeating the same mistakes. Although my biggest mistake will always be thinking that you could be anything like Alex."

    Carlos heard him move closer to him and noticed TK's hands wrapped around his waist. His warm lips rested on his and he would have given anything to open his eyes and be able to look at that scene.

    "I need to apologize to you for comparing you to Alex and for not realizing that I almost let the man of my life get away in the stupidest way." "If it makes you feel better, I forgive you tiger. But I assure you it doesn't need to because as much as I pushed you to make a decision, I would have kept trying as long as it took until I had you by my side." "Okay, then open your eyes."

    Carlos did and looked around.

    They were alone, he had almost feared that TK had invited everyone to the anniversary of their second first date. But no, it was just the two of them. TK had placed candles all around the room and the table was full of food both sweet and savory.

    "We're not tempting fate with candles are we?" "I have three fire extinguishers down here and two upstairs. This house isn't burning down on us."

    Carlos laughed and walked toward dinner, but TK pulled his arm and pulled him tight against him, then started moving to the music.

    "I know this isn't a real anniversary or anything." "It's perfect, baby. Wait did you cook?" "Relax, I have no intention of us ending the night in the ER. The food is from a professional caterer and the roses on the bed..." "You put roses on the bed?" "Oops."

    TK covered his mouth as if he almost regretted what he had said, but grabbed Carlos' hand led him to bedroom, Carlos took a moment to react to his bed being covered in flowers. red.

    "I know you hate using real flowers for these things, all the petals are paper.

    "TK how long have you spent doing this?" "A few days... A few weeks, well a couple of months."

    Carlos turned to him and grabbed his hands.

    "You've been doing this for two months?" "Yeah well, I got a little entertained with the mesversary of the new house and then I almost forgot about the anniversary of the first time you had a sleepover." "TK, how many anniversaries do you keep track of? "A few." "And they all have to do with me?"

    TK shrugged and blushed.

    "I don't want to sound like a stalker or anything, but you've changed my life, Carlos. I don't know where I'd be right now if it weren't for you. So I feel like every day should be a good time to celebrate being with you."

    Carlos pushed him back against the bed and climbed up onto it. Many of the petals were crushed, others jumped and fell off the bed.

    "Then I propose you mark today on the calendar, baby." "And what occasion would that be?"

    Carlos kissed TK passionately and made him spread his legs to stand in between.

    "No, you could call it the anniversary of when we didn't get out of bed all day because we were too busy making love." "I love it."

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    Whumptober Day 15 - CPR

    Fandom: 9-1-1 Lone Star

    Pairing: Carlos Reyes/TK Strand

    Characters: Carlos Reyes, TK Strand, Owen Strand


    Chapter 3

    TK knew it was no coincidence that he had not heard from his father and Carlos, the day he knew the two of them had gone together to do something they had not told him and that surely had something to do with his birthday.

    He knew they were arranging a surprise for him, but they had been gone for hours, he had written to them both, called them both, but neither had returned a single message or call and that was making him nervous.

    "Riley, hi it's TK." He decided to call the police station, maybe that Carlos had tipped them off or at worst, maybe they had been given some tip that could help him find out what had happened. "Sorry to bother you, but it's been a while now, a few hours actually no I haven't heard from Carlos or my father, has Carlos been by?" "No on his days off we don't usually see him around, he's too busy with the boyfriend he keeps talking about."

    TK smiled, sometimes it made him a little obvious how much Carlos talked about him to everyone. But at the same time the thought made him smile.

    "Wow, I was hoping... I know it's silly, because even though they try to hide it from me I know they're preparing a surprise for my birthday, but... I'm sorry I'm bothering you." "NO, don't be quiet. It's not like Carlos to disappear just like that, do you think something could have happened to him?" "No, well I hope not, of course." "Have you googled their phone numbers? If you share your location with each other you might be able to see where they are." "Oh, I hadn't thought of that, Thanks Riley. Let me check for a moment." Without cutting the call, TK entered the map and smiled to find his father's phone and Carlos' phone together, in a pastry shop, where they had been there for almost three quarters of an hour. "Ah." "Can you see them?" "Yes. Can I pass you the address?" "Sure, is something bothering you, TK?" "I don't know, but they've been in a bakery for about an hour and haven't moved." "I'm sure it's nothing, but if you want I can ask a patrol car to come by and take a look."

    TK thanked the cop, being known by everyone at Carlos' police station, on occasions like that, was a good thing. He himself also decided to go to the pastry shop. It would probably ruin the surprise, but he was too worried.


    Owen coughed loudly and as he did so, it seemed that the wound in his side opened wider and the bloodstain got bigger. There wasn't much Carlos could do, he had nothing to stop the bleeding and those two men wouldn't take their eyes off them.

    He couldn't believe it. It was almost the first time practically that Owen and he had gone out alone, without TK in the middle and this was happening, Owen was dying, he was dying in their arms, in the middle of a kidnapping he didn't know how to get out of.

    "Are you really going to let him die? I assure you this is not going to end well, the police will find you or you may not get out of here in time, but if you let this man die, I assure you that no one in this town is going to forgive you."

    Carlos didn't move, nor did he bother to look at him, he didn't want to look at his smirks of superiority. Because of that, he couldn't see the man who came up behind him and grabbed him by the collar and tried to pull him away from Owen.

    "Stop playing the hero, smartass. Your girlfriend's father is going to die, because a very cheap guy won't give us the money he owes us, so if you don't shut the fuck up, he kicked you out of here and shot him so he'll stop suffering."

    He let him go with a punch and Carlos was tempted to turn around and pounce on him, even though he knew he wouldn't get anything, that was probably what the guy wanted. But he had to take care of Owen, he had to keep him from dying, because he couldn't let him.

    When he focused on Owen and realized he wasn't breathing, when had that happened, when had he stopped breathing? She touched his cheek, checked his pulse, there was none and the bloodstain had gotten too wide.

    "Owen! Owen, damn it! Can you hear me?" He tapped her cheek a couple of times, to see if she would react, but nothing happened. "Hey, you guys! This man is dying, he needs an ambulance now!" "Well, if you want to stop him from dying, you can do something now, because we're not lifting a finger. Not without our money." "Fuck! Owen!"

    Carlos had never thought the day would come when he would have to give Owen Strand a heart massage to save his life, or at least to try.

    He rested his hands on his chest, they were shaking, he was sure it would hurt him, he was convinced it would hurt him and it would do no good. But he did it, they had taught him in the police and also TK had taught him to do a cardiac massage.

    "Owen...Strand.... You better...get back to breathing...because your son...is going to kill me..."

    TK had told him to follow a rhythm and that's what he was doing, without stopping, because he wasn't going to stop until Owen breathed again and opened his eyes or... there was no other possibility, at least not one he liked.

    He heard the laughter of the kidnappers, they were making fun of him for wasting their time; the girl in the store was crying but he couldn't do anything for her and suddenly he heard a sharp knock on the store door, he heard noises and voices. The kidnappers protested, but did not understand what they were saying. It all sounded distant, unimportant, because she had her mind set on making Owen's heart work again.

    TK had to tell him later what had happened, because Carlos was not aware of anything, except for that exact moment when Owen gasped, opened his eyes and began to breathe.

    Carlos began to breathe at that moment as well and was able to focus on the wound in the captain's side. The doctors at the hospital told him that Owen was alive because of him.

    He wasn't sure about that and the nightmares lasted him several days, thinking of all the ways Owen could have died in that pie shop.

    TK's was the first face he saw when the police arrived. He hadn't been able to stay behind obviously and asked him to let him keep putting pressure on the wound.

    "Carlos babe, you've done great and my dad invites you to dinner at home as many times as you want. But you're tired, stressed and scared. Let me do it." "It's your dad, baby. I'm not going to let...."

    TK rested his hands on Carlos' and slowly pulled them away without losing his smile.

    "So you're throwing a surprise party for my birthday, right dad?" "TK..." moaned Owen, he had come to.

    That was all TK needed to hear to be calm so he could continue to reassure Carlos. He wasn't going to let his father die when he was trying to pick out a birthday cake for him.

    Besides, when Owen came home, TK could repeat over and over again how he had saved his life. Owen was trying to look upset that his son was now the one saving his life, when in reality, he had never been more proud of him.

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    #9-1-1 lone star #tarlos#technically #its about there daughter
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    Tarlo is watching deer out the window right now and he is not fucking happy

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