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  • King of Pentacles

    Wealth is counted in many ways. What’s around you gives a clear picture of who you are on the outside. But who are you on the inside? Perhaps now is the perfect time to find out.

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  • For all of the baby witches who have been concerned about being in touch with false deities… I just reblogged some posts about warding which can be super helpful ❤️

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  • Good Morning! Feeling the love? Today is about Intuition, Maturity, Wisdom

    Tarot of the Day: Queen of Cups

    This Queen embodies compassion, patience, and unconditional love. She is strong, wise, and respected for her depth of emotion. Her concern for humanity and its bond to all life is a gift to the world. Like all of her suit, she concerns herself with emotional life and can defend it like a fierce warrior. She is the soul of peace, the mother of understanding, the seat of ancestral wisdom, and the source of the will to treat ourselves and others with love and compassion.

    As is the case with the court cards, the Queen likely represents an actual person you know or will know. Usually, a light/ash haired female energy who is intuitive, a good listener, and a valuable counsellor. Possibilities for your life will be revealed by the influence of this powerful woman. She may challenge, entrance, or inspire you, but whatever she does will lead you to valuable insight.

    💚 If work is your focus, remember to think positively. Trust the female energy there that seeks to help you. You’ll find there is more to be positive about than you previously thought.

    💙 If love is on your mind today, Queen of Cups speaks to keeping your balance and perspective. Whether you are looking for a relationship, just beginning one, or in a long-term one, don’t rush things and don’t define yourself by it. There is much in your life that makes it full - a partner is just part of it. 

    🧡 Today, your journey will be determined by your emotional considerations so remember to stay in touch with the gentler, more emotional aspects of your character. Acknowledge inspiration and positivity everywhere you find it and celebrate the day.

    Peace out, Lovelies…

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  • Queen of Cups

    A design for the Queen of Cups from the Tarot deck I’m working on. 

    I thought I would go through the Major Arcana first, but I’ve pretty much just decided to create artwork as ideas come to me, so I’ll also being doing Minor Arcana cards. 

    The Queen of Cups is characterised as the ‘watery part of water’. When it comes to court cards, each court member represents an element in addition to the element of the suit. The element of the Cups suit is water, which is representative of our emotions, instincts, creative abilities, spirituality and intuition. The Queens represent water too, so she’s double water - the watery part of water. This means that she is deeply intuitive, even psychic, and therefore has a great deal of empathy and compassion for people and animals. She’s sensitive to everything around her, and is often the one who roots for the underdog. She has a great healing ability and is deeply in tune with all the subtleties around her. Her influence cannot be seen or heard, only felt. 

    Blue felt like an obvious palette choice for this design not just because it is an underwater scene but because blue is a very muzzy, indistinct colour to me. I wanted her eyes to be big because Cups people are often physically described as having big, expressive eyes that seem almost innocent. She’s using her cup as a scrying glass and seeing the suffering inside, as she does with people. When you encounter a Queen of Cups type, she can see right through you and your facade of togetherness. She is surrounded by fish because she is in her natural environment and they don’t fear her because she is so gentle and serene, and deeply in tune with her environment to the point that she is the personification of the sea around her. 

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  • Eight of Pentacles and Seven of Cups

    Oh dear. I think I may have started a few too many new hobbies, all at once.

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  • image

    There is an alternative and we will offer a Neo Golden Age / after cycles of ➰ we provide a Soulful Trinity Science and Compassions- our love as mighty as the heroes of old - our wit as sharp as the swords ⚔️ of Truth - trust is The Magistar and Magister of Thy Magisterium #magistar #macclan The magisterium presiding over a council, the First Vatican Council, circa 1870

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  • obviously this is my personal opinion lol but i really dislike readers who do textbook interpretation and beat around the bush so i made a list of all the readers who’s been SUPER resonant and accurate with me + they’re so darn good at interpreting

    • stargirl the practical witch 
    • servantofthefates (we all know her from tumblr as well i was dying to see her yt channel and she finally did it lol)
    • brook waldorf (oh my god can we talk about how FUNNY and creative she is)
    • indigomystery (i discovered her recently and oh my god…i’m so glad i did)
    • nomad tarot

    and…thats it lol

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  • Three of swords 

    This is the card of heartbreak and pain. You are so completely engulfed in pain that it is hard to see the other side, but you need to trust that things will get better. Take time to be sad or angry, to let it all out before you can move on. Giving the situation most people are in, everyone is scared and need to allow themselves to be but not to overcome them. 


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  • Hey guys one card tarot readings are from the moment closed.

    I kind of got busy in life and was kind of letting asks pile up so I’ll let you know when I open them again ❤️❤️


    Originally posted by knjluvs

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    “Today’s a great day to learn all you can from being in your physical body & the material world.”

    #pageofpentacles #steampunktarot


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  • a moody kind of mood. (04/02/20)

    i’m not even sure why i’m typing this instead of writing it out, i guess my brain hates writing utensils right now. i feel weird, but kind of in a good way and i bet i know why. I don’t keep too many secrets, too afraid of them, but i have one right now. I went off of my anti-psychotic. shocker, i know. I was feeling worse than usual, so i quit. since then, things have been very up and down, but i’m a fan of the ups. the downs aren’t even that bad, i just have to make sure i don’t kill myself during them. nothing new. anyway, april said i need to start writing down positive affirmations about myself. three a week. i can do that, easy peasy, the question is whether or not i’ll actually believe what i wrote. i’m gonna try to convince myself that i’m a good person worthy of thinking these things about myself. times like these, i wish i had elayne’s confidence. i’m sure she worked hard to get her self-esteem to where it is but, god, it’s fucking enviable the way she talks about herself. I wonder what it’s like to truly be proud of something, anything, that you’ve accomplished. despite the odds and growing tumors in my uterus, i’m alive, i guess. that’s something. anyway, here we go.

    good writer: i make words good sometimes. hell, a lot of the time. i should write a book.

    fast learner: not with everything, but with enough things that i think i’ve earned the title.

    ready to change: as much as i resist even myself, i know something’s gotta give and i’m ready to work on taking the necessary steps to get to the next checkpoint.

    that wasn’t so bad but, halfway through, i remembered she told me to attempt five affirmations if i’m feeling up to it. that last one was a stretch but we’ll see what shakes loose.


    excellent taste in music: is this a cop out? It feels like a cop out.

    progressive: i guess this one’s kind of subjective but i like the way i’m constantly trying to see things from other people’s perspectives and see how i could potentially improve my own by doing so.


    past: ace of wands - reversed

    according to google (too lazy to get out my book) this could mean a myriad of things. what it says about health speaks to me the most though. 

    The reversed Ace of Wands points to a need to watch out for–and limit or stop–indulgences. Being moderate in your habits now is very important. Overindulgence in food, alcohol, or drugs (even over-exercise or over-dieting) can wreak serious havoc with your system and your long-term health. If you need help achieving balance, reach out for it. There are knowledgeable people and information all around you.

    present: queen of pentacles - reversed

    How can she ground herself again, how can she re-enter the sacred relationship she naturally feels with the earth and all its living creatures?

    i’ll excuse the she/her pronouns this once, but i’m a bit flummoxed. i have no clue how this applies to me, but maybe the future will let us know.

    future: seven of chalices - reversed

    In reverse, the Seven of Cups can represent bad choices, arrogance when facing reality and ignoring your base desires. The ego can inflate when given many options. choose what is best for you, and anybody else involved. If something seems deceptive when offered to you, this might just be the case. Examine everything thoroughly.

    i see you, villains.

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