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  • Are there any pro tarot readers and/or witches who use tarot who could give me advice?

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    The appearance of Eren’s Founding Titan form, its shape and symmetry, seems very esoteric somehow. One is called to mind Jung’s theory of Archetypes, the base symbols that are shared in the collective unconscious of all human psyches. These symbols are then used in the religions and mythologies of cultures across the world.

    The eery artistic power of Eren’s Founder perhaps comes from its Archetypal resemblance to figures such as the Hanged Man in the occult practice of Tarot cards. Eren’s torso looks as though it is hanging downwards in the manner of the Hanged Man.

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  • ♥️ How to behave with a chosen person (any person)♠️


    Listen to your intuition and pick one of the five cards. DM me for the same personal reading.











    1️⃣ To make this person like you, your behavior should be easy, playful, fiery. Flirt, play, dance. Be lightly excited. But in no case do anything serious.

    2️⃣ In a relationship with this person, you should know your worth and not lower it. Use them as a resource, get from them everything that they can give. If this person cannot give you anything, then do not even waste time on them.

    3️⃣Do not be afraid to show your true face with this person and also do not hesitate to find out all the information about them. Talk more often, be sincere and do not build illusions about them, so that later there are no surprises and unpleasant moments.

    4️⃣ This person now needs your help in the daily affairs that have fallen on them. Your behavior should be friendly or business. Questions about feelings are better not to be raised right now. Discuss workflows and business prospects. Essentially without emotion.

    5️⃣ Your behavior with this person should change. If you behaved gently and sensually, then try now to add fire, passion, bright moments and emotional outbursts. Shock them with your extravagance.

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  • Isn’t it weird how The emperor, the 4th number, associated with stability, structure, discipline, has an Aries as a zodiac association, which is kind of far from the numerological meaning…..

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  • Akuma Tarot: XV - The Devil 

    Volpina (Lila Rossi) as the tarot card The Devil.

    More to come from this series :)

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  • Brand New Tarot Readers:

    If you want tarot tips? Here’s a few.

    Don’t read reversals with a new deck till you’re familiar with it. Do regular single card draws with the book handy, and maybe have a notebook for writing down your impression of the card before looking it up in the guidebook. Memorize the major arcana, those are the Pay Attention cards or Big Life Theme cards. Take the court cards out and lay them out, matching: all the pages, the knights, kings, and queens. Compare them: the art, the symbols. What’s similar between suits? What’s similar between ranks? Then read the book descriptions, and see if you agree. Do the same with the “pip” cards, the numbered ones. 10s and aces are both strong suit energy, not sure how to describe the difference. There’s traditional meanings for each of the numbers, of course, like four is usually a stable moment (like 4 wands, 4 swords) and 5’s are usually some kind of motion. For example. For me all decks are compared to the Robin Wood deck, I got it in Berkeley in 1995. *Smile*

    So. Get to know your deck. Also! Not all decks will sing for you! I’ve given away probably 7 decks over 25 years that just… Didn’t do it for me. Currently I mostly use a single deck, on my PHONE. But I have 6 paper decks now, four digital decks, two rune sets (made 1 from porcelain, bought one) and a digital runes app.

    Also: I personally find Death an encouragement card. It’s about change and transformation, the healthy cycle of things. Even the Tower: sudden catastrophic destruction, can have a good outcome.

    2020 is TOTALLY A TOWER YEAR. Gods. *smdh*

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  • Dear, readers. could you tell me some good method for curses? I mean toxic people and people who pursue. I need it so much.

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  • Reversed Cards in the Tarot: The Shadowy Mirror 🌝🌚


    (Image Credit: exemplore.com)

    Hello Dear Ones,

    Reversals in a tarot reading. Some dread them; some accept them. Others choose not to include them at all.

    In my personal practice, it’s been a mission to explore all facets of the tarot and its symbolism. Honesty plays a role too. Let me make clear that I’m not in any way saying that readers who don’t read for reversals are dishonest; but I feel as though the full message of the card and its dual nature are missed by doing so.

    We are told often in life that many or all things have two sides: stories, the Moon, ourselves and other people, the list goes on. Tarot cards and their wisdom are no different.

    It is at its heart a tool for guidance and to receive clarity. There is no set course or map where this is concerned, and we learn several lessons as we grow and mature as denizens of the Earth. Not all of these are easy, nor is digging deep within and confronting the darker sides and parts of ourselves.

    Humans fear or can opt to remain blind to what is neither easy to swallow or pleasant. What many don’t realize is how crucial the unpleasant or difficult things can be to our growth. Pain and hardship is a part of life. We wouldn’t be human beings without it.

    That’s not to say all card reversals are exclusively negative. Some are more subdued or, depending on the card number or suit, positive messages of their upright counterparts. Either way, there’s fresh perspectives and lessons to be gleaned waiting in the wings.

    To only read for upright interpretations of the cards is to only read for half of the whole. As previously mentioned, almost everything in life has two sides, and in many cases, the “light” side cannot exist without the “shadow”. Both are intricately entertwined and to attempt to separate them or deny their co-existence is a disservice, whether it is consciously realized or not.

    The human experience is a balance of light and shadow, and we cannot strive to be a more complete whole if only one half is taken into consideration.

    The reversals might not tell us what we want to hear, but rather what we need to hear. Wants and needs are seldom the same. The two are often conflated as such. We might want something that is actually unhealthy for us, but what we truly need points out why what we want isn’t healthy and instead suggests an alternative. The alternative often turns out to be a blessing in disguise that changes our viewpoint for our highest good.

    Some being read can misinterpret this as being misled or that the reader is negative or a “bad” reader. This is simply not true. We as readers and healers have an intimate relationship with the truth and relaying that truth to those who seek it out.

    Think of it this way. You hire a contractor to build a house, and halfway through construction for whatever reason the foundation begins to weaken or crumble. The contractor ignores the signs and the problem itself and continues to build, assuring you that nothing is amiss. Eventually the house is complete and is the home of your dreams, until 6 months to a year later; when the walls crack and the floors collapse.

    You feel angry and used once the contractor’s negligence is revealed. “Why didn’t you tell me?!” You ask. The contractor either has no answer or scrambles to find one. You pursue the matter to the fullest, knowing that what you were led to believe during the building process was untrue. You seek genuine aid, answers, and ultimately a resolution.

    This is what happens when we refuse to see the broader picture of our duality or ignore our weaknesses and lessons. We build the houses of ourselves on weak or crumbling foundations. We tell ourselves that we’re fine, we don’t have the issues that we know deep down are there.

    Think back to the analogy for a minute. Would we rather be told something is up during the building process, while there’s still time to repair the existing damage or find an alternative, or finish the construction anyway, until the problem exacerbates into something larger and more complicated?

    A person seeking divinatory knowledge or wisdom is presented with this same question. The job of the reader is to show all avenues and everything underlying regarding the life event or concern that the person wonders about.

    Herein lies the beauty and gift of reversed cards. Not everything is doom and gloom. Reversed cards can also tell us that though we may doubt ourselves now we’re on the right path. It is a message of hope. To persevere.

    That’s why their inclusion is so imperative. It gives a three dimensional view to the one being read. It is not cause for trepidation, but to begin and cultivate a profound and deep relationship with ourselves: the good, the “bad”, and everything in between. Over time, we can reap the most from the world around us with this greater understanding.

    And so it is. ✨

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    I will only do 5 free readings every day. All free readings are one card. Tips and feedback are greatly appreciated.


    If you would like a free reading, please send an ask (anons welcome) with your initials (anons and non-anons) and your question.

    If you would like a general reading, please state that in your ask. I do request that you leave feedback for general readings.


    • No questions involving health, pregnancy, or the law.
    • You must be 18 years old or older to receive a reading.
    • I will only answer one question. Any double questions (questions with and) will be deleted.
    • Each reading will be tagged 1/5, 2/5, and so on until I reach 5/5. After 5 free readings has been done, I will turn off anon and you will have to purchase a reading.


    If you would like a private reading, please send me a DM. Please do not DM me for free readings.



    1 question: $5

    2 questions: $10

    3 questions: $15


    General reading: $10

    $10 - $20 READINGS:

    Spiritual path reading: $10

    Dream insight reading: $10

    Self-love reading: $15

    Self-care reading: $15

    Shadow self reading: $15

    Self-reflection reading: $15

    What are his/her intentions: $20

    Message from your spirit guide: $20


    In-depth readings have no question or time limit. You may ask any questions you have on the topic you chose.

    Career reading: $25

    Love life reading: $25

    Financial reading: $25

    Relationship reading: $25

    Relationship readings are not exclusively romantic. You can ask about your relationship with your family, friends, co-workers, etc).


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  • Card of the Day


    Description from BiddyTarot.com

    Ace of Cups

    With the Ace of Cups, Divine love and compassion are pouring through you. You are a vessel for deep, spiritual love from the Universe, and you can’t help but let that love flow through you and into the world. You receive love, you give love, you ARE love. Your heart overflows.

    Now is the perfect time for you to open your heart and experience the rich flow of emotion available to you right now. You are more receptive to creative opportunities, loving connections, and deep compassion for other living beings. As with all Aces in the Tarot, this card comes as an invitation. Will you take it? Will you say “Yes!” to Divine love and compassion, and will you run with it? The Ace of Cups carries the potential for spiritual and emotional fulfilment – but only if you embrace it with an open heart.

    This card often appears in Tarot readings when you are open to creative expression, especially when you can allow your emotions to shine through your endeavours. You may be inspired to start a new project, take an art class or even engage in interpretative dance. At this point in your life, you are comfortable with who you are and happily express this part of yourself to others. You see fresh potential in allowing your creative juices to flow. Let your imagination and talent unfurl to new possibilities.

    The Ace of Cups often represents a new relationship, be it a friendship, a new family connection or blossoming romance. It is exciting – fluttery even – and you are so glad to have met someone with whom you can share a special connection. Give yourself permission to open yourself to giving and receiving unconditional love, and you will notice that affection flows effortlessly when you are in this loving state of mind. The water in the card reflects the flow of emotion, and thus, the Ace of Cups suggests that the enthusiasm you two generate will get you fired up about yourself and life.

    There is a generous, compassionate side to the Ace of Cups, too. See this as a time of giving (not taking) and make the most of any opportunity to help others. You have the power to share your inner radiance and positive energy, bringing great happiness to those around you. And you will find that the more you give, the more you receive on multiple levels.

    Finally, the Ace of Cups can signify conception, pregnancy or birth. Look to the other cards in the reading for further confirmation, such as the Empress, Page of Cups or Four of Wands. On a more metaphorical level, it may mean the birth of a new idea or a spark of inspiration – something in which you can invest a great deal of loving and creative energy.

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  • General Pick a Card Reading: What Positive Change Is Coming Into Your Life?

    #tarot#general reading #me reading tarot for once
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  • Daily Tarot Card #54: Seven of Cups (Upright)
    Daydreaming, searching for purpose, choices, opportunities, decisions, procrastination, fantasy, illusion, wishful thinking, indecision.

    We might have to make a decision, but there are just so many different possibilities to choose from that we might feel quite overwhelmed by this. It is important to stay realistic and to not drown in wishful thinking.

    The Seven of Cups are associated with Scorpio’s Third Decan, ruled by Venus and the Moon (Cancer Triplicity).

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  • Trying to make my own tarot cards 22/78


    I finished all the major arcana. I tried to keep the design simple and small but overall I’m pretty happy with them.


    There are some I really like (The Lovers, rep the wlw) and some I don’t so much (The Star, it’s a bit lopsided but eh)

    #tarot #making my own tarot cards #making tarot cards #tarotblr#witchcraft
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    Daily Draw 7/9/20: Queen of Cups reversed

    • don’t let your insecurities make you cold and cruel to those around you

    • it’s okay to want help but don’t let yourself become overly dependent on one person

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