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    So I love playing solitaire and my Iluminated Tarot deck also doubles as playing cards so I’ve been playing some “soli-tarot” 😆

    I’ve actually been working on a spread where I play until I run out of moves and then read the cards as they are. Each of the seven piles represents one of the seven chakras (7th on the left, 1st on the right.)

    If you’d like a soli-tarot reading, reblog this and send me an ask or reply to this post with your intention or question ✨

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    🐏 Aries Season (Mar. 21-Apr. 19) ♈


    Some of you may be lacking discipline or direction when it comes to your next path in life, this can be referring to self employment, getting a new job, or getting a business plans together either, solo or with others. It seems to be discontentment with what has been achieved so far & a wishing to do more. Some of you may have been in contemplation, planning, & introspection of what your next moves are, & now is the time to raise to the exciting challenges of building your quality of ambition. Some may have been holding themselves back due to lack of ambition or confidence. This is a chance to be optimistic about making progress, & come out of a negative energy, major stress, anxiety, & worry. You can really take off in whatever you’re setting your mind to, but you need the self-confidence & logical planning. Don’t operate from a blocked intuition, or a disorganized stance; it’s easy to get delayed by things that are a hindrance in your life (this can pertain to relationships; romantic, platonic, & business). It’s possible that some of you are focusing on loss or staying attached to what you’re used to, which can to to cause more delay in your efforts. Don’t allow yourself to overlook your achievements, blow up your failures, & know that it is okay to have a balance between the two.


    Be careful if you are making choices out of pleasure if you’re lacking the mental clarity. People may be engaging in the use of their skills for evil, manipulation, conman tendencies, or even infidelity, & some have been making choices out of pleasure & secrecy or in spite of another. Someone may have or will be receiving some type of info that creates transformation within a dilemma or this communication is about one’s specific transformation. All is emotional for whoever this resonates with, and is regarding a transition that is harmful and unhealthy, that will prompt to change this dynamic. An outcome that is out of one’s control has transpired & someone will be gaining a lot of public support & communications.


    Other people’s jealousy threaten to interfering in someone’s life & could be hiding within a loving social circle. Some of you may have made choices in order to gain compassion by way of flattery. Be careful who you let close to you around this time, as you may make bad choices in support of other people. There is also the possibility that situations of affairs & infidelity may come out for you. Someone may have messy ambitions or wanting too many things. It is quite possible to enter into conflict within your relationships that are keeping you from making better choices. There may also be worries regarding opening up to new experiences, or discovering new opportunities & exploration of finding out the truth after scandal, breakups, or adversity.


    Someone may be restricting themselves after much delay & disorder. Progress has been halted after much upheaval, & someone may be feeling trapped because of broken promises, not finishing what was started, impatience, & instability. There may have been a secure defense or security created in one’s authority, after dealing one necessary trials & tribulations. Some were even dealing with abuse & pain, whether emotional or physical, that is hidden or disguised as something less threatening. This may have been a red flag for those dealing with this, & may have needed intuitive guidance to pinpoint it. Communication regarding these changes will bring forth the transition into a more liberating time.


    Some partnerships may be dealing with some disorder or upheaval, after some unwelcome changes, delays, or external forces bring revelation or trauma, even loss or a shaken up foundation that illuminates a relationship that is destined for nothing positive. It may have been a situation that has kept either party on edge & in a defensive state. Some can be dealing with those refusing to compromise in situations where it is greatly needed. For others, it has caused lack of self-protection, physical burnout, or even a mental breakdown. The struggle that you may be dealing with may have caused a wave in your hope & faith in it working out in one’s favor. Outcomes regarding this have been uncertain & it has caused vulnerability, low self-esteem, & lack of confidence. It’s possible someone overlooked a situation in the hopes that it’s outcome would change, but it hasn’t gotten things to go anywhere. Deception & manipulation may have been used to keep things together, yet emotional/mental turmoil, emotional detachment/coldness, & conflict, has caused disregard for consequences. There may be a need to break free & end conflict, but only one party is open to healing things & making things work. Make it important to put your self preservation first, so if there is a decision to be made regarding this, don’t wait too long to make it. If contemplation is needed, you may need to have a clear mind about how you plan on reacting.


    There may be some combative or hostile energy within a situation, where you may be dealing with a partner who is jealous, a cheater, or possessive. Communication with a person may be sharp, impulsive, direct, or assertive, even aggressive. There may be much introspection, day-dreaming, or fantasizing about a solution that requires intense focus. A light ending to small conflicts is sudden & painful, & it could be after an outburst of repressed aggression. Corrupt or decaying conversation/communication with an ungrounded or wicked individual has slowly begin to lack and playfulness or innocence. There may be growing conflict within a couple or a tension building between two parties.


    You may be reaching an end of hardship or are overcoming adversity. Some may be recovering from revelation of the truth heartbreak, betrayal, trauma, or loss. Bad things are being cleared away from your life, as you take a rest & contemplate the lessons that were needed to be learned. You may have been quietly preparing to move or end the conflict surrounding you. There may be a peaceful resolution after uncovered crime or major sacrifice that may leave someone in a state of regret. For some, there may be some ending to these hardships that have begun to grow out of control, or receiving news where you may make the decision to do so. This may be in the form of breaking away from dominant people, & ending or interruption in communication somehow, & this can pertain to family or traditional values. Your suspicion may have overwhelmed all areas of your life, even deep family connections & loyalty to them.


    There may be some past influences, situations, or relationships that are needed to be revisited by a passionate individual. It feels like communication about reconciliation or reunion, & there is action being taken on an opportunity to sweep someone off their feet. There is much energy & passion with this person & they may be cited by impulsive actions as well. This can be strictly financial or in relation to a new job, but overall it is an opportunity for happiness or stability; a strong foundation is what is pushing this approach & is creating a base for the future. In the past, it may have been confusion about meaning in life, lack of trust in the universe, or hopelessness, as well as confusion about commitment or promise to discover this, which is leading to a sudden transformation of this individual. This feels like a masculine energy who is moving away from tradition, or leaving home to desire a family of their own, which may have caused conflict between desires & tradition for some time before this change of pace.


    Some of you may be developing more hits intuitively when it comes to those you let into your space. The balance within your energy is bound to be thrown off due to deceptive or envious forces. Things will become illuminated to those seeking some sort of truth, & this can be directly related to relationships, whether romantic, platonic, business related, or familial. Someone could either be engaging in the deception, or it is happening to or around them. There may be a little bit of a revelation, whether outwardly or internally, someone seems to be coming in to awareness to this, if they haven’t already. There is a dark, manipulative energy that is causing a betrayal, but it feels hidden. This can be someone that is impulsive, rebellious, or direct, that is causing stunts in someone’s growth, as well as the people around them. The more spirituality that is studied, the easier it will be to point these energies out. For some, self doubt is a manifestation of being around this energy, as well as self-esteem & for others, unhappiness within families or negative influences of the family are coming up. This person or group of people seem to use emotionality to keep a person binded it to the situation, & this is what caused delays in stability. The situation is empty, & there is only a matter of time for it to become destructed by deception. Treachery is a warning for this time, & it will be an ongoing stress that will be taking on too much. Good fortune is followed by this conflict, as this situation is not meant to be & will be easily forgotten is one wishes is to, otherwise it will continue to create creative blocks and unhappiness.


    There some stagnation or incompletion within empty affairs that seems to be involving a 3rd party. Someone is going through some psychic or empathetic development that may be allowing one to see a situation for what it is. The negative may have been overlooked within it, or someone was reluctant to rock the boat, but for some, cheating or gossip of cheating, or just plain deception, is what has brought once to this point for this time period. A dominant feminine energy is seeing a love letter or compassionate communication as having an overpowering force over them, that have a deeper or underlying meaning to it that may be unpleasant. A feminine is dealing with difficulties concerning a masculine & it may be like jumping down a rabbit hole of secrecy. It may have been an obstacle to learning this because it was masked & overlooked.

    It seems like for some, things around them are delayed, disrupted, or lacking in change or control. External forces may be causing for further delay or stagnation to some action that is wanted/needed to be taken. Whether the action is being referred to as a creative force, a new passion, the acceptance of challenges & new beginnings, or even a new initiative in something, things may have been halted as if it isn’t time yet. Past influences or childhood memories may be what is behind this inspiration, & there may be some support behind it as well. There may be an understanding of authority in a sexual relationship for some, others can have this relating to moral authority. The flow of communicating this may have been a burden, or someone may be communicating their suffering. Inexperience could cause confusion, or there could be growing confusion surrounding this situation, & this can keep one restrained.


    Injustice within a missed relationship or business opportunity may be causing a lot of stress to someone. There is a manipulative or deceptive nature that has caused the instability within a situation, & there may be a need to rectify the corruption and karmic retribution. There is a feeling of unfairness for the lost opportunity, but a lack of accountability may have cause for its likeness to attain to slip further and further away. This could have been due to a greedy or insecure energy of not being satisfied with one’s outcomes, or there was a lack of opportunities to bring back what was lost. There is a confusion about loyalty or a friendship, but one has trust in their emotions about a sudden desire or one that has ended or significantly slowed down. This friendship was a lucky discovery for a masculine, which is prompting him to want to commit to something that promises happiness and security.


    An overthinking, overanalytical, or over logical masculine energy that may be needing to wait out an outcome to a situation in their life, that may bring an ultimate resolution, or it isn’t needed to wait before making the decision/action. There may be a need to know about what to make of the possibilities, & they can be regarding whatever resonates. There is an opportunity for growth, awakening, & direction, but just as a seed of a flower must take time to bloom, the seeds planted to a necessary transformation needs to be allowed the time & room to grow. It may be hard for some to wrap their minds around the concept of growth or progress, because of the time it is taking to get to that point. Some masculine energy may be experiencing optimism or enthusiasm about wanting to make investments of a familial nature, & making plans for their future, even though not much planning has gone into it. There feels like a hesitation here, & it feels like out of fear of making bad investments or commitment. Someone is nening to face their fears & weaknesses, & they may need to go through some majorly dark times to achieve balance with a feminine energy that is grounded (you may be either energy here). A partnership may have been stagnated or someone was resisting the change out of fear of new beginnings (the masculine energy). There is a need for someone to have to go within themselves in order to receive clarity, & letting go of the control or stress put on the mentally.


    It feels like 2 separate energies having to deal with an injustice that has happened between them. One energy is full of life optimism & feeling the thrill in a situation (they have a lot of energy), while another energy is more emotional, intuitive, & feminine. There may have been an unfairness or a corruption between 2 individuals & I could also have to do with dishonesty through communication. A childlike & charismatic energy is rushing & communicatively & there feels like the other individual is intuitively aware. There was conflict in the past regarding the feminine, which was between wanting to be social/dating, or to be isolated, but something about the feminine was a true draw for someone. For some, that masculine followed a social sphere that caused an ending here, but it was regretted soon after


    Someone’s intuition is increasing about a passionate new endeavor, & there awareness is coming online. It feels like a potential rebirth, awakening, or even and reconciliation brought on by a new initiative from a emotionally balanced masculine (or a masculine is gaining emotional control or maturityl. This is in regards to a conservative feminine energy who may be ungrounded, disorganized, or scare to dream (whichever description resonates) It may take some time for an awakening, as reflection needs to take place, or self-evaluation. The start of a friendship was subjected to danger because of inexperience, & it was a sudden choice to eliminate it. There was flattery & passion expressed to a feminine lightheartedly, & it ended as quickly as it began.


    It’s coming into a time where some are reaching comfort, happiness, & satisfaction, or others can be establishing their success or achievements & are in the mood to celebrate. Some are coming in to success in all areas, & are entering a change in status. This is an opportunity that is serving as a fresh start for some, as they are hearing or answering that inner call. Moving forward is the one thing that continues to motivate a lot of you, but there is a feeling of disappointment, lack of confidence, or disadvantage in actually achieving more than less. There is also an energy of not accomplishing enough & finding a hunger for more. One’s behavior or high moral standards opens new experiences & challenges for an individual, even with inexperience (which may cause lack of confidence in one way or another). Exploring ethics, morality & receiving messages about this (whether internally or externally) is what is pushing someome forward in that direction. One’s inexperience, however, may cause obstacles, which is causing caution for any upcoming challenges.

    *this reading is intended for sun, moon, rising, & venus placements, & is intended for entertainment purposes only, energy is fluid not linear, roles are interchangeable, cross readers (reading for another person’s sign) should pick their energy in the scenario, take what resonates, leave the rest*

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  • 9 of Cups
    The Asiatic Black Bear

    Not only is the finish line in sight, but you’ve already crossed it. Enjoy all of your accomplishments and relish in the satisfaction. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, but right now? Right now is going just fine.

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  • $3 tarot readings are open, I have Venmo, PayPal, and cashapp. Three card reading with pictures and write up. Dm me if interested! I’ve got the standard rider Waite tarot deck as well as two oracle decks.

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    Discount also ends March 31st at 11:59pm PST.


    IG: @_crystalculture

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    I’m kinda lost about what to post in here because my practice and beliefs have been (and are still) changing. I’ve been exploring things such as astrology, connection with my ancestors, rituals, etc. So I would like you guys to suggest me what kind of things would you like to see me post about.

    You can send the suggestions to my askbox ♥️

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  • Hello everyone, I am starting a small buisness revolving around tarot reading and spellwork! I have been actively practicing witchcraft for eight, going on nine, years and have practice and experience in many forms of magick and divination!

    My Instagram is marci.tarot, and it would be an honor if you all help me on my quest to success.

    Blessed be!

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  • Free readings! Keep the questions coming in 🕯

    Will start answering readings tomorrow, so keep sending your questions! Any career questions? Family questions? Hidden secret questions? Drama questions? Honey I’m all ears lemme help.

    Of course if I feel the topic is extremely sensitive I will answer privately other than that, all questions will be posted


    Originally posted by puruchu

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  • Anyone else’s tarot decks being like “stay the FUCK home” right now?

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  • VIII - Strength
    The Lion and the Carmine Bee-Eater

    A new day means a fresh start. It might be just as hard as the day before but with a clear mind you’ll be able to accomplish your to-do list. And finding balance with a friend could help tremendously.

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  • Free Intuitive Reading ☮️💙🧿🤟🏾🕊🌻

    Yayyy I’ve finally reach 400 followers! And as a treat I will be offering free intuitive readingS!!

    Please leave your initials, star sign and question.

    INBOX ONLY NOT DM - Please bare in mind all readings will be posted unless it’s extremely sensitive

    No medical question / No covid questions.

    (Please respect my space) there’s no time scale of when I will answer these questions. Since I’m in quarantine I will take my time as I need to protect my energy ☮️🧿


    Originally posted by 1nerdygurl

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  • I’m in a dilemma over here… I need your help/opinion

    The thing is that I have a Tarot Instagram page for my businesses regarding tarot readings which is called “Temperance Tarot”. Of course my idea is to translate that into here, so idk if I should keep the username I have (my-witchinghour) in here or change it to temperance.tarot

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  • Hey y'all! I’m offering tarot readings! 🧙‍♀️

    I have the Enchanted Tarot deck and the Raven’s Wand Oracle deck. 🔮

    $1 per card, send requests to my ask box, specify the deck you want me to use and if there’s a specific question you want answered. Link to my venmo is below!🃏


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  • If you’re a witch or a pagan, pls reblog or reply with your favorite books. I need more books! 💙

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  • I’d love some quarantine (digital) penpals! If anyone wants to chat art, nerdy shit, writing, tarot or queerness message me 💙💙💙

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    Thank you to all who joined today’s donation reiki group session! This one was powerful! I hope you enjoyed it as well!

    This is a rolling series, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for 30mins at 10am est. Minimum $5 donation.

    Next is Monday 3/30! Contact me by the latest at 9am on the 30th to join

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