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    Step 1: Do a protection and grounding ritual to make sure that you are safe and that you give of the right energies. Also remember to cleanse your tarot decks.

    Tarot Spread:

    1.Why am I magickal?
    2.Why am I rare?
    3.How do I heal others?
    4.What makes me calm?
    5.How do I transform?
    6.What is the source of my power?

    Tarot deck used in this spread: The Wild Unknown

    Also if you have any further questions or problems reading this spread, please contact me in my dm’s and I will help you  😊

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    Thank you Angels for bringing new opportunities and offering support, and for helping me release and heal my past. Fill me with trust as I experience these life changes.

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  • Working through the Tarot: Six of Wands

    Five of the wands are held by faces in a crowd, most of them partially or wholly obscured, but one is held aloft by a youth on a horse. On his wand is a laurel wreath, similar to the one on his head. He has won some sort of accolade or has achieved some sort of recognition. But where is the evidence of what it is? And why can’t we see his face? So, so mysterious! The card has an ambiguity to it, or a feeling of enigma. The person on the horse does not seem particularly self-congratulatory. He isn’t really sure why he’s up there. The horse seems key, though. It’s white, but most of its body is obscured by the long, green cape it wears. You can see it as the unconscious mind or the more embodied, intuitive part of ourselves leading the thinking part somewhere. We may not have an awareness of where we are going or what we are doing. But bringing the rational “human” part in union with the instinctual “animal” part brings great harmony and achievement. This is the sort of achievement not based on personal agenda or glory, although rewards may be reaped. Rather, the standing tall and surrendering to what is happening is the reward in itself.

    Associated with the second decan of Leo, or the “Crown of Laurels,” as Austin Coppock calls it, marking a state of ultimate power or recognition. This power can be used for both good and evil, however, and the work of this card is not in gaining success but using it skillfully. Atop the horse, the man in the card has a wider vantage point than those on the ground and thus a wider view. This card asks you to look your achievements head-on and weave intention into how you wield your power. Plenty of people have had their success turn into their downfall. It doesn’t have to be. 

    [images from the Rider-Waite and Ghetto Tarot Decks]

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  • The Kings in Tarot 👑


    Originally posted by wiccangoddes

    King of Pentacles

    🌿 Element: earth

    🌿 Upright Meaning: Prosperity, generosity, helps others, security, stable, trusts their self and their skills

    🌿 Reversed Meaning: Greedy, wasteful, manipulative when it comes to money

    🌿 Associated Deities: The Horned God, Freyr, Pan, Cernunnos, The Dagda


    Originally posted by ternura-adictiva

    King of Cups

    🌊 Element: water

    🌊 Upright Meaning: Calm, loving, kind, in tune with their emotions, good friend, patient, peaceful

    🌊 Reversed Meaning: Too emotional, too generous to people who don’t deserve it, egotistical

    🌊 Associated Deities: Lugh, Poseidon, Triton, Mannanán mac Lir, Njord, Apollo


    Originally posted by xesoteric-extraterrestrialx

    King of Swords

    🗡 Element: air

    🗡 Upright Meaning: Honest, uses intellect to make decisions, respected, leader

    🗡 Reversed Meaning: Merciless, uses their intelligence to manipulate, corrupted

    🗡 Associated Deities: Odin, Tyr, Zeus, Hermes, Mercury, Horus


    Originally posted by ozcanozaltn36

    King of Wands

    🌋 Element: fire

    🌋 Upright Meaning: Confident, passionate, fiery and commanding leader, inspiring, charming, responsible

    🌋 Reversed Meaning: Aggressive, too risky, manipulative, doesn’t put work in to get what they want

    🌋 Associated Deities: Ares, The Dagda, Zeus, Apollo

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  • Daily Tarot Card #78: Ten of Swords (Reversed) 
    Inevitable end, can’t get worse, only upwards, regeneration, recovery, surviving disaster, learning from the past, being saved, healing, 

    If you have been going through tough times, things will definitely get better! I mean, they can’t possibly get any worse. We have to learn to pull ourselves together and learn from the experience. We can do this 💕 Healing is close!

    The Ten of Swords is astrologically associated with Gemini’s Third Decan, ruled by the Sun and Saturn (Aquarius Triplicity). 

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  • Daily Tarot Card #77: Ten of Wands (Upright) - Ethereal Visions Edition
    Burden, responsibility, accomplishment, hard work, duty, stress, burning out, obligation, completion, restriction, end is in sight, the need to keep going.

    We might find ourselves in a situation we put ourselves voluntarily into. But this situation seems overwhelming to us, endless. A burden that we have to carry on our shoulders now, being very close to burning out. If you found this post, it is supposed to remind you that you have to keep going. You are not that far of accomplishing your goal, there is an end in sight! Don’t give up now. Moreover, you will be certainly satisfied with the results!

    The Ten of Wands is associated with Sagittarius’ Third Decan, ruled by Saturn and the Sun (Leo Triplicity).

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  • ♥️ Energy of the day on August 3rd♠️

    Today is a time for rest and contemplation. You shouldn’t plan and give promises. You should concentrate on one thing and find another approach to it.

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  • Offering Free Tarot Readings // Serious Inquiries


    Hi all! I know there’s probably a lot of people already offering it, but I choose to jump on that bandwagon as well! I am open and offering Free Tarot Card Readings. However, if the reading resonates with you dearly, is conducive and enlightening, I always welcome donations. I’ll elaborate below. Keep reading, please! :)

    First things first…

    Guidelines for Free Tarot Readings

    I will always happily volunteer my services to those in need; especially those who feel lost or astray, in need of light, love and support. I am in harmony with the purpose that I exist in this lifetime as a guide to those who seek direction. I am in harmony with the purpose of elevating and teaching those who seek me out or those I may cross paths with. That being said, I also have boundaries that I MUST set.

    Please: Think thoroughly about your inquiries. Be sure that the question(s) you want answers for are readily receivable. One thing about the Universe I feel is when it is time for you to SEE something, you cannot unsee it. No matter how big or small the message is, it is just as important for you to be receptive because outcomes and answers can go either way. Do not shy away from it because you dislike the answer. The reality of life is there is duality EVERYWHERE. For every good, there is a bad. For every shadow cast, there is light present. One cannot exist without the other. 

    I promise confidentiality at all TIMES now and forever! I will not reveal any client’s details, inquiries, reading results or information WITHOUT consent. And even then, I still wouldn’t do it. I am a firm believer in being mindful of the energies you let into your space, growth process and discovery process. One bad apple spoils the bunch. 

    Honesty, Honesty, Honesty! I will interpret all readings to the best of my ability and intuition. I trust myself. I listen to my inner self. Sometimes, I may fish. I may ask questions, I may say ONE word. That is because that is what Spirit is telling me. It may be random to you or like I’m unsure. It is me talking us both through the process of information and spiritual download coming through to me. It starts like a ceiling leak and then the water breaks through. Go with the flow, with me. IF I have difficulties, interpreting, I will inform you. If I am unclear or unsure, I will tell you. I will also respect your boundaries. If you tell me you do not want to know, then I will not speak on it. 

    Expertise! I will not give advice in areas I am not qualified in. If it requires a physician, psychologist, lawyer, financial advisor, accountant or any other professional service and I am NOT qualified, I will encourage that the licensed and appropriate party be sought out for advisement and guidance. 

    Be respectful! I do NOT believe in SPYING on others psychically. Questions such as, “what does this person feel about me” or “what does xyz think of me” are not appropriate. You are violating another human being’s PRIVACY. Would you like if someone unknowingly peeped into your window everyday and watched your day to day activities? Instead: try asking questions that allow you to SHAPE and MANIFEST a new reality such as, “How can I positively impact xyz’s feelings or perception of me?” or “How can I grow and develop my relationship with this person?” I habitually change these questions into advisement questions when I read for someone asking me to spy. 

    Be independent. This simply means, I will not allow overdependence on my services. There is always a pending message waiting to be received, a lesson to be learned. However, readings are guidance and progressive. You check in over time. You want feedback on direction and growth. You have an unresolved issue, you had a confusing dream and need clarity. They are not something you do for every single moment of your life. Don’t become dependent. I say this from experience; I witnessed someone personally close to me, become so dependant on her cards that the very heavy energy she put into the meanings, she started to manifest them – self-fulfilling prophecy. It is up to you to create your own reality. It is also up to you, to nourish and grow your own intuition! Do. The. Work!

    Responsibility. My goal as a Tarot Reader is to allow my clients to take responsibility for their OWN decisions and actions which guide their lives and to act accordingly to their own conscience for the greater good of all who are concerned.

    Empowerment, Healing and Uplifting. I try to let my clients know that the future is not set in stone. We are all Magicians. Power to create from resources available, drawing from the reservoir from within and manifesting our desires and reality. We all have the power to change our future. I strive to leave every person I cross paths with more empowered on their journey. I allow myself to be a conduit through which the Divine Spirit heals my clients and refreshes their mind, body and spirit and environment based on insights gained from the readings.

    I reserve the rights to refuse to do a reading for a question that I feel I cannot answer or one that violates my ethics. All of my readings are non-judgmental, and I welcome all clients from different cultures, religions, spiritual paths, sexual orientations and gender identities. I constantly strive to improve and strengthen my connection with the self and oneness; my intuition.

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    The Animism Tarot has been calling me; so here we are. Except today the message is, “2020 has messed you UP. You need a vacation - oh wait..” 🤦‍

    Animism Tarot is available @ https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/the-animism-tarot-with-books

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  • ✨ hi friends! ✨

    I’m in that tarot mood again, so throughout the week I’ll be offering up a couple readings! I’m still learning meanings and such, so any practice helps!

    DM me if you’re interested in getting a reading! If you want a certain question, spread, or something extra let me know and I can see if it’s doable! I’m open to a lot of things and love getting feedback.

    See ya soon 🔮

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  • Sometimes you want to use another deck with your working deck, whether to do dual spreads or gain more clarity from the cards that you’ve already laid down. But you’re not sure where to begin or how to find decks that might read cohesively and visually. So what are things you should look for?

    The first thing I would consider would be what purpose you want the sibling deck to serve. If you want something that will just add some further clarification or supplement the information of the cards of the original spread, then I would choose an oracle deck as the sibling deck. If you want to do a mirrored relationship reading and gain both (or more) partners’ perspectives for each spread position, then I would choose another tarot deck for each perspective. These can be layered and your spread can have as many sibling decks used as you please, but I would choose a deck based on those two criteria.

    Now that you’ve narrowed down the type of deck you want to accompany your working deck, what should you look for?

    One of the things I would look for is the color palette. If you want a deck to provide basic supplementary information or provide another perspective, I would look for a deck with a similar color palette to your working deck. But if you want a deck to show the shadow side of a spread’s positions, then you may want to choose a deck that has a darker or contrasting color palette to your working deck.

    Another thing to look out for is the art style. Most of the time you would want to choose a deck that has a similar art style as your current deck (Unless you want to go for another contrast, however sometimes with contrasting art styles, the decks become too jarring to read cohesively together). Look for decks that have similar line weights, mediums, and shading.

    You might also want to consider the size of the cards. If you’re looking for a different perspective deck, I would suggest choosing a deck that is a similar size to the deck you are using. If you want a deck that is providing supplemental information, then you may want to choose a smaller deck to accompany your current deck. I would recommend against a deck that’s larger than your main deck because then that card can steal the focus of the reading for each spread position.

    It is easy to get distracted and just buy another pretty deck and not give it much thought, but sometimes that gorgeous deck you bought off Etsy just won’t speak with your current deck. In my experience, focusing on the above has helped a lot when looking for and choosing decks to work together and I haven’t had any issues since. But like with most things with the art of tarot, the choice of decks and what works will be ultimately up to the reader. But if you’re not sure where to start, try the above and see where it gets you~

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  • Need is a strong word, BUT! I have a horror homebrew campaign I’m running, and I’m going to have the Tarot Deck of Many Things pop up soon and I’m looking for a deck to get for the players to actually use and I’m having a hard time finding anything I like that has a whole deck (so many people just make decks of just the Major Arcana :/)

    The setting is Italian influenced Gothic Horror with a Japanese fusion (I know, it sounds wild, but it’s been really cool) - I’m trying to find a full deck with a dark horror feel to it, very artsy, etc…

    If anyone has recommendations on where to look I’d appreciate it! I’ve tried Etsy, but I had the issue above of mostly only finding decks with just the Major Arcana so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If you have specific artists you recommend that do decks, I would be interested to know :)

    #tarot#tarot deck #deck of many things #reccomendation
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  • ♥ Main events of the week on August 3rd - August 9th ♠️




    Listen to your intuition, think about the upcoming week and select one of the four cards. DM me for a personal reading.









    1⃣ This week you will be torn apart by internal conflicts. You will rush between mind and heart, between different desires, and even possibly between two partners. Internal conflict can make your life miserable. You will lose touch with reality and will have your head in the clouds, dreams and in the past. You will not be able to do anything, but you will have a lot of plans in your head.

    2⃣ This week you will have a sense of impending danger and even fear. There will be no obvious reason for this, but there will be some premonition that something is about to happen, something must be revealed. Your inner purity can face the gross reality. Talking about the events, you will have a good week: the planned will be done, you will have a lot of energy for new projects, for a big holiday, and even for your personal life.

    3⃣ This week, your inner state will be a sense of a dead end or a trap from which there is no way out. Despair, shattered dreams and fear of loneliness will visit you. It’s best not to plan anything for this week’s events. There may be some breakdowns, losses, farewell to someone or something. Some stage in your life or relationship will come to an end.

    4⃣ This week you will have a serious inner work on your feelings, cleansing what is unnecessary, harmony and inner peace. Slight sadness is possible. In this week’s events, you will have a sudden situation that you will not be ready for. Some kind of message, after which something will change in your life. Or any lifestyle change.

    Have a nice week!

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    The complete Flux Arcana Tarot deck is now available in my art shop while supplies last.

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    Didn’t want this to look too similar to the High Priestess, so I opted for a more casual look for the Empress. I feel like she’d rule over an army not a nation…

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  • Day 5/100 of productivity


    I am very proud of myself!!!

    I am so inspired to be more productive and focus on myself.

    SUNDAY: My rest day. I’m a big believer that sundays are supposed to be a day to do nothing.

    I took advantage of this. Instead of working on my schoolwork I decided to plan and organize my life.

    I woke up early at 7:00 . (Fun fact - when I made the graph on my journal “sleep tracker’ I set it the time I should wake up to 8am , which leaves me no choice but to wake up early because I really want to use my graph.)

    I meditated for 15 min. And cleared the house up , did dishes and practised my mindfulness.

    I ate my breakfast something healthy (carrots, and granola and yummy Rooibos tea)

    I was so proud when I caught my mind pouring sugar in my tea of how much i was being mindful and being aware of my actions .

    I tried to polish myself and look good to make myself feel better.

    • I took a personality test again and I keep getting INTJ. ( I did more research about it , Im trying to know myself and understand myself)
    • I watched tons of tarot pick a card reading. It’s an addiction.
    • I started learning coding using grasshopper , I’m finding new hobbies to do instead if wasting my time on my phone talking to people which won’t benefit me or scrolling through social media.

    I figured that you could make AMAZIN notes using onenote, I cant wait to start using it.

    The highlight if today my productivity was I filled in my diary . Haven’t used her in months and she was expensive. I planned out my week and the subject and topics I want to cover.

    • I did chloe tings.

    Cant wait for this week it smells like success and productivity.

    I want to wish everyone well and thank you for the motivation and inspiration

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    Start by doing some sort of protection and meditation before you’re doing a spread.

    1.What is my secret?
    2.What important message do I bring to others?
    3.What do I see that others don’t?
    4.How can I adapt to my current situation?
    5.What must die so that I can continue to move forward?

    Tarot deck used in this layout: The Wild Unknown.

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