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  • 3oclockoccultis
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Collective Reading for Aquarius Season

    Collective Reading for Aquarius Season

    Like I always say, I hope you all had a wonderful Capricorn season, where you were not working too hard. Although we just had New Years, I hope some of you took my advice to celebrate New Years, at the end of Pisces, beginning of Aries season. That way, we can use Aquarius’s optimism, highly creative, and progressive energy to put forth some practical goals that we can accomplish and feel like…

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  • tarotangeliquesworld
    20.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    ✨Cheminement pour un état psychique où une perspective sur une résolution.✨

    À travers la coupe, il est possible de rompre symboliquement le temps et en dégagé une énergie.

    Cette énergie permet de prendre connaissance de ses données et évoqué une essence, un sentiment présent.

    Couper le jeu permet de mettre en lumière vos motivations profondes de votre être.

    Ici la coupe est révélée à travers l'arcane n°13, pour connaître cette essence, il est précieux de regarder cette carte et noter ce que vous apercevez en elle, ce que cette carte vous inspire.

    Vous pouvez la renommer suivant vos ressentis.

    Noter tout ce que vous pouvez apercevoir en elle.

    Quelle est votre vision ?

    Comment pourriez-vous la renommer ?

    Quelle est son action ?

    Quelle sont vos sensations par rapport à cette carte ?

    Comment pourriez-vous définir ses membres ?


    relisez et méditez sur vos écrits.

    Se renseigner sur cette carte(pour ce qui le souhaitent je peux vous donner les informations pour).

    Après vous être informé, comparez vos ressentis et les significations.

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  • alyjojo
    19.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Couples Spread 💋- January 2022 - Virgo

    Mutual energy:

    The Hermit - Ace of Wands rev - 8 Pentacles

    Regarding: Page of Pentacles rev

    It seems like you’re both just feeling a little bored and lethargic, there’s a lack of passion between you due to work and too much time by yourselves. It seems like one of you is overly emotional and the other one is cold and detached, so you’re both in Hermit mode and not speaking, leaving you both unmotivated towards each other. This is your own energy, it comes naturally to you. There’s a lack of passion and you’re both burned out, so you’re focusing all your energy on work to cope with feelings of financial need & abandonment. One of you may have lost a job or you’ve both taken a big hit to your finances in some way.

    How you feel about them:

    9 Swords - Temperance - 7 Cups

    Regarding: King of Wands

    I got the same King for your financial read, you’re in Wands energy in January for sure. That’s passion, drive, willpower, motivation, inspiration, you could be trying to start your own business or “boss up” in some way. This could also be a source of contention with the following cards. You’re dealing with a lot of mental stress, anxiety, worry & sleepless nights, there’s a lot of anger and imbalance here and you are lost at what to do. 7 Cups show there being options, but confusion. This King seems to be what the 7 Cups is all about as it clarifies him, or this is you again, with a lot of options and confusion. This mental anguish is regarding mistakes in the past, judging yourself harshly, a lot of self doubt, possibly a failure to learn lessons or take accountability and The Tower at the bottom, you’ve played some heavy role in this very painful situation.

    Something was very unbalanced and made you angry, you know what you deserve and felt slighted in some way, but you’re not holding onto this anymore you’re just left in indecision, confusion, and with options...that you don’t really understand or even see. This confusion or daydreamy energy is about leaving a situation behind, possibly a practical opportunity involving a passionate & confident person you find attractive because you felt there was no growth in this situation. The Magician at the bottom shows you being the one manifesting this situation, this is what you wanted. King & Queen of Wands both being here show this is a very spiritual connection, and your partner has The Lovers on their side, this is a soulmate of some kind regardless of what’s going on.

    How they feel about you:

    2 Pentacles rev - 6 Pentacles - Queen of Cups & Lovers

    Regarding: The Moon

    They too have a lot of fears and confusion, they can’t see the path in front of them with The Moon. They could be trying to choose between multiple people, or they feel you are and that’s what has them so mentally chaotic. Queen of Cups & The Lovers, they love you quite deeply and either have or want to give to this, definitely seems like more than one option in something on their side that has them in The Moon, lost, which is clarified by The Hanged Man, a pause in motion trying to figure out what the right answer is, or waiting to see things from another perspective. The chaotic imbalance seems to be from something that was said, whether you or them or some outside party. 6 Pentacles, which is an energy of give and take, equal exchange and reciprocity, generosity is clarified by this same 2 Pentacles rev, mental chaos & feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to do regarding work, except Death, victory at the bottom.

    They’re very confused about love with you, and work, we’ve got the Queen, The Lovers, and the Knight of Cups, there is very a deep loving & emotional connection on this persons side, an air of being single or independent even with all of this love and Ace of Cups, a new opportunity in a relationship. Or a new option in love altogether. They could feel ending this situation is the best option for them, due to whatever has happened between you.

    So you’re not speaking. You’re both focused on money worries. They’re completely lost and not making any movements and you’re daydreaming in fantasy land. There is love between you but I don’t know how much is actually being expressed, you both could just be focused on other things right now.

    Messages -

    Your side: Honest!

    Their side: Old Time Romance

    Oracles -

    Your side: Look at today as the beginning of a positive new you, and let go of the past.

    Their side: Be adventurous. Do something different to keep your spark alive.

    Signs you may be dealing with:

    Libra, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn & Scorpio

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  • catoccultist
    18.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    My 2022 week 1 & week 3 bullet journal spreads

    Follow me on Instagram for more bujo content 🖤

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  • reflecting-with-cards
    17.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    1/17/2022 1:53 pm

    Theme of the day, what lies beneath, advice:

    Fantasies and options become the predominant matter at hand. Illusions and the exploration of the subconscious amplifies the fantasies depicted by the theme of the day. You are adviced to follow your heart. Seek to make connections and don't be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve.

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  • akumanoken
    16.01.2022 - 4 days ago


    But don't get me wrong in our main verse Kami-sama wants to bang Souji to the moon and back, Aitomaru won't let him though

    Bless Oberon tbh but if you came to your queen he would not turn you away....


    #I don't blame him but lol my baby boy calm #lemme go back to my tarot #I stopped just to respond lemme journal now
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  • reflecting-with-cards
    15.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    1/15/2022 5:20 pm

    Celtic cross spread for that stint where I got the email about reduced accuracy:

    You are following the rules and regulations of an organization, but also want to be free to follow what your heart's desire. Great happiness and contentment was experienced in the past, but the present requires diligent effort and the need to perfect your craft... You may feel worry and anxiety about what is to come in the future, so try to find a solution and not get too caught up in the negativity. At the root of it all is a sense that you are learning to trust and follow your intuition.

    Presently, you feel much harmony and balance, but be advised that you may experience a loss that may cause you pain. The advice to move forward is to go with a more positive, honest and energetic vibe. The outcome points to a time where you will be using your logic intelligence, understanding and a higher standard of conduct.

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  • reflecting-with-cards
    15.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    1/15/2022 2:59 pm

    Main issue, what lies beneath, advice to move forward:

    Main issue for the day is your feelings and personal depth... You might be getting in touch with your inner/true feelings... Beneath it is a desire to practice a higher standard or code of conduct on yourself... You are adviced, however, to be open to assistance from other people as well as being a source of support as well.

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  • gigiravenbow
    14.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Something to journal about this weekend...

    How can I be more kind to myself & offer more grace in this very moment?
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  • amtrak12
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    I made a spreadsheet to track my tarot/oracle deck usage since I have both enough experience and enough decks to worry about keeping things I don't really like anymore, and so far I have used 21 different decks in 2022 👀

    It's only January 10th.

    #admittedly I am actively getting to know some never used decks in my collection and some were specifically used for my year ahead #but still I've made use of a lot o lf decks already #nice #Having a pre-set up tarot journal helps a lot #I didn't find daily pulls useful so I didn't keep up with them #but when the journal is already set up for them I find it fun to fill out and decide how to focus my day #we'll see how long I keep it up for though. I have never kept the same routine for a month straight let alone a year straight
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  • tarotangeliquesworld
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    Je vous présente sur ce lien une consultation pouvant être assurée en cabinet, en visio où par appel.

    Ce modèle de consultation est ma propre création donc ne pouvant être assurée par une tierce personne.

    Ayant développé chaque domaine pour vous assurer une aide des plus perspicace afin de vous réaliser dans plusieurs domaines.

    Que celui-ci soit d'ordre professionnel, sentimental, spirituel, social.

    Vous pouvez en prendre connaissance sur ce lien ci-dessus.

    Bonne visualisation.

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  • curiouswitchcollection
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Tarot Journal Notes of the Week

    Just some notes/journal prompts I created from my daily tarot pull for this week. I have been using my tarot cards as a tool to support me in my healing journey as well as reigniting my knowledge of each of the cards on a deeper level.


    Knight of Wands

    This card can represent anger issues as well as extremes in energy. vivacity, adventure and action. Time to think things through. Possible creative urges coming in. Impulsivity. Insensitivity. Time to be own knight in shining armour.

    Where am I being extreme in my behaviour?

    Where can I bring more creativity into my life?

    Where do I need to be my own knight in shining armour?

    Where do I feel most passionate, creative and motivated in my life?


    Hanged Man

    Feeling stuck, feeling unable to do what needs to be done. holding onto expectations, which are not realistic, holding expectations holds you back. Emotional  baggage that needs to be let go of. Focus on present moment.

    Where do I feel stuck in a rut in my life?

    Where are my priorities changing?

    What would happen if I dropped my expectations and just allowed life to deliver?

    What emotional baggage do I need to release?

    How can I allow myself to live in the present moment more?


    7 of cups

    Overwhelmed with options. Not sure what to do or what to choose. So many possibilities. Feeling out of control, feeling disorganised, feeling like there is too much going on.

    This particular day was pretty hard tbh so I didn’t write any prompts at the time but here’s some I thought of.

    Where do I feel overwhelmed in life?

    Where do I feel like there are too many choices and possibilities?

    Where do I feel completely out of control?


    5 of swords

    Selfishness. Deceitfulness. Not willing to accept something in life. Feeling like there are distinct areas where you are winning and losing. Feeling like others are getting to you and at you. Feeling like you need to prove a point. Being too stuck in the mind.

    Am I putting my interests above everyone else?

    What do I need to learn to accept?

    Where do I feel like I am winning/losing in life?

    Why do I feel like I need to prove to everyone else that I am right?

    Am I being stuck in my head? Letting thoughts take over?


    Queen of cups

    Emotional understanding. Someone wants to offer support - could be myself. Showing more compassion towards self and others. Development of self awareness.

    How can I be more compassionate towards myself?

    How can I develop my self awareness further?

    How can I allow my emotions to flow without judgement?


    Knave (Page) of cups + a card that fell out as I was shuffling: The Devil

    Knave of cups

    Where do I need to begin a love affair with life again?

    Where do I need to show more emotional sensitivity in my relationships?

    What do I offer the people I am closest to?

    The Devil

    Where do I allow my shadow aspects to rule in my life?

    Where am I bound by fears, beliefs or situations that are unhealthy for me?


    Knave of cups again - clearly something I really need to look at in my life.


    Trying to force control, might feel controlled. Feeling like you have to do things a certain way. Gaining strength from experiences had.

    Where am I seeking to force control?

    Where do I need to develop my inner strength? Where have I shown this in my life?

    Where am I not taking responsibility for my actions?

    Where could I show more tolerance for others?

    These interpretations are relevant to my current situations and may not necessarily reflect the traditional meanings of each of the cards, but when intuition is used that won’t always be the case!

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