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  • balanceisrelative
    21.01.2022 - 14 hours ago


    #witchblr#poc witch#magic#witch altar#crystals#candle magic#tarot#oracle deck #the white sage was given as a gift #smudging is a ritual within a closed practice #witches
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  • cxnicaldreamer
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    would y’all mind if i talked about my witchy/religious stuff on here a lil bit? obvi nothing too deep but maybe one night we can have a little witchy event or something? it just sounds like so much fun and i’d love to talk about witchy stuff with y’all ^.^

    #ngl seeing you guys reactive so positively to my believes and practices has been v v v nice #especially since i come from a very conservative family who would burn me at the stake :’) #also confessed to my die hard skeptic fwb that i believe in tarot cards #and he said ‘oh yeah? gimme a reading’ #and i did one and teasingly said ‘the cards say you’re in love with me’ #and he rolled his eyes and replied ‘you need some cards to tell you that? i could’ve told you that myself’ #STRAIGHT OUT OF A ROMANCE NOVEL #I WAS Y/N IN THAT MOMENT #makes me wanna write about some anime men with their witchy partners @[email protected] #grumpy iwai with his cute lil witchy partner 🥺🥺🥺 #ok ok that’s just a self insert #but still !! #wan it so bad !! #cynic babbles
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  • amethyst-scars
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Full moon in Cancer. January 17, 2022

    Tarot: Six of Swords.

    As the first full moon of the year there’s been so much hype around using this moon to our advantage. So often we are asked (feels like tasked) with “manifesting”. Not this moon. This moon in Cancer is about the emotional release. What is it that we want to release in order to turn a new leaf?

    Some signs may be feeling more than others a moment of change or separation. It’s either something hopeful or it can be felt as disillusionment. What was once a pattern or part of our life is no longer making sense. And it’s not making sense for a reason.

    Tonight I cooked soup, as I often do when my soul needs nurturing and my mind needs calming. I took a bath, and laid out my crystals that resemble the moon, white, glowing. Lit white candles. And at the guidance of another, wrote down what it was I’ve been feeling myself disconnect from. These are the things I asked the moon to help me release. They ranged from small to large, from irrelevant and mostly gone to incredibly relevant and very present. I burned these pages. I release.

    The Sixth of Swords is the first card I pulled after. Six has been a number many in our community have been pointing to for 2022 and overall this card talks about a change. A new perspective or circumstance coming around that pushes us to see the bigger picture. What I love most about this card, is that it presents itself as a current state of being. We can feel the pain still, we can feel the discomfort. Because that’s the moment we are in, the transition. Healing and moving into what is next for us as we shed the makers of this moment.

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  • a-shared-experience
    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Should you find yourself facing the intensity of the full moon in cancer let this serve as reminder that there are always dark days but there’s also always light at the end of the tunnel so move through it, feel it to heal it but don’t torture yourself. Some of us have pain that’s been mounting year after year and you can’t take that all on at once ya know. If you’re feeling down be mindful of where you’re at, acknowledge things that have hurt, accept that some things will change, have great compassion for yourself - we are all getting off or raw dogged by life. But we’re never just constantly fucked - that would be exhausting lol that was probably a bad analogy but who cares

    Hang in there , when it becomes too much I usually put on my favourite tunes which flip the switch in 0-60. Cook something nice for yourself, take time to learn something new, do something nice for someone else, get a hot bath with all the fixins, change your bed sheets lol drink some fucking water , put on some stand up comedy and love yourself

    We all experience the bad but we all can experience good too- it’s all a state of mind

    So be mindful

    Check in with yourself

    And check in with others if you’re up to it

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  • mimondee
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Hello there everyone and late happy new year! We're finally back and as promised our free readings are OPEN! -> as a bonus, we also decided to open up a discord server! here's the LINK. we hope to see you there too. -> feel free to reblog this post so it can reach more people :) 💜

    To find out more, check the following: 🌟 for astrology free readings, check HERE 🔮 for tarot free readings, check HERE

    #free readings #free tarot reading #free astrology reading #natal chart reading #free natal chart reading #astrology#tarot#astrology practice#tarot practice
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  • blehhsin
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Dated - 17th January 2022

    The Magician

    As @littlegenderbean reimagined it here

    Sending You all The Magician energy today....

    Keywords - manifestation, originality, self-confidence, skills, resourcefulness, a breakthrough, willpower, desire, creation

    While I felt like putting this energy out there on the dash, I felt suddenly pulled to draw some more cards for my dash (no idea who needs to hear this, but someone here surely does)...So I did....and oh boiii....these two cards jumped out together as a story and I loved the energy of the cards together and the story being formed infront of me, mirroring something someone is experiencing somewhere in the world...

    Take what resonates and let the rest go...

    Five of Pentacles -

    Keywords - Recession, adversity, isolation, unemployment, ruin, need, poverty, insecurity

    Knight of Pentacles -

    Keywords - Ambition, hard work, persistence, being efficient, abundance, power, security

    Interpretation -

    HELLO HELLO POWER, damn hun, you got me diggin that energy...I fucking love this reading here. I will keep it short.....but someone or many people out here on my dash are giving off that Badass boss energy of growth in their real lives right now....keep it coming Queen bees.....

    So the cards talk about a journey from the mindset of lack and victimization to taking it in your own hands, working for yourself and manifesting all that you desire for and deserve....5 of Pentacles is shivering in cold alone outside a shelter, neck deep in the lack mindset, poverty, lack of opportunities..they are waiting for someone to come and rescue them from the adversities.....we then shift to King of pentacles who is done playing victim and letting people run over them...they are taking the authority back in their own hands and facing it all head first being their brave self....they know they are enough and they need no savior when they can be their own hero...they belive in their own abilities, hard work, have faith and are ready to jump above any and all hurdles that come in their way to their ultimate destiny....they aren't afraid of adversities anymore. We then have The Magician mirroring that power of creation and manifestation....we all have that Magician within....one who knows they can have all that they put their heart and work into....dare to ask, visualize, manifest, believe that you deserve to recieve it and there's nothing holding them back no more....they keep the materialistic and spiritual world balanced....they are grounded and humble but know the extent of their power of creation and manifestation and don't shy away from exercising it for the good.


    #dangerous woman just pmayed on shuffle while i was doing this reading #played* #someone needs to hear it #maybe its a reassurance or a reminder or a confirmation #whatever it is keep going #because you are already killing it #theres nothing in prioritizing your own self and your growth #do it kindly and with no malicious intent for others around #bring yourself to exercise and practice your true potentials #love it#BELIEVE #be your own hero #aj and tarot #nothing wrong* #also the ask game is closed i am left with one last reading to finish #chaot if you are seeing this i am sorry for the delay i am getting to your energy sooonest so sorry for the delay #wasnt in the right energy last few days #thank you for the patience
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  • satellite-himawari
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    It's so interesting when you do readings for yourself knowing you're in a tight spot and the cards tell you to basically stop doing that specifically

    #i remember when i started tarot i did it cos i was a skeptic and was like eh i bet i wont get results #but everytime since i started thats all ive gotten for myself and people who genuinely want to know things #im just....still shocked cos i dont practice nearly as much as i did in 2020 and 2019 but my spirit guides still watch over me #ancestors ans deities too. it rly helps give me a sense of comfort thh #tbh*#crow rambles
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  • relearningmytarot
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Watch "TorhallasReadings 11Jan2022 #MarsPowerTarot" on YouTube

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  • afieldinengland
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    i think it’s important if you’re insane about a deeply personal god to fashion yourself a little altar in your room

    #i’ve got the sun tarot card up in the centre as the representative icon and a card of the sun from van gogh’s the sower. a victorian #postcard about nature. some books on tarot and druid practice and copies of the bhagavad gita and the bible. a bowl with a wooden rosary #from home and a brass stag necklace from a folk festival. and a big candle i got today with a sun and the words ‘ordinary magic’ on it #it’s not much. but it’s nice to have :)
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  • wind-witch-lala
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Feeling protected this week

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  • princesspakalolo
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Anyone wanna help a girl out with practicing reading tarot? 🙃

    I’ll pull 1 or 2 cards for ya! It’s free…

    I’ll answer any and all questions, no matter how silly. Just trying to get more comfortable/confident in reading.

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  • marielsantana-blog
    12.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #An altar floor sculpture with handmade wands found objects including: Silk #fabric#wands#sticks#tarot#embroidered bee#embroidered dragonfly #wooden metal cross #metal hands#corn#heart #rose patches in glitter #okiagari Japanese empress doll #obsidian stone#candle #1 cup of wine #rosary#selenite stone #burnt sage. Explorations into newfound spiritual practices and recognition of my name as a testament to Christianity Mariel (Virgin Mary) A
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  • angelguides
    12.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    ✨ Any advice on how to protect myself psychically? and maybe physically? I’m still new to helping the general public. When I do general readings sometimes I’ll feel a presence following/watching me. Most times it goes away when I sage but sometimes I need to pray for extra protection, light angel candles, and wear stones. I ask for protection before hand but is there any way I can be more proactive and more successful with protecting myself and my space? ✨

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  • relearningmytarot
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Watch "Year of The Lovers reading 10Dec2022 Mars Power Tarot" on YouTube

    Mars Power Tarot

    Deck created by Charlie Quintero sicksadgirls.com


    Year of The Lovers spread created by Sharron Basanti - Seeds of Shakti

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  • sudaria
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Let your magic shine!

    There are plenty of ways to perform any type of magic.

    Different sources provide us with useful tools, insightful meditations, short articles that help fulfill our lives with the miracle.

    No doubt, they are really fascinating to use - I love them too!

    Today I have a writing practice of magical self-determination. This is how I re-considered a lecture from Lida @pokartam available on CovenClub by @lisishhh :)

    Besides I have made a spread dedicated to this - tag me if you've used it.

    So, this practice will help you reflect on your spirituality in general, connect with your guides, get the epiphany regarding your spiritual strength. You can repeat this from time to time to get more clarity.

    Friendly advice: Don't think for too long, because the right answer comes first. Write immediately what comes to your mind ;)

    How to step into your own magic.

    To begin with, write down intuitively what your 3 strengths are in your opinion. It could be either a high level of intuition or creativity or artistic skills or ability interpreting dreams. Anything that comes first to your mind is the key to your power.

    The next 3 things you should come up with are the main tools that you feel drawn to use. They will definitely be helpful on your way and give a huge boost :)

    For example, Tarot cards or runes could be the ones to get the answers, or a favorite candle might be the thing that makes you relaxed during your studies.

    The next step is discovering your 3 places of power where you sense the reigniting your magic. Where was the last time you felt extremely powerful? Have you ever felt a special connection with a certain place? Where would you go to recharge? Write down what you first thought of!

    And the last thing but not the least - 3 of your guides. Those who you get support from. Is this your mum, a pet or an ancestor, or an archangel? They are here to help and guide you in your own special way!

    When you trust them, you trust yourself.

    This is the end. Hope you enjoyed the time with yourself and learned something new.

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  • curiouswitchcollection
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Tarot Journal Notes of the Week

    Just some notes/journal prompts I created from my daily tarot pull for this week. I have been using my tarot cards as a tool to support me in my healing journey as well as reigniting my knowledge of each of the cards on a deeper level.


    Knight of Wands

    This card can represent anger issues as well as extremes in energy. vivacity, adventure and action. Time to think things through. Possible creative urges coming in. Impulsivity. Insensitivity. Time to be own knight in shining armour.

    Where am I being extreme in my behaviour?

    Where can I bring more creativity into my life?

    Where do I need to be my own knight in shining armour?

    Where do I feel most passionate, creative and motivated in my life?


    Hanged Man

    Feeling stuck, feeling unable to do what needs to be done. holding onto expectations, which are not realistic, holding expectations holds you back. Emotional  baggage that needs to be let go of. Focus on present moment.

    Where do I feel stuck in a rut in my life?

    Where are my priorities changing?

    What would happen if I dropped my expectations and just allowed life to deliver?

    What emotional baggage do I need to release?

    How can I allow myself to live in the present moment more?


    7 of cups

    Overwhelmed with options. Not sure what to do or what to choose. So many possibilities. Feeling out of control, feeling disorganised, feeling like there is too much going on.

    This particular day was pretty hard tbh so I didn’t write any prompts at the time but here’s some I thought of.

    Where do I feel overwhelmed in life?

    Where do I feel like there are too many choices and possibilities?

    Where do I feel completely out of control?


    5 of swords

    Selfishness. Deceitfulness. Not willing to accept something in life. Feeling like there are distinct areas where you are winning and losing. Feeling like others are getting to you and at you. Feeling like you need to prove a point. Being too stuck in the mind.

    Am I putting my interests above everyone else?

    What do I need to learn to accept?

    Where do I feel like I am winning/losing in life?

    Why do I feel like I need to prove to everyone else that I am right?

    Am I being stuck in my head? Letting thoughts take over?


    Queen of cups

    Emotional understanding. Someone wants to offer support - could be myself. Showing more compassion towards self and others. Development of self awareness.

    How can I be more compassionate towards myself?

    How can I develop my self awareness further?

    How can I allow my emotions to flow without judgement?


    Knave (Page) of cups + a card that fell out as I was shuffling: The Devil

    Knave of cups

    Where do I need to begin a love affair with life again?

    Where do I need to show more emotional sensitivity in my relationships?

    What do I offer the people I am closest to?

    The Devil

    Where do I allow my shadow aspects to rule in my life?

    Where am I bound by fears, beliefs or situations that are unhealthy for me?


    Knave of cups again - clearly something I really need to look at in my life.


    Trying to force control, might feel controlled. Feeling like you have to do things a certain way. Gaining strength from experiences had.

    Where am I seeking to force control?

    Where do I need to develop my inner strength? Where have I shown this in my life?

    Where am I not taking responsibility for my actions?

    Where could I show more tolerance for others?

    These interpretations are relevant to my current situations and may not necessarily reflect the traditional meanings of each of the cards, but when intuition is used that won’t always be the case!

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  • xxmoonlightshadowsxx
    07.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    #-k#-kiara #tarot reading practice
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  • xxmoonlightshadowsxx
    07.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    (CLOSED) Free tarot readings

    Hello it’s Kiara | @akumamana61 !

    I’m offering to do 2 free readings to test out a different approach and try to experiment reading more intuitively.

    (Edit): To clarify! These are not first come first serve! I will be going through asks at the end of the day.

    Send an ask with: Your initials/Name, sun sign, any background info on situation (optional), and your question.

    Example: Kiara, Pisces, What will the following week look like for me?




    I will NOT answer: Health, Fertility, Gambling, Death, “meant to be together” scenarios, or too complexed questions.

    #-k#-kiara #Our tarot readings #beginner witch #tarot reading practice #free tarot readings open #free general tarot readings
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  • eunoiaoffo
    06.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    January 6th | The MGC

    6 of Pentacles Subscribe to The Mystic Guidance Club Read more of this content when you subscribe today. Subscribe

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    #6 of pentacles #card of the day #horoscopes #mystic guidance club #rider-waite#spiritual practice#tarot
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