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  • What do you need to know during this quarantine ?


    Relax, take a deep breath and meet the eyes of the animal who got a message for you~

    1. Deer


    You just move from a relationship or want to take a break from a relationship with this hermit walking away from the two of cups.

    You may procrastinate a lot, don’t communicate a lot, being alone with yourself seems to be something new or you simply don’t like that ?

    But you should take advantage of this alone time by taking care of yourself, slowly healing (from this relationship?) Meditate, pamper yourself, if you have a garden go take a breath outside or just open the windows, think about what you want to let go. Like the deer, embrace your feminine side and with grace go out of this dark forest ✨

    2. Crocodile


    It’s seems like something just end (or will end soon) now the king of wands is giving you his strenght to work on your skills and passion it’s time to plant new seeds, write what goals you want to achieve during this quarantine, do you want to draw better ? Makes music ? Anything you will start now will make you find succes in the futur. Watch out with this 3 pentacles reversed who is hidden behind the 9 pentacles who represente your futur succes, don’t let your mind trick you, you got the king of wands by your side you can do it ! With all of this earth energy , be like a crocodile out of the water, he is slow and patient but when an occasion show up ? He catch it ! ✨

    3. Lizard


    It seem like you are frustrated about something, maybe because you’re not doing a lot of thing during this time ? (It’s not like we can do a lot of stuff)

    The cards show me self-doubt, lack of self-awareness… Judgement + 6 Swords reversed show us a mind who’s stuck in the past and won’t stop going back to it. Can you see those butterfly who go back to the door instead of going to the man from the 4 swords who is recovering from this past, he may lose 3 swords but look at the last one he got it’s a beautiful and strong golden sword.. After finding the strenght to stand up, the man will leave those 3 swords where they are, in this chaotic and cold place then he will walk to a warm and peaceful forest to take a rest. Like a lizard who sleep under the warm sun… When everything will end, when you will find your confidence again, wonderful things are coming for you ✨

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  • many people have asked complicated questions for the free reading, and i’m more than happy to do readings for those questions. but if you want a more detailed reading in case your situation is complicated, i do 7 card readings for $5 and 10 card readings for $7. just dm me or send me an ask.

    (btw, the free readings are still open if you want one!)

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    ‪My people will live in safety, quietly at home. They will be at rest‬.

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    The Empress is the counterpart to the High Priestess in that while the High Priestess represents intuition (that which is felt spiritually), the Empress represents sensuality (that which is felt through the senses). When this card appears in readings, we are in an abundant spiritual space, full of creativity and grounded energy. In this space we are able to cultivate and manifest the love, prosperity, and spiritual connection that first begins as the subconscious stirrings of the High Priestess. When the Empress shows up, we are called to embrace the love of the Universe and sew that love like seeds in a field.


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  • So, I’ve been researching witchcraft practices recently, specifically tarot - I know the basic past/present/future spread, but I wanted to look up other different kinds you can do and-


    I kinda forgot to specify, though I had a very long laugh about it.

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    ⁣Full moon ritual while camping.⁣


    I loved being able to set up my altar in nature, on this natural little stone table, by the fire, under the super moon… Sacred space all around me.

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  • I need more practice reading tarot cards, so send me an ask with a question you have (can be yes or no) and Ill pull a card or two for it.

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  • ✨🌛 free tarot readings 🌜✨

    hi! my name is luna & i am offering free tarot readings. if you’d like one, i ask you follow the following guidelines:

    • send your preferred name/nickname/initials along with your question
    • if your question involves someone else, send me theirs, too
    • send questions through the form of an ask, not direct messaging
    • send one question at a time - once i have answered your question you’re welcome to ask more
    • i don’t answer legal/health questions so go to a professional for that
    • sending your zodiac sign is optional, you may also send your moon & rising sign if you wish

    thank you for reading through, & thank you for letting me read for you! sending love & positivity.

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  • I haven’t really had the Tarot experience of being totally dragged by my cards until last night. They’ve always been pretty gentle with me, at least I think. I work better with gentle guidance for several personal reasons. However, last night I dug deep into some unhealthy patterns and asked my cards how to break the cycle. They weren’t mean, but they didn’t pull any punches either.

    “Why do I cling to shitty friends? How do I break this habit?” I asked.

    “Your need to keep the peace stems from a deeper need for people to like you and stick around. You also have a habit of seeing the best in people and giving them the benefit of the doubt. So you let disappointments go without ever saying anything, avoiding conflict, rationalizing that they mean well or that they’re not intending to hurt you. Stand up for yourself. Confront them. Cut those assholes out of your life.”

    And then I asked “why do I get romantically attached to people who don’t want me? How do I break this cycle?”

    “You keep finding yourself in this stalemate of pining because of you grew up in a cycle of betrayal and abandonment. This led to your unsteady emotions. You crave lasting love but are used to being left behind, so you attach to people you shouldn’t with the illusion that you can somehow make it work. Recognize this, break your illusion, and focus on getting your own life in order first. Then you can take that emotional risk on the healthy, lasting connection you deserve.”

    Damn. Now I see what y'all are talking about. They’re right, of course, and I’m going to start working on all that. Just the fucking accuracy. Wow.

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    Go with your intuition as to which pile has messages to you from Spirit. Comment below which pile you chose:

    #1 Garnet

    #2 Snowflake Obsidian

    #3 Carnelian

    Messages will be posted later today 💜

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